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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  September 29, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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that a tropical storm is headed our way but because we're going to have self-days of -- several days of winds coming on shore later tomorrow and into the weekend. right now it's the umbrella on standby. just felt the drop. there's a little bit of rain in parts of staten island and some rain over new jersey right now. heavy rain is later tonight. flash flood watches are up. they're for sullivan and ulster and dutchess county. if you look at or yenation of the watches it's really from the appalachians into central new york: on the southern or southeastern side of some of the heaviest rainfall. the heaviest rainfall north and west of new york city. right now it's actually a couple of downpours over new jersey and hunterton county and somerset going to morris and warren county. a couple of drops in new york city and lower hudson valley and long island right now but the evening commute not too bad. the heavy rain to the south. right now it's headed to the north and staying away from us, it's going to bend to the east later on and after midnight our rain will get heavier especially from the soy on north and west. so -- city on north and west. then you have another wave of rain and that's going to come
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the potential there is for thursday afternoon and night into the day on friday. then the third threat, that comes from interaction with tropical storm what keen. big differences with the storm track forecast today. winds of 45 miles an hour and tropical storm. but look at the new storm track. captured and hovering afford the atlantic for several days look at that sunday 8:00 a.m. time frame. yesterday the track forecast had that very close to new york city at that time frame. now it's staying offshore and suggesting it recurves there and still have a pipeline to some of its moisture. meaning it can still rain. so widespread heavy rain and thunder is going to develop after midnight. we're going to have a big range across the area. could be a half inch or less across parts of long island and jersey shore but after two or three inches north and west of new york city, those are the most vulnerable areas for some flooding in the northern west suburbs and connecticut and lower hudson valley. the second round of rain is coming thursday afternoon or night into the day on friday. that will move away early saturday.
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the third rain depends on what keen and just not a slam dunk because so much uncertainty with this storm. there's going to be a place along the mid-atlantic or the northeast that's going to get drenched with rain from the storm. we deponent the it's close -- don't know if it's close to homiest jet. on shore winds for several days and that's why they're putting up the dunes in belmar and the protection. more on that, the track and your accuweather seven day forecast in a few minutes. david liz back to you for now. thank you lee. new information on first at 4:00 in the death of a newborn who police say was tossed out of an apartment window. within the hour, we have learned the girl's mother will be charged. the baby found yesterday afternoon in the university heights section of the bronx and eyewitness news reporter there marcus solis this with the latest on the case. >> the child was lifeless but the medical examiner has ruled this a homicide. >> reporter: concluding that the cause of death is multiple blunt force trauma.
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the girl was found a little over 24 hours ago. the infant was thrown from a seven story window. the umbilical cord still attached the mother of the child doesn't live in the building, the baby ear father lives here with his -- baby's father lives here with his mother. the baby was not breathing according to the mother and that she panicked in disposing of the body. police also questioned the father but he has been released and it appear he was unaware of what had happened. for residents in the building there's disbelief. >> this many hospitals, there's plentiful people out here that -- plenty of people out here that want kids. you didn't have to drop them out the window, that's killing, that's a sin. >> reporter: now again, the autopsy performed today indicates the baby was alive when she was delivered. killed as a result of that seven story fall. charges against jennifer berry are pending. we're live in university heights, marcus solis, channel
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7 eyewitness news. thank you marcus. well, first at 4:00, we're followingsome breaking news involving the evening commute and there are problems on the number 2 and number 5 subway lines in the bronx. now right now there's no 5 trains that are running between east 149th and east 180th street in both directions. this is all because they tell us that the rail condition at 149th street grand concourse. it is impacting the number # subway line as well. expect delays on the 2 line and we'll keep you posted. well, new at 4:00 a trial date is now set for the nypd officer charged in the shooting death of a man from brooklyn. late this afternoon, peter liang appeared in court where the judge set his trial date for january 7th. the defense indicated that it would be a jury trial. liang is charged with manslaughter after firing his gun into a dark stairwell at the lewis pink houses in east new york. the bullet that came from his gun killed akai gurley.
