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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  October 1, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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good day everyone. 60 degrees, cloudy skies, a bit chilly with the northeast winds out there, the precursor too. the storm coming with very heavy rain and wind across that area that is not associated with joaquin. coastal flood watch is in effect until saturday at 6:00 p.m. because we have a tremendous northeast wind that is going to keep coming in today, tomorrow, and saturday. the flood warning down here over towards atlantic city where the next storm coming our way moving up the coast. a couple showers to our south. you'll hear that it is down to the south sliding northward. i'm sorry as we start to see hurricane joaquin winds develop. it is likely to strengthen
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if not this evening, tomorrow. expected to get to 140 miles per hour and continue out in to the atlantic. now the forecasts, they have kind of pushed that track a little further to the east as we were to watch that cone and the cone is from out here in the atlantic from bermuda to the interior and the state college of pennsylvania on monday and to tuesday. it would be a tropical storm as they blow through. it's the weaker side, but still a great possibility of a lot of rain and a lot of fresh water inland flooding from the system. the computer models, the spaghettis as we call it as they look like they have been sliding a little further out east. but as you'll be hearing that it is way early for the storm and the models and the storm, they could possibly come back to the waste little bit and that we need to keep monitoring this. we'll talk more about this, but more importantly you need to batten things down at home. and the winds will pick up from 35 to 45 miles per hour. and that will blow a lot of stuff around with the next system coming in.
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and also with a lot of rain now to knock out the power with the trees and the power lines down. that sort of thing is the real threat for tonight and tomorrow. more coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> bill, thank you. that is exactly what people in coastal communities in new jersey are doing. preparing for the worst, trying to build a sand dune to prevent any kind of flooding. darla miles continues our coverage live. darla? >> reporter: well shirleen, we've seen about four bulldozers on the beach this morning. in fact they have been here very early, since very early and we're told by the mayor that they are using the public works crew as well as private contractors to get ahead of whatever the weather may bring over the next few days. >> it's a combination of different things. we've got the strong northeaster coming in and we want to protect what we can for that and plus we don't know where the hurricanes have gone. >> reporter: they may take a
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joaquin makes their way up the eastern sea born. >> the tide is suppose to going out. the northeast wind that it will not take it all the way out. bulldozers are along the mile-long beach. and the trash cans walk were moved, taken in to town. >> they got as far as yesterday until noon and they started at 6:30 this morning. >> reporter: to prevent flooding on the properties. in terms of possible evacuation, that too depends on the forecast. >> we're not going to have any evacuations right now. we're told to look at the path of the hurricane. to see if we would have any voluntary evacuations. until we know more, we really cannot do anything.
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>> reporter: so you see these two bulldozers here working to complete the major burn. this is the last little section that will be left for them to build that massive sand dune to prevent any flooding. at this point any flooding that may occur is expected here along the beach. the town expected to be okay. they'll finish this work around 2:30 this afternoon. >> all right, darla, thank you very much. chris christie signing a state of emergency in new jersey in advance of joaquin's possible arrival. >> to be clear at this point it is just too soon to say with any certainty whether or not that joaquin is likely to have a direct impact on new jersey or not. whose paths have changed a number of times as you have seen over the course of the last 48 hours. >> he will consider the evacuations if necessary that it will be clear if they will be hit with strong winds and heavy rain over the next few days.
