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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 20, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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news. channel 7 eye witness news. >> a call for action after a violent weekend in the five boroughs. police released video of the suspects wanted for killing three people as community leaders ask for the public's help to put a stop to gun violence. the people's pope. pope frances inspires hope and service with the people of cuba. this as new york city leaders efforts ahead of his arrival here in the united states. good evening, everyone, i'm joe torres. >> we are going to begin with poep frances and his first full day in cuba. boy, was it a busy one filled monumental meeting. this is brand new video meeting with fidel castro. the two sitting down together
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>> earlier pope frances made his way through havana's main square. you can barely see him through the faithful. the pope took time to talk to cuban children including this boy in a wheelchair. a day filled with scripted catholic pageantry gave way for off the cuff remarks. first, pope frances veered off his prepared text and spoke about the importance of poverty. he warned cubans against letting riches rule your life. he then encouraged young people to dream big. if you give the best of yourself you'll help make the world a different place said the popular leader of the worldwide catholic church. it was quite a day with mass in
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front of hundreds of thousands of people in revolution square. in the past they kept their religious beliefs to themselves in a country declared atheist in 1959. today the mood was jubilant with singing and dancing as the pontiff greeted the faithful. there were americans in the crowd including a duke university student studying in havana. >> it's like going to church in the sunday but it's thee pope. >> he met with castro. he presented him with a huge crucifix. it was this meeting and handshake that sent the biggest shock waves across the region. he set down with fidel castro. pope frances gave him several books. a spokesman described the atmosphere as familiar and informal. >> i think it's the moment of heeling and reconciliation and a
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moment to move forward and not get us stuck in the past. >> one more note. authorities detained three people after they tried to give pamphlets to the pope as the pontiff was riding. the trio threw the literature at him. they were quickly escorted out by security officers. >> as you can see there, there is heavy security surrounding the pope in cuba. expect an even more intense police presence when pope frances arrives in new york city. they laid out their plan for guarding the hope and keeping millions of faithful safe. lucy yang is live in with the story. >> reporter: look at these. concrete blocks have already been placed along 6 avenue. eventually they'll be put in the middle of the street to keep traffic away from st. patrick's cathedral. once the pope arrives they'll be a massive amount of security visible and behind the scenes. >> the lord be with you.
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>> reporter: as catholics prepare their hearts and minds to greet pope frances, there's a whole universe working behind the scenes to make sure nothing happens to the head of the catholic church as he blesses new york city. this is one of the main command centers where experts will be monitoring 8,000 cameras posted throughout the city. cameras that will always be on always recording. >> there's never been a challenge such as the one we're dealing with now. >> reporter: as bill bratton explained, the key to making this security assignment successful is having all the various city, state and federal agencies work together, not in competition. every agency will have a representative in this room. the more eyes, the manpower, the better. >> secret service, fbi, health and hospital, emergency management, amtrak, state police, u.s. marshals. >> i've been inspired by the
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dedication of the secret service and the new york city police department. wow. they say we're at your service. we have a sacred responsibility to protect this man. >> reporter: with that, cardinal dolan said the pope need not worry about his safety or the safety of his followers but can focus on the deeper reason for his visit. >> he's going to talk about god and jesus and grace and mercy and love poor and forgiveness. he'll say what the church has been saying for two millenniums. he says it in a fresh, simple and sincere way. >> reporter: the police commissioner says they don't have any intelligence of a direct threat against the pope ice visit but they're very concerned about loan wolves who operate under the radar. live in midtown, lucy yang, eye witness news. >> the pope may be spreading the word in cuba but he's showing he hasn't forgotten about his trip
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to tus later this month. >> i will be there because you will be there. see you in philadelphia. >> after the pope holds mass at madison square garden in manhattan on friday, he'll head to philadelphia where his trip will culminate at the festival of families. a celebration of family, community and faith. remember, eye witness news is your go to source for everything online. from his schedule to road closures and mass transit changes, it's all on our web site, a 7-year-old is in the hospital after the child was grazed by a bullet in the south bronx. it happened before 9 tonight on caldwell avenue. the child was grazed on the ankle by a stray bullet. the 7-year-old was taken to lincoln hospital and we'll bring you the details as soon as we get them. that shooting follows a