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former new york city police officer who pled guilty turned himself in today. 28-year-old brendan cronen was charged with attempted murder. assault and drunk driving in the april 2014 shooting in pelham. prosecutors say he opened fire on a vehicle stopped at a red light. joseph police was shot six times and cronen will be behind bars until he's formally sentenced to nine years in prison in december. well man from new jersey is accused of stealing more than a million dollars from a volunteer ambulance company on long island. police arrested brad wrighter and charged him with grand larceny after he allegedly stole $1.6 million from the belmar ems. wrighter served as the treasurer and president of the company during his alleged seven year scheme. in which he came to an end last march when he was fired. investigators say he used the money for lawn care, security systems bills and even made payments to himself. well, firefighters pulled off a daring rescue in a construction site near the brooklyn queens expressway.
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received a 191 call about 12:15 this afternoon about a worker complaining of shortness of breath. when firefighters arrived on 56th road and 43rd street in the section, they found the man stuck on top of a pillar. that's when a 90-foot ladder had to be brought in. >> 63 and squad -- used a crane from the construction company initially to gain access to the patient. and then 163 used a bucket to get up and they safely lowered the individual down. >> well, the victim was taken okay. he was working on construction for the new bridge. well, a health department official are still working to pinpoint the source of the latest legionnaire's cluster in the bronx. seven people are being treated for legionnaire's in the morris park neighborhood. the officials say these cases are new and not related to the outbreak that killed 12 people and sickened 120 others over the summer. investigators are now waiting
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for the test results from 35 cooling towers in the area to determine the source of the bacteria. checking wall street right now. stocks edged lower this afternoon after an early rally stalled. after yesterday's deep selloff, stocks made some early gains today thanks to a positive consumer confidence report. but investors were unable to hold on to those gains and here's a live look right now at the big board. the dow is up -- just about 47 points. to end the day at 16,049. an american treasure in a hero to all of us, just two of the ways that yogi berra was remembered today. friends, family and former yankee greats filled the church in new jersey that berra attended every week all to honor a man this meant so much to so many. new jersey reporter anthony johnson in montclair with more on the service. anthony? >> reporter: that's right david. many yankees came out past and present stars all attending the funeral service taking place this morning over in montclair.
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remember a great yankee, but also to remember a great man. the service was very much a traditional catholic mass. it was a touching and deeply religious ceremony. yogi berra's family sat together in the packed church of the immaculate conception as church bells and music resonated throughout the sanctuary. the guests included jeter and willie randolph along with mariano rivera and rachel robinson. the wife of jackie robinson. mayor guiliani and yankee first baseman were also there supporting the family and wishing yogi berra a fond farewell. cardinal doolally officiated the mass this -- dolan officiated the mass this morning and made comparisons between pope francis who of course was in new york last week and yogi berra. >> the smile, the open face, the innate courtesy, the aw shucks attitude. the earthy grasp of heavenly
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and eternal values. even the big ears. all right? [ laughter ] are they not similar? are they not similar? pope or catcher? >> reporter: after the closing of thes is, berra -- service, berra's family was given the american flag. he did serve in world war ii in the u.s. navy and was involved in the d-day invasion. navy sailors served as the honor guard also fired a 21 gun salute as part of today's service. now the public service, the public ceremony for yogi will be held here at the museum here on the campus of montclair state university. that's set to take place this coming sunday. and we anticipate and expect that that too will be a packed house. >> anthony looks like it was a moving service. and you mentioned -- lot of former yankee greats attended
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>> reporter: well, of course we did hear from one yankee great. and that would be the former manager of the new york yankees, joe torre. >> he affected so many people in a positive way and today we celebrate the fact that yogi berra personified the american dream. yogi, you were a champion in every single one of those 90 years. and we are grateful. >> reporter: and this was certainly a man that so many, everybody that we met. had nothing but positive things to say. >> thank you anthony. anthony johnson reporting live from montclair. remarkable. >> yeah. >> well, it can be one of the more stressful decisions participants can make. how to leave your children with a daycare center when you're at work. well, coming up, we're going to
