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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  September 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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he is not changing church doctrine. he is changing the emphasis. >> correct. he has not changed church doctrine. he is changing the tone and emphasis in terms of issues and the tone of welcome and mercy and compassion and inclusion which is what people are responding to. >> we are watching the red carpet unfurl right now. there is an invited crowd out there at andrews from the dioceses of washington, also from andrews air force base. the president will be greeting the pope along with mrs. obama, malia and sasha. both girls will be there today along with mrs. marianne robinson, the first lady's mother will be there the pope will be greeted by four young children selected from four different catholic schools in the washington, d.c. area. first, third, fifth and seventh grade. father martin, you also see a gathering of cardinals out there on the tarmac. >> yes. cardinals and bishops. they are going obviously as catholics. we have to remember they are going to visit their boss, too.
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it's something of a command performance. >> they are going to visit their boss. the pope will be meeting with the bishops at st. matthew's tomorrow. he's been stern at times with his priests and bishops. >> he has. his christmas message at the vatican curate he talked about the different ills that affected the bishops and cardinals, clericalism, what he called spiritual alzheimer's. people are expecting the u.s. congress message to be strongest, but i imagine the message to the bishops will be the most blunt. >> i want to go to pierre thomas. extraordinary security precautions being taken. >> reporter: yes. security will be unprecedented. think inauguration scale security playing out four days in three cities. 50 different agencies, thousands of police and federal agencies. the biggest challenge this pope's unpredictability, he is prone to stopping his motorcade
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for a few days the security will rival the president of the united states. >> they call him the pope of surprises. >> that is true. he is not afraid to shake things up and break ranks and hug somebody or let a kid hug him. he teaches as much by his gestures as by his words. >> he's addressed this question when his own security people said you can't be in this open-air car. he said, frankly, at my age i don't have a lot to lose. >> they are now opening the door of "shepard one." officers for the vatican and state department will be greeting the plane, as well. pope will be staying at the papal residence here in washington, d.c. also in new york.
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he will always stay in vetatican residences. >> that's his home in each of the towns. >> he is right across the street from the vice president's house. vice president biden is not only greeting him now, the only catholic vice president we ever had, and will have another visit as planned. >> first this is his first trip to america. tell us father martin, you're a jesuit. he is also a jesuit. what is the meaning of that? >> it's a catholic religious order like the franciscans. one of the things unusual when you have someone who lived without poverty most of his life different from other popes. >> there we see as a little rain begins to fall. no umbrellas yet for the first family. there they are, president obama, sasha next to him, the first lady and malia followed by the bidens, as well. big smile on the president's face. this is the kind of thing presidents love.
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this is a great moment for him and a great moment that started his first meeting at the vatican a year ago which led to what happened in cuba over the course of the last few months. >> the thing with those little children from the schools, how exciting is that? >> once-in-a-lifetime experience. i think i see the pope waiting at the top of the stage. the unmistakable white robes. >> the only one who gets to wear white. >> you were saying he wears the same thing almost every day. >> yeah, he does. even the sleeve of his cassock is frayed. he is trying to live as simply as when he was a jesuit novice, as much as you can when you're pope. >> the common issues he will have in the united states are more elaborate than in rome. >> absolutely. he lives in a hostel in rome. he was shown the palace where he was supposed to live and said 300 people could live here.
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francis. taking no chances with that cap. >> it must be a moment for him, as well. he's seen america on television his whole life. >> and right there, the first moment he steps on american soil. >> the pope has been practicing his english, not native to him. >> right next to him is his translator. right next to him. >> sasha obama. and malia. introducing the pope to his mother-in-law.
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>> yes. >> you get points for that. >> get him in good with his mother-in-law. >> vice president biden. and mrs. biden. those are the vice president's granddaughters, macy and finnegan. the pope will go from here into washington, d.c. also tomorrow meeting the. at the white house. meet with his visits at st. matthew's cathedral. then celebrate a mass tomorrow evening catholic university. cecilia baker is there right now. so many preparations for the pope. >> the excitement is overwhelming. the bells have been ringing. we north sure if it's because
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the pope touched down but they started when he got here. the pope will see this excitement when he comes to catholic university ahead of this mass tomorrow. there are barricades all over this area because of the masses they expect out here. 25,000 tickets. you can't see the chairs behind me but there is literally a sea of chairs out here. you mentioned the church the pope is headed to after he touches down at andrews base. he will see the excitement. there are people lined up outside that house seeing a little nugget of what happens. these digs are fancier than what pope francis is used to at the vatican. we know he has sheets with the papal crest and a special mattress with a memory foam. he will need a good night's sleep after the journey he had today. >> i talked to the folks at the white house. they are very sensitive to staying out of the pope's way.
