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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 25, 2015 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, john stamos. from cnn, jake tapper, jake byrd at a donald trump rally. and music from cold war kids. with cleto and the cletones. and now, you asked for it,
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>> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the he's of the show. thank you for watching. that's very nice. so those of you who are visiting us, welcome to sunny southern california where it's been raining. i wouldn't say it's raining cats. it was raining kittens and puppies. it did rain, which is a big deal for us here. it rained most of last night and this morning which is frustrating. it always rains after the day i get a blowout. it rains so infrequently here my daughter is 14 months old. i took her outside this morning. she was like, what the hell is this? turn this off. even though there wasn't much rain our local weather teams, god bless them, they snapped into action. they are so starved for anything at all, they send reporters in news trucks out to cover this. >> let me give you a live look right now.
11:37 pm
in sylmar this morning. we've been keeping your eyes at this intersection because there's a small divot for the cars heading to and from this direction. every so often they drive in a puddle. you're doing to see this car right here drive through it. unfortunately a lot of them are speeding. this one is going slower. this one's going faster. you're going to see -- >> jimmy: see that? wow. underside of those cars must be, that happened by the way at 4:32 a.m. a man got out of the bed in the middle of the night to show us cars driving through a puddle. and we at or show made someone get out of bed to watch a man showing cars -- who found that clip? jake did? where is jake? get jake. jake, you found that clip for us? >> yep. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: were you up last night? you were up at 4:30 in the morning? >> 6:30.
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i got in at 6:30 and got through that part. >> jimmy: how long have you been a tv watcher here at this show? >> 4 1/2 years. >> jimmy: wow. hold on a second. five seconds ago i was proud of you. now i'm ashamed of you. you've been watching tv for 4 1/2 years now professionally? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you went to college? >> yeah. >> jimmy: where did you go? >> i went to indiana. >> jimmy: you got your degree there? >> yeah. >> jimmy: wow. i bet your parents never imagined it would come to this. >> no, they want me to move back. >> jimmy: do you still have student loans? >> yeah. >> jimmy: oh, you do. oh my god. you know what? come to my office tomorrow for career counseling. okay? >> okay. >> jimmy: that's jake. he found that clip. [ cheers and applause ] this is good. speaking of disappointed parents. remember the end of the super bowl last year where the seahawks decided to throw the ball instead of handing off to their star running back marshawn lynch?
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that decision ended in a interception. patriots wound up winning the game. on sunday the seahawks had a fourth and 1 in overtime. this time they did hand the ball stopped for a loss that ended the game. they lost the game. a lot of people commented on that situation which apparently upset marshawn lynch's mother. his mother went on facebook and wrote this, to the smartass media who wrote that's why marshawn didn't get the ball in the super bowl. how many times did russell get sacked yesterday? don't worry, i'll wait on the answer. plus, it was totally different at the super bowl. the line was better than yesterday, no blocking, and to the offense caller who could fired. he is the worst play caller ever. the only reason he called that dumb-ass play yesterday is to be able to justify the one yard bowl. she went on and on. [ cheers and applause ] and you thought your mom was embarrassing on facebook.
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she deleted the post but the damage is done. show demanding that the offensive coordinator, her son's boss, be fired. which i think means we finally trump. president-elect trump is in los angeles right now. last night he had a big rally at the american airline center in dallas. see him. arena staff estimated the numbers between 9,000 and 15,000 people. "usa today" put the crowd at 17,000 people. were well over a million people there to cheer him on. it really is incredible how much bragging donald trump can squeeze into a single speech. we edited his bragging. even when we edited it down to just the bragging it was way too long to put on the show. we edited that down to the very best of the best from the man who's here to tell us that he is the very best of the best. >> we're killing in iowa.
