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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  October 1, 2015 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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plans in action. and that's not all we're tracking. a coastal flood watch is in effect through saturday due to a different storm heading this way tonight, causing possible flooding tomorrow. and get ready to dig deeper for this morning's commute on new jersey transit. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm shirleen allicot in for lori stokes. thank you for joining us. it is thursday, october 1st, and after the lessons learned from superstorm sandy almost exactly three years ago, the tri-state is preparing for hurricane joaquin just in case it heads this way. coastal communities are building up sand dunes, the mta is also preparing for the worst. >> meteorologist bill evans is tracking two storm systems right now, including joaquin, plus drenching rain for friday. bill. >> well, this morning, you know, what we're watching is a low pressure storm system coming up, the first storm. but all in all from today right through the weekend the wind is going to be out of the northeast. so we're going to have these
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today, really into early on sunday. 56 degrees and it's chilly. we're looking at 54, 55 around the five boroughs, 51 white plains. we got a northerly wind here this morning that makes it very chilly, and so with a northeast wind watch until 6:00 saturday morning, a flood warning down toward cape may and atlantic city until 6:00 a.m. friday. so we're going to have this kind of situation where the wind is out of the northeast, there are a couple of showers to our south. it's very windy with wind gusts this morning up to around 20 miles an hour. it's going to be a chilly, cloudy day. windy, rainy and raw tomorrow with inland flooding from rain we're going to talk about next and then there's joaquin after that, all that coming up in your accuweather seven-day forecast. really busy weather. grab the coats, hang onto the umbrella, you'll need it right days. what's going on this morning, heather? >>reporter: of course the weather affects the airports and we do have arrival delays at our airports, mainly because laguardia, jfk arrival delays up to 30 minutes and newark
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airport has 60-minute arrival delays. check with your carrier before you head out the door. on the l.i.e. west right near exit 43, that's an accident. i was looking at a webcam and i can see that traffic is starting to move again, and you can see right here as you go westbound on the l.i.e., the traffic is starting to move right through exit 43, so it looks like that accident may have been cleared away. we did have three lanes closed down as you go through that spot. and then getting into the area we had this part just completely jam packed, but you can see once again it is starting to move, and here's the fdr drive as you go onto the northbound side. this is the exit to 42nd street which is closed down because of the u.n. general assembly. street cleaning rules are in effect. shirleen and ken, over to you sphwhrvment heather, thank you. 6:02. we continue with our coverage of hurricane joaquin and the preparations under way just in case it heads this way. >> victims of superstorm sandy say they have learned big lessons since that storm and would rather be overprepared this time around. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live in sea bright, new
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jersey with more. kala. >>reporter: shirleen, i hate to say it, but it's sweater weather. i can officially say that now. the wind is whipping, it is cold, and your to-do list for the weekend just got real. we're not only talking getting your winter clothes out. we're talking about bringing the belongings around your house inside, out of the way of the wind, okay? and the surrounding towns have already started their preparations as well. for joaquin's unwelcome arrival. here on the jersey shore military tanks, emergency response units, they're all ready to roll out. sandbags are stacked and ready for homeowners to put to good use, and if you don't have a generator, you may want to think about it. we all remember sandy too well and the concern here on the jersey shore is flooding. >> the thing we're concernd about mostly is flooding and power outages. if you mix a lot of rain with high winds, you're going to have trees come down, that's going to take down power lines. >>reporter: out here
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you to treat this as a worst case scenario. three years ago we learned the lessons of sandy. they want you to be prepared. you can never prepare enough as we know, joaquin's winds are churning on the coast. you can already feel it here in the jersey shore. we're live from the jersey shore, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kala, thank you. 6:04. and people living on long beach island are preparing their homes ahead of this storm. deck furniture going inside to get protection from the strong winds and heavy rains and officials are making sure the beach is safe too. garbage cans, lifeguard chairs and anything that could blow away being stacked up in a safe area. they're also keeping an eye on the tide and any possible beach erosion. it's a similar scene in milford, connecticut where high tides are lapping up against homes still badly damaged there years after -- three years after superstorm sandy. for some that means bringing anything inside that could get loose in strong winds and end up causing more damage. stay with eyewitness news for updates on hurricane joaquin as we continue to track the storm.
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you can let us know how you are preparing for the storm using hashtag abc7ny. "good morning america" will pick up our coverage with a live report from the jersey shore. that begins at 7:00 this morning. 6:05. new jersey transit riders should bring a little extra money for the morning commute. a fare hike took effect overnight. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live at newark penn station with what you can expect. good morning, dra why y. >>reporter: good morning. that fare hike is in full play starting this morning, 9% to be exact and commuters just aren't happy about having to pay more money to get from point a to point b. the fact is the new jersey transit still remains the most convenient and quickest way for them to travel. now just how deep are they going to have to dig? well, let me give you an example. here at new jersey transit, for a monthly pass between newark, new jersey and new york's penn station, the cost is now $152 for that pass. it used to be $139.
