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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 29, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, developing overnight a tropical storm forming, the east coast on alert as the system slowly churns in the atlantic, plus, severe flooding from another storm system in the south. we're tracking it all. tax plan. donald trump's ambitious proposal to cut taxes for millions of people and another candidate calling trump's campaign a freak show. we're live in washington. high-speed chase, a car weaving in and out of traffic over 100 miles an hour then a wild crash and a foot chase all of it caught on camera. and a pet running amok chewing on mail and a police cruiser. the monkey on the lam. we do say good tuesday morning with the monkey on the lam.
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>> and is it amok or amuck? i'm kayna whitworth. a potentially series lyly serious storm. tropical storm joaquin. the entire east coast has to pay attention. some computer models are agreeing it could affect the mid-atlantic or at least northeast by this weekend. so it's many days away, but things can change. still it's one to watch. >> the more immediate concern, this system right now in the gulf of mexico torrential downpours in the south, the florida panhandle receiving a foot of rain. >> well, take a look at this video that was just in, overnight in southern alabama. cars flooded in a parking lot. accuweather's molly cochran is tracking it all. good morning, molly. >> thanks, kendis and kayna. we continue to watch tropical storm joaquin. likely to strengthen over the next couple of days, as it is over some warmer water, either way going to be feeling impacts
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rip currents and could potentially bring moisture to the northeast by the later half of the week. tropical moisture gets slurped right on in like a straw across the gulf coast. flooding downpours going to be a potential tuesday into wednesday once again. kendis and kayna, back to you. >> thanks so much. to donald trump's tax reform plan. there's been mostly skeptical reaction overnight. experts saying it kokocould add billions to the national debt. >> some of the wealthiest would end up paying less in taxes, not more. abc's steph na ramos is joining us from washington, d.c. with more on this. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, kendis and kayna. donald trump putting out real detail from his latest policy to slash taxes not just for the poor but also the wealthy. gop presidential contenders are on the heels of front-runner donald trump, just as he unveils details of his tax plan.
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>> it's a tax reform that i think will make america strong and great again. >> reporter: trump promising to get rid of income taxes for millions of americans, anyone making less than $25,000 and couples earning less than 50,000 would pay no taxes at all. >> simplification. >> reporter: businesses and the rich would benefit from the plan. trump would offer a sweeping tax cut for businesses which he says will create jobs and slash tax rates for the wealthiest americans. the big question, who would pay for it all? >> those are the hedge fund folks i've been talking about for quite a while. they make a lot of money. >> reporter: trump's tax plan comes as his lead in the poll narrows and faces attacks from his rivals. >> i'm not interested in the back and forth to be a member or part of his freak show. >> reporter: carly fiorina steered clear of the trump tax tactic but ben carson weighed in. >> let's look at it, analyze it,
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all of the people who are running, we can get some really good ideas. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton who's tackled wall street tax breaks since the early day of her campaign calls trump's plan a huge tax break for billionaires. back over to you. >> all right, stephanie, thank you so much. speaking of the democrats, cnn says it allowed vice president joe biden to participate in the first democratic presidential debate even if he decides that day to be a candidate. that's because biden has gotten at least 1% of the vote in three polls. the debate is october 13th in las vegas. president obama meets with cuba's raul castro after squaring off with russian president vladimir putin over chaos in syria and the two leaders sat down privately for 90 minutes. their first formal meeting in two years described as businesslike and constructive but they failed to reach common
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leader bashar al assad voicing their differences in dueling speeches before the u.n. general assembly. >> when a dictator slaughters tens of thousands of his own people, that is not just a matter of one nation's internal affair s affairs. >> president obama insists assad must go while putin says assad is doing more to fight isis than anyone else. still, mr. obama says he's open to working with russia and iran on ending the war in syria. well, the u.s. has joined the battle for a major afghan city. the military has carried out an air strike on the northern city of ofkunduz. the first city seized since it was overthrown in 2001 and late word this morning that afghan troops have retaken large parts of the city. >> back in this country, a scare
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hydraulic problems on a jet and came in faster than normal and brakes overheated that caused a small fire in the landing gear quickly extinguished and no injuries. flight 110 bound for ireland forced to turn back after 15 minutes. yet another fender bender for southwest airlines, one of its jets bumped into another as both were about to be towed to gates to pick up passengers. this is at sea-tac in seattle. no one was on board the 737s at the time. not even crew, but the early morning mishap did cause some delays because of the planes taken out of service. a former new york prison employee who helped two murderers escape will spend at least two years behind bars. joyce mitchell made an emotional appeal yesterday and said helping the two convicts was the biggest mistake of her life. >> i'm hoping you will have mercy on me, your honor.
