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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and be ready. >> first off, the transportation hub that is penn station. eyewitness news reporter rob powers is there now with more. rob. >> reporter: good evening, bill. by this time next week all of new york city will be in the middle of -- let's call it pope pandemonium, and a lot of action centered here in the penn station area. not only a big musical concert at the garden but they had a 6:30 evening mass with the pope himself right after that and, of course all of that happening right in the middle of this friday night rush-hour. >> we move 8.6 million people on an average weekday, so we have a little experience moving crowds, but this is going to be a big day. >> reporter: the pope will spend about 40 hours in total here in new york hitting every end of manhattan from east harlem to ground zero and the friday night crush here at penn station and the garden could be a commuter nightmare. >> everyone says this is the pope who likes to get out and mingle so that can always cause more issues for everyone else trying to get around.
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some bus routes as well as provide extra lirr and metro north trains but the agency is also giving several tips. one, buy round-trip tickets ahead of time. two, possibly stagger your work hours to avoid main travel times. three, don't come to any pope events unless you have a ticket. four, go to to get incidents travel alerts. most importantly -- >> if you don't have to come into manhattan that day, don't. >> reporter: we talked to several commuters who know full will friday will be a mix of heavenly words but a hellish ride home. >> supposed to be pretty crazy. i would definitely avoid coming into the city on friday. >> i'm not worried about the commute. i think it's a good thing and people have to embrace it. >> reporter: for each one of the pope's high profile stops, there is a long list of street closures as well, only adding to the mayhem and business concerns about empty streets. >> i think there's a little bit of a mixed feeling. people are very excited that
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it's a big deal but i've heard some businesses saying they wish it wasn't on a friday or a late summer fried -- friday. businesses might have scheduled it differently. >> reporter: but nonetheless friday, next friday, it shall be. this is a letter asking that the city -- that the city is distributing to residents throughout all of the impacted neighborhoods in the city during the pope's visit. two things to point out, number 1, they are saying just be forewarned that your deliveries may not get there because of all of the traffic changes and street closures and, two, they are also encouraging residents to have their i.d.s on them at all times just to avoid any kind of security issues during the pope's visit. reporting live outside here at the garden which will be jumping for sure next friday night, rob powers, channel 7 eyewitness news -- rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. speaking of the pope, he goes to cuba tomorrow and ahead of that trip, a rare phone call today between the leaders of cuba and the united states. president obama and raul castro speaking today for the first time since april, speaking about normalizing relations between the two countries,
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relations that the pope helped to negotiate. also today the pope tweeting out i ask you to join me in praying for my trip to cuba and the u.s. i need your prayers. final preparations indeed underway right now in havana, his four day trip, the pope's, will include visits to several churches and he will meet the country's poor, meet with its clergy and possibly, possibly with an ailing fidel castro. sunday morning thousands expected to turn out for an open air mass. of course we will have more on the pope's trip to cuba in a few minutes. and by the way, on air and online, eyewitness news is your go to source for information on the pope's visit from his schedule to road closures and mass transit changes. it's all in one place, our website, turning now to the other news of the night and an arrest tonight in the deaths of two women, each found in a hotel room in manhattan. police say the man they have arrested spent time with each of the women and now they are investigating whether he was responsible for raping two other women. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan is at the police precinct
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in midtown with the latest. jim. >> reporter: liz, 36-year-old joseph danclair says he didn't do it. he didn't rape two women and beat one of them until she was almost dead. he says he didn't murder two women whose bodies were found in separate hotels this past summer. police say, though, he will have a little trouble, mr. danclair, explaining the video that shows him going into those hotels with the victims and leaving alone. mr. danclair, did you kill those two women? 36-year-old joseph danclair was taken out of the midtown south precinct this afternoon, a life of crime behind him. >> no, sir, i didn't. i wouldn't ever do anything like that. >> reporter: and quite possibly a lifetime in prison in front of him. he is charged with the murders of two innocent women. >> i just want to be clear, there was no -- these were moral, good women. there was no prostitution involved. no other type of intent. >> reporter: danclair has a tattoo of praying hands on one shoulder and he may be praying
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he's accused of killing two women in separate incidents a little more than a month apart. one in this midtown hotel and one at a cut rate motel in brooklyn. police say danclair was seen in surveillance video walking into the manhattan broadway hotel with 43-year-old antoinette marin and they released photos of him leaving alone. she was later found dead there. danclair has a rap sheet with 28 prior arrests for kidnapping and robbery, among other crimes. >> if you look at some of these -- the two sex crimes and in particular one another woman, she is real lucky to be alive. there's a certain pattern with the way that he went about doing these crimes and it was consistent throughout all four and i'm glad that we got him off the street and prevent him possibly another rape victim or another homicide victim. >> reporter: you see danclair was limiting in that video. police say he broke his foot while he was trying to jump over a fence to escape the police.
