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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  September 22, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we have team coverage from new york city to washington, d.c. >> developing in new jersey, one person escapes serious injury when flames engulf this home. >> teenagers coming to blows steps from the barclay center. the community is calling for an end to the violence. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. today is tuesday, september 22nd. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> we have cloudy skies and cool temperatures. we start off with a 62-degree temperature at 6:00 a.m. 57 up to white plains and around to rockland county. 63 j.f.k. out long island way, 63 montauk and coastal connecticut. nassau county 61. a couple showers to the north and west.
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maybe a peak of sun, 74, normal this last day of summer. >> we will head over to queens and talk about jackie robinson parkway. it's closed on the westbound side from kew gardens to forest park drive because of construction running late. long island railroad, metro north, new jersey transit trains path trains subways are on or close to schedule. cross bronx west from the sheraton to webster, that earlier construction picked up and put away. everything has been reopened. going into pound ridge at old stone hill road and accident being cleared away. injuries were involved. minor delays george washington bridge, lincoln and holland tunnels. they are doing fine. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. ken and lori, over to you. >> thank you. pope francis will wake up in cuba for the last day of his historic visit to the americas. >> he played a large role in
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between the island nation and the united states. he visited the shrine of cuba's patron st. and today will bring another mass following the blessing of the city in front of the cathedral in santiago. >> this afternoon the pope will board a plane from cob bay to washington, d.c. -- cuba to washington, d.c. and the first papal visit since 2008. eyewitness news reporter rob nelson is live with a preview of the day ahead. good morning, rob. >> good morning, lori. we have been talking about this for weeks and weeks. today it gets real. pope francis landing in america. his first visit will be in d.c. in a few hours. for this city, that means plenty of set up and plenty of security. reporter: behind the welcome banners and crowd control barriers, the pope's five-day visit is strange law enforcement resources in d.c., new york and philadelphia.
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rare national special security event. in addition to religious services, the pope will visit the white house and congress and a parade on constitution avenue. there have been months of training, simulations, even mock attacks. a security expert says the level of protection for pope francis equals or even exceeds the security around president obama. and that will mean disruptions. federal agencies in washington are encouraging employees to work from home. highways and entire sections of washington will be closed off. there are many activities planned in the nation's capitol but the highlight will be his address to a joint session of congress at the capitol behind me. that will happen on thursday. reporting live from d.c., rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you. back here in the city, security measures are going into full effect. overnight manholes were sealed
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compartment lamppost to prevent items from being hidden inside. parking restrictions and towing are underway. here is a live look at the upper east side near what will be the pope's residence during his stay. barriers are in place to keep cars off the streets. in all this frenzy, ticket scalping, security screening and car towing began with a promise. pope francis agreed to attend the meeting of world families in philadelphia, expected to be the world's largest gathering of catholic families. the archdiocese of new york is ready to welcome the pope. >> i will go around, make sure everything is okay, a couple of rehearsals for some of the masses, the vest spears at st. patrick, the prayer and worship i want to make sure that we got everything right. >> that is cardinal timothy dolan personally overseeing the two-day visit to the city.
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by side with the pope and celebrating evening prayer service at st. patrick's cathedral. that is the vest super ser -- vesper service we have a team of reporters. if you happen to be traveling to see the pope as well, we invite you to share your photos and video. share them with us on facebook and instagram. use the #abc7ny. a developing story to tell you about in new jersey. take a look at this video from a huge fire in kearny. one person managed to escape despite flames shooting through the roof of a home on laurel avenue about 2:00 this morning. firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading to neighboring homes. investigators don't know how it started. new video this morning of a vicious brawl outside of barclays center. dozens of students kicking and
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punching one another, some even armed with weapons. in the end, a teenage boy was stabbed in the stomach. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live in brooklyn. kala? >> reporter: good morning, disspurring stuff as hundreds of kids gathered by atlantic mall in barclays. they grabbed their cell phone when this kid was being pummeled then uploaded the video online and it quickly turned into a viral video. you can see dozens of teens pummel, stomp and assault another teen with what looks like at some points to be a cane. that 16-year-old student from south shore was stabbed in the stomach by another teen from jon jay high school. police say the teen has nonlife- threatening injuries and is in the hospital. three teens were taken into custody and assaulted and arrested for assault. what is just as disturbing is the people standing around watching and recording this without doing a thing. local activists are calling for
