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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 21, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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we're back in about good morning, america. new this morning, front-runners under fire. two of the top republican presidential candidates feeling heat for their muslims in america. a new poll shows trump hitting his first bump on the trail. carly fiorina surging. breaking overnight. apple hacked. the first ever breach of its kind. hundreds of apps affected. potentially exposing personal information and pass words. are your ipad and iphone at risk. pope francis. a protester stopped as he raced toward the pontiff. and a night of firsts at the emmys.
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>> and the emmy goes to -- jon hamm, "mad men." >> jon hamm finally taking home best actor for "mad men." >> there's been a terrible mistake clearly. >> viola davis making history. >> the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. >> and "game of thrones" crowned the night's big winner. we have your all-access pass as we say -- >> good morning, america. and we do say good morning, america, on this monday morning. such a big night. you said erp vur excited about jon hamm. >> glad to see him and peter dinklage win. it was a big moment. >> as for viola davis. what a powerful, poignant speech. we'll have so much more ahead. >> a little bit of history there. a lot of heart. we begin with the new polls.
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good news for women in the race good news for women in the race for the white house. hillary clinton gaining strength on the democratic side. as ben carson and donald trump dau fire. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. so many talking about the new poll this morning. first, what some of the gop candidates said and didn't say about the muslims in the u.s. has tolerance front and center for the gop. this morning, ben carson not apologizing for these remarks. >> do you believe islam is consistent with the constitution? >> i do not. i would not advocate we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> reporter: his words prompting a prominent islamic american organization to call for him to get out of the race. the carson campaign saying, absolutely not.
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devout christian, believes a bern whose faith is deeply seated in islam -- >> we have a problem in the country. it's called muslims. >> reporter: the man also calling president obama who is a christian, a muslim. george asking trump about this. >> why can't you just say definitive definitively, yes or no, you have raised it many time. he's not a muslim. >> you have raised the question. i haven't raised the question. i don't talk about it. i don't like talk about somebody else's faith. >> he said muslims are a problem in the country. do you agree? >> well in some cases, george, we can say no and be politically wonderful. certainly, it's a problem. at the same time, we have fabulous people living here fantastically well. but certainly it is a problem. you look around the world, sit a problem.
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>> reporter: and this morning, pressure. donald trump on a twitter tirade against her last night, questioning her business background and saying she cannot become the nominee. >> let's talk about that with matthew dowd. you see carly fiorina, huge jump in the cnn poll. she'll now face questions about can she broaden her base. >> this is the first time. it's your time in the sun. are you ready to shine? or will you get burned? that's the point in time. she's not had to face that yet. >> trump and carson facing questions. is this your view this puts a ceiling on their support or solidifies their base? >> we may learn thatover time. we have talked about everything you're sot supposed to you can that bt over dinner -- religion, sex, and race. voters don't want to be
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we don't know yet if voters are em embarrassed by what trump and carson have said. >> hillary clinton? >> he's shut hit a floor, it look like. in that poll is will it draw joe biden into the race? does he think he has a chance? >> if he doesn't get in, a lot of his support goes the hillary clinton, not bernie sanders. >> matthew dowd, thank you very much. now to the pope's historic visit to cuba. and the u.s. pope francis drawing enormous crowds in cuba. meeting with former leader fidel castro. as excitement builds for his visit here. terry moran is with the pope in cuba this morning. >> reporter: this is his last day in cuba before hitting the united states. he's leaving havana for two other cities. this was supposed to be a trip
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purely inspirational for cuba. an unforgettable moment. the pope meets with fidel castro. the 89-year-old revolutionary and a pope who is shaking up the world, too. a jubilant welcome from the hundreds of young cubans here last night. and francis spoke to them off the cuff, sharing his very untraditional vision of a church that must never become too insolent. when a religion becomes a con vept, it loses the best thing it has. it becomes about i'm good, you're bad. moshl moral prediction. thousands greeted francis in the sweltering heat, waving flag, reaching out to him. he celebrated mass with a huge image of chaie guevara looming love. how was snit how was it to see
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[ speaking spanish ] i'm excited, she says, i was like, hooray, it's the pope. we had a lot of fun. as francis arrives, a protester tries to reach the pope. he gets dragged away. it was a lot of fun. catholic. the pope will travel 90 mile across the florida straits to the united states. really, it's a world way from here. >> terry, thank you. massive crowds expected to greet the pope in washington, new york, and philadelphia. it's one of the largest security operations in american history. chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has that side of the story from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. law enforcement firnls have to secure the pope and protect the massive crowds. his u.s. trip will push them to the limit. think inauguration-scale security playing out over four
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days in three cities. one of the largest security operations ever begins in less than 36 hours. >> it's a tremendous challenge for us, the secret service. it's all hands on deck. >> reporter: pope francis, unlike most world readers, likes to wade into mass i have crowds to connect with the people. tens of thousands expected to turn out in washington, d.c., philadelphia, and new york city. >> it's an ied explosion from a backpack. >> reporter: the nypd training for worst case nair joes. the secret service preparing for the pope's visit for months. in one scenario, a motorcade coming under attack. secret service agents respond. in another training scenario, emergency evasive driving with agents racing a vip out of harm's way. thousands of agents in local police deployed.
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told george stephanopoulos he's spear sparing no resources. >> we'll have ten miles of streets closed at a time. we have never done that. >> never? >> it's extraordinary, a challenge. already expect major disruptions in all three cities. some federal employees in d.c. urged not to come to work. some philadelphia schools closed. one man so important to so many, the stakes could not be higher. and everyone in law enforcement knows it. robin? george? >> no question. thank you, pierre. live coverage all week long of pope francis in america. beginning with his arrival in washington tomorrow around 4:00 p.m. >> you'll be there in d.c. for us. now to the major security questioning for apple this morning. a first of its kind breach that could expose iphones and ipads to hackers. malicious software in hundreds of apps. >> reporter: good morning. apple is known for rigid
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security and oversight. getting an app into apple's app store requires loads of security. >> introducing. >> reporter: just weeks after announcing a brand-new iphone, apple finds itself in an unfamiliar position. victims of a large hack. that could steal your personal info, including pass words. cybersecurity firms reporting that a malicious program, called x code ghost infiltrated 344 apps in the app store. the infected apps primarily used by chinese consumers included a chat app, a car-hailing app, and an internet app. the hack originated in china. experts are warning that while you're ipad and iphone are safe for now, the breach could put apple at risk for more attacks in the future. apple released a statement saying we've removed the apps in
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the app store that we know have been created with the counter fit software. again, apple says it's removed the apps from the app store. they were primarily apps downloaded by chinese consumers. it's important to be vigilant. if you have an ipad and iphone, you should immediately update your apps and make sure they're on the latest version. change your other account passwords passwords, george. >> thank you, rebecca. now to the wildfires ravaging northern california. the fire destroyed over 1,000 homesers one of the worst in california history. rob marciano is here with more. >> more than 1,000 homes destroyed. a new fire broke out in monterey county over the weekend. ten homes burned. one fatality there. fighting this from the ground and the air. very, very warm conditions continue today. southern california, we have rain coming in.