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reporting live from midtown south, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> jim, thank you. the biggest local subway line on the west side of manhattan shutting down tonight until monday morning. the one train in for some much needed repairs and maintenance. good news for the subway, not so good news for those looking to ride the one. we have in the bronx with the details. >> reporter: anyone who rides a train on the weekends knows this all too well, oftentimes maintenance works shuts down service on the weekends just because riders are used to this, it doesn't make it any easier to handle. >> i'm not surprised to be honest, like weekends are kind of a nightmare on the subway anyway. >> reporter: for riders on the subway it's an all too familiar tune, service shut down through the weekend because of maintenance work on the tracks. this weekend it's the one train that will be causing transit headaches, service on the line will be suspended starting at 11:30 tonight until 5:00 a.m.
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monday impacting the entire line in both directions. >> wow. that's unbelievable. i mean, it's -- the service isn't really that great on the one. it's always slow. >> been a disaster the past month, the one, two and three have been a nightmare. >> reporter: the mta says workers need to repair archways at 168 and 181st streets which have been crumbling for years. they also need to install track panels north of 215th street. and there was ongoing repair work that needs to be done at the south ferry station, damage caused by superstorm sandy. >> you know it's an inconvenience for our customer. the only thing worse than having these changes is not having these changes, not doing the work and ending up with real problems down the line. >> reporter: advising train riders to take the two, three and or c trains as an alternate. free bus rides will be waiting at the end of the line. little consolation for drivers. >> it is difficult when you have shadow buses that is going to be like a nightmare. >> you get stuck in traffic on the buses and most of the time we like to take the trains
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because it's so much quicker. >> reporter: right now you're looking at riders waiting for the b line and mta buses but again starting at 11:30 tonight, you will also see shuttle buses there taking riders when the one train is suspended. that is the latest from the bronx, stephan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. a new safety law in connecticut tonight designed to prevent the boating accident that took the life of a teenaged girl more than a year ago. it's called emily's law, named after 16-year-old emily fedorko. she was killed in a tubing accident that if the boat's driver had been trained might have been prevented. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff is in granich with -- greenwich with the story. >> reporter: that's right, and for the first time this afternoon we heard from the mother and father of the teenaged girl who inspired this law. she died out here on the water just over a year ago. at the time she was only 16 years old. today her mother and father told me her -- their daughter loved the water and this law is
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exactly what she would have wanted. the mother and father of tubing accident victim emily stood behind the governor as he signed emily's bill into emily's law. >> something good has to come out of this. >> reporter: the teen from greenwich, connecticut was killed in a tubing accident off todds point in august of last year. since then her parents have worked tirelessly to improve water safety. >> i have to believe that emily is somewhere smiling that her parents have such great strength and they cared so much for her and her memory that they would devote in their own tragedy this time to make good things happen. >> reporter: in connecticut, anyone over the age of 12 with a certification of safety training can operate a boat. there has never been an minimum age to tow someone by vessel. now emily's law will make 16 the legal age for towing. state senator scott fran says it also requires boaters to go through safe towing instruction as part of their certification.