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they don't want to get in the way of what the pope is doing and feel like they are using the pope in some way. >> they don't want to feel like they are crowing. >> there is something to love and something to hate for both political parties with the pope's messages. >> he will say things that are probably going to be directed on the white house side. >> there is the pope meeting the school children from the catholic schools here in washington, d.c. one from the first, one from the third, one from the fifth and one from the seventh grade. >> seems most comfortable with the kids. >> in between the white house and the event with the bishops, he will have one event where the public can come as he does a parade around the washington monument.
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they expect rivers of hispanic families to come to the mass and coming to see the pope to show how important he is to hispanic americans. >> they will be going around in the pope mobile. no one knows when he will get out or who he will greet. he will visit families in the united states to a group of car washers in new york, as well. he wants to reach out to what is called the periphery. >> bowing to the margins is one of his themes. he doesn't like to be hemmed in. he doesn't like these glass pope mobiles either. he was once quoted saying in the philippines a mother doesn't visit her children in a glass box. >> he is going to visit prisoners in philadelphia. that is a key part of his ministry. >> the business the pope is here for, father martin, is that church conference in philadelphia. >> it is. it's the world meeting of families in philadelphia. it's something pope bennett was
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the holy father is following up on what benedict had done. he figured while here, he did need to visit new york and washington. >> and the -- and the united nations general assembly meeting. >> up to a million people expected in philadelphia as well for that conference. the pope has a packed schedule. this is as long as a trip, ten days, overall. including the time in cuba. ling and i don't know if terry moran, are you still with us? you were on the plane with the pope as we see him walking o andrews air force base privately speaking with the president. what else were you able to learn? actually terry is going to the live camera right now and we're going to find out more from him about that trip into the united right now. of course, father martin, the pope coming out of that visit in cuba where he met the leaders there. as well as -- and did his best >> he did. i mean he was trying to provide a kind of gentle message and gentle encouragement. he said yesterday i believe was
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he was calling for a different kind of revolution, a revolution of tend earnness. i hundred -- tenderness. i think the huge picture of jesus christ with the words "come to me" in spanish. right in revolution square next to the picture of hay question very a. it's a revolution of its own i think. >> he thanked in his sermon the grandmothers who had kept the church alive. and that's a way of -- of not doing a direct dig at the castros but they did kill the church for decades. including christmas was not allowed to be celebrated. until john paul went. and so this was a way of the saying -- of saying i know how if church lived in cuba. -- the church lived in cuba through the generations, it was through the grandmothers passing it down to the children. >> we will have many moments here in the united states to send messages to americans and the world. we are going to be covering it every step of the way and i
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plane. with the pope. coming in. terry, more incites from that press conference? >> reporter: well, a couple of -- a all of things -- couple of things. one on that question are you stale catholic? pointed way. the conservative concerns about this pope. the first thing he said was you know you talked to who was talking to a woman and she came to this cardinal and said is there such a thing as an antipope? is there such a thing as the antichrist? and the pope's cardinal friend about? she said i think this pope might be the antichrist. because he doesn't wear the red shoes. and that was -- a way of him dismissing the question but also, emphasizing he doesn't go into the big formalities. the every mine lined cloaks and red shoes. this is a man who everyone around the world knows likes to live simply. he genuinely does. he likes to live well and one of this thing that is strikes you when you're up close to him is he's a big guy. he's put on some weight during
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sometimes when he's sitting for a long time you'll see he has lumbar pain. and he'll shift around quite a bit. because of that. so not entirely simply but certainly he doesn't go for the red shoes, he's a man who is trying to communicate very directly that there is a way to walk the walk of the christian faith. and he's trying to do it himself. >> he is doing it himself and of course father martin, it all goes back i think probably the most memorable phrase of his papacy. who am i to judge? those words ringing out all around the world. >> that's absolutely right. i think those are the five most famous words he has said and will say and that communicated not only to gays and lesbians but really everyone who's felt disenchanted or separated from the church, you're welcome right? this is no longer a person could understand recommendations and poor judgment and all about mercy and compassion, the great theme of his papacy issy. >> what's the lingering effect