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these a $13 increase. that's pretty steep. new jersey transit says the proposed rate was first talked about earlier this year in april and the transit board voted unanimously on that 9% increase in july, making it the fifth increase for commuters since 2002. new jersey transit officials say the increases are needed to help close a $60 million budget gap that was left even after they cut $40 million from their budget. now, commuters, of course, are not happy at all about having to pay more. they say in recent months new jersey transit has been plagued with delays and cancellations, and they feel like transit should get those problems fixed before making commuters have to pay more. back here live outside the penn station in newark this morning. also in addition to those rate hikes, there also have been some schedule changes and some route changes or cancellations to help also find more money in the budget, but no doubt those fare hikes are now official this morning.
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so if you ride new jersey transit, prepare to dig a little deeper to get to where you need to go. we're live this morning at newark penn station, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news snrvment dray, thank you. starting today staten island ferry riders will have more options. the ferry is expanding overnight and will now run every half hour around the clock. the changes were announced a few months back. there will also be four added trips on weekdays between 1:00 and 5:00 a.m. and three additional weekend departures. ferries will also run every half hour on holidays. 6:07. the t.l.c. has suspend the license of a livery cab driver accused of plowing into several children and one adult on a bronx sidewalk. surveillance video showing the moments before the crash yesterday as the victims stood on the sidewalk on east kings bridge road. police say the driver of a livery cab jumped the curb, hitting four children and a 33- year-old mother on their way to school. one of the victims is home now after being treated for cuts and bruises. >> i remember when the car
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almost goes over me, when it came and throwed me. i don't remember anything more. >> to witness something like that, it's really bad, it's something that i don't want to see again. >> an 8-year-old girl was pinned under the livery cab and is at the hospital in critical condition. her younger brother was also hit and is recovering at the hospital. no charges have been filed against the driver. 6:08. breaking news now in afghanistan where the government says that its troops have retaken control of the strategic northern city of kundez. it had been captured by taliban insurgents earlier this week. an operation to totally clear out the taliban fighters is still under way and could last for days. the afghan interior ministry says around 200 insurgentents have been killed but the ministry is not providing a figure for government casualties. time 6:08. new this morning, the boston globe reports that in spite of the problems suffered by hillary clinton, secretary of state john kerry still uses private e-mail accounts to
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kerry's non-government accounts have included aol and g-mail. a state department official says all work-related messages, though, from kerry's private account are forwarded and copied to his government account. that means that a a record is automatically preserved on government servers. it is 6:09. and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic, beginning with bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> here we go. we take a look outside from our camera at 4 times square, looking south. we have cloudy skies, got a good visibility. you can see all the way down to staten island, for 1 world trade, we just have clouds over. so we got a windy morning outside, temperature of 56 degrees, winds out of the north 10, 20 miles an hour. going to be a chilly morning. coats, sweaters, it's a real fall day, a real windy day and there's a couple of showers right around marlboro, new jersey, brick, from monmouth to ocean county and atlantic city has got some rain. this is all coming up from a cold front out in the atlantic, colder air being infused out of canada and a low pressure system riding up that front. that's prejoaquin which we will talk about next.
