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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 25, 2015 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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finally, pope francis made his new york city debut today. it's the second stop on his historic u.s. tour. after a very busy visit to washington, d.c. where he posed in front of the washington monument with president obama and gave an address to congress speaking about the american dream. >> god bless america. >> reporter: he arrived in nyc just hours ago where adoring crowds lined the streets, their cheers filling the air along his cathedral. even a papal imposter cause atd a ruckus, this box pope creating quite a stir and photo ops for the masses. we'll have continuing coverage of the pope's trip to america starting with "gma" first thing in the morning.
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as always we're online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page thanks for watching and good
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and on the third day, he arrived. tonight the beginning
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excited more than just catholics. tomorrow a full day of events and a security lockdown like this city has never seen before. >> he's a humble and simple man and today he's taking by storm a city that is anything but. good evening at 11:00. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. right now pope francis is resting up for a very big day tomorrow. this is a live look at the papal nuncio residence just off central park where the pope is staying. it's been a big day for the pontiff. >> in the span of 12 hours the 78-year-old pope gave a historic speech, flew to jfk, then in to the pope-mobile welcomed by thousands on 5th avenue in midtown. finally, a packed prayer service at st. pat's. tomorrow just as busy. >> we have three reports. we begin with the pope's big welcome in new york. jim dolan in midtown.
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children and laugh out loud with total strangers. pope francis is of course the world's shepherd but he was thoroughly enjoying his new york flock tonight. 78-year-old pope francis arrived in new york for the first time today and from his first steps showed the common touch with the uncommon power that's marked his papacy, a humble blessing of the children gathered on the tarmac to greet him. five children from five local parishes and the genuine joy they took in his reaction. >> he shook my hand and said mucho gusto. >> reporter: he stopped there too at the airport to bless a young woman in a wheelchair and how strong an impact he had on her. >> i kissed his ring, then he just looked at me with like the face of god. it was just wonderful and it was so
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precious. >> reporter: a woman handed him a doll of himself, and he couldn't help but laugh out loud again. >> when i saw the pope coming over, i held it ups face lit up and it made him so happy. >> reporter: francis' trip through manhattan was brief but lined with people trying to get a glimpse of him. they had stood for hours waiting for this shining moment, but how powerful that moment was when it finally came. >> wait for my pope, when my pope come in, so i feel a blessing. >> we waved, pictures, everything. >> did he wave back? >> he did, actually. he did. >> reporter: the first stop for pope francis was st. patrick's and a prayer service known as vespers. >> papa francesco, welcome to
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>> once you enter those famous doors on 5th avenue, you became an official new yorker. [ applause ] >> it was a remarkable and yes, for many, it was a powerful night, a humble pastor who has not changed doctrine nor dogma but has invited many back to the flock. reporting live from the east side, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. one new yorker not just meeting the pope today but also getting a birthday gift from him. mary celebrating her 100th birthday where he gave her a rosary. >> he gave me a blessing and he gave me a rosary. >> how amazing is that? >> oh, it's beautiful. beautiful. just told me don't lose the rosaries. [ laughter ] >> that's good advice. mary is one of two seniors from the queen of peace residence in queens village who did meet the pope today.
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this photo was taken as they were getting ready to leave jfk. an emotional greeting caught on camera inside st. patrick's cathedral tonight as a teenage girl confined to a wheelchair met pope francis. stephanie gabaud who suffers from spinal bifida had just received a ticket having no idea she'd had a personal moment with the pope. when the pontiff saw her, he stopped, talked to her, and gave her a special blessing. the experience brought stephanie to tears. >> it's such an amazing night. oh, my god. just to actually meet him and be in his presence is such a blessing. >> this isn't the first pope stephanie has met. she met pope benedict in 2008 when he was here in new york. the pope now resting at the vatican's digs, one of the priciest town houses in country. he made the trip today from east 72nd street off central park.