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going to be so many disaffected catholics here in the united states? population of disaffected catholics almost as large as the population of church go ting. >> well, we don't -- at the moment -- have measurable francis effect. although the jesuits have gotten more people interested in joining the order. but actually gotten another question. but it can't hurt. and people are giving the church another look as you sided the abc -- cited the abc poll about more people are sensitive to him and the question of mercy is so important. i mean, he says that a woman who's had an abortion can go to confession to her local priest and be forgiven and instead of going to the bishop and having some impossible thing for her. and his -- his compassionate words about that were so moving. where he says for these women, it's often an existential question. and they're in terrible pain as
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so it was not just saying -- he was not saying abortion is all right. quite the contrary, hersage you have to confess. but he was -- he's saying you have to confess. but he was also saying you can be forgiven and i understand that you might be in an awful position. >> he's trying to move a church that was a church he felt of judgment do a church of morety and understanding. he leads an institution that every step he makes is breaking it down the hire aftercool institution. he's trying to give more power to local and let them develop where they are and i think that's -- for a person that heads an institution, he's actually trance forming that institution. >> and that gets to a question for you father martin. how much do you think the cardinals who -- i hesitate to say they chose him because the holy spirit according to church doctrine chooses the pope. but do you think they got what they expected? >> i don't think he's what they expected. i think they expected someone -- they knew the cardinal from buenos aires as someone who's an apostle of the poor and can clean up the vatican.
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but they didn't expect this revolution. they didn't expect the outreach and didn't expect the sort of transformation as you were saying. and i always say they forget they left it a jesuit. >> but i wonder if you can speak for a moment about the transformation in the pope himself. by reputation for all of his years in argentina. something of a dour man and not known for this man of exceptional warmth and reaching out. and now, you see him all the time. a huge smile on his face. >> well, and they say that friends of mine who know him say that in fact, when he was cardinal in buenos aires, you know he was always devoted to the poor and hard worker and very pious, but this one and sort of fuzzy and almost physical side where he's happy embracing people is new. the pope has said to friends that you know, he felt something come over him when he was elected. and you know, we call it the greats of office in the catholic church and he's transformed and i always say that you know the night he was elected when you bow your head
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>> cardinal, we're ail here the -- the cardinal archbishop of washington said yesterday, he was one of the electors and he was asked that question. were you surprised? he said, well, the first surprise was him taking the name francis. and that's when we got an understanding of we were in for something of a ride. >> terry moran you've been traveling with the pope can been covering the -- and been covering the pope as well. i mentioned this a bit with father martin earlier, but we know the pope doesn't do too many interviews and he did that press conference and the all brief one on the plane. in part we comes to the united states he's not really comfortable. with english at all. but he's been practicing it quite hard especially on these set speeches that he's going to
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and at the white house tomorrow. >> he will read -- he will read texts in english because after all, he's can be trying to connect with americans, i mean he's got this tight rope that you all are talking about that he has to walk between pushing this progressive sounding social agenda that he has and keeping a traditional catholics on board who fear as he was directly asked he may not still be 100% a catholic. >> and father martin, he has faced some resistance. you can see the president leaving and andrews now. with -- with the pope from andrews air force base and he has faced some resistance from the hierarchy in the church and from some of the faithful. >> he has. i think more from some of the faithful. the pope is sailing hard -- saying hard truths particularly about @ environment and the way we treat migrants. whenever you talk about income and the poor it's a threat to some of the powerful people and
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i think he understands that and that goes with the territory. >> of course the sexual abuse scandal here in the united states also such a scar. and had disaffected so many catholics a lot of people will be watching to see what the pope says about that. >> right and whether he meets with victims of sex abuse. it was not only a moral scar, a huge moral scar, but an economic one. and -- and here's a pope who is saying that you know, the poor should be taken care of. and millions and millions of dollars that could have been spent for the poor have been spent on legal suits which is appalling basically. >> almost shamed by some of their excess. father martin? >> well, you know i think when you see the pope driving this little crummy car and really a tiny little apartment. i think it calls all of us to try to live simply. i mean i feel the same way. we were talking in my community the over night about -- other night about how he has encouraged everybody to live a more simple lifestyle, which is appropriate.
