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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 28, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- heading home. pope francis arriving in rome this morning after his historic trip to america. the final moments before departing. and the wave from his plane. we're live with the details. stage scare. carly fee reen ya, at campaign event, when the curtain, look at that, comes crashing down. giant sink hole swallowing up cars. a beach-side abyss unstable this morning. and out of this world. nasa making a major announcement about mars today. what did they find on the red
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and good monday morning, everybody. we cabin with the pope arriving in rome this morning, following a historic visit, as you know, touched millions of lives. >> pope francis wrapped up his three-city american tour in philadelphia last night, saying he was leafing with a heart full of gratitude and hope. he had a busy final day in the u.s. he apologized to sexual abuse victims, and warmly embraced inmates at a city jail. lana zak has more more us this morning. good morning the to you. >> reporter: good morning, kayna and kendis. after departing on shepherd one, the grounds crew is still at work behind me. it was a mammoth effort, philadelphia transformed into an outdoor cathedral.
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with gifts of finest wheat >> reporter: the pope's message. >> the peace of the lord be with all always. >> reporter: his words carried lasting impact. >> i thought he had a very special gift in him. that actually prevents us from being bad. >> always have hope. always have faith in people. >> reach out to people that need god's love. >> reporter: after traveling for lines. >> actually, it did. >> reporter: the effort was worth it. you didn't see the pope. you? >> no. >> no. >> the whole purpose of the pope's trip was to spread his message of love. of us. they are >> reporter: our friend, pope francis, the people are with
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indeed, this pope has a way of connecting with americans of all backgrounds. from the inmates who shared a hug. to the babies. to the oh, so many babies. with a final blessing, he was off. and there was so much chatter on social media about the rain boast in the locations he went to. there was one more natural phenomenon. as he boarded that plane, a supermoon lunar eclipse. that won't happen again until 2033. >> all right, lana. thank you. you can hear the ground crews working behind her now. >> certainly could. an update from the family of from the pope's native argentina. >> driving all the way in a 1980 volkswagen van from buenos aires. >> they got a special invitation
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to meet pope francis. he told them they were crazy for making the trip. the kids got lots of hugs from the pope. the couple saying it was like being with an old friend. so here in new york today, there is a high-stakes meeting between president obama and russian president vladimir putin. putin criticized the u.s. support of rebels in syria before the meeting. >> here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: president obama and leaders from around the world united as the president shares america's plan to tackle world issues. >> perhaps because this is now my seventh year of arding the general assembly, i tend to be more blunt. along with the gray hair i'm becoming more likely to speak my mind. >> reporter: the president ahead of today's meeting with the u.n. general assembly told attendees
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at a global summit that the u.s. has a plan to eliminate hunger and poverty. >> this next chapter cannot fall victim to the old divides. >> reporter: today, president obama is scheduled to have a sitdown with vladimir putin, who hasn't shown up to the u.n. meeting for a decade. both expected to talk about syria, and how the deal with isis at a summit meant to solidify support for obama's on plan against isis. on "this week" a stunning admission from samantha pow person when martha raddatz suggested the policy of training rebels doesn't seem to be working. >> totally fair, totally fair. it's more complex, i think, than we would have envisaged. >> reporter: aside from the meeting with vladimir putin, president obama is scheduled to meet with raul castro.
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the second face-to-face meeting since the u.s. and cuba restored diplomatic relations. >> stephanie, thank you. we expect to learn more today about donald trump's tax reform plan. he said some low-income earners would be spared from taxes. there would be a substance tax reduction for the middle class. he departed sharply by saying he would raise taxes on the wealthiest americans. a frightening moment for carly fiorina. she was answering questions when that happened. a large curtain backdrop tumbled down. she and two win on stage huddling together. shielding their heads. no one was injured. john boehner says there will be no government shutdown this week. he predicts the house and senate will agree on a bill to fund the
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government at least temporarily. he's giving up his speaker's post as well as his house seat at the end of october. today, we expect a big announcement from mars, coming later this morning from nasa. we don't know what oitit will be. there's speculation that the space agency will say there's flowing water on the surface of mars right now. if that's confirmed, that will be a big deal. scientists are look at how mars may have been hospitalable in the past. plenty of water found in the south. downpours from texas to florida. yesterday, nearly eight inches of rain fell in mobile, alabama. typhoon. this is hitting taiwan right now. so they're saying this eye is very defined. they have 143-mile-an-hour wind gusts. that makes it e quif lent to
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3,000 people have been evacuated from a popular tourist location. shell making an announcement about a controversial arctic billing plan. a high school player dies after collapsing during a game. the growing memorial and the reaction from classmates. plus, the earth opens up. water rushing in.
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shell is stopping its offshore drilling off alaska.
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the company says it didn't find enough oil and gas in an exploratory well drilled. environmentalists tried to block it. new details after the deadly collision after a duck boat and a tour bus on a seattle bridge. the accident now claiming a fifth victim. a 20-year-old foreign student. the ntsb is revealing the that the duck boat didn't have an axle repair recommended back in 2013. the vehicle's left front axle had been basically sheared away. it's not clear how or when. new developments in the volkswagen emission scandal. there's evidence that the automaker went forward with software to cheat on admission tests despite warnings. they were told eight years ago not the use the software. another report claiming a vw
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technician raised concerns about illegal emissions levels in 2011. the experts say you can expect gas prices to remain low. the worldwide abundance of oil shows relatively few signeds of easing. that means low prices at the pump could remain in place until 2017. the current average is $2.29 a gallon. a month ago, it was $2.53. last year at this time, $2.34. this weekend's box office numbers. "hotel transleylvania 2" opened in first. robert de niro and anne hathaway finished second in "the intern." and "the maize runner" finished third. baby born months early. and hours away from land. the amazing miracle at sea. and fists fly in a dugout.