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clinics to be prepared that the governor is asking residence to stay informed, but not to panic. new york city mayor bill diblasio says that they are also prepared. >> we are prepared to come our way. we have our agencies, over 30 agencies in high-state readiness. our emergency of management is on full alert and full activation. we're constantly checking in with the national weather service. we're going to be ready either way. >> reporter: the mayor says that big lessons were learned from super storm sandy, improving the communications in the storms before the day that will help keep them safe. while officials on long island are also taking steps, hauling in the sand. live at the office of emergency management with the best information that they need to know. >> reporter: first i want to show everyone what they have here at oem headquarters. you see all the boxes inside, heaters, generators, everything
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that they can use if this storm indeed turns out to be bad. they have geared up. so they know that they need things like this, but you also need to be prepared. to last you at least three days as we got a look here at everything that they have here now at oem headquarters. they learned a lot from super storm sandy, they now have portable traffic lights. again the flood lights, all those things we needed, they now have. even if they head out to sea that they are expected to get some flooding, which could be se veer. reminding people to get ready. if you are new to the area and you don't really know what happens, talk to your neighbors. if you know people with
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generators, get in contact with them, so if you need to evacuate, you a place to go. now is the time. >> if you do not use that time when the weather is nice, to get prepared, history has shown us that it leads to catastrophic events. you put yourself in danger, it leads to significant health and safety issues. >> so what you need in your house, the radio, battery, flashlights, and things to last you for three days. we all remember what happened after super storm sandy that you would have some time today to get out, fill up what you can, fill up your gas tanks just in case that the motto here is to be scared. we are live in beth page i'm kristin thorne channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, kristin. stay with eyewitness news and abc ny on the latest for hurricane joaquin. you can track the storm and watch live radar with our accu track weather app. all right david, now to
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some of the other news of the day. a new jersey transit fare hike officially went in to effect today. riders paying 9% more to ride buses and trains. dray clark spoke to those passengers. >> reporter: it just doesn't seem right commuters say. charging more, but not providing better service. >> us the regular people, we don't have much of a say. and to keep paying that out. >> starting today, the bus and rail fares go up 9%. for some people that's a double- digit increase in real dollars. some are now paying as much as an extra $40 a month for monthly passes to ride the train. >> is it going to better service? >> reporter: new jersey transitofficials say that the spike in fares is necessary to help close a $60 million budget gap.
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fares in april and then in july they voted unanimously to make it happen, it's the first fare increase since 2010 when they increased then by the average of 22%. >> it is kind of rough for me. and it is not right. >> reporter: commuters aren't happy about the change saying that this summer brought months of misery. all lead to a lot of frustration and finger pointing. fix the system before fixing fares. >> i'm 25 minutes late for work. it's a good start isn't it? >> reporter: and they are also coupled with the new jersey trends. in new york dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, dray. another important day, prime minister right now addressing the general assembly. we have a live picture that we
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could take you to as he just took the podium. his comments come just one day after the palestinians raised their flag at the united nations for the very first time. the leader also said that he is no longer bound by the agreement signed with israel. and he asked for the un to provide their international protection. meanwhile russian jets, they launched strikes in syria for a second day, saying that they were targeting the same enemy, isis. however some u.s. lawmakers are saying that russia is in fact hitting forces that are battling their leader's government. they have pledged to support the recamier denying reports that the wave of the attacks have caused civilian deaths. coming up next, the new plan to help prevent their accidents, involving the mta buses. details about their warning system for drivers. and there was one lucky power ball winner.
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a final good-bye today to the new jersey high school quarterback who died suddenly after a game last week. this morning friends and family paying their respects to 17- year-old evan murray during a private funeral service at faith discovery church in washington township. the senior took a hard hit during last friday's game, causing his spleen to rupture. yesterday his teammate along with players from rival schools attended his wake. years ago mayor de blasio is dealing with floods and painted women in times square. his task force have agreed to
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different section for the different activity. the dedicated law enforcement presence will be entertained there, that they want to treat those individuals that operate like a business, to one day get the characters to pay taxes on revenue they earned. >> and the secret service involved in another scandal. a scaving new report that would suggest leaking flattering information on the congressman. and that they had been investigating the agency's scandals as they are accused of digging through the personnel files, where they would reject that congressman after he would apply for a job. and well now is the time to cultivate your friendship from people of michigan because one person there will hold the only winning ticket in last night's $310.5 million power ball drawing. it was sold in the southwest of town of three rivers.
