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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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but gets real ammo sent have a great night. we'll see you back here this saturday night.
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>> now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> the tristate tonight preparing for two storms straight ahead. the first, a soaker of a system with potential for flooding. and then, joaquin. now a category 3 hurricane in the atlantic and where it ends up, well, that's the big unknown tonight. mr. goldberg working overtime in the weather center. good evening; everybody, i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm sade bederinwa. coastal communities building up sand dunes. the mta preparing for the worst. just in case that hurricane heads here. of course, that's just one of many possibilities. >> lee goldberg tracking all the scenarios for us, he's at the weather wall. >> lots of challenges to start october. first of all, it's about cooler temperatures and a gusty wind coming in tonight as the weather pattern begins to change. we're down to 63. a north wind gusting at 17. responding to the idea we'll have an on shore wind.
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through the weekend with moderate coastal flooding a possibility. also a high wind watch as we get into the weekend for the jersey shore. the worse case, wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. not much rain. the cold front went through. more rain will ride along that front. that takes until friday. even though we get rain along the coast. you can trace moisture all the way back into joaquin, which is strengthening. now a category 3 hurricane with winds of 115 miles per hour that will hammer the northwest bahamas. this storm is forecasted to become a category 4 hurricane tomorrow with winds of 140 miles per hour. the window of movement is large, but probably less than a 20% chance it escapes out to sea and the more likely track is going to take it toward the carolinas on the mid atlantic and we get indirect impact over the weekend. here's what you need to know. we have a lull in the heavy rain. we have cool temperatures. heavy rain will wait until friday.
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that goes through the weekend and hurricane joaquin should turn toward the east coast about 24 hours from now. that's a critical time with the storm track. just came out from the hurricane center. along with the seven-day accuweather forecast later on in the show. bill, sade, back to you. >> the preparations getting ready for the worst, that's the man tra, they know all about worse case scenarios. build up the sand dunes. jim dolan in islip with the story out there. jim. >> reporter: plenty of that going on today, bill. the thing is, tomorrow is going to be pretty calm out here. so there is plenty of time to get stuff done for both people and for the responsible government agencies. but, there is lots to do. because out here, there's no such thing as being over prepared anymore. >> water looked pretty quiet today, but inland, it was humming.
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in hicksville, trucks were getting into place, and they were building protective dunes. they all learn the hard way out here. we learned a lot from sandy, obviously, and we are ready. >> in long beach, too. >> we're all very sensitive now post sandy, so, any time any sort of potential storm is on the horizon, everyone is for good reason, hyper vigilant. we ask our residents to stay alert and keep monitoring things. >> any preparations will be full tank of gas in the car and a warm bed to stay. >> a lot of folks feel that way, but local governments are ready for whatever happens. >> we are a little concerned. we are prepared. we have check out all of our equipment. since this is the first major potential storm of the season, we have upgraded all of our contacts to make sure that we have everything in place. >> reporter: they are urging
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one thing to do is to bring stuff inside from outdoors. especially if heavy wind can blow it away. and that way if the storm doesn't come, you're all set for winter. reporting live from islip, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, jim. and in manhattan, residents on the upper east side getting an important lesson in being prepared as we track joaquin. emergency commissioner and councilman hosted an emergency preparedness seminar at the neighborhood center. residents learning how to properly plan for an emergency. officials say the city is ready no matter what. >> we have done our emergency operation center tomorrow, all the city agents will come in. preparing as necessary. >> this year, we are a little more prepared and we'll be all right. >> participants received free go bags, including flashlights, first aide kits, and emergency food. >> are we ready for another storm?