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parts of arizona and new mexico. two systems. one is tropical. deep moisture with this. could see two, three, four inches of rain. potential for flash flooding. and mudslides over the next 48 robin? >> thank you. now to the mysterious shootings along the freeway in phoenix. a 21-year-old man is in custody accusesd of being behind at least four of the shootings. he tells police they have the wrong guy. >> reporter: is this the man responsible for terrorizing divers? this morning, phoenix police say they believe 24-year-old leslie allen merritt jr. is responsible for at least four of the shootings. >> this suspect presents a dramatic and profound threat to the community.
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potentially 30 charges. >> i'm the wrong guy. >> reporter: the father of two appeared in court after being arrested at a glendale walmart. police say they tracked bullet fragments found at the crime scenes, leading them to a gun he once owned. investigators checking pawnshops. last week, zeroing in on this pawnshop where merritt jr. allegedly pawned his gun. >> he's related to the first four shootings. >> reporter: merritt who reportedly grew up learning to shoot guns. claims his gun has been in the pawnshop for the last two months, when those shootings happened. >> i haven't had access to a weapon. >> reporter: the firearm was not in pawn status during the shootings. >> if he committed a crime with a firearm, my son has more sense than to pawn said firearm, because it links directly back to you. >> reporter: authorities believe he's responsible for four of the shooltings.
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they're investigating what happened in the other seven. >> are there others out there? that's possible. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, phoenix, arizona. amy has the other top stories. >> two american held hostage in yemen are finally set free. sam feren and scott darden were greeted by the u.s. ambassador in oman. dard was deliving aid when rebels kidnapped him and others. the fate of a third hostage remains unknown. the obama administration is accepting more ref youugeesrefugees. 30,000 more next year than this year. a doctor's group is proetesting the da mattic increase in the price of a life-saving drug.
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to $750 a pill overnight. that's a 5,000% increase. a new company recently bought the rights to the drug which treats people whose immune systems are weakened by cancer and aids. research. the ceo of vol k skswagen says he is sorry after the company was found to have rigged emissions tests. and in sports, the seattle seahawks remain winless after losing to the packers 27-17. and some tough news for cowboys fans. quarterback tony romo broke his collarbone on sunday. could be out for two months. one guy got a big surprise when he ordered pete eded pizza and wings
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the delivery man was headed to wrong box. if you're mike, you deliver the money back to domino's. in return for doing the right thing, he's getting free pizza for a year. he put the pizza in the re refrigerate refrigerator. when he got fraktic texts from the pizza place, he found the cold cash.
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night's emmys. what a night at the emmys. that historic first and breakthrough winners. abc's nick watt there for all of the moments. >> reporter: on a sweltering starry night in los angeles, history was made. yes, andy samberg nailed the hosting. >> donald trump seems racist. what else? [ laughter ] >> reporter: gaga looked gorgeous and jimmy kimmel ate a winner's name. far more importantly, viola davis. >> reporter: "how to get away with murder's" viola davis is the first ever african-american to win lead drama actress. >> the only thing that separates women of color from anything else is opportunity. [ applause ] >> reporter: it means a lot to you as an african-american woman to have this in your hand. >> absolutely it does. it means a lot. it means my work counts for something.
7:18 am
professionally that i put into this business means something. >> reporter: and jon hamm, finally winning best drama actor in "mad men's" final season. >> there has been a -- terrible mistake. >> reporter: the end of an era on late night noted with the recently departed jon stewart taking that nod. >> to everybody on television, i just want to tell you, cling to it as long as you can. >> reporter: other big winners, amy schumer for "inside amy schumer." >> reporter: game of thrones won four, so did veep. julia louis dreyfus. >> what great honor it must be for you to honor me tonight. [ laughter ] oh, no, no. so sorry. donald trump said that. i'm sorry. >> reporter: and after that horrific car accident last year,
7:19 am
morgan. >> i've started to feel like myself again. so -- which means a whole lot of y'all women are going to get pregnant at the afterparty. >> reporter: for "good morning los angeles. >> our thanks to nick. looks like tracy's back. we have more coming up. >> we laughed. we cried. >> everything. also coming up, the parents own children. now speaking out. and a neighborhood divided. one family suing another, saying their son who has autism is a public newuisance. to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide seven million vaccines. make your flu shot make a world of difference.
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symptoms may include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit good monday morning. after the emmys, it was a sweaty
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one. olivia almost passing out in this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. good morning, it's 7:24 this monday september 21st. a cabbie was killed during the night in the bronx. his green cab came to a crashing stop after he was shot in the become of the head. 39-year-old mamadou berry was driving for 12 years and always talked about the dangers of the job. he leaves behind three children and a pregnant wife. breaking news on staten island, an early morning fire has killed a 54-year-old man. police say his body was discovered after firefighters put out a fire at his home around 2:30 in the morning. the victim was pronounced dead at staten island university north hospital.
7:25 am
and no explanation as to how that fire started. ed linden new jersey police officer accused of driving drunk and causing deadly wrong- way crash, officer pedro abad has been indicted on manslaughter charges for the crash last march. abad has been partying and was off duty when he crashed head on into a tractor-trailer killing a fellow linden officer and another man. a meeting to discuss the case of mistaken identity involving a former tennis star will sit down with mayor bill de blasio and police commissioner bratton. the officer whose takedown was captured on surveillance has been placed on modified duty. the mayor and police commissioner have apologized
7:26 am
we check the commute with heather. >> good morning ken. good morning everybody. we have some problems with our subways. i can tell you the n, q and r trains there are some signal problems. on or close to schedule long island railroad metro north. delays on your path trains between hoboken and the world trade center because of signal problems. new jersey transit is doing okay. inbound george washington bridge the accident has been cleared from the lower level coming inbound it's 30. lincoln is 30. the holland is 30. your right across the board at our hudson river crossings and an accident on the garden state parkway south exit 130 cleared. street cleaning rules are in effect. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast.