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but today you just need the coats, you need a scarf, all that kind of stuff. it's going to be 20 degrees colder than yesterday, 25 degrees colder than monday and tuesday when it was in the 80s because these 60s feel like the 50s with the wind out there out of the north and there could be a couple of sprinkles. somebody put a coat on these kids, would you, please? look at these huckleberries at the bus stop. >> huckleberries. >> 54 degrees, breezy, chilly to start the day. so, kids, make sure you're not like these kids. dress warmly for the day today. heather, how come you don't have a coat on? >> yeah. >>reporter: i do have long sleeves on. they're just not appearing on the bus stop forecast because i'm still wearing the same clothes for the past year. >> two years. >>reporter: has it been two years? let's go right over to a webcam and show you how things look at the whitestone bridge with traffic coming towards us, it's traffic that's going into the bronx. and you can see that that that's doing just fine. once into the bronx we do have an issue. we'll head to the maps and tell you about that. it's the bruckner southbound to the bronx river parkway, they have emergency construction. something is going on with the expansion joints, so you do
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have two lanes closed down so you can expect delays. new england thruway, that ramp from fenamore road getting onto the southbound road of the new england thruway, that's an accident. at least one lane is closed down on that ramp, so you can expect some delays there. we have is alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. shirleen and ken, over to you. >> thank you, heather. 6:11 is our time right now. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, new information on the conditions of the drivers on the road, the eye- opening increase of people who drive while on drugs. also ahead, new information on a growing danger in the sky. a new report shows how many
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6:14 is our timement welcome back. the exwrch's highway safety association -- the governor's highway safety association say fewer people are driving drunk, however, more are driving under the influence of drugs. a new study says 40% of drivers killed in crashes in 2013 had drugs in their systems. that includes everything from illegal narcotics to prescription medications. 1/3 of those cases detected marijuana in the driver's system. and that comes as more and more states legalize medical marijuana, while florida and washington d.c. have legalized its recreational use. 6:14. today marks the start of october and we know that that's breast cancer awareness month. the national breast cancer
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foundation says while most people are aware of the disease, few take steps toward early detection. the organization suggests putting together an early detection plan by doing monthly self exams and scheduling regular medical visits for exams at mammograms. it's 6:15. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> let's do it. meteorologist bill evans outside our studios on the upper west side before it starts raining on us. hey, bill. >> pa compared to yesterday, shirleen and ken, and good morning, everyone, thanks very much for joining us. it's much more refreshing out here. it is chilly. yesterday was kind of a hard day to breathe, particularly if you have respiratory problems, we had some humidity, a warm day yesterday, 80 degrees, and now it's much cooler, it's windy, it's dryer today. but you do need coats and sweaters and jackets. here's a look outside, we have cloudy skies, high pressure coming in, so the barometer is rising, you see the pressure rising. winds are not 8 to 18 and temperature is 56 degrees. yesterday we were into the upper 60s to low 70s. so it's going to be 20 degrees
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far as the real feel with this wind. sun is up at 6:52 and we had nearly an inch and a half of rain yesterday and that's important because heavy rains are on the way, returning tonight and for tomorrow, and that could create some flooding problems. we could have coastal flooding from the wind and the waves. so we're going to be looking at hurricane joaquin affecting us monday night, sunday night, monday, tuesday, and slowing down a little bit. so we'll have to watch the timing. first things' first. high pressure out of canada is coming in, pushing a front through, making temperatures in the 50s. winds are out of the north and northeast, making it rather chilly. so today it's going to be a chilly day, a windy day, wind gusts are in the 20s already and we're going to be looking at this rain creating flooding at the time of high tide because we're going to have is a northeast wind constantly from today right on into sunday into monday. flood warning is in effect now for atlantic city and cape may. couple of showers to our south. those will keep moving northward. we'll have a few showers from the city east and south up to the north. probably won't have any shower activity tonight until tomorrow
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our south is the first system. joaquin is to our south down in the bahamas, kind of sliding a bit to the southwest at about four to eight miles an hour. winds are at 120 miles per hour, a category 3 storm. likely to keep moving southwest into warm waters, increasing to a category 4 storm which will then tomorrow it will slowly turn to the north. after 48 hours, that's where the computer models get a bit iffy and i think they're still very -- you know, the computer models -- you see the cone is where you want to watch, west of washington d.c. and out into the atlantic. so the new update is for tuesday, 2:00 a.m., tuesday morning for the storm to be off the coast from cape may. so that's where we expect that storm to be somewhere within that cone. the computer models have pushed the storm a little farther east. that is good news, but that too is likely to change, so the models are still very uncertain. after school, kids, it's windy, it's chilly. make sure you gotta coat. there could be some showers around as we'll have a breezy day, a windy day, 64 degrees.
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we got rain late. very windy and rainy tonight, 51 degrees, tomorrow is a rainy, raw day, flooding possible inland and at the coast, a chilly, nasty day, and there you go with wind and rain on saturday, sunday is and even into monday. shirleen, ken, back to you. best advice today is to prepare around the home, batten down the hatches, secure things, all that kind of stuff, garbage cans, lawn furniture, all that stuff outside >> a lot of people doing that outside this morning, right, heather? >>reporter: yes. the umbrellas on your table. a couple of weeks ago ours flew out, knocked the table over, broke the table. let's go right to the maps. we'll talk to you about what's going on with mass transit. it looks like everything is running on or close to schedule, new jersey transit, metro north, lield railroad, they're all doing fine. this on bruckner parkway, bronx river parkway, construction. we have alternate side of the rule parking rules in effect
6:18 am
for today. the faa cracking down on drug use around airports. >> and facebook users will soon be able to replace their profile picture with a video. abc's reena ninan reports >> a new crackdown on illegal drones. airport officials are teaming up with the faa to eliminate close calls involving illegal drones. they say they're targeting everyone from potential terrorists who unwitting families who think they're playing with toys >> apple's mac is available for download. >> it allows users to view windows side by side more advanced spotlight searches and load apps more quickly. >> coming to your facebook profile page, users will soon be aiblg to replace their current photo with a seven- second looping video. >> and they will have the option to assign a temporary profile image that reverts back to the previous one at a specified time. people visit facebook profiles more than 4 billion times a day.
