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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  September 25, 2015 4:30am-6:00am EDT

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that's what's making news the pontiff has arrived. faithful supporters greet pope francis with cheers welcoming the holy father to new york city for the first time. >> a live look at the papal nuncio's residence on the upper east side where pope francis should be waking up now. he rises about 4:30 in the morning. he has a jam packed schedule ahead. we have live coverage of the
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agenda and how it may impact your commute ahead. >> a heaven sent forecast at pope francis makes his way through manhattan. bill evans will have the forecast coming up. good morning to you. i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. we are taking the morning show on the road as i stand over 9/11 memorial plaza. good morning to you. with the pontiff arriving yesterday and he has a busy schedule. i will step out of the way as we look at this majestic and sacred ground. this will be the pontiff's second stop of the day. he will bless the north pool then the south pool and then get ready for a multireligion prayer of remembrance. yesterday he came in to j.f.k. taking you to video as we look at pope francis as he made his
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in new york as he stepped off shepherd one to a warm greeting to the crowds at kennedy airport. there he met with five children from local parishes and blessing them, receiving gifts. there was one point when he brought a bouquet of different messages to the pope. from there he got in his helicopter, heading for manhattan. quite a site that was. pope francis waved to thousands that gathered on the sidewalks. many waited for hours just to bear witness to this very historic event. pope francis arriving at saint patrick's cathedral to another crowd filled with new york lawmakers and religion leaders. senator schumer, governor cuomo on hand, mayor de blasio. he lead the church in evening prayers known as vespers. the night had a special moment for a teenage girl in the crowd
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she was in a wheelchair toward the front of the cathedral when pope francis stopped, took a moment to speak to her. she wiped away tears as the two shared a special moment he asked her to prayer for him. >> such an amazing oh, my god. just to actually meet him and be in his presence is such a blessing. >> reporter: after services the pope headed back to the papal nun see ya forest before his first full day in new york city. as i mentioned earlier, his schedule is jam packed taking him to the united nations where he will visit and address the u.n. general assembly. then he comes here to the 9/11 memorial and museum for a multiprayer service. next he heads to our lady queen of angels school at east
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he will meet with third and fourth graders. then on to central park for a procession in the popemobile. a ticketed event by the way preceding the main event which is, of course, that mass at madison square garden. of course bringing you live team coverage once again this morning. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is standing by outside the home of the papal nuncio where pope francis likely woke up moments ago. usually he wakes up around 4:30. that is a hope we know. perhaps he is up and watching us here. our coverage begins with n.j. burkett at the united nations. good morning, n.j. >> reporter: lori, good morning. when it comes to the pope's global agenda, this advertise the moment francis has been waiting for. his landmark address to the united nations general assembly. the audience assembled will be one of the most powerful and influential ever assembled
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kings, queens, president's and prime ministers. the vatican says he will discuss the plight of refugees and the need for wealthy nations to open their doors. he is expected to push the u.n. to do more about poverty and corrupt, abusive and irresponsible government, two of the main forces driving conflict and mass migrations. inequality, the environment are other themes that are crucial to this pope. leaders plan to use this general assembly to go beyond similar meetings in the past. >> the 193 members of the united nations are aiming to adopt a new framework of global cooperation, especially around the idea of sustainable development which means that our world economy needs to be safe for the environment and it needs to be fairer as well. >> reporter: this is a much
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anticipated speech and will be delivered in the pope's native language, which is spanish and simultaneously translated into dozens of languages so the other delegates will hear what he is saying, understand it in realtime. the pope is expected to get a warm reception here and we are looking forward to that. it will be a busy day for the pontiff. for more on that part of the story, let's go to dray clark up in the papal nuncio's residence on the upper east side. >> this is the third time this week that we have been outside the home of the papal nuncio on the upper east side. today is a different kind of day. different because right now pope francis is inside that 11,000 square foot town house and outside the show of force you can see is absolutely astounding. this is east 72nd street between 5th and madison avenue. from end to end, top to bottom, this block is surrounded with
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nypd and secret service has to offer. everything from barricades, bomb-sniffing dogs, snipers and enough manpower to deter anyone from trying to pull off something foolish. after leaving saint patrick's cathedral last night, the pope made the short trip to the upper east side. people lined the streets hoping to get a glimpse of the pope as he whizzed by in the small fay yacht surrounded by secret service agents. >> like three seconds we saw him inside the small fiat. it was worth it. >> i want to go to madison square garden. if i see him drive by i will make bubbles to make it fun. >> outside the home of the papal nuncio, for several blocks around here there is security everywhere. as was mentioned earlier, we know that the pope is an early riser. he is said to be someone that wakes up about 4:30 in the morning and he likes to pray
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he has a long day today t. his first stop will be the u.n. where he is scheduled to speak to the general assembly at 8:30 this morning. we will be here when he leaves the town house. astounding day with a lot of security. keep in mind, there are people that live on the same block where the pope is staying. those individuals have to show identification and they have to have a personal nypd escort whenever they live or go back into their residence. quite a day here. it's only the beginning of what will be an exciting and long day for pope francis in new york city. live on the upper east side, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. lori? >> all right, dray. thank you to n.j. burkett as well. a little inconvenience for some people that live in the area. for new york period when it comes to traffic or just their way of life but we have to keep in mind that the pope will be here for a little less than 40 hours. an accommodation that most of
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we will have much more from lower manhattan at ground zero later in the newscast. shirleen, ken, back to you. >> lori, thank you so much. we will check back with you later in the show. with the pope's visit comes a lot of street closures. the mass occurring last night and he has another mass today. it will take a miracle to maneuver around manhattan today. a total of 83 blocks of streets will be closed at the same time. >> heather o'rourke has what you need to know and a lot of people want to know. >> shirleen and ken we have a map to show you of the closures on the upper west side of manhattan. you have 77th through 61st street closed down. 77th through 66th closed between columbus avenue and central park west. 65th close closed as well. central park west is closed down. we will head to the maps.
