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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 21, 2015 5:00pm-5:57pm EDT

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security efforts and security popping up around the city. >> on the upper east side near the papal nuncia where pope francis will spend two nights the building blocks are being put in place. massive concrete barriers and air monitoring devices. still to come rooftop entrance way and armored vehicles. >> the security preparations are absolutely outstanding. >> mayor de blasio said today that the city is ready to he said his confidence in that is absolute. >> no one is nervous. everyone is focused. they have the resources they need. they have the equipment, the personnel. i think there's a great deal of no one is underestimating this is something we never experienced there's a tremendous can-do attitude. >> although the pope will only be here for about 40 hours protective moves throughout the
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biggest security challenge ever. >> today the nypd commissioner asked if meeting that challenge will take needed police resources away from precincts that saw a spike in violence. >> it will not impact dramatically on the coverage in the precincts. we will still keep up the extra crime coverage we've had in place. >> as for the pope's pension to wading into crowd large the head of security said expect it. >> everyone understands, the secret service understands, the nypd understands. our job is to protect him as we know best. he will make his own decisions. >> reporter: now, commissioner bratton, secret service, the fbi all say there's no credible what they worry about, what they
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the lone wolf who operates below the radar and is hard to detect. channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you, jim. when the pope is here in new york this week you should be getting ready for gridlock and lots of road closures. here's a few area you want to avoid. 77th between 5th and madison. that's where the pope will be staying when he's here in the city. in and around saint patrick's on thursday night. all around united nations, on the east side he will be addressing the general assembly. and then of course around madison square garden and midtown. there will be a mass friday evening. thousands of people are expected to attend. those are just a few of the areas you're going to want to avoid. kimberly richardson with more on the final preps. >> reporter: diana this will be home base for the pope where he will eat, sleep and pray every day.
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several officers, skrut from the -- security from the vatican arrived and went inside. it's a private townhouse. the give away, that golden crest. >> this pope being latin has been very warm and out going. >> one reason they believe pope francis will be a magnet here in new york city, leave a lasting impression on so many different types of people. >> what are the center of the world. i can say that humbly. his voice is the most important voice on this earth. >> he will stay here on east 77th street. it's served as home away for home for all popes visiting new york. one special request, pope francis has a new physician and with that a strict diet. >> everybody is trying to take care of him so that means that
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will be very simple. really. no red meat this time . >> friday morning here at the u.n. the pope will address the general assembly in spanish, one of six official languages of the u.n. >> simple and classy, that's what things will feel like inside madison square garden. friday evening there will be a 90 minute mass. it will be covered with white carpeting and a custom made white canopy reassembly a pope hat. the theme of the mass is peace and justice. it will be delivered in english, latin and spanish. 56 confessional stations will be set up throughout the building. at one point ministers will give out 25,000 communion wafers. >> the people obviously love him. they're not going to see him enough.
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that's not really enough time. >> reporter: many people agree with him. now friday night at premass called journey in faith. it will be prayers and performances from harry connick, kimberly richardson, channel 7, >> that's going to be a good concert. thank you. one of the pope's big events will be the procession in central park. tens of thousands of people are expected to line the west drive. most of the lower part of the park will be closed on friday. what does it take to close such a big part of the park? that's eyewitness news at 5:00. for a list of all the road closures coming this week and to see the pope's complete schedule check abcny. we will keep you covered all week. our teams and anchors will be all over washington dc
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carry many of the pope's events live right here on channel 76789 we continue to follow breaking news that i first told you first at 4:00. commuters should expect delays on the a, b, c and d subway lines. more on the troubles underground. shannon. >> reporter: yeah, you can see from up here, diana, everything looks just fine at the 125th street station. people are coming in and out here and across the street. the problem is there's broken rails on the southbound express tracks just south of here. to add insult to injury there are more broken rails south of 72nd street. what you need to know while the repairs are place they have service disruptions to the a, b, c and f lines. the big problem is the b line. you can see people coming in and out of the subway station. b trains running between brighten beach