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violent weekend in the five boroughs. multiple shootings left 7 people dead and has community leaders renewing a call to end gun violence. in one incident in brooklyn, three people including a 76-year-old man were killed when a suspect opened fire. police released video of the gunman they want to find. mallory hoff has the details. >> reporter: investigators here have their work cut out for them. this was a deadly weekend. so many times the don't snitch mentality gets in the way of these investigations but police say people in all of these communities need to come forward with information. seven people are dead after five weekend shootings. >> it has to stop. there's got to be more love and peace. >> reporter: since saturday there's been one shooting in manhattan, two in the bronx and two in brooklyn. >> it's a sad ordeal. life should be taken more seriously. >> reporter: investigators say this surveillance video captured
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the man they believe is responsible for an early morning shooting ingersoll houses. >> bang, bang, bang. >> reporter: that's what a friend of the victim says woke her up. take a close look at the man who appears to be leaving the scene. police are asking for help identifying this suspect. investigators say he shot two men. 39 and 43 in the head and a 76-year-old man in the stomach. they didn't live to help point police in the right direction. >> it is in the best interest of our community that those who see anything step forward. >> reporter: the violence has to stop. >> the individuals were sitting outside and all of a sudden he started blasting on them. >> reporter: families mourn the loss of life as a result of gun violence, investigators are searching for answer to bring justice but can't bring loved
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and i did speak with the brother of one of these victims off camera. he told me he was too distraught to go on camera but he did say his brother died too young and that the gun violence has to stop here. live from the 88th precinct, mallory hoff channel 7 eye witness news. 19 people were stranded in the middle of the east river today after their row boat capsized. the competitive paddling team was in the middle of a training run rowing near the white stone bridge when their boat overturned. they were all wearing life jackets and they likely could have swam back to shore but decided to wait for fdny rescue teams to pull them out. no one was hurt. coming up in the next half hour, saphon kim will have more on the on board surprise that shocked one rower more than the plunge into the east river. the race for president now.
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executive gaining ground after wednesday's republican debate. the cnn poll out today shows donald trump remains the front runner with 24% support among republican voters. she has 15% followed by retired surgeon ben carson at 14%. marco rubio and former florida governor jeb bush aren't too far behind. trump is down 8% points from the previous poll. ben carson faces criticism tonight for comments he made about islam. >> i would not advocate we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> the candidates about islam after trump did not respond to a questioner who last week said president obama is a muslim. on the same program trump said he could see a day when a muslim wins the presidency. he could see appointing a muslim to his cabinet. still to come on eye witness
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lawmakers to honor the stone wall inn as the birthplace for the gay rights movement. a battle is brewing in a ya neighborhood over a lawsuit wanting to label a child with autism as a public nuisance. the details straight ahead. plus, sports anchor laura behnke will have the latest on the slug fest at citi field. >> temperatures are dropping in the 60s in midtown, manhattan but the 40s well north and west
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a man is in custody after a shooting at a church in alabama. police say 26-year-old james junior minter opened fire during services this morning shooting his girlfriend and their baby. the pastor was shot when he try today intervene. all three are in the hospital. minter was captured by police a mile away. murder. one person died in a wild california. today the monoray county sheriff says it's investigating a body found in the burn zone. two communities are under evacuation orders. ten structures were destroyed and the fire was only 10% contained. happening tomorrow, service will resume on the 1 train as the mta wraps up a number of weekend construction projects in
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time for the morning commute. one trains will begin running again at 5:00 a.m. the mta suspended service on the line for necessary maintenance work. riders were forced to take shuttle buses to and from connecting train lines. lincoln center's reflecting pool was transformed to celebrate the un international day of peace. anyone who attended was able to write their personal hopes and dreams for peace on lit paper lanterns sent floating over the water. the ceremony was held on the eve of the united nations general assembly for harmony. a recap of the emmy awards. the father of the toddler who garnered national attention as baby doe speaks out defending the mother facing charges. from battlefield to baseball stadium. we'll introduce you to the world war ii veteran who has ushered in nearly every season for the
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we're here in the streets of new york, spreading the news about the real possibilities aarp is creating across the five boroughs. because if you don't think real possibilities in new york city when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". we're working with you to make new york city a better place to live, work, and play. fighting for you by taking on the issues that matter and rediscovering the city with you at discounted events all around town.
