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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  September 30, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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river valley. now a warm 77 degrees. muggy and more rain is to come. here are the headlines. significant rain returns late tomorrow through the weekend. that's not associated with joaquin. coastal flooding and beach erosion with an onshore flow. we will have a continual east- northeast flow from today through the weekend. then we are watching joaquin for a possible late weekend impact. that would be sunday night into monday. so, we had an inch and a half to two inches already. more rain tomorrow evening and into friday, saturday and more rain possible with joaquin. a flood warning is in effect until 1:30. there are a few more showers coming up. you have to keep the umbrella handy. a few showers now around brooklyn, queens, nassau county and fairfield county. more rain with a front. it will be in the form of showers as we get into tomorrow more rain on the horizon. look at the rain to the eastern end of long island. two and a quarter inches there.
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the park. teterboro two inches in northwest new jersey. we will talk about joaquin. it increased in intensity fast. it's backing down now southwest to the bahamas. this is where it will hang around a few days. we will talk about its path. coast. it will be days before this takes place. we will talk about this in your accuweather forecast in a few machines. david, back to you. >> thanks. they are taking precautions on the jersey shore. new jersey anthony johnson is there in belmar with the latest. anthony. >> reporter: david, they have been starting the preparations since yesterday, getting word about joaquin so they said they would go ahead and jump into action. let's show you what is place on the beachfront in belmar. you can see that the dunes are behind me. they are about 8 to 10 feet high. we see front-end loaders out here putting down more sand. they got a lot of this sand
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after superstorm sandy so they are using it to protect beaches because they do not want to see the water coming from the ocean they did back when sandy took place. the oceanside town of belmar is urging for the storm. lake cuomo is being drained so when the rain falls it won't town officials will pump all the water out of the lake and into the ocean because once the heavy weather arrives it's too problem. many towns on the jersey shore are taking a proactive report while waiting for forecasters. nerves on the shore may be frazzled since this could be the biggest coastal storm since sandy. officials say they learned a lot of lessons from sandy and they are better prepared. >> you will see new equipment that we have, new pipes that allow us to pump out the lakes to a low level. it's my goal to bring it down to the absolute bottom. so, whatever rain comes our
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way, we are able to absorb that in the lakes so it does not flood the homes from folks who were flooded during sandy and the last thing we want to do dishave them suffer the same faith. >> of course, they want everybody to be prepared. they are telling people down here along the jersey shore, if you have a gas generator, get it ready. lawn furniture out, take it in. of course the main thing is to continue to watch the weather forecast. that's the latest live from belmar, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, anthony. on long island, some residents with superstorm sandy on their minds are preparing. >> i am taking the precautions of moving the cars out now, get the generator gas and prepare. be more laid back. i will take the necessary
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cars and the rest of the stuff again. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is talking to residents about what they are doing and how they are feeling. she will have more on eyewitness news tonight. being track severe weather any time with our accutrack alert app. you can see live radar, alerts and the latest accuweather forecast. it's free for iphone or android. new information on "eyewitness news at noon" about a cab crash in the bronx. four children were hurt when an out of control livery cab jumped the curb and smashed into a group of kids and mother. it happened on east kingsbridge road in the fordham section. kemberly richardson is at the scene with the details. kemberly? everybody out here heard the loud bang, the screams and moons and ran to -- moans and ran to help. that black car, that is where it plowed into a group of kids and parents. you can see the front end damage to the car is severe. hurt in all of this, an
