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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 21, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, the pope's historic tour. hundreds of thousands gather for pope francis in cuba. as american cities prepare for his arrival. we're live with the latest. tough talk. the republican presidential hopefuls taking questions about muslims in america. as new polls show a big shift among gop voters. fool in the road. the heart-stopping video of a race fan jumping on to the track and walking past the world's fastest car. and television's brightest stars honored at last night's emmy awards. all the big moments, the historic wins, the major
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best and beat the heat. well good monday morning. we begin with pope in cuba. holding face-to-face meetings with the castro brothers. >> a message of reconciliation, hope, and service, as the pope departs havana this morning for a city in southern cuba. bazi kanani is in washington where the pope touches down for the first time tomorrow afternoon on u.s. soil. >> reporter: the vatican says it was the largest crowd a pope has cuba. he warned the faithful there against elitism and encouraged lives of service. an enthusiastic welcome for the first latin american pope in the american countries. hundreds of thousands of cubans
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to celebrate mass with pope francis. the pope steers clear of politics in his homily, but has said in the past he hopes this visit to cuba will lead to more freedom for the church, where the faithful have lived through decades of communist oppression. this man gets a few seconds with the pontiff. he's pulled away and arrested. the pope later meets with 89-year-old fidel castro and separately with his brother and current president. he's joked this pope might make him consider returning to his catholic roots. at evening vespers, the pope calls on cubans to pray for him. >> i think this time is very important because of the fact that the united states and cuba are opening doors to each others. >> reporter: pope francis is the
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restore that critical relationship and for bringing hope for more change. he'll travel to eastern cuba to deliver mass this morning. he debarts for his first ever visit for the united states on tuesday. starting right here if washington where he'll visit the congress. ken kendis? and the pope is not set to arrive in philadelphia until saturday. they're clearing the streets ahead of time. the towing has begun. legal parking spots will be in short supply in the coming days. some residents are moving their cars to the suburbs. the latest abc news poll shows a change in american catholics. 56% of persons say the pope snow in touch with their views. that's up. 34% from when francis began his papacy. 81% of american catholics now have a favorable view of the
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church. at home, religion is major issue in the presidential race this morning. ben carson says a muslim does not belong in the white house. his words prompting a prominent american islamic organization to call for him to drop out of the race. abc's devin dwyer this morning. >> reporter: questions of tolerance are testing the republican kptdcandidates. >> would you consider putting a muslim american in my cabinet? absolutely no problem with that. >> reporter: how about a muslim president. >> i would not agree with that. >> reporter: what about the religion of president obama? >> i haven't raised the question pip don't like talking about somebody else's faith. >> he's born in the united states. he's a christian. >> reporter: the debate back in the open this week at rally for donald trump. >> we have a problem if this country. it's called muslims. >> reporter: a statement of
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intolerance that trump left unanswered for days. >> most are fabulous pip have friends that are muslims. >> to play into some of the worst impulses that people have these days is just irresponsible. it's appalling. >> what trump is doing is appealing to the baser instincts amongst us. zen phobiae xenophobia and frankry racism. >> reporter: scott walker once a front-runner, now an asterisk. the united states is promising to do more to stem the refugee crisis. the u.s. plans to accept 85 thoux refugees next year and 100,000 more in 2017. secretary of state john kerry acknowledged we need to do more. meanwhile, another tragedy
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13 refugees died when their both collided with a ferry. two american hostages were freed. darden had been helping deliver nad the region when rebels kidnapped him and others. the fate of a third american hostage sun known. a new wildfire in northern california may have claimed another life. the blaze in monterey county has destroyed or damaged at least ten home paps body was found among the ashes. the death may have been an earlier suicide. two other wild fires are burning to the north of the bay area. those fires have killed five people and destroyed 1400 homes. the search resume this is morning for a 6-year-old boy after last week's flooding. 12 women and children were confirmed dead after their vehicles were swept away. the body of tyson lucas black has not been found.
