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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  September 26, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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closing, just a few seconds from takeoff, i imagine. >> reporter: we can see the crowd right now waving goodbye literally, waving flags and also with their hands as the plane about to depart, there are bishops here lined up, cardinal dolan as well, standing on the edge here as they get ready to say goodbye, see the plane take off, pull back the stairs away, the aircraft about ready to go, it's running a little bit behind schedule, 8:50, it is a short flight to philadelphia and i'm sure everything will run on time after that, but the crowd here, holding the papal flags, waving, being led on by one of the bishops here and it's bittersweet, i'm sure, because it was such a brief visit, memorable but for the crowd here, personally, they get the reading with pope francis that
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others were lucky to have. >> all right, marcus, stay put there for a second, we'll come back to you in a minute, those of you just tuning in this morning, thank you for being with us on saturday morning obviously we're following the pope's imminent departure from new york city, the plane taking off any minute now, we'll stay on top of that and grif bring -- bring you the latest but i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm michelle charlesworth, taking half an hour to get up in the air and touch down in philadelphia, in an hour and a half he will be celebrating mass in philadelphia. >> and he has a packed schedule, you have to imagine from cuba to dc it new york, and now philly, let's not forget philly was the main reason for this trip, there's a festival of families one of the largest if not the largest catholic family gathering in the country and he he is coming in, that was the impetus for the trip, everything else was the appetizer leading up to philadelphia, that's where
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he is, but he's just had this extraordinary schedule, a little bit tired but still the smile and still pressing on and he has this, as packed a schedule in philly as he had in dc in cuba and in here in new york as well, so that plane had take off as michelle is said, a very short flight down to philadelphia where they are expecting some monster numbers, half a million for one event, up to 1 million tomorrow for a mass and so this is the third and final leg, is that the pope? >> xwif -- giving us a wave! >> oh, look at that. >> a live picture from jfk right now, the american airlines flight, shepherd one which is carrying pope francis away from new york city, be in the air for about half an hour, toughing down in philadelphia, and celebrate mass at st. peters and paul in philadelphia, he'll have some time after that to visit
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independence mall, and then literally the city of brotherly love is going to shut down benjamin franklin parkway, keeping it shut down and he he will visit the festival of families and that's at 7:30 tonight, so again, another packed day for pope francis as the plane turns on the tarmac, you can hear the screaming. >> wow, people. >> giving us a wave. >> and after that, what a beautiful image that was, one final wave from even inside that plane, there's cardinal dolan talking to some members of the crowd, those folks as marcus reported did have to get tickets and they wanted to be there and they were picked by the parishes to be there to watch the plane take off, we're going to stick with this until the plane is safely in the air for the short trip down to philadelphia, which struck me, so many images over the past 40 hours, some of the things in terms of the kids, the way he interacts with them then there was that one moment during the mass this father was
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cradling a sick child, you can see the oxygen tube in to the little, i think it was the girl [ bleep ] nose -- girl's nose, the pope put his hand on the child's head, the parents were chiing and -- child and incredibly tender moment, not just the selfie or the picture, they want the touch, his hand on them or on their child and just something so pure and beautiful about that, we saw that in the mass last night then diana williams did a brilliant interview with this woman who says her faith has been restored for the first time since 9/11 because the pope was here, she said i have hope again, and she was just crying, crying, it was, this has been i think for a lot of people deeply emotional to see the pope. >> on the other end of the continuum, i was at 73rd and 5th avenue yesterday, new yorkers coming out, walking on the street coming out to see this the curious, the cynical, the faithful, the interested, some of them a little bit mystified by all of this.