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we're really killing it. we are killing it. i'm surging with women. i made $213 million. can you believe it? believe me. i was the king. i was perfect. i was the ultimate. i made a beautiful speech. i thought it was wonderful. wouldn't it be good to have a president who really knows how to build? like i'm so good at it. i know the greatest negotiators in the world. i have the biggest bank in the world. trump, trump, trump, trump. >> jimmy: polling very well with himself. [ cheers and applause ] his speeches are unbelievable. i can't get enough of him. i really can't. i love watching him speak. they're starting to like -- when you didn't do the research for the paper in the high school and then you just restated the first paragraph for 12 pages? of course the speech got a lot of media coverage. cnn was there covering the whole thing. and they're outside the arena chatting with some of trump's most passionate supporters where they happened upon these two. >> never before has a billionaire real estate tycoon, former reality show host, who wants to be leader of the free
11:42 pm
world been the headliner here. people here overwhelmingly think it's good. >> so we're going to hold this up for donald. >> this is not fired, he's hired. >> jimmy: my guess is those two are a couple. they are not a couple. the gentleman in the cowboy hat was there by himself. he was about on every news channel that showed up to cover this. >> a lot of people here tonight, fans, supporters, curiosity-seekers. they started lining up hours before the door opened. some made up their minds they like trump. others are here to learn more about a candidate they are considering. >> he speaks to us as americans because it's not politics as usual anymore. this is politics as unusual. >> jimmy: right. very unusual. so for those of you who don't know, that man is our friend jake byrd who then went into the rally and managed to score a prime seat right behind donald trump. >> do you know what my name is?
11:43 pm
they don't know what my name is either. by the way, can you see in the back? they have the best view. can you see it's really my hair? >> jimmy: that's jake byrd. jake caused quite a stir on twitter last night. there were hundreds of comments on it. some of them were, is anyone else watching trump right now in dallas? the drunk redneck behind him in the straw cowboy hat is cracking me up. all i really want from this trump speech is for him to turn around and point at the cowboy behind him and announce him as vp candidate. there was another one. what intrepid reporter will score the interview with that overzealous cowboy hat guy behind trump? you know it would be. tv gold. i happen to agree, it would be and it will be. not only is jake byrd in the building with us tonight, he filed a special report from the rally in dallas. i really recommend, i really think, i really recommend that you come back for that after the
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break because it's going to be the best. okay? we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] if there's one thing the human foot has always been good at... it's unleashing great power. the is performance line
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back to the show. john stamos and jake tapper and cold war kids will be here. first, as i was saying, donald trump had a big rally in dallas last night. a lot of people were there to cheer him on. one of the fans got a lot of attention on social media. an enthusiastic gentleman in a cowboy hat who happens to be our friend jake byrd. we've known jake for many, many years. he's very passionate, and he likes to put that passion on display when there are cameras around. this is jake when they announced paris hilton was going to jail. >> he ruled that he was
11:49 pm
remanding ms. hilton to the sheriff's custody to serve the remainder of her sentence at the century regional detention center. >> no! no, no, no, no, no. >> jimmy: he took that pretty hard. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] this one -- this was jake years ago at the michael jackson trial. >> today's result, 5 1/2 weeks after the tragic death of michael jackson, eliminates uncertainty and offers stability to the lives of these children. >> jimmy: and now, of course, showing his support for o.j. simpson. >> we expect mr. simpson to be processed and released -- >> yes! >> -- very quickly. >> jimmy: as fate would have it, who would have guessed jake is a big fan of donald trump's. we sent a camera crew to follow him to dallas where his enthusiasm was nothing short of
11:50 pm
>> my relationship with donald trump would be is almost a relationship with jesus christ. the whole thing was what i'm saying is here, is that -- >> same, same. >> the same. >> vote obama back in for another four years, we'll all be speaking muslim. #nothankyou. >> build that wall like he's promised he's going to do, that's the best thing for this country. basically, we shouldn't have to but laws are made for people to break the law. >> he doesn't hate hispanics. >> no. >> right here. part of the deal. he talks about why he has such a thing with them. >> yes. >> may 1982. ivana and i wanted to try out that hot new mexican place, carlos and charlie's. i tried a strawberry margarita for the first time and then had two more. it was out in the parking lot later on i started to feel nauseated and began throwing up the strawberry margaritas.