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closure as you travel on to the fdr northbound. the ramp to 42nd is closed down with police activity. no doubt it's difficult to get around the city via car. long island railroad is providing extra service at noon today if you want to come in to manhattan. you have extra service on path trains journal square to 33rd. metro north after 10:00 a.m. extra service. mta buses of course you will be dealing with a lot of detours today. your best bet is to take the subways but the subways you may be skipping stations because of overcrowding and street cleaning rules are suspended. metered are in effect. leave that car at home if you can. we will check in with meteorologist bill evans. it will be a nice day for a pope visit. >> absolutely going to be gorgeous today. nice fall day, cooler than yesterday. temperatures this morning are on the mild pleasant side. normal low is about 58. we are at 68 right now.
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little more as we go through the morning. 63 teterboro. 67 newark and over to laguardia. 60 white plains and rockland county. 50s to the north and west. 50 around morristown. today 60 at 8:00. near 70 by noontime and this afternoon we will be around 76 degrees. beautiful weather this afternoon and this evening for the papal visit. light northeast wind very nice. we are going to talk about a concern for coastal flooding with this northeast wind coming in for the weekend at the time of high tide. we will talk about that in a moment. ken, shirleen, back to you. >> 4:41. we are following a breaking story. a 10-year old boy killed when flames rip through his brooklyn home.
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welcome back. pontiff pandemonium in full swing. pope francis will weave his way through manhattan in his first full day in new york city. >> the holy father will cover 54 miles on the ground during his visit with his procession through central park making up some of the distance. the highly anticipated ticket only event takes place at 5:00 this afternoon ahead of mass at madison square garden. eyewitness news reporter kala rama joins us live from columbus circle. kala? >> good morning, shirleen. this is the place to be if you
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pope when he's in the popemobile. the only way you get in central park is through those tents. those tents are the security gates. the only way you go through the security gates is if you have the golden ticket to enter central park today. you can see the fence next to it. we were here in the early morning hours as they put the last finishing touches on the last few hundred feet of fence. it goes up to the security check gate around the park. it has been that specially steel fence 8 feet tall. only 80,000 people were issued the golden tickets through a lottery system. that is not a lot here. if you are one of those lucky people, here is what you need to know to get in to central park. no alcohol, no drones, not even any weapons even if you are an
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also banned animals other than service and guide animals, bicycles, scooters, blankets, no back packs, coolers or chairs. no flags or posters, selfie sticks or umbrellas. let's be positive. this is what you are allowed to bring in. water and a snack, a personal camera including your phone and toddlers. if you want a selfie with the pope or children blessed by the pope we have seen those great shots where the pope will have a child brought to him or he is kissing a baby in the crowd. if you are a jogger, don't come in this area today. it's for sure already closed. this is where you usually see the horse and carriages. they are not here. the fence goes all the way around central park. it is closed from columbus circle, central park south all the way to 5th avenue, 1st south to 59th street here.
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post and you don't have a ticket, at 5:00 how he is coming in to central park to get a glimpse of him in the fiat. live in columbus circle, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you. head to our web site, for details on the pontiff's visit and detailed lists of closures. keep it on eyewitness news for continuing coverage of the pope's visit to america. we have breaking news in brooklyn. an overnight fire killed a 10- year old boy. that fire started inside a third floor apartment in the pink houses before 10:00. investigators say the young boy was found unresponsive inside the apartment and pronounced dead a short time later. the boy's father got siblings out but was unable to save him. the other children are being checked out at a hospital. meteorologist bill evans is joining us with the accuweather forecast.
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>> great day today. a lot of sunshine. a breeze out of the northeast. it will be windy at times. we will call it breezy and windy. the wind will get up to 20 miles per hour. this is our shot from brooklyn to the east side. dry humidity. east wind at 8. pressure up there, 30.36. that means we have fair weather. normal is 72. it will be breezy and cooler today. the sun up at 6:46. a beautiful sunrise and sunset to go with that later today. autumn in the air thanks to a cool northeast wind. flooding is a concern because of the northeast wind. it will pile the water in especially through the jersey shore and east end of long island. rain stays south, clouds. 51 around carmel. 60 rockland county to white plains. these numbers are warm for the overnight hours and here is the wind i have been talking about out of the northeast here 6, 10, 8 miles per hour keeping it breezy.