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a little bit of a bittersweet weekend, we would say. >> last one of the summer right? >> yeah but as we begin fall it becomes more summer like again. if that makes any sense. >> okay. we like that. >> we'll listen further. >> the only thing we're debating is which days will be cloudier than others? a really nice week coming up for the pope's visit. we head outside right now and the empire state building lit up in the pinstripes and the met's
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still going on at this hour. we're looking to the south and the temperature 37 degrees and humidity at 42%. the wind gusting up to 17 miles per hour. it has been breezy at times during the day today and the northerly and northeasterly breeze brought in a less humid air mass. much less than yesterday. the high up to 79, which is still well above average for this time of the year and got up to 74 on september 20th. just to show you how variable the weather can be in september, we got up to 93 on this date. we got all the way down to 44. it can get very hot and cold this time of the year. the sun setting at 6:57 these days. 65 right now and 60 in white plains and far enough north and west to the city and temperatures well down in the lower 50s in places like sussex and poughkeepsie and look at this, 48 degrees in monticello. this will be the coldest overnight period for
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the areas so far. the radar, satellite not showing much out there. off to our south and east, there is an area of low pressure to the north carolina coast. there's another little upper west. between these two converging over the tristate area by tomorrow night into tuesday. that will increase the cloud cover. lows down to 47 in morris town. the places in the 40s well north and west going into the lower 40s. we're down to 58 in central park. that would be our coldest reading since june. highs tomorrow getting back to 73. pretty close to normal with an easterly flow places like belmar and tom's river with the flow getting around upper 60s and 70 for the high. clouds and sun tomorrow, 73. more clouds probably south of the city. more sunshine to the north. everyone gets in on the cloud
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cover during the day on tuesday. the high up to 75. here's the accuweather forecast. we're mainly clear in and around new york city and 58. much cooler north and west. partly cloudy at 7 in the morning. nearing the 60-degree mark. we'll call it intervals of cloud and sun. the high up to 73. mainly cloudy tomorrow night. we're down to 60. tuesday an overcast day, 75. the sun returns as we begin fall wednesday. the high up to 80. 80 on thursday as the pope arrives. a pair of 7s on friday and as the pope departs for philadelphia early saturday we'll be talking upper 60s for the highs. that will be the coolest air mass. >> laura behnke up next with sports. >> maybe he could help out the giants. week two is nearly in the books. for the giants and their fans it can't end soon enough.
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big blue returned home today and suffered the same fate blowing another big lead late leading to a crushing outcome.
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certainly not the kind of start that big blue and its fans were hoping for. >> it's still early. i'm going to remind you of that. when giant's fans thought it couldn't get much worse than the crushing loss in dallas last week, today happened. big blue became the first team to blow a double digit lead in consecutive seasons to start a season. it was the visitors who made the first move. coleman punching it in and 7-0 atlanta. the giants came to life in the second quarter. o del beckham jr. leading the way, 67 yards for the score. 6 receptions for 139 yards in the first half alone. after the break, new york extending the lead. eli manning to larry danell. 10 yards and it was 20-10 giants at that point.