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>> your photos are still safe, right? nobody can copyright them? >> i don't know >> well, you know these are your templates, though. >> have a great day. that's truement 6:20. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, the move today to help protect your identity and your money. the deadline today for all of the stores to get on board with a key new technology. also ahead, we are tracking hurricane joaquin with the preparations already under way just in case it heads this way.
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on the money this morning, u.s. stock futures are pointing to a higher open on wall street today. the dow jones starts the day up, 16,284. the nasdaq composite and s&p 500 also start higher. also overseas the nikkei closed higher, hong kong's hang seng index also closed on a positive note. this is deadline day with new liability rules taking effect for credit cards. millions of kreurms have new credit cards equipped with that
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that little chip you see in the middle of the card, but not every store or bank has kept up, so if it happens to be any fraud on your account, the merchant or the bank failing to use the new protective chip could be likely for any loss on your card. the u.s. postal service is giving us a present. it's a classic holiday tv special turns 50. starting today you can buy forever stamps with images from "a charlie brown christmas." the animated special first aired in december of 1965. there are 10 stills from the show, featuring charlie brown, snoopy, lucy, linus and the rest of the peanut gang. >> i love the peanuts. so cool. 6:24. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> you need your warm rain gear. looking at the radar, we've got a couple of showers down the jersey shore from monmouth and ocean county and that's creeping up from the north. the temperatures are in the 50s. the wind rs mean out of the northeast at -- the wind are mean out of the north to northeast at 18 to 22 miles per hour. and the humidities are moderate, so that makes it damp and chilly. look at the winds gusting out of the 24 from staten island. if you're taking the ferries over from staten island, new
6:24 am
ride, a windy one, so dress warmly today. there is hurricane joaquin, a category 3 storm. you can see it's still backing down into the bahamas. it will start to turn north after strengthening to a category 4 storm and then heading up the coast and heading toward us monday into tuesday. we'll talk more about that in your accuweather seven-day forecast. heather is looking at your commute. weather then heather. how's it going out there? looks like mass transit times are running on or close to schedule. that includes new jersey transit train as and buses, long island railroad, metro north all doing just fine. and we are going to take a look now and see what's going on as you travel onto the gowanus expressway. let's 2 tot webcams and show you that. this is the bqe on the northbound side to atlantic avenue, you can see we do have that delay. and this is the new york state thruway southbound, south of exit 15. you can see this truck off on the side of the roadway. we did have some construction that was cleared, but check out that delay, just bumper to bumper. our street cleaning rules are in effect. shirleen and ken, over to you >> heather, thank you. closing in on 6:30. still ahead on eyewitness news
6:25 am
this morning, hurricane joaquin is expected to strengthen in the atlantic as it heads toward the central bahamas. we are tracking its movements and preparations in our area just in case it heads this way. new overnight we have a
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hurricane joaquin gains strength overnightment we have new information this morning on the track and strength of the storm. and we are live on the jersey shore with details on how people are preparing right now. >> and we're going to show you how the mta is getting ready using the lessons learned from superstorm sandy. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm shirleen allicot in for lori stokes. it is thursday, october 1st. and you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic, beginning with meteorologist bill evans. >> all right. good morning, everyone. first things' first, grab a coat, gloves, scarves, chilly outside, temperatures in the 50s, 20 degrees cooler than it was yesterday and about 25 degrees cooler than it was at the beginning of the week when it was in the 80s. we got a wind out of the north at 10 to 24 miles per hour. temperatures in the mid-50s,
6:29 am
feels like the 40s. it's in the low 50s to the north, montauk is 60. coastal flood watch until 6:00 p.m. saturday long island sound, long island, new york city area and then there's a warning down toward the jersey shore from atlantic city down to cape may to delaware. so, really, friday through sunday with this northeasterly wind just piling the water in, then we get later the effects with strong winds and beach erosion, that sort of stuff from joaquin as we go sunday, monday into tuesday. so today before all here, we're in the 60s. it'll be chilly and cloudy and there could be some showers late today and tonight. windy, rainy, raw weather for tomorrow which we'll talk about and the weekend too, and where's joaquin, all that coming up in seconds. heather is looking at your commute. it's weather then heather weather then heather, how's your day going? how is it out there? >>reporter: it's a little bit tricky especially as you travel through the bronx. let's take a look at a webcam and show you the deegan as you head onto the southbound side getting into the cross bronx expressway. you can see that delay. and then coming off of 207th street, you'll find that delay getting into the deegan.