11:51 pm
screaming, oh, my god, i'm dying, i'm dying. silly donald, she said, it's just the strawberry margaritas. >> there you go. >> he's not against mexicans. >> no, strawberry margaritas. >> yes, exactly. that's where people are getting misunderstood. he's not against mexicans, he's not against anyone that's illegal. >> just strawberry margaritas. >> that's right, exactly. >> it's nothing about that at all. >> right, exactly. >> we are ready for a change. >> and we're dtf. >> and we are -- that's right, we are donald trump forever. >> dtf. dtf, dtf. >> dtf! >> look at this, my trump stamp. >> not a trump stamp. he's got a trump stamp. >> do you want one? >> sure, i do. >> look at this. >> mwah. >> oh, no! >> hot stuff!
11:52 pm
>> that's our guy. that's our guy right there. usa, usa. >> i haven't heard what his actual policy is going to be but if it can be fixed, he can fix it. >> let me explain what donald trump can do. donald trump -- she knows this. he's friends with dennis rodman. dennis rodman is friends with kim jong-un. do we have to spell it out for you people? we need to put a bomb in dennis rodman. >> i don't know if that needed to be addressed at that moment with megyn kelly, but it happened and so i think he handled it all right. you know? i think people went over the top with it. >> he says the things that people are afraid to say, like megyn kelly gets super drunk when she's making her lady kool-aid. >> no comment. >> make a good leader because he tells it like it is and he's honest. >> he's also a great businessman and made possibly the greatest fragrance ever known.
11:53 pm
>> no. >> check this. >> i'm not drinking that. >> it's so bitter. trump, trump. go ahead and trump. trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> and prepared remarks, no teleprompter. and here he goes. >> wow. wow. amazing. can you people see me up there? stupid. rings, it's not fair. i appreciate it. >> you're great, donald! >> now, if you like the media,
11:54 pm
and if you don't, give them a [ audience booing ] >> boo! >> i had a feeling. >> yeah! >> by the way, can you see in the back, they have the best view. can you see it's really my hair? >> yeah! yeah! real hair! >> well, that's the other thing. i get killed on this. i had a article recently, with me it's -- it's a whole big deal. it's a whole big deal. and you know i'm self funding my campaign. i'm not taking all of this blood money. i'm surging with women. can you believe that? >> yeah! yeah! sex sells, baby! sex sells! >> hillary's not surging. i tell you that. they're not saying that. >> oh ho ho! no! >> thank you.
11:55 pm
done. >> that's you, donny! >> if i'm elected president i will never go into a bicycle race. i swear. >> no bikes! no bikes! >> i saw karl rove on her show the other night. the name trump came up. and you can see. it was like a boiler ready to explode. yah! he said mexico is going to pay for the wall! >> that's the best. >> obamacare, we're going to repeal it, we're going to replace it, we're going to get something done. repeal it, replace it. >> no more medicine! no more medicine for us! no more medicine! yes, yes! >> so proud of your country, again. >> yes! you're hired, donald! you're hired! >> i love these people back here. >> we love you. we love you, donald.
11:56 pm
yeah. >> but they walk. >> he pointed at me! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: jake byrd. tonight we have music from cold war kids, from cnn jake tapper is here. and we will be right back with -- >> donald trump forever! donald trump forever! donald trump forever! dtf! [ cheers and applause ] all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle. this is the all-new gle coupe.
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>> jimmy: tonight the man who will moderate tomorrow night's republican candidate debate on cnn, jake tapper is here with us. jake knows his stuff. let me tell you something. i have one thing i want him to ask donald trump what he thinks of breakfast burritos. right? i wonder if he supports them.