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that's one of the roles as a moral leader. >> he seems to have made an impact george and the pew research study, more than 60% of catholics said that they thought of reaching out to the poor and taking care of the poor was an essential component of catholicism and i'm not sure that would have been true. >> it's one of -- going to be one of the lasting impacts of his papacy. is he said it's going to be very hard for another pope to put the red shoes back on. once you take the red shoes off it's very hard to go back to extravagance. >> i hope so. >> there you see him sort of what proves your point. father martin. the president -- i mean the pope getting to pretty simple fiat car. right there. i'm sure it will have all the necessary protections. >> yeah he does try to live -- >> he's squeezing in there though. [ laughter ] >> yeah, at least -- i've heard it is true as terry said, he has put on a lot of weight. >> italian cooks. >> that's right. all that pasta in the hostel. but you know a friends of mine told me who works in the vatican that the pope was late
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said i got held up at the red light. he was driving his own little car. this is someone who was used to that and taking the subway in argentina. he owned nothing and this was who he is and i think it's a great thing to bring to the papacy. >> you know, father martin, it's one of the reasons is so interesting for a jesuit to be pope of course for a time in the papacy it outlawed jesuits but isn't st. ignatius your founders? they shouldn't even be bishops. >> we make a promise at our final vows never to strive for or envision any high office in the church. wes also promise if we see any other striving for that we are to turn him in. >> riding in a fiat. is that what i just saw? >> yeah, riding in a fiat. >> great. >> and it's rolling now in washington, d.c.. that is not something they're used to seeing right there. >> it must be very cramped. >> it's fantastic and once again, he is teaching by gestures and he know what is he's doing.
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not only flows out of him naturally but also teaches. >> so how does the word -- if you're not supposed to strive for higher office and the leader of the church is a jesuit? >> you know what happens is frequently the pope calls pongees jew wits to become bishops and we are expected to accept under only pain of sentence, that's how he became a bishop of buenos aires and then they elected himment one of the big jokes was who's the superior now? that the jesuit superior or the pope and the superior in rome said yes, he is the superior. >> first american bishop, john car roll was a jeez ewe wit and he had to give up his jesuit status. >> the pope with the final wave of the crowd there as he rolls out of andrews air force base heading into washington, d.c.. packed schedule ahead over the next several days here in the united states. tomorrow morning, at the white house. he'll be greated formally at the -- greeted formally at the white house by the president. and they will both speak tomorrow morning. after that, a parade around the
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ellipse through the streets of washington as cokie millions will be coming out for that as well. the pope will speak to his bishops at st. matthews cathedral tomorrow in washington, d.c. and then a mass. celebrating a mass at the basilica of the national shrine. at a catholic university. cecilia vega is there for us right now. they are absorbed the fact now that the pope is here. >> oh george, you have no idea. you've been making -- hearing you guys talk thinking about the group of friars i met here in washington. they're having a viewing party i mean like a super bowl party watching this pope land today. that is the excitement out here. but you know, yes, there's this rock star pope air about pope francis that people here are very excited to feel and touch for the very first time. in this country. but catholics in this -- [ no audio ] >> looks like we lost her right there. talking about the excitement. so many here are facing as they wait for the pope. father martin, that mass will
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>> yes i think only four of the events are going to be in english and it makes sense not only because something like 30%. 40% of the catholic church in the united states is spanish but that's what he's most comfortable 234. it will believe interesting in congress if he's reading something that's very dramatic and pointed and it might sound -- >> the passion comes out more when she's speaking. >> also going to be canonizing an hispanic priest at that mass, but there will be a symbol of the first english mass ever said in the united states of america -- and
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english speaking america. h. good afternoon to you, i'm liz cho? and i'm david novarro, this is eyewitness news first at 4:00, just a few minutes ago, pope francis stepped off his plane to cheers arriving in the u.s. for the first time in his life. he's just the fourth pope to visit america. and the first since pope benedict xvi in april of 2008. now washington is the second big leg of the pope's tenth foreign visit. >> it was a remarkable scene and this was the scene earlier today. he was in santiago, cuba after traveling through the down area in the pope mobile, he told cubans to strengthen the bonds of families saying the break up of families fragments society. he left cuba following a fare well ceremony that the president castro attended. >> after washington the pope will come here to new york city. today, the nypd installed more security cameras near central park and our coverage begins right now with political reporter dave evans in
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pope has a very busy couple of days ahead. >> reporter: good afternoon david. as you know, it is always important whenever a pope comes to the united states but i think this trip is especially unique because this pope is to unique. he has taught a message these last two years of humility and a message of love and mercy. and he is lived a very simple life as we've heard in the special report a couple of minutes ago. not overly concerned with all the trappings of the catholic church. and i think his message to america this week, it may be a little uncomfortable for some americans. pope francis will likely be most important pope of our lifetime. he is already changed the church dramatically in just two years with a message of humility and love and now he comes to america. >> i think he's amazing and very inspirational. i think he's truly -- jesus speaks through him. >> a lot of pride. just a wonderful person. and his goodness radiates in everything he says and everything he does.