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but let me tell you, it got their attention. >> absolutely. >> and his message is one that people have been listening to, i'm glad we went through the litany, the list of topics that he's touched on let's go back to marcus back on the tarmac at jfk, marcus? >> reporter: and this is so pope francis because i'm sure he wanted to get the message across we heard there was an announcement made to the crowd that pope francis wanted to come over, wanted to meet with the crowds, his leg was bothering him a little bit which is maybe why we saw a little bit of the stumble and also running a little bit late because that plane was supposed to leave at 8:40, you can imagine that he, knowing what we've seen the couple days, he probably insisted that that message get transmitted to the people here waiting, about 200 people from the diocese of brooklyn, see them here, taking pictures and
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still panning over, they are gathered here, singing songs, prayed the rosary, did not get that personal greeting with the pope but now we understand why and now they understand why, which is probably more important. and you can see them here gathered about 200 people from various parishes, various schools, various groups, community service groups, young people, the boy scouts, girl scouts, law enforcement explorers, all here, they came out early this morning, they needed tickets, high security as you would imagine, and for that law enforcement involved in that massive undertaking, a collective sigh of relief that everything went smoothly, at least from the nypd and the local angle, the task at hand continues for this, but a massive undertaking here, large crowds wherever the pope went including here the sendoff that took place just ago, we saw pope francis climb the steps have a little bit of trouble and it may be that his leg was bothering him a little
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over a message he felt important to tell those who had come here this morning. >> and, you know, i don't know if you can see, marcus but certainly at the foot of the steps leading up to the front door of the airplane, cardinal dolan was staying there and his vestments went over his head because of the wind, the wind was kicking up, i know that played a part on francis being able to navigate the steps going up, the man who said don't make a fuss over me pray for me carrying his own luggage going in to a normal american airlines jet chartered for this nothing taken out no special beds, living room areas, not air force one this is shepherd one. >> he shuns all things extravagant in meeting with bishops since he's been here he said you really should think about how you live your life in terms of how lavishly, in terms of the vacations you take, i think saying he wants the shepherds to smell like the sheep which i think is a beautiful way to think about, you should live simply and
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modestly as some of the people you serve and i think that's a beautiful message, even down to the chair he sat in at the mass. >> right. >> and he was, nothing elaborate, not ornate, very, very simple, really is just, um, he, like you said earlier, he walks the walk. of simplicity and humility. >> and how about taking on the tax code with the churches, he says religious houses if you are not serving the poor you should not benefit from, not having to pay taxes in this country or anywhere else. >> and that's a bold statement. >> you must serve the poor. >> that was a bold statement. >> a memo and reminder from pope francis while he was here. >> all of the coverage, dc, cuba and here, it was nice, particularly in this country, that all of these tens of thousands of people who came out who wept through the -- went through the security lines, brought their kids and tears, it was nice for once in this
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country to see it not for a big movie star or a rock star or a tv star. >> an athlete. >> it was for this very humble, simple religious leader with a very warm heart and compassionate, inspiring message for the world, it was just nice to see even just for a few days a realignment of our cultural priorities, it really was, this is pope francis about to take off, behaved from the win -- waved from the window, short trip down to philadelphia, this trip to new york, when that plane is airborne, officially over, months and months of planning and there he goes. >> 266th pope and the fourth to visit us, his first time here, i don't think he's watched television in 14 years, so, i know some people yesterday were saying wow, it must have been such a shock to enter this culture. i don't know. i think he's seen a lot in his lifetime. i think it would take a lot to shock him. >> yes. >> with that let's go to philadelphia, which is where he's headed.
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there is charlene, and once the pope arrives in philly, a full schedule, now over shirleen, philly's day. >> reporter: yeah, the excitement is building, everybody watching the same coverage you are, watching that plane, seeing it descend and they cannot wait for pope francis to get here, let me show you what's going on in the benjamin franklin parkway, this is where the festival of families will be held, you can see there's already a large crowd out here, you can see them in their blue robes, everybody awaiting pope francis and this is all before a very packed itinerary. the pope will attend the
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tonight featuring areal estate rooeth -- aretha franklin, the fray, and mark wahlberg making an appearance, basilica his first stop from the cathedral the next stop will be independence mall for a papal parade, he'll deliver an address on immigration and religious freedom and the final stop of the day, the benjamin franklin parkway for the big show which begins at 7:00. >> and back out here live a live look at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul, his first stop and this is where he will celebrate mass before a crowd of 2,000 people now, the pope has a very packed schedule tomorrow as well, he has a visit at fromhold correctional facility, visiting with families