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and the population there by the way, just under 8,000. i think that they would all know each other as they have yet to know each other. for our area the $1 million ticket was sold in connecticut. and that is a winner of three rivers that they could probably own that town there. >> only about 8,000 people living there. that's amazing. a frightening robbery inside a cell phone store. why police say that it could be more difficult to find these suspects. imagine getting a bill from a bride and groom for dropping out of a wedding at the last second. you'll hear their story. >> oh boy. taking a live look outside as bill evans is tracking a storm heading in tomorrow.
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right now joaquin is getting all the attention, we also have another storm come before us. >> and also let's pay attention to david because it is his birthday. >> and the accuweather warm up. >> yes. i have been waiting for one of them. and in relative to that all. >> yes that, is very nighttime you've got cupcakes earlier, a water bottle now. they are racking it up. >> and leak over that water bottle by the way to take a look at what is happening here at noontime as we do have clouds and a little bit of some wind, kind of the quiet before we get rain coming up late tonight and tomorrow and let me
12:19 pm
need to know and what you need is a jacket that it is cloudy and kind of windy. the rain coming our way is really going to kind of hold off to them tonight with a northeast wind at 62% humidity and kind of dry outside. the normal high is 69. an inch and .4 inches of rain. the ground is wet. that will lay the foreground for what i'm about to tell you, heading in this evening and tomorrow at the time of the high tide that will be possible because of the northeast wind from that next system coming. and then from when they make their way up the coast as we will be looking at murray hills, that they will be cool to look at the northeast winds coming in. and we've had gusts up to 25 miles per hour. windy afternoon with those clouds and it will be this type of scenario with that high pressure in canada and the
12:20 pm
storm down to the symbol here for hurricane joaquin to keep them from today, tonight, tomorrow. the water really has nowhere to go as we have beach erosion and coastal flooding. it's associated with the flow that we will be getting over a period of days. so the rain that we are talking about is in the form of a few showers. they will start picking up, building this morning. and give us another additional on our forecast guidance. another inch of rain or so. maybe even higher, the early estimates coming up, the gust to 135 right here in the bahamas, moving to that category four that they will lose some of their strength and move a little further east of our projection as they always
12:21 pm
say to look at the cone from out in atlanta and all the way to williams port on monday and tuesday and further exacerbate our beach erosion and the flooding issues as they would start to creep on in to that area for this evening and tonight. breezy and cooler tonight and tomorrow and windy and chilly rain tonight and overnight and that tomorrow will be windy, rainy, raw, feeling like 48 with the big winds. and now on saturday, it will be a cloudy day with a couple of showers. then sunday we're back to rain coming up at the coast from joaquin on sunday night and in to monday. >> are you exhausted? >> it is one of the meanest that we have ever seen on saturday's forecast. happy birthday to me. >> yes on their birthday.
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>> they will get robbed at gunpoint, but wait until you hear what they were filming to make it so ironic. >> let's take a look at the
12:23 pm
a possible serial cat napper. just some of the stories caught on camera and caught our attention. we begin with this frightening surveillance video from a verizon store in georgia. it shows a blonde wig bandit enter the verizon store. seeming lit store clerk in shock -- the store clerk seemingly in shock. you can see them trying to slip away from the guys unsuccessfully as the wig man stole dozens of phones, tablets, and there is a clear look. not a very good looking wig, i must say. and in houston, shall we go? a film production crew, they were also robbed at gunpoint. the irony in this one, they were shooting a video, promoting houston as a great place to live. well thankfully that the gunman was not very smart. he looked right in to the very camera that he stole.