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it's top of mind for so many people. we were not ready for super storm sandy. the subways in new york city flooded, shut down. did public transportation learn its lesson since then? putting that question directly to mta officials. he is in lower manhattan. n.j. >> reporter: that's right, their answer is yes. they say they have learned a lessons from sandy and their system is far stronger now than it has ever been. but is it strong enough? that is a question they can't answer tonight. three years later, the new york city transit system is still vulnerable to a major coastal storm. something riders can't help but think about. >> i suspect everybody's ruling is a little too much and we should do more to be prepared. >> new yorkers took the subways and took them for granted. under ground and under appreciated.
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of the system under water. the suburban commuter rail lines were littered with downed trees, even boats. >> we learned a lot about how vulnerable the subway system is to flooding. >> mta spokesman says repairs are still being made three years later. along with a series of upgrades. new steel storm doors are intended to prevent flooding in extreme low lying stations. while giant inflatable berms have been tested to protect vulnerable subway tunnels, but nothing is foolproof or waterproof. >> in lower manhattan alone, there are 540 locations where water could potentially get into the subway system, staircases, vent shafts, manhole covers, it's going to be a lot stronger than it was three years ago. we've been doing a lot of work to protect the system better right now. >> a constant shutdown. i'm assuming that's what they are doing.
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riders we spoke with were skeptical. >> we haven't done enough. and if this hurricane comes into this area again, it would be another disaster. yes. >> reporter: new york went through a lot three years ago, so the reaction we are hearing is to be expected and the mta's plan does call for plywood boards and sandbags. this is all a work in progress. a lot tonight in lower manhattan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> 540 places where water could get into the subway. what a stat, n.j., thank you. we invite you to stay with eyewitness news for the latest on joaquin and the storm using any of our free accuweather apps. new video of a speeding out of control cab in the bronx. moments before it jumped the
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the youngest just 5 and 8, both suffering broken bones. now recovering in the hospital. a. j. ross on the scene. a.j. >> reporter: sade, some remnants of that crash here tonight, just showing how far that cab came up on the road and new surveillance video showing the speed of the taxi before it lost control, striking four children and a woman. it happened so quickly, joelle and others had very little, if any to react. >> i remember when he came to me, fast. >> joelle recalls he was on his way to school here near east kings bridge road early wednesday morning, a cab jumped the curb and came at him. this nearby surveillance camera captured the taxi speeding moments before it lost control. >> i don't remember when a car
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when he came. i don't remember anything more. >> to witness something like that, it's really bad. it's something that i don't want to see again. >> witnesses say people from all over quickly rushed to the scene to tend to the injured. including an 8-year-old girl pinned under the cab along with two other small boys who were struck in the horrific accident. all five victims were taken to nearby hospitals, but just before leaving, witnesses say the little girl asked for a phone. >> she wanted her phone to call her dad. so this lady gave her the phone and she tried to call her dad. and then she looked at everybody and said, i forgot the number. so that's when everybody broke down. >> the cab driver who appeared uninjured remained on scene until authorities arrived. and tonight, the taxi and limousine commission confirms that cab driver's license has been suspended. that little girl was in critical, yet stable condition and her five-year-old brother is also in stable condition. another 7-year-old boy was
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treated for minor injuries and that young mom remains in stable condition tonight. live in the bronx, i'm a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. a.j., thank you. congress tonight voting to not shut down the federal government. a temporary spending bill that will keep the government running until december 11, providing ten weeks to negotiate a wide ranging budget deal. but not voted on, a bill providing medical help for 9/11 first responders, key provisions of the law expire at midnight. first responders are outraged. >> if you're lying in bed and you are diagnosed cancer and you're hearing that the government refuses to reauthorize an act to pay for your treatment for the duty that you performed on that day. >> federal officials say funding from the law could start shutting down by next summer. a mom orders a toy weapon for her kid, but what was in
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the box she got was shocking. still ahead, the mysterious mixup that sent a seven-year- old 800 rounds of ammo. and some scary moments for the mets. hit hard by a fast ball. rob powers on the outfielder's condition. that's coming up in sports. and another look outside. no sugar coating it. we'll have an ugly couple of royal caribbean's wow sale is back. buy one get one half off. plus free upgrades
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the dams and the railroads. john henry was a steel drivin' man hmm, catchy. they built the golden gates and the empire states. and all this doin' takes energy -no matter who's doin'. there's all kinds of doin' up in here. or what they're doin'. what the heck's he doin? energy got us here. and it's our job to make sure there's enough to keep doers doin' the stuff doers do... to keep us all doin' what we do. new outbreak of legionnaires decide. cooling towers were cleaned, but not tested after the last outbreak. the city's health department said though it required all
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outbreak centered in the morris park section. tested positive for legionnaires. all are being cleaned again. >> we had this happen twice in the past two to three months. and we need explanations. >> mayor de blasio is visiting a senior center to reassure jittery residents. the largest outbreak in city history over the summer was more than 6 miles away. that killed 12 people. happening tomorrow, a final fare well to a high school football player in new jersey. the grieving community of washington held a wake for evan murray. the quarterback and honor student collapsed after getting hit during a game last friday. the medical examiner said his spleen burst and ruled his death an accident. regional high school will close for tomorrow's funeral. is times square about to undergo a makeover?