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and officers, meeting with bishops at st. charles seminary, that by the way where he's staying and then finally, mass for the world meeting of families, 2015, bringing you all this live coverage, all thout the morning, the minute the pope gets here we are breaking it out to you, live in philadelphia, shirleen allicot, 7 eyewitness news. we just watched pope francis take off in shepherd one see the plane there, hope you didn't miss it, he waved out the window from his very simple business class seat, not a special outfitted plane for him as he makes his flight to philadelphia, he will be celebrating mass late lit lsh literally in an hour and a half. >> and taking off to philly, you can hear the sigh of relief from law enforcement in new york. >> and new yorkers. >> and new yorkers, everything went safely, everything seemed
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to go, it was a massive operation, just a logistical, just monster to handle but he's now safely out of new york on his way to philly, just bravo to nypd and the thousands of them that had to deal with this and the secret service and a laundry list of agencies who just had the herculean task of keeping it smooth and memorable. >> and listen to all the people in philadelphia, wait to see how fast he moves around the city, think about it. he got from wall street to jfk in 13 minutes from the helipad, this is the thing, this is how he moves, and then he parted the traffic here in new york city yesterday, i know that i was travelling all over the place trying to get a chance the motorcade and bring it to you, it was tough! and i kept calling the assignment desk they're like we know, we know, he's opening up the traffic they get him around really fast. >> they move him around. >> and safely, thank heaven for
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that as he makes his way to philadelphia, we invite you to stay with 7 eyewitness news and abc news for the last leg of the pontiff's last leg of the trip, the big event hate to say it philadelphia. >> safe travels for the pope and just, p hew extraordinary. two trucks collide and then plummet down the hill, the messy aftermath all caught on camera. and let's talk about the weather, let's talk about the halo over the city, meteorologist amy freeze is going to explain and show you as
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9:16 chon, -- firefighters on the scene on mullford drive, appears the flames destroyed one town home spread to another leaving it badly damaged unclear
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whether or not anyone was inside either home at the time, the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> get back, it's gas, starting to fire, get back! it was a dangerous situation that could've started a fire after a fuel tank driver and tractor trailer driver collided, and sent both trucks off a bridge in georgia, landing on another road below that bridge well that sparked another crash that injured another driver, fortunately there was no leak, both truck drivers were briefly trapped inside the trucks but pulled out by good samaritans, no word yet this morning on their conditions, we'll stay on top of that. amy showed us fascinating video a few minutes ago, crazy. >> you're right, isn't it? i post td up on my facebook page and on twitter, get that video for you before the end of the broadcast here but a lot of people saw yesterday shared on
9:18 am
call the sun dog, the rainbow over central park, even though there was blue skies and i got a video this morning from lou, cute kudose to -- kudos to him, he got the entire parahelix halo, a giant circle above the sky. >> you see the whole thing, how did you dough do that like a panorama video? >> yeah, he had to be in open sky, he lives up in the bronx probably iebl -- able to get it, pretty phenomenal to see something like that on such a special day and the atmosphere's been very compliant this week with the pope's visit and heading in the weekend, skies are are a mix of sxun clouds today -- sun and clouds and a bit of a breeze that breeze does keep us cool in the late 70s but minor coastal flooding could be,
9:19 am
also a full moon, could create problems, coastal floodings high tide, flood prone areas you'll know what to expect low 60s for the temperatures but those winds are persistent all weekend long and the full moon occurring on sunday night all right, temperature change a little bit cooler than we were yesterday at this same time, you'll notice a difference a few degrees cooler plus the winds it's going to be one of those days where there's a crispiness to the atmosphere, in the low 60s to the island, still holding on to the 50s for the northern counties, filtered sunshine look is with us through the afternoon, the high risk of rip currents is also a result of the northeast winds being so persistent we could get minor beach erosion as well, rain doesn't approach the area late tomorrow night now as this comes in, it looks like it will compromise our chances to see the super moon eclipse which is sunday night, just going to be too cloudy for that i think but heading in to philadelphia for
9:20 am
things are cloudy, a little bit heavier cloud coverage, closer to the storm system, as it comes in our direction, tomorrow closer it adds a few clouds around the winds get a little more intense so it will be slightly cooler during the day tomorrow, but at night we could see a sprinkle or two, in fact the latest computer models are showing the shiite rain scooting in sund night but monday we could get a shower during the afternoon monday looks generally like a day if we get that chance for a shower much needed rainfall, filtered sun, 74 right about average this time of year, 59 in the city and then tomorrow temperatures also in the low 70s and wind gustier tomorrow, the accuweather seven-day forecast does take us in the mid 70s for the week, possibly getting near 80 on tuesday and then in the 60s next weekend also long-term forecast shows a chance for drenching rain coming in late next weekend.