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lawmakers want to make it easier to spot -- perhaps a shady daycare service. >> plus, it wasn't that long ago that tom brady proudly displayed addend trump campaign hat -- a donald trump campaign hat in his locker, so is he endorsing trump? well the star quarterback is now speaking out. >> and a bizarre story developing right now in oklahoma. wait until you hear why this police cruiser is speeding down
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bla claro ahora. it's 4:13 right now and time for a check on the roads on this tuesday evening. and this is route 287 in new
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brunswick, new jersey. southbound traffic on the left side of the screen. and you can see that's not going very far and neither is it on the other side either. just a little faster. so try to avoid that area if you can. we also continue to follow breaking news. issues on the number 2 and 5 subway lines in the bronx. there are no 5 trains running between east 149th street and east 180th street in both directions. they tell us because of a rail condition there. it's also causing delays on the number 2 subway line. of course the latest updates go to abcny7. well, for the first time in more than half a century, a u.s. president has met with a cuban president on u.s. soil. today, president obama sat down with raul castro at the united nations general assembly. it's the second time they have met in person since the move to restore diplomatic ties between the two countries. abc's elizabeth h has the details. >> reporter: the leaders of two nations that were once sworn
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this -- since the december announcement to restore diplomatic ties between cuba and the u.s., president obama and cuban president raul castro met once before but this meeting was the first time in more than 60 years an american president has met with a cuban president inside the u.s. and this is the first time castro has attended the u. n. general assembly. castro, using his first time on the world stage to call for an end to u.s. embargo on cuba. [ speaking foreign language ] >> now a long and complex process begins to as the normalization of relations. >> reporter: president obama in the meantime also chaired a summit. pushing world leaders to support u.s. backed forces in the fight against isis and other violent extremist groups. noting setbacks in syria and afghanistan, but adding he is confident the militant group will be defeated in the long run.
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>> we have to to build diverse, tolerant inclusive societies that reject anti-muslim and antiimmigrant bigotry. that creates the divisions, the fear and the resentments upon which extremists can preyer. >> reporter: the president went -- prey. >> reporter: the president went on to say this is not a conventional battle and again stated he is open and willing to work with any country to fight isis. i'm elizabeth her for channel 7 eyewitness news. tom brady is backing off the comments supporting donald trump. you may recall the star quarterback told reporters quote it would be great to have trump in the white house and also referred to the make america great hat from the trump campaign that was in his locker as a nice keepsake. well, this morning, brady insisted that his comments were not an endorsement and people were taking his words out of contest and doesn't follow politics closely and is not particular with the issues -- familiar with the issues in the campaign. new story developing right
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now in oklahoma and it all started when semi-truck carrying honey bees crashed and flipped over. take a look at what happened when officers responded. the squad cars just became encrusted with bees. look at them. they're all on the outside. the officers had to drive around to get them off the vehicles. not clear how many bees were on the truck or the anybody got stung by the bees, that's a nasty feeling when it happens and you don't want to be allergic because it can be fatal in some cases. but normal reports of any -- no reports of any injuries but you can see the guys are like how do we get these things off the car? >> like the fugitive, we're out, we're free. >> all right. >> exactly. >> well. you have been working quite hard over there in the weather center. >> you know -- >> she's laughing. >> i'm not laughing at you. >> you had a long run there and nice clear skies. >> breaking a sweat today lee? oh. >> you got a little teasing. >> yeah we got a big -- like i said to you a huge puzzle you know, 1,000 piece puzzle because there are a lot of pieces missing and trying to
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find them here and give you a great forecast as we head into the weekend. really five very challenging days ahead. yes it's going to rain that's right. all right let's look outside and very, very muggy and sticky outside. a low overcast we've had some brightening in the skies at times and managed to hit 83 degrees. i wonder the that's this last 80-degree day of the season. still in the mid to up 70s across new jersey. 75 in east rutherford. long island coming in at 74 and still 81 in poughkeepsie with a couple of thin spots in the clouds and the dew points are sticky in the mid 60s to lower 70s. so the air is full of moisture. i'm going to wring that moisture out over the next several days. all right, so it's 7:00 there will be some rain across the area especially north and west. and only gets heavier as we go to the midnight hour and the heaviest is probably just after midnight through let's say 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning. and this is still some heavy rain around through midday. but it doesn't become widespread as we go through the middle of the day but it will be a rough morning commute.