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running on the r line between decalb. the southbound trains are running local only 145th to columbus circle. d trains from the end of the line in the bronx all the way to columbus circle in both directions are running local as well. bottom line, you need to expect delays on the trains while they fix this problem. reporting live over 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. tonight were hear ing -- we're hearing more from the 7 yooerld grazed by a adult. she was shot in the ankle. she and her dad are talk act the frightening night. new at 5:00, her father's demand for justice, something he said his daughter is still too young to understand. mallory hoff has more. mallory. >> reporter: diana, it happened during a walk along this pathway right here. this little girl tells me tonight that it first she was scared but then she realized it was going to be okay. tonight her father said
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he wants answers and he wants them quickly. >> juan maldando holds his daughter close. >> she ran back to me screaming daddy, i got hit. >> his 7-year-old daughter was hit by a bullet. now he's demanding justice, something his child is too young to understand. >> i want justice for my daughter. i want whoever did this to be convicted. >> she said doctors fixed her up and gave her this teddy bear. >> they said it was from me. >> they were walk ing home from dinner at his parent's home when a shot was fired. >> it went straight like that. it burnt me. the police and the ambulance came and took me to the doctor. >> her injury is the result of one of many weekend shootings. eight people have been shot to
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>> there was a spike from from -- spike that from time to time we will have. those type of incidents does not monitor the constant level. >> with strength beyond her years and a big smile arianna said her family is helping her through. >> he said it was going to be okay. >> that's what dad said? >> uh-huh. >> you believe it , right? >> yeah. >> reporter: she also told me she is looking forward to going back to school. meanwhile, no arrests have been made in this case. investigators are urging anyone in in community with information to come forward immediately. live in the south bronx, mallory hoff, channel 7, eyewitness news. disgraced former congressman michael grim must report to federal prison by noon tomorrow to begin an 8-month sentence. he's expected to report to pennsylvania. he stepped down after pleading guilty to filing a false tax return. he could
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we're following a developing story in the race for president, wisconsin governor scott walker is now dropping out of the race. abc news is now reporting he will suspend his presidential campaign tonight. he fell in the polls after the last two gop debates. the presidential hopeful has called a news conference in madison tonight. we will bring you new details as we get them right here on tv or at ben carson is not backing down from comments over the weekend saying that the teachings of islam are not in line with the constitution and that a muslim should not be allowed to be president. a leading islamic organization said carson is the one who shouldn't be president. >> his view is inconsistent with the united states constitution. we ask mr. ben carson to with draw from the presidential race because he's unfit to lead. >> carson's manager spoke on his behalf today saying that many americans share carson's
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on the democratic side, new polls revealing hilary clinton is keeping a wide margin between and her competitors. if vice president joe biden were to throw his name into the ring clinton would have 42% of democrats votes. bernie sanders and biden are at 22 and 24%. taking biden after the ballot clinton has a healthy lead at 57% with sanders at 28%. a father arrested for a road rage attack with his 2-year-old child in the car. tonight new details on what started it. >> also the new jersey cop accused of partying, driving drunk and causing a deadly crash heads to court. what the judge made him do today. >> i'm nina in one of the hottest zip codes in new york for homes right now. what's driving this market and tips for buyers coming up. goldberg. coolest say since only lower 70s today. roll in. even a couple of showers on radar.
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know if you need the umbrella and if we have a warm up i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world.
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a former linden police officer was in court today. >> anthony johnson has the new developments from linden. >> reporter: officer abad came to court this morning in staten island. he needed his family members to get into court and out of the court. the family members of the victims were playing close attention today. this has been a difficult day for all. >> it hurts a lot. >> that's how the sister of one of the victims feels on the day that pedro abad came to court to face justice. abad is still recovering from his injuries he suffered in the accident. he needed a wheelchair to enter a plea of not guilty. >> his sister said seeing abad was tough. >> to see that he's alive and my brother is dead is not fair.