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>> this bill passed unanimously in the house as it did also in the senate. >> we hope that when kids go out on the water and young adults on the water see what we have created to help them and guide them as far as safety. >> reporter: 16-year-old fedorko and a 15-year-old friend were thrown from a tube they were riding in. the boat operated by a 16-year- old friend hit the girls as it circled back to pick them up. both girls in the water were injured, fedorko suffered a laceration to her torso from the propeller. scene. >> this is just an accident. it was lack of awareness and that's what we are trying to create, awareness. so it doesn't happen to anybody else. >> reporter: and spreading awareness is exactly what this family is now trying to do. they have started a foundation in emily's honor. they have also had flags made just like this one. that arrow points to the fact
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this law goes into effect on october 1st. live in greenwich, connecticut, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> hope it saves some lives. thank you. still more to come on this friday night. going to take you to citi field where the mets are preparing for a showdown with the yankees. and our coverage of the pope's visit continues. we head to cuba and we are
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t new at 6:00, pope francis landing tomorrow in cuba where for many on that island the
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pontiff of something of a hero. >> the spanish speaking pope played a rare and precedented role on forging a new detente between cuba and the u.s. and they are expecting a hero's welcome from him. >> reporter: it's an emotional trip for most everyone we are traveling with on the quick 45 minute flight from miami to the cuban capital, most of the people on board are taking part in the pope's visit. >> pope francis is the pope of the modern times and i'm catholic and i will admit, i have drifted away from the catholic church but since he came back in to be the pope i have actually seen a resurgence in my own faith. >> reporter: vivian organized the trip for more than 200 catholics to make the pilgrimage from the u.s. >> and every pope is different and every pope has a different message and every single pope brings a new reawakening of the faith in cuba. >> reporter: our journey to havana began here at miami international airport and a check-in area for charter
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flights to cuba and we quickly discovered the check-in area looks more like the checkout area at walmart, baggage cart after baggage cart packed with plastic wrapped bundles, gifts for their loved ones in cuba who need just the basics. they are taking things for children in need. >> what are you taking to your family in cuba? >> clothes, pampers for the babies and things like that. >> pampers for the babies? >> yes. there's no pampers. >> reporter: and they are packing more than just pampers. they are also packing prayers for change. >> everything should be better, people will have more food and more freedom. >> reporter: more food and more field for the -- food for the cuban people? >> that's right. >> reporter: those families are reconnect as they walk down a spiritual path with pope francis in cuba this weekend. >> wow, what a visit it's going to be. it all starts tomorrow in cuba. when we come back, lee
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goldberg returns as we look outside, is our last summer weekend over this week? what's it going to look like? there may be one slight hiccup, lee says.
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you can't even really call it a small hiccup. it's like a tiny little thing. >> i never said hiccup. >> hiccup. >> it's a little shower. >> right. in the middle of the night. so it's not even a hiccup. so there, i told you so. >> hold your breath, all right? that will solve all that. outside we go -- [ laughter ] >> we have haze, you look downtown a little bit of haze, air quality warning for parts of the area as we go through the evening hours, otherwise really beautiful, 79. 39% humidity, a south wind at 6 miles an hour, the pressure is now holding steady, the high today 87 degrees, right on target, 12 degrees above average, sunset tonight 7:00.