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right now i've got a couple of downpours that are moving through parts of new jersey and along i-78 from clinton back across anderson, new jersey as well. and those showers are trying to move into the hudson valley and a couple of sprinkles over long island as well. some showers in nassau and suffolk right now. but monmouth and ocean will be quiet for a little while. see the heavy rain to the west? initially just looks like it's just going from south to north. but there's a front coming through the great lakes approaching detroit right now. and that will start to push that rain a little bit more to the north and east. and that's why later this evening we'll get into some of the heavier rainfall. that is tonight into tomorrow morning. watch the futurecast here. heaviest rain for the most part staying just to the north and west as we go through the first part of the night. but more widespread after midnight and again the steadiest is going to be from the city on north and west. now suffolk county, parts of the jersey shore you have a better chance of seeing the lighter rainfall amounts. the heaviest will move out by mid-morning but some leftover downs in the early afternoon
4:20 pm
especially east november new york city and it will be -- of new york city and it will be just showers through the day. past that rain tomorrow watch the disturbance in the middle of the country. that's going to interact with gulf moisture and scoop that up the coast. the timing on that wave of rain would be later thursday into the day on friday. then as we turn to the weekend, it's all about what happens with the storm. a 45-mile-per-hour tropical storm right now. and not moving very much and look at the difference in the storm track. i mean it's just not going to move for several days and then hover in the atlantic, the cones still includes the outer banks and doesn't include the tristate area right now. i want to show what you the computer models are suggesting, look how there's a huge range in solutions here. everything from the carolinas all the way out into the atlantic. so everything is still on the table but i would say today it looks less likely this is a landfalling tropical storm in the tristate area. with that said, there's still a connection to all of its moisture. so we're still going to get a wave of rain from it. so here's the bottom line with it. you have a rough ride in tomorrow with some heavy rain. the heaviest is going to be north and west of new york city.
4:21 pm
it will be more showery in the afternoon. and you get a breakthrough a good chunk of thursday. but then later in the day heavy rain starts to move in. may wait until the nighttime hours, maybe even into early saturday. and then a break and then the question is do we get some rain from the storm on sunday? mild and muggy. rain heavier later tonight. there's flooding possible during the morning commute especially north and west and heavy rain mainly in the morning and then it goes some more afternoon showers and it's cooler 74. and then tomorrow night cloudy and cooler and just a touch of rain around. but noticeably cooler down to 56. coming up at 4:30, we'll show you some more computer modeling and some forecast where the most likely track of the storm and where that heavy rain band is likely to go on sunday. because some places in the mid- atlantic and the northeast going to get several inches of rain. i don't know where that's targeted yet and get into that at 4:30. guys back to you for now. >> lots of halving sports -- moving parts still. thanks lee. high stakes battle on the hill. congress takes on the president of planned parenthood over
4:22 pm
federal funding and what's really happening in the antiabortion videos. >> look closely, those are no ordinary plants. find out where a massive marijuana growing operation was hiding in plain sight. >> i've learned -- i'm lauren
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well, fans of marvel agents
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of shield have been waiting for months for tonight. the show is back for a third season after much talked about season two finale. fans can't wait to see what is next and entertainment reporter sandy kenyon has more. >> reporter: daisy is just one of the team of agents with special abilities. known to fans of marvel comics as secret warrior. >> apparently lots of folks with superpowers. well you know -- >> the fun thing about the show is as the things evolve in the marvel universe it affects our show. suddenly we are a team of people with some powers. >> reporter: in season two the boss lost his hand. in season one he came back from the dead. >> you know i wish things like that radical wouldn't come every season. >> reporter: intuit keeps it interesting and speaking of which how about characters? getting back together. >> if there's a one love of their lives it's each other. so there's a bond. and we've kind of established that and we know that. if you saw the season at the end of the season you know that
4:26 pm
agent may is leaving to be with andrew on some kind of vacation somewhere to try to -- >> rekindle. >> reporter: marvel eights of shield -- agents of shield has a very diverse cast your relationship -- on screen. just the way it looks is that a sign of progress? in prime time? >> great question. >> the acceptance of it where it's not the main storyline. i think that's the big difference. in many ways. than what you know, what happened previously where it was sort of an issue. and for us, it's not. >> reporter: underwood has seen a real change since we first met. >> i was on l. a. law. you know just to have a relationship off screen was unusual. for black man to have a relationship. any relationship. to see a -- a perform side to that person. so -- personal side to that person, so we've come a long way in that rapt. >> reporter: blare understoodwood and ming nawen
4:27 pm
college at carnegie mellon in pittsburg. they never worked together until now. the third season of the show kicks off tonight at 9:00 p.m. right after the moppets and fresh off the both and before the new drama quantico. that's a good show at 10:00 p.m. all followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. liz? >> a lot of fun for them to watch each other's career -- start out very small and then blossom into these hugely successful careers and not even be able to work with one another. >> good for them. all right. and coming up we're going to tell you why ll cool j's son was arrested here in new york. >> and new york city wants parents to have more information on their child's daycare. how the city wants to make it easier for you to learn about safety records.