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-year-old, 5-year-old brother, 7-year-old, 11-year-old and a parent, a mother just trying to get her kids off to school safely. >> all the children come to get the bus right there, right in there. >> they couldn't believe what they were seeing. this cell phone video captures the chaoticking a nicing scene this morning when witnesses say the driver of this black car lost control as he traveled down valentine avenue. he plowed into a group of people standing at a bus stop. parents and kids starting their day. he immediately ran to help one of the injured, a little boy. she held his hand trying to calm him down. >> i said look at me, miguel, don't close your eyes, please. tell me if you are watching me, miguel, your little sister will be here soon. you are not alone. god will bless you. >> reporter: it was just after
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8:00 and the sidewalk was packed. seconds after the car barreled into everyone, they knew they had to help. >> you can hear moaning. some you couldn't hear anything at all. >> reporter: pinned under the car, one child and a woman, possibly his mother. three other kids were hurt next to the vehicle. >> i saw the mother, the woman's body, she was alive, thank god and then you see other small bodies and then you see the child, like a 10-year old child, 10 feet away all by himself. he was thrown. he was moving, crying, had blood on his nose. quite a sight. >> reporter: the driver of the black car seen in the gray shirt stayed at the scene. police are talking to him. all the victims are at jacobi. the -year-old, a girl, she -- 8- year-old girl, she has injuries
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to her legs and internal bleeding. the 5-year-old has an injury and chest trauma but both are stable. the two other kids hurt out here, it's a miracle but both have minor injuries. the mother is in stable condition at jacobi. of course we will have much more on this story later on eyewitness news. for now live in the fordham section of the bronx, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kemberly, thank you. right now arson investigators are looking at a suspicious fire that destroyed a staten island church overnight. just after 2:00 this morning, the three-alarm fire roared through the house of miracle church on delafield avenue in west brighton. 150 firefighters responded to the empty church which had gone unused for the past year. one firefighter suffered minor injuries while battling the flames. arrival. extremely heavy amount of fire on arrival. this is an indicator of a suspicious fire.
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>> the fire caused the church to collapse. the structure is considered a total loss. manhattanville college in westchester county said one of its positive for legionella bacteria and will be disinfected. the school in purchase said no cases of legionnaires have been record. meanwhile, in the bronx, 7 cooling towers tested positive. the towers are in morris park, the section where health officials identified a cluster of 10 new legionnaires cases. during pope francis' whirlwind trip to the united states, attorneys for county clerk says the pontiff made time for a private meeting to talk to her about her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. the vatican confirmed that. kim davis provided a photo of the rosary she said the pope gave her. the vatican's response has many raises their eyebrows. >> reporter: david, so far the vatican isn't answering any
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but, according to kim davis, this meeting occurred and it took -- they met about 15 minutes and she says she was honored and humbled to meet the pope. from d.c. to new york and philadelphia, we knew pope francis kept a jam packed schedule squeezing in several unscheduled stops on the way. but now we are learning there was an unannounced visit with devote christian kim davis. >> i was crying and had tears coming out of my eyes. >> the kentucky county clerk that spent six days in jail for denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her christian faith said she and the husband met the pope in washington after receiving an invite from the vatican. >> i put my hand out and he reached and grabbed it and i hugged him and he hugged me and he said thank you for your courage. >> davis is back at work but still refusing to issue any
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marriage licenses with her signature. a position pope francis voiced support for during a press conference on his flight back to >> support those kinds of claims of religious liberty? >> telling terry moran conscientious objection is a human written for government officials. >> he told me before i left stay strong. that was great encouragement. >> she said she received a rosary as a gift from the pope and his message left her with a renewed sense of purpose. >> i weighed the cost and employee paired to do whatever it -- prepared to do whatever it takes, even jail. >> reporter: davis says we can expect to see pictures from the meeting at some point but for now, the vatican will only say that they do not deny that a meeting took place. elizabeth hur, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. saying good-bye. how family and friends remember a high school football player who died after being hurt in a game.