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from that storm to the south. it stays south. we get the clouds. the high clouds sheared off of that. futurecast is showing that. rain staying around the d.c. area, baltimore here. we have the clouds through sunday. some of these showers creep slowly into the area monday as the system exits into the atlantic. today a beautiful day for the papal visit, nice, sun, high clouds, 75 degrees. we say whenever the weather is sunny and 76 it's a perfect day. that's what we have. at the beach there will be a high risk of rip currents. waves of 3 to 5 building 4 to 6 with the northeast wind from the storm. if you are away from the beach you don't notice anything going on, a breezy fall autumn-like day. with the storm to the south and high pressure sliding eastward, big waves at the beaches, rough surf, got to be on the look out for that as we go saturday into sunday. tonight partly cloudy. a little windy.
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10 to 20 miles per hour wind. you can call that breezy. temperature 60. sun and high clouds saturday. breezy, cooler, temperature is 74. here is the accuweather seven- day forecast. 74 degrees to 72 by the time we get to sunday a few more clouds. then there are the sprinkles on monday for that storm exiting. as that storm leaves, look at tuesday, we warm back up to 80 then we cool down wednesday and thursday next week. >> we need the rain. >> we do. much. we could use rain. heather o'rourke, you have a list of closures. i think what everybody should do is leave the car at home. take a look at the closures around the u.n. we have a lot of closures between 46th street street. that is closed down between first and second. let's head to the maps, i can tell you that the fdr drive on
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to the northbound side, that ramp to 42nd street is closed down with police activity. that's because of the papal general assembly. that will be in place for quite some time. if you want to come in, if you are coming in to see the pope, use mass transit. that's the way to go. long island railroad is providing extra service at noon. extra service on the path trains and extra service if you want to use metro north after 10:00 a.m. with the buses, you will find detours around the area obviously because of the street closures. that is another thing to think about. subways may skip stations. street cleaning rules are suspended. metered are in effect. >> thank you. coming up on "eyewitness news this morning," if there was ever a moment for crying in baseball, this could be it. the moving contribute to yogi berra at yankee stadium coming up. >> plus, pint size pope.
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you will meet the woman that made the pope smile introducing
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back live in lower manhattan over the 9/11 memorial plaza where pope francis is scheduled to arrive about 11:30 this morning. you can't help but think the last time that a sitting pope came here was in 2008 with pope benedict xvi. at that time there was a hole there at the sacred ground. the last time i was here was on the 9/11 anniversary, the 10th anniversary. of course the museum wasn't here at that point. quite a different scenario that pope francis will see as he takes time to remember the 3,000 victims of 9/11 and meet with first responders and their families. let's head back to ken. we will be back here at the top of the hour. >> lori, thank you. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic.
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bill evans -- we will go on instead. we have federal investigators -- let's do this instead. yankees remember one of their greats as a hero on and off the field. a moment of silence at yankee stadium before the game with the white sox as they honored yogi berra. a navy bugle played taps during the ceremony. yogi berra's funeral is tuesday held in his hometown that he loved so much, montclair, new jersey. happening today, mayor de blasio and his wife will attend a viewing for car carey gabay.
4:55 am
the viewing is at brooklyn's emanuel baptist church where carey and his wife are members of the congregation. we have all seen the pope products being sold to mark this historic visit. >> and we know the pope has seen them, too. >> a woman in the crowd greeted pope francis and brought something special with her at the time. that little doll made to look like the pope. she held it up when pope francis arrived and got a laugh out of the pontiff. >> when i saw the pope coming over i held it up and his face lit up. it made him so happy and he took it. i am so blessed and happy. >> now like anyone else that visits new york the pope will the airport. how cute is that. >> i love that
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good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. our guest of honor waking up to a full schedule this morning. eyewitness news is live every step of the way. good morning. friday, september 23rd. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm lori stokes. good morning to all of you in lower manhattan over the 9/11 memorial and museum. ahead of the pontiff's visit
4:59 am
we hear the cheers from yesterday of his arrival at j.f.k. the electricity even this morning. you can still feel it even though we are told he gets up at 4:30. perhaps he is awake and getting ready for a day that is full of much activity. at 8:30 today he will formally address the united nations. the general assembly will celebrate its 70th anniversary. at 11:30, the religious service i spoke about at the 9/11 memorial and museum. then at 4:00 he heads to east harlem. he will visit our lady queen of angels school before he hops in a motorcade at 5:00, takes a ride through central park and finally then this evening at 6:30 tonight and the pope will lead mass at madison square garden, something that is usually reserved for rock stars
5:00 am
which he has became since his visit in america. yesterday new york city rolled out the red carpet for the pontiff following his arrival to j.f.k., clergy men and a lot of eager fans snapped photos before francis boarded a helicopter to wall street and when he got there, fiat which, of course, you will see in a moment, was waiting for him. and he was whisked away. this morning -- this morning we have team coverage. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live on the upper east side at the home of the papal nuncio and we have kala rama live at central park. we start, though, with n.j. burkett on the east side at the united nations where pope francis will address the u.n. general assembly. n.j. >> reporter: lori, good morning. the pope is expected in just over three hours to deliver
5:01 am
he will be the fourth pope to take the world stage. no question that francis will boldly go where no pope has gone before. pope paul the sixth became the first pope to address the general assembly back in 1965, lori, followed by john paul ii that delivered two speeches here then pope benedict xvi each calling for an end to armed conflict and support basic human rights. pope francis will sound similar themes but add to it climate change, sustainable development and economic and social inequality. that as well as this pope's deeply personal style has all the makings of a monumental speech. the pope's right hand man at the u.n. told me don't be surprised if francis strays from the script. >> we expect him to talk about the post 2015 sustainable development goals but he will
5:02 am
he will talk about peace, security but he will say other things. i believe that he will be able to make statements which probably he would not -- he would pull out some punches here and there. >> reporter: pope francis expected to arrive about 8:30 this morning. when it comes to the global agenda, this is the moment they have been waiting for. >> n.j., thank you. as you can imagine, protect going -- protecting pope francis is a huge security undertaking keeping the pope safe. it has taken months and months of advanced planning. the residence, by the way, the papal nuncio on the upper east side where, of course, the pope has spent the night, those streets are in a lock down situation as well, around that area.