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outside, extra security, that would be an understatement. josh einiger tweeting this picture of all the cops protecting the pope tonight. josh is outside the 11,000 square foot residence. josh. >> it's not the kind of digs he's used to staying in. he's resting up in a mansion just off the block at 72nd between madison and 5th. we've seen an extraordinary display of force by the nypd and secret service as they lock down a neighborhood and lock out thousands who wanted to sneak a peek. >> reporter: after an undoubtedly exhausting day for the 78-year-old pope francis, his motorcade rumbled down 5th avenue past hordes of do you recognize fans, some of them since noon, all to catch this priceless glimpse. >> my heart is pumping. >> i was thinking i was going to have a moment to look at him. it was so fast. >> even if it was like 3 seconds we saw him inside the small fiat, it was worth it. >> first time to see him in person. i was excited. >> reporter: his
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by dozens of armored vehicles turned off the block of 72nd between 5th security so laser tight, even these nypd officers were kept behind metal barricades as others paroled with bomb sniffing dogs. >> traffic is bad. but people here we love it. it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the pope. >> reporter: that's why onlookers flocked here just for that fleeting look. people like ellen who came all the way from toms river just to see the motorcade but missed it. she'll be back to try again tomorrow. >> he has that warmth that he wants to embrace everybody, and we don't have that so much in our society. >> back live, you're looking there at the entrance to 72nd street between madison and 5th. there's a popup barricade at the entrance.
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that police car that is just on the outside of that barricade. you've got to ram that car before you can try to ram that barricade and no one is ramming anything here because let me show you what's going on. they've actually frozen this entire stretch of madison. look up there at 73rd street. sanitation trucks loaded down with sand to keep an intruder coming from the north on madison. the same thing exist physical you go down a couple blocks or behind the camera up as far as park avenue, an extraordinary display of security as the police and secret service try to keep this pope safe. we're live on the upper east side, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. as we've been mentioning, pope is resting whirlwind day tomorrow. it begins at 8 a.m. where he'll visit and address the united nations. he then heads to the 9/11 memorial and museum where he'll take part in a multireligious prayer service. 4:30.
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he goes to our lady school in east harlem where he'll meet with 3rd and 4th graders. then it's right to central park for a procession with the popemobile. the final event of the night, a mass at madison square garden beginning at 6:00. the pope cramming all this in to a visit in manhattan that lasts just 39 hours and 40 minutes. for that two-night stay, the nypd deploying 6,000 extra officers. they'll help protect the pope as he covered 54 miles of new york city and at the height of the lockdown, that's tomorrow at 1 p.m., 83 city blocks or 10.3 miles of streets will be shut down to traffic. the biggest shutdown in new york city history. so how in the world do you get around tomorrow? eyewitness news reporter aj ross with some advice and information at pen station. >> no question penn station is one of the biggest transportation arteries in the city and starting tomorrow this major vein along with the surrounding roadways, they're all going to be flooded with people trying to get a glimpse
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of pope francis. there's already some barricades on standby. to answer your question, it's not going to take a miracle but will take patient sequence a little faith in our mass transit system. >> reporter: what was a normal thursday evening commute here at penn station will likely take divine intervention to repeat friday. with signs from on high and below all signifying the great draw of pope francis among the masses. >> likely going to be a lot of papal madness so i'm not taking the train. i'm taking my motorcycle, because you can weave in and out of traffic. >> seen the barricades, the detours, and all that kind of stuff. i feel sorry for people that drive. >> reporter: taking a cue from this jazz band, a lot of commuters admit they'll be improvising, trying to bypass closures, detours, and gridlock. as his holiness makes several stops around the city starting with the united nations general assembly. then it's back uptown
