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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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of the hudson valley and northeast new jersey will mean ponding and flooding for the morning commute. the second round of rain is thursday into friday and the third run, it depends on joaquin. get into that in your seven-day accuweather forecast in just a little bit. when we are not on the air, you can always go to or the accutrack weather alert app on your smartphone to track the storm by the minute and see where it's headed. happening right now, officials expect to file charges against a bronx woman who was accused of throwing her newborn baby out a window seven stories high. the mother claims the baby was stillborn but nothing can explain why she threw the baby out of a window in an apartment building in university heights. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis live in the bronx with the latest. marcus. >> reporter: and, diana, based on the mother's statements, investigators knew that this would come down to the autopsy findings and this afternoon the medical examiner ruled the
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baby died of multiple blunt force trauma. >> it's real repulsive. >> reporter: there's no mincing words amongst building residents still in a state of shock. an autopsy confirmed their worst fears, the newborn thrown from a seven story window was alive at the time. it was in this courtyard that the infant girl, the umbilical cord still attached was tossed into an alley where garage is stored. >> stored -- garbage is stored. >> it takes your breath away. >> reporter: today caseworkers from children's services left the building after meeting with the baby sitter of the father's older child, a 3-year-old boy. the father was questioned by police at released. detectives believe the 28-year- old was unaware of what had happened and may not have even known his girlfriend was pregnant. >> he's a good person. he's a good father and i don't have nothing about -- bad about geo. >> reporter: jennifer berry
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told investigators the child wasn't breathing after she gave birth in the shower and that she panicked in disposing of the body. she was taken to st. barnabas for treatment. >> she looks zoned out, like eyes, it's like she wasn't there. >> i don't know if she knew what she did. the look on her face was like the devil in her. i'm sorry, but that's what it was. >> reporter: the police department and district attorney's office say charges expected to be filed against berry shortly, charges that will include murder. we are live in the university heights section of the bronx, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> marcus, thank you. in queens, a construction worker who fell ill on a pillar high above the ground had to be rescued by firefighters. firefighters rushed to the site of this bridge in maspeth after receiving a 911 call at around 12:15 this afternoon. a 90-foot ladder was used to reach the worker who was complaining of shortness of breath. the man was lowered down in a bucket.
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>> 63 squad used a crane from the construction company initially to gain access to the patient and then 163 used a bucket to get up and they safely lowered the individual down. >> the man was rushed to elmhurst hospital. he is expected to be okay. new york city health officials are waiting on test results linked to the latest cluster of legionnaire's cases in the bronx. they took samples from cooling towers no morris park where seven people were recently diagnosed with the illness. the new conditions are not connected to the outbreak that killed five people earlier this-month summer -- earlier this summer. new at 5:00, the only woman on georgia's death row denied clemency despite a plea from pope francis to spare her life. today pope francis' diplomatic representative in the u.s. sent a letter to the state's parole board urging them to change the sentence to one that would better express both justice and mercy. during his visit to the u.s.,
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the pope called for an end to the death penalty while addressing congress. she was convicted of murder back in 1997 for conspiring to kill her husband. the state's parole board did not give a reason for its denial of clemency saying only that it had carefully considered the request for reconsideration. she is set to be executed by lethal injection in less than two hours from now. sade. a moving funeral service today for baseball legend yogi berra. remembered today. formers yankees manager joe torre calling berra an american treasure that leaves behind a leg gans of -- are legacy of integrity and kindness. anthony johnson was there. anthony. >> reporter: well, you know, it is a very big deal when cardinal dolan does the funeral mass and yogi berra has been remembered as a man whose life
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will be cherished and long remembered. the final farewell for yogi berra showed how much he was loved by so many. his remains were placed in an urn at the front of the church topped with a gold catcher's glove and an american flag. the service was symbolic of his life and his devotion to family, friends, country and baseball. >> they get to the ballpark in the morning, i thought i got there early, about quarter to 7:00. i walk in, he says, where you been? where you been? what's for breakfast? i said oh i'm going to work out first. he said i already did that. priceless. >> reporter: many yankee greats sat in the packed church of the immaculate conception. yogi was an important part of their lives. former yankee captain derek jeter was in attendance and later wrote that yogi berra understood something simple about the sport, baseball is meant to be fun, jeter wrote. anytime he was around, he made it that way.