5:03 am
clark is standing by live in that area. you were saying it has posed a bit of an inconvenience for people that live over there. >> a bit of an inconvenience when you have this amount of law enforcement on your block in your neighborhood. we heard about the kind of security measures that would be implemented while the pope is in residence at the home of the papal nuncio. now here we are in the middle of it all watching it play out. it is without exaggeration an extraordinary show of force. this is east 72nd street between madison and 5th avenues. it is completely on lockdown here. it is hard to see that 11,000 square foot town house just up the block. outside the home there are bomb- sniffing dogs, snipers, portable barricades and there are large -- those large
5:04 am
around the home blocking the street. the pope arrived just before 9:00 last night and from the moment he arrived here at the home, this neighborhood has been completely on lockdown. we heard so much about what was going to happen when the pope arrived here and everything that we al lines with what we have heard. if you do live on this block, you mentioned this a moment ago, if you are someone that lives on this block, you have to show identification if you want to get to your residence and you have a personal escort to even cure that you are going to the place lifted on your identification. now, we know that pope francis is an early riser. he typically gets up around 4:30 in the morning, prays for about two hours. not sure if he has that same regularment in new york city. if that is the case, he would be awake right now preparing for a long day ahead. we expect to be leaving the residence at some time after 8:00 this morning.
5:05 am
he is scheduled to deliver the remarks before the u.n. general assembly later this morning at 8:30. when that happens, we will be here. live on the upper east side, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, dray. by the way, we will all be there waiting for this jam packed day that the pope has ahead of him. i don't know how he does it, a man of his age but he has the stamina. he is making folks in america and here in new york very happy. we will have much more in the day ahead with pope francis. back to you, ken, shirleen. >> lori, thank you. there is a massive operation underway right now in central park. >> gates are going up and this will impact traffic. kala rama is live in central park with what you need to know if you are in that area. kala? >> reporter: yes, good morning, shirleen and ken. usually around 5:00 this morning you would see yogers, power walkers coming in. that is not the case today.
5:06 am
you can see by the fence behind me here. as promised, we want to show you maybe how you can get a glimpse of the pope in his fiat if you don't have tickets to one of these coveted events like madison square garden or today in central park. take a look at this map. we will show you the way that he is supposedly coming along. the pope with his entourage, his motorcade enters through 72nd street, continue through the park and at some point he will switch into the popemobile which has the glass and the open sides that we have seen so much here. and he will continue through the park and likely exit on 7th avenue, go through time's square on his way to madison square garden. that may be another opportunity besides 72nd where you can possibly see him in his fiat. as for the security where i am at central park, we were here early this morning while they were putting the last few hundred feet of fence up here
5:07 am
it's the specially steel fence that cannot be toppled or climbed. keep in mind only 80,000 people were issued tickets through a lottery system. that is not a lot. the only way back out live you can enter central park is through those tents. that is basically the security check. as you can see, the fence along it, that is the only way you can enter with, of course, the golden ticket here. central park is shut down all day. there will be lots of traffic in this area. live outside columbus circle, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kala, thank you. making your way through traffic today could be a nightmare for drivers in a bunch of areas. heather o'rourke has what you need to know to get around the lock down. >> i am hoping that we have scared everybody away and there won't be much traffic. let's go over here and talk to you about where most of the areas are that you want to avoid. this is the street closure overview.