9:21 am
back to pope francis and his travels to philadelphia, he took off moments ago from kennedy airport, here he was getting up those stairs, 78 years old with a painful leg situation, waving out wint dough, he did -- window, he did make it to the top of the stairs, a lot of wind in his seat, very regular 777 american airlines plane, got half an hour to get there and literally in an hour and 10 minutes, and he does get right back on schedule as we've seen, he'll be celebrating mass in philadelphia. >> amazing with so much going on, on time he stayed and he does land in philadelphia, we'll briw that to you -- bring that to you as well, quick flight. straight ahead, eyewitness news saturday morning, hollywood big names and power brokers strolling down the red carpet as the obamas hosted a white house dinner for china's president and his wife coming up we'll take a peek inside.
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welcome back everyone, lamb, lobster and laughs on the menu at the white house state dinner, president obama and first lady malaysia greeted guests but not before michelle obama made sure the president's tux was in check, and welcoming xi jinping and peng liyuan, he's in washington on an official visit and among those, neo, shall mark cuban, facebook kroerk mark zuk zuckerburg and madelyn albright.
9:25 am
blasting a fellow candidate. >> you have this clown, marco rubio i've been so nice to him. so nice. [ boo ] >> so nice. well, trump spoke out against marco rubio at the value voter summit in iowa just two hours after the florida senator earned several rounds of enthusiastic aamaze during a speech at that
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. welcome back the most famous county clerk making a move, kim davis a long time elected democrat switching to the republican party feeling abandoned by democrats and her fight against same-sex marriage, davis made the announcement to taepd the family research council valley voter, sparked national outrage to refuse
9:28 am
couples after the supreme court effectively legalized gay marriage in june. amazing story of survival on the high seas a woman gives birth on a cruise ship four months early and 14 hours from the nearest port, unreal. this morning though, her baby's doing just fine, emily morgan of utah on a caribbean cruise when she gave birth to her son, haydn, just one and a half pounds, a make shift incubator of warm towels, warm towels helped keep him alive until she reached puerto rico, now he's growing stronger everyday. >> so great to hear that. >> thanks to >> scary! much more ahead on eyewitness news on a saturday morning, pope francis is in the air right now on his way to philadelphia, viva papa, that's what everybody screamed last night at madison square garden, moments ago boarded a flight taking on from jfk airport and now a live look from philadelphia his destination,
9:29 am
hi in the next 15, 20 minutes, security as you can imagine, extraordinarily tight, major roads a bridge all closed to
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welcome back to eyewitness news on the saturday morning, september 26, take a look there, this happened just moepts ago -- moments ago, pope francis is on his way to philadelphia, from kennedy airport after a whirlwind visit to new york city, good morning everybody, i'm michelle charlesworth skwoo it's official, the pope has left the building. >> that's right! spectacular 40 hours though, something really, really special no one who's lived through it will forget for a long time thanks for being with us on this early saturday morning i'm rob nelson. >> and let's go over to meteorologist amy freeze she posted this beautiful, crystal clear white halo that was in the sky around new york city
9:32 am
captured by one of our viewers, thank you from the bronx. >> lou, well done. >> wow! >> very stunning and a very good eye because a lot of people captured the actual rainbow, the sun dog that was shared quite a bit but he actually got the entire ice crystal formation around the sun and it's really spectacular so posted up on facebook, we're sharing it through twitter and so forth so you can look at it for yourself, 64 degrees what we have, overhead a mix of sun and clouds right now, wind are out of the northeast this is going to dominate what's happening with our weather here over the weekend going to keep the clouds filtering in keep things a little bit on the cool side too, we started 40s for monticello, sussex, bellemare currently 63 add 10 degrees to the numbers we're seeing on the map radar and satellite picture shows a story we will have clouds especially south of new york all afternoon coming and going from time to time there is some rain
9:33 am
for parts of delaware this system well to the south off the carolinas but i think we get a piece of this before the weekend is over we'll talk about that in the full forecast until then planning this day temperatures in the low 70s, 73 in new york city all the accuweather seven-day forecast up next, rob. >> thank you, amy. well, pope francis is now on his way down to philadelphia after some busy and really, really just extraordinary days here in new york city just about 40 hours he spent here left the residence of the papal anuncio and headed to jfk, took off moments ago again on his way to philadelphia. eyewitness news has team coverage of the pope's journey out of new york city today, shirleen allicot is live in philadelphia where the pope should be landing in just a few minutes but begin now with marcus solis, live at kennedy airport where it took off just a few minutes ago, good morning.