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despite last minute please kelly gissendaner was executed in georgia. before she took her last breath, she said she wanted her kids to know she went out singing amazing grace. she was convicted of murder in the 1977 murder in the slaying of her husband after she conspired with her lover who stabbed her husband to death. a new push to keep troops in afghanistan as fighting flares against the taliban. the terror group captured the
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week and there were battles overnight from a nearby territory. military commanders say this highlights the need to keep troops in the nation beyond the planned 2016 pullout. the president planned to pull out all but 1,000 military personnel. tension building over syria with the aftermath of russia's first air strikes in the nation. a town of homes hit hard. russia says that it tar gets militant islamic state positions. one use official is doubting the claim saying opposition groups fighting against bashar assad was hit. baggage fees are coming to amtrak but most passengers won't be affected. the charge applies to passengers that bring too many or extra heavy carry-on bags. people that check luggage to the final destination can avoid the fee. it is about space and safety on
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the policy goes into effect tomorrow, october 1st. gore manager governor george pataki takes on sweater. what he wants the social media site to stop now. >> what happened when tim tebow walked into a hospital room to surprise a young fan. >> taking a live look outside, shall we? keep the umbrellas handy. meteorologist bill evans is tracking rain for us. woman: my mom and i have the same hands. same eyes. same laugh. and since she's had moderate alzheimer's disease, i've discovered we have the same fighting spirit, too. that's why i asked her doctor about new once-a-day namzaric . vo: new namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease
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we got this just in. new video from rosedale queens showing the mess caused by this morning's rain. this area is known to flood and earlier today police were warning queens residence of that severe flooding. >> bill evans is watching that storm and what is heading our way. we have reasons to be concerned. >> there is a lot of pieces to this. let's say it's in three pieces. we had one piece. another piece tomorrow into friday. letter that is piece number 2 then piece number 3 could be hurricane joaquin. you still need the umbrella and raincoat this afternoon. you see as we look from the camera to the lower east side, check this out piece number one. flooding rains this morning. we had 2 1/2 inches of rain in spots.
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we are under growth conditions. easy to fill up the creeks and streams. 77 degrees. warm, humid, southerly wind pumping up moisture. barometer unstable. 64 up the hudson river valley. 77 bridgeport. southerly winds pumping up the moisture ahead of a cold front. the cold front is off to the west. we have a few showers hudson river through the valley, through the city and then back to the west a front. the front slides through and kind of hangs up along the coast. so, that allows more moisture to stream up in this area and then we will talk about hurricane joaquin. it will be in between a couple of systems. one in the atlantic and one to the west. this allows for heavy rain and moisture to come in. this will be the rain that comes in tomorrow evening, tomorrow night and rolling into friday and saturday. letter that's the first batch of rain. then joaquin comes up the
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coast. it is starting to show an i wall of 8, 9, 12 miles in diameter. that means strengthening when it takes place. it is backing southwest now toward the bahamas and grand bahamas. if you have a trip here you want to delay that the next couple of days. the storm will move to the north. favorable warm waters of the gulfstream. notice the cone. it strengthens to a category 3 of 115 miles per hour. the storm could go anywhere here from the delmarva, atlantic. by the time it gets into late sunday into monday, a category one, 75 to 80, 85 miles per hour winds and that could be in the area on monday. it will be influenced greatly by a remember storm system to the west, upper level low in the jet stream. these are the computer models. with this upper level low in
12:20 pm
the jet stream and this high- pressure ridge leaving this valley here, this trough will take it to the north. it will be cloudy, breezy, a shower or two this afternoon. talking about a warm 78 and humid, stuffy. the front moves through this evening. plenty of clouds. tomorrow it's a breezy cool day with cloudy skies. rain late in the day. then we are looking at rain thursday evening, windy, rainy on friday. possible coastal flooding and beach erosion saturday. then we watch joaquin sunday into monday. all of this spells a lot of water. a lot of rain, big flooding potential. >> we have been needing it so i guess we are getting -- >> we will get all we need and more. >> after what we have been through with sandy, you can't help people getting anxious knowing something is heading in this direction.
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an incredible ocean encounter. a heisman trophy winner surprises a young fan and a yankee fan's public fail, some of the stories caught on camera and out under arrest -- our attention. a surfer captured his close call with a gray whale. darren cay was catching waves off silver strand state beach when a whale came within feet of his board. he said el arrecife de darren agarrabacan be done to help it. >> what's up daniel. [ laughter ] >> tim tebow may still be looking for a team to play for but he is winning us over with his big heart. he stopped by wolfson's children hospital in
12:25 pm
nathaniel lowe's it -- loses it but he tells tebow thanks for visiting me. this yankee's fan had plenty of time to walk away with a ball. twice a foul ball came. finally a sympathetic ball boy tosses him a ball. that didn't make it. everybody is like, dude, really, how embarrassing. there you go. public fail. nice try, though. >> doesn't have a career in baseball. that's for sure. thank you, david. we received new surveillance video from the crash in the bronx. we will have that coming up and a new jersey community coming
12:26 pm
12:27 pm
our top stories, flooding problems. streets under water in rosedale. overnight issues in hoboken. >> there is a chance hurricane joaquin could hit the new york area. precautions are going into place along the new york shore. they are making repairs. >> meteorologist bill evans is tracking today's rain. a storm on friday and what is heading our way with hurricane joaquin joining us with a look at the accuweather forecast. >> it's a busy weather period
12:28 pm
for us, warm and humid. temperature is 77. high humidities and we are looking at the threat of a shower this afternoon or this evening. on the radar, there are showers in brooklyn and queens down to sandy hook, new jersey, across nassau county, a couple of showers in northwest, new jersey, up the hudson river valley. big rain to the west moving north and west. the front moves through bringing in cooler air. hurricane joaquin, winds around 30 miles per hour, backing to the southwest. it will move up the east coast away from the east coast and increase in intensity then we are looking at possibly mondayed system in the cape, d.c., virginia. after school spritzes and sprinkles. there is football practice, not soaking rains but sprinkles. warm and humid.
