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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 30, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> i'm ken rosato. good morning, america. breaking right now, hurricane warning. joaquin gaining strength in the atlantic, barreling towards the east coast. winds topping 70 miles an hour and growing. the massive storm's path right now. new this morning, secret meeting. kim davis, the kentucky county clerk who fought against same-sex marriage says she was invited to meet pope francis behind closed doors during his whirlwind tour of america. >> i was crying, had tears coming out of my eyes. >> her private message from the pope only on "gma" this morning. an abc news exclusive. monica lewinsky speaking out in a rare one-on-one interview. >> why are you speaking now? >> her call to action. >> even though i have suffered from shame i'm not ashamed of who i am. >> and what she says about the race for president. i'm on the edge and striking out. one fan's very bad day. it's one, two, three strikes he's out at the old ball game
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him. >> come on, guys. it's not as easy as it looks. >> alrntsly not. >> bam. oh, well. >> oh. >> oops. oh. >> oh. >> right in the glasses. oh, my goodness, it's a busy wednesday morning. in just a minute kim davis on that secret meeting with the pope. you see her right there and it is a wet day here in new york with a lot more to come. >> right to the weather. we begin with that massive storm churning in the atlantic. joaquin picking up strength as it moves towards the east coast as a hurricane warning is issued this morning for the bahamas. ginger following its path and this one could be a big problem. >> right, so max sustained win, 70 miles per hour with joaquin drifting west-southwest at only six miles per hour. hurricane warnings for the central and northern bahamas and rip current and advisories from coastal south carolina to miami.
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our confidence is high through friday. it's got hot water. it will develop into a hurricane. could even become a category 2 through friday into early saturday. after that, things get messy. the computer models are still struggling and yes while many are take it right into the mid-atlantic you can see the spaghetti plots all over the place, many of them again right side of the hurricane always the strongest, so we're still watching for some of those outer bands and potential for heavy rain sunday into monday. my favorite line, it is too soon to say what impacts, if any, joaquin will have on the united states. george. >> which means you will have a busy week in the next few days. >> thanks very much. to that secret meeting between kim davis and pope francis. the kentucky county clerk who refuses to license same-sex marriage says the meeting happened in washington last week and this morning she's talking about it for the first time. abc's paula faris here with that story. >> good morning. you know, kim davis told me this was always about her religious liberty and conscience and
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we're told the vatican reached out to her and arranged this secret meeting with her and until now they've kept it under wraps. with enthusiastic crowds lining the streets from new york to d.c., the pope seemed to strike just the right note with americans on his visit. but now this morning reports of a secret meeting with kim davis, the county clerk in kentucky who defied a court order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. >> but it was really very humbling to even think that he would want to, you know, meet me or know me. >> reporter: she and her husband met the pope during the washington leg of his trip she says after receiving a surprise phone call from a vatican official. >> i put my hand out and he reached and he grabbed it and i hugged him and he hugged me and he said thank you for your courage. >> reporter: after being jailed for six days, davis is now back at work but still not issuing any marriage licenses, a stance pope francis voiced his support
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for during a press conference on his flight back to rome. >> do you support those kinds of claims of religious liberty? >> reporter: telling abc's terry moran. conscientious objective is a human right even for government officials. >> before he left he said, stay strong. that was a great encouragement just knowing that the pope is on track, you know, with what we're doing and agreeing, you know, kind of validates everything. >> reporter: according to davis and her lawyer vatican officials stayed mum on the meeting because they didn't want the pope's visit to be focused on kim davis. davis saying the pope left her with a rosary and a renewed commitment to her cause. >> i've weighed the cost and i'm prepared to do whatever it takes. >> reporter: and kim davis plans on giving that rosary to her parents who are catholic, of course, she is not. at this point the vatican is not confirming nor denying it took place but kim's counsel told us we can expect to see photos of it at some point. this pope is not shying away from controversy, this is the
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clearest example yet. >> thank you so much. turning now to the war against isis and the crisis in syria. russia making a big announcement this morning that could prolong the conflict. and an alarming new report high much lighting the threat of foreign fighters including americans joining the brutal terror group. abc's martha raddatz is in washington with the very latest. martha, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lara. this is a very troubling step this morning by vladimir putin to get more involved in the conflict in syria. already he has sent warplanes and tanks into help prop up the government of syria's president assad and there are reports this morning of russian air strikes in syria. now putin has gotten approval from his parliament to use military force on the ground. he has said he doesn't envision using ground troops in the fight in the near term but this approval is exactly the kind he received before going into ukraine in early 2014. of course, the u.s. is on the other side of this wanting assad
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gone. this also comes on the heels of a stunning new report showing more than 250 americans have traveled to iraq or syria to join isis or other extremist groups. the bipartisan report concluding that americans are being radicalized at an unprecedented rate and law enforcement just can't keep up with it. lara. >> so troubling. thank you, martha raddatz. the race for president now, "your voice, your vote." and this morning bill clinton takes on donald trump, the former president firing back after trump's attacks on hillary clinton as trump takes a new ta tact with fox news. tom llamas covering it all. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. a busy day here in new hampshire. donald trump, jeb bush and dr. ben carson all campaigning in the granite state and trump saying he is working on his likability since his unfavorables have been so high in poll after poll, this coming as a fresh round of attacks are facing donald trump including
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one from a former president. >> heck, it's a crazy season. >> reporter: he's back. former president bill clinton making the rounds and the case why his wife should be president defending hillary from one of her harshest critics, donald trump. >> he asked her to come to his wedding when he found out we were going to be in florida. i don't know how many times he told me what a wonderful job she did in new york as a senator. >> reporter: firing back after trump's attacks on hillary's time as secretary of state. >> you shouldn't be able to insult your way to the white house. >> reporter: and hillary clinton who has seen her lead in the latest national poll nearly evaporate using trump's own words to rally donors. >> you know the word shrill, she's become shrill. >> reporter: in an e-mail to supporters the clinton campaign painting the remark as sexist saying is the woman who asks for the raise she deserves shrill? trump saying the comment wasn't sexist. >> i'm back. >> reporter: the billionaire ending his self-cleared boycott of fox news and defending his
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tax group said would add more than $10 trillion to the deficit. trump saying he'd also save money by cutting waste. >> department of education, tremendous cuts. department of environmental protection where they're actually going around and causing damage as opposed to saving damage. >> reporter: this as senator marco rubio keeps hammering trump that he's unfit for the presidency. >> the presidency is a tough job. you're going to be criticized and you can't flip out every time somebody says something about you. >> reporter: money is so important at this point in the race and this morning, news that one of the three super pac s supporting rand paul is no longer raising money for him. this as ted cruz is out with a video, senator ted cruz showing paul supporters in iowa, new hampshire now supporting cruz. he's clearly going after that libertarian vote and finally this morning, donald trump on yet another cover. this is the cover of "people" magazine this week. you can see donald trump there with his wife melania and their
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>> let's talk to matt dowd about this. president clinton, he caused some trouble for hillary clinton's campaign last time but also gave a big boost to president obama's re-election so how does he play now? >> mariano rivera was a popular relief pitcher and he's retired but bringing him in giving up a lot of run, i don't know how helpful it will be. bill is popular but hillary will have to do this on her own now in a great tussle with donald trump. >> trump has the new tax plan, playing nice with fox. this new phase of the campaign, a real test for him. >> yeah, it is and i think he really needs a second act. the first part of the summer has been great. he needs an act where basically he adds substance and adds real gravitas to the presidency. i don't know if he can do that but that's what he needs to do. >> matt dowd thanks very much. to a serious health alert. new questions about calcium supplements taken by millions who think they're strengthening their bones.