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after cutting the lead to three, the perfect throw to jones. touchdown. the giants had to drive down for their own touchdown. catch. atlanta would take over on downs and 24-20. the giants take another heartbreaking loss. we can't make mistakes. and so we have to count on the today. fumbles or turnovers. we have to be able to bounce back better and overcome those things and don't let it affect us for future series. the nfc east race took an interesting turn today. the cowboys beat the giants last week but they lost de sshgs bryant. tony rowmo will lose the ball and the eagles recover. romo falls on his shoulder.
11:26 pm
they're not sure how long he'll be out. they'll know more tomorrow. brandon weeden connects with williams for the 42-yard touchdown. 20-10, the cowboys lose romo but they're 2-0. elsewhere in the late games the jaguars got a late field goal and the ravens are winless after falling to the raiders in oakland. the team in indianapolis on the eve of the monday night date with the colts. gang green will try to start 2-0 for the first time in two years and the colts are looking for the first win. you can catch all the action on pix 11. kickoff tomorrow night set for 8:30. much more ahead in sports. it is the final chapter of the subway series for the regular season at least. matt harvey pitched well for the mets, it wasn't until after he left that the pinstripes made their move.
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>> one of the most entertaining and meaningful subway series in years wraps up with the mets and yankees eyeing the playoff. a blue jay's loss meant the yankees are three games back heading in. matt harvey making a mini start for the mets in order to keep
11:30 pm
innings. the yanks had their chance and took it after he left. the two rbi double there and followed by this. later in the inning that is gone and the yanks went up 5-1 and cc sabathia matched harvey and then some. allowed one run and struck out 7 in 6 strong innings. after this the yanks blew it open. it's now 11-2, yanks in the 9th. after finishing the regular season with the best record in the east the liberty were in danger of having their most season end after two games. a must win against the mystics. a fast start for new york. susan rogers the long 3. 15 points for her off the bench. then there's tina charles who took over in the third. two of her 17 points in the quarter. 86-68 is your final. a decisive game three set for tuesday at the garden.
11:31 pm
it was a very simple situation for the red bulls tonight. win and you're in. the playoffs that is. by doing so, also becoming the first team in major league soccer to secure a spot in the post season. the red bulls were active in the first half. damian converts to make it 2-0, new york. that would be your final. the red bulls are in deed playoff bound. jason day was nine years old when he matched tiger woods win the masters in 1997 and he vowed he would be the top golfer in the world. 18 years later here he after the record tieing first two rounds he was able to cruise through the weekend shooting a two under in the final round to win the bmw championship today. he finished at 22 under overall for the six stroke win. it's the fourth win in the last six star making him the new number one golfer in the world. a few months ago i don't think anybody would have saw this coming. >> no doubt about it now.
11:32 pm
he's on fire. thank you, laura. still ahead on eye witness news at 11:00, moments after he popped the question a man literally goes overboard when a boat capsizes on the east river. why new jersey governor chris christie says he
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our top story this half hour, a dragon boat flips into the east river sending 19 people into the water. everyone pulled out safely. tonight the people who were in the boat says it was their team work that helped keep everyone safe while they waited for a rescue. >> eye witness news reporter saphon kim has the story from college points queens. >> it happened so fast. a wave came and we were in the water. >> reporter: a dragging boat racing team by the east river out for a run before 2:00 p.m. when their boat suddenly capsized sending all 19 rowers into the river. >> we were each other coordinating each other. we were calm. >> that wake when it was coming towards us as we were paddling and i was on the right side and i could see it started coming into the boat.