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action urging the victims of these after school beat downs to press formal charges. once the cops were called in, one of the officers was sprayed in the face with mayes. he is doing okay. more charges are expected. kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kala, thank you. a suffolk county police officer is charged in a hit and run crash. thomas o'neill turned himself in. he was off-duty police say sunday night when he struck and injured a man in ronkonkoma then left the scene. he has been suspended without pay. happening today, two westchester county men will be in court to mace the new york city police officer accused of emptying his gun at them while he was allegedly drunk. officer brendon cronin is accused of shooting joseph feliz six times. his wife had to quit her job to care for him. both shooting victims claim the
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case is being dragged out because he is a police officer. funeral services will be finalized for the top aide to governor cuomo caught in a gun battle before the annual west indian american indian day parade. the wake for gary gab -- carey gabay will be held private. a private service will be held saturday. he was removed from life support after being shot in the head. a $22,000 reward is being offered to find the gunman. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> here we go. let's take a look from our camera in astoria looking down the east river. a good visibility. cloudy skies and there are sprinkles in the far north and west suburbs. here is our view from midtown looking south here, too, nice from the empire state building to new york life building to one world trade and staten island. cloudy skies. northeast wind 8 miles per
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hour. there are sprinkles in suggestion section county up to ulster, sullivan. those are drying out. high-pressure ridge with the clear skies is coming our way later today and tomorrow. great weather. it will be warm. today we are going out like we should for the last day of summer, 2015 later on this afternoon. temperature about 74 degrees. kids this morning, grab a jacket or sweater. breezy and cool. after school 73, 74, cloudy skies. it will be the perfect end to summer as it should be. tomorrow summer makes a return for the first day of autumn. we will talk about that coming up. >> i love that. >> let's look at a camera and show you something you may love if you take the van wyck. southbound traffic is coming toward us. as you can see, on the left side of your screen, traffic is once again getting on to jackie robinson parkway. head to the maps, jackie robinson reopened from the van wyck into forest park drive. earlier construction completed. this issue on 84 in carmel
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eastbound near exit 19 a truck fire reported. so, you can expect delays there. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today and so are major parking restrictions. you want to leave that car at home for the rest of the week. ken and lori, over to you. >> that is serious advice. >> very good advice. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," an abc news exclusive. court clerk who sparked a fire storm of controversy over her beliefs on same sex is speaking out on her -- same-sex marriage
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a navy fighter pilot is okay after his jet crashed near a military base. the f-18 super hornet went down about 50 miles south of fresno. a navy spokesman says the pit lot ejected and landed safely on the ground.
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about to pass through manhattan. donald trump will be on on cbs tonight on "the late show." his republican rival carly fiorina appeared on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon and took a few jabs at trump criticizing his willingness to met with russian president putin. she said the the two men are very much alike. another republican scoring zero in the polls had his last appearance as a candidate. scott walker is suspending his campaign to give other republicans a chance to block donald trump from getting the nod. later this morning, we will hear from kim davis, the kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same- sex couples because of her christian beliefs. she says she has been victimized. >> i have been called hitler, hypocrite, homophobe.
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names that i didn't even say when i was in the world. those names don't hurt me. >> you can watch the full exclusive interview with kim davis on "good morning america." time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is live outside the studios on the upper west side. >> feels great. we have a light wind. traffic is not flowing well on the west side mostly because there are not a lot of places to park. you need a jacket, sweater. feels great to be in a suit. 62. humidity dry. wind out of the northeast. look at the pressure. when the barometer is that high above 30, strong high pressure over us. yesterday's high 73. normal 73. we are ending summer normally. 63 down the shore. 62, 63 to somerville. mid-50s.
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a couple of sprinkles have been dissipating up to the northwest around ulster, sullivan county, chicago, great lakes, get clear and dry. more of that dry air filters in through the area of clouds today. grab the jacket, sweater, you will need that. later on today 74. breaks of sun. it will feel great for sports. boating today and if you are going to the beach, watch out for the high risk of rip currents with that system out there in the atlantic. 4 to 6-foot waves. winds out of the northeast up to 20 miles per hour. clouds and cool. tomorrow more in the way of sunshine. summer ends today. autumn begins tomorrow. temperatures 5 to 10 warmer than normal year. clouds today, breaks of sun. brightening of skies. more sunshine, 74. tonight 60 in the five boroughs. 60s in the suburbs. comfortable, great. sunny around warm tomorrow.