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supplement may actually do more harm than good. abc's dr. richard besser here to explain. what are the conclusions of this study? it you weres it on its ear. >> this is very important news. millions take these supplements to try and reduce the risk they're going to have fractures. now two studies in an important journal reviewed all the work that's been done on this and found except for elderly women in nursing homes where there is some benefit the slight benefit you might find is outweighed by the risks. >> the risks are serious. >> they are. you can experience mild things like constipation, abdominal pain but increased risk of kidney stones, even a slight increased risk of heart attack here. we reached out to the industry trade group and they challenged the findings and say that calcium supplements are safe and effective. but if you want to continue taking these, you really should talk to your doctor. >> you need to know about those risks. so many of us take them every day thinking we're doing good for our body. you have tips for us online. >> i will have them on twitter right after this. >> thank you. rich. >> okay, lara, thanks.
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the showdown over planned parenthood. its ceo cecile richards on the hot seat in congress facing questions about those undercover videos overpending, even her salary as some conservatives threaten to shut down the government if the organization's federal funding is not cut off. abc's jon karl covered the fireworks. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. through hours of intense questioning, republicans made it perfectly clear they now consider planned parenthood target number one. the head of planned parenthood faced a barrage of questions and criticism from republicans. the hearing lasted five hours. >> do you profit or make money on abortion services? >> why do you need federal dollars? you're making a ton of dough. >> i don't get -- we don't make any profit off of federal money. >> reporter: republicans want to strip planned parenthood of all its public funding in the wake of a series of controversial undercover videos shot by anti-abortion activists, planned parenthood president cecile richards said the group does not sell fetal tissue. >> the outrageous accusations
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parenthood based on heavily doctored videos are offensive and categorically untrue. >> reporter: republican presidential candidates have made defunding planned parenthood a central campaign issue. just look at the last debate. >> these planned parenthood videos are horrifying. >> i don't believe planned parenthood should get a penny from the federal government. >> this is about the character of our nation. >> reporter: at the hearing republicans also condemned planned parenthood's spending, demanding to know why richards is paid more than $500,000 a year. the line of questioning that democrats found sexist. >> i first would like to register my opposition and my objection to the chairman beating up on a woman on our witness today for making a good salary. >> i can assure you i've seen many male witnesses treated much tougher than you've been treated here today. surely you don't expect us to be easier on you because you're a woman. >> absolutely not. that's not how my momma raised me.
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>> planned parenthood gets more than $500 million a year in government funding. by law, none of that money can go to abortion but republicans now say they want to take away all of the funding, some of them even if that means shutting down the government. lara. >> all right, jon karl in washington, thank you. now to the execution of the georgia mother on death row. the first woman put to death in that state in 70 years. and even a flurry of last-minute appeals could not persuade authorities to spare her life. abc's david wright has the story. >> reporter: despite a flurry of last-minute appeals, 47-year-old kelly gissendaner was put to death this morning by lethal injection. her last breath coming at 12:21 a.m. the mother of three, the first woman to be put to death in georgia in 70 years wanted her children to know she left the world singing "amazing grace" according to her lawyer. gissendaner was convicted of murder in 1997 after her husband was stabbed to death by her then boyfriend.
7:14 am
the boyfriend copped a plea and testified against her, receiving a lighter sentence. gissendaner was a model inmate graduating from a prison theology program in 2011 and winning her children's forgiveness. they pleaded for her life. >> my brothers and i really want my mom to live. she is all that we have left. >> reporter: so did pope francis who believes the death penalty is immoral. the pope asked officials in georgia to commute the sentence to one that would better express both justice and mercy. >> every life is sacred. >> reporter: this is an unusual case. it is rare for someone to be put to death who did not actually pull the trigger in a murder. today a lot of people are going to be questioning whether this was fair, especially given the fact that her children forgave her, lara. >> all right, thank you very much, david. amy now with the important's other top stories starting with more u.s. air strikes in afghanistan. >> that's right, the u.s. military launched three more air strikes on taliban positions around the afghan city of konduz.
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taliban this week in a stunning attack. fierce fighting for control of the airport raged through the night and now the taliban has also attacked government facilities in a neighboring province. well back here in this country a frightening scene in texas. the wing of this regional jet hit the runway while landing at mcallen airport near the mexico border. pilots quickly righted the plane. mesa airlines which was operating this flight is now investigating what happened. and a manhunt under way for a convicted killer mistakenly released. benjuiel johnson was serving a sentence and they're blaming missing paperwork. another win for tom brady, the nfl's appeal in the deflategate case will not be heard until february. that means brady is free to play the entire season. take a look at a guy who will be getting a lot of grief at the office today. sorry. he was at the yankees game last night. right there in the blue shirt. ah, he tried to catch his first
7:16 am
then the second one, boom. and then finally in a last-ditch effort. in an effort to restore his dig knit the team's ball boy actually tossed him that ball like, hey, here you go, guy. we knew you couldn't catch the first two. he couldn't catch that either. the lesson is if you're going to have a seat like that in the front row bring a baseball glove. it's really helpful. >> got to have a mitt. >> he looks like he's in pretty good shape too. >> maybe no hand/eye coordination. >> maybe time for a new -- now for his eye doctor. >> could be. the question of the morning. will future cars drive themself?
7:17 am
seconds. thanks to google driving in the future may mean telling the car where to go and enjoying the ride. neal karlinsky took a ride. >> reporter: this might be the future. you could hear it humming. we were invited to the normally secret google x facility to be among the first outsiders to ride in their self-driving car prototype. >> there is no steering wheel in here. there is just -- >> car coming up. >> whoa. there's a car, we're dodging the car. we seem to be going slowly and trailing behind it. now, here's a guy with a bicycle. >> reporter: with a top speed of 25 miles per hour we were on a closed course for a four-minute ride filled with obstacles meant to simulate the real world. it's pretty spacious in here. there's two of us and there's just a go button and a stop button and that's all there is.