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>> the wrong-way accident on horrendous. abad was driving the vehicle that slammed into an oncoming tractor trailer. abad and his friends were drinking and he posted a photo from their gathering that included a stop at a staten island strip club. reports indicate that abad's blood alcohol level was three times the illegal limit. he was seen driving the wrongway moments before the collision. >> months after the tragedy family members are still struggling for answers. >> i have faith but my brother is guiding me. that's how. >> abad was re leased from a rehabilitation center last month. the other injured person in the car that night, police officer patrick kudlak is now recovering at home. >> family members of the victim wonder how abad was driving the
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was charged with dwi twice before. his lawyer said he's still devastated. >> he's upset, he lost two friends and hurt another. >> reporter: now, abad has been released on $25,000 bond. he has been ordered to surrender his passport along with his driver's license. also, the most serious charge, aggravated vehicular homicide carries a potential jail sentence of up to 25 years behind bars. that's the latest live from linden, new york, anthony johnson, channel 7, eyewitness news. two college students killed when their plane crashed in a wooded area in rural up state new york will be remembered tonight by their classmates. their single engine plane went down in morrisville yesterday afternoon. the two freshman were from ridgefield, connecticut. a vigil will be held for cathryn depuy and ryan
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a house blew up in a suburb of dallas, texas. the pictures tell you a whole lot. two victims were rushed to the hospital by helicopter. one person was treated at the scene. wow. what a devastation there. stocks on wall street started off with gains. the dow close t at 16,510. the nasdaq climbed 1 point and the s&p 1 point. >> seeing the arrows up, up, up. buy temperatures today and sell them on wednesday and sell yourself some weather cash. >> what a glorious weekend and today is perfect. >> i know. you can feel a little fall in the air. >> it's creeping in. >> it's really pret ty outside. we still have some warm weather to go. still want those 80 degree numbers? they will be here wednesday and thursday. outside this evening we're noticing some thicker clouds off to the south. we still have some sunshine over midtown. we're at 71 degrees.
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humidity is at 31%. we have an eastern wind that's been busy today. we have a gust at la guardia around 18 miles per hour. a average high of 73. we're not use today that . we've been 10, 12 degrees above average. last year on this day it was 75, clouds and sun and a little bit of rainfall. it's very cloudy now in brick, new jersey. you're seeing the impact of that as temperatures are are now in the mid 60s. lower 70ing interior new jersey and the hudson valley. the winds are mostly out of the east. they were gusty earlier, not so much right now. these dew points are something we have not seen since early june with dew points in the upper 30s. that's comfortable and enhances the coolness of the air. it will be tough to see rainfall reach the ground even if we see it on radar. there might be a sprinkle tomorrow morning and maybe this evening over pike county. tomorrow morning a lot of clouds, maybe a
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suburbs. mostly cloudy skies the balance of the day. there's some of the thicker clouds over central new jersey. those sprinkles not reaching the ground. these might in pike county. high pressure over up state new york. a lot of dry air with it. this area of rainfall is really going to dry out as it tries to get into the area. nothing more than a sprinkle. this area circulating off of the outer banks, that's not coming any further north. it's actually battering the shores here over the carolina coast. that will start to exit over the next couple of days. it will sort of feel the influence of this cold front over central canada. now, this cold front is very warm ahead of that front. we'll have another warm up for the first couple days of fall. it's nearing 90. the front separates the 50 s from upper 80s here. another cool shot late week. a nice warm up for wednesday and thursday. tomorrow is still cool and a lot of cloud cover around, lower and mid 70s. very little rain. it's probably a little bright er north and west. wednesday is a great day.
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of fall, an 80 degree number. your accuweather forecast, mainly cloudy, breezy and cool over night. a couple of sprinkles maybe. tomorrow maybe some sprinkles and we'll clear out. it will be chilly the first morning of fall, the 40s north and west. is the next chance of rain not until sunday? if that doesn't happen will the drought last into october? more on that in our 7 day forecast in the next half hour. >> thank you, lee. right now we have more breaking news. this time in newark where a truck fire is causing quite a bit of back up. shannon stone is in news copper 7 with more. >> reporter: they got the fire out but this cab of this tractor trailer completely gone. this is all happening on the southbound side of 109 and the expressway lanes just south of
5:22 pm
you can see that the express lanes northbound are shut down as welch this is a nightmare. the northbound side is being forced over to the local lanes and the southbound side has become a huge problem. everyone is being forced into the local lane there is as well. these delays spill onto 21 as well as 78. unfortunately they have not expressed a time to get this cleared out of here. reporting live, shannon stone, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> big, big back up. coming up, the new app specifically for people who live in housing. >> also on the red carpet for the first time since his breast cancer surgery, what she revealed today. >> our coverage of the pope's
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how central park will be shut caring about the things that make each of our clients unique...