9:34 am
>> reporter: good morning rob a huge crowd turned up here at jfk airport to send off pope francis, wish him well, thank him for his visit and time in new york however brief, he left a little bit behind schedule and had a little bit of trouble walking up the steps to that plane to shepherd one but he he did manage to make it up there okay, gave the crowd a final wave and then did wave to the crowd, went inside the airplane, also before that there was a receiving line number of bishops and some nuns a few from argentina presented him with some gifts, some cookies, to send him off on his way as he heads to philadelphia, we've got a guest here, monsignor david casato from brooklyn. >> it was so sad to see him leave i was so emotional, had such wonderful days with him the last two or three days and i've
9:35 am
a sad moment to see hip leave, secondly i was so blab -- flabbergasted when i got in front of him, ciao, that's all i said rorchblth did you get a sense he liked it here? >> i think he liked it here, the crowds were so energized by his great presence >> reporter: a little disappointed perhaps they didn't get that personal chance to greet him though. >> i think everybody in the world wants to touch the pope. and i can only tell you, i touched him and i touched the heads of everybody over there to give him the blessing because he's a blessing to the world and to the people of new york the last couple days. >> reporter: the takeaway this visit sends to new yorkers, catholic and non-catholic. >> be people of peace, love one another, care about each other. care about each other. >> reporter: monsignor casato thank you very much, away from
9:36 am
kennedy airport, now on to the city of brotherly love, philadelphia, 7 eyewitness news marcus solis. >> measure give us the recipe or the cookies from the order of nuns. >> the pope cannot rest here a busy weekend awaiting him in philadelphia before he heads back to the vatican, on the way to the city of brotherly love this morning, eyewitness news reporter and anchor shir halloween al-- shirleen allicot this is a home coming, you've lived and covered that city for our sister station, channel 6 in philadelphia, action news. >> reporter: yeah! very, very exciting time for me, you know i worked there for five years so i know all the preparation it took to make this day happen, the fact that it's finally here, it is so exciting, i want you to take a look what's going on down here, once the pope arrives he'll be heading to the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul you can see the priests in white robes walking in to the cathedral, you can see a choir getting ready to perform
9:37 am
buns wuns -- once the pope gets there and take a look at the crowd of people that are waiting him to arrive and then you can also see the immense security it has taken to pull this off, you can see a line of police officers up and down this street you can see those metal barricades, very reminiscent of what we saw in new york the pontiff will kick off his philadelphia visit by celebrating mass at the ka can thed ral -- cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul, next stop independence mall for a papal parade, delivering an address on immigration and religious freedom examine then -- and then the final stop for the day, the benjamin franklin parkway for a special concert at 7:00, aretha franklin, the fray, and the philadelphia orchestra, mark wahlberg also making an appearance. >> reporter: again, today's
9:38 am
here on the -- parkway for the festival of families, 500,000 people expected to line the parkway, the jumbotrons, the stage all the way at the end there and when the pope arrives we are going to bring it right to you, he's got a packed day and we will to you live from philadelphia. shirleen allicot cot, 7 eyewitness news 7 eyewitness news. >> wow good job doing the dosy do and givings a look. >> two eagle scouts getting ready for sendoff, san tan sxwra 19-year-old riley will be part of the honor guard during the pope's farewell that happened this morning at jfk they were hand picked for being devout catholics and their outstanding service to their communities. >> it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to do this meet the voice of god on earth it's incredible, something that hasn't set in as you said, it's miraculous that i'm meeting the god and that my parents are
9:39 am