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yogi's mission was to put a smile on people's faces and he succeeded. the berra family was presented with an american flag at the end of the service for berra's time in the military during world war ii. cardinal dolan performed the final farewell mass and used a yogurtism as he -- yogi-ism as he wrapped up his tribute to the yankee great. >> we are on a journey back to him for all eternity and there is no fork in the road on that journey, everybody, and that life ain't ever over. the eternal rest grant to him, oh lord, and may he rest in peace, amen. >> reporter: and a special repass was done here at the yogi berra museum on the campus of montclair state university and, of course as we said before, this coming sunday there will be a public memorial taking place at this location and the anticipation is that
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that is the latest live from little falls, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> i'm sure it will be. thank you, anthony. president obama has concluded a three-day visit here that included speeches at the united nations and a historic hitdown. the president met with cuban president raul castro this afternoon. it was the first time in more than 60 years that an american president has met with a cuban president inside the u.s. white house officials say the men discussed ways to advance relations between the two nations. earlier in the day the president called for world leaders to support u.s. backed efforts to fight isis and other violent extremist groups. >> we have to commit ourselves to build diverse, tolerant, inclusive societies that reject antimuslim and anti-immigrant bigotry that creates the divisions, the fear and the resentments upon which extremists can prey. >> president obama also discussed the crisis in syria
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putin during his time in new york city. the new york city police department is reviewing surveillance video tonight to figure out who vandalized the mexican consulate. police say red paint that some believe is protest graffiti was found on the building on east 39th street in midtown early this morning. investigators think they know what group is responsible. mexican consulate was also vandalized in 2007. temporary spending bill to prevent a government shutdown is expected to clear both the house and senate before a midnight deadline tomorrow night. the agreement would keep the government running through december 11th. congressional republicans say they expect talks with president obama on a long-term budget pact to get underway soon. a judge in baltimore has scheduled the trials for the officers involved in the freddie gray case. officer william porter will go on trial first on november 30th. the other five officers will go on trial early next year. porter is accused of failing to provide or request medical care
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safely in the police van. gray died after being injured during his arrest. prosecutors say porter will testify against at least two other officers. still ahead, a wild scene caught on camera in new jersey. coming up new at 5:00, a man claiming to be a cop caught on camera waving a gun and pointing it at people. what happened to his son right before that apparently set him off. are two special needs students being left out of a school district on long island? >> it's enough. i am frustrated. i am tired. >> reporter: their parents say they areare speaking only to eyewitness news coming up. also ahead, twins born with misshapen ears, we will show you the fix that requires no
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two families on long island fighting for their children's education. the students have special needs and their parents say they aren't getting the help they so desperately require from the school district. long island reporter kristin thorne is in riverhead with more on what these families want to happen now. >> reporter: these parents simply want their children in another school district because they say the riverhead school district has proved they cannot provide for them. they say school district officials have been giving them the runaround for the last year and their children are the ones suffering.