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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these days you can subscribe to just about anything from magazines to those beauty packages that come in the mail. treatments that you can the idea is to make sure you make time to treat yourself and as lauren glassberg reports, businesses are banking on it. >> a few months ago i was very stressed at work. it was taking its toll on my skin and i really
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>> so to address those skin issues sarah pierson heads to hey day. >> hey day is a facial stop. our aim was to take the facial out of the shop. >> the setting is unique. >> unlike a nor mal spa you don't have to change into a remember, don't have a private treatment room. we have a semiprivate open space that keeps it more fun and simpler to get in and out. >> they offer a subscription membership service. you get a monthly facial and an app makes for easy bookings. >> we charge your card once a month and e-mail you to book any time. we are open 7 days a week.
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membership. there's skin laundry and you get as many as four treatments each month. >> a laser and light combination that cleans and tones the skin. it only takes 10 minutes, which is why people are making it part of their weekly routine and opting for a subscription. >> these kind of subscriptions come with perks as such discounts on retail products or enhancements and add ones such as the peels. >> they help foster the relationship with the client and for clients like sarah it's for ease, affordability and great skin. i have to find the time to come in. >> in the flat iron, lauren glassberg, channel 7, eyewitness news. still ahead, a father beats another driver unconscious in front of his son.
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the anger. >> the security scare that led to a u2 concert being canceled. >> singing for the pope. what they had to go through i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson.
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a father had a road road punching another driver. his 2-year-old son was in the car. >> he was so enraged he broke that driver's jaw, leaving him unconscious. >> long island recorder kristen thorn is live in baldwin. >> reporter: the victim is from baldwin here. in fact, i just
5:31 pm
his son who works a as customs broker is on his way back to the hospital because his injuries are so severe he's expected to have surgery tomorrow. >> according to court papers the victim told police that he had accidentally cut off rasan hinton's car. the victim said hinton began driving erratically and cut off his truck and stopped it dead in its tracks on the parkway. >> the driver was in the seat attempting to apologize when mr. hinton got out and punched him several types. he suffered a fractured mandibal nose and cheekbone. >> witnesses stopped to help and took down hinton's license
5:32 pm
troopers arrived at his house and took him into custody. >> the troopers took mr. hinton back to the scene where he was identified by the witnesses there. he was subsequently arrested. >> hinton's family was there as the 28-year-old went before a they had nothing to say to us. hinton is also being charged with endangering the welfare of a child because he left his 2-year-old son in the car on the parkway in order to attack the victim. >> reporter: included in court documents is a statement from a witness who said he try today stop hinton from attacking the victim but he came after him so he took off. he saw his car rolling backwards so he ran up because the victim was unconscious and put the car in park and called 911 hinton is being held on $25,000 bail. we're live in baldwin,
5:33 pm
thank you. the man the 2-year-old girl who became known as baby doe was denied bail today on murder charges. his girlfriend, the baby's mother, is being held on a million dollars bond on charges connect today the death of bella bond. emotions running high today in court. bella's father yelled out to the suspect. the god mother was escorted from the courtroom after an out burst. an app is helping city housing in new york get repairs my nicha is available in itunes or google play. the huge crowds expected for the pope's visit will mean a lot of texting and streaming.
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texting instead of making calls and if you have trouble don't push send or upload repeatedly. leave the selfies for later. on capitol hill politicians are being told to keep their hands to themselves and no chitchat with the pope. they've been warned no hand shakes, fist pumps or selfies. >> we'll see if they follow orders. also among those who will see pope francis up close and personal, four members of a they sing at a church in hamilton square and will raise their voices for the pope in philadelphia. toni yates has more.
5:35 pm
something that we with the whole assembly to pray better. >> four of the voices that raise the spirits of partitioners at saint gregory the great are practicing for their greatest performance yet. >> [singing] >> singing for the pope. dr. john, david and sue and emmy even chosen for a parish. for all four a dream come true. >> we thought there would be no way that we'd have to chance for the opportunity because we're dead set right in between philadelphia and new york. i kept dreaming and hoping. >> even for these seasoned pros audition prosing with and for hourpros
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>> gruelling but they did it. getting the acceptance letters individually in july. >> i was thinking, okay, i probably shouldn't e-mail anyone yet. i held off. >> when i receive d mine first i immediately went into sue's office where she was on his computer and said the letter came. she opened it up and i pointed to the third paragraph so she wouldn't start crying but -- >> i cried. >> she cry ed ied -- she cried anyways >> i was happy we all got in. that was amazing. >> [singing] >> goose bumps. there's no question why all four of them were selected. in fact, saying gregory is great is the only parish that had all four nominees chosen. >> they rehearsed with other members for what will be a 250 member choir every monday, living a dream, hoping to raise the spirits of hundreds of thousands during the pope's mass
5:37 pm
>> that's what we do here. i just wanted to make it a fuller experience and be with the pope. >> in hamilton square toni yates, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> beautiful voices. as we've been tell ing you much of central park will be shut down on friday when the pope is here. our coverage continues. coming up, we'll show you just how the city's largest park will be efected. >> they had beautiful voices. treating fantasy football like gambling. the look at the good and bad when it comes to
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ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $350 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. a renewed push to legalize sports gambling in new jersey. the surge in companies offering fantasy football with big pay outs could help the state's stalled effort to allow legal sports gambling.