12:00 am
california, this is the deluxe edition of their latest album. it's called "hold my home." cold war kids from the samsung stage. tomorrow night, we'll have visits from such luminaries as tobey maguire, dale earnhardt jr., music from kip moore. and thursday, david spade, russell westbrook, and music from asap rocky with schoolboy q. our first guest tonight is a beloved american actor who has been handsome on tv since the day we were born and will stay that way until after we're gone. he has a new show called "grandfathered" premiering september 29th on fox. please say hello to john stamos. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you doing?
12:01 am
everything good? >> yeah, man. >> jimmy: i like this. >> you like that? >> jimmy: is that your idea or a person who says, you know what, we should have a pocket square. >> guillermo came up with that. >> jimmy: guillermo, you did that? >> guillermo: yes, so he can look sexy. >> you look handsome. you're getting more and more handsome. >> jimmy: i wanted to grow a beard so people would stop mistaking us for each other. >> right, right, right. >> jimmy: it does get tiresome. >> you look like a handsome ben affleck or something. >> jimmy: oh, thank you, well. ben just killed himself, yeah. by the way, i saw your show today. very funny. >> thank you very much. >> jimmy: you play a grandfather on the show, which is very funny in and of its. >> the campaign lately that i've seen, billboards and posters, they have a picture of me and it says gilf, which, you know. >> jimmy: i think people know what that means. those who know what it means -- >> do you know what it means? >> jimmy: i figure i know what it means. yeah. what does it mean? >> grandfather i'd like to [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: oh, right, yeah.
12:02 am
right? >> jimmy: i thought you were going to go a different angle. >> i love this show. i'm so proud of it. >> jimmy: i know you love the old show business guys. i noticed that garry marshall, the legendary director and producer, is a consultant on your show. >> he is. >> jimmy: how did that happen? >> i asked, i begged him. i love the guy. he was actually a consultant on a show i did called "you again" with jack klugman. and he recommended me to do "full house." >> jimmy: how. how did you know him? you were a very young man at that time. >> i was obsessed with him. i grew up loving his shows. "happy days" and "laverne and shirley." i drove my dad's el camino and i would go and he would say you're not on the list. park and we'll call. i would park and sneak around and go and watch "happy days." go under the bleachers and watch them shoot "happy days" and you laverne and shirley were always fighting. >> jimmy: right, yeah. >> you know paramount.
12:03 am
that whole -- it would be like "cheers." toward the end robin williams would be going last because he would be ad libbing. i got an autograph to him once, dear money, send mom, robin williams. >> jimmy: that's fun. you get to talk to the stars? >> yeah. henry winkler was one of the first. couldn't have been the nicer man. >> jimmy: like the nicest person in the world. >> i said, nice to meet you. he said it's nice to meet you. very sweet. i remember that. >> jimmy: that's not much of a story. i thought maybe he would throw you his fonzi jacket or something. >> no, nice to meet you. >> jimmy: nice to meet you. yeah. well, there you go. >> jimmy, you ask a question and then -- >> jimmy: i know, i attack those that i love. how old were your when you got the part on "general hospital"? >> it was around that time, i was just 18. >> jimmy: 18 years old. >> yeah. i remember the call was blacky paris, a street kid. like a new york street guy. i grew up next to disneyland, i knew nothing about new york. i remember the audition i thought, i'll get dressed --
12:04 am
i'll put some leather -- i actually had a pleather jacket, not leather, plastic thing. and ripped jordache jeans to look like a new york guy. i remember going down -- >> jimmy: those were the guys. >> right, yeah. i got to work on my walk. so i went down -- so i was driving around and went to santa monica boulevard in west hollywood. a lot of very handsome men on the street. i'm walking, working on my -- i figured blacky should have a bandana. i went to a bandana stand. i picked out a bandana. and then i went and auditioned. i found out that, you know, the bandana that i'd picked, you know, meant that you liked to be urinated on. there's a whole thing, what kind of bandana you wear. >> jimmy: what color is that one? >> yellow. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what? how did you find that out? oh, the hard way. we are going to take a break.