7:18 am
one test car stopped suddenly midway but the rest went smoothly. it's no gimmick. google believes self-driving cars will be a reality a lot sooner than you think. >> we've been driving on public roads for, what, 1.2 million miles at this point so it's about 90 years of kind of normal human driving experience so it's getting really quite good. >> reporter: this is what the car sees through a series of camera, radars and lasers. it identifies people, other cars, everything. apple is reportedly working on its own prototype car. others too. but at google the secret is out. they're letting the car do the talking and the driving. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, mountain view, california. >> that would take a lot of getting used to. >> i like the concept but it would be scary. >> yeah. >> let go of the wheel. all right, so much more coming up on "good morning america." an abc news exclusive. amy going one-on-one with monica lewinsky. >> it would just be really hard to sit back and remain silent. >> what prompted her to return
7:19 am
to the spot much light and what she really says about the presidential race. her first network interview in more than a decade right here on "gma." and the mother on trial for the second time for killing her husband. was it really murder? the document that could make her case and what her children said on the stand. now at chili's, try the delicious lunch double burger. then tap, swipe, and go. lowe's presents "how to save energy." wow. insulating the house made our heating bill really small. how small? tiny. now get 20% off
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don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. fibromyalgia may have changed things. but with less pain, i'm still a doer. ask your doctor about lyrica. 4 to even 6 inches of rain. flooding from high point to this university. the student coming out of that walkway riding those waves. not a safe thing to do. still some flash flood watches and other flood watches from
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let's get good morning, wednesday, september 30th. overnight rain is causing problems on the roads this morning. water was knee deep in who bop ken a short time ago -- hoboken a short time ago. it has reseated. don't put the umbrellas away yet. let's check in with bill evans. bill? >> hey, lori. good morning. a look across the park a couple of showers down to 59th street. temperature of 75 and showers on long island, coastal connecticut and back to new jersey. off and on through the day you will run into a shower.
7:25 am
it's really warm and humid. notice this afternoon we cool down. that's with the cooler air pouring in this evening and tonight. we still have a shower possibility tomorrow. rain and gusty winds kick up thursday into friday. heavy rain thursday into friday. we watch joaquin. heavy rains coming. flooding possible saturday, sunday and mon monday. >> let's talk about mass transit. trains. delays between newark and world trade center. long island railroad doing okay. passaic branch doing okay. signal problems on the 6 trains and 7 trains. 2 and 5 trains switching problems at 231st street. q trains at brighton beach. an accident on the belt parkway east near pennsylvania avenue. that accident is being worked on.
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arson investigators are looking at a suspicious church fire that erupted during the night on staten island. the fire in west brighton went to three alarms. it roared through a large but empty church which has gone unused the past year. 150 firefighters were called to the scene. the church is a total loss. one firefighter suffered a minor injury. crews are investigating a fire that burned through an apartment building in the bronx. it started on the 5th floor of the building at the grand concourse in the melrose section about 4:30 then through the roof. the building was evacuated. no reports of any injuries. legionnaires cluster is growing in the northeast bronx.
7:28 am
the number of confirmed cases in morris park is up to 10 after three were added yesterday. all of the patients contracted the illness before september 21st. 7 cooling towers disinfected have tested positive. the sites include lehman high school and a hospital. that will do it for us. we are back in a half hour with more "good morning it's the final countdown! the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do.
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er you are looking live at the satellite photo of joaquin, massive storm churning in the atlantic right now. picking up strength as it moves closer to the east coast. a hurricane warning already issued and there are some concerns it could become a category 2 storm as we say good morning, america. ginger, you'll be tracking that for us. other headlines we're following. the cia reportedly pulled officers from the u.s. embassy in beijing. "the washington post" said it's a precautionary measure after that large data breach. personal information from millions of workers stolen. uber under fire. the trial of two top executives getting under way in paris. the french government claims it's an illegal saxty service facing prison time if convicted. >> a lot coming up including amy's big exclusive with monica lewinsky. and michael is here with a big change coming to twitter. >> yeah, that's right. you know, a little birdie is
7:31 am
a huge transformation and more on that in "the speed feed." >> the. >> did you say huge. >> huge. >> bigger than huge. >> kind of on the level of ginormous. >> yes. >> that is all coming up. but we begin with the california mother on trial for the second time for killing her husband. julie harper will be back on the stand. she claims her husband was abusive and killed him in self-defense, prosecutors say it was murder. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: this morning, julie harper is preparing to return to the witness stand as she faces trial a second time for the death of her husband jason harper. >> he would call me a fat pig, disgusting. >> reporter: the 42-year-old san diego stay-at-home mom was acquitted of first degree murder last year admitting she killed her husband but calling it self-defense claiming she doesn't remember pulling the trigger. now she's facing second degree charges telling the new jury tuesday she was the victim.
7:32 am
testifying that her math teacher husband verbally and physically abused her for years, something she kept a record of in a red journal. >> i wanted there to be a record of some of the things that were happening in case something happened to me. >> her defense played a video she recorded of one of their fights for the jury. >> you're putting our kid in the day care and making me pay for it and you claim you're taking of him. [ bleep ] you [ bleep ]. >> reporter: this after heart wrenching testimony from the children who were home during the shooting. >> i don't like her. >> why not? >> because she killed my father. >> reporter: police say harper disappeared for 24 hours after her husband's death with her passport and thousands of dollars. the gun was never found. jurors will get to hear her side of what happened the day of the shooting later today. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> now to a fugitive on the run
7:33 am
for more than 20 years and finally captured. paul jackson is accused of kidnapping and torturing women in oregon. but a tip from a tv show finally helped track him down. abc's pierre thomas has the story. >> reporter: after this mug shot was taken in 1990, paul irvin jackson vanished skipping bail after his arrest for the most depraved of crimes. this is jackson this morning finally captured and in a los angeles jail after 24 years on the run. >> the worst of the worst. it was one of our top priorities and that's why we never gave up. >> reporter: jackson 5 is accused of kidnapping and raping women, jackson and the other suspect, his brother, vance roberts both jumped bail in 1990. roberts now serving a 108-year prison sentence turned himself in 16 years later. but jackson disappeared remaining on the run. his location a mystery until john walsh decided to rust rec the cold case on his tv show. >> i'm not giving up till this creep is off the street. >> reporter: 24 hours after it
7:34 am
aired in july a phone tip came in pointing to jackson being in mexico. the u.s. marshals tracked him down in guadalajara. he had apparently been living in mexico for years using the alias of paul hamilton and working in an electronic store recently. >> i often feel i can't do enough to take these low-lives off the street and this is one guy i've budget looking for for 25 years. >> reporter: there were dozens of photographs of shackled women in that torture chamber show police believe there could be more victims. some who disappeared may have been killed. >> thank you. perseverance pays off. coming up, an abc news exclusive. one-on-one with monica lewinsky. why she says now is the right time to speak out. next. expected wait time: 55 minutes. your call is important to us. thank you for your patience.
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(gargling) (wookiee noise) both: (wookiee noise) the best place in the galaxy for everything star wars. walmart. we're back now with my exclusive interview with monica lewinsky. opening up about the new chapter in her life.