5:08 am
8:30 he will be by the 9/11 memorial. avoid that area. then he will be at the u.n., rather. then 11:30 at the 9/11 memorial then 4:30 at the school. we have a lot of changes going on as far as mass transit as well, extra trains, buses, expect detours. we have alternate side of the street parking rules suspended. the metered are in effect. mass transit it is the way to go if you are coming into the city. if you are and you can't bring your umbrella because of the pope if you are going to see him but it looks like you won't need one, right, bill evans. you are right. u.v. index around a 5. you would have to be out there 3, 4 hours to get a sunburn. great fall day. 66 degrees.
5:09 am
cloudy skies. east wind coming in. north port massapequa 60. 63 east hampton. a beauty tf a day today. winds northeast 8 to 16 miles per hour. we are looking at fine weather, near perfect and fall like today. we will talk about the rest of the weekend coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. back to you. >> bill, thank you. we are following breaking news in brooklyn where a fire has claimed the life of a little boy overnight. we are working to tup date the investigation right now. >> also ahead, republican presidential front-runner
5:10 am
5:11 am
back here in lower manhattan at the 9/11 memorial and museum, well ahead of pope francis' visit here scheduled for about 11:30 this morning. he will meet cardinal dolan, other vatican leaders take a look at the pools before meeting with victims families then holding a multireligion remembrance in hindu, buddhist, christian and muslim. many faiths coming together to remember those who perished on that day. back to you, ken and shirleen. >> thank you, lori. we will see you again soon. we are following some breaking news in brooklyn where a 10-year old boy was killed in a fire inside his apartment. investigators say the boy was sleeping when the fire broke out in the third floor apartment before 10:00 last night. it happened at the pink houses in east new york. the boy's siblings escaped with
5:12 am
his father but the father was unable to get to the boy to safety. he was found unconscious inside the apartment and pronounced dead. republican presidential front-runner donald trump is boosting about his dominant leads in the polls at 26% with carly fiorina at 16% quickly gaining supporters. the campaign has been overshadowed by the pope's arrival. trump says fiorina that is surging might be broke but he denied that his use of the word shrill to describe hillary clinton wasn't sexism. >> she has gotten loud and boisterous. that can happen to men, too. >> other republicans are jabbing marco rubio says trump is touchy, insecure and uninformed. trump called rubio a lightweight.
5:13 am
the explosion in maryland that damaged or destroyed several homes. officials say the gas explosion caused $2 million worth of damage to the town houses. it happened moments after a gas worker was called in when a neighbor smelled gas. that worker told everyone to get out but was still inside when the flames broke out. he is expected to be okay. meteorologist bill evans on this friday with your which inclusive weekend forecast. >> it will be great weather today. a lot of sunshine. breezy today. temperature starting out at 66 degrees as we head to dawn which will be in a little over an hour, 20 minutes from right now. pressure 30.35 steady. strong nice high pressure out of canada over us with a normal high of 72 today, we will be at 76, warmer than normal. yesterday 82, cooler and breezy. gorgeous sunrise. autumn feel for the day with
5:14 am
the cool northeast wind, with the wind consistently over the next three days. rain stays to the south sunday but we get clouds. u.v. index of 6. you have to be out there four hours to get a sunburn. letter the pollen count for ragweed started to drop to low with this northeast wind coming in here. 52 hanover. hopatcong 55, 52 monticello. a great fall morning with a northerly to a northeast wind. beautiful weather today. the low down to the south along the atlantic coast will throw clouds our way and make it windy. if you are going to the beaches this weekend, you will notice the rough surf and the waves. that is at the beaches. inland from that, you won't notice anything going on. be on the lookout for that. high risk of rip currents from the storm to the south. the rain stays to the south this weekend. futurecast shows that. clouds across the area for saturday into sunday.
5:15 am
that will block to the south. sunny and breezy, 70s. partly cloudy, windy weather tonight. 10 to 20 miles per hour wind out of the northeast. tomorrow sun and clouds, 74. more clouds on sunday and it's breezy, 72 degrees. the next shot of rain will be monday. not a lot but a couple of showers we are back up to 80 by tuesday. so, have a great day, a great weekend. >> not bad, not bad at all. thank you, bill. let's send it over to heather o'rourke. lots of closures to talk about. >> today is the day that you want to leave your car at home, utilize mass transit. we are going to head over here and talk about the street closures around the 9/11 memorial. the pope will be down there at 11:30 this morning. the west side highway will be closed down on the northbound side. i would suspect they may start closures on the southbound side as well. avoid that entire area of lower manhattan if you can. if you see the pope, you want to use mass transit. let's take a look at the maps
5:16 am
and talk about some of the changes because of the pope's visit. mta buses dealing with detours today. you have new jersey transit buses giving you extra service if you want to come into the city and the subways is your bet. they may skip stations because of overcrowding. alternate sides are suspended today. the metered rules are in effect. ken and shirleen, over to you. >> thank you, heather. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning this morning, the road for bill cosby is getting rocky. the steps one university is taking amid the allegations of
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welcome back. the kentucky county clerk that was behind bars for refusing to issue same-sex marriage problems says the problems stem from the state's governor. she said her problems started in june when the suspect legalized same-sex marriage. that day kentucky's governor sent a letter directing the county clerks to issue licenses. davis says that order, quote, usurped control of kentucky marriage law.