12:05 am
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12:10 am
family? my answer is honestly, i have no idea. >> sounds like you need some time to process this. >> yeah. >> jimmy: that is john stamos in "grandfathered" premieres on september 29th on the fox network. the show is very funny. there's a scene where you have sitting at one table together in a restaurant that you manage. you've got don rickles, you have deion sanders and lil wayne. >> the holy trinity. >> jimmy: what the hell did they talk about? >> i don't know. we had another athlete planned for that and we were scrambling to find somebody. deion sanders is sweet. he said yes. and i said, i'll get rick ankles. and someone knew lil wayne. interesting. >> jimmy: that's pretty good. did you cast your tv granddaughter on this show? i work with twins only. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: only, right.
12:11 am
>> i just had them sign a contract, if we ever do a reunion show of "grandfathered" in 25 years, you kids have to be on it. >> jimmy: right, you have the "full house." are you working on it now? >> 13 episodes for netflix which is beautiful. you guys will love it. >> jimmy: no olson twins? >> no olson twins yet but the invitation is there. i understand they're doing other things. we would love to have them. or you. didn't you want to play? >> jimmy: i asked you if i could play the olson twins and you laughed. and you said, yeah, that would be great! then i never heard from anybody. yeah. it's a shame. i would have been great as them. i really would have. by the way, they're not such good actors. i could have been pretty good as the olson twins. [ audience moaning ] >> jimmy: oh, what, you thought those little muppets were good? cute, yeah. one thing about your show that i think is a miss. you don't have a theme song. i love those things. >> i know. titles were great. they don't have time for the titles because -- >> jimmy: why not? >> commercials. >> jimmy: it's so much fun. >> there's an art to it. thor not like -- you know. i've done quite a few over the years. you can't just go out there and
12:12 am
here i am. >> jimmy: how many of those have you done, been a part of? >> i don't know. but they're always -- you know, when you do the theme you think it's going to be on hopefully for seven or eight years. the hair has to be right, the whole smile. >> jimmy: every week, yeah. i love to do, if you would be so kind, i would love to be a part of one of those opening theme songs. >> you like to do an opening? >> jimmy: i would. let's open the curtains here. if you would -- [ cheers and applause ] we have a little set here. >> is this okay? >> yeah, let me walk you through it. because i've done it so many times. it's new for you. >> jimmy: totally. >> what question do is -- let's put a wig on you. >> jimmy: okay. >> do you want to pick a wig? >> jimmy: you pick one for me. >> guys, what do you think? [ audience yes ] >> you put that on. >> jimmy: i'll put this on. >> so far, so good.
12:13 am
thing? guys having fun taking each day one by one living life living life that's just us guys [ cheers and applause ] >> no, no, jimmy. you've got to give us some face. >> jimmy: i was fake reading. >> no fake reading. give a face. people want to tune in each week and walk -- >> jimmy: i don't think the wig is good on me. i don't like the wig. >> let's get another wig. something mullety possibly? >> jimmy: yes, yes. this is very stamosesque, right? >> okay. good. give it your all this time, please. >> jimmy: all right. two best friends moving in the city one's the boss the other is pretty so they both can relate
12:14 am
guess they'll find out as roommates >> jimmy: oh, yeah. i'm sorry. i didn't do it right? i thought i did it perfectly. >> give us something. >> do you want me to do it with you? >> jimmy: yeah. brothers stick together no matter what with you in the good times and in the not give you support give you the love when you need a brotherly shove >> did that pilot say duke herpes? >> jimmy: i think it did say duke herpes. >> how long are we supposed to stay like this? >> jimmy: i don't know. it's your show. when is the commercial? >> we need like a third, like a wacky neighbor. >> jimmy: now what happened? >> the wacky neighbor. there's like a catch phrase. and his name is gooby. gooby, can you take us to the
12:15 am
>> guillermo: no way, jose. >> jimmy: "grandfathered" september 28th on fox.