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thursday is 80. fall begins tomorrow morning. 4:21 is the autumnnal equinox. saturday and sunday a good weekend. we will watch a coastal storm, a mixture of sun and clouds. we need rain. 7 inches short this time of the year. the last day of summer. i have a special guest to usher in fall. that's my buddy maximus. show summer love. >> that's my boy. >> he is very happy today. as matter of fact, he and i are on a mission. he wants to hang out with his friend pizza rat. >> we are on a mission to head to the subway. >> you guys do that. we know heather has a lot of important things. >> thank you, bill, thank you, max. we don't have the road closures yet but they are
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restricting parking on a lot of the streets in manhattan. u.n. general assembly begins this afternoon and the pope coming to town. this will cause major problems. so, for the u.n. general assembly today and the rest of the week, you want to use mass transit. in fact, long island railroad will provide extra afternoon service out of manhattan starting at 1:46. that is for religious reasons for yom kippur. metro north, new jersey transit trains on or close. we had construction that has been completed and we have street cleaning rules in effect. ken and lori, over to you. >> thank you, heather. an pl may soon tell customers to hit ninan and kendis gibson report. >> "the wall street journal" reports the apple car that may look like this is officially committed as a project for the tech giant.
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>> the project code name titan. it could be available in 2019. apple is releasing the latest operating system for the apple watch. >> some features include watch faces, time travel shows that future. >> night stands turns it into an alarm clock. >> there is time to download the pope emoji to your phone. there are more than 60 like pope francis eating a philly cheesecake sandwich. >> one more thing to put on the list. those are your techbytes. >> new this morning, two long island shops will be closed for business after a high speed crash involving an expensive ride. >> the new tool to make the
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on the money, wall street
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the dow rose 125 points to begin at 16,510. nasdaq and s&p 500 begin higher. however, futures are sharply lower at this hour. >> overseas, shanghai added 1%. hong kong hang seng index finished higher as well. a sour note for digital downloads as they change their tunes using streaming services. according to midyear sales, downloaded sales revenue fell 4% while streaming services both free and paid raked in a billion dollars. just in time for the change of seasons and new york's fall foliage reports can be found online. they are updated every wednesday and they show color conditions around the state. most of the state is still green right now but there are reports of some color in the catskills and adirondacks. >> so beautiful. >> i love that. >> yep. you are never more than
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and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> rain up to monticello heading to the north and drying out. 52 monticello. to 62 in the five boroughs. 61 bridgeport and islip. got a little wind out there this morning northeast at 12, 13 miles per hour. the humidities are low. if you are taking the ferries, bounce around a little bit from jersey city and staten island over to manhattan and if you look to long island sound, you got a little wind there from bridgeport to port jeff. cloudy skies today. breaks of sun. temperature 70 at noon. 74 this afternoon. grab a jacket. heather is looking at the commute. how is it going? >> celebrating yom kippur and you want to get out of the city early they will provide extra
6:24 am
metro north, new jersey transit on or close to schedule. path trains are okay. swats no major problems. 84 east at exit 19 a truck fire and a brushfire about a mile before you get to the scene. you can see we have a bit of red through that spot. stone hill at old stone hill road in pound ridge we had an accident that has been cleared. minor delays at the george washington bridge. 10 to 15 inbound at the lincoln and holland tunnels. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. major parking restrictions in manhattan. leave the car at home if you can. >> thank you, heather. closing in on 6:30. still ahead this morning, rolling out the red carpet for the holy father. we will take you back live outside the nation's capitol
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security on high alert in washington, d.c. hours before pope francis touches down in america for his first visit in the united states. a preview of the week that will bring him to new york. >> new video from overnight. a luxury car ends up inside a strip mall on long island. >> it is the last day of summer. say it ain't so. it won't feel like it. temperatures will be feeling topsyturvy this week. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. it's tuesday, september 22nd. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. it's cool, breezy, cloudy. typical fall day. we are looking at other temperatures around 61. nassau, suffolk county from the north shore to the south shore massapequa to hauppauge. 55, 56 from and dover sussex
6:28 am
county new jersey, warren and poughkeepsie. kinston 56. a couple of sprinkles up there. clouds today, a breeze out of the northeast 10 to 20 miles per hour. it will feel like a fall day. look like a fall day. you a temperature begins tomorrow. a summer day. we will talk about that next. heather is looking at the commute next. >> my kind of day. let's go to the maps and talk about what is happening traveling on 84. the it's closed eastbound near exit 19. it's a fully engulfed tractor trailer fire. fire department is on the scene as they try to extinguish that fire. cross bronx expressway at the sheraton expressway a disabled bus causing delays. minor delays inbound george washington bridge. lincoln 20. holland 15-minute delay. mass transit times, everything is on or close to schedule. long island railroad main line provides extra p.m. service at 1:46 p.m. for those who want to get home to celebrate yom kippur. street cleaning rules are in effect.