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7-year-old tristan fleming hasn't been in school for a year. what did you not like about that school? >> they were mean. >> reporter: tristan has autism and tourette's. his parents say the problems began at the elementary school last fall. his parents say staff ignored tristan's ticks and at least one smacked his hands to get his attention. tristan developed so much anxiety, he could no longer go back to school. >> he would vomit, rip off his clothes. >> the doctors got involved, they said that that is the school that, you know, caused all this disrupt in his life and caused the ticks to be worse so they definitely don't want him back there. >> reporter: the riverhead school district said they would provide home tutoring but tristan's parents say the tutors consistently wouldn't show up, sometimes for weeks, they say they asked the district for help but nothing was done and then in may when his parents pursued legal action against the school district for not providing tristan services --
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they called cps for educational neglect. >> reporter: it's a similar story we heard from raquel ortiz whose daughter rachel is also in the riverhead school district. rachel has autism. ortiz says the problems for her daughter began last year at riverhead middle school. she said an aide bullied rachel. >> she told me she used to tell her, you are a bad girl, you don't do good in class, you don't deserve a prize and then she will say i don't want to go back to the school. >> reporter: again the school district promised tutors would come to their home. >> the last one was making excuses saying her mother was sick, her child was sick, many excuses. please, i need someone reliable. no response. >> reporter: education advocate george debolt is fighting the school district on behalf of both families. >> i'm going to keep filing papers and i'm going to fix it. i'm going to make sure they fix it. >> reporter: both parents have asked the riverhead school district to place their children in another school district. they say school district
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will do that but they refuse to tell them what school they would actually place them into. i, of course, reached out to the riverhead superintendent nancy carney, sent her several e-mails, phone calls. she did not get back to me. we are live in riverhead, i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kristin, thank you. and right now we are following breaking news from the bronx where new york city sources have just confirmed to us three new cases of legionnaire's disease have popped up. it comes one day after the city confirmed seven cases in the morris park section. again, city officials say the new cases are not connected to the outbreak that killed 12 people and sickened more than 100 earlier this summer. the health department hopes to identify the source of the bacteria this week. >> hope they can do it quickly. a former new york city police officer surrendered in westchester county today to await sentencing. 28-year-old brendon cronin pled guilty last week to charges stemming from an alcohol fueled 2014. prosecutors say he opened fire
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at a red light. joseph felice was shot six times. cronin is expected to get nine years in prison when he is sentenced in december. a trial date for the nypd deputy -- appeared in court where the judge set his trial date for january 7th. the defense indicated it would be a jury trial. yang is charged with manslaughter after firing his gun in a dark stairwell at the lewis pink houses in east new york. and new england patriots quarterback tom brady is backing off his comments that he supports donald trump. earlier this month the star quarterback told reporters, quote it would be great to have trump in the white house. he also referred to the make america great hat from the trump campaign that was in his locker, he called it a nice keepsake. this morning, though, brady insisted that his comments were not an endorsement and people were taking his words out of context. he said he does not follow politics all that closely and is not all that familiar with
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the issues in the campaign. and new at 5:00, a mother arrested on long island for allegedly driving drunk and crashing into a parked car all while her 5-year-old daughter was in the back seat. police say they found 26-year- old noel gerald's abandoned vehicle in roosevelt last night. a woman who was a passenger in the car stayed at the scene and told police what happened. gerald was later arrested at her home. and one day after a big drop on wall street, stocks closed today mixed as the markets stabilized after yesterday's steep sell-off, stocks made early gains today thanks to a positive consumer confidence report, but investors were unable to hold onto most of those gains. the dow rose 47 points to 16,049, nasdaq dropped 26 points to close at 4517, and the s&p 500 rose two points to end the day at 1884. lee goldberg back inside with the accuweather forecast and we are glad to hear that we are getting some rain. we need it, right? >> yes, absolutely.