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to east harlem where he'll greet students at our lady queen of angels before concluding his day with a historic mass at madison square garden. >> it might be a little hectic. >> i'm going to be working from home tomorrow to avoid any congestion in the city, changes of transportation. >> reporter: while mass transit will likely serve as a saving grace for many, the mta is warning customers to prepare for service changes and thousands of extra passengers. to help with crowd control around msg, 33rd and 31st street entrances along 8th avenue will be closed. long island railroad and metro north will have extra trains and a lot of local buses will be using parallel streets to avoid the papal pilgrimage. >> it's going to be great for the city. it's going to be crazy. >> no question drivers will have it the worst tomorrow as this entire area will be shut down and off limits for most of the day. not to mention the west side highway and 9/11 memorial area will be closed for part of the day along with 16
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blocks west of central park. so definitely pack your patience, maybe say a prayer. live at penn station tonight, aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> really lucky. obviously in central park tomorrow for the big popemobile event, no alcohol, no drones or weapons even if you're an off duty cop. also banned, animals, other than service and guide animals. blankets, coolers, flags, posters, selfie sticks, umbrellas. you are allowed to bring water and a snack, personal camera, and a stroller for babies and toddlers. as lee said, we aren't going to need the umbrellas. he's in the weather center. what will we need? >> sunglasses on that we're in good shape there. maybe a light jacket. 75 tomorrow. the pope is not going to see any raindrops in new york city but we might over the weekend. we're looking at that. your 7-day accuweather forecast is coming up. >> thank you, lee.
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plus a pope sighted riding around manhattan
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as we've seen, pope francis is a man on a mission, unlike any pontiff before him. today became the first pope to speak to congress and during his 50-minute speech he told congress to step and help people who have the least. >> reporter: a powerful greeting for pope francis then a powerful speech. he did it in english. and with a clear sense of american politics. >> every form of polarization. >> reporter: he also had a clear sense of american history. >> i think of the march which
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>> reporter: and he spoke out for a group near and dear to him, immigrants. >> we, the people of this continent are not fearful of foreigners because most of us were once foreigners. [ applause ] >> reporter: the pope also pushing for a global ban on the death penalty, against abortion, and in support of people who have so little and who need so much. he left the chamber and greeted 50,000 who would gather on the mall. speaker john boehner crying as he did throughout the speech, then vice president biden offering this. meanwhile, the pope could have stayed on the hill, dine would the political leaders of the u.s., but instead, and this is so francis, he went to a catholic charity in washington and ate lunch there with the homeless. >> always serving as an example.
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while pope francis was addressing congress, some people in manhattan came across a confusing sight. what looked like the pope driving around the city in an open convertible. turns out it was actually madam tuso's homage to his holiness. the wax museum unveiling its first figure of pope francis by touring it around the city in its own take on the pope-mobile. one confused bystander contacted police. >> the cops did say can you please take him off the road? a little chaos. >> must have been exciting at st. pat's. >> it really was. you could feel the emotion along 5th avenue but it was picture-perfect weather. not a cloud in the sky. are we going to see more of the same tomorrow? >> sensational tomorrow. maybe not as warm and a little windier. certainly fall in the air. outside we go tonight where i want to show you a picture from earlier this evening. i captured a shot on one of our cameras because i
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visibility is great right now. we're at 70 degrees. the humidity is nice and low. east wind has been busy at times and the high today, 82. that's a full 10 above average. we'll only be in the mid 70s tomorrow. you'll notice the difference. there are your sunrise and sunset times. a few more high clouds. autumn is in the air thanks to a cool northeast wind. that can gust to 20. persistent onshore wind. then we have the full supermoon coming in. a little concerned the clouds are going to compromise that eclipse locally. rain is likely to stay south on sunday. very close call but i think for the most part we're dry during the daylight hours. 69, belmont. regal park coming in at 70. really nice night in suburbs. once again we'll be in the 50s. cool feel tomorrow morning. fair amount of sunshine. there's the gust y breeze which actually backs off later in the day. noticeable wind out of the northeast and mid 70s. definitely a cooler feeling. want to go with a light jacket.