7:27 am
of the northeast at 15, 25 miles per hour. 59 around murray hill, 61 around belmar. we're looking at 71 by 1:00, 72 this afternoon, and tomorrow we're going to be around 75. looking at 80 in fall starting more like summer, temperatures back in the 70s for the end of the week. thank you bill. and that is the news for now. coming up on good morning america, tickets to the big game have skyrocketed. we're going to show you how to save hundreds of dollars if you
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he my goodness. look at those massive crowds in cuba. hundreds of thousands greeting pope francis on the streets of havana. this morning, he's on his way to the next stop there. on his way to the historic trip here to the u.s. tomorrow. >> millions will greet him here as well. good morning, america. we're following that big story. here's some of the other headlines. a former peanut company executive could be sentenced to life in prison this morning. convicted of selling peanut butter he knew could be dangerous. last eight in's u2 concert in sweden evacuated. the band will make up the show tomorrow. the huge moment at the emmys last night.
7:30 am
african-american woman to win best actress in a drama. the speed feed getting a lot of buzz. >> you would think she just came up with it on the spot. she attributes it to someone special. it's a history lesson for all of us. >> it is. we begin with the big twist in the story of the two young atlanta men who allegedly tried to kill their parents earlier this month. they're behind bars. now, their father and mother are saying they forgive them. mara schiavocampo is here with that story. >> reporter: robin, good morning. those parents speaking out for the first time. saying they don't know why their sons trieded to kill them. it doesn't matter. they forgive them. they want the world to do the same. this morning, a mother and father supporting the sons accused of attacking them. >> we forgive our sons. we love them. >> reporter: the brothers facing charges after allegedly assaulting their parents earlier
7:31 am
>> please e send someone to my house. my children are trying to kill me. >> reporter: 17-year-old cameron and 22-year-old christopher accused of trying to kill yvonne and zackary irvin. allegedly charged with trying to drug them and blowing up the home. both parents with severe injuries. the two young men behind bars without bond. >> we did not raise our boys that way. >> reporter: after attending a hearing on friday, the you are vin's spoke publicly for the first time. >> we're healing mentally and physically. >> it's all for the glory of god. >> reporter: yvonne, still healing. telling our atlanta affiliate that despite the near deadly consequences, she, zackary, and their two sons are doing better. >> we understand the there with consequences. we're praying that the world forgive them.
7:32 am
facing charges of aggravated atault with a deadly weapon and arson. the younger brother, still just 17, will be tried as an adult. in court documents, one of the brothers said they have been planning this since they were 11 years old. >> still no, no -- >> the parents say they don't know why. a case of a little boy with autism whose parents are being pseudoclaiming he's a nuisance. >> the two couples who filed the lawsuit say this skas not about autism. it's about repeated assaults on neighborhood children and that child's parents not doing anything to stop it. so much for love thy neighbor. this california cul-de-sac is embroiled in a civil lawsuit having a neighborhood buy with autism declared a public nuisance. >> for us this case is not about autism. it's about the the safety of our
7:33 am
children. they were attacked on multiple occasions. >> reporter: the go san jose area families don't blame the now 11-year-old boy. hay claim the problem is his parents. they they he didn't do enough to control their son. >> they have been slapped, kicked, terrorized. >> my son on his 4th birthday was riding his bike. the boy threw him to the ground, grabbed him by his hair and shook him violently. >> reporter: the plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages. while no police report supports these claims, they believe their property values could be affected if they decide to sell their homes. >> when there's unchecked violence in a neighborhood, it is something we have to disclose home. >> reporter: the family at the center of the suit is no longer
7:34 am
living in the house. releasing statement to abc news overnight saying we are very disappointed by the nonfactual and deeply misstated incidents. autism advocates worry this could set a disturbing precedent autism. >> i would hope that the court doesn't rule against the family. that creates another barrier. that is not the solution. >> reporter: the two families say they filed the lawsuit as a last resort and won't drop the chute because the parents still at any time. they claim the parents never apologized or took responsibility for the atexas. they say this lawsuit is an attempt to keep other children safe in the future, george? >> let's talk to dan abrams. the families bringing the suit say it's not about autism. what role does the disability play in the defense? >> it's going to be the defense. we have a child with a disability.
7:35 am
injuries here. so why are we here? that's not the end of it. you can't say, oh, i have a disabled child and therefore, whatever he does shouldn't mean there are legal consequences. in the end, if this child is assaulting other children, the supervision. this is not a lawsuit against the child. parents. saying that the parents didn't properly supervise a child who had particular needs for supervision. >> so does the fact that the family moved end the harm? >> look, if they had moved and sold the house, i would say, that should end this case, right? we have to be able to figure a way to put this behind us. what the neighbors are saying is maybe they've moved out. they still own the home and may move back in. so, this is one of these cases where you would hope they could resolve the differences and say, look, sell the house, or we'll
7:36 am
less. the property values. it's like, come on. i mean, that's not one of the stronger arguments they have. we have to disclose. please, stop it. let's focus on the real issues here, protecting the other children in the neighborhood. which i think those neighbors have a right to do. >> this one could have been settled? >> it could have been or should be in the future. you ready? you ready? come on, bring it. [ playing the theme from "monday nigtd football." >> i was wondering what i was ready for. >> you're ready for some football. can you afford it? t.j. holmes has more. >> reporter: i'm not sure if y'all are ready. some people are ready. we're in the season. it can be expense i have to go to game these days. a ticket can be expensive. i can tell you what to do in the parking lot that will help you afford to get into the game.