5:19 am
fallout from sexual assault accusations has another university backing away from bill cosby. fordham has voted to rescind his honorary debris. fordham cited his 2005 deposition where he admitted to giving women drugs before sex. nyu removed cosby's name from its future filmmakers workshop. a former texas high school football coach says he never told two players to attack an official during a game. the news came as his attorney announced mack has resigned as an assistant in san antonio. in a statement, he insists football official robert watts used a racial slur toward one of jon jay's players. watts denied the accusation. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with the forecast. >> temperatures are comfortable.
5:20 am
67 to elizabeth, new jersey. there is a little wind out of the northeast that will build to about 8 to 16 miles per hour wind. humidities are dry, nice ride on the ferries. we are talking about taking mass transit, jersey city, brooklyn, all those looking good and coming back and forth across from bridgeport to port jeff. kids, mild later on. grab a jacket or sweater this morning. cool and breezy. i give it an a. 76 degrees. it will be beautiful for the papal visit and the kick off to the weekend. so, heather, taking mass transit, good day for it. i am taking mass transit. relax and go with the flow. >> a ferry is a great idea. >> especially on a day like today. >> absolutely. let's go to the maps. we will talk about other stuff on the roadways. he have been facebooking this and tweeting it. route 80 closed near exit 1 an accident investigation. all the traffic is being
5:21 am
detoured to route 46 as a result. you have 287 north in bernards township, that accident cleared away. this problem on the l.i.e. going east near exit 19. that is our accident being cleared from the roadway. then we had a problem on the cross bronx west at third avenue. it was a stall. now it's an accident. street cleaning rules are suspended. ken and shirleen, over to you. >> thank you, heather. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morniing" a huge move from the epa this morning amid the wakes wagon emission -- volkswagen emission scandal we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools.
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the epa expects to issue a recall for volkswagen vehicles after the company's ceo resigned amid an emission scandal. volcano wagon installed a component that switched to clean driving mode during smog tests. the epa is working with the justice department to determine if anyone will face criminal charges. a comment by federal reserve chair sends stocks into negative territory. >> kendis gibson and reena
5:24 am
new york. >> topping america's money interest rates. >> janet yellen said record rates will gradually move up by the end of the year. that would make it more difficult to afford a mortgage or car loan. >> all indexes are down a few points. apples iphone 6 will be available in u.s. stores today. >> between 12 and 13 million are expected to fly off the shelves this weekend. the pope's most famous fiat is sparking major buzz. >> it starts about 20,000 discrimination. dealers hope the uptick will translate to a surge. >> if the pope drives it, it's good enough for us. coming up in our next half hour, we are continuing to follow breaking news in brooklyn. a 10-year old boy was killed in
5:25 am
a fire. we have the details. >> also ahead, the death toll continues to climb in the horrific tragedy on the outskirts of mecca where hundreds of people were crushed in a staple teed. >> meteorologist bill evans accuweather forecast. stay with us. when is your flu shot more than a flu shot? when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide seven million vaccines. make your flu shot make a world of difference. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. hey mcmellin' you gellin'? i'm gellin' and zinfandellin'. and so is my new bride, helen mcmellin' i'm so happy my eyes are wellin' dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles are so soft they make your feet feel outrageously comfortable. i'm gellin you're so not gellin'
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pope francis is waking up new york city. there he is making his way through a crowd of thousands young and old packed inside st. patrick's cathedral for his words of blessing. eyewitness news is live with complete coverage of his stay. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm shirleen allicot.
5:27 am
>> i'm lori stokes in lower manhattan at the memorial museum ahead of the pope was visit where he will give a prayer to remember those who per reached on that day and the world trade center bombing. the pontiff has a busy schedule this morning. beautiful day for that. we will run down some of the activities that he will be attending today. of course starting with his arrival yesterday at john f. kennedy airport. believers in the city a waiting him. this is when he was heading to st. patrick's cathedral. inside there where he is giving prayers with bishops, deacons and the faithful. we have triple team coverage this morning for you. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is on the east side at the papal nuncio's residence. kala rama is live in central park. we start with n.j.