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>> mitchell may also have to contribute to the 120,000 in restitution the state is seeking for damages to clinton correctional facility from the escape. a hearing on that is scheduled for november. >> as expected, nasa scientists confirm there is flowing water on mars. they say these pictures show those little streaks said to be 12 to 15 feet wide and about a football field long, that is salty water which nasa claims would make it possible for there to be life on mars today. that water would make a manned mission to mars we're told a little more possible because it could be used in a number of capacities. also, it is national free coffee day. where to find your free cup this morning. caught on camera, a high-speed chase hitting more than 100 miles an hour ending in a dramatic crash. plus, a monkey mayhem. a pet gets loose stealing the mail, resisting arrest and
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amazingly, no serious injuries after a wild high-speed chase in oklahoma city area. speeds topping 120 miles an hour often on the shows of the highway ended that way, a woman's vehicle flips and then this is her running afterwards. didn't get very far before the cops caught her. started when a local cop tried to ticket her for going 100 in a 45-mile-an-hour zone. the death of a football player has been ruled an accident. evan murray died friday night after taking a hit. the autopsy found his death was
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a result of massive internal bleeding caused by lacerated spleen which was found to be abnormally enlarged. concerns about injuries seem to be keeping more kids off the field. participation in high school football has declined more than 2% from the last five years. a massive auto recall triggered by faulty air bags may get bigger. seven more companies including volkswagen and mercedes asked about the models of takata air bag inflaterers in the car. they can explode and spew shrapnel have been blamed for eight deaths and hundreds of injuries. so far more than 19 million vehicles from 11 companies have been recalled. iphone users can now buy lottery tickets without standing in line using the jack pocket app. it only works with the new york state lotteries including powerball and mega millions and expands soon to california.
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an agent buys them for you and scans them. several national chains are offering free coffee today to celebrate national coffee day. dunkin' donuts is offering a free medium cup of hot or iced dark roast. some mcdonald's locations and krispy kreme offering free small coffees, as well. instead of giving away coffee starbucks is launching a new campaign. they will plant a tree for every bag of coffee sold over the next year. >> basically starbucks saying we'll try to get your name correct for once. >> never happened to me. amazing find, a gopro found at the bottom of the ocean and international quest to find the owner. a season-ending fight.
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i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? look at this new video overnight of the continuous rain in the florida panhandle cutting power and flooding roads in the town of desitin. cars stalled in puddles to to three feet deep. the local utilities hoping to have all the power restored by morning but there's still warnings about flash flooding and rip currents and even more rain in the forecast. >> flooded roads are a problem this morning throughout the southeast with rain-slick highways and streets everywhere in the eastern third of the country. by the end of the day, wet roads are also likely in kansas and nebraska.
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delays likeliest in charlotte, atlanta, new orleans and washington. well, the daughter of the late actor paul walker is now suing porsche over the deadly accident that claimed her father's life. >> you'll recall walker was killed nearly two years ago when the porsche he was riding in crashed and burst into flames. investigators have said walker's friend was driving up to 94 miles an hour. now his daughter claims the car suffered from numerous design defects including safeguards to protect those inside. she is seeking unspecified damages from porsche. a strange sports star erik roner was killed in northern california. the 39-year-old died yesterday after striking a tree while participating in the opening ceremony of a golf event. witnesses say that he slammed hard into a tree about 30 feet off the ground and was pronounced dead at the scene. a student from belgium is reunited with her gopro camera thanks to the power of social media and help of a stranger.
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take a look. some of the video recorded on a gopro. tourists kayaking around santa barbara found by shannon clark while she was snorkeling. the video was still good enough even after months under water and got busy on facebook. >> you just never know what those photos would mean to someone, so, you know, eighth a little effort on my part if i can give someone else the happenness of getting those back. >> get this, within hours of the story airing on our santa barbara station, the gopro owner was located. sabrina is very, very grateful this morning. okay, so take a look at this. near orlando, florida, a monkey named zeek had his neighborhood on high alert. he ran around reeking harmless havoc, tung hung out on a police car, swung on a sign. there you see him eating mail on a mailbox. while police tried to catch him and zeek simply jumped right into his owner's arms.
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for that on camera fight between two teammates from the washington nationals. jonathan papelbon will be out for the rest of the season for grabbing bryce harper by the throat and slamming against the wall of the dugout. apparently for not running hard on a fly ball. papelbon is still under contract owed $11 million for next year. all right, so as for those still allowed to play for their team, some of them were on the field last night. >> oh, yeah, there were some football and baseball. highlights from espn. i'm john anderson. if i could be somebody else aaron rodgers wouldn't be a terrible person to be. number 12 monday night football behold the power of cheese. packers and the chefs. were scoreless in the first when rodgers decided that he would like to be scoreless no more. out of the shotgun looking and finds ty montgomery, the rookie from stanford. first lambeau leap for him, 7-0.