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high pressure starting to push down from hudson bay. it's a little cold push of air. we need this front to suppress the it's carolinas. rescues. some of that rain is starting to come to the north but i think the dry air holds it off for much of the weekend even autumn breeze. sun and high clouds. still a decent day on saturday. here's that rain spinning off to the south. extended futurecast will take us from saturday in to sunday. this particular computer model only taking the raindrops to the del mar. might be a little farther north than that. a lot of clouds coming in for the second part of the weekend. here's your accuweather forecast. scattered high clouds 7:00 in the morning. 53. high of 75. breezy, cooler a little more fall in the air. more of the 75. clouds on sunday. i think the rain is staying to the south and west.
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maybe a touch of rain gets here sunday night. concerned about seeing that super moon eclipse. really will be beautiful across most of the country but we'll have a lot of cloud cover. then we'll warm it up maybe to mid 80 next week. bill evans will have an update in the morning. up next, the veggies to avoid if you don't want to gain weight. plus, big plans for get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time.
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i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. the historic twa flight center at kennedy airport will be transformed in to a hotel complex. that's the word tonight from governor andrew cuomo who announced a 75-year lease deal with the landmark property. the transformation project is expected to create about 3700 jobs. the $265 billion hotel complex will pay homage to the airport's golden jet age era. pretty cool. the port authority tonight delaying a vote on a plan to
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in manhattan. the proposed multibillion dollar project has put commissioners at odds. a plan was presented but a vote was not taken and will likely be delayed at least one month. some board members voiced specific objections while others said they haven't had enough time to review the plan. fruits and vegetables, we know some important keys to a good diet but some veggies can put on the pounds. researchers at harvard who found people who regularly ate starchy vegetables like corn, peas, potatoes, they gained weight, raising blood glucose making you more hungry. those that helped aid in weight loss included apples, cauliflower, pears. a busy 12 days for the giants. they kicked off week 3 of the nfl season at the meadowland. straight ahead, we'll update that game. a late kick-off because there's not much had else going on today.
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we'll get you caught up. the mets in cincinnati. they're off and running. season is wrapping
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big night in sports. we begin with a big memory at yankee stadium. >> you can't honor him enough. there has been so many tributes in honor of yogi berra, but the yankees themselves came back home tonight and paid tribute to yogi in yankees style. a simple grouping of flowers and the number eight, berra's retired yankee number. the catcher would go where yogi would go, and then taps for this u.s. veteran. and tears. today would have been mrs. berra's birthday. granddaughter lindsey tweeting today, hope you and grandpa are enjoying the day together. then baseball. yankees against the white sox. pineda gets the strikeout.
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in the 3rd inning carlos beltran, two men on, and nobody's catching that one. except the kid in the front row. if anybody is going to catch it, could there have been anybody better? 3-2 yanks win, now three games behind the jays. magic number is 6 to clinch at least a wildcard spot. love that kid. the mets' magic number shrunk tonight before they played their game by virtue of the nationals losing this afternoon, trying to get even lower in cincinnati. came in having lost six of their last eight games. lucas duda with the first of his two rbi daniel murphy would motor in. the mets are on top 3-1 as soon as murph scores. steven matthew tried other keep it there but the mets rally. david wright. matz leaves the game. murphy had three hits tonight including this two-out triple with curtis granderson on base. the mets win tonight 6-4. first place lead up to seven and
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a half games. magic number down to three. let's get to football. they lost their first two games despite having 4th quarter leads. the giants are focused on finishing starting tonight. a special nfl thursday nighter at the meadowlands. 25-14 giants in the 4th quarter. they have a safety. odell beckham, jr. has a touchdown and it looks like big blue gets up off the mat in week 3. but it's the 4th quarter. nhl preseason hockey for the rangers tonight. henrik lundqvist seeing his first action of the preseason. 21 saves. matt zuccarello hasn't played since he fractured his skull in april. how about a goal and an assist. rangers lose 4-3 in a shootout. finally from us, a little high school football. some people have complained the extra point has become too automatic, too easy, boring even. in texas this kicker says watch this. his kick goes off the referee's
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