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>> reporter: this is his first visit to america. even as a young man francis did not visit the united states. and his message will be listened to closely this week. what he says about the poor, about immigrants, and about american capitalism. francis has said before that unbridled capitalism is dangerous. he has talked about income inequality and all of that is music to our mayor's ears. >> the single most important voice on the earth on questions of fighting inequality and creating a more just society has been pope francis. there's no question. >> reporter: at the basilica, the national shrine in dc, they are prepping for tomorrow's huge outdoor mass. there is a buzz of excitement and energy and hope in this powerful, yet humble leader. >> no i've never seen anything like it just about with any visitor, both catholics and non- catholics are so excited because he's a ground breaker, he's a different kind of pope. he is the people's pope. >> reporter: and the pope will be here in washington for the
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morning he'll be at the white house with the president. and the reception for about 10,000 invited guests, tomorrow afternoon he'll be at the national shrine at catholic university. the basilica there. and they will be can onizing a new american saint and then the big event on thursday morning here at the capital would be a joint session of congress, both democrats and republicans together listening to the pope. he is the first pope ever to make an address like this. we will keep you posted and see you at 5:00 and 6:00. for now reporting live on capitol hill, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we have monsignor. how can you not be charmed by the guy? >> certainly and we also saw him take a few minutes and he met the four children. as he stepped off the plane. take a little bit about you know what the pope's goals are for this very important week. >> it's a couple of things. it's first of all he just wants to say to all believes he's one with them but also there will
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political dimension but a practical dimension. you heard father jim earlier in the program talk about at least going to talk about immigration and he thinks america is one of the greatest, most blessed lands in the whole world. but he often says to whom much is given much is expected. so he's going to challenge us to do more for the poor. there's no doubt about it can probably come back to us and challenge us in terms of the environment. now these are all sensitive issues but the pope is not just there to be a warm cuddly teddy bear. also there to challenge the minds and the hearts and i think the pope has the backbone to do it. >> he held a news conference on the plane as-entering the united states. recognizes that he is entering this kind of polarized political environment. and he willingly steps right into it. >> he does and you know, it's interesting. one of the questions asked was you know how do you feel about the conservative catholics attacking you and i'm intrigued, someone said to me once they were recording rush
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limbaugh, do you think he's a markist? i think i think he's not a marxist. he's a true christian. what he does is very much -- remember the bracelets they used to wear years ago, what would jesus do? and jesus would hang with the poor and the handicapped and disables and say welcome to the stranger and go to visit people in prisons and do all the loving caring and passionate things. he'd say to a person involved with abortion, i'm sorry, but come home and know that you're welcome here, this is work of jesus and he does it well. >> so much to cover on the pope's visit. monsignor thank you so much. >> we appreciate it. >> thanks jim. well, you also saw veterans hospital biden -- vice president biden was among those greeting the pope as he arrived. he is the first catholic vice president and spoke about what it means to him to have the pontiff on u.s. soil. >> he's the embodiment of catholic social doctrine that i was raised with. the idea that everyone is entitled to dignity. the poor should be given
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that you have an obligation to reach out and be inclusive. that i mean -- we'll look at the cyclical on climate change. it's all about you know, we have responsibilities. we have to husband this planet. immean -- i mean, and i'm excited. quite frankly. as a practicing catholic, i really am excited by the whole world is getting to see what are the basic essential elements of what constitutes catholicism? >> the vice president will sit behind the pope when he addresses congress on thursday. as for the rest of the pope's schedule, tomorrow morning at 9:15. there will be a white house welcome ceremony. president obama and the pope will meet one-on-one in the oval office before meeting before about 15,000 people on the white house lawn. at 11:30, pope francis will pray the midday prayer with bishops from the u.s. at the