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i mean, all at once. it will be nice to spread it out a little bit. here's the thing, because a lot of people joaquin. good news and bad news. the good news is the track adjusted a little bit away from us, the bad news is the storm is going to become a hurricane over the next 24 hours or at least is forecast to and we ever still going to -- we are still going to have connection to some of the rainfall. a lot of information to pass along. first of all a couple of rain drops on the west side, a few folks are holding their umbrellas up. muggy outside. 76, south wind at about seven and the high today 83, might be last 80-degree for quite a while, maybe for the season. last year on this date, mostly sunny a nice day at 79. poughkeepsie beautiful day in the hudson valley with a fair amount of breaks. raining over new jersey and that's why andover is down to 74 and same thing in sparta, 73 islip, 73 in belmar. the dew points are near 70, that's really, really muggy. so we will have some patches of rain around 7:00, most of it's light, couple of downpours especially north and west. i think they will try to get
5:18 pm
the yankee game in. heavy rains coming in around midnight, maybe after that, soaking for the morning commute, especially north and west. a lull late morning into the midday and then another round can come through during the afternoon with an actual cold front. maybe downpours near mount olive spinning into sussex and warren county, passaic county as well, lighter rain across bergen, passaic and union county. a few light showers across the hudson valley right now. nothing heavy. all this rain is really -- has really been going to the north but now a front coming from the lake going to deflect it toward our area. it waits until after midnight for some of the heavier rain to come in and the heaviest during the morning commute likely to be from the city on north and west and then there's still another round. this is why sort of include one more resurgence of rainfall into the midday, early afternoon with the actual cold front and maybe the heaviest rain of the day over long island is later in the day. then looking forward, we have got this disturbance over the
5:19 pm
middle of the country that will scoop up some gulf moisture and give us our second wave of rain. that's later thursday into friday and then joaquin, that was what will really depend on the weekend rainfall -- it will determine the weekend rainfall. right now the new track keeps it over the atlantic but strengthens it into a hurricane and that's into the weekend. very slow process. the wide range in computer model solutions, some have it going out to sea but still solutions that keep the idea of a landfall on the table. it's becoming less likely today but still can't be totally tossed out. what i do think is going to happen is going to be a connection with a very heavy band of rainfall. i'm not sure if it's aimed toward us or aimed toward the mid-atlantic and that's what we have to figure out when it comes to your weekend forecast. a rough ride in tomorrow morning, especially north and west with heavy rain, could be a couple of inches north and west and then on thursday much lighter during the day, the rain is, cooler, 61, and the heavier rain comes back at night. your accuweather forecast mild, muggy, rain heavier late, some flooding possible on your morning commute. allow for extra time.
5:20 pm
by later in the afternoon just showers, 74, tomorrow night cloudy and cooler, just a touch of rain, shouldn'ting heavy -- shouldn't be heavy. the heaviest rain for long island and points east be in the afternoon or the morning? northwest suburbs, will you be spared on friday with that second wave of rainfall and will those tropical rains stay to our southwest? new information on your seven- day accuweather forecast in our next half hour. back to you for now. >> thank you. coming up, the new national spotlight coming to nicki minaj's queens neighborhood. also the head of planned parenthood facing tough questions on capitol hill and talking for the first time since those controversial videos surfaced. and it's cooling down outside but this time of year you could be particularly vulnerable to insect bites and lyme disease. we are going to take a look at the different ways to protect yourself. i'm kemberly richardson with the first first lady here at the apollo. her message about educating girls around the world and the surprising things she said
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new at 5:00, a new effort to push for equality in the workplace around the world. the advocacy and lobbying group human rights campaign introduced a new coalition of companies that support gay
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procter & gamble are among the first. implement policies such as same- sex partner benefits globally. you may think getting limes disease ends -- lyme disease ends -- causing bacteria. in some areas up to 50% of ticks can carry lyme and other diseases. eyewitness news anchor david novarro has more on how to protect yourself. >> ira moore found that the beauty of fall comes with some hidden dangers. >> i had taken the kids out and shown them how we used to rake leaves into a pile and jump in them when i was a kid and a few weeks later i had symptoms. >> reporter: ira thought he had the flu. but he had been bitten by a tick and infected with lyme disease and like many people he never developed the telltale rash. >> most people know that a large expanding rash can be a sign of lyme disease but symptoms can also include fever, chills, body ache, muscle pain, very much like the flu. >> reporter: the best way to
5:25 pm
avoid tick bites altogether. consumer reports test the effectiveness of insect repellants. they contain oil of lemon eucalyptus which is chemically synthesized. >> if you're looking for just protection for tips several all natural products to recommend. >> the best were burt's bees herbal, all terrain herbal armor and bug blend. they contain ingredients such as citronella, lemongrass, rosemary oil. >> be aware that the natural repellents listed weren't great against protecting against mosquitoes. unlike ticks mosquitoes don't bite once the weather turns chilly. still ahead, a crazy confrontation caught on camera. >> coming up, a man who claims to be a cop waving his gun and
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got a gone in his hand. loaded, pointed at people. >> questions and outrage tonight over videos of a man claiming to be a police officer waving a gun, pointing it and even kicking a man on the ground. police in paterson tonight are not saying all that much about the videos. >> but we are hearing from the man's family who says he was just defending his son. new jersey reporter toni yates is live in paterson tonight with the story and the videos.