6:29 am
lori and ken, over to you. >> thank you, heather. in just about nine hours from now, pope francis arrives in the united states. a jam packed week of meetings and celebrations. >> francis must wrap up his day in cuba beginning with the holy mass in santiago cuba. then a meeting with cuban families. at 12:30 he will depart for washington, d.c. arriving around 4:00. >> we begin with eyewitness news rob nelson live in washington. >> reporter: good morning, ken. you can see behind me here the capitol is under renovation. the scaffolding is around the dome dome. that is a project that won't be done in time for the pope's visit. hours away from the visit and a big operation in d.c. in terms of set up.
6:30 am
one of the big stops when he gets to the nation's capitol will be the basilica of the national shrine of immaculate conception. you can see the giant banner that is on display welcoming the pontiff to stage. trucks are being unloaded. trees trimmed. media descending on washington as well. many folks are working hard to make sure everything is just right and as close to perfect as possible when puffs gets here -- when pope francis gets here. everybody is excited and so are nuns in the city. they say this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> the holy father is coming to our country. >> he put the bow on top and made it understandable and something that everybody can receive with love. >> now, one of the highlights
6:31 am
washington, d.c. will be addressing the joint -- addressing a joint meeting of congress to hear from the pontiff. it should be interesting to see how much if at all he delves into some of the hot button political issues in america. we will see what he says thursday when the speech takes place at the capitol behind me. reporting live in washington, d.c., rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> rob, thank you. from washington, pope francis will head to new york. >> dray clark is live now on the upper east side. dray. >> this will be the most secure block. pope francis will be staying at the papal nuncio residents behind me. that is a town house. these concrete barriers will act as a layer of protection blocking the street while the pope is in residence. take a look at this overnight, eyewitness news was there as
6:32 am
and securing manholes here making sure they are tight. light fixtures in the city were sealed. in the base there is a compartment that can be open. they were sealed tight as well. as of 1:00 this morning, the parking restrictions are now in effect. many people have already moved their cars but the nypd is prepared to tow any vehicles parked in the restricted areas. by now we know providing security is a tremendous challenge for everyone involved with his care and safety. mayor de blasio says they are prepared and they will approach this challenge with a great deal of confidence. >> no one is near vases. everyone -- nervous. everyone is focused. they have the equipment and personnel. a great deal of confidence. no one is underestimating this
6:33 am
isn't something we experienced before but a tremendous can do attitude in the secret service and fdny and nypd and we confident. >> the areas in pink are where the parking restrictions are now in place and where you will see the tightest security when the pope arrives thursday and departs saturday. back live now, the pope will be here in new york city for roughly 40 hours. he will be on the move going to several different areas. so, again, security will be tight. it will be tough to get around while the pope is here. we know that the secret service is going to give the pope some degree of flexibility in terms of him being able to reach out and touch the people, full, they want to make -- if you will. they want to make the experience personal and as memorable as possible. live on the upper east side, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, dray. >> for a list of all the road
6:34 am
pope's complete schedule, check out the special section on our web site, abc7ny/pope. a video of an expensive car crash on long island. that is a maserati. the driver lost control on higbee lane and slammed into a bagel shop the driver is alive and recovering. no charges have been filed. police released new video overnight showing a suspect in the gruesome murder of a cab driver in the bronx. investigators say the gunman wore a red hooded sweater. former new york congressman michael grimm reports for duty today at federal prison.