5:28 am
where later the pontiff will address the general assembly. the good morning, n.j. >> good morning. when it comes to the pope's global agenda, this is the moment the pope has been waiting for, the landmark address to the united nations. the audience will be the most important full and influential audience ever assembled under one roof. kings, queens, president's and prime minister. the vatican says he will discuss the plight for refugees and the need for healthy -- wealthy nations to open their doors and push the u.n. to do more about poverty, corrupt and abusive governments. those are two of the main forces causing conflict and migration around the world. even equality are other themes
5:29 am
-- inhe wealth are other themes for this pope. >> 193 members of the united nations are aiming to adopt a new framework of global cooperation, especially around the idea of sustainable development which means that our world economy needs to be safe for the environment and needs to be fairer as well. >> reporter: this is a much anticipated speech and will be delivered in his native language which is spanish then translated into dozens of other languages so all the delegates can hear what he is saying and understand what he is saying in realtime. this is a much anticipated address. the pope is expected to get a warm reception here. live at the united nations, n.j. burkett, goes channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. protecting pope francis has been a huge security
5:30 am
it has taken months of advanced planning. secret service officials as well as nypd considering this, of course, as very serious and very high level as it possibly can get. the streets are on lockdown around the residence of the papal nuncio on the upper east side. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is joining us live with the vantage point where there or maybe not such a vantage living nearby. dray? >> exactly right. good morning. the upper east side neighborhood is a busy place. it is the safest in all of new york city. from the moment the pope arrived last night, this became essentially a frozen zone. everything in and out of here has been checked and rechecked. the pope right now is in residence at the home of the papal nuncio. you can see this astounding show of force here behind me. this is east 72nd street
5:31 am
between 5th and madison avenue. this block is surrounded with at least 100 nypd and secret service everything from barricades to bomb-sniffing dogs, snipers and enough manpower to deter anyone from trying to deter anything foolish on this block. what you see is unprecedented amount of security in the name of protecting and keeping pope francis safe. meanwhile, after pope francis left saint patrick's cathedral. he rode in the fiat. along the avenue there were thousands of people hoping to catch a glimpse of the pope as he whizzed by in his fiat surrounded by a lot of secret service vehicles. >> he is a good man. we know from his heart and he is our leader.
5:32 am
he is a leader of our faith. he was called like mother teresa was called in a special way. >> reporter: back live you can see the nypd police car there. just beyond that car is a pop up barricade. again another security tool used to keep people from driving inside there. it's difficult to see the town house, that 11,000 square foot town house where the pope is staying but we know he is an early riser, wakes up at 4:30 in the morning and we have seen some people going inside that home. we can only assume there is activity going on inside and the pope is beginning to start what will be a long day. live on the upper east side, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. i am seeing the emergency personnel as they get ready to block off this area. the pope will be here around
5:33 am
11:30 this morning, probably a different tone than what we have seen shirleen and ken from the other activities that the pope has been involved with. we know this is a solemn remembrance of those who perished on the heels of just acknowledging it some 2 1/2 weeks ago on 9/11. much more at the top of the hour. >> lori, thank you. a massive operation in central park. >> gates are going up and the traffic in the area will be a mess. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live in central park right now. >> reporter: good morning. i think a lot of people think the central park venue here is maybe the most coveted ticket you can get. only 80,000 people will be allowed inside the park today. that is little compared to the hundreds of thousands who applied for that lottery to see the pope in his popemobile, get their child blessed, get blessed, give him flowers or a possible gift. a special time for the people
5:34 am
central park is closed. if you have the golden ticket, the only way you can get in is through the tents. we have seen the last measured security go in. earlier we saw the last few hundred feet of fence spanning the park get put up here. it's the specially made steel fence we showed you all week long. it cannot be toppled and it can't be climbed. 80,000 people were issued tickets for that lottery system. it's not a lot. if you are one of the lucky ones, here is what you need to know. there are no animals allowed in other than service and guide animals. also banned from the park bicycles, scooters, blankets. no backpacks, coolers, chairs will be allowed in. no selfie sticks or umbrellas. on a positive note, here is what you can bring in. if you have children, you can bring in water and snacks, a perm camera, possibly your
5:35 am
coveted selfie with the pope. and a stroller for your babies or toddlers here. to mention how congested the area will be, central park is shut down. we have seen joggers run by. fewer than usual at this time of morning. the fence is closed off. there is security everywhere. officers surrounding the park. it's closed from 59th to 81st south from columbus circle to 5th avenue. if you want to try to get a glimpse of the pope in his fiat, we will show you the route he will be going around the city today. kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. making your way through traffic could be a problem for drivers in several areas. >> heather o'rourke has much needed advice. heather. my advice, leave the car at home and utilize mass transit. we have a ton of closures.
5:36 am
closed between columbus and central park west. central park west is closed down. you do not even want to attempt to drive in to that area and try to find parking today coming in to see the pope. heading to mass transit, goes you may find detours on the buses. you will find extra service on new jersey transit buses. subways may be skipping stations because of overcrowding. that's the way to go. definitely use mass transit heading into the city today to see the pope. we have extra service, long island railroad afternoon and extra service with path trains. we usually do weather then traffic but it's traffic then weather. let's check out the papal forecast. i am morning happy to yield to you. today's weather is simple. sunshine, breezy. temperatures warmer than normal. very comfortable this morning. 59 to 55 up the hudson river valley. we are looking at sunshine and clouds.
5:37 am
70 at noontime. it will hit 76 this afternoon which is perfect weather today. great weather for the papal visit. breezy sunshine. we will talk about the weekend with a possibility of coastal flooding coming up next. ken and shirleen, back to you. >> thank you.