7:39 am
a new campaign against bullying. her very public shaming back in 1998 giving her a special understanding of what online bullying is all about. >> that's something that can resonate with a lot of people. >> reporter: this is the monica lewinsky the world doesn't know, a woman committed to giving purpose to her past. by helping others take the power out of bullying it's a cause lewinsky has embraced calling herself patient zero, the first person to lose her digital reputation on a worldwide scale. her affair with president bill clinton, one of the first major scandals to break online in 1998 fueling a constant barrage of jokes, insults and cyberbullying. >> people referring to me as tramp, slut, whore. imagine walking a mile in someone else's headline. >> now nearly 20 years later lewinsky re-emerging speaking
7:40 am
out all over the world asking us to click with compassion. her newest job as a strategic adviser to bystander revolution working with student youth ambassadors to help victims of bullying. and i sat down with monica lewinsky to discuss her new mission in life, the presidential race and what it's like being monica lewinsky. there was something very powerful that happened that i read pushed you back into the public spotlight. there was a tragedy, a young boy, tyler clementi. here was this young man betrayed by someone, put on display for the public and he ended his life. something you thought about and your mother was afraid you would do and this was a real call to action for you. >> it was. you know, having this experience with my mom. she kept saying tyler's poor parents. i realized afterwards that she was very much reliving 1998, the
7:41 am
by my bed every night because i wash was worried about what i would do if left alone. >> you showered with the door open? >> yes, i remember it vividly. closed the door, turned the shower on and there was a knock and she said we have to leave the door open and that was an intersection of a point where i was healing but also to realize that there might be something -- a way i may be able to contribute and i also want to say too i want to be really clear that i'm not equating my own experiences with tyler's. >> why are you speaking now. >> you know, imagine you've gone through this horrific life-changing experience and you were traumatized and humiliated. and all of a sudden you realized one day that you could actually help other people because you had survived it. it would just be really hard to sit back and remain silent. >> what is the call to action here? >> october 1 bullying prevention
7:42 am
rolling out a challenge every day in october so 31 challenges. it's all about forming habits of action. our focus and our goal is that we're determined to get people to change the way they react when they see or encounter bullying. >> it's amazing the impact of kindness. >> yes, and i can tell you from personal experience, that it makes a difference. it makes a difference if someone makes an unkind comment on social media and you have other people saying, hang in there or something positive, i think it takes the sting out. >> i was your age when this was all happening. we're the same age and i've often thought, what's it like to walk into a job interview? what's it like to go on a date? what's it like to order a pizza when your name is monica lewinsky. >> well, that i usually use another name for. i've had my challenges over the years with those kind of things. i think it is -- it's taken skill and a lot of help from incredible professionals to
7:43 am
trauma but i also think to manage other people's expectations. >> i think all of us want to feel proud of our name. when you hear the name monica lewinsky, what do you think? >> i'm grateful. i really think that i'm grateful to have this opportunity and i'm -- even though i have suffered from shame, i am not ashamed of who i am. >> does it get easier each day being out, back in the public eye again? >> you know, it's different. i think what's great is people used to come up to me and say, no offense but do you know who you look like? and now now i have people engaging with me about my bystander revolution work or the "vanity fair" essay, the ted talk so it's a different experience. >> you have said that not a day goes by where i am not reminded of this mistake. hillary clinton is once again running for president. how do you push through it and put it behind you with that
7:44 am
constant news cycle? >> you know, i think it's really wonderful that we have two women from both parties running for higher office and i think however it may affect me personally is not something i want to talk about today but the campaign i'm really focused on, amy, is this. >> monica, there you sigh her take a page out of robin's bookmaking her mess her message feeling empowered for the first time in a long time. doesn't she look exactly the same. >> she does. >> i asked to are her secret. i said i want what you're having. >> she said, doughnuts. >> make mine a double. >> all right. thanks, amy. that was fantastic. coming up on "good morning america," is twitter getting a makeover? michael has more >> that's right. i sure do. there may be a big change coming to the way we all tweet. it's got some people cheering and others making this face. yeah.
7:45 am
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i work on the cheerios team and it's always bugged me codn't say that, "cheerios are gluten free". you know, cheerios are made from oats which are naturally gluten-free but sometimes grains that contain gluten get mixed in. so we came up with a way to remove them. which means now, cheerios can be enjoyed by everyone! just original cheerios? honey nut cheerios too, buzz. sweet! is anything bugging you now? (laughs) "the speed feed" time. michael has those big changes coming to twitter. >> yes, i do, george. big news about the future of twitter.
7:49 am
could soon be longer than 140 characters. now, yeah, that's a little frustrating sometimes about that. that possible change has fans and detractors speaking out inspiring lots of responses on the site like this one worrying that one long tweet will replace a million little ones. and this is the tweet that started it all with just five words from founder jack dorsey, just setting up my twitter and that's not how how you spell twitter and the most popular tweet of all time that famous oscar selfie proving that a picture is worth a thousand words in more than 3.3 million retweets. we reached out to twitter and the spokesman declined to comment but would you like to see longer -- the ability to tweet longer tweets? >> something about the discipline of it. >> i like it. >> it forces you to be creative. >> brevity. >> and annoying abbreviations which takes longer to read the tweet than it took to type it. there you go. it is what it is. we'll see.
7:50 am
>> when will we know? >> i don't work at twitter but i'm sure they'll let us know. [ laughter ] >> so, the -- why? i don't understand. >> but i'm sure there are a lot of people who want to tweet long hermesages. i will say it's probably going to make -- hopefully it's not un unlimited. that's the key. not unlimited is better but increasing it a little bit won't hurt it? exactly. >> i spend a lot of time cutting it down so maybe that would be good. i don't know. >> we will find out soon. >> we got a lot to say. >> i'll blow everybody's twitter up. big change coming for ralph lauren. the fashion icon's surprising move. coming up, "gma's" fall concert series presented by carmax, the bright side of car buying. the couple who set aside the whole day to sell their old car
7:51 am
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visit joaquin is now a hurricane. max sustained winds 75 miles per hour moving southwest toward the bahamas at 6 miles per hour. we have hurricane watches and warnings in the bahamas and it's cold in the midwest and northern plains. we're going to show you a whole lot more coming up on the p i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north
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7:55 am
find your fit. good morning. 7:56 on this wednesday, september 30th. i'm lori stokes. overnight rains may mean a messy morning commute for you across the area. let's check in with meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> that heavy rain has pushed to the north. that is not the end of the rain. we have cloudy skies, humid. the park, around the softball fields in the sheep meadow look like irrelevant and. an inch and a half of rain in the park so far. there is more to come. showers back to the south and west. we will have showers. there lib brightening skies or a peak of sun. 77, 78 degrees. we are looking at cooler weather tomorrow and rain and gusty wind and rain for friday and saturday. even into sunday. then, of course, we will keep our eye on what is hurricane joaquin in the atlantic sunday to monday.
7:56 am
have i got a delay for you. this is north brunswick, new jersey. this delay is taking you all the way up to new brunswick. just got a tweet from someone asking me what is going on there. route 1 northbound side near route 18 you have an accident. there is a lot of police activity. it looks like all lanes were closed down. they could potentially be subject to closure. path trains between new arc and world trade center delays. metro north, passaic branch a bit of a delay there. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. lori, over to you. >> heather, thank you. looking at news for you now, a bronx mother is charged with murdering her newborn daughter. jennifer berry was arraigned overnight. her daughter was thrown from a window falling to her death. she told police the baby was stillborn. the city medical examiner disputes that. an autopsy shows the baby was breathing after the birth in barry's apartment. that will do it for us.