6:30 am
let's go over to our maps, we'll tell you what's happening. we have an accident on the deegan south of the cross bronx expressway with that accident being cleared away. then you also have the bruckner expressway southbound white plains road into the bronx river parkway, that is expansion joint repair. so we have two lanes closed as you go through that spot. on the new york state thruway, south of exit 15, we had some road work there. that is in the process of being cleared away, but you can see that red line of traffic coming into suffern going into airmont road and that's leftover delays. our street cleaning rules are nect. ken, over to you. >> heather, thank you very much. we have some breaking news right now. crews are battling a fire at an auto storage lot in fairfield, new jerseyment >> yes. newscopter 7 is over the scene right now and here's john del gorno with us live. john. >>reporter: and, shirleen, good morningment you can see the fire department here on the scene. this fire wardrobing out -- this fire broke out about a half an hour ago and you can see some vehicles here have been damaged. we believe this is called the skyline auto exchange. we're on route 46 here in
6:31 am
fairfield, new jersey. and you can still see some flames down there. we were told that there were maybe 12 to 15 vehicles involved in this fire. fire department arrived and they got a under control at least. you can still see, though, some of that fire is burning, the fire not yet officially under control. live over fairfield, new jersey, john del gorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you very much, john. 6:32. we are following new developments now this morning on hurricane joaquin and new information on its track. >> victims of superstorm sandy are doing what they can to prepare after learning big lessons almost three years ago. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live in sea bright, new jersey with more. kala. >>reporter: shirleen, i just want to talk to you about the conditions out here a little. you know, i think every time i've seen you this morning the wind has picked up and gotten a little bit stronger, the charlie brown tree behind me, it's not looking good for that tree, and now that the sun is coming up, you can take a look at the surf here, we are seeing some big waves.
6:32 am
so later today, queue the bulldozer and watch the sand dunes grow in this area of the jersey shore. that is the story here as storm preps are well under way. take a look at what's been going on here. nearby lakes and bodies of water close to the ocean are being pumped to sea to avoid flooding. and speaking of flooding, sandbags are available for most homeowners across the shore to pick up. generators are something homeowners should start thinking about over the next few days, if they don't already have one. remember, these are all hard lessons learned from sandy just three short years ago. this is what the local towns are now doing for you, so now here's what they want you to do for them. >> this is what we're asking you to do, get your cars off the street, make sure that everything is buckled down, if you have umbrellas open, if you have anything that could blow away, secure it. >>reporter: now, i can tell you out here the winds have is been strong all morning long. the equipment that we have being held down by sandbags, and you can see it swaying back and forth. so as this storm approaches,
6:33 am
the best advice here, be prepared, be extra prepared in this case. bring all your belongings from outside of your house inside, just as a precaution here. we're live in jersey shore, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kala, thank you. and if this storm hits new york city, the mta says it's better prepared after superstorm sandy. there are new features in place at subway stations threatened with flooding, including new steel storm doors and giant inflatable berms to keep flooding out of tunnels. the mta says it learned an important lesson from sandy and it's worked the last three years to improve the entire transit system. >> in lower manhattan alone, there are 540 locations where water could potentially get into the subway system, staircases, vent shafts, manhole covers. it's going to be a lot stronger than it was three years ago. >> some riders are skeptical, though. the mta could both fix the damage created by sandy and make the changes necessary to
6:34 am
ensure it doesn't happen again. in the poconos, the red cross is making sure everyone in the area is able to stay safe if a storm ends up causing major damage. the organization is promoting go bags and reminding everyone to stock up on blankets, food, water and batteries. stay with eyewitness news and abc 7ny for the latest updates as we continue to monitor hurricane joaquin. time is 6:35. this morning new information police commissioner william bratton is cracking down on officers who cross the line using excessive force. he will outline a new tracking system and new guidelines establishing when and how force should be used. there's been an intense focus on the issue, fueled by such cases as the apparent chokehold death of eric garner and the more recent takedown of former tennis star james blake. the inspector general overseeing the nypd is set to release a report today on the use of force by officers. 6:36, a new jersey communities will say a final good-bye today to the high
6:35 am
after a tough hit on the field. the wake leading up to today's funeral for 17-year-old evan murray has drawn hundreds of people, some from beyond washington township. the crowd for today's funeral could be overwhelming, so a video feed of the service will be available in his high school auditorium and gym naysium. >> i don't think there's anybody in there that's taking it very hard, it's a terrible tragedy. >> the quarterback and honor student died shortly after an injury in last friday's game. the medical examiner says murray's spleen had burst after a hit on the field, setting off massive internal bleeding. 6:36. a town hall meeting will be held tonight to address the latest cluster of legionnaire's cases in the bronx. one person is dead and a dozen more sickened in the new outbreak in morris park. 15 cooling towers are now being cleaned. the health department says it required cleaning of all cooling towers after this summer's outbreak in the south bronx. tonight's health department
6:36 am
at 8:00 at mastro's caterers on bronxdale avenue. if you have any friends in michigan, maybe you should reach out and see how they're doing. well, michigan is home to the only winning ticket in last night's $310 million powerball drawing. it was sold in the southwestern town of three rivers, population just under 8,000. the winner has not come forwardment as for our area, a $1 million ticket was sold in connecticut, just under 8,000. >> somebody we know has to be a millionaire, right? there you go. 6:37. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast >> grab a coat, sweater, all that good stuff. this is our camera looking from the ghostbusters building to the reservoir and out to the east. you can see the planes taking off from laguardia. good visibility even though we have cloudy skies. here's the camera from astoria looking to the east river.