5:38 am
5:39 am
the pope opened mass at st. pat by expressing solidarity after a terrible tragedy in mecca. authorities say victims were crushed, tram blood and killed when two waves of worshippers in opposite directions
5:40 am
this is less than two weeks after a crane collapsed and killed many. another deadly accident investigate seattle. a collision between a duck boat to your vehicle and a bus packed with foreign ex training students heading to an orientation event at north seattle college were killed. eight are critically injured. a wheel apparently locked on the duct boat and swerved in front of the other bus. very sad. friday morning. meteorologist bill evans joins us with the forecast. >> we take a look at the chrysler building this morning brought to you by chrysler. today we have partly cloudy to cloudy skies. a few clouds around. it's mostly high, thin clouds. a nice breeze out of the east to northeast. it will make for a very nice day today. a quiet day. a nice fall day where we are seeing temperatures starting out at 66 degrees. warmer than normal.
5:41 am
the humidity is dry. pressure steady at 30.35, strong high pressure meaning fair weather. idea's high 82. we will look at cooler weather. breezy. sun up at 6:46 an hour from now and beautiful sunrise. autumn in the air. coastal flooding is a concern. rain stays south on sunday. clouds will be coming in. this eclipse, the super moon sunday night into monday. may not see that because of the clouds. pollen count will be low because of the wind out of the northeast. u.v. index 6. air quality good. great weather today. we are looking at after school kiddos, beautiful weather. 76 degrees. partly sunny, breezy. great for after school sports. nice weather. as i wake -- as i was talking about the waves, watch out for the rip current risk at the beaches. sunny, breezy, 76. tonight 60 in the five boroughs
5:42 am
looking at a beautiful day on saturday. high clouds, breezy. even cooler day than today at 74. we have clouds and 72 on sunday. a very nice weekend. a couple of showers could be around on monday. warm up to 80 by tuesday. >> sounds good. thank you, bill. >> there you go. another check on the commute with heather o'rourke. >> the pope will be at madison square garden later this evening. we will deal with closures there as well. let's check out the map and tell you where the closures are. as you go around the area of madison, expect 33rd through sixth avenue -- 33rd closed between 6th. that entire area, you do not want to be driving around that area. let's take a look at a webcam. at this point on 7th avenue getting through the area of penn station, you can see that there are cars traveling around. you have barricades set up.
5:43 am
the pope will be there around 6:00 p.m. those closures begin before that. low pressure system and talk about what is happening here. mta buses, expect detours today. mass transit is the way to go. path trains street cleaning rules are suspended. over to you. >> thank you, heather. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," sentencing day for a white plains firefighter convicted in a
5:44 am
person. it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel.
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happening today the white
5:46 am
a deadly wrong way crash will be sentenced. he will be in westchester county court. he pled guilty in july to going on a 12 hour drug and alcohol bing before getting behind the wheel. he is accused of killing a woman and leaving a man badly injured. he faces between 5 and 15 years in prison. 2 1/2 million dollars is being distributed to the families of the victims of the south carolina church massacre. the mayor of charleston said the money was donated by more than 6500 people to the emanuel ame church. it will pay for the funerals of the nine victims with the rest being given to family members. the historic twa flight center at twa will be turned into a complex. it is expected to create 3700 jobs.
5:47 am
will pay homage to the airport's golden jet age era. still ahead this morning, remembering a legend. the yankees honor yogi berra
5:48 am
prior to the team's i'm sigourney weaver, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world... like our state parks. the adirondacks are my favorite. for hiking, fishing, camping, you name it. niagara falls is the oldest state park, but visiting it never gets old.
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the readers of a national newspaper voted letchworth the #1 state park in america. watkins glen, #3. new york state parks are a gift. plan your vacation at there's something for everyone. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic here on "eyewitness news this morning." we take a look at temperatures this morning, 57 in new city. 60 paramus. 66 around the park. 64 jamaica queens. a northeast wind will be building through the day today. we warm up to 76 which will be great this afternoon. we have beautiful weather. after school very nice. kids, partly sunny, breezy, great for sports. a beautiful day all the way around today for the papal visit.
5:50 am
about 75 degrees. we have this on route 80. i have been facebooking and tweeting the accident. near exit 1 an accident investigation. all lanes are closed down. the accident is east of the pennsylvania-new jersey border. a problem on the l.i.e. eastbound near exit 19 that is queens boulevard. that is an accident. you can see delays go back to the b.q.e. then as you go on the cross bronx west near third avenue, earlier accident has been cleared away. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended. metered are in effect. ken, over to you. >> thank you. the yankees remember one of their greats as a hero on and off the field with a moment of silence. >> that was at yankee stadium before the game with the white sox in honor of yogi berra.
5:51 am
wreath in the catchers box. a navy bugler played taps. it is more than a month before halloween and there is already concern about drugs in the candy children might receive. police in texas say they intercepted a large shipment of candy laced with a chemical from marijuana. investigators made an arrest but say they have been seeing more and more marijuana edibles. >> even for me as a law enforcement officer, if i see candy at a location i would think it was candy, not something laced with a chemical from marijuana. >> police say the shipment came from california. but with colorado and other states making pot legal there are a number of suppliers looking for new markets to conquer. we continue our live team
5:52 am
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[ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. good morning. it's 6:00. a huge day for new york city's pope francis.
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