11:36 pm
50 yards out from shore and they were all wearing life jackets. they decided to stay together and that was the smart call. rescue teams arrived within minutes. >> it was rough. it wasn't that cold but cold enough we were in there long enough it was starting to get cold. >> reporter: for capsizing in the river and having to be rescued by the fdny is not what they'll remember about this day. just before they found themselves under water, one of their teammates proposed to his girlfriend. you said yes, right? >> yes. it was really hard not to. i would say yes anyway. i'm more in shock over the ring than i am going under. >> reporter: their boat is sitting at the bottom of the river the ring was saved. >> i held onto the ring in my happened. >> i wanted to put it in the dry
11:37 pm
because the dry bag is at the bottom. >> reporter: it was a happy ending in more than one way. police caught a suspect in a hit and run in the bronx that may have been intentional. police arrested joseph sagu overnight. he and a 26-year-old man overnight. he ran the man over as he crossed union avenue at 155 street yesterday. the victim was in critical condition at last check. a jubilant and hopeful spirit in havana following the pope's first full day in cuba. he finished by providing over evening vespers. earlier, the pope called for cubans to care for each other. steve daniels with our sister
11:38 pm
>> reporter: tens of thousands of people packed havana's revolution plaza on a spiritual journey celebrating mass with pope frances. he focussed on the theme of service encouraging the crowd to help people in need. tonya thomas was deeply moved by the mass. she's a duke university student studying in havana. >> i that you are thought it was great. >> he pushed them to serve the most vulnerable. >> i loved it. this is why so many people adore pope frances. >> reporter: the heat of the day took its toll on some people. not on this group from boston. >> i think it was amazing. you could feel the spirituality.
11:39 pm
to remember for this children's choir performing for a global television audience. they were a little bit nervous and it was a special experience to see the pope. thousands of faithful from across the americas are taking away the message of others and taking away memories of a lifetime. tomorrow morning he flies to central cuba to celebrate mass and on tuesday he flies to washington kicking off his five day trip to the u.s. steve daniels channel 7 eye witness news. >> you can find everything you need to know on his entire schedule on pope frances is credited with helping bring the u.s. and diplomatic relations. one prominent local catholic has a problem with what the pope
11:40 pm
>> i just think the pope was wrong. so the fact is his infallible is on religious matters, not political. >> relations shouldn't has been restored until they returned the fugitive joanne. she's been living in cuba and gave her political asylum. a new movement -- they launched a campaign today to designate the stone wall inn as the first national park site honoring lgbt history. they'll make a formal request to president obama and they encourage everyone to sign an online petition. a new york city museum has made two lists of best museums.
11:41 pm
is the best museum in the world. the art institute of chicago, the world war ii museum in new orleans, la's getty's center and the national air and space pew se yum in washington, d.c. a celebration of culture at the 46th annual african american day parade in harlem today. this year's focus is the african american business community. this event was held in new york, people came from all over to participate including marching bands from 12 different states. >> what a perfect day for a parade. next on eye witness news, a child with autism considered a public nuisance. that's the argument at the center of a lawsuit creating a great divide in one california neighborhood.
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the father of a little girl dubbed baby doe is speaking out. he says he dun believe the
11:45 pm
mother would have harmed her. they found her in june on a beach in boston harbor. her mother has told him her boyfriend killed the child because he believed she was possessed by demon. >> i believe her story and every word that came out of her mouth and she told me that michael killed bella, i believe he did. >> rachel bond, the girl's mother is charged as an accessory. her boyfriend is charged with murder. a nasty battle brews between neighbors at one town. at the center a boy with autism. his parents face a lawsuit. >> in what otherwise looks like an american suburb, neighbors are in an ugly battle declaring a child with autism declared a public nuisance.