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checking out the radar today, another round of heavy rain and scattered storms is moving into the southwest. flash flooding is a risk in southern california, arizona, and utah. the outrageous and overnight price hike on a live-saving drug. the best of primetime. including jon hamm's reaction to finally winning an emmy. and the man who thought this would be a good idea.
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sales suspended this morning
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for many volkswagen diesels. nearly half a million older diesels may be recalled as well. the ceo of the german automaker says he's sorry they tried to dodge emission standards. volkswagen may be find by u.s. regulators. teachers in seattle have agreed on a new contract and voted to end strartheir strikes. a tentative agreement had been reached last week. a 9.5% raise over three years. six days of school will have to be rescheduled. get a load of this. patients taking a life-saving drug have been stound learn that the price went up 5,000% overnight. the medication called duraprim went up to $750 per pill. it's used to prevent infections in people with weakened immune
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systems like cancer survivors. the drugmaker's ceo defending the price hike stage medication is rarely used and the money earned will go toward developing better treatments. there with a couple more days of summer left. but the fall movie season saw strong performances. "the maize runner wds had a good showing. "black mass" starring johnny depp was second with more than $23 million. and "the visit" was third. >> a decent weekend at the box office. when e come back, the latest on the series of deadly freeway shootings. the suspect's father speak out now. and the highlights from yesterday's upsets around the nfl that have fantasy football owner's heads spinning this morning.s, hi. want to survive... ...a crazy busy day? start with a positive attitude... great. thanks. ...and positively radiant skin.
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personalized to you, not someone sorta like you. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. we've been helping kids as they grow strong and healthy for generations. and today's flintstones are specially formulated with key antioxidants to help support kids immune health. ten million strong and growing alarming video of a yacht on fire off galveston, texas. boaters were able to rescue four people on board. first on the scene was a charter fishing captain. he and his client pulled a boy and his mother out of the water. morning road conditions. flooding is a threat in the desert southwest. showers and thunderstorms
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delays possible only in e phoenix. the suspect in a series of freeway shootings says police have the wrong guy. >> lesiie maird jr says he's not the guy. police linked the shootings to a firearm they believe the suspect sold to pawn shot. his dad says the son is innocent. >> if he committed a crime with a firearm, my son has more sense than to sell the firearm to a pawnshop. >> many school buss are being ordered to avoid freeways. new details expected to be revealed in the murder of baby doe in boston. after a three-month mystery, the xhild is identified as bella bond.
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the mother's girlfriend allegedly admitted to killing the girl because she was po possessed by demons. u2 had to cancel a concert this weekend. man with a gun allegedly entered the arena. they arrived there after a concert in amsterdam. a former peanut executive could be sentenced for his role in a deadly salmonella outbreak. stuart parnell was found guilty on kountds that killed 60 people. passers by prevented a vehicle fire from turning into a tragedy. look at the imanxious. they rescued a woman there this burning rv.
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get dressed and rescue their cat. two men claiming they went in and pulled her out. moments later, the rv and the car it was towing began to roll backwards. setting two other vehicles on fire. there were no serious injuries. a rather unusual sight at the formula one car race in singapore yesterday. fan went for walk on the track. >> what? who does that? >> the race cars were going right past him. officials put the race under caution while the guy walked a bit further. he was arrested shortly after. the race resumed shortly after. >> i always thought those google walking directions would make me go the wrong way. week two of the nfl season has just one game left in it. >> for some of what and who went down, here are our guys at espn. >> alongside john b., i'm john a. another def tating injury for
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the cowboys. you want to see my tony romo impression? broken clafable in a sling as he watched the rest of the game. there he is looking spry before the whole thing happened. team's winning, 13-0. here, broken left collarbone on this play. our dr. mark attux thinks it will be about eight weeks. the normal time it takes for that part of the body to heal. brandon weeden came in, was fine. 4yards. cowboys are 2-0. players. packers-seahawks. we got no score. this is a guy people didn't want in oakland or with the giants. comes back to green bay, his 24-17.