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7:42. money." football season heating up. going the a game can be very expensive for most of us. it costs a family of four $400 and more for food, tickets, and parking. t.j. holmes has more on saving >> reporter: good morning to you, lara. the past decade, the price of a single nfl ticket has gone up over 37%. how can you still get the nfl experience at the stadium for a whole lot less? tom bam letter is a third generation die hard washington redskins fan. >> i grew up a diehard redskins fan with my family. >> his grandmother has a board on the fridge. they write predictions. >> reporter: family strait that
7:42 am
won't skip a generation. >> the first songs they learned how to sing were hail to the redskins. >> reporter: his growing family and the skyrocketing cost of attending game have put football on hold. tom hasn't been to game in two years. >> with family of four and today's economy, it's not top priority. even though it's a big deal to my family. >> things become more important than blowing a ton of money on a redskins game. you need to pay for swim lessons. >> reporter: we brought in will flaherty. he says wait it out. websites like seatgeek and vivid seats offering steep discounts. >> if you wait until 24, 48 hours before the game, you'll find the best deals. this ticket at $52, if cow bought from the the team is probably closer to $100. you're saving about 50%. >> that is great. to park in the actual lots are nirp from $60 to $120.
7:43 am
that's just to park. >> reporter: instead of paying normal state yum parking prices, check out apps like spot hero and parkwhiz. >> there's one for $30. yourself. the average cost to feed family of four is as high as 80 bucks. check the outside food policy. snacks. >> we haven't been able to take them to a game yet. it's something we're really looking forward to. >> reporter: on game day, the lamberts cheering on their e beloved team. with a grand total of $292 back in their pocket. yeah, and their team won, they got to go to the game, saved $2992$29 $292. you should reinvest it. lara, tailgate. take that money and eat and drink as much as possible in the parking lot. when i say drink, i mean, for >> of course.
7:44 am
and then you go in full, you don't have to spend more money. >> these are life lessons. thank you so much. great money-saving there. i'm glad they won. coming up on "gma," a historymaking moment at the emmys. amy is in the social square with that. that's right. viola davis stealing the show with her win. what she said has people talking. it's in our speed feed just ahead.yer who's worried about getting taken for a ride... don't worry. the only rides you'll get taken on at carmax are the ones you take yourself. but just in case that absolutely 100 percent perfect choice... ...turns out to be... less than perfect... we give you five days to change your mind.
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time for the speed feed. viola davis' golden moment. amy, you got all that for us. >> i do, robin. so much reaction about this moment. viola davis becoming the first black woman to win an emmy for best leading actress in a drama. her speech was powerful. >> in my mind, i see a line. and over that line, i see green fields, and lovely flowers. their arms stretched out to me over that line. how. i can't seem to get over that line.
7:49 am
>> oh, viola davis there, quoting harriet tubman. people would arpg, she got over that line last night. way. twitter. spors. like octavia spencer. history. so excited for you, baby. and then, there was another big moment of the night. emmy host andy samberg giving out his hbo now password. and the universe tried to log into his account. khaleesifan 3 @emmy nice to known that he is a "game of thrones" fan. we laughed. >> andy was terrific. at the top of the hour, a family that saved big by not
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welcome back for the weather report sponsored by volvo.
7:54 am
this is a channel 7 eyewitness news news brief. >> it 7:56, i'm ken rosato. topping headlines, intense security, frozen zones and street closures. those are the watch words this week with pope francis' visit three days away. experts in command centers will be monitoring about 8,000 cameras while the holy father is here. city, state and federal agencies will be represented in each location. a major update to the new jersey fire code will take effect today, but it will not include the changes that firefighters and other safety advocates recommended after january's massive fire in edgewater. that fire consumed much of the avalon apartment complex displacing more than a thousand residents. the new code ignores calls for new restrictions on the use of lightweight construction
7:55 am
materials. it is 7:57. now we check the commute. here's heather o'rourke. >> hi ken. we are going to take a look at a webcam and show you how things look on the northern parkway. we have some police activity off the side of the road right here. this delay is all because of an accident. let's go over to our maps and pinpoint where this is. it's the northern state and the southern state parkway eastbound near the wanda parkway. long island railroad, on or close to schedule. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. meteorologist bill evans now with your accuweather forecast. >> it's sunny. it's gorgeous, very fall-like, it's breezy and the temperature's still at 59 degrees. low humidities, very cool and breezy, grab a jacket, a sweater. you're going to need that and later on we're going to hit 73. it will feel very nice. 73 is our normal high temperature for this time of the year. tomorrow we're at 75 and. that's the end of summer 2015.
7:56 am
now we begin fall with some summer-like weather. it's warm and sunny on wednesday and thursday. ken. >> thank you bill. that is the news for now. coming up on good morning america, a brand new app that allows a teacher or parent to
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. a high school sextin dprks scandal. a football player in trouble for having nude photos of himself on his phone. did he go too far? and best selling author jackie collins' secret revealed on the eve of her death. why she decided to hide it for nearly seven years? one family's ultimate money-saving challenge. refusing to by clothes, gadgets, and more for a year. only spend tong essential. >> the challenge stripped away the clutter. . what you can learn. and it's "gma's" biggest emmys afterpart ever.
7:59 am
the biggest winner, hottest look, from receive ya to amy to kerry, the biggest risk takers and the new fashion trends as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> all: good morning, america. [ laughter ] and good morning, america. look at all the stars on the red emmys. >> we'll break down the evening's best looks just ahead. also this monday morning, a series going app to school. get that, get that. all about the hottest new technology for the new school year. the app teachers and parents are using to track kids' behavior. >> i'll be paying attention to that one. a big step for your family. your sister dorothy starting out on a new adventure. a lifelong dream of hers.
8:00 am
lot of other people do the same. >> i have never seen my sister happier. she's -- she has some -- life lessons she'll share with all of us. now to amy with the morning rundown. the big story this morning, the pope attracting massive crowds in cuba. he's heading to southern cuba this morning after arding 300,000 people in havana, warping them about the temptations of wealth and urging them to serve one another, not an ideology. he met with fidel castro. and with the pope arriving in the u.s. tomorrow, one of the bisest security operations in history is under way. in the race for president, carly fiorina has surged into second plays the a new poll. she's neck and neck with ben carson. both trump and carson are facing criticisms for their statements about muslims. trump said muslims are, quote, a problem. cars season standing by his
8:01 am
comment that he would not support a muslim as president. another 162 homes destroyed in california in the widefire just north of san francisco. there are stroirs of hay rowism. tim little drove through the flames to save this baby and her grandmother. and now to another hero who rirveged his life the save a stranger, facing down flames on a pennsylvania highway, pulling a woman from a burning rv. we'll hear the latest from reena ninan. >> reporter: this morning, a pennsylvania man being hailed a hero. after helping the couple narrowly escape this horrific highway scene. joseph, traveling with his girlfriend, brenda, when he noticed the the rv they were towing smoking. >> smoke started rolling out of the back. very the vehicle erupting into flames. he was able to pull over and escape before it was fully engulfed.