5:29 pm
toni. >> reporter: ladies, imagine this, a man jumps out of a car and within seconds he's got a gun in your face. that's what happened to several young men here on main street in paterson a few days ago and then they found out who that man was that was aiming that gun and now federal authorities may be involved. >> this guy just come around here with his gun pointing at people. >> reporter: september september 24th ma in street and paterson, a man shows up with his gun drawn, caught on camera claiming to be a cop. but did not show a badge in any of these videos circulating on social media. you hear stunned people asking to see his badge. >> you don't got a badge. >> no, you shoot this guy, my man -- >> reporter: his second altercation on main street. first was captured on security cameras across the street when he pushes this 20-year-old man to the ground. >> hit him with a gun and then he kicked him in his face, right here on the sidewalk. >> reporter: he leaves, then shows up late with several uniformed officers, they all
5:30 pm
leave and witnesses and victims are left shocked. >> he was saying i just want to know who stabbed my son, you know. he was just going crazy. >> reporter: witnesses tell us the man is a paterson police officer whose son had been stabbed in a fight earlier a few blocks away. we won't to the -- we went to the man's home. this woman says she is the mother of the man with the gun. >> to find out they had stabbed his son, he had to react, him and his wife. all he said was every father has a right to defend his son. >> reporter: this video circulating is titled off-duty south paterson cop when we first asked the police captain about the videos he said the department doesn't investigate youtube videos -- they showed up too. what's your reaction that you see in the video? >> i can't comment on a partial video. >> reporter: what's the status of the officer seen in the video holding the gun to the kid's head?
5:31 pm
have a stabbing that's being investigated, we have a youtube video that we don't have a complete video. >> reporter: now, the young man that you saw kicked in that video, we spoke to him out here on the street today. he didn't want to go on camera but he has retained an attorney, that attorney saying that he is going to file a complaint with the passaic county prosecutors and also with federal agents. for now live here in paterson, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, toni. 200 marijuana plants seized during a drug bust today in rockland county. officers wearing special respirator gear executed a warrant at an empty home this morning. police say the pot plants and more than 35-gallon buckets filled with marijuana seeds were recovered. no one in the home at the time of the raid, so so far no arrests. a man accused tonight of stealing more than $1000 from a
5:32 pm
charged with grand larceny after he stole $1.6 million from bellmore merrick ems. he served as the treasurer of the company during his alleged seven-year scheme which came to an end last march when he was fired. the president of planned parenthood testifying on capitol hill today for the first time since those controversial videos were released. the agency fighting to hang on to federal funding. hundreds of rallies to support planned parenthood were held across the country today, including this one in foley square in lower manhattan. the #standwithpp is trending tonight. with more on what happened at that house hearing, abc's lana zak reports from washington. >> reporter: the outrageous accusations leveled against planned parenthood based on heavily doctored videos are offensive and categorically untrue. >> this is the first time planned parenthood president cecille richard appeared before
5:33 pm
congress since the release of those infamous videos. both sides of the abortion debate got their punches? >> contraceptive surgeries prevent unintended pregnancies. >> taxpayer dollars are being used to free up services that you provide that are aberrant services. >> reporter: on the grounds of the u.s. capitol, supporters of planned parenthood gathered wearing pink. >> they are entitled to their own views but they are not entitled to their own facts. >> we will not let anyone shut planned parenthood down [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: planned parenthood receives $528 million each year in federal government funding, money which supports cancer screenings, treatments of stds and birth control. critics of planned parenthood argue it's still a problem. >> we should fund the government and shift the money from this organization to organizations who didn't do
5:34 pm
this kind of behavior. >> reporter: according to the most recent pew research poll, americans support continued funding of planned parenthood by a margin of two to one, congress is moving forward with a bill that would likely fund the organization making a government shutdown less likely. in washington, lana zak, channel 7 eyewitness news. more fallout for bill cosby. brown university is the latest school to rescind an honorary degree awarded to the comedian. the ivy league school is the third academic institution to revoke degrees from cosby following allegations that he sexually assaulted dozens of women over his career. brown's president sent a letter to students calling cosby's conduct grossly inconsistent with the school's values. cosby has yet to be criminally charged. amazon is taking a cue from uber to speed up deliveries for prime now customers. the amazon flex service pays drivers to pick up and drop off orders within an hour. amazon is testing out the program in seattle.