6:35 am
8-month sentence at the minimum security prison in pennsylvania. he resigned last year after pleading guilty to filing a false tax return. he could have faced up to three years in prison. yom kippur begins this evening at sundown. that is the jewish day of atonement. it is marked by prayer, facing and reflecting on the past year. many spend the day at synagogue. services will close today with the blowing of the ramps --/?txu. >> this i guess the last -- >> this is the last day of summer, 2015. brooklyn to the lower east
6:36 am
few sprinkles to the north here around sussex and warren county. we will get more in the way of brightening skies and sunshine later on. noontime 68. this afternoon 73 to 74. right at normal for this time of the year. be careful at the beaches today. high risk of rip currents. smacked. the waves 4 to 6 feet -- small craft advisory. waves 4 to 6 feet. we will talk about after school coming up and the rest of the week. it will be warm on the first day of autumn tomorrow. heather is looking at the commute. how is it going? >> a picture of the fdr traveling on the southbound side, that is traffic moving right to left. a slow go through the 90s. nothing terrible. northbound side great. let's head to the maps. things are not too great. 84 eastbound, exit 19 a tractor trailer fire. we have all lanes closed down. crews are out there trying to
6:37 am
extinguish the tractor trailer fire and then they have to remove it from 84. on the cross bronx expressway westbound near the sheraton, a disabled bus. one lane is blocked off. long island railroad providing extra service out of the city starting at 1:46 this afternoon for those heading home to observe yom kippur. street cleaning rules are in effect. lori and ken, over to you. >> all right, heather. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," a day of shopping ends in gunfire. what we are learning about two
6:38 am
6:39 am
two california police officers are being treated for injuries after a bloody shoot out at a target store. the two gunmen were killed in a parking lot show down. the officers were serving outstanding warrants to the suspects when they drew guns and started shooting. police in queens want your help in catching a man who helped himself to packages on a doorstep.
6:40 am
he grabs two packages just dropped off, puts them in a bag and drags them off. the neighbor says she saw him a little while before the crime. >> i saw him this morning when i was walking my dog. i turned around, looked at him and he saw me look at him and went back toward the avenue. >> another neighbor tells eyewitness news she has seen the man wondering the neighborhood every day for the past four months. anyone with information, please you are asked to call crimestoppers. later this morning we will hear from sandra lee about her recent battle with cancer. she will addresser physical and emotional struggle following her breast cancer diagnosis. on her facebook page yesterday she wrote with her supporters, she will be stronger, wiser and better. she is governor cuomo's partner
6:41 am
appearance since the double mastectomy at the emmys sunday night. robin roberts joins us live with more on what is ahead this morning. >> we are looking forward to sandra lee being back with us. pope francis, you have been talking about this, the historic visit to america arriving this afternoon and wrapping up the trip to cuba. ahead a big shake up in the race for the white house. wisconsin governor scott walker dropping out. ben carson faces calls to drop out for his comments on muslims. an abc news exclusive, kim davis, the kentucky clerk who refuses to issue emergency licenses to same-sex couples is speaking out. she spent six days in jail after claiming it would violent her christian beliefs. she is opening up in her first
6:42 am
you will see it here on gma, ken. >> very good. we will be watching. time for a check on the forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans. >> grab a jacket, a sweater. it's cloudy, breezy. feels like fall day, like it should for the end of summer. here is a look outside. we have cloudy skies, 62 degrees, dry humidity, northeast wind. temperatures at normal. yesterday's high 73. today normal high is 73. we get at that today. sun will set before 7:00. days are getting shorter by the daylight hours by two minutes. summer will end feeling like fall. autumn will arrive feeling like summer. a storm system in the atlantic for the weekend. not much of a sun u.v. index.
6:43 am
ragweed is moderate to high. 50s north and west. we have a northeast wind again today that makes it cool, cloudy. we will get breaks of sun. showers to the west of the hudson river valley and northern new jersey, a sprinkle, drizzle. that will dry out. high-pressure ridge to the west will come in. on futurecast, sun breaks out midday and parts of the area and through the afternoon sun comes out. a lot of supe -- sunshine tomorrow for the first day of fall but it will feel lining anything but fall weather. at the sexual abuse stop, grabbing a jacket -- jab a jacket. over school for sports it will be great, cloudy. heading to the beach high risk of rip currents. tomorrow sunshine, 80 to kick off fall at more of that into thursday. sun and clouds.
6:44 am
breaks of sun. brightening of skies. letter tonight down to 60. we are looking at 50 north and west. upper 40s north and west. sunshine and warm on the first day of fall. autumn begins in the morning. 80 thursday. we will cool down into the 70s this weekend, it will feel more fall like. a dry weekend. we are about 7 inches short of rainfall for this time of year. we need rain. letter doesn't look like we will get it until next week. >> bill, thank you. heather is here. you said the l.i.r.r. is offering extra service for >> yes. that is correct. there will be extra service long island railroad starting at 1:46 p.m. observe yom kippur. to schedule. this includes metro north, new jersey transit, path trains, subways. if you are going to the tappan zee, we have an accident. tappan zee westchester county bound we have an accident on
6:45 am
the span that is causing delays all the way back to the garden state parkway. we still have this issue 84 east near exit 19. tractor trailer fire. all lanes are closed. crews are trying to battle this fire. then they have to remove the tractor trailer. 15 minutes inbound george washington bridge. 20 at the lincoln. holland tunnel inbound is a 15- minute delay. grand central parkway westbound at the bqe we have an accident in the process of being cleared away. we have another problem, newscopter 7 is up above. john del giorno is talking about this problem on the cross bronx expressway. good morning, john. >> good morning, heather. we have an issue cross bronx westbound side. we have a stalled school bus out in the roadway. police just rolled up on the scene. the bus has been stalled in the right lane 15 to 20 minutes. the police just got here. we saw another school bus stopped next to this one then move along. i don't think there is any children on this bus. what we have is a big traffic mess.