8:02 am
but the woman stays back to rescue the couple's cat and is trapped. >> you're saying not everyone is out of the rv? >> reporter: one witness, navy vet christopher springs into action, charging into the enfor know. >> i went to my yis. i felt her leg. the woman was unconscious. >> reporter: seconds after the two emerge, watch as the rv as brakes fail, sending it careening down the road. setting two other vehicles abliz and knocking out power lines. the woman and her rescuer treated for smoke inhalation. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> wow. a hero indeed. thank you, reena. finally, this takes hanging out to a whole new level. take a look at this group of daredevils. they strung up a rainbow-colored
8:03 am
feet up in the italian alps. it was meant a as tribute to peace and friendship. some of them spent the night up there. proving once again that some people can sleep anywhere. i can't even imagine. >> read the paper. >> oh, my gosh. you don't want to rock the boat. >> there were two people in some of those. >> how would you sleep? >> apparently some got a lovely night of sleep. enjoying the peacefulness. >> we have a lot more ahead. could one photo ruin your kid's life? the high school quarterback in trouble for having nude photographs of himself on his phone. and the family refusing to buy clothes, gadgets, and more for a whole year. how they managed to spend money only on the essentials. come on back. when is your flu shot more than a flu shot? when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine
8:04 am
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freeze it, only from discover. get it at here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." we're breaking down the emmy's hottest looks. who was the biggest risk taker? we're going app to school. the hottest new tools that are classroom. and out. and we're celebrating jackie collins and the big secret she kept from her sister has now been revealed. all that, and lori bergamotto is with us for our big emmy fashion breakdown. all that and more coming up live on "gma." hi, everybody. we'll be right back. who knows, one of these kids just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement,
8:07 am
or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10.
8:08 am
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8:09 am
time for -- nobody wants to hear what robin was say, right? that's the hot button. the high school football star with nude photos on his phone, reaching a plea deal. >> reporter: this morning, a star north carolina high school quarterback making headlines, not for his place on the field. 17-year-old copeni in rks g placing a plea deal. himself. police discovered nude pictures of himself, 16 at the time, and his then 16-year-old girlfriend on his cell phone, while investigating unrelated claims at his school. >> when our investigators went through the phone, we saw there was photos of himself and another person. >> reporter: neither the boy nor
8:10 am
with anyone. they were charged with making and possessing images of their underage selves. considering each the predator and the victim. >> the law says nobody can be in possession of explicit images of a minor. >> reporter: the legal age of con soent for sex 16 in north carolina. earlier this month, the teen's lawyer fighting for the charges to be reduced. >> it's a scary thing that my life could have been thrown down the drain. >> reporter: they've been ordered to do 30 hours of emergency service and not allowed to have a cell forephone for a year. the they come ply, their records will be wiped clean. >> here's the head scratcher. this that state, they're old enough to have sex. but not old enough to take and
8:11 am
>> these prosecutors should be ashamd of themselves. what are we talking about here? they're being charged as adults. but being treated as my nors for the purpose of vak tims. this is one of these cases where, the law is still on the books and could apply if you twisted it, the way the prosecutors did. but should noefr have been prosecuted. one of those cases where the prosecutors should have used discorrection to say -- >> had they sent the photos elsewhere, in your mind, would that be different? >> yes. if this guy had sent out pictures of his girlfriend to other people, et cetera, a different case. they're sending -- naked other. if you're a parent and you want to say, they shouldn't be doing that, fine. talk to your child. talk to them about the dangers. i'm not minimizing that.
8:12 am
we're talking about the criminal justice system getting involved in concens erksconsentual photos. they can't send a picture of themselves naked? the law? >> yes, a lot of states are updating the laws to prevent something like this happening because of all of the selfies being taken. >> thank you, dan. to the emmys. it was hot on the red carpet last night. literally and fashionably. nick watt has the details on how hollywood's a-listers tried to stay cool while looking hot. >> reporter: yes, we care who wins the emmys and then -- there are the clothes. >> and let's not forget what tonight is really about. celebrating hilarious women and letting the internet weigh in on who looks the worst.
8:13 am
>> reporter: it's hot out there, joe. it was hot. they dealt with it okay. >> they did. and by hot, you mean it was 98 degrees. >> reporter: there was a lot of sweating. >> so hot. >> reporter: soup hot. >> i must look like i'm melting. >> are you wearing an ice pack? >> reporter: i have one in my underpapts. what's -- >> the biggest trend is black. lady gaga looked amazing. >> reporter: so did schumer. in green. >> i'm going to do more of my tv show. and standup. and i'll remain incrediblekreblcredibly lonely. >> reporter: there's no one out there for you? >> there's a lot out there for me. there's no one i know that i want to ask about their day. you know what i'm saying? >> reporter: best dressed, january jones, that raji p.
8:14 am
and man highlights, stamoss' pocket square. and rob lowe. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: for "good morning los angeles. >> thanks to nick for that. joining us for our red carpet recap, "good housekeeping" style director lori bergamotto. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> who are you picks? >> i'm with nick watt on rob lowe looking so good. allison janney looked amazing. i loved the jump suit on january jones. taraji p. henson. and sofia vergara, again, can do no wrong. she was in st. john. what i loved, it was a bit of a nontraditional night. those these were our best different. >> they are. very classic. elegant. a big night for allison janney.
8:15 am
a big night. her seventh emmy. look at that dress. >> what i loved about her dress. i want to do the telestrator there. see the illusion panels. i think a lot of women over 40, which allison janney is use those panels lady, this is how you do it. >> there's though dating or aging on that. >> it's highlighting the thinnest part of her body. love that dress. >> a lot of the looks were simple. there were some risk takers. >> there were. nothing ventured, nothing gained. i loved kerry washington. heidi klum, the internet was all abuzz about. versace. and claire danes, who i loved. for this, everybody was talking about kerry washington. >> look at that dress. >> she's become a fashion heavy weight. it's actually sheer.
8:16 am
she's wearing a body suit underneath there. and it's metallic-dotted lace. people are like, oh, she's a gladiator in true form. that's a lace. this was on the marc jacobs it. >> i love the structure. it's a powerful, fierce, but feminine dress. >> yes. usually you see long gowns. that was a risk taker. she did it perfectly. >> lori bergamotto, perfect as always. >> thank you. >> who was the best? tweet was the hashtag socialsquare. robin? >> all right, amy. this morning, a brand-new series, app to school. so many families out there are getting into the swing of the school year. we're looking at new ways technology is playing a part.