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welcome to the future. yes, welcome. get over 200 hd channels, internet, and unlimited calling for $89.99 a month. time warner cable. it's 4:30 and all new this half hour, new york city has a new plan to help ease safety
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concerns over daycare centers. how it can help parents pick the right one. on the hot seat, for the first time, the president of planned parenthood appears before congress to defend the agency in the wake of undercover videos. and act of kindness goes a long way. >> i cried. i couldn't believe it. you know, because you know -- things are so hard for me right now. >> what an officer did for a stranger that instantly changes his life. and our top story this half hour, it is a tough decision for any parent. leaving their children in the care of someone else. >> it sure is and now, new york city hopes to put parents at ease with a new way to check on the safety records of a daycare center. shirleen allicot in lower manhattan now with more details on plan. shirleen? >> reporter: david and liz, it's astonishing right now, there's no easy way for a parent to find out if a daycare center they're about to send their child to has had
4:32 pm
this new bill will help parents make the right choice and cut out the red tape. it all comes after the death of 3-month-old carl town doe this past summer, his mother took him to sew hoe child care on the recommendation of people in the neighborhood. sadly the baby died during a midday nap. his first day away from his mother. police say the daycare center was unlicensed and who found the baby blue lipped and unresponsive tried to give him cpr. but wasn't trained in life- saving procedure which officials say is required of licensed providers. it happened in councilman shin's district and she joined forces with vaca to introduce a billment this would require the city to publish reports listing the names and addresses of daycare centers that have been shut down or given cease and desist orders because they were unlicensed. >> we should really work together on the legislation to really help parents navigate
4:33 pm
to find out you know which daycares are licensed and which one has been cited for violations so that their children will be protected. >> reporter: now the bill is being introduced tomorrow. if passed and margaret chin believes it will, a website will be created that will allow parents to access this critical information easily. reporting from lower manhattan, shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. shirleen thank you. the president of planned parenthood in the hot seat today testifying before a house committee as republicans try to build a case for pulling the group's federal money after that now infamous video. this is the first time planned parenthood president cecile richards has appeared before congress since the release o. the rid owes that critics claim show planned parenthood workers discussing the sale of fetal issue. richards says taxpayer money is used to provide sexual disease testing and birth control and other health care for women.