proud of me and making myself proud. >> and again they took part in the sendoff for pope francis from kennedy not clear whether or not the scouts got a chance to meet the pope but they were told that would definitely be a possibility, let's hope they did. >> fingers crossed for those guys. well, pope francis took some time yesterday to meet with some families here going through some pretty difficult times, he paid a surprise visit to the ronald mcdonald house in manhattan, the pope gave his blessing to children there suffering from some pretty serious illnesses staying at the ronald mcdonald house while they undergo treatment now among them a 10-year-old heart transplant patient from toronto who developed cancer after her surgery. >> what was it like to see the pope? >> awesome. >> not everyone's even catholic but everybody believes in a higher god and to have that blessing straight from the pope for these children is
9:40 am
>> hmm, the nypd by has a close relationship with the ronald mcdonald house worked with the secret service to arrange the meeting outside of the papal nuncio's residence, the prisoners, the homeless, fortunate and clearly the focus. >> focus on the have-nots. and the juxtaposition, he must be getting an earful here, if you've ever been to the basilica of st. peter, i've been in rome many times, the newest thing in there is older than our country. [ laughter ] okay! so this is an ancient church and the juxtapositions are just really amazing. >> indeed. coming up next, lincoln center's largest concert hall gets a new name for the new york city landmark. and amy! we'll tell you about that picture there, and on top of
9:41 am
forecast, there we g get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours
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well the pope's message of helping the poor will be continued to be spread during the global citizen festival the annual concert a free ticketed event working to end extreme poverty. this year's star studded event features performances by beyonce, pearl jam, ed sheeran, coldplay, great lineup but not the only ones who will be there one of the host will be kerry washington, star of the hit show scandal, and last but certainly not least, first lady michelle obama also there in the house as well, they have a great lineup this year, go check that out. >> who is not going to be there! >> free but you need a ticket. all right, one other pope detail we just got an e-mail, if you didn't love this pope before, get this on his e-mail, you know he took the helicopter
9:44 am
from wall street to jfk a few minutes ago on his way from wall street helliport he asked the pilot to go around the statue of liberty, he want to do see that, the last wonderful iconic moment on his way awesome detail, just told folks that, yes. oh, wait a minute! wait a minute, we understand the plane already in the shortest flight ever, landed in philadelphia! brought you the departure, now the landing, he is there in philadelphia official hi, the pope has landed. >> he gets around very quickly, when he was asking for the opportunity to go around ellis island and go around the statue helicopter right? on the way from wall street to jfk a 12 minute trip, took longer now we know why. can you imagine that pilot going yes, sir, yes, sir.
9:45 am
>> got a new plan, a different flight path skwoo the pope does have a jam packed schedule in philly, follow the numbers in new york, impressive, fasten your seatbelts in philly, one event expect half a million and then the big finale is a mass in philly tomorrow that could draw as many as 1 million people certainly, so you think, we thought here that new york was kind of the bread and butter. [ laughter ] but the reason he came to america was this catholic families event in philadelphia, everything else, dc, new york, was an' piezer to -- appetizer to what he does in philadelphia, his biggest day or two days are still to come, fly back in rome about 7:00 tomorrow night after this historic trip to america. his first time in america and his first time in cuba as well. >> i think he's sitting on the other side of the plane but we did get that precious shot of him waving to everybody as they taxied leaving jfk in the meantime let's go to meteorologist amy freeze talking
9:46 am
about weather, the pope, miracles, circles across the sky. >> yeah, that was quite fantastic, i mean, really amazing yesterday. through social media, you probably watched even right here on eyewitness news as we shared the picture of the beautiful little rainbow which is called a sun dog, and to my surprise, i got some video, look at this, this is actually the larger circle, the halo, see the line above the trees watch how that goes completely in a circle, actually goes 360 degrees all the way back lou from the bronx got the parahelix circle in which it forms on, just incredible, can you see the line very well? there it is begin, you'll see the halo there, but you can see that usually on both sides of the halo forming, the sun dog pops up with the sunlight going through the ice crystals. >> does this happen all the time? >> it is very rare, very rare for this to occur.