8:17 am
becky worry kicks it off with an app teachers are using to keep order in the classroom. >> reporter: recess ends in dublin, california. and miss crier has to settle the fourth graders down. for that, she uses an iphone and an app. class dojo lets her note positive interactions. that was a showing respect one that time. >> reporter: and learning success. effort. >> reporter: but she can also log disruptions. >> i have given two point this is school year for hat on in class. >> reporter: while sticker charts, a trip to the principal are time-tested. these new apps have an added feature. they can alert parents in real time. >> i can look it up. find out that e he actually did do good. >> reporter: around parents can ask about tougher days. what about days when you're like, i didn't get quite as many points as in the past?
8:18 am
>> i go home, tell my mom and dad. they do what they have to do. >> reporter: behavior points are tallies for all the kids to see. some critics worry that chirp get labeled. rachel doesn't like the tracking. and the carrot and stick approach. >> all patients are worried about how their kids are perceived in class. >> one day, they have four points. the next day, eight or ten. >> i had a good day. >> sometimes other people get less points and they feel kind of sad. >> reporter: the makers of class dojo, a free app, say it's a tool meant to provide concrete information to teachers and parents. 90% of feedback is positive. >> power clap, table, one, two, three. >> hearing those precious children. a lot of positives. we get that. behavior and such, that's complex, isn't it? >> pros and cons. think of a kid who normally gets
8:19 am
this is much more feedback and much more positive. or minuses. you want a teacher who sees the whoeld whoel child. >> the old school method of gold stars out the window. it kind of has to change. everywhere else in the world, it's digital. it's fast. >> it is. we're using digital to get more efficient. classrooms. 15 kids in the class is where the best learning happens. my kids had 28 last year. teachers are desperate to find efficiencies with technology. that is what will lead to better teaching. >> what grade are the twins in now? >> second grade. >> do the parents get this information? >> it's important to figure out
8:20 am
>> second grade, it happened so fast. let's get outside to rob. >> a good morning, i'm meteorologist bill evans. it's 8:22, and we've got sunshine up the hudson river here, a pretty nice fall-like morning. here we are in the next to last day of summer. it's going to be 73 by afternoon, right around 65 to 70 at lunchtime. a really pretty day today. tomorrow we'll do this all over again. it will be breezy, 75 degrees. the first day of fall is going to feel like summer. we'll cool down at the end of
8:21 am
still dry, no rain anytime >> several people celebrating birth dais out here. jersey boy turning 40. let's go to "pop news" and lara inside. and "pop news" is on with this. a glimpse of what two of hollywood's hottest prime time star might be like. >> really? >> oh! what you want to do want to be paula >> it is a really fun new apple commercial scartarring kerry henderson. a penal favorite of mine, phil collins. directed by ava duvernay. the first of three commercials. week. >> can we hang with them? >> it was a cute moment in the
8:22 am
show. also in "pop news" we can almost hear the wedding bells? one of hollywood's hottest couples, sofia vergara and joe manganiello will tie the knot in november. the big news confirmed on the emmy red carpet. the day is in november that she'll walk down the aisle. stunning the crowd on television's biggest night in a gorgeous gold gown. she was wearing something even sexier that you couldn't see. perfume. it's called love. it's inspired by her fiance. i know what you were thinking, rob. >> no it smelled sexy right through the tv. >> i wanted that pause to make you nervous. just perfume. that comes out soon as well. notes of the columbian coffee nower and is apparently very feminine yet musky. >> on the red carpet. >> i like how you say, musky. >> like a connoisseur. >> on the red carpet she announced they're getting
8:23 am
married in november? >> that's what "pop news yts" is here for. november. i think it's bold to tell people. the month. she's so in love. they're a beautiful cup. and you smell delish. finally, this way. genius. another award for amy schumer. we're giving her most likely to have the best time at an awards show ever. she won the emmy for best variety sketch series. she killed it in her speech. she had a ball with her sister, her date for the night. kept us laughing on instagram. carb-loading before the show. she used golum to describe the look she was going for. she shared pictures with some of her favorite stars. the great mel brooks. the whole cast of "game of throwns." a favorite of her shows. she said she was planning on blacking out by 10:00.
8:24 am
she would keep cool with the help of a strategically placed bag of frozen peas. that's why we love you. >> i thought you said it wasn't going to be naughty? >> i said clean. i believe that was. >> frozen peas? >> simply quoting amy schumer. again, doing my job as a journalist. >> did she use it for a snack later on. stay tuned for something wholesome. robin's sister will join us.
8:25 am
she'll share it next. this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. good morning, it's 8:27 this monday september 21st. just. the pontiff left havana moments ago headed to the city where he will hold mass later today. back here in the city intense security frozen zones and street closures. those are the watch words this week with pope francis' visit days away. about 8,000 cameras while the holy father is here. city, state and federal agencies will be represented.
8:26 am
last night's emmy, tracy morgan took the stage to a standing ovation. the comedian was nearly killed in a crash on the new jersey turnpike and spent months recovering from a traumatic brain injury. morgan thanked the crowd and his wife for their a check on the monday morning commute with heather o'rourke. >> i have to show you a webcam. the approaches to the george washington bridge are completely jam packed, and it's
8:27 am
all because of an accident all because of an accident right before the tolls. we'll go over to our maps, and i can tell you that that accident has been cleared away. you saw the damage is done. it's about 40 minutes inbound george washington bridge, 40 at the lincoln. the holland is a 30 minute delay. the grand central parkway as you travel on to the eastbound side, that ramp getting to the cross island parkway. we have a downed tree. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. thank you. meteorologist bill evans has your accuweather forecast. >> it's a really pretty morning, great fall weather out there, breezes out of the north and northeast. it's coming in with a temperature of 59 degrees. we're looking at that northeast wind makes it feel rather cool and crisp. 71 by 2:00 and between 2 and 5 it hits 73. tonight we've got clouds and cooler weather overnight. back into the 50s and 40s. we're looking at a breezy day tomorrow with clouds and sun. 75. it's going to warm up to 80 on wednesday and thursday. then we'll cool back down with normal temperatures for the end of the week and the weekend. normal high is about 73. it's still dry right on through sunday.