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the mayor's phac task force. they will allow some street activity, short-term measures to improve congestion and traffic flow, and they will eliminate unnecessary obstructions, like equipment, unused kiosks and phone booths. and special zones will be designated for constitutionally protected solicitation activities, like painted women, and aggressive costume cartoon characters. not expected to be part of the plan, eliminating pedestrian plazas, as was suggested by nypd commissioner bratton. on staten island, the mayor getting right into the thick of the pothole patrol. repaving a portion of rockville. the repairs are mainly happening overnight. the mayor did not stand idle. he put on an orange safety jacket and jumped right in, shoveling hot asphalt on to the road. getting right in it. >> you bet. >> so, are there any bright spots on the seven-day? >> maybe early next week. and maybe if the storm could go
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out to sea, it would become one bright spot. it's all hands on deck. the hurricane center is into the storm to study joaquin. and then the weather service is launching more weather balloons to study the atmosphere around the storm. so the new model run overnight will be packed with information that hopefully really resolves the track and see if it's going to head toward land. outside with egotonight, we have much cooler conditions, 70 degrees our average. we're going to be below that. october is going to start off cooler. after highs in the upper 70s today, full degree warmer than 1961. previously holding the record. 66 in brick right now. 63 long branch. a lot of focus on the jersey shore heading forward into the weekend. long island, connecticut coast as well. the jersey shore would be closest to the storm center. a carolinas, in the 50s here over the hudson valley. temperatures running anywhere from 7 to 18 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. a lot of clouds tomorrow, but
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very little rain fall. it might be light rain that comes in. not sure it reaches new york city. gusty breeze, it's a cool day and just mostly cloudy. not a lot of rain. you can see most of the rain is offshore. but the front is putting on the brakes and you can see this area of rain fall developing and ready to ride along that front. initially goes to our east and backs in during the day on friday. especially along the coast. northwest suburbs not seeing a lot of rain. see on the future cast, see a lot of clouds, maybe flirting with the coast during the afternoon hours, and then during the day on friday, that's when another batch of heavy rain can come in, especially from the city south and east, north and west, not much. we all get a steady batch friday night into early saturday morning and again, we're in a lull on saturday, which is a lot of clouds and sunday will be all about the impact of joaquin. now a category three hurricane at 8:00 advisory, a category 2 hurricane. the 11:00 advisory went up to a 3. during the day tomorrow, a category 4 hurricane. this will be the critical time
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tomorrow. it's tomorrow evening. that's when we expect it to turn to north and go toward the east coast. if that does not happen. all of a sudden, the european model going out to sea. if it starts to hover around the bahamas. we expect that turn to take place with 140-mile per hour winds. some weakening, but tracks taking it to the carolinas or mid atlantic. technically, we're in the cone, but most likely it will be to our south and west. impacts will be strong winds and coastal flooding, beach erosion, and tropical downpours. clustered well to the south right here, but no doubt, it will be coastal flooding and a long period of on shore winds that will take a bite out of a lot of our area beaches. we'll be watching into the weekend. here's your accuweather forecast. not much going on during the day. a lot of clouds, but a lot cooler. a little bit of rain in the afternoon. tomorrow night, there can be a period of rain. i'm starting to back off of that. i don't think there will be so much on friday, that's when it