6:37 am
our camera is bouncing around here, it's 27 stories up just south of the rfk triborough bridge. it's really exposed to the wind out of the northeast 10 to 20 miles per hour. so it really feels chilly this morning. and there's going to be showers coming up from the south. so you see a few here in ocean and monmouth county, middlesex, somerset county to trenton. this is the first piece that's making it windy and will make it rainy, particularly tonight and tomorrow. then joaquin, way down here in the bahamas, it's going to come to us monday into tuesday. so today it's a windy day, it's a chilly day, cloudy skies, temperatures 20 to 25 degrees cooler for the real feel. wewe're into the 60s with some spritzes and sprinkles and rain later on this evening. kids at the bus stop, you need a sweater, you need the coat, all that kind of stuff. then after school it's 62ment so get those jackets and sweaters, it's breezy and chilly. the latest on joaquin next, that's coming in your accuweather seven-day forecast and we'll outline the weentd for you which is not looking so -- we'll outline the weekend for you which is not looking so good. >>reporter: not looking good in the bronx at all.
6:38 am
you how things are looking onto the major deegan expressway. check out that bumper-to-bumper delay. this is before the george washington bridge and we'll head over to our maps, and we can tell you that the deegan had an accident right near fordham road. that's still there. and the bruckner going south, white plains road into the bronx river parkway, that's construction on some expansion joints, so you have two lanes closed down. your delays go back to at least the whitestone bridge. i'm already seeing the effects on the whitestone bridge going into the bronx. in new jersey, 78 east right near exit 29, that's route 287, that's an accident, two lanes are closed down. mass transit, new jersey transit trains and buses, long island railroad, metro north, they're all doing just fine. no major problems there. and then if you are going to smithtown, we still have jericho turnpike closed, terry road, an accident investigation. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. shirleen and ken, over to you displvment all right, heather, thank you. 6:40. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, the times square task force is expected to unveil its plans to ease
6:39 am
a place for costume characters. also ahead, new york city's first lady is speaking out against domestic violence, what she is doing to raise awareness. and we're keeping an eye on two storm systems that could affect our region. remember, you can track severe weather on the go with our free accutrack weather alert app for live radar and accuweather alerts. go to the i-tunes or google play store and search abc7ny i'm sigourney weaver, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world... like our state parks.
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6:43. happening today the mayor's task force is expected to unveil its new plan for the costume characters and the painted women in times square. this morning we know a few of the recommendations. they will allow some street activity such as street fairs. they're looking at short-term measures to improve congestion and frask flow. and they will -- and traffic flow. and they will eliminate unnecessary constructions, like unused kiosks and phone booths and special zones will be designated for so-called constitutionally-protected solicitation activities like those controversial painted women we talked about and aggressive costume characters, not expected to be part of the plan is eliminating pedestrian plazas as was suggested by nypd commissioner bratton. 6:43. new york city's first lady, chirlane mccray spearheads a new campaign today against
6:43 am
domestic violence. mccray is weather then heatherring it as a public/private partnership to raise awareness. she says chase bank is setting up an atm message at all of its city branches. it offers phone numbers for abuse victims to call for help. 6:44. new this morning, an honor for a city-based group dedicated to protecting wildlife. the wildlife conservation society is sharing an award with the north carolina zoo for its overnights to help the -- efforts to help the endangered cross gorilla. it's estimated there are fewer than 300 of these types of gorillas left in the whole world. can you imagine this really cool animal, there's only 300 left in the whole world of this gorilla? and it's really nice this honor is being given to this gorilla. but congratulations for this honor for this city-based group dedicated to protecting wildlife. very cool. our time now is 6:44. "good morning america" is coming up next. and a, of course, we're matching in perfect pink today. robin roberts live in times square. good morning to you, robin. >>reporter: ken, good morning to you as well.