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with the -- where the sunset is at or after 7:00. today's highs mid and upper 80s. humidity is a little higher tomorrow so even though we are a few degrees cooler, the humidity will make it feel just as warm. the last 80-degree day for a while, maybe not the last of the season, though. the last weekend of summer will end with a touch of autumn, clouds may be stubborn to leave in the morning hours. and then small rain chances sunday through tuesday and a warmup as autumn arrives, that begins on wednesday. bayside queens about 79, 78 in flushing, fantastic start to the subway series for weather, 77 in staten island. warmer inland away from the ocean breezes. beautiful night, there will be patchy low clouds tomorrow morning, 50s in the coolest spots north and west. 78 at noon, going in the low and mid-80s in the afternoon. satellite nice and clear. patchy low clouds may develop
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sunny. it's this front that's coming eastward but also moving slow, an area of low pressure, acts front down. might be a passing shower on sunday morning and then clouds linger south and east. a lot cooler behind the front. in the 50s here. we will drop into the 70s by the time we get to sunday. higher humidity tomorrow. that's the summery half of the weekend. and cooler, low and middle 70s on sunday, morning clouds, passing shower and then breaks in the afternoon, better chance north and west, may take until mid-afternoon south and east. here's your accuweather forecast, we have a clear evening and late, late tonight some patchy fog, 68. 83 tomorrow, partly sunny, still warm, little more humid and then tomorrow night there's that so-called hiccup, a spot shower late at 67. seven day shows clouds breaking for sun on sunday, only mid-70s with a passing shower monday and tuesday. here comes fall and the temperatures warm back up. for all the papal events, very nice, dry next week, hopefully
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that holds. >> you bet. rob powers is up next with sports. >> mets are ready, the yankees ready and you know the fans are ready. straight ahead, opening a big three game series, both teams have plenty to play for. we will preview the subway series. plus it's not really a weekend if it doesn't start with prognosis.
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sonic so the most important subway series since the 2000 world series? >> it's the borough battle that excited. playoff atmosphere. it's the mets hosting the yankees. we are going to get you to the site. anthony johnson is live at the
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ballpark to get everything started. hi, anthony. >> reporter: hey, rob. how is everybody doing out there? you know, really this series is much more important to the new york yankees because they are still scrapping, they are still fighting for that first spot in the american league east. as for the mets, they have that eight game lead in the national league east, they are holding on and hopefully they will go to playoffs like everybody who is a mets fan is really hoping. we showed you some players out there on the field. the mets were already out there early, they were getting in their batting practice. hopefully they will be relaxed for the game tonight which is going to be starting in just a little while from now. as you can believe, the fans are ready, the teams are ready and so are the managers. >> everybody always gets excited for the subway series, no matter when it is, but now we are playing for something big, both of us. >> these games are important but you pile on that we got 17 games left, we are three back in the loss column, trying to win our division. these games are extremely important.
6:25 pm
these games were this important, back in 2007 because both teams were in contention this late in september, as you remember there, the mets fell miserably and, of course, the yankees went on into the playoffs but they lost in the american league divisional series, so both of these games really important, or, rather, for the -- for both teams these games are really, really important. rob, back to you. >> a lot of detail there, anthony. thank you so much. it's a playoff atmosphere at that game. we have playoff basketball tonight at the garden. the liberty earned the wnba's top seed, they open at home tonight against washington in a best of three series, won a franchise record 23 games but lost three out of four in the regular season to washington. tonight at 7:00, the playoffs are here. jets wait to play on monday night football on sunday. they host the falcons.
6:26 pm
will miss this game with a cast. >> great about our core. guys can step in and play well and if there's some situational stuff where i can be used sparingly that would be great. finally from us it is that time once again when alliteration runs wild and we glance into the football future. the power pig 61 prognosis -- pig skin prognosis. the end of that game in dallas will do one of two things, fester and be pointed to for the next decade as a sign of big blue's downfall or simply be forgotten if the giants can win this week. stop julio jones, they've got a shot. o'dell beckham, jr. making his nfl debut against atlanta last yes, sir, four catches and a touch. get over last week, good game too. giants win it 24-1 and all is
6:27 pm
or not because as always, your results may vary. >> what's the sound effect? >> two vinyl records? 2--0 last week. >> coming off the heels in 31-1 the year before. >> something like that. take a look at what's coming up on eyewitness news at 11:00. sade is here. >> well, a bus full of kids trapped in the middle of a case of road rage. the man caught on camera stalking a school bus and why he is facing nearly two dozen kidnapping charges. plus time to check your fridge. a lit tier i can't outbreak -- listeria outbreak linked to certain cheeses. those stories and much more tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. that's it for us for now. thanks for watching tonight. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. world news tonight with david muir is coming up next. eyewitness news returns tonight at 11:00.
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