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is soggier south and east. a lull on sunday. then into early next week, it will be unsettled until tuesday or wednesday. bill evans will have that tomorrow morning. tune in. >> all very important. >> coming up next, a mom orders a toy weapon for her kid and
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a proud new homeowner's decision to rent a property out on air b and b turned into a nightmare. megan was on vacation when a neighbor called a wild party was going on in san diego. well she called police, but the damage was already done. including a bloodstained mattress, oil stained couch, burns on cabinets and lamp shades. broken tiles, and a torn up deck. >> you find out while the party is going on that your house is being totally trashed. i don't know how else to describe it other than helpless and sickening. >> the damage is estimated at $20,000. at first, air b and b refused to cover that. cleaning and property management expenses. after being contacted by a reporter, they will pay for all of it. >> one mother in big time shock tonight because of what she got in the mail. bullets. real bullets delivered from
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she ordered a mind craft foam diamond sword from the toy store's website. the toy was a birthday present for her son. when it arrived, she found 800 rounds of ammunition in the box. she called toys r us, the operator said, just send it back. the pack package was tampered with after it was shipped. >> good advice. mets fans seeing their playoff dreams flash before their eyes. yoanis goes down, we'll find out about the game as well. plus, what could be a playoff
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yankees. the great beauty of owning a property
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this game had everything tonight, except the time limit. big scare for the mets and their fans. star slugger, yoenis cespedes hit by a ball. smacked the left hand of cespedes. he went down, then he had x- rays. bruises of the ring and middle fingers, not great, but not the devastating news it could have been. 54 mets games, 44 rbi and now bruised fingers. he was going to pitch tomorrow, but the mets say he's going to miss that game, too. his back is still sore. more from the game now. it was a wild game. daniel murphy, michael, both hit 1st inning home runs. 5-0. then the teams traded hit batters, and close calls, as we
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warnings, bad feelings, terry collins ejected. cespedes comes back, take the lead, 7 wild pitches between the two teams. mets lose 7-5. man what a night. tomorrow's game, 12:05 to beat the rain. >> so the yankees focus is now solely on a wild card spot and plenty of scenarios for when the yankees can clinch one. they start with the yankees winning. up against the red sox again tonight, on schedule to pitch the wild card game next tuesday. travis shaw, three-run home run. yanks in a hole. they do start digging out. chris young, base hit. run scored, game tide. alex rodriguez. nail the home run later, it's a big hit. they would go to extra innings, tied at 5. in the 11th inning, boston scored four times. his second home run of the game
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the final score was 9-5. maybe tomorrow. more concern today for giant receiver, victor cruise. cruise came out on the field, did some individual work, but tweaked the calf again at practice and he left the field. he had been looking so forward to make his return, but one would have to think that probably won't happen now. >> i just keep telling him and tell myself, it's a long season. and we'll know when we get him back, there will be great things to see. >> the jets leave tomorrow for london where they play the dolphins sunday. 9:30 in the morning our time. the longest road trip of the season. >> i'll be interested to see who gets the most love out there. and just being that environment. i think it's cool, and i'm excited for it. >> and finally, open. the nets are on the campus of duke university working hard. team owner stopped by today. kind of showed the nets how to get in shape for the upcoming
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if you win the lottery, tweet us, post us on facebook, use a blow horn, anything. good luck. that's it for us for now , thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter.
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