7:57 am
coming up on "good morning america," is standing at your
7:58 am
good morning, america. the shocking new report overnight revealing a scary menace on the road. why drivers on prescription drugs could be just as dangerous as drunk drivers. bang bang also this morning, we've all worn his clothes from ralph lauren's famous polo shirt to his red carpet glamour. >> ralph lauren designed my dress. >> why the man who dressed america is stepping down from his fashion empire. hey baby i think i want to -- father of the bride types two. what one dad did for his daughter on her big day stopping her wedding. the unbelievable gesture that was a true moment of love. in the world robin, one-on-one with justin theroux opening up about his new project, that secret wedding to jennifer aniston and the moment that made him say this. >> that was the biggest blessing in the world. >> as we say --
7:59 am
and good morning, america. a lot to get to this wednesday morning including we're going to bust another fit myth this morning. we're going to get into the debate between sitting and standing. >> i know what we both are doing. standing desks are very popular. the question is are they better for your body? the answers may surprise you. >> that is coming up and amy moved over to her standing desk for the morning rundown. >> i'm standing. you're sitting. which one is best? the big story, a hurricane warning issued for the bahamas. tropical storm joaquin has strengthen in the a hurricane. too early whether it will pose a major threat to the u.s. a separate system is bringing flooding rains to the east coast from virginia to new england. 6 inches in some areas. ginger has it coming up in her forecast. some mystery surrounding a reported meeting between pope
8:00 am
who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. lawyers for kim davis claim that meeting took place at the vatican embassy in washington. davis says the pope told her to, quote, stay strong. the vatican refuses to confirm or deny the meeting. well, a warning today about a growing threat on the road. a government report finds drivers under the influence of drugs are becoming as much of a danger as drunk drivers. experts blame the increase in prescription drug use and the legalization of marijuana in some states. in north carolina, take a look at this driver. calling the firefighters who rescued him angels. his truck plunged 70 feet into a creek. crews used a ladder truck to pull him to safety and he is okay this morning. now to a heartwarming story about a woman who survived a devastating injury as a baby and says a loving nurse gave her hope that inspired her for decades and now the two have been reunited. here's abc's reena ninan.
8:01 am
reunion nearly 40 years in the making. social media bringing together the nurse and baby from this heartwarming photo back in 1977. amanda scarpinati, severely burned when she was just 3 months old. >> oh, my god. you're real. >> reporter: she held on to that photo never forgetting the kindness that was shown to her by the mystery woman. >> she soothed me at a time where i needed it. >> reporter: after years of searching taking her quest to facebook, writing, maybe now with the powers of social media, someone will recognize her. her post shared thousands of times in just 24 hours. then a woman who says she worked in the recovery room at that time identifying the nurse as susan berger. berger telling abc news that she was stunned to hear scarpinati was stunned to hear she was looking for her and she treasured that photo. >> a reminder you can make a difference, you just have to
8:02 am
remember to have that compassion every day. >> reporter: the two meeting for the first time in 38 years tuesday afternoon. back at the same hospital making a new memory and another picture worth a thousand words. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> what a beautiful story. thank you, reena. finally a dream come true for a teenager from florida. whitney stewart is the winner of the boys and girls club national youth of the year award presented by our parent company, disney. it honors a club member with strong character, academic success and a healthy lifestyle. whitney founded a group that advocates for sustainable agriculture and also interned in congress. she was a leader in junior rotc. she will receive scholarships and will get a new car and, wait for it, a trip to disney world. >> yay. >> congratulations. >> she deserves it. >> a great girl. thank you, amy. a lot more coming up including that big shake-up at ralph lauren. why he is stepping down. what it means for celebrity,
8:03 am
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8:05 am
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8:07 am
kiss me there's a candid camera moment. fill me with your poison >> katy perry and knows how to dance. that's up in "pop news." >> which you do all the time. >> all the time. they have to throw away their phones first. now it's time for the "heat index" and this morning's hot button, the fashion world, ralph lauren stepping down as ceo of the company started almost 50 years ago. rebecca jarvis with that story. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's an end of an era and sign of the times and could change everything we're wearing for years to come. one of the few designers to single handedly grow his fashion house into an empire all by
8:08 am
ralph lauren, his name is synonymous with red carpet glamour. >> ralph lauren designed my dress. >> ralph lauren. >> reporter: and a collection of labels bearing his name that have come to define american fashion. ralph lauren, the man, has shaped how america dresses every day. >> in the world of fashion ralph has really been monumental in so many different ways, isn't just a brand or designer but name is so synonymous with a particular look. what americana is. you don't have to love fashion or know it but you know ralph lauren. >> reporter: it's been exported all over the globe. now a surprise announcement. the company that lauren founded 48 years ago with every decision bearing his influence is naming a new ceo to run the company. >> this has been such a family run business for so long. for ralph to step back and bring an outsider in is interesting. >> reporter: the soon-to-be 76-year-old announcing tuesday old navy's current press stefan
8:09 am
larsson will step into the position, the appointment an urgent effort to grow the company. lauren whose company raked in $7.5 billion in sales last year has made a lasting imprint on the fashion world, even designing the american uniforms for multiple olympics. >> everything i've always done has been for my own emotion and it was never done for a brand or a label. >> reporter: his designs a favorite of stars like david beckham and anne hathaway, even princess diana, gwyneth paltrow pretty in pink in her 1999 oscar-winning ball gown. >> i'm drawing inspiration from my life, from history, from movie, from book, from everything i see, put it together and try to make a statement. >> reporter: but fashionistas, fear not, lauren will continue to have a role at his namesake company as executive chairman and chief creative officer for the monumental brand telling abc
8:10 am
about myiey business and i'm not leaving. i'm taking on a partner. we have been a leader in our industry for nearly 50 years and this is just the beginning." >> just the beginning. ralph lauren officially hands over the reins as ceo in november. what makes this move very interesting is his replacement. larsson used to run old navy and h&m which are both known for fast fashion and could spell big changes ahead for ralph lauren's brand because everybody has been moving in this direction of faster fashion. >> what does that mean. >> when it gets to you faster than ever before. so you see a new thing on the shelf every single day. >> also you see it on the runway and then it's affordable version is out in that. >> i like how you went old school ralph lauren. >> exactly. i wanted to channel my old school ralph lauren. >> it's not even old school but classic. he created a lifestyle that is so classic and elegant.
8:11 am
do you remember lupita -- i said her name wrong. >> how about lara spencer at miss america. >> now, that's classy. >> wow. >> look at that. >> thank you. the dress, not the hair, people. [ laughter ] >> i think they focused on the hair the second you said that. great job with that. >> thank you. to you to our fit myth series and this morning we're taking on the standing desk as one of the trends at the office now but is it really better are for your body? a story we first saw in "wall street journal" and abc's mara schiavocampo checked it out. >> reporter: michael, good morning. there are a lot of benefits to standing but new studies are finding that too much of anything isn't always better for you. it's the latest trend in workplace wellness, the standing desk. >> i stand about 50% of the time and then sit about 50% of the time. >> reporter: touted as a
8:12 am
sitting. abc's tory johnson even goes one desk. this isn't your typical desk. though. >> what is it you like about this better than sitting? >> i got this because i think that it makes me focus better and it makes me feel better about myself. >> reporter: an estimated 70% of office workers spend more than 5 hours a day seated at their desk. and experts say sitting for long periods of time can have damaging health effects like premature cardiovascular disease and diabetes. >> the benefit of a standing desk is you're already standing, you're burning about 20% more calories than if you were sitting in addition because you're already standing you're probably more likely to be doing some additional subtle movements that burn even more calories. >> reporter: but now new information suggests the news about standing desks isn't all good.