11:46 pm
as far as we're concerned. it's about the safety of our children. they were attacked on multiple occasions. >> reporter: the families don't blame the 11-year-old boy and not attacking autism. they claim his parents didn't do enough to control his son and hurting their young children allegedly attacking them and repeatedly and at random. >> all witnessed so much violence. there was an increased fear in the kids. they didn't want to step outside their house. >> reporter: they told the news this has been pretty devastating for us but we're doing our best to cope with it. they've since moved. autism advocates worry about possible backlash. >> i would hope that the court doesn't rule against the family because that just creates another barrier and that is not the solution. >> reporter: the families want
11:47 pm
assurances the boy will be better supervised. even though they moved the lawsuit continues to go forward. well, a historic night at the prime time emmy awards. >> viola davis, how to get away with murder. >> with that epic win viola davis becomes the first african american to win an emmy. she note it had milestone. >> the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. at the end of the show presenting the best drama award, tracy morgan made his first major appearance after suffering a brain injury in a bus accident last year. morgan presented the award that went to game of throwns. at the award show, tv chef
11:48 pm
appearance since having a double mastectomy after a breast cancer diagnosis. the girlfriend of governor andrew cuomo had some complications after the surgery in may. in a statement her spokeswoman said lee has not had reconstruction surgery but he is statement. coming up on eye witness news at 11, in the spirit of the subway series, a 91-year-old
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11:50 pm
boy, was it a beautiful end to the weekend. >> end of summer. >> end of summer, tear in my eye. >> we're moving forward but do we have anything to look forward to? >> i know you have a lot to cover this week but the weather department will stay out of your way. very quiet on the weather front this week as we head outside right now and check out a nice view towards midtown, manhattan.
11:51 pm
this is from our camera in astoria, queens. 67 and it looks so crisp and clear. it's a really nice air mass that came. the wind shifted and it brought in the drier air and the clearer air. it doesn't look as hazy. 81 was the high in newark. that was the only place that got up above 80. high pressure situated to the north during the day tomorrow. we'll ensure dry weather around here. it develops an on shore over the parts of the middle atlantic. they'll be showers in virginia and north carolina. i don't think the showers ever make it all the way up the coast. i do think some cloud cover increases here by late tomorrow south of new york city. especially tomorrow night into tuesday. much of the area goes overcast. 46 right now at monticello. this is the coolest air we've
11:52 pm
you have temperatures in the middle and upper 60s. mid-60s on the island and on the jersey shore. clouds from the west and a system off shore. might back some clouds in here during the day on tuesday. between those two systems we increase the cloud cover tomorrow night into tuesday. we're watching the tropics. tropical storm ida out here. 45-mile per hour winds expected to move so slowly. it perhaps strengthens to a 60 miles per hour it's way, way far away from land. bus stop forecast, 58 in midtown, mainly clear skies and 40s well north and west of the city. nice recovery during the afternoon. we have temperatures in the lower to middle 70s. normal and intervals of clouds and sunshine. one thing i wanted to bring your attention to, if you're headed to the beach, not the best beach day but the rip current risk is moderate to high. here's the accuweather forecast. clouds and sun tomorrow and mainly cloudy day on tuesday.
11:53 pm
75 and guess what? the sun is back for the first day of fall wednesday. we're back up to 80 on thursday and 77 friday. cooler air mass by next week and might not get out of the 60s. bill evans has much more on that. >> you guys relax. >> thank you, jeff. and finally tonight, if you're out at citi field there's a guy you have got to meet. he's a world war ii veteran and doing his part to help the mets fight for the pennant. >> hi, sergeant. hi corporal. >> reporter: i noticed him by chance. an usher at a met's day. i saw a young man in the army same guy? yes from world war ii. >> i had my picture on the wall
11:54 pm
>> i like to show it off. >> reporter: 91-year-old lucas has been a stadium usher for almost as long as there's been a met's team. he started opening day 1964. since then he's worked roughly 3,000 games. >> it's a great job. it's outdoor. i enjoy the people. on his medals. the purple heart for a bullet star. >> once they see my picture on the wall is that you? that starts the conversation. >> reporter: he's seen it all. the beatles and the two met's world series championships and two years ago he was honors by the teem right now the mets are playing great baseball in first
11:55 pm
place with a very good shot at the playoffs. if they make it to the world series. >> god willing i'll be here. you'll come up and see me. >> reporter: i think i will. ron claiborne, abc news new york. >> 91. looks great. >> he looks fantastic. i liked him in his suit, too. in his uniform. >> sharp dressed man. >> that is the news for now. thank you for staying up with us. >> i'm joe torres. eye witness news returns
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