6:46 am
entrance ramp that brings you in from east 177th street. right lane blocked. bumper-to-bumper volume westbound heading to the george washington bridge. these delays begin in the bruckner interchange. live over the cross bronx expressway, john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> john, thank you. the major bust at an
6:47 am
6:48 am
new this morning, an exotic discovery at hong kong international airport. the customs department says it seized rhino horns from three passengers arriving from johannesburg, south africa.
6:49 am
they were cut up into pieces inside the checked bags. they believe they add up to three whole rhino horns worth about $260 million. all three are now behind bars. new video of a search on australia's great barrier reef has turned up the remains of a world war ii plane. it was flown by the royal australian air force and vanished in 1943 with 11 people on board. it was part of a task force flying long-range missions against japanese fishing and submarines. authorities plan to leave it where it is but a commemorative plaque will be placed nearby to honor the crew. chances are this video popped up on your news feed yesterday. this is a rat with big aspirations. we posted this on our facebook page where it went beyond viral. it reached 6 million people.
6:50 am
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how do you start the day brighter? make the ride smoother? and finish with a smile? you've got this. you've got t.j.maxx. better brands, at prices that help you maxx life! the united states awaits pope francis. >> a live look there. look at that pretty shot. so majestic to see that. washington, d.c. is where the pope will arrive this
6:53 am
he gets that pretty shot when he arrives. he will spend two days in d.c. then head to our beautiful town here. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is on the upper east side where security is tight and parking tough to come by. good morning, dray. >> good morning, guys. parking is tough to come by because there is so few places to park with the parking restrictions in place as we approach thursday, we are beginning to see some of those security measures play out. they are securing manhole covers. we noticed they are looking at city lights. there is a compartment that can be open. overnight this is compartments were sealed tightly. providing security is a tremendous job. the nypd as well as the mayor says they are up for the job and they will go into the job
6:54 am
with a tremendous amount of confidence. puffs will only be here in -- pope francis will only be here in new york city for about 40 hours but he will be visiting many places. you will see the concrete barriers going up across the areas where the pope plans to visit. be patient if you live or work in those areas because security will be extremely tight. live on the upper east side, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray, thank you. one person managed to escape the huge flames tearing through a home in carney, new jersey -- kearny, new jersey. firefighters were able to keep it from spreading to neighboring homes. no one was hurt. we have a disabled school bus creating delays on the cross bronx. >> let's check in with john del giorno. >> the first thing to point out, there are no children on the bus. we have a big traffic mess.
6:55 am
where the ramp brings you in from the bronx river parkway and east 177th street. this has been blocking the right lane for a half hour. the merge is extra tough. big delays bumper to bumper on the cross bronx to the george washington bridge. delay back at the bruckner. we are live over the cross bronx john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> john, thank you. over to heather. >> we heard dray talking about the parking situation. major parking restrictions in manhattan. leave the car at home. let's go to the maps. i will tell you what is happening on route 84 east at exit 19. tractor trailer fire. all lanes are closed down as a result. at the tappan zee we have a problem here traveling southbound on the new york state thruway. check out that delay. one big line of traffic into the tappan zee with an accident heading into westchester county. 15 minutes inbound george washington bridge. the lincoln is 30. the holland is a 15-minute delay. long island railroad extra
6:56 am
afternoon service starting at 1:46 p.m. for those who want to head home and observe yom kippur. that's the way to do it. >> thank you, heather. >> if you live in the city, the subway or the good old express. here we go. breaks of sun on the way today. 62 degrees. we will look at 70 by noontime. 74 this afternoon. breezy, cloudy, the last day of summer. goes out like the fall day it should be. wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. tonight clouds clear out. tomorrow 80 and thursday. have a great day. >> thank you, bill. that will do it for us. i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. more local news, weather and traffic in 25 minutes. "good morning america" is up next. thank you newscopter 7 for that
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