12:16 am
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>> jimmy: still to come, cold war kids. tomorrow night, our next guest will man the grill as moderator of the republican debate on cnn. you know him from the show "the lead with jake tapper." please welcome jake tapper. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you doing? >> i'm great. i'm very excited. >> jimmy: is this for me? >> this is a little gift. let me just explain. i'm very, very excited about your little baby girl. >> jimmy: thank you very much. >> i was thinking about this when you were on the road, in austin, how much they must miss you. i know i miss my kids terribly. >> jimmy: she came with me. she didn't miss me that much. yeah. she's a baby.
12:21 am
the house. >> okay, not that trip but on other trips and you miss her when you're away from her. >> jimmy: theoretically, yes. >> so what i did is we got her a jimmy doll. >> jimmy: oh, how about that, look. >> when you're away. >> jimmy: that's nice. >> i have known you for a few permutations. you know. it's adjustable in case you change your look again. the beard comes and goes. >> jimmy: that looks great. >> when i first met jimmy there was a little bit more of him. and he's lean. so if you put the weight back on, let's put this sideways. >> jimmy: which i will. >> there you go. >> jimmy: oh, how about that? [ cheers and applause ] >> it works for many permutations of jimmy. >> jimmy: look, it's anatomically correct. well, thank you. my daughter will cherish this as i am in the dream house humping barbie.
12:22 am
so this debate is now, according to the cnn countdown clock, like less than 24 hours away. are you ready? are you ready to do this? >> i think we're good. i think we're good. my team and i have been really working hard and coming up with questions that i think are going to be tough and really pit the candidates against each other. >> jimmy: is that the key to a question that you want it to elicit some kind of response between them? >> yeah, i think so. there are interview questions and we've been soliciting all sorts of questions from all sorts of people. i've been talking to a lot of people who worked in the reagan administration, we've been people have been submitting questions from social media. but what i really am looking for, what we and the team are first debate when chris christie and rand paul were really going at it on surveillance? and they were really both very passionate about an issue that's very important. i saw that and i'm like that's what i want. like a lot of those moments where i'm not really playing but they're really debating the issues that are important. >> jimmy: this is the same sort of thing that chris harrison looks for on the "after the
12:23 am
bachelorette final rose." >> always an inspiration. always an inspiration, yeah. >> jimmy: okay. so you pretty much know what questions you're going to ask. >> yes. >> jimmy: you go in there. this is a hard job because anything you say, if you try to keep things on track, if you have to scold somebody, certain segment of the population gets angry at you. >> yeah. >> jimmy: how do you handle that? are you concerned about that? do you try to actively avoid that? >> we've been doing a lot of mock debates. >> jimmy: you have? >> yeah. and my team has been throwing a lot of shade at me. >> jimmy: who plays donald trump in these mock debates? >> no one you know. >> jimmy: chewbacca out of hollywood boulevard? >> no. no. very smart and charming gentleman we have working at cnn. >> jimmy: i see. >> but it's not just him. i mean, there are -- anybody could really come -- look, some people are going to will a good night tonight night and some people are not going to have a good night. they're going to complain about the moderator or cnn or whoever. and that's just part of the -- >> jimmy: you will have at least 20 million people watching this
12:24 am
who knows, right? you're going to have millions and millions of people watching -- >> please don't set expectations that high. you're writing the small short of kimmel expectations. >> jimmy: the last one was 24 or something. >> yeah. >> jimmy: now it's even more interesting. donald trump has roasted pretty much every single one of those people and now he has to stand in a room with him which he doesn't seem to care about. he seems to be somewhat indestructible. >> he defies the laws of gravity in politics. >> jimmy: every time he does something -- >> every time he does something, pundits in washington goes, that's it, he's sunk. he goes up five points in the polls. if you look at the polls he hasn't necessarily hit a ceiling yet. 32% in the last poll. oh, he goes after john mccain's war record. he takes on the beloved megyn kelly. doesn't matter. keep going up and up and up. i think people are responding to what they perceive his authenticity, his outsiderness,
12:25 am