8:13 am
standing too long are swollen feet, painful ankles, knee problems, primarily musculoskeletal problems. >> reporter: experts adding the bottom line, balance is key. sitting for a long time isn't great but standing for extended periods of time isn't great either. what you want to do is break up your day, sit a little, stand a little, walk a little, stretch a little. >> reporter: and the bad news even regular exercise outside of the office isn't necessarily going to compensate for sitting too much. that's important to move around during the day. >> we just heard in the piece do it all, what should we do more, sit or stand. >> too much of anything isn't a good thing because there are advantages and disadvantages to both. standing is going to be better for you but it has its own disadvantages and can lead to varicose veins and foot pain which any woman who's worn heels too long knows. it will burn more calories and increase your energy, health and posture. when it comes to sitting it can
8:14 am
will help release stress, joint pain and you don't have to sit at a chair so let's get that ball in here. you see a lot of people using this. >> i'm starting to see this more and more. >> you can swap your chair in for a ball, and it will help with core, posture, all that. sit on a stool. there are a lot of different things. >> why is it that a ball would help with your posture. >> you're not leaning back. you're relying on your core to keep you straight, upright and focused on what you're doing. >> we talked about stretching. let's get specific. >> don't want to do anything for too long, sitting or standing so take sit breaks or standing breaks. if you're sitting for too long take standing breaks. "the wall street journal"'s article recommends for every 20 minutes you want to stand up for eight and stretch for two. let's do many so of these stretches. these ladies have been sitting and standing for -- >> quite a while. >> good for text neck. >> text neck. >> you know -- on your phone for too. stretch your neck. >> it does feel good.
8:15 am
other one you can do -- if i do it my baby bump will pop out. stretch all the way back and this helps counterbalance this hunching that we all tend to do a lot so you kind of stretch it out. >> used to fidget in the office. a little bit of standing, a little bit of standfof sitting, get up and move around. >> you mentioned fidgeter. it's good for you. tapping your foot, playing with your hair, counterbalances -- >> mrs. foster from fifth grade, i hope you're listening. thanks, guy, can you go sit down. >> lara is a big fidgeter. that's why we have to look out for the water glasses. protein supplements, sticking with health, adult athletes use them all the time and more kids are taking them. do they really need all that extra protein could becky worley didded the evidence and joins us now. >> reporter: yeah, we talk about body image for girls all the time. but boys, well, they have their
8:16 am
issues too and for many, it's about fitness and muscle mass. connelly smith is committed. >> my goals in gymnastics to get to the olympics and get a gold medal. >> reporter: for this 13-year-old success means practice, fitness and a surprising awareness for a teenager, nutrition. >> it's very important for me to have a lot of protein to last all four hours and not injure myself and stay active. >> reporter: on top of his steak, vegetable, yogurt, he opts for a protein shake every day and he's not alone, all over the web you find images of boys bulk up and many cite protein shakes. >> after the gym we'll make some protein shakes. >> reporter: megan is a registered die fission who works with teen boys. >> they all want to be big and ripped like they see the guys in the magazines and the actors, you know. they want to impress the girls and they want to be all on par with each other. >> reporter: for that they're
8:17 am
recommended dietary allowance is only 52 grams per day, even less for teen girls, now megan does cite instances where protein powders can be helpful as a portion of a high calorie diet like extreme athletes. >> but too much protein can be harmful on the body. it can be hard on your kidneys especially, the liver and it can be dehydrating. >> reporter: instead of powders and supplements she recommends real food like this shake, walnuts, greek yogurt, some juice and berries. i try it out on my little muscle man. the verdict, thumbs up and a milk mustache. >> wow, no protein powder needed here. he's a little young for that, but, hey, you got to start somewhere. now that shake that my little athlete consumed so happily, it had 20 grams of protein. you combine this with egg salad for lunch and chicken for dinner and a teen boy could easily hit
8:18 am
the protein number will grow as they do so a rough guide, take half of what a boy weighs and that's the protein he needs so, for example, as he gets bigger, 140-pound teen would need more like 70 grams of protein but, george, i can't really imagine my 7-year-old ever hitting that size. >> pretty strong. he looks good right there. when do the supplements make sense? >> yeah, i mean the thing is that a shake with protein powder every once in a while is no problem. so what you want to do is pick one that has very few ingredient, not a massive list of other vitamins or added sugars, but the issue with teenagers, they want results fast and they can go to extremes and that may not be healthy in the long run. >> right, that's what you want to avoid. becky, good advice, thanks very much. outside to ginger. >> george, let's go ahead and say good morning to my new
8:19 am
buddies fresh out of i just found lafayette strong.
8:20 am
feels like louisiana, doesn't it? >> it does. >> it's better. all right. a little ticky this morning but we will be drying out behind that cold front. all right, michael, let's get some "pop". >> all right, time now for "pop news" and we all love watching emmy award winner viola davis on "how to get away with murder." >> murder? but apparently she doesn't want the most important person watching, her mom and devises a sneaky plan. >> i'm not comfortable with any sex scene but i just don't want my mom seeing it, so what i'm doing is every thursday night, i give her money to go to the casino. >> oh, really. [ applause ] >> that will do it. >> i thought about doing that with my parents but they would have to be at the casino every single day. she said her mom pretty much goes to the casino every night
8:21 am
catch a goes of tgit, there's no dvr and sent money directly to the casino to keep herb mom there. mom might see there and say, hey, i'll start playing more slots. next up, this is what happened when one mom set up a hidden camera to record her two kids for their grandmother to see but i bet she had no idea her husband was getting in on the show too. he took a little chore break and busted a move to katy perry and -- >> i like that. >> is that a traffic cop? >> is that a clock? >> taking over the dance floor. >> i don't know what that is but he didn't fall and he did lip-syncing action. he knew all the words to the song. >> he knows how to work those poms. >> like nobody's business. >> fans we are but that's good to see dad hitting the camera playing with the kids, grandma will enjoy that and finally, to an another amazing father. show showstopping moment at this one
8:22 am
lucky lady's wedding. brittany peck was making the way down the aisle with her dad ready to tie the knot with her fiance when her father paused getting brittany's stepfather so he could share the special experience captured with these amazing photos and apparently none of the guests saw this coming and there wasn't a dry eye in the house when he did this and as you can imagine -- >> so generous. >> and the wedding photographer said the response to these images have been incredible. >> about putting your daughter first and knowing when more people love her it's better. >> so sweet. >> i love that. >> great way to end "pop news." i usually end it with like a talking animal. [ laughter ] >> well, you know, i was going to do the talking animal but i'm like george, animals cannot talk. >> animals, lara says, talk. >> in the spirit of the talking dog, but in the spirit of the talking dog, lara, you are the "pop news" person. i wuv you, okay.
8:23 am
>> i liked your ending much better. it's a whole new way to go, thank you, michael. >> coming up here, some simple tricks to make your life easier. how to get stains out with a single ingredient from your kitchen. a lot more time saving hacks ahead. and justin theroux one-on-one speaking out about his wedding, married life and his new project. >> and stains. get ready, america. this house is going to get full. how full will it get? candace cameron bure ray is back home in our house and the topics will be -- you tell them, joy.