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cathedral of st. matthew, at 4:15 the mask of the canonization of the controversial california mission founder who will become the first saint canonized on u.s. soil. then on thursday morning, at 10:00 a.m., that speech to congress at 11:15, he will visit st. patrick's catholic lurch. the olders considering chunk. the oldest -- church. the oldest catholic church in dc. at 4:00 the pope will leave and then he will be on his way to our area. >> and when the pope arrives in new york, we are learning that a total of 6,000 police officers will be on duty. on top of that, 818 tons of concrete barriers are being put in place across manhattan. now crews are sealing manhole covers and lamp posts and this will stop people from hiding weapons and explosives or any other dangerous items. the secret service, also conducting drills. the nypd, the secret service, 50 other agencies all coordinating security efforts for the pope's visit. >> i'm so confident with that
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structure that we've been able to leverage. that i have -- i have very little concern. we're -- we are built to succeed. >> well, friday will mark the most extensive security force ever assembled in the city. row after row of police vans, cars, trucks, ready for deployment at the brooklyn army terminal. it's important to note that law enforcement says that at this time, there is no credible threat. >> well, after people trying to get around the city while the pope is in town, there's another big problem. street closures as you can see, this map right here come friday just about every neighborhood will be affected and in some neighborhoods, the changes have already begun. eyewitness news reporter nj burk it is on the upper west side and continues our coverage. nj? >> reporter: that's right liz, it's not going to be easy and it is going to be difficult at times but not impossible. this is central park west. as you can see liz, it's been cleared of parked cars all the way down to 59th street. the side streets this is an
4:34 pm
of parked cars all the way down the columbus avenue south of 72nd street. this means the city is getting serious 48 hours before pope francis sets foot on the island of manhattan. you know they began towing cars early this morning and central park west is now off-limits for parking south of 72nd street. and as are the side streets and immediately off the park and as you would expect local garages are filling up. so trying to use your car in the coming days is going to be difficult. and experts say the best way to get around will be on mass transit. buses are going to be running although with some changes in some routes. the subway will be the best way to get arnold. because -- around. because it's underground of course and no service disruptions are expected regardless of where the pope moves throughout the city. unless of course he decides to ride the subway. then all bets are off but that's not expected to happen. to be clear, the system can handle the surge of riders. and you will be able to get around as long as you try to do
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it underground. >> we're going to be running extra trains on metro-north and on long island railroad. to handle extra people coming in for this day. the mass transit network can handle it. it's going to be more crowded. there's going to be -- you should leave early. give yourself a lot of extra time. if you're on the buses, especially on the east side, going cross town to the middle of manhattan, if you can take a subway route instead, even if you usually prefer the bus, friday would be the day to do it. >> reporter: and as you heard a moment ago, extra commuter trains are going to be running and buss are going to be running. no question about it. the transit system can handle the extra volume. but that does not mean that new yorkers are not worried about all of this. we spoke to them. we're also going to show you a series of maps to show you exactly where the pope is going to be and when he's going to be there. that coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00 tonight. we're live on the upper west side, nj burk it -- n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we heard from the pope on twitter flying today. he quoted quote -- thank you to
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the cuban people, thank you from my heart. tweet came while the pope was 40,000 feet in the airplane. it was the first time that the pope has tweeted in the last few days. and we invite you to stay with eyewitness news and abc news for all the latest on the pope's trip to the u.s. you're going to see many of the major events right here only channel 7. and -- on channel 7. and you can read much more about the upcoming new york leg of his trip at our website. abcny7. he's on twitter. >> he's driving a fee cat. really not -- fiat. we have more ahead on eyewitness news first at 4:00 including a summer camp counselor charged with assaulting children in new jersey. we'll tell you what's being done to protect the kids. >> and it looks like a scene from a movie, a car on fire goes flying into a store. hear from the owner who saw his building suddenly destroyed. >> and the cloud cover and the winds off the ocean keeping it on the cool side today but we have a warmup in time for the arrival of autumn and the papal visit here in new york city.