8:28 am
all right bill. thank you. it's 8:@. that will do it for us. in a half hour l good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to "gma." gearing up for today's big "monday night football" game. more on that just ahead. >> fund-raising. good money. there they are. come on in, guys. >> and people here nor the national ovarian cancer coalition. this is the month for that. i was complaining about my shoulder someone gave me a tape that would held. how kind are our viewers. she has one for everyone. one family saves supersavings. they went a whole year without spending money on toys, clothes, a whole lot of other things. let's go inside to amy. thank you so much.
8:29 am
this morning, right now, we're celebrating the life of best-selling author jack kooe collins. she passed away over the weekend seven years after being diagnosed with breast chance per's dig owe sis she kept secret until right before her death, even from her older sister, joan. >> it's because of her big sister, in part, that jack kooe collins became a hollywood wild child. she went on to make a fortune dishing about debauchery in tinsel town. in a rare twist, it was the one thing she kept secret. her years-long battle with a terminal illness. over the weekend, the world stunned by the unexpected loss of a literary star. jack jackie collins, the novelist. losing her nearly seven-year battle with breast cancer. a fight she kept private until her very last days. >> with the end near, she decided she wanted to finally come forward and share her
8:30 am
journey with the world. >> reporter: it was admittedly the one story she wasn't eager to tell. after being nigh nosed with stage 4 breast cancer. according to "people" magazine, jackie confiding only in her three daughters. hiding it from the world. not even her older sister, actress joan collins, knew until just two weeks ago. joan saying i admire how she handled this. tweeting fair with el to my buflt, brave, baby sister. in the author's final days, she told "people" i didn't want to mick it public. i didn't want people's sympathy. i took control of the situation. i'm not sorry about anything i did. >> she wasn't going let cancer define her career. define her life. tepid of her life. >> reporter: a career spanning over four decades, penning 32 books with more than 500 million copies sold in 40 country.
8:31 am
most of them run away best sellers. with nine of her books brought to life on the big screen and tv, the british-born author, a long-time friend of "gma" appearing with george in 2010. >> i gateet a lot of young praerpsd they go, i just stole my mother's copy. i read it under the covers. it was so much fun. now i love reading. >> reporter: and authoring five books since her diagnosis, writing all the way up until the morning she died. and jackie saying she finally went public to raise awareness of early detection. saying i want to save other people's lives. from larry king to sharon osbourne, the reaction had one shocked. and her family telling us, we already miss her beyond words. and jackie said she finally broke her silence at the end because she wants to get people talking about early detection.
8:32 am
asked how she would like to be remembered. i gave a great deal of people great deal of pleasure. i know early detection is such an important issue for you. >> you have to admire how she looifd and died on her terms. beautiful. >> juju, thank you. robin, obviously, a cause near and dear to your heart as well. >> she's right. she gave us so much pleasure. that's what she wanted. now to a story close to my heart. we have profiled many people who change course in their careers in their lives, striking out on a new path. uncertain of what the future may hold for them. but following their dream this morning, i want to share the story of one such person who has taken that leap of faith. my sister, dorothy. one, two, three. oh. five, six. whoo! and on that note, surrounded by dear friends and family, my sister, dorothy, like so many
8:33 am
others, has taken a bold new step. we haven't opened yet. beginning a new chapter in her life. following her passion for the arts, by opening a gallery, featuring her jewelry and the work of other local artists. it's called robin's nest in the pass. in our beloved hometown, pass christian, mississippi. though it bears my name, this is all dorothy henderson roberts mcewen. it's all her. it's all her. i know, really. >> i think it's wonderful. we all need to go off track every now and then. i think that's a wonderful idea. and i think if this is your dream, you should follow your dream to do things like this. yes, indeed. >> reporter: so these are some morning america." >> that's right. >> reporter: i love how a portion of the proceeds are going to the senior center. >> right here in pass christian. >> reporter: after a truly fulfilling career as a social
8:34 am
worker for close to three decades. this was not an easy decision for dorothy. could you have envisioned a store like this? >> no. this past tuesday, i came in and realized i had a little deparpt store. this is nothing but a channel to help the creativity flow in our community. this is not about dorothy roberts. >> reporter: what do you tell someone who is looking at you and saying, i want to do this. i want to -- i want to find my something. i know i have something that i'm meant to do. what do you say to that person to get up this morning and do it. >> i say to them, get up in the morning, and begin your list. you cannot accomplish it all in one day. set down your steps. figure out what it is that you want to do. just stay in the flow. pray. prepare. proceed proceed.
8:35 am
and it will happen. >> reporter: robin's nest. meaning? >> nest. nurturing. it speaks to that. the robin's eggs. sisters. brother. this is our legacy. >> reporter: our parents, who always admired entrepreneurs would be so proud of you. >> i think it's an honor to their memory that we're together for this occasion. >> reporter: and i, along with my other sibling, sally-ann and butch, are inspired by her. what does it mean to have sister dorothy open the nest? >> dreams make life happy pip saw in one of mom's books. we're not prisoners of our past. we're pioneers of an exciting future. >> reporter: a very bright future. life is a journey. it's not a destination.
8:36 am
there are no mistakes. >> just chances we've taken. lay down your regrets because all we have is now. >> i know that. because you wrote it. >> reporter: i did. cause all we have is now >> we're not prisoners of our past. we're pioneers of an exciting future. and i'm just so -- you have no idea. like so many people, she was a music major. but she became a social worker. done incredible work. working with a lot of people with intellectual disabilities. i have never seen her happier. my parents always wanted us to have a business. i was texting my siblings. i said, this is mom and dad's anniversary. they were married 68 years ago today. >> so many reasons to celebrate. >> our wonderful community. chipper mcdermott. >> they came out.
8:37 am
one of her, that she works with. she has two part-time people. she was in the back shaking because there were so many people. that's not the purpose of it. and dorothy is like a social working in that she's giving away so much of everything -- i'm like, not just right now. but she just really wants everyone to have something creative in their home. my mom did that. so she has this beautiful, beautiful bilding. the people there in the pass, we're so grateful. >> congratulations. there's a fall chill in the
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> all right, you can see all the action, 8:15, espn. who is the unsung hero of the game? the gruden grinder. they're 3-0. looking to go undefeated this year. >> robin said, all right. coming up next, one family trying out the ultimate budget diet. how they went a whole year without spending on gadgets,
8:40 am
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8:42 am
so how long could you go without spending money on things like clothes, booksers electronics, gadgets? it would be tough. one family did it for an entire year. rebecca is back with their story. >> one family, 365 days. zero of those purchases. could you do it? here's how they did. the ultimate challenge one nashville family says changed their lives forever. >> we had a better understanding of the things that mattered. >> reporter: for one year, scott their wallets. and stopped buying. no new clothes, gadgets, electronics, toys, books, or home decor.