5:35 pm
to $25 an hour. >> i can't even imagine trying to explain this next story to an insurance company. a family in arizona woke up to a loud boom. they thought it was just a storm at first, so they imagined their shock -- just imagine their when they discovered this giant hole, and the cause, 23 pounds of marijuana worth about $10,000. investigators say a smuggler most likely dropped it from an ultralight aircraft. >> we have seen ultralight activity. we have definitely seen conned want being -- contraband being dropped from ultralights before but never in this fashion where it hit a resident. >> no one was hurt. the homeowners say they don't expect anyone to come looking for the package. >> you hope not. still ahead, ll cool j's son kicked out of a popular manhattan restaurant and then arrested. plus after years of controversy, the new grouping added to new york city's st. patrick's day parade. and we will look at what's
5:36 pm
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ev organizers of new york city's st. patrick's day parade have invited a second lgbt group to march. them join the celebration at fifth avenue this year. before this year the parade had a rule banning lgbt groups from marching under their own banners. mayor de blasio and other city leaders refused to take part for the past two years because of those restrictions. the son of rapper ll cool j lands behind bars following an arrest in manhattan last night. he now faces a criminal trespassing charge after a disturbance inside catch, a restaurant on ninth avenue in the meat packing district. he was reportedly escorted out of the restaurant and tried to reenter. that's when police made the arrest. in tonight's health alert, a different kind of danger to children from tv. researchers warned that those large flat screen televisions can tip over and fall on
5:40 pm
injuries, especially among toddlers, part of the problem is that today's tvs are larger and thinner and more likely to fall over. the new review in the journal of neurosurgery found 3/4 of incidents were witnessed by an adult. doctors say tvs and the furniture that they sit on need to be secured. a buzzing story out of oklahoma tonight, and it all started when a semitruck carrying honey bees crashed and flipped over. >> this is something you will want to see. take a look at what happened when police officers responded. their squad car literally became a beehive and now take a look, this is from the inside of that police suv. the officers had to drive around to get all those bees off the vehicle. it's not clear how many bees were on the truck but i'm not sure i would stick around to count them, would you? >> no, i don't think so. well, now we have a story of survival, thanks to some alert people from a russian neighborhood. people had heard barking for days but did not know where it
5:41 pm
they eventually realized it was under the sidewalk. workers had repaired the sidewalk -- walkway unaware there was actually a dog underneath. they removed a few bricks and coaxed the frightened animal out. people in the community named the dog belka and chipped in to pay for food and vet bill. still ahead, big announcement from the -- from queens native nicki minaj, her life story is actually going to be coming to television. plus twins born with misshapened ears. >> the simple fix many parents don't even know about that requires no pricey surgery. and i'm meteorologist jeff smith in front of the oradell reservoir where we are finally getting -- people are happy about this, finally getting much needed rainfall. an update on the ongoing drought here, though, in northern new jersey coming up. >> jeff is right here in bergen north. tonight.
5:42 pm
jersey right now. that rain extends over stamford, norwalk and bridgeport. heavy rain coming in later tonight and we are watching joaquin which may become we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools.