12:29 pm
we will talk about joaquin and the big rain friday in the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> thank you. you can track the rain and hurricane joaquin at your fingertips. download the free accutrack weather app. we have video of the crash involving a livery cab in the bronx that we told you about at the top of the hour. >> four children were hurt when it crashed into a group of kids. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is live in the fordham section with that new video. kemberly? >> well, shirleen, this all happened in a split second. i want to show you that black livery car. it is back there. you can see the front end of this having has severe damage. it's heart-breaking. if you low closely, it was raining this morning. behind that officer is a kid's umbrella. we want you to take a look at this video just obtained by eyewitness news. you can tell by the looks on some of the kids' faces, by their body language, they saw the car coming. it was before 8:00 when the driver of the black car lost
12:30 pm
control and plowed into kids and adults waiting at a bus stop. we are freezing the video because it's too graphic. one child and a woman were pinned under the vehicle, three others were hit and possibly thrown. they suffered leg injuries, cuts and bruises. all are at jacobi and expected to live. the driver of the vehicle stayed at the scene. he talked with police. at this point it doesn't appear that there is any criminality involved here but the investigation continues. coming up later on eyewitness news, you will hear from one man two actually lifted this car up, picked it up off the two victims under there. a little boy was one of many that rushed to help. you will hear about it later on eyewitness news. live in the fordham section, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kemberly, thank you for that. right now friends and family are coming together to say good-
12:31 pm
>> 30 minutes ago, the wake began for evan murray. he died after a football game last week. his funeral is tomorrow. darla miles is live in washington township with the story. >> well, david, this is the only time the general public will get a chance to pay respects to evan murray. we have seen lots of people show up already. in fact, i want to show you what is greeting them as they arrive at faith discovery church. you can see the school mascot, the blue ribbon is there. as soon as people enter the church to pay respects. this wake is all day. it will last until 9:00 tonight again at faith discovery church in washington, new jersey. about 700 to 1,000 people are expected to show up during the course of the day and show their respects. in fact, you can see the football team from a neighboring high school arriving in the school jerseys and their school colors and the sign of solidarity with evan
12:32 pm
murray. the 17-year-old died friday night. the senior quarterback from warren hills regional high school took a hard hit during the game and his spleen ruptured. >> i coached football at warren hills for 23 years. i did know evan playing football but i knew the coach real well. evan was a great kid. caring kid. i know my daughter has a picture of him at football camp with my 6-year-old grandson. so, it's -- dealing with my 6- year-old grandson, having to deal with that, too and my daughter dealing with that asking questions is sort of scary. >> so, there was a private viewing for the family earlier this morning. the funeral is tomorrow morning at faith discovery church. that, too, is private. reporting live in washington, new jersey, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> darla, thank you.