6:44 am
we have new developments, of course, yost in the tracking of hurricane joaquin, now a category 3 storm. our extreme weather team led by ginger tracking its path. also ahead, new questions this morning about whether hillary clinton's private e-mail server was targeted by russian hackers. meanwhile, the democratic frontrunner is on the offensive over the benz attack. we'll have -- over the benghazi attack. we'll have the latest on that. donald trump's wife is sparking intrigue as the silent partner of the gop frontrunner. why the former fashion model is just starting to speak out now. you'll see it here only on "gma." it's pinkout at pinkout day, we have a mammovan, a mammovehicle that's going to be out here on 44th. >> i guess i didn't get the pink memo. >>reporter: shirleen, you're in this pink family. >> that's right. >> see? that made me feel better. >>reporter: there you go. >> i'm wearing it for you. >> thank you, guys. >>reporter: you have a great morning. >> thank you. it is now 6:45.
6:45 am
time to get a check on the accuweather forecast, shall we? >> meteorologist bill evans live outside our studios on the upper west side. good morning, sir. >> well, good morning. it's refreshing out -- it's refreshing out here this morning, it's windy, it has nothing to do with joaquin. it's low pressure coming from the atlantic coast, the mid- atlantic, that's why it's windy here today. joaquin another story for later in our forecast. let's get you going and show you what you need to know this morning. first off we have cloudy skies, breaks of sun. sun is up as we look across the reservoir, the jackie o. reservoir. the winds are out of the north at 8 to 18. you're going to feel that the moment you walk out the door this morning. it's in the 50s, feels like the 40s. it's 20 degrees cooler than at this time yesterday. the sun sets at 6:39. like there'll be a lot of showers around then as rain returns for tonight and tomorrow. and there'll be some heavy rain, coastal flooding at the time of high tide, rain will create inland fresh water flooding and then hurricane joaquin is turning toward the north later today and tomorrow and will affect our weather as
6:46 am
temperatures are in the 50s. it's cool, it's crisp p, it's chilly this morning. a real deal fall day. if we didn't have joaquin to talk about, we'd be talking about high pressure coming out of canada coming in, creating the cool temperatures and a lot of wind out of the north and northeast. that's what we have. so a front is pushing through, winds coming in out of the north and that's making for gusty winds in the 22 mile per hour range, 22, 25 mile per hour winds and so this is fall weather throughout the northeast to new england. but we do have a flood watch in effect until saturday. flood warning in effect for southern new jersey. a couple of sprinkles and showers are along the coast as this high pressure ridge comes in, the front is at the coast, there's going to be a low pressure system run up that, and it's not joaquin. that's down there around virginia. so that will bring rain up north tonight and tomorrow across the area. so we're going to see what will be temperatures today really chilly with this wind, and then the rain off to our south and tomorrow. it'll be very heavy. joaquin is still a tropical -- i should say it's in the tropics where the system has winds of 120 mile per hour,
6:47 am
likely to strengthen to a category 4 later tonight and tomorrow it starts to turn toward the north. so as we keep an eye on this and it comes toward the coast, it's going to hug the coast, just off the coast of the carolina coast and the latest projections are it not turning into chesapeake bay, but the latest computer guidance is for it to be farther off to the east and could possibly miss the jersey shore and turn on out into the atlantic. these are the latest computer models, all trending farther east. if you look to the cone, bringing wind and rain to us, so it may be more in line with the european model which was more exact during superstorm sandiment so we got the rain coming in tonight, a windy, rainy, raw day for tomorrow. after school, windy, chilly, make sure you're dressed warmly and there'll be a bit of rain. so it's breezy and much cooler today with wind and rain. the rain begins building this evening and tonight. rain is likely overnight tonight, very heavy, windy rain tomorrow from this low pressure system, and that's going to be a chilly day. it'll feel like the 40s. then saturday is a cloudy,
6:48 am
windy day with beach erosion at the time of high tide and flooding at the coast, then a windy, rainy day sunday into monday from joaquin. we'll keep more of an eye on that and have updates throughout the day. all right, bees guys, back to you. >> sir, thank you. heather o'rourke has another check on the commute. heather. >>reporter: so this wind is affecting the airports. let's go right over to our maps. i can tell thaw we have 30- minute delays on aivels at laguardia and jfk. newark 60-minute delays on aivels. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north doing okay. an accident on the deegan south near the cross bronx expressway. bruckner, white plains road to the bronx river parkway, that's construction. we have at least two lanes closed down and 78 going east right near exit 29 we have an accident. the lincoln tunnel, we have newscopter 7 up above, john del gorno showing us this delay as you come down the helicks into the tolls. that's going to be about a 25- minute delay. your heaviest approach is from route 3. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. shirleen and ken, over to you sphwhrvment all right, heather,
6:49 am
and coming up next a close call for a superstar taking a hard hit from a baseball. we have an update on the injury. plus the wedding story going viral this morning. you will hear from the woman
6:50 am
