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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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they've not clarified whether the shooter was killed or taken in to custody. >> all of this happening at the umpqua community college in roseburg, oregon, which is about 70 miles south of eugene. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan is in the news room with all the breaking developments. >> it's a quiet place, rolling hills that gently grow in to the cool and damp cascade mountains. that serenity was shattered in roseburg, oregon at umpqua community college when someone pulled guns and opened fire. the area around the school has been blocked off by police. no one allowed in or out except law enforcement. now the number of dead and injured is still not clear and information is coming only slowly from this rural area, vineyards and wheat farmers. the oregon state police told the abc affiliate in portland that seven people are dead and 20 injured. the school
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is almost 100 miles from portland. news crews are arriving near the community college now. students and faculty were brought out of the buildings and checked for weapons then to the douglas county fairgrounds. it's a long distance so u.s. customs is providing a helicopter from blaine, washington to get them there faster. no word yet about the shooter, who that person is or if that person has been captured or killed but a sheriffs spokesman said a short while ago there is no more threat. parents as you can imagine frantically reaching out to their children. >> my son is well versed. he's only 17 but he said you know, mom, there was no sound. he said 30 some shots and no sound? how does that happen unless there's a suppresser or somebody knows what they're doing. >> the president, president obama has been briefed on this shooting. obviously no word yet on what may have been the motive behind the shooting. too early for that. again, at least seven people dead, 20 injured at a community college in roseburg, oregon.
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we'll bring them to you from the news room. david. >> as jim just said, as we learn any new details on the shooting we'll bring them to you as soon as possible. we want to turn now to the weather. hurricane joaquin as we get ready for what could be a weather one-two punch. tonight and tomorrow we're looking at rain and possible flooding. then hurricane joaquin may, and i say may bring a second dose of wild weather. >> from the city to long island to the jersey shore, folks across our area are preparing right now for the worst. meanwhile we're getting our first look at the damage the hurricane is causing in the bahamas. >> we had several reports this afternoon on this frontal around the area. we'll begin with meteorologist lee goldberg. he has the very latest on the storm's tracks. >> you can see the wind whipping, nothing to do with joaquin. these are the onshore winds we're talking about with a system that's more nor'easter like. it's not rainy in new york city just yet. some
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have the umbrella if you head out. light rain. with the wind blowing probably seems heavier than if actually is. pretty gusty wind but gusting over 20, 25 at the coast. light rain has been breaking out. steadier in monmouth, nassau going in to connecticut and more light rain over northwest new jersey. this will be with us in the evening hours. later tonight a little steadier toward the coastline. you can see all this rain down the coast. that's going to back in on our area in the afternoon. heavier in to the evening hours. you can even trace a little skinny band of moisture that's connected to joaquin and clearly is a huge eye right there and if you saw that damage we showed in the video was this island right here. that's called long island in the bahamas, port nelson and crooked island, nestled in there. still moving southwest toward the bahamas, not toward the u.s. mainland. that's key. that's probably why you're starting to hear about big forecast adjustments near the storm track. it is a powerful
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130-mile-per-hour winds. we've talked about this huge window of movement here and yesterday it looked like the more likely coast, midatlantic or carolinas. not today. now it's more likely than an offshore root is definitely in play here. right now the hurricane center is still closer to us but i think that may be adjusted during the 5:00 advisory and that's what heavy rain returns for friday afternoon but have your umbrella now and until then for lighter rains. moderate to mild coastal flooding. amy freeze is going to join me in a few minutes and we'll talk about all the coastal flooding implications. hurricane joaquin may stay out in the atlantic. that's at least what we're leaning right now. we'll show you all the forecast probabilities but better safe than sorry at this point. still can't call off that it's coming to the east coast. people living along the jersey shore are bracing for the worst especially in the areas that were hit hardest by superstorm sandy. governor christie today declared a state of emergency mainly because of
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the potential for flooding tomorrow. everyone has an eye on joaquin. in long branch crews were building sand dunes for homes close to the shore. darla miles with one of the many beach cities getting ready for the storm. >> this massive sand bern that you see behind me, they started working on morning. they spent six hours working on it yesterday. the only thing left to do here in terms of preparations is wait for the forecast. >> there are two concerns for new jersey coming out of the next four days of weather. the immediate threat is for severe blooding on friday and saturday. the second is tracking the path of hurricane joaquin. >> it's official. the state of new jersey is under a state of emergency. whether joaquin hits or not.
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about whether this is going to be a single punch or double punch. there's no question there's going to be a single punch that's going to start this evening and there are going to be winds up to 75 to 85 miles per hour in the southern part of the state. in addition to the rain which we expect to be 5 to 6 inches. >> reporter: for the first punch, a mile-long berm has been built along the beach. anything that could potentially be blown around like benches and trash receptacles removed from the boardwalk. >> i think it's great and that they're on top of it early this year and being prepared for it is fantastic. >> reporter: in monmouth county, crews have opened up the flume to the lake to get ahead of any potential flooding there. flooding are monitored inside by the ocean township emergency management office. >> we have to monitor all this because our town floods quite a bit in heavy rainstorms and we want to make sure that we go ahead of that flooding.