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a well, it's spectacular sight in the sky is blamed on destruction. the national weather service says the phenomenon caused powerful tides because the moon was closer to the earth than usual and lee is nodding his head, of course. it flooded several shoreline communities. >> we always blame the moon, don't we? >> yes, we do. that's what we are hoping doesn't happen as we have whatever type of interaction
5:46 pm
with joaquin, all the onshore winds, good we are not at the full moon. and that's what actually happened with sandy. it was high tide, full moon, it was the worst thing. outside we go where we have what is a cloudy afternoon and we have low cloud cover over lower manhattan right now but the visibility is still pretty good, just some light rain, we are at 76. cloudy skies, south wind about 7 miles an hour. the planner through the evening hours, rain gets more widespread later, especially after midnight, even a rumble of thunder, heavy downpours that can cause some localized flooding. they got a shot at getting this game in at yankee stadium even though there can be patches of rain, especially get it started later innings rain might get more widespread. through tomorrow, heavy rain early, probably a lull through the middle of the day, a little resurgence early afternoon as a front comes through with another pocket of heavy rain, winds will get gusty out of the northeast and it gets cooler and then lighter rains during the evening hours. so we are 2 inches below average for september, we are
5:47 pm
deficit for the year and this will be the longett rainy stretch -- longest rainy stretch since late december leading up to christmas last year which is remarkable. new york city reservoirs are actually in okay shape. we have had more water over the watersheds even though i have seen some westchester reservoirs running low over all the averages and -- totally different story across northern new jersey getting light rain there. jeff smith is here in oradell reservoir. he has more on that and what they are hoping for in this impending rainfall. >> reporter: you don't typically say they are thrilled about the rainfall but they are here. let me set the scene for you. this is the oradell reservoir right here and we are going to zoom into these rocks on the other side of the reservoir. and basically if it was at capacity, it would be right up to the top of the rocks. that water level. it's only at about 50% of capacity right now. so needless to say, folks here in bergen county have had a rough ride during the past month or so.
5:48 pm
here in northern new jersey, just ask anyone with a lawn. >> all the grass is hay right now but we have been doing what we can. >> reporter: bergen county is experiencing a moderate drought with annual rainfall running over half a foot below average. >> i noticed a difference in my pool because i have a pool, you know, filling up the water because the water evaporates. >> reporter: the northern new jersey reservoirs have fallen under 45% of total capacity. this prompted voluntary water restrictions in much of the area. >> we have turned off our sprinklers, but i see lots of people still have green lawns so they are not following the suggested advisory and that frustrates me. >> reporter: we reached out to united water for an update. with temperatures beginning to fall, demand decreasing and rain in the forecast, we are in a somewhat better position than we were a few weeks ago. there is no further short-term risk at this time regarding drought. however, we still need a fair amount of rain to replenish our
5:49 pm
supply. we welcome the rain we are expected to get. these landscapers -- >> we've got -- thumbs up. >> you're happy about that? >> i don't care if i miss a day. i like to cut grass. >> reporter: and typically this time of year you would want that reservoir level to be closer to 60 or 70%. so some positive words actually from united water. basically they are saying as we head into the fall and winter, we are heading into the stormier season, you get more rainfall, you get more precipitation, so this type of situation isn't as dire as if we were headed into the summertime. now, an interesting stat from them, for every 2 1/2 inches of rain that we get, the reservoir level will only go up by about 5% or so so we definitely need more rain. lee, as long as that doesn't happen in a really short period of time, i think it's going to be very beneficial for many of this water basin. back over to you. >> and there's encouraging news on that front, jeff, where we were looking at a few inches possible later tonight and tomorrow morning.