8:43 am
we could buy, food items. also, hygiene items were okay. an experience. if it wasn't something we could use up within a year, we couldn't buy it. >> reporter: the experience profiled in scott's new book. the year without a purchase. >> it was about getting back to what's really important. >> it did feel freeing not to buy anything. at first, it was hard. then it was great. >> reporter: that freedom allowed the dan nrk emiller's to get back to basics as a family. it wasn't always easy. >> i have to travel a lot for my job. a cute says is really important. my suitcase broke. i was unable to fix it. she pulls out my daughter's lavender child-size rolling suitcase. it was hard. for me. because i thought, gosh, this doesn't match who i am. >> reporter: their top three tips?
8:44 am
avoid visiting stores you don't really need anything from. unsubscribe from marketing e-mail lists. throw away circulars. >> the challenge stripped away the clutter. >> reporter: taking a vacation from consumerism. giving this family a whole new perspective on what's really important. >> for us, focusing less on stuff and focusing on each other. >> love that. they focused on what is really important. the savings can be huge. we polled people out here. can they do it? >> can you go a year without buying anything? >> florence, florence is the one. one woman could do it. >> congratulationses. thank you, rebecca. coming up, we're behind the scenes with the muppets. they're on fire ahead of their big premier.
8:45 am
cross miss piggy and i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground...
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a nice day out here. we'll go behind the scenes with the muppets now. their mayhem begins tomorrow night. brand-new show. you see rachel smith. she spent time on the set. >> hello, world. it's moi. >> reporter: yep, they're back. >> our new show is not like anything you have seen us do before. >> reporter: i walked into the middle of all the cameras and chaos to get the scoop. all your favorite muppets working on miss piggy's late-night talk show. and now with cameras following them around, on stage and off. >> what an overused device. i hate these interviews. i love those interviews. great device. >> welcome to up late with miss piggy. this is where we call home. over here is where the divine miss p. sits. >> reporter: that is her royal throne. can i try it out? >> no, no.
8:48 am
she's got cameras on the seat 24/7. >> reporter: fozzy is miss piggy's side kick. >> what's brown and sticky? >> i don't know. >> a stick. oh. that joke never fails. yeah. >> reporter: outsood of work, the show devils into fozzy's personal life. including his new girlfriend. >> i'm going to introduce her to my parents. are you planning to have a laugh track to the sbrir at all. >> reporter: back in the writer's room. >> we should learn to type. >> reporter: have you had luck? >> yes, i have had luck. >> reporter: how many dates? >> it's not good luck. just luck. >> i want to write something down. i have a thought. >> reporter: what is your phone numbers? >> what are you doing? >> are you married?
8:49 am
>> reporter: i am not. >> did she give you her number? almost. she gave me the area code. >> reporter: over in kermit's office, we talked about the channels of being exexactive producer to your ex. there's a lot of talk and chatter yof you and miss piggy in the headlines these days. >> i mean, working with miss piggy has always been a challenge. for the first time in my entire life, i don't have to worry about having an attractive woman in my office. at least i don't think i have to worry about it. is piggy here yet? >> reporter: rumor has it kermit has moved on to a marketing exec named denise. is it safe to say you have a type? >> i have a font. times new roman.
8:50 am
>> reporter: will pepe ever stop flirting? we'll have to watch the show and see. kermit, good luck with the new docu-series. all the cameras. >> it's wonderful to see you. it's a french thing. the only french thing i do. >> i'm very upset. call me. we need the talk. >> check out "jimmy kimmel live" tonight. kermit and miss piggy, live. miss piggy is dating again. find out what she is looking for
8:51 am
we'll be right back. take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app.
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and before we go, big congratulations to regina king, winning best supporting actress in a limited role, on abc's american crime. >> congratulations to her. tyra banks opening up about
8:53 am
her very personal struggle to start a family. that's on fab life. check your local listings. >> we thank you for watching. i love this tune. this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief.
8:54 am
this monday, september 21st. i'm lori stokes. developing right now, a linden new jersey police officer and causing a deadly wrongway crash on the staten island expressway has just surrendered for arraignment in new york. officer pedro abad indicted on crash last march. investigators say abad had been partying and was off duty when he crashed head on into a tractor-trailer killing a fellow linden officer and another man. intense security, frozen zones and street closures, those are the buzz words this week for pope francis' visit just three days away. experts in command centers will be monitoring 8,000 cameras while the holy father is here. city, state, and federal agencies will be represented in each location. speaking of the commute let's check in with heather o'rourke. >> it's going to be a rough one. we are going to check out the verrazano bridge. it is slow as you head from staten island to brooklyn because of a stalled vehicle that's being cleared away.
8:55 am
northern state parkway east, all lanes are closed down. our street cleaning rules are in effect. lori back to you. thank you. bill evans now with your accuweather forecast. >> it's absolutely gorgeous. nice weather as we slowly end summer today and tomorrow. 61 degrees now, sunshine, a little northeast wind makes it feel cool. the high is 73 by afternoon. that's normal for this time of the year. our normal overnight low is 59. tomorrow we've got sun and clouds, and we're at 75. that's the end of summer 2015. we've got a warm summer's day to start fall on wednesday as well as thursday we'll cool back down friday and into the weekend. it is dry for the next seven days. no rain on the horizon anytime soon. have a great day lori. that's great to hear. it is 8:57.
8:56 am
we're back in this is a story about doers, the artificial heart, electric guitars and rockets to the moon. it's the story of america- land of the doers. doin' it. did it. done. doers built this country. the dams and the railroads. john henry was a steel drivin' man hmm, catchy. they built the golden gates and the empire states. and all this doin' takes energy -no matter who's doin'. there's all kinds of doin' up in here. or what they're doin'. what the heck's he doin? energy got us here. and it's our job to make sure there's enough to keep doers doin' the stuff doers do...
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