4:34 pm
and she says that videos have prompted increased threats against clinics across the country. >> the latest smear campaign is based on efforts by our opponents to entrap our doctors and clinicians into breaking the law. and once again, our opponents failed. >> taxpayer dollars are being used to free up services that you provide that are aberrant services. >> planned parenthood receives $528 million each year in federal government funding. critics of planned parenthood argue abortion is a still a problem and want the money to go to organizations that don't provide abortions. here in new york city, planned parenthood supporters rallied in foley square today. the group says it provides health services for 50,000 people in the city each year. the university of connecticut community mourning
4:35 pm
it's the fourth student who has died in two months. business school undergrad robert keirs died at the hospital yesterday morning. police responded to medical call at his home in willington. police don't suspect foul play. two sophomore students died in a crash in columbia earlier this month and another student in an accident in east hartford in audiotape. also new at 4:00, a drug bust at a house led to the seizure of 200 marijuana plants. the clarkston police department said an investigation revealed an empty home on thomas court in valley college was being used as a pot growing facility. officers wearing special respiratory gear executed a warrant at 5:00 this morning. police say they found hundreds of pot plants and more than 35- gallon buckets with marijuana growing seeds. well, first lady michelle obama is calling on girls to turn their education into action and change the world. mrs. obama spoke to a group of
4:36 pm
more than 1,000 schoolgirls at the apollo theater in harlem today. the event was part of a panel discussion promoting female education across the world. the first lady told the students to be mentors to each other and to embrace opportunities with confidence. >> take this stuff to heart. read, write. go to school. don't be late. do your homework. you know? get the best grade you can compete with the boys, beat the boys. all right? >> amen to that. mrs. obama said improving the lives of girls and young women is the best way to change communities across the globe. we're going to have much more from the panel and reaction from some of the schoolgirls in the audience coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00. great message. run in with the law. coming up what happened inside a popular new york city restaurant that left ll cool j's son in trouble with the law. >> plus this -- >> this is the motive class. we use these devices called rag
4:37 pm
rollers first as weights but then also to mass only our muscles. it's two for one. i'm lauren glassberg with that story coming up. >> and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg, we're watching a batch of rain pretty heavy here across parts of new jersey along i-80 especially across western new jersey. that's moving north into the hudson valley. a lot to the west and flood watches out for parts to have
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well, the son of rapper ll cool j is behind bars following an arrest overnight in manhattan. the 26-year-old now faces a criminal trespassing charge after disturbance inside the restaurant catch. a -- it's on 9th avenue in the meat packing district. he was reportedly escorted out by the restaurant. and tried to then reenter it arrest. organizers of new york city's st. patrick's day parade invited a second lgbt group to the march. the lavender day alliance will join the celebration up fifth avenue next year. before this year the parade has a rule banning lgbt groups from marching under their own banners. mayor bill de blasio and other city leaders refused the take part for the -- to take part for the past two years because
4:41 pm
of restrictions like that. imagine being able to work out and also give yourself a massage all at the same time. >> you make it sound great. well the makers of a new exercise product says it can do just that. eyewitness news reporter lauren glassberg checked it out. >> this class we're going to be using these rag rollers so you should each have two sets. >> reporter: this is a rad roller, two connected balls that are used to relieve muscle tension. and at the classic crunch gym the roller is used in two ways. to massage the body and to provide some weight. >> there are a little bit less than a pound. it's not a crazy amount of -- whenever we do lateral moments with, the movements with the arms it adds that little bit of weight that maybe we're not used to. >> reporter: joyce wong leads the class through a warmup and then strength training that has yoga and pilates elements. then we use the rad rollers to do tightness. this may look easy, don't be deceived.
4:42 pm
we roll out the glutes. the i. t. bands, the quads, the hips and then we flip over to work out the shoulders. yowzers, then we use the rollers to release tension in the spine. >> even though you're not necessarily stretching you're getting a wider range of movement by using the self- massage techniques. >> reporter: if you can't make it to class, you can always buy a rad roller and just use a wall in your house. or in your office. no excuses. >> for me it's really getting people to -- to be aware of their bodies and balances maybe from right to left can then taking care of themselves and taking the time to take care. these are hard enough that they actually give you a nice massage. but they're just a little bit giving that if i can put all my weight into it i can actually relax and get the massage. >> reporter: a massage that hurts so good. lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news.
4:43 pm
really good you know? >> did you see her face early on in that piece? >> the hurt feels good. >> apparently. who says that name? >> help me. looking for a way the save water? coming up a company's solution to avoid washing your clothes too often. >> and edward snowden joins the social media world. his first tweet and the harsh words from his critics. all coming up next in the trends trend. >> a few minutes ago we told you about the bees on the outside of the police car, this just came in. >> oh my goodness. >> look at what they had to deal with inside the car. now you know why they were driving so far so fast. we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools.