4:37 pm
is coming up. >> and many catholics are getting ready to meet the pope in new york. but so is the man we're going tell you about. this one right here. he's a practicing muslim. but he says he has some big things in common with the leader of the catholic church and you'll hear from him what they are. >> and one more live look right now at the washington area. you can see bunch of children right now. this is outside the residence where the pope is staying tonight. you can see that they are awaiting his arrival and that massive secret service entourage with that black fiat in the middle carrying the pope. we're going to continue to cover the pope's i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall.
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to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state. plan your trip at
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welcome back, we were covering live arrival of pope francis who's set to begin a three city trip here in the united states. and you can see crowds of young children waiting for his arrival at the residence where he will be staying while in washington. of course we will bring you the very latest developments as we continue to follow his visit. and other news today, caught on camera in our area, a violent high speed crash of a luxury sports car. happened on long island. surveillance video shows the maserati hurtling across the road. police say the driver lost control in west islip around 10:30 last night. the car crashed into a bagel shop but ended up in a neighboring fried chicken restaurant. the damage as you can see in this video was extensive. >> what kind of man is doing 100 miles an hour down this road? jumps the curb and breaks this curb and breaks the building. and rips out the whole front of the stores.
4:40 pm
for that man going that fast? >> good question. the stores thankfully were closed at the time and will remain closed until repairs can be made. the driver is now recovering in the hospital and so far he has not been charged. police did impound the car for a safety check. well, today weather right now. you know there's a crispness in the air and some clouds out there and you feel like something is about to happen out there. >> jeff smith is in for lee goldberg and find out more on the forecast. >> maybe the beginning of fall? >> perhaps. >> of course as fall begins; it will feel more like summer form and into the day on thursday, a look over at central park. of course the pope is going to be in the city late thursday into friday. lot of activities begin on and it looks like some beautiful weather later on in the weak, right now 70 degrees that winds from the northeast at 6 miles per hour. the combination of the cloud cover and that wind coming in off the ocean keeping us actually below average today. the high is your current temperature of 70 typically this time of year we get up to
4:41 pm
to 95 on this date back in 1914. down to 41 in 1904. sun going down at 6:54. you have temperatures in upper 60s right now at laguardia and also white plains and upper 60s and low 70s on long island and the jersey shore, there's a pretty thick deck of cloud cover over the tristate regional right now and occasionally even a sprinkle or two in the mid halve hal a little bit -- hudson valley a little earlier over parts of staten island a little sprinkle there with that onshore flow bringing in some moisture off of the atlantic ocean as we have a low pressure area kind of developing right now off of the north carolina coast. that's in competition now with an area of high pressure with fair weather over the great lakes. the high pressure is going to win out i'll tell you during the next couple of days as that builds 234. we'll be -- in. we'll be clearing out overnight into the day tomorrow. tonight we get down about 60 or so in the park and check out the suburbs north and west getting well down into the 40s. but morristown which gets down to 48 overnight tonight, actually recovers to 80 tomorrow.
4:42 pm
by the way, begins at 4:21 a.m. tomorrow. 80 in central park. how's that for the first day of fall? 77 at islip and of course from the papal visit here in new york city, when he arrives on thursday, 80 degrees under partly sunny skies. it's a mix of clouds and sun on friday. temperatures in the mid 70s. so here's your accuweather forecast for tonight. clearing and comfortable. we're down to 60 in midtown manhattan and 50s in most of the suburbs and even 40s as i showed you on the coolest spots north and west. mostly sunny becoming warmer tomorrow. the high getting up to 80 for the first day of fall and mainly clear tomorrow night and we're down the about 6 -- to about 62. here's the accuweather seven day forecast, again clouds and sun on thursday and friday. 80 thursday and 76 on friday. for that papal visit. he leaves to go town to philadelphia -- down to philadelphia on saturday and might run into some weather worries in philadelphia. could be some rain trying to work its way up the coast. late saturday. it might try to make a run at us on sunday. there's a chance of rain in there. we do need the rain. so that's actually good news upper 60s for highs.