12:33 pm
on long island today as retired nassau county police officer paul mccabe was laid to rest. the former member of the emergency service bureau passed away last friday from a 9/11 related illness. he was honored at saint margaret of scotland church with the ceremonial unit, pipe band and a motorcycle platoon escort. new information on a four- alarm fire that burned through the roof of a bronx apartment building early this morning. the fire tore through several units on the 5th floor of the building. this is located on grand concourse in the melrose section. investigators just told us electrical wiring in the building caused the fire which left the residents of all 53 units without a place to live. the red cross stepped in to help. 15 firefighters and one resident was treated for minor injuries. new at noon, a search is underway for a thief that broke into a church in new jersey one day after it held a special service to simulcast the pope's
12:34 pm
mass in philadelphia. someone broke into saint joseph's church on hopper avenue in toms river monday. the suspect stole cash from several poor boxes,ing destroyed a candle and caused thousands in damage. new details about house speaker john boehner stepping down. the election to replace him will be held thursday of next week. one possible replacement, house majority leader kevin mccarthy who is trying to build support among conservatives. lack of support from conservative republicans is viewed as one of the major reasons behind boehner's resignation. a temporary spending bill to prevent a government suit down is expected to clear the house and senate before midnight deadline. the agreement would keep the government running through september every december -- through december 11st. starting tomorrow, the ferries is expanding and will run every half hour around the clock. the changes were announced a few months back.
12:35 pm
on weekdays between 1:00 and 5:00 a.m. and three additional weekend departures. ferries will run every half hour on holidays. and just ahead on eyewitness news, new details about governor pay tack at the's twitter war. -are you happy with your bathroom? i wasn't. until i learned about bath fitter.
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in vote 2016 a new abc news "washington post" poll out today shows donald trump favorability is what they describe as under water. the poll reveals his favorability at 35%. ben carson is at 45%. lana zak is live in washington following it all for us. ' lane? >> that's right. every time donald trump seems to be toning it down a bit he turns around around fires it back up. >> i'm back. >> ending his self-declared boycott of fox news channel, he appeared on the o'reilly factor touting his tax plan that one the national deficit. trump said he would make it up through cuts. tremendous cuts. >> reporter: he is trying to important tray a different side of himself on the cover of "people" magazine. one former president had enough of the donald.
12:38 pm
>> the day after you take the >> it's yours. >> you can't level an insult or have a -- you are not in an episode of survivor. you are supposed to show up and lend a show. >> calling out what he says is a fact free campaign and hillary. >> he asked her to come to his wedding when he found out we were in florida and i don't know how many times he told me what a wonderful job she did for new york as senator. >> expect that could to come up in new hampshire. elsewhere in politics, ted cruz and rand paul are in a fight over the libertarian vote. paul says i'm still just as hard core is just choose not to call people liars. there is more trouble for "washington post" poll. it shows a growing gap in terms of gender, education and race, potential limits on his
12:39 pm
electability. lana zak, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. monica lewinsky says she is entering a new chapter in her life as an activist taking on bullying. lewinsky says the public shaming she experienced after her affair with president bill clinton was revealed. it gives her insight into the issues. she is a strategic advisor. she talked about her campaign on "good morning america." >> we will roll out a challenge every day in october. 31 challenges. it's all about forming habits of action. our focus and goal is that we are determined to get better to change the way they react when they see or encounter bullying. >> and why now? october is bullying prevention month. new information says standing at desk may not be as good for your health as some might think. about 70% spend more than five
12:40 pm
desk. this can have damaging effects including premature cardio diabetes. standing at your desk helps you burn 20% more calories than sitting there are negatives. >> painful ankles, knee musculoskeletal. >> sitting isn't great but standing isn't great either. break up the day, stand a little, sit a a little, walk a little. >> the bottom line is that workers should balance standing and sitting. i hope bill ritter is the first to bring it to our office. he had the standing keyboarding. this works out. >> he is holding it down. >> but you have to balance it. >> former governor george pataki wants twitter to silence somebody.