12:24 pm
and now his mug is all over social media as police will continue to search for him. and finally one neighborhood hopes that this video cracks the case of a cat napper. and that cat is too old to run quickly. and is snatched. another cat who went missing from the neighborhood was later found dead. and to justice, david? >> all right, shirley, thanks. coming up in our next half hour the move mta is making buses safer to cut down on the number of pedestrians struck. lurk hill -- plus, we have
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ro de peatones golpe_. our top story this afternoon, preparations are underway in our area for two storm systems, which could days. in new jersey crews were shoring up the beaches today. and this is governor chris christie where he gets declared a state of emergency. in the meantime on long island thes a of emergency management, that they have supplies stacked up, ready in case they are needed. moments ago the county officials just briefed us on their preparations. we want people to know and to understand and that we are
12:27 pm
and every way that we can. and hoping and praying, of course, and that this will end up being nothing more than a major practice drill for our region. in the meantime we are on top of the story. hello again i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. we want to get right to meteorologist bill evans with an update on hurricane joaquin and its path. >> reporter: one thing for certain you don't see this very often. a flood watch that goes through saturday evening at 6:00 for long island sound. the fibers of new york city and down the new jersey shore. there's a flood warning in effect in atlanta county atlantic city until 6:00 a.m. because rain is coming up. the high tide with the northeast wind, that is going to keep that wind producing waves at the shore and a possibility for flooding of the high tide. rain is coming up from the south in the next system that will affect us, the big batch of moisture coming up the coast. and that will produce another amount of rain, an inch or so
12:28 pm
go in to friday and that wind swept rain. latest in joaquin, 125 miles per hour, sustained winds. the storm is massive in size and continuing to go a little bit to the southwest. it will start turning to the north as a category four storm. then had starts weakening up the coast. and it will be a little farther to the east with the system and the path, kind of takes it moving out. but notice where the tone is and that is when you will start dealing with the effects of the system somewhere in here on monday night and tuesday and we will talk more about this in the accuweather forecast. batten down the hatches around home. this will be a lot of rain, a lot of wind to knock out the power across that area that we will talk about in just a moment. shirley, back to you. >> thank you. and new at noon, brand new technology to make our streets safer. >> yeah, the mta showing off new devices, and that it could
12:29 pm
and they will alert bus drivers about the dangers before the accident. >> to show us, what's going on the west side? >> reporter: they are rolling out two new technology all in an effort to curve collisions with pedestrians and buses. and the pedestrian comes too close, first a yellow light begins blinking, alerting driver, then a red light, and eventually a beeping noise is going off. now, officials are running a 60- day fence period here because there are some kinks to run out. >> some of the issues going in,
12:30 pm
the technology could differentiate from that object. >> the saying that it may work well. as far as how far they would go to pick up the person, coming to that side. >> reporter: and $77 million surrounding the entire fleet. it is a test period, if it goes well, they will be installed on all the buses some time next year. at 40th and 11th stefan kim, eyewitness news. at least 20 cars were burned and damaged in that early morning fire in new jersey as they broke out around 6:00. firefighters battled the flames and they were able to keep them tearing up from the cars on the site. noun was hurt. happening tonight, the town hall meeting to address the
12:31 pm
legion air disease in the bum. the new outbreak has left one person dead and a dozen more sickened right now. 15 cooling towers are being cleaned after testing positive for the legions bacteria. and the mistro caters on bronx dale avenue. police commissioner cracking down on officers that cross the line using excessive force. the new tracking system and a new guideline, establishing how force should be used. now, there is an intense focus, fueled by such cases that some would call a choke hold death in the most recent takedown. overseaing the nypd releasing a report today on the use of force. and providing financial aide to 9/11 workers and families. be expired for congress that
12:32 pm
they chose not to vote on it last night. >> you're hearing that they refuse to reauthorize the act, to pay for your treatment, and the duty to perform on the most ten ewe wows state. >> the program has enough money to keep going through the end of the year. new e-mails released by the state department, they are raising more questions about the security of her private e- mail server. did russian link hackers attempting to compromise the secretary of state's e-mail? and here is abc. >> reporter: the state department has now decided that three of the latest batch of hillary clinton's e-mails should have been classified as secrets. the view of the e-mail servers while the political hot potato, marco rubio on fox news channel. >> it is inexcusable. >> reporter: maintaining no laws were broken.