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hold up on the pro sports league. >> they oppose it for all the wrong reasons, not because they think it's immoral or because the players will get involved but because they're making all the money on fantasy sports and they don't want the state to be regulating it and making the revenue and the public to benefit from those tax dollar that is will come in. >> the league said it's not the same. they sued new jersey in 2012 to stop its sports betting effort. a 91-year-old german woman is now charged with 260,000 counts of accessory to murder. she served as a radio operator at the na zi death camp. a former sergeant was con victed earlier this year. police in sweden are looking
5:41 pm
officer brought a gun into a u2 concert triggering a security scare. thousands of concert goers were forced to leave an arena last night. organizers say someone was properly searched through the security check point. the concert is rescheduled for tomorrow. ticketholders who can't make it will be reimbursed. governor cuomo's girlfriend sandra lee opened up on facebook about her physical and emotional struggle following her breast cancer diagnosis. she said with her supporters she's going into fall stronger, wiser and better. her first public appearance was at the emmy's last night. still ahead, closing central park for the pope. >> plus, one hungry rodent. the video going viral. this subway rat already has a twitter account. >> the five hottest zip codes
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it is considered poor etiquette to eat but not for this guy. this rat is on the l station train platform. the pizza delivery guy is not moving fast enough. we posted this 2 hours ago and it already has 300,000 views on our facebook page. he even has his own twitter account. >> that's an ambitious rat. >> get it home in 30 minutes or it's free. how are you today? >> i'm great. it's a high energy day . it's monday. it's the final medical record -- final monday of summer. >> what time does
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>> 4:21 in the morning on wednesday. i'm sure we'll all be together. >> outside this afternoon where skies are looking for threatening. got a facebook message from new jersey saying is it going to drizzle here. it's looking dark. we may see a spray sprinkle but it's probably going to be dry. this is the anniversary of the long island express incredible storm that was racing north ward nearly 60 miles per hour. almost 700 people killed, 120 miles per hour winds, a 15 to 20 remarkable storm. of course we were reminded that we were over due for a hurricane when sandy came up the coast. now we look at the tropics and thankfully it's been a nice quiet season. that's ida right now. it's just
5:46 pm
for a while, no threat to land. there's a chance of sprinkle of of rain -- sprinkles maybe but more chances later. planner for tomorrow, clouds and a sprinkle early, a few peaks of sun. best chance of seeing clearing in the evening hours. should be dry headed to services and dry into the evening hours. future cast looking like this, through the evening hours nice and quiet. a couple sprinkles maybe tomorrow morning. might get in the low 70s with some thin spots in the clouds at times during the afternoon hours. the real clearing will wait until tomorrow morning. some 40s and low 50s on the first day of fall. wednesday and thursday it's summer for the first couple days of fall. here's your 7 day accuweather forecast. so look for 74. just looking at some of the satellite perspectives for tomorrow i wonder if maybe 72 is even a better number. there may
5:47 pm
wednesday back up to 80 with sunshine to begin fall. still wednesday and thursday. partly right now i have a chance for rain. not sure if it will make it here >> thank you, lee . what do you think the hottest neighborhoods in new york city are? forget tribecca. nina has the hottest zip codes where people are buying. >> hip sters have made brooklyn hot but they're renting not buying. the smart phone seekers are investing heavily and that's really heating up some unique neighborhoods. >> great neighbors.