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>> reporter: for those who live on the jersey shore, the preparations have now become the norm. so has a wait and see outlook during hurricane season. >> we just love it here. storm and all . but we're praying that the storm doesn't come. >> governor christie says he has canceled an event scheduled in new hampshire tomorrow and he and lieutenant governor will be here throughout the weekend to monitor hurricane joaquin's track. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. preparations on long island are also in full swing. emergency management office in bethpage preparing boxes of supplies including generators. since superstorm sandy emergency management says it's been stocking up and preparing. from long island we want to turn to new york city. mayor de blasio says the city will be ready for whatever joaquin brings. kemberly richardson in the station along manhattan with that part of our coverage.
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>> the subway system, airports, evacuation zones right now city officials are in planning mode. take a look right here. these are mta crews boarding up subway crates, putting plywood over this because there may be flooding. all of this because governor cuomo says three years ago we were not prepared. >> nobody says lightning can't strike twice. it has done and will do in the future. >> reporter: dermott is hoping that second strike does not come this weekend. he co-owns the paris cafe right across from the east river. everyone here is in a holding pattern. they felt the wrath of that superstorm that barrelled through here three years ago this month shut down this cafe for 51 weeks. >> sandy destroyed us. the storm surge here was something like 12 feet. it blew off the front doors. >> reporter: mayor de blasio says new york city right now is on a state of high alert. deputy commissioner frank
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mccarton and his team here at the office of emergency management are monitoring the weather, getting in front of things. >> the only way the public helps us is they plan for right now what they should be doing if we ask for evacuations. >> remember after sandy parts of our area were rezoned. you may now live in zone 1 and not know it. other post-superstorm changes, putting up berms in flood walls in parts of lower manhattan, where the subway system was also heavily damaged. right now the mta says as a precaution it's repositioning equipment, putting generators and pumping systems out. if needed, it's ready to act. >> we have a complete movable seal closure at south ferry that will essentially seal off the entire staircase to prevent water from coming in to the station. >> reporter: back by the east river they're preparing for the worst yet hoping for the best. >> again, these are those mta crews. they're working putting
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grates in case there is flooding. governor cuomo now prefers to err on the side of caution, doing things before the storm, because once it comes through here, it's too late. kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. in connecticut crews there in bridgeport are clearing out cache basins and preparing equipment for clearing of downed trees and other debris. for now residents are just urged to be alert and prepared. >> right now is a great opportunity to start preparing, make sure you have a plan, make sure you're reviewing your emergency kits. making sure that you're staying informed. but most importantly that you're notifying family members and friends of what that plan would be. >> residents who live along the coastline are asked to pay close attention to any announcements in case any evacuations are ordered. and we invite you to stay with eyewitness news as we continue to track joaquin. all of our meteorologists will bring you the very latest on the storm's progress and remember,
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you can track the storms in our area with the acutrack weather alert app. search abc 7ny in the app store. a new program to document review every physical encounter police officers have with the public. commissioner bratton promises a rigorous review of every officer's use of force to help restore trust in the police. >> sanctity of human life has to be something we consistently seek to respect, that we consistently seek in our training, our review processes, even in our recruiting. >> the new rules come in the wake of police choke-hold death of eric garner last year and the mistaken takedown arrest of former tennis star james blake. funeral services held today for the new jersey high school football player who died after getting hit during a game. friends and family gathered for a private service in washington township for 17-year-old evan murray.
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outside the church as the hearst carrying murray's body drove off. the regional hills high school senior died last week from a ruptured spleen. a russian official speak ing out defending the country's air strikes in syria. the foreign minister denied claims by the u.s. that russia is targeting enemies of bashar al-assad. he said attacks are faced on isis and other extremists. today marks the second day of russian aerial strikes. activists are posting video from the ground that they claim are those attacks. also at the u.n. today benjamin netanyahu spoke to the general assembly taking aim at the iranian nuclear deal. netanyahu told delegates they would not be thrilled with the deal if iran was threatening to destroy their countries. >> this deal doesn't make peace more likely by fueling iran's aggressions with billions of
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makes war more likely. israel will do whatever it must do to defend our state and to defend our people. >> netanyahu's comments come one day after the palestinians raised their flag at the united nations for the very first time. a very busy thursday. we have lots more ahead including new information on the changes that could be ahead for times square. what the task force is now recommending as the city struggles to deal with the topless women in cartoon costume characters. >> we continue to follow the breaking news out of oregon. a college campus shooting that has left at least seven people dead.
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time to take a look at the roads on this thursday afternoon, 4:16. this is route 287 in middlesex county, new jersey. look at the traffic on the left. that's southbound lanes. you can see it's moving slow. at the hudson river crossings, 20 minutes outbound at the holland, 10 minutes inbound at the lincoln and no delays at the george washington bridge. at least 20 cars were burned and damaged in an early morning fire in an auto lot in new jersey. the fire broke out around 6:00 at skyline auto exchange on route 36 in fairfield. firefighters battled the flames and were able to keep the fire from tearing through