12:33 pm
that all the information in that e-mail were handled appropriately. >> reporter: among the latest released, this one, that the subject line would read the traffic tickets. but as it turns out, from the russian linked hacker on the fishing expedition. had they opened that attachment, they could have accessed her computer. their campaign telling abc news that all the e-mails show is that like millions of other americans she received spam. most of the 6,300 e-mails released yesterday are mundane like this one. detailing her struggles, convincing them that she is in fact hillary clinton. and the e-mail saga is causing problems for one republican house member kevin mccarthy who is trying to become the next speaker of the house. today, answering her comments, suggesting that the bipartisan investigation in to the benghazi attacks that first brought the e-mails to life got that first. >> everybody thought she was unbeatable. we put together the select committee. what are her numbers today?
12:34 pm
not the only one to employee their private e-mails. the state department confirming that the secretary still occasionally does so, though they would maintain with all proper protocols. in washington channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. their first lady is spearheading a new campaign against domestic violence. praising it as a public private partnership to raise awareness. that chase bank is setting up the atm message at all of their city branches that they would offer phone numbers for the abuse victims to call for help. well starting today, staten island rider wills have more options. expanding overnight. that they will now run every half hour around the clock. the changes were announced a few months back and that there will be four add trips on the weekdays between 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. they will also run every half hour on holidays. seeing what ikea is pulling from stores because it's a risk
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the highway safety has just released a list of the most
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costing between $5 to $20,000. all have less powerful engines, big, heavy cars. also they have that stability control. the recent phone survey would show that 83% of parents buy their teen's used cars. safety concerns causing ikea to remove an item from their store. and they say that their u.s. stores will no longer carry them. the consumer product safety commission says that it is not just the one sold by ikea, but the strangulation hazard that they kill a child each month. they say they made the decision because it is committed to a safer life at home. and this is deadline day. taking effect for the credit cards. equipped with the latest
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and if there is any fraud on your accounts, they will be liable for any loss on your credit card. let the holiday incentives begin. target taking aim. they have an idea that will put more money in your pocket. starting today, they will match their online prices with more than two online competitors, including wal-mart as they would allow for 14 days up from seven. the latest move would underscore their push to rev up their business, increasing as we would get a benefit from it. >> just in time for their holiday season. a wedding story going viral. a couple gets a bill for not showing up to the wedding.
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now for a story that will be sparking a fierce debate about wedding etiquette. a minnesota couple missed a relative's wedding when their babysitter fell through the last minute. >> so you think that's the end of the story? but some time after the gift, they would get a bill for $75 in the mail from that bride and groom. and eyewitness news anchor kim rosato has the story. >> i thought maybe we could just bring the kids with, but the invitation had said no children, please. >> reporter: jessica and justin baker skipped a relative's wedding after their childcare fell through the last minute. they didn't give it another thought until jessica checked the mail on monday. >> i went out to my mailbox, opened up the mailbox, i noticed a handwritten envelope from the bride. >> and it was a bill for $75.90 for two servings of herb crusted walleye plus tax and a service fee.
12:44 pm
and i just had to laugh. because i thought it was absurd. >> reporter: jessica took a picture of the invoice and posted it on facebook. the photo going viral. thousands ofcommentators weighing in. one writing, "i think it's rude for the bride and groom to do this." that's the risk you take when having a wedding. others saying it is the most ridiculous thing they have ever heard of. but not everyone agreed. one person says that she thinks that she should pay for it, weddings are expensive. >> to send a guest a bill for their meal if they didn't show up to your wedding. >> reporter: a party etiquettes, perhaps. either way that she has no plans to pay up. >> if i could go back, i would have texted the bride or groom. >> channel 7 eyewitness news. >> biooh boy, what do you think about sending a bill though who missed your wedding? and a lot of buzz on abc7 and their facebook page that you
12:45 pm