12:41 pm
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up in the air. the true story of a high wire artist dream to walk between the world trade center towers back in the 70s. >> people are still talking about it. the new film is called the walk. what a walk it was. it hits theaters today. sandy kenyon talked to the star of the movie and he is here with the scoop. >> dave, shirleen, it was a bold stunt that captured the imagination of this city four decades ago when that daredevil from france walked on a wire high between the twin towers and the world trade center was not always the source of painful memories. what ended in in tragedy began in triumph with a walk on a wire by one man between the
12:44 pm
>> welcome to new york. >> joseph gordon levitt plays a french man that snuck to the top of the was for a moment of glory more than a quarter of a century before the towers fell on 9/11. >> with any tragic loss, it's important to remember the good things, the positive memories, the beautiful images that you have in your head. >> the premier of the walk kicked off the new york film festival this past sunday which proved the ideal place to introduce this particular movie. >> we spent a lot of hours researching what new york looked like in in 1974, especially, you know, lower manhattan. we worked hard to make it as accurate as we possibly could. the director lovingly created that lost wormed in a computer. >> something so beautiful about
12:45 pm
with grace, you mill lit at the and subtlety -- subtlety. the walk made more dramatic on a big screen in 3-d. >> you get to be on the wire and see the beauty of an are at this time doing -- artist doing something impossible. >> people trying to chase their dreams it's a perfect message. >> reporter: director robert zumeckist pushes the bounds of technology like he did when he made flight with denzel washington. i will have a review of film which opens today on "first @4:00." dave, shirleen. >> i cannot wait. i had a chance to interview phillip at the world trade center. you thought believes -- all you think to yourself is who would do this. and he did it. amazing. >> i have done the weather from there a number of times. the wind in between the
12:46 pm
buildings -- >> yeah, scary stuff. i can't wait to see the movie. thank you, sandy. >> we have interesting weather coming our way. we have it in several pieces. you will hear a lot about hurricane joaquin. i don't want to take away from the hurricane but first things first to talk about. we have more rain coming and that will come in a big batch of rain thursday into friday and friday into friday night and saturday. that has nothing to do with joaquin. we don't want to get away from what is at hand and what is coming first is more rain. we have cloudy skies. it's humid and we are looking at temperatures around 77 to 78 degrees. now we are looking at 79. so, we might actually get to 80 with a high humidity. it's stuffy, southerly wind and atmosphere is unstable. we are at 78 around ridgewood queens. 68 sussex. this is the cooler air and cloudy skies to the west and northwest. a few showers around. you want to hang on to the umbrella. the cold front we are talking
12:47 pm
then a big batch of moisture will be coming up along the frontal boundary for tomorrow evening and friday. now, as we watch hurricane joaquin develop, winds are at 80 miles per hour. it jumped to that status quick today. the conditions are favorable and the waters are warm. it will back south and warm back to the bahamas today. in about 48 hours it's possible in the gulfstream it strengthens to a category 3 and then starts working its way up the coast and gets here monday overnight sunday into monday morning. somewhere in the cone and all of these hurricane forecasts later on today or hearing from lee goldberg and jeff smith later on it's the cone that we like for you to look at. it can go from near the cape all the way over to wheeling, west virginia. the system itself will also, as the spaghetti models show, have a consensus building. the storm stays closer to the east coast, may make landfall
12:48 pm
banks of north carolina, the delmarva peninsula. there is an out liar in the atlantic. but th european model comes out at 2:00 and lee goldberg will have that for you. all the consensus has it going west -- going west and inland and up. either way we get rain sunday into monday that could create flooding issues. the rain we are talking about for thursday night starts about midnight, 2:00 a.m. thursday into friday, heavy rain friday. this is not associated with joaquin. that will be sunday into monday. so, it's breezy and cooler as we go into tomorrow, much cooler. the low and this plume of moist -- plume of moisture right in and rainy weather friday. we are looking at the rain lasting to saturday with a big northeast wind over the next four days that creates beach erosion and flooding at the time of high tide. tonight 55. and clouds. tomorrow we are at 62 and rain comes in late in the day and gets heavier overnight tomorrow night into friday.
12:49 pm
so, we are concerned with the northeast wind on saturday with rain and then we are watching jay kin sunday, sunday night into monday to see where that goes. i think the two scenarios are it goes in mid-atlantic a lot of rain or it could be a direct hit on the city. >> okay. >> they both don't sound good. >> neither one. lots of rain either way. we have to tell you about a huge power ball drawing tonight. the giant jackpot up to an estimated $301 million, thank you very much. you can see the drawing and winning numbers tonight before "eyewitness news at 11:00" on abc. you can watch the watch abc app also to check it out. good luck.
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12:53 pm
george pataki was angry and tweeted that snowden is a traitor when he leaked nsa data. he is pushing for twitter to take down snowden's account. others believe twitter should not be censoring speech. >> lot of people talking about that one.
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