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17-7, offsides on the chiefs. replay for rodgers and hits james jones, jones back in green bay has a touchdown in each of the first three games. randall cobb had three. rodgers threw for five and the packers win 35-28. baseball, dodgers a chance to clinch but have to beat the giants in san francisco. bottom 12 we're tied at 2. man on first, kel by thomsen lynn son, single flares down the right side. advances over to third. we have runners on the corner, a couple batters later, one out, alejandro, doesn't have to be far to be effective. a ssac fly. bird hustles home with a winning run, giants, 3-2. no champagne for them. they remain barely in the race for the west. check out "sportscenter" at 9:00 eastern on espn. up next here in "the pulse,"
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a new era in late night. trevor noah's first "daily show." the first lady sitting down with colbert. what she can't wait to do after leaving the white house. how do they make starburst taste so juicy? they use wicked small fighter jets to shoot the juiciness into every starburst. [ pilot ] it's about to get juicy. whoo! i feel so aliii... it takes guts.
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okay, it is time to check "the pulse" starting with "the daily show" moving on without jon stewart. >> south african comedian trevor noah made his highly anticipated debut last night taking over as the host. the 31-year-old kicked things off with a monologue paying tribute to stewart and dove right into comedy central's decision to pick him as stewart's successor. >> it turns out that comedy central did ask women to host and the women they asked turned the job down because they had better things to do and clearly knew something i didn't. also, why didn't they give an
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comedy central did and americans declined and now the job is being done by an immigrant. >> kevin hart his first guest who brought him neck ties and the new desk and kept of stewart's staff and the theme music and the format turning to news, headlines from most of the punch lines. >> sounded nervous but we'll see how it goes. >> the finish line is in sight for michelle obama and was on "the late show" last night to promote her let girls learn initiative. >> she confessed to stephen colbert frustrated by all the restrictions on the first lady supply want to do little things like open a window. [ laughter ] i mean -- >> you have to get -- i'm sorry. >> i want to go to target. >> i'm sorry -- >> i want to drive. >> you don't have security clearance to open the window. >> i can't open my windows.
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the window opens if i press it in the car, everybody is like, oh, my god, what was that? >> of course, she does get secret service protection even after the white house so may be a while before she can roll down those windows. >> i know that you have your -- >> yep. >> tater. >> would you teach tater how to surf. >> absolutely. she's already been on a paddle board with me but plenty other dogs are much more agile learning how to surf hitting a wave at a big competition in huntington beach, california, the seventh annual surf city surf dog competition. >> those doings look like pros. 64 dogs took part. the organizers say the sport if it is a sport is growing. the number of canine participants in the contest doubled in just one year. >> i think that's fantastic. >> and it makes for really cute video. >> dogs love to be in the ocean when given the opportunity. >> local news for some of you is next. hair, skin and nails, it's a vitamin supplement that nourishes from the inside... with biotin for beautiful hair and strong nails.
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strikes on the afghan city of konduz. one day after it was taken by the taliban. the first city taken by the taliban since 2001. afghan forces now claiming they've retaken parts of that city. the tenth named storm of the season has formed in the atlantic. tropical storm joaquin. there is no effect on the u.s. yet, but it may turn toward the east coast later this week. but the deep south has plenty of rain already with flooding reported in many gulf coast communities. flash flood watches in effect and dangerous rip currents along the beaches. well, today the rain will extend from the gulf coast into most of the east. but the west coast will be dry and it'll be nice and sunny. and finally a serious health issue has forced one of the celebrity contestants to withdraw from the ballroom. >> well, the bad news came on a night of some very good dancing, as well. with details here is kabc's george pennacchio.
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>> reporter: for tv themed song night alexa penavega did a jazz routine to "breaking bad". all 9s. nick carter and sharna burgess tied with a "downton abbey"-inspeed viennese waltz. that was not the evening's big news. this was. >> this is the don't shoot the messenger portion of the show. >> after having a mini stroke in atlanta on wednesday, doctors would not clear kim zolciak biermann to fly to l.a. >> i can dance, i just can't fly. >> reporter: because of that she had to withdraw from the competition. her partner tony dovolani told me her medical emergency may have been a blessing in disguise. >> if it wasn't for dancing this would not have revealed itself and she could have probably had like a massive stroke. yeah, the doctor was -- what "dancing with the stars" has done for you is saved your life. >> reporter: a sad turn of events but kim's cast mates say her health is what's important here. >> she has six kids and that's
4:28 am
at the end of the day the most important thing so it's so awful for us to see her go but at the same time we want what is best for her now is to be home with her family and get better and get healthy again. >> you know, her family, her health and just for a dance, i don't think it's worth it. >> you've said this before. maybe it's the universe saying, take care of your family, take care of your health first and maybe the show highlighted that and maybe something good could come for that with her. >> reporter: with kim bowing out no other couple was eliminated. when "dancing with the stars" returns for week four of the competition, it will highlight the celebrities' most memorable years. in los angeles, george pennacchio for abc news. >> beyond the drama there were some good dances. >> i liked the teenage mutant
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