4:44 pm
we just got in new video from the story in alaska. check it can be -- oklahoma, check it it. the bees inside the police cruiser. you know we told you before it was driving down the road on the outside. thousands of bees on the front and back windshields. both windows this all started when a semi carrying honey bees crashed can flipped over. imagine being the officers having to deal with that. >> imagine being the person shooting the video right now. very calm hands. >> nobody hurt. that's good news here. all right, well -- as the west coast -- faces a severe drought, one company says it has a way to save water, the product is called defunk it. the company claims it prevents dirty clothes from smelling. so how does that save water you ask? well, if it doesn't smell it
4:45 pm
>> laundry accounts for about 23% of people's water consumption. if you want to basically help mankind, right? i mean it sounds really corny. but at this point in my career, i don't want to make pet rocks. >> so it's two step process, you put your clothes in with the detergent and then add the defunk it seal it. they claim -- >> magic defunk it. >> it will prevent odor causing bacteria from growing forever. it's already being used and distributed in oregon and they are planning to expand it in the near future. >> bring back defunk. >> defunk it. >> i see what you did there. bring back defunk? >> i don't know if i'd use that. i just want product on my shelf that says defunk it. >> right? >> the night of fun right there. >> pour it over the dog every wince in a while. >> lot of comedy in that right there. >> you two work where you're better at right now and that's the weather. >> i didn't think that was so bad. >> it was actually very good.
4:46 pm
ten minutes right there. around right now. boy that's a dark picture, just gone through weeks and weeks of blue sky and you know, so dependable in terms of the weather being so great. dry and sunny. 72 right now. it's cloudy. we have a southeast wind at 6 miles per hour. planner for the evening hours become more widespread. as the threat of some thunderstorms especially after midnight and the early morning hours that means a rough morning commute. you know the red sox and yankees may try to play tonight. i think the rain will be light some offer and on and might be a passing downpour but may find enough windows to sneak in the game. now the. it is right now still running -- temperatures right now still running really warm. a lot of humidity and then showers over parts of western new jersey in the here in the mid and upper 70s. that rain is going to move into sussex and northern morris county and eventually rockland and essex county. staten island and parts of manhattan and the bronx and another line of showers over parts of long island. the mess to the south and west
4:47 pm
and initially going north but there's a cold front right here and that will start to deflect that rain into our area. but it looks like the heaviest is still going to be focused just north and west of new york city. as we go through the overnight. that's joaquin right now. there's not much movement to this storm. and look at all this jumbled area, that's because the track just includes some very small movements and maybe some laps in the atlantic here before finally it starts to move north. but what a difference in track where the hurricane center had this track going toward the tristate area later in the weekend. now it has the bulk of it being shifted offshore. it's a little misleading though because there's still a lot of moisture that's going to go toward the east coast and still some beach erosion and some coastal flooding. a little tweak to tomorrow's forecast. i want to tell you about. 7:00 a.m., there's going to be some heavy rainfall especially from the city on north and east. then a lull in the mid obviously the day and a -- middle of the day and a front in the middle of the afternoon. before it tapers into the evening hours. here's your accuweather seven day forecast. so it's drenched at daybreak tomorrow.
4:48 pm
maybe another round midday and early afternoon. or let's say early afternoon. thursday the rain is light most of the day becomes heavier at night. friday is a washout. the steady rain moves away during the day on saturday and sunday is the wild card because we'll be watching the connection with joaquin. we make that connection and you have another drenching day. if not, maybe there's just a few showers and mostly cloudy skies and not all that bad. as we go into early next week. so that's in question. the first thing we know is we got some heavy rain coming in later tonight. >> take it easy if you head out. >> will do. okay this one is trending today and it's national coffee day. or every day david novarro day, for a list of place where is the audience can get free coffee today. go to abcny7. the latest round of so- called facebook privacy posts also trending, people are cutting and pasting what they think is copyright protection, this is all part of a hoax, facebook wrote will there may be water on mars, don't believe everything you read on the internet today.
4:49 pm
stay safe out there. speaking of mars it's the google doodle you know they found some water on mars but for the makers of the new matt damon movie the timing of the confirmation of water on the red planet just couldn't be any better. >> i got to figure out how to grow now years -- 40 years worth of food here on a planet where nothing grows. >> he just joked to a reporter he wished he knew about the water before he got trapped up there. nasa denies twitter's speculation that it timed its announcement to coincide with the movie. but you can't help but wonder. >> we were all talking about that yesterday. >> the timing -- is pretty amazing. right? well, back on earth, the man who leaked nsa secrets is officially on twitter, edward snowden's first post tweeting can you hear me now? he has lived in russia since releasing top secret documents. thousands have retweeted and favoritessed and responded including former governor pataki, i saw real courage on september 11th. you're just a traitor.