4:43 pm
and there's a lot of factors going into that system later on in the week and it's a complicated scenario, that's during the 5:00 hour, back over to you guys. >> all right! we're happy we're welcoming fall on a beautiful day. all right thanks jeff. well, new york was the largest city to say no to those phone products but that ground- breaking ban, it's no more. we've got details on the reversal and what comes next. >> and attacked by a shark. the story of a little boy who thwarted off to survive. hear from the brave swimmer on why he wouldn't back down. >> and right now, you can check
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
and we gist received this video just a short time ago, this was pope francis on board his plane. he held an impromptu news conference as he tends to like to do. speaking to reporters as he was flying into washington just a short time ago. he talked a little bit about how he was not going to bring up the cuban embargo when he addresses congress. and also recognizing that he realizes that he is flying into a little bit of a polarized political environment here in the united states. and that he is willing to take on that challenge. but again, this is new video that we're receiving right now. pope just landing this afternoon and is right now on his way to the residence where he will rest for the rest of the evening. we've been following other news of the day including a camp counselor in new jersey under arrest. accused of sexually assaulting
4:47 pm
children in his care. 26-year-old alex farkas was arrested yesterday. he sexually assaulted two young boys in separate incidents prosecutors say. investigators say he sexually assaulted one boy on the bus while he was a bus monitor for the ymca. the other boy was assaulted at camp. the case remains open as they search for other potential victims. well, new york city's ban on plastic foam containers is no more. it's been overturned by a judge. a ban was spearheaded by former mayor michael bloomberg and supported by current mayor de blasio. but a group of manufacturers recyclers and restaurants sued. arguing that the containers could be effectively retyke ld in a way that -- recycled in a way that saves the city's money. the judge found the order to be arbitrary and capricious. well the holiest days in judaism. it starts at sundown and yom kippur is marked by prayer and
4:48 pm
services begin this evening and the holy holiday runs until sundown tomorrow. >> easy fast for all out there. as we head to the break, want to take one more look outside the papal residence in washington, d.c., you can see a cloud of there wishing him well. he's going to have a very busy
4:49 pm
a 12-year-old boy who managed to fight off a shark is sharing his incredible survival story. he was at a beach in florida when a 4-foot shark latched on to him. his instiskts kicked in and he punched the shark. the shark let him go. he was hurt after that. he yelled for help but no one heard him. he dragged himself to shall do water. >> i was going backwards dragging my foot. i go out of the water until people saw that i was split open and they lifted me up. >> poor guy. josh says he is worried about going back in the water as you can imagine.
4:50 pm
he plans to write a story about his ordeal. make the best of it. >> strong young man. we want to show you live pictures that we are just getting in. there is the pope. he has arrived at the residence in d.c. where he will be staying during his trip there. he is being greeted by some of the folks there. he is staying at the home of the papal nuncio on massachusetts avenue across the street from the vice president's residence. >> this essentially an embassy to our country from the vatican. better accommodations than he is used to having than the vatican itself. >> yes, they have custom made sheets there with the papal logo on it as well. and the pope requested his own foam mattress. so, he will be able to enjoy that there.
4:51 pm
we are going to see the pope today. he is retiring to the residence. no public events this evening so the pope can get some rest. he has a daunting schedule ahead of him and has since he left rome when he was in cuba as well. but you see the pope just walking into the papal nuncio's residence there in washington, d.c. arriving just a few minutes ago, greeted by those children there who have been lined up for quite a long time waiving and greeting the pope as he arrived. >> that wraps up eyewitness news at 4:00.
4:52 pm
pope francis is in the united states for first time pulling into his residence in washington, d.c. after a grand arrival less than an hour ago with a greeting from the first family. good evening, i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm diana williams. grand it was. a lot of enthusiasm and cheering for pope francis. you can see it there, the red
4:53 pm
greeted by president obama the first family on the tarmac at the baseless than an hour ago. also there are hundreds of well wishers all of them watching the pontiff as he stepped on to u.s. soil for the very first time. moments ago he arrived at the home he will stay in during his time in washington, d.c. and another large crowd gathered outside. >> here is a live look at the home. the pope is inside and is expected to stay inside all night. he has a busy schedule ahead of him. it came after he left cuba after he visited santiago wrapping up a four day trip there. preparations are well underway in our area and security is being stepped up. pope francis won't get here to new york until thursday evening. >> we have a team of reporters in new york and washington. we begin with political reporter dave evans live at the opt where the pope will address congress on thursday. dave?
4:54 pm
>> reporter: diana, as you >> reporter: diana, as you
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