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the sun's light is obscured by gnarls the earth's atmosphere. you've been scienced. >> i've been schooled. flooding is possible along the gulf coast today. rain will make for wet conditions across the mid south and ohio valley. rain for the miniwest and morn plains. if you're flying, delays possible in new orleans, atlanta, minneapolis. we move to the death of another high school football player. this time, a star quarterback from new jersey. >> 17-year-old evan murray took a hard hit on friday night. he collapsed on the sidelines. died at the hospital. the official cause of death has not been determined. but you see there, his teammates and classmates are shocked and distraught. >> so we were going to graduate with him. someone we were going to walk with and get your diploma. it's hard. >> everyone cheers for him at football games, basketball, baseball.
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>> he was really well. mannered person. really, really kind. a genuine kid. had a good heart. >> he's the third high school player to die this season after an on-the-field football injury. an incredible sight overseas. a brand-new cover at beach front camp site in australia that wasn't there before. a sinkhole opened up in the middle of the night. taking cars, rvs, and tents with it. campers ran around and told people to get out. >> the guy was trying to get the car out. gotta get out. and it went. >> fortunate lirks everyone escaped without injury. baby being called a miracle. little hayden morgan arriving almost four months early and more than 100 miles out at sea. it was supposed to be a relaxing family vacation turned into an emergency after just two days at
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utah, suddenly went into labor. hayden was born at just 23 weeks. he weighed in at a pound and a half. >> i was -- basically trying to stay strong and -- really focus on emily. >> he was a miracle to push through that. he's a fighter. >> the cruise ship had to race to puerto rico, which was 14 hours away. that's where the newborn was placed into an incubator. he's been transferred to a hospital in miami where he will stay until december. now some sports. an ugly incident involving my washington national, their mvp candidate and all-around nice we've met. he's a good guy. on the the way back to the dugout, he had words with johnathan papelbon. throat. the nationals manager calling it a family issue. it's unclear how it will be
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i think there will be trades in the offseason. >> family issue. >> yeah. the nfl, if you're a steelers fan, it was hard to see ben go down like that. >> details on that and the other espn. "sportscenter" studio. we hope you have a great day. ben roethlisberger, well, as mom said, if you kids are going to play rough, somebody's going the get hurt. for the second straight sunday, goes down. big ben out. a sprand mcl in the left knee. bone bruise. out four to six weeks. got him low, around the knee. illegal. but roethlisberger, carted off the field. on crutches. mike vick takes over. >> no torn acl. big news. news. last sunday, tony romo. not playing in this game. the falcons take the lead.
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just spectacular on sunday. matty ice to julio jones. numbers wise, he's the best. the owner loves it. sealed with a kiss. the falcons are 3-0. pga tour championship. fedexcup. jordan spieth is 22. this year, he made $22 million. >> hello. >> regular tour earning and winning the fedexcup comes with a $10 million bonus. his fifth win of the the season. if you can putt you can make gobs of cash. kids. for more highlights, check espn. john will be working on his short game. >> interlocking. >> a good public service announcement. >> forget trying to be a golf sit. up next in "the pulse." what a moment. a little baby dressed as the pope. and then the meeting with the pope. an embarrassing display for mikey. a marathon winner crossing the
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welcome back, everybody. it's time for "the pulse." we start with another pope meets baby story. this one is a little bit different, though, because of the child's outfit. >> it was really, really cute. in philadelphia on saturday, little quinn wearing her pope outfit, complete with hat. the pope saw sthem and quinn was handed off to francis' security. >> she got a blessing from the pope. the pope's security guard passed along the message. the pope saying they have a great sense of humor. >> got that love that. an embarrassing fail for nike. >> oh, my gosh. can you see the brand-new shoes worn by an elite runner.
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>> okay, so the insoles of his white running shoes came apart. the race. >> the runner finished the race in 2:04. the fastest marathon time in the world so far this year. record. and he said there was pain in every step after the insoles were out. thanks, nike. >> yikes. a 7-year-old in massachusetts aced a test of character. aiden wright ran up the slide at playground. he found $8,000 in cash. >> not bad. get this, he and his uncle, who he was with, immediately turned it in to police. the name was on the checkbook and the man was paid for a contracting job. >> the man, santos, realized the money fell out when he was slide. for some of you, local news
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checking our top stories, pope francis is back in rome after wrapping up his six-day, historymaking visit to america. he spent his final day in philadelphia, meeting everyone from church sex abuse victims to inmates. sentencing day for the former new york prison worker who helped two convicted killers escape. she would get up to seven years in prison. her name is joyce mitchell. a big announcement about mars comes this morning from nasa. we don't know what the announcement will be. there is speculation the space agency will say there is flowing water on the surface of mars. dry and hot across the west. showers in the northern plains and upper midwest. heavy rain in the deep south. warming up along the east coast. finally, six days of inspiration and charisma that moved millions of people. catholics and noncatholics alike. >> the pope has returned to the
4:28 am
vatican after delivering a message of mercy and peace to americans. here's a look back at some of the special moments of the pope's historic trip. >> and god bless america. >> i am happy that america continues to be for many, a land of dreams.
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[ cheers and applause ] his parting message, pray for me. >> that was amazing. and his wave.


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