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russell wilson thought he would dump it over the line. instead in the mitt of elliott. packers back on top of it. kicked a field goal. ran out the clock. 27-17. we have one more game left here in week two. you can see it. "monday night football." colts, jets. monday night countdown, 6:00 eastern. kickoff around 8:15. more highlights. you can check out a live "sportscenter," 9:00 eastern on espn. you won't see the johns, though. >> oh, too bad. up next in "the pulse." the big winners and emotional wince at last night's emmy awards. and how host andy samberg caused quite a stir by giving away some free programming. as my diabetes changed, it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir . vo: levemir is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours.
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a prime-time emmy awards edition. a groundbreaking win for viola davis. >> she won for best actress in a drama series. the first black woman to ever win that award. afterwards, she reflected on her accomplishment. >> i just think there is so much work that needs to be done in so many -- areas. in the business. with actors of color. so many narratives that need to be seen by people. so many stories that need to be that -- i know that it doesn't end here. >> boy, is she right about that. her character just so powerful murder." i just think it couldn't have come at a better moment for her. >> not just the first black person but the first person of color to win that award. oprah winfrey tweeting, wow, it makes her proud to be a woman.
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for hbo's "game of thrones." four emmys, including best drama. you add in the creative arts emmys, eight of them, the most wince for a single show. >> that's one of your favorite shows, right? and jon hamm made a scene by crawling on to the stage to accept his best actor award for playing don draper. he lost on seven other occasions. >> he made quite a ham of himself. >> oh. >> went a little mad. i'll stop. there was a dramatic moment before the presentation of the best drama award. tracy morgan walked out on stage. >> morgan got a standing ovation. he suffered a traumatic brain injury in june of last year in a deadly traffic accident on a new jersey highway. morgan thanked his doctors and family for their nem his recovery. then he delivered a one-liner about his accident.
4:24 am
consciousness, i was just ecstatic to learn that i wasn't the one who messed up. >> morgan also told his tv industry colleagues he missed them very much. he presented the best drama award. some of the hottest stars on the red carpet. we do mean hot. >> this is what mario lopez looks like. his shirt totally drenched with sweat. kerry washington seemed to keep her cool, shining in metallic. night. and "morning is the-- orange is the new black" star looking hot in yellow. and heidi klum being compared to big bird and egg drop soup. >> sounds delicious. >> she looked beautiful. >> she did. next. for everyone else, we'll be
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checking our top stories, hundreds of thousands of cubans with flocking to see the pope ahead of his first ever visit to the u.s. after his mass in halve van that, he sat down for a 40-minute chat with fidel castro. an islamic american group is calling for ben carson to step out of the race, after he said he would not support a muslim in the white house. a body has been found in the ashes of a new wildfire in northern california. the man was inside a vehicle. police think it may have been a suicide. there with ten active wildfires in california right now. another dry day in the northeast, temperatures in the 70s. showers and thunderstorms possible in the aircarolinas. finally this morning, a guy in california who is ready to reap the tasty rewards, all
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>> he ordered from his local domino's pizza. don't you know what arrived at his door was a lot more than pizza and wings. >> i ordered pizza. i thought i had the day off. i was going to sit home and enjoy my relaxation. >> reporter: this story starts with the ordinary. mike called domino's and ate a slice before putting it in the fridge. >> my phone started blowing up. >> reporter: the phone calls from the delivery driver on his way to the bank with just one more delivery to make. he put the cash in the wings box for safe kooeping. but made a big mistake. >> about 5:00 a.m. i got home from work. pulled out what i thought was wings. turned out the be 1300 bucks. 666, 632, for about the 1300 total. >> reporter: it's one of those
4:29 am
moments you think, what would you do? >> i made a facebook post. people arguing. i wanted to keep it. believe me. i can't, i can't do it. >> reporter: we watched as we walked it in. >> honest people are really hard to find these days. >> reporter: it looks like karma might be a real thing these days. >> to thank you, we'll offer you free pizza for a year. >> i'll have to start working out more obviously. >> good for him. pizza every day for a whole year. $4,000 value. he wins.


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