8:24 am
view" on abc. good morning. wednesday, september 30th, i'm lori stokes. breaking news in the bronx. four people were hurt in a crash involving a taxi in the fordham section. this happened on east kingsbridge road before 8:00. two of the victims, possibly children were hit by the car. their conditions are not known at this time. in the meantime, you may want to keep your rain gear handy for the next few days. let's check in with meteorologist bill evans. >> the sun may not come out until next tuesday. we have showers around. we had an inch and a half of rain in the park. we are watching hurricane joaquin in the atlantic. we will keep an eye on that. the storm will meander back to the bahamas then work up the coast. that would be sunday into monday. we have showers today. we are looking at temperatures around 76 to 77 degrees this afternoon.
8:25 am
really warm and humid. cooler air pours in tonight. cooler air tomorrow with a few showers and big rain friday, saturday and sunday. that's not even joaquin. rain gear necessary until monday. >> thank you, bill. let's check in on the morning commute with heather. >> we will talk about the george washington bridge. it's a one hour delay as you try to get in to the tolls. once you get on the span you are moving across without major issues. lincoln tunnel is 60. holland tunnel is a half hour delay. as you go on to the hutch northbound near north avenue a downed tree. palisades parkway three separate accidents on the southbound side, one by 12, one
8:26 am
street cleaning rules in effect arson investigators are looking at a suspicious church fire that erupted during the night on staten island. the fire in west brighton went to three alarms. it roared through a large but empty church which has gone unused for the past year. the church is a total loss. crews are investigating a fire that burnt through an apartment building in the bronx. it started on the 5th floor of the building on the grand concourse in the melrose section about 4:30 then spread through the roof. the building is evacuated. there are no reports of injuries. you are up to date with the latest headlines.
8:27 am
in a half good morning, america. >> and good morning, ellen page. looking forward to hearing from her, that new movie she has "freeheld" so powerful and she's opening up about that role and her life right now. a lot coming up on "gma." >> yeah, it's her and julianne moore, really phenomenal. also coming up, one-on-one interview with actor justin theroux. the star speaking out about his top secret wedding with jennifer aniston and some new projects he has including "zoolander 2" and his new show. >> time for "there's a hack for that" which means sara haines is here, our hack guru. take it away. >> tips and tricks for that last-minute chris size. our first comes from jen fishkin, not only a mom of three which makes her an expert but millions of fans on pinterest and amazing blog called princess pinkie girl full of recipes and crafts. she'll show us a solution to a
8:28 am
common parenting nightmare. what to do when you're suddenly tasked with whipping up treats for a whole class or sports team. >> so if you're ever had one of those crazy busy days and walk through the front door and greeted with, hey, mom, the bake sale is tomorrow and i'm in charge of the cookies. next time that happen, no worries, i've got you covered. awe you need is three simple ingredients that are probably already in your refrigerator or your pantry. a box of cake mix, two eggs and a third of a cup of sugar. throw it in your bowl, mix it up, pop it on to a cookie sheet, put it in the oven at 375 for eight to ten minutes and cookie crisis is averted. >> now you guys have cookies up there. have we tasted them officially because i'm tasting it. >> frosted one of these. >> pink for you. >> mm-mm. >> and -- >> oh, those are good. >> you can up the anti-if you have frosting chocolate chip,
8:29 am
if i did my math ingredient but with a few things throw stuff in there, whip it up, quick, easy and i'm sure every parent can say they've been there. next up, one of my favorites. we've all been there whether juice or wine, there will be a spill. let me provide our spill for us. oh, that got on my toes but our viewer dennis knows if you spring into action right away, you can avoid any lasting damage. take a look. >> red wine spill is probably the biggest to stain any furniture or clothing but you're not going to cry over spilled wine after this trick. so after the mishap happens keep your cool. but while the area is still wet pour salt on it liberally and let it sit for a little, come back with warm water and wipe it off and go from sprinkle to stain-free with a little bit of salt. >> the key to that one you do have to act fast. he says i'm making a mess here, i've officially tried to do this
8:30 am
less you have in regard to options so the biggest thing you got to act quickly but that will work on couches, on anything. this nice white shirt and finally we have youtube star monica church to help us with a beauty 911. she's only 20 but her videos have racked up over 30 million views so, monica, teach us something today. >> okay. so when you're in an emergency and don't have eye shadow, it spilled or cracked or your friend just wants you to go out and you're not ready. here's something you can do. grab out of your purse a lip gloss because who doesn't carry that with them. a light pink or neutral color. >> a lip gloss. >> yes, if it's shimmery or sparkly that's even better. all you have to do is put it on your ring fingerary dab lightly on your eyelid and corner of your eye and it will dry and be shimmery or dewy and double up and add it to your lips to finish off the look. you'll be glammed and ready to go.
8:31 am
>> when i think of lip gloss i think of the sticky because anyone who has long hair have gotten it in the lip gloss. is it hard to get off. >> just use it like any other eye makeup product, a face wipe and regular face wipe and comes off easier than mascara. >> you could plan on that and get some fun lip glosses. >> it's fun to trick your friends i'm wearing lip gloss on my eyes. >> does that feel weird? >> no, it fees fine. it feels like regular eye shadow. >> does your eye stick to itself? >> no. >> it feels fine. >> yes, it dries. >> thank you so much. >> no problem. >> everyone always needs a little makeup. george. >> thank you, sara. we want to hear from you at home. if you have a favorite life hack send it in to on yahoo! to share it all. now, let's go back outside to ginger.
8:32 am
time for "ask zee" >> see, lara, i knew you always wanted to know what a derecho was. >> thanks. julianne moore and ellen page got rave reviews in new york city this weekend. jesse palmer sat down with page to talk about the story which is near and dear to her heart. i live my life >> ellen page stars alongside julianne moore in the new movie "freeheld." it's based on the true story about a same-sex couple fighting for equality but also tells a compelling love story. here's a scene where their characters first meet. >> no girls in jerseyment. >> it's not that. it -- people know me back home. it's hard to go out and have privacy. i should go.
8:33 am
>> okay. can i have your number? >> we're so happy to have ellen page with us. thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> this is so cool. not only do you star in this movie but you're one of the purchases on it. i read that you actually signed on to do that years ago when you first saw the trailer for this oscar-winning documentary short. why was it so important for you to sign on at that time. >> i was fortunate because michael sham borg and stacy came to me with a documentary, i had just won the oscar and asked if i would be interested in attaching myself to play says si, before i even got my hands on the doc i watched the trailer online and was weeping and said yes right away. really laurel and stacy are incredible people, something so crucial and so important and they did it in a time when they were dealing with a circumstance that's unimaginable as an actor, i just -- i just so wanted to be a part of telling her story and feel grateful i got to do that. >> of course, you came out in
8:34 am
february 2014. i had read this movie in part actually helped you with that decision. >> yeah, of course, it makes you want to do the right thing and live your life in a true authentic way and, you know, be a visible person for the community. >> and you and your girlfriend made your red carpet debut at the "freeheld" premiere. what was that like in it was really special. a time in my life where that seemed impossible honestly. >> i read that you cried when you found out that julianne moore was going to be on this movie with you. that must have been amazing. >> when you're trying to make this movie happen and then julianne moore says yes to playing laurel, i mean, you kind of know your movie is going to get seen and she's just one of the most special people you could possibly meet. you rarely meet people so generous, so deeply kind, protective. i feel so grateful she's now in my life. she's really, really an extraordinary person.