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6:52. the mets and their fans can breathe a little easier this morning after a scary moment for their star slug. last night in the theerd inning in philadelphia, cespedas, i hope i said that name right, took a fast ball to the left hand. the team caught a break because nothing was broken. x-rays showed he only suffered two bruised fingers. lucky man. the mets open the playoffs against the l.a. dodgers next friday. 6:52. imagine you want to attend a cousin's wedding but it's a no- children-allowed wedding and at the last minute your babysit backs out and you -- your babysitter backs out and you
6:52 am
would you expect a bill for a no-show? a minnesota couple and their newlywed relatives got locked into a facebook debate. the the invoice saying, hey, you two have to pay for the meals you didn't eat. >> i was pretty shocked to see that i was being charged $75 for herb crusted walleye and a service and tax charge. >> the family's online comments about the bill led other people jumping in to support both sides. the newlyweds say they billed three couples for not showing up, but they admit in their own words it may have been tacky. up next your top stories hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. breaking news, firefighters battling flames tearing through an auto lot in new jersey. >> yeah. the fire broke out in the last hour at skyline auto exchange on route 46 in fairfield. this is a look at the scene from newscopter 7. it appears nearly a dozen cars are burning right now. no one is hurt and the fire is not affecting traffic right now on route 46. and right now towns along the jersey shore are getting ready for the possibility of being hit by hurricane joaquin. >> yes. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live in sea bright, new jersey with more. kala. >>reporter: you can see me still, right? i think that's the focus here because the wind is whipping here, and, of course, the sea, you can see the waves already churning behind me.
6:55 am
the sunrise, of course, is beautiful, but on everyone's mind is joaquin. preparations are already under way here. take a look. you can see here nearby lakes and any bodies of water, for that matter, close to the ocean are being pumped out to avoid flooding. sandbags are available for most the homeowners here and emergency response units are ready to roll out in anticipation of joaquin. remember, these are hard lessons learned from sandy just three short years ago, and being overprepared is key. in the jersey shore here, the key concern here is flooding. we're live here in the jersey shore, kala rama, eyewitness news. >> kala, thank you for that. you see that wind is so strong. >> very strong. this morning it will cost you more to buy a ticket to ride on new jersey transit. >> eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live outside penn station with another fare hike. dray. >>reporter: yeah, good morning, guys. you gotta dig a little deep are, but you're right, that won't be getting any cheaper. new jersey transit officials
6:56 am
to make up for a $60 million budget gap. but commuters say they should not have to pay more because in recent months new jersey transit has been plagued with cancellations and delays, and they feel like the transit should go ahead and fix those problems before raising the fares. but transit officials say they are doing the best they can and they're only doing this because they absolutely have to do it. we're live this morning in newark, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, dray, thank you very muchment and we have another check on our commute now with heather. >>reporter: yeah. i was telling you about the deegan. you want to see some picture? >> please. >>reporter: we have newscopter 7 up above. this is that accident that's causing a major delay on the deegan southbound side. you can see it's a three-car accident. everybody was going a little bit too fast so you do have some very heavy delays as you head onto the deegan. let's go to the maps and we'll talk about what's going on beyond that. we have the bruckner southbound from white plains road getting into the bronx river parkway, that's emergency construction. so we do have two lanes closed
6:57 am
down, 15 minutes inbound george washington bridge, 20 at the lincoln. and street cleaning rules are in effect. >> thank you, heather. and a final check of the forecast. >> windy and chilly, grab a coat, sweater, you're going to need that. we've got, you know, cloudy skies, some peeks of sun, but also have some sprinkles and showers later today. it's 56, it's windy, we're looking at about 64 by afternoon, but, you know, this is 20 degrees cooler, 25 degrees cooler than earlier in the week. so it's going to be feeling like it's rather chilly, so dress warmly today. now, rain comes in tonight, it's windy, rainy, raw tomorrow. cloudy and windy on saturday. we got this flooding issue all weekend long into monday. >> thank you, bill. and that is the news for now. i'm shirleen allicot in for lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. more local news, traffic and weather coming up in 25 minutes. we leave you with a closing shot from sea bright, new jersey on the jersey shore,
6:58 am
have a wonderful da good morning, america. breaking overnight, bracing for impact. hurricane joaquin now a major storm, a category 3. winds gusting to 150 miles an hour and getting stronger. hard-hit areas up and down the east coast are already underwater. communities deaf stated by superstorm sandy fearing the worst. ginger and our team tracking the storm right now. new this morning, hillary hacked? newly released e-mails reveal her private account targeted by russians at least five times disguised as as a simple speeding ticket. republicans pounce saying this oves her computer was vulnerable. foot-brawl. out-of-control parents caught on camera. an argument erupting in the stands, fists flying and why it's the kids who are now paying the price. and jackpot. the search is on. one winning ticket sold for that


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