and his candor. >> jimmy: he is very candid. his secret probably is that he actually answers -- just one of the frustrating things about watching an interview with the politicians is they never really want to answer the question the way you ask them. >> it's the worst. i know this from my day job, and i'm worried about it for tomorrow night a little bit, we're going to be giving these candidates an opportunity to really go at each other on issues and on style and on leadership. and you know some of them are going to say, you know, they're going to pivot immediately to their seven-point plan for reforming the department of housing and urban development and that's -- i think voters' eyes glaze over. i think that's one of the reasons why people listen to trump is at least entertains the question. entertains the question. >> jimmy: we want to see wrestling. we want to see people fighting. would you consider it amazing success if one candidate were to punch another candidate tomorrow night? yes? >> no. >> jimmy: no. >> no, i would not. but i would love them to really
12:26 am
fight about these issues because this is -- they're not running for prom king. this is about, you know, who is going to be controlling the nuclear weapons. >> jimmy: terrifying. don't say that. >> the thing is having it at the reagan library and right in the hangar. i don't know how many of you have been to the reagan library. >> jimmy: none of them. [ laughter ] >> but it's packed with -- it's packed with history. there's a piece of the berlin wall. there is reagan's air force one. this man was very, very consequential and this is what's on the line. >> jimmy: when donald trump sees that on the wall he will get excited. maybe he will use that as the cornerstone of the wall he's planning to build. >> pretty happy. >> jimmy: people kind of -- there's a debate as to whether cnn and fox and msnbc news channels, whether they're their covering donald trump is making -- i wonder if it's fueling itself in a way. you have to cover him because he's the biggest story but he's
12:27 am
also the biggest story because you're covering him. >> there is a chicken and egg thing there. i have read media studies about if covering him, even if we're doing so in a critical and fair way, if that rules it. look, he's the front-runner. that's the bottom line. he is the front-runner. and he says what he says. the voters in polls say that they like it. so we keep covering him. if hillary clinton did -- were willing to do as many interviews as donald trump we would be covering her as much, as well. >> jimmy: but she's boring. let's be honest. donald trump is not. yes? i can read your mind. >> jimmy: never say that. you don't have to. your face says it all. [ laughter ] well, it's very good to see you. i wish you the best tomorrow. i can't wait to see it. i really can't. tomorrow night the republican candidates debate live on cnn, 8:00 eastern. jake tapper is the moderator. thank you, jake. we'll be right back with cold
12:28 am
>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is
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presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank john stamos, jake tapper, and apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next, but first, this is the deluxe edition of "hold my home," here with the song "first," cold war kids! [ cheers and applause ] cheated and lied broken so bad you made a vow never get mad you'll play the game though it's unfair they're all the same who can compare first you lose trust then you get worried night after night bar after club dropping like flies who
12:31 am
on the front lawn sprinklers turn on it's not your house where'd you go wrong first you get hurt then you feel sorry flying like a cannonball falling to the earth heavy as a feather when you hit the dirt how am i the lucky one i do not deserve to wait around forever when you were there first first you get hurt then you feel sorry there comes a time in a short life turn it around get a rewrite call it a dark night of the soul ticking of clocks gravity's pull first you get close then you get worried flying like a cannonball falling to the earth heavy as a feather when you hit the dirt how am i the lucky one i do not
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when you were there first first you get hurt then you feel sorry you're going silent silent treatment it's not inviting now don't deny what you meant you get excited you got a feeling or at least you can pretend you wanna light it you wanna light it you wanna light it now the candle from both ends you get excited you get excited flying like a cannonball falling to the earth heavy as a feather when you hit the dirt how am i the lucky one i do not deserve to wait around forever when you were there first flying like a cannonball falling to the earth heavy as a feather when you hit the dirt how am i the lucky one i do not deserve to wait around forever when you were there first first you get close then you get worried first you get close then you
12:33 am
get worried you wanna light it now the candle from both ends first you get close then you get worried you wanna light it now the candle from both ends first you get close then you get worried you wanna light it now the candle from both ends you wanna light it you wanna light it you wanna light it now the candle from both ends you wanna light it you wanna light it you wanna light it
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