4:50 pm
who put american lives at risk. a lot of strong feelings in regard to that. finally on a much lighter note, a family waited about a month before they introduced their new bay to the family dog but we have here is their first meeting. take a look. watch as the beagle flips itself on to its back as the baby crawls toward it ask the beagle is liable -- and the beagle is like you come over to me and you pet me. all right look just come on. go for it. go for it. >> that's really sweet. >> you're going to be doing this a lot in the future my buddy. >> going to eat your ear. >> don't bite him. >> no -- don't like that. >> that is the beginning of lifetime friendship. check out "the trend" online at abcny7. >> all right very cool. well, still to come a lesson on not taking anything for granted. coming up an officer's act kindness for a man who had to walk five or six hours to get to work. >> and we've got some new information on the subway
4:51 pm
the 2 and 5 trains now running with some delays. expect lower speeds between third avenue and 149th street and 149th street and grand concourse. give yourself some extra time i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state. plan your trip at
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started off as a call about a suspicious person inside a park but what ended up
4:53 pm
forever. >> talking to a friend of mine. >> and then as i told him my story, i started loosening up and realizing that i'm not a baby, that, you know, i have a job, that i'm doing the best i can. >> reporter: officer zack stamford gave him a ride to work but his story stuck with him long after he dropped him off. >> i was like, wow, you know, my commute, i get in my car, drive to work and that's done. i couldn't imagine spending five hours a day traveling back and forth to work, let alone on foot. >> reporter: he came back 30 minutes later with a mike and a duffel bag for him to carry all of his things. >> i cried. i couldn't believe it. things are so hard for me right now and any kind of help is
4:54 pm
just a blessing. >> it made my day. it made my career. >> reporter: he says the bike meant the world but what meant more is someone believing in him and his future. >> thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> reporter: the pair exchanged phone numbers and plan to stay in touch for a long time to come. i'm joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow, stories like that happen so much more than we are able to tell people so great we have an opportunity when it comes to light like that. >> as we said, that simple act changed his life. >> really did. there's still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> now new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 5:00, a wild scene on the street, a man claiming to be a police officer waves and points a gun in a man's face. what happened to his son that led to this crazy confrontation. and new details on the death of a newborn in the bronx. the 33-year-old mother expected to be charged as officials rule the girl's death a homicide. good evening.
4:55 pm
i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm diana williams. we are going to have more on those stories in just a moment. but first get the umbrellas out. we are keeping a close eye on heavy rain that is headed our way and it could cause problems for tomorrow morning's commute. it will, though, end a drought that we have been dealing with for some time now. >> the mayor of belmar, new jersey tweeting out this photo of sand dunes being built as they get ready for the downpours. >> meteorologist lee goldberg tracking it all november us, he's -- it all for us, he's outside our studios on the upper west side. >> we have some impending rain, already raining across parts of new jersey. new information on tropical storm joaquin. now that storm forecast to become a hurricane over the next 24 hours. more on that in a moment. let's go to the flood watch map. sullivan, ulster, dutchess counties, tonight through thursday morning, you can see the focus of the advisories and watches north and west of our area. we are on the southeastern
4:56 pm
fringe of the heaviest rainfall. right now heavy downpours around morris county, passaic county. look at the heavy rain over the virginias into the carolinas. that's going to start to bend toward the tri-state area later on this evening into tomorrow morning. that will be wave number 1. then thursday afternoon or night into friday wave number 2, moisture from the gulf of mexico and then the wild card over the weekend is the interaction with tropical storm joaquin, maybe hurricane joaquin that stays over the atlantic but it has strengthened as of the 5:00 advisory. the new track still keeps it offshore as a category 1 hurricane, though. yesterday it looked like that track was headed toward the tri- state area. that still means we will have a connection to some of the tropical moisture over the weekend. here's what you need to know. you've got widespread heavier rain developing later tonight so be careful with your travel late tonight into tomorrow morning. as little as 1/2" over long island, parts of jersey shore, eastern connecticut but as much
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