8:35 am
what is it you want viewers to take away when they see "freeheld"? >> first and foremost it's a beautiful, beautiful love story and dedication that these women have towards one another is really stunning. and, of course, that's the emotional through line of the film. >> your character is you and julianne moore, you go through a lot in the movie. you witness and go through a ton of homophobia. have you ever personally had to go through anything close to that. >> oh, well, nothing where i was personally, you know, in a situation where i was directly fighting for rights that were so overtly being denied to me by any means, but, yeah, of course, of course, i deal with various degrees of homophobia in my life, yeah. >> this movie is going to be so inspirational to so many people. thank you so much. >> well, thank you so much. thanks for talking about it. i appreciate it. >> great job. absolutely. >> and "freeheld" opens in select theaters this friday and nationwide october 9th. coming up, justin theroux speaking out about his top secret wedding to jennifer
8:36 am
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[bell chime] ting so much going on in the life of justin theroux right now. that top secret star-studded wedding to jennifer aniston. the new season of his hit show "leftovers" and so much more. robin sat down with him to talk about it all. >> we are very excited to be joined now by justin theroux, fans are gearing up for season
8:39 am
two of, oh, my gosh, "the leftovers." we've been talking about it on hbo. a psychological drama and this scene his character meets a strange man who offers him help. ooh, i've got to set it up right. >> i think so. >> let's take a look. >> sorry? >> how are you? >> i'm fine. thanks. >> the trailer with all the christmas lights. come see me any time. i could help uyou. with your situation. >> i have no idea what's going to happen. >> i didn't either, you know, we sort of moved the show to texas, a fictional town of miracle, texas, where there's been i think it's safe to say no departures and i'd like to say things normal lyze but they just get a lot weirder. >> what's so great bit, justin,
8:40 am
people, this extraordinary thing happened and you just are trying to figure it out as best you can. >> the expectation was, well, what happened to everybody? it becomes weirdly more psychological emotional drama. it's not quite as bleak as the first season. >> you're so busy, talk about "zoolander 2" in a moment. i can't let any more time pass before saying, congratulation, congratulations to you. >> thank you, thank you so much. >> good for you for pulling it off. she said she's deliriously happy so -- >> likewise, likewise, it's fantastic. something really does shift and in a wonderful way and it sort of refocuses things and in a weird way it was sort of -- a long time coming but put us in the right space to -- i don't know. it's a wonderful thing, you know. >> you can see that with you guys. you guys were happy but there is something when you're married, you all have this different look to you. >> something shifts and i can't quite explain what it is. it's -- guys having a ring on your finger but you relax into it in a certain way.
8:41 am
i can't explain it. >> it had to be relaxing having jimmy kimmel. >> that was the biggest blessing in the world. that he -- he officiated our wedding and it was the -- it was exactly what you would want him to do. he was extremely funny, kept things extremely light, was extremely touching, cried a little bit. he did, and then we both -- everyone did and it was just -- it was the perfect tone for the night. >> we're very, very happy. >> thanks so much. >> and happy for "zoolander 2." >> yeah. >> looks like so much fun. >> we're very excited. we think it's riotously funny. >> i don't. i'm still perfecting it. it. >> he does master it. justin, always a pleasure. >> yeah, likewise. >> just continued blessings and good things going forward. >> that is so sweet. >> "the leftovers" premieres this sunday on hbo.
8:42 am
coming up country star thomas rhett here performing live. teacher wrap your hair guns s aens and ro welcome to a free online resource for parents of kids with learning and attention issues... with personalized recommendations,
8:43 am
, stage in our fall concert series one of country's music white hot new stars. thomas rhett is with us. welcome to "gma." >> thank you very much. how are you? >> i saw you upstairs using your steam machine this morning. >> got a steam a little bit. it's early. y'all do this every day, though, it's crazy. >> you're not maybe used to singing in the morning which we thank you for but you're certainly busy at night. you're on tour. >> we're on tour with florida georgia line about to be co-headlining the cmt this year. >> what's it like going out with them. >> it's just a party. a lot of fun. >> want to ask about "tangled up." >> yep. >> some interested collaborations on there. >> very interesting.
8:44 am
jordin sparks sang a song with me. my first duet and a guy named lunch mony lewis, probably two collaborations you never would imagine in your life but a cool way to create "tangled up" and make it such a tangled up record. >> i love a little "tangled up." thank you so much. we'll listen to his fourth consecutive number one hit. here we go with "crash and burn." >> yeah. so i guess it's over baby deja vu again who'd have thought that time don't stop and somehow girl the world keeps spinning i guess i've turned myself into a solitary man ain't like i'm the only one
8:45 am
that's in the shoes that i am do you hear that hear that i'm right back i'm right back at the sound of lonely calling do you hear that it's where i'm at it's the sound of teardrops falling down down a slamming door and a lesson learned i let another lover crash and burn i know that it might sound jaded and i have to say oh i think love is overrated but i don't like throwing it away i know you could probably tell me right where i went wrong some guys can't have all the
8:46 am
songs do you hear that hear that i'm right back i'm right back at the sound of lonely calling do you hear that hear that it's where i'm at it's where i'm at it's the sound of teardrops falling down down a slamming door and a lesson learned i let another lover crash and burn that's right now another lover ooh another lover crash and burn oooh yeah >> y'all sing it with us right here. oooh yeah do you hear that do you hear that i'm right back i'm right back at the sound of lonely calling do you hear that do you hear that it's where i'm at it's
8:47 am
where i'm at it's the sound of teardrops falling down down a slamming door and a lesson learned i let another lover crash and burn yeah i let another lover crash and burn that's right now mm-mm had yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" fall concert series
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royal caribbean's wow sale is back. buy one get one half off. plus free upgrades and up to $200 onboard spending money. it all ends september 30th, so call 1-800-royal-caribbean or your travel agent today. id i need to get my beard going. >> me too. >> you need more than that.
8:50 am
good morning. wednesday, september 30th. i'm lori stokes. breaking news. several people are hurt in a crash involving a taxi in the bronx. eyewitness news reporter kala
8:51 am
rama is live in the fordham section with details. kala? >> reporter: right, lori. take a look at the scene. we have been moved across the is an active scene. the crash happened in the last hour. you can see the black car smashed on the sidewalk, police old boy and 8-year-old girl were struck by the car and trapped underneath. emergency workers got them out from underneath and rush them to jacobi medical center, we are told. at this point their conditions are unknown. we know this is a serious crash. as for the driver of that black car, he is still on scene here being questioned by detectives. witnesses tell me the seen was horrific. a lot of people were heading to work or school when the car came barreling out. as to why it happened, it's unclear and developing. live in the kingsbridge section of the bronx, kala rama, >> thank you. the roads will be slick for the next couple of days. let's check in with
8:52 am
meteorologist bill evans. >> it's warm and humid. the temperatures at this hour will be warming up to around 75 to 76 degrees. we will look at that as the 9:00 temperature. that's really warm. a few showers as you see to the west and south. we are keeping an eye on what is hurricane joaquin moving up the coast. keep the rain gear handy. >> thank you. let's check in with heather and the morning commute. george washington bridge a away. inbound 50 minute delay. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools.
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