5:50 pm
a trend this afternoon have shown the heaviest rains upstate and we are getting a good drenching of rain into the morning hours but amounts the ground can take, an inch or two north and west, maybe another round of rain with a cold front through the middle of the day and then winding down during the evening hours. break through the day on thursday before it gets heavier again thursday night into friday. if you look, the rainfall projected through tomorrow morning has gotten a lot lighter, an inch or two north and west, less than an inch, even quarter inch south and east. one more round during the middle of the day and then more coming up in the middle of the week. your seven-day accuweather forecast, you're drenched at daybreak tomorrow, another round during the day, have the umbrella all day long. much cooler on thursday but lighter rain, heavy rain at night into friday, morning it will start to lightning up again and the whole question is watching joaquin and the interaction with that for sunday, could we get more soaking? i have an updated storm track on joaquin which is now forecast to become a hurricane tomorrow but also stay offshore but doesn't mean we are going to be spared from its rain so more on that at 6:00. >> thank you.
5:51 pm
20 million twitter followers, nicki minaj puts an end to the speculation. she retweeted an announcement from abc family revealing she is going to produce and start in a -- star in a network sitcom based on her life. it is focused on her upbringing in queens and her subsequent getting to fame. who will play the young minaj? we will wait and see. coming up a treatment she got for her twins that will save them from having surgery later in life. new at 6:00, the family of a man who died in police custody now blaming the jail for his broken neck. they say they had warned police of his mental illness. now a video from inside the jail cell reveals what happened before his death. and michelle obama with candid comments as she talks to girl at the apollo theater
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
the mother noticed that something wasn't quite right with her son's ears and thanks to her sharp eyes, the family is celebrating the 3-month-old twin boys' successful procedure to fix their misshapened ears. >> you can see the twins now in this photo stacey sager posted on instagram. cute. the procedure is not painful and it can help avoid future surgeries. >> stacey has details on how it all worked out. >> reporter: giving birth to twins is certainly overwhelming but just one day after little gavin and liem faith were born, their mom and dad noticed something about their ears. >> you say, hmmm, we questioned ourselves. is this a little november. >> reporter: and then there was this pamphlet right in the hospital nursery. >> i feel it was divine intervention because we literally saw this pamphlet for ear molding. >> reporter: a plastic surgeon here at cohen's children's
5:54 pm
medical center took it from there. ear molding is a noninvasive procedure that involves no surgery and no anesthesia. if it's done when babies are as young as a few weeks old. basically this silicone device put on with glue and tape for only three weeks can alter the memory of the soft cartilage on the baby's ear, changing its entire shape, in liem's case there were small gathers in the ear and gavin's hear was more pointy. it's not that their hearing was affected but later in life wearing glasses could be tough, so could the reaction from other kids. >> it looks very cute and everyone, you know, rejoices that the baby is healthy but it becomes an issue later on when there's teasing involved in the kindergarten years and further beyond. >> reporter: adds you can see -- as you can see from some of the before and after pictures, the early intervention does work. one of the other really good reasons for getting the procedure early on is it's covered by insurance, whereas later on it's less effective
5:55 pm
and it could run you six to $10,000. and with 15% of all babies born with misshapen ears, the faiths are hoping other new parents hear their story loud and clear. in new hyde park, i'm stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow. >> that's a difference. >> uh-huh. still ahead, michelle obama's candidate comments -- candid comments as she talks to girls at the apollo theater about the importance of education. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news with bill ritter and liz cho, rob powers with sports, and lee goldberg with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6:00. a man dies in police custody, tonight the family blaming the jail for his broken neck and now video from the jail shows what happened before he died. plus, a historic day, the president of the united states and the president of cuba
5:56 pm
first time in more than 60 years. good evening, everyone, it's 6:00. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. much more on those stories in just a minute. we are beginning tonight with the weather and the heavy rain that is now heading our way. >> of course, yes, we need the rain but too much too fast, it's not a good thing. the worry is possible flooding so in belmar, new jersey they are now building sand dunes to protect against rising water. >> meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking the storms and he's outside our studios on the upper west side. >> four days with wicked onshore winds and water piling up along the coast regardless of the interaction with joaquin. bigger umbrella tonight and thursday, small umbrella on friday. flood watches on well to our north and west and that gives you an indication, that's where the heaviest fall tonight and into tomorrow morning. rainfall is going to be light and intermittent for the next few hours. this batch of rain starting to
5:57 pm
bend toward the area later
5:58 pm
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