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nesa and gordan with one child and one on the way are heating up real estate outside manhattan. >> it made more sense both owning out here compared to the cost of renting in new york city. >> they choose palem landing this 3 bedroom in a bidding war for just over half a million. it's one of the hottest zip codes in the market. >> it's all been popular but it's been overly popular. >> the relation to the city and downtown and affordability apply to buyers. 11105 and 11379 in middle village, queens homes are being bought and sold faster in these zip codes cog to -- according to >> existing home sales are up 10% over last year.
5:49 pm
harlem are hot neighborhoods but quicker. >> within new york city's limits it's probably the most small town feel you're going to get. >> buying this 2-bedroom row house would cost about $2,500. a big draw for first time buyers. >> the young people have to g purchase. >> realtors stress for buyers to be aggressive. >> there was four bids on the house within a week of it listing. >> they were preapproved on their mortgage, added a personal touch on their application and won the bid. >> they paid over asking and wrote a letters to the owners which is a tactic that works. >> it's competitive out there.
5:50 pm
02176, melrose. also 8 #00122, centennial, colorado south of denver. houses are spending just two weeks on the market, the shortest number of days than anywhere else in the u.s. >> that's incredible. two weeks. wow. thank you. he was in his time one of the best known tv actors in the country, most people didn't know his real name but they certainly knew his name on the tv series. jack larson played the journalist on the show. he was a wide eyed coworker of clark kent at the daily planet newspaper. he went onto play supporting roles in tv and movies. he died at his home in la. still ahead, a security pope. >> much of central park closing this week. where you can't and
5:51 pm
it. >> i'm bill ritter. james block knocked to the ground and handcuffed today meeting face-to-face with the police commissioner and the mayor. >> a search for bears roaming through several communities in new jersey, now a warning to residents. winter i'm sigourney weaver, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world... like our state parks. the adirondacks are my favorite. for hiking, fishing, camping, you name it. niagara falls is the oldest state park, but visiting it never gets old.
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not because of some new law, but because looking after your neighbors is just right.
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s we've been telling you about the street closures when the pope is in town but about 400 acres of land will also be off limits. >> it's pretty much unprecedented. nearly half of central park will be closed friday beginning at 5:00 a.m. and that will last until 7:00 that night, well after the pope's procession is gone. shirelne is in central park. >> reporter: shutting down central park will not be easy. this place seeing 40 million visitors each year. that means a lot of people are going to be changing plans.
5:55 pm
i was 16. >> come friday ride ing -- riding, running and sunning will come to a stop as new york's most treasured green space makes room for pope francis and a sea of 80,000 people vying the see him along west drive. it means a change of routine for many. >> going to have to avoid the area no matter what at all costs. >> closing down central park has been a massive undertaking requiring parking restrictions and lots of metal gets. according to this map from 81th street to 59th all the brown you see will be closed. >> if you weren't lucky enough to score a ticket there's one part of the park you can enjoy. >> i think you can see world class shows and other disciplines. >> the annual rolex horse show starts on wednesday and continues during the pope's 12 block processional. organizers have faith it will all work out. >> and for the venders who
5:56 pm
livelihood it means a lost day of pay. >> i miss money. >> for others one day of inconvenience for pope francis, no big deal. >> it seems like a big inconvenience but it's one day and the pope. he's a pretty cool dude. probably one of the best popes in a while. >> reporter: again, the park will be closed friday starting at 5:00 a.m. through 7:00 p.m. after that you can resume your normal central park activities. reporting live, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> a cool dude. >> yeah. still ahead, we're going to take another look at the security that's going to be going into place for the pope's visit. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. this is new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news with bill ritter and liz chow, rob powers with sports and lee accuweather forecast.
5:57 pm
eyewitness news at 6:00. former tennis star demanding the firing of the new york cop who threw him on the ground thinking he was a suspect. now making his case as he meets face-to-face with the commissioner and the mayor. >> he was the best husband anybody could ask for. >> a heartbroken wife speaking out about her 39-year-old husband shot and killed while driving a taxi. first pope francis on his last and busy full day in cuba and after meeting with both castro brothers getting ready for his first trip to the u.s.. his first stop tomorrow, washington dc. >> i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz chow . this time tomorrow pope francis will be in the u.s. for the first of his 6-day trip. >> the pope just landed in santiago where he will meet with cuban bishops and hold a prayer service.
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stopped his pope mobile several


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