be there for the end of the day. >> i would give both sides of the debate, but i don't know, that's a little tacky sending that bill in the mail. i don't. >> and because it is walleye. >> and that it could have been like cod or something. >> and it is a fish, you know. >> and that it will be outside. >> but hey, let's take a look and show you the cloud cover that is cool and breezy and that it will be one of those october days. that it will be october 3. >> and it looks like an october day outside that it is the way they would look across the park with the ghost buster deals. on the reservoir. and that we will be looking at there. and some nimbus clouds mixed in to give us the blanketing cloud october. now, if we weren't talking about that hurricane coming that we were talking about the normal october day there with the rain coming up the coast. that we've had rain and now we will get more rain and that we'll get more wind and rain and that is why we would have
12:46 pm
forecast that it could be quite dangerous. it will be out of the north, just funneling the chilly air here and as they would come in out of the northeast over the period of days, that they would create minor coastal flooding today, creating coastal flooding for you tomorrow and possibly some major coastal flooding as they would get piled in from the wind and the wave and they would have no place to go to come in right over western long island down the new jersey shore to get that coastal flooding. and then on top of that rain is coming up from the south with the showers in eastern pennsylvania and a big batch of rain to the south. and that they will work their way northward here and come to us tonight. and as we would look at joaquin that it will be a category storm here, the chain of the islands or the bahamas, but it is not like the grand bahamas, that if you have it there that you should be okay or at long island, which is this island here in to the other island that it will be a big problem
12:47 pm
it will be worthy through and up the coast, getting to us on monday and tuesday and to always watch it to keep an eye on it first at 4:00. and that they would seem to be pushing it further out. but still on the western side to affect some wind and rain and flooding and coming in overnight tonight and on friday evening, windy, rainy, that you'll see it on their forecast after school today. no rain out, but windy, a little chilly that, there could be a little bit of rain as we would go in to tonight and windy chilly with the rain tonight. you'll need a raincoat to keep you warm. and the umbrellas to feel like the 40s. tomorrow, it is rainy and raw and there is flooding possible, especially at the time of the high tide with that northeast wind, windy, chilly, feeling like the 40s tomorrow. you'll need your rain gear. well concerned about the coast on saturday and more of that northeast wind to create flooding of the high tides to be watching them on sunday with more rain and wind. z now that will last in to monday and tuesday. >> like i mentioned, that they will have more right now for
12:48 pm
the support. >> yes, to get that abc7 app in hand. >> yes, thanks. so a cool trend that may not be so hot afterall. those who practice hot yoga swear and sweat by it, you know t is a hot box as they are doing the work out. >> and you know how it makes them feel, however some experts say that those super sweat sessions, they could increase your risk for injury and dehydrate your body, which is why they will drink more water. drink more water. >> i will say after that session that you do kind of feel like a new person. >> i do and i liked it, so you know, that you need to be careful to drink a lot of water. >> we will be back here first with a look at what's coming up next. >> hey david and shirleen, today we're cooking up dishes that never go out of style. bringing one of their favorite dishes. karla has a twist on the
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
on hi everybody, i'm diana williams in the newsroom. we will get another update on the two storms, not just one, but two. and also that presenting the costly surprise.
12:51 pm
that we'll show you how to fight back when they don't want to pay for a procedure and what we found that actually save you thousands of dollars. those stories and more beginning on eyewitness news first at 4:00 and then at 5:00 and 6:00. we'll see you then. >> thank you, we'll see you soon. now a check of the fees, the stories that will be popping up, the others. >> yes. that should be the top of the list. >> we do have one this afternoon to a story that we told you about this afternoon earlier this week. it'll be known as karla. and after the domestic violence call. and more than 300,000 people would sign that online petition to save their life, now the judge in the case, they rule that they could live.
12:52 pm
live the rest of her life on a farm. >> wow, somebody convince them. that made a big difference too. to get the teenagers to transition in to the e-mail. >> now they surprised their daughter there as their first dose of hormones. and waiting to get three years, waiting to deal with the bullies and the cruel comments, but their friends and families have helped them overcome it. >> that's incredible. the social media site, introducing a new feature that will allow you to use their short looped video. >> yes. >> as the profile image. that you can watch them on their birthday. >> i can do that. >> allowing the temporary
12:53 pm
profile pictures to change back after the certain period of time. i wouldn't mind that change back in 20 years. >> exactly. >> it means that they will change once it is friday. >> wow. >> we'll be waiting. >> yes. that'll do it for this edition of eyewitness news i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. make sure you're back this afternoon for eyewitness news first at 4:00.
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