9:47 am
i mean, not unheard of, not like it's never happened before, but very unusual circumstances for this to come together, the atmosphere and for it to happen on such a historic day, especially for us here in philadelphia, for so many people to see it, somewhat of a sign, the beauty of the day, pretty cool over long island temperatures in the low 60s, 24 hour temperature change a little bit cooler but the extreme right now, really setting us up for a fall light weekend, persistent northeast wind we've got making you feel cooler but it's also creating the potential for coastal flooding issues watching that carefully for you today high risk for rip currents and that persistent northeasterly flow with this full moon here over the weekend could also cause us some problems at the high tide hour if you live in those areas you'll be aware of it our only chance for rain this weekend is the system down to the south off the carolinas that could bring light rain to us and that would happen of course late in the weekend. so here's a look at the numbers, filtered sunshine 74, breezy
9:48 am
right through the weekend we could get those gusty winds that cup out of the northeast at times so for that reason as you leave the house today you may want to take an extra layer, a little sweater, hoodie something just in case you start to feel the winds, dry daylight hours tomorrow 72, a bit of a sprinkle late sunday thiet and both monday and tuesday, risks of showers not complete rain outs but chances, we cool things up in the upper 60s a lot of people looking for rain perhaps next weekend will be our shot, all right. >> all right. well, hopefully no rain today in philadelphia that's because the pope has officially landed there, we saw the plane coming in and expect to get a live picture with the plane taxiing and now you see the steps are being put up against the plane the pope expect to do emerge in just a few minutes we had cuba, dc, extraordinary few days here in thork and now fs philadelphia's turn in the spotlight expecting some huge
9:49 am
crowds in the, he'll be there. >> the half a million he's going to be celebrating mass in about, what, 45 minutes, he moves around quickly. >> he gets around. >> look how quickly they rolled out that red carpet and got the stairs out there. but he'll be celebrating mass in 45 minutes in philadelphia, landed in philly and, they've opened up the door now, he'll be making his way out, had trouble getting up the stairs, he's been moving all over the place, had some leg issues, sciatica issues. >> has a bad knee. >> 70 years old. >> you don't think, i think of that too, he seeps like he has such good energy, you forget he's a 78-year-old guy, think about the schedule schedule he's had and the travel, amazing what he's able to do in a short amount of time one of the most impressive things, actually going to visit a correctional facility and talk to inmates and again, his emat that sis -- emphasis on the less fortunate and the downtrodden, now landing in philadelphia walking out of
9:50 am
on the tarmac as he makes hi way down the steps, you better believe philadelphians are extremely excited massive plans in store as he spends the day in properly love the third and final leg of his first time ever in america. >> but this was the impetus for the first trip here the festival of families in philadelphia, as he embraces bishops, greeting him in philadelphia there, wow what a magical moment for all of them. >> he's there! and again, a jam packed schedule today and tomorrow, the pope will fly back to rome about 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night, glad he got there safely and now philly's turn to enjoy what we got to enjoy here in new york. >> lighting up on their version of 5th avenue to see him at the festival of families tonight at 7:30, half a million are expected and boy we had our throngs of new yorkers on the streets here as he came in and we enjoyed the motorcade. >> all right, red carpet out,
9:51 am
pope francis in philadelphia, a live we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools.
9:52 am
ic taking a live look at pope francis tonight meeting with dignitaries and bishops well wishers greeting him on the ground on the tarmac at the airport in philadelphia, he will be celebrating mass at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul in philadelphia, about 2,000 people will be celebrating mass with him, you know, it's windy out there, it's loud, everyone is gathered to meet him, i know here, at jfk, 200 people who needed to have tickets to be there and they were so excited to see him, monsignors, bishops, dignitaries and, is that the pilot? no, philadelphia police, didn't see the shoulder. >> all the dignitaries rien lyoned -- lined up there in philadelphia, as you know
9:53 am
>> and now, of course, the formal walk. >> and interesting down in dc, president obama went down to maryland to greet him, only one other time in his presidency, doesn't typically go there to visit foreign dignitaries but now pope in philadelphia, pope francis for a packed two days there and glad that we brautd that -- brought that to you live, the trip continues. >> now having the name of a new york icon. >> kicking off a new season of music here in the big apple what was once avy fisher hall now named for philanthropist david geffen, an unveiling, he donated a mere $100 million to lincoln
9:54 am
9:55 am
welcome back, everybody, pope francis of course now in
9:56 am
of his historic and remarkable trip here to the u.s. >> we showed you he took off from jfk at 9:00 this morning, shirleen allicot is live in philadelphia with the latest. >> reporter: hey guys, you know, there's so much excitement out here, you have to take a look at this video, the minute that the people out here heard that pope francis had landed, the crowd just wept wild here at the cathedral basilica of st. peters and paul, now pope francis got in his fiat, headed this way, only seven miles away, a 20 minute drive and once he gets here, if you take a live look right here at the crowds here at benjamin franklin parkway, this is the cathedral, this is where the pope will deliver or celebrate mass, that is, before a crowd of 2,000 people of faith a seat at this high profile mass, the crowd of
9:57 am
people that are here already to see when the pope arrives, the crowd is a little bit thin, as you can see that there's a law enforcement up and down the street but the crowd dunt exactly fill that -- doesn't fill that but that doesn't mean the excitement isn't as strong this is going to be a very big day for the pope, going to culminate here and we'll briw you all this live coverage as soon as the pope arrives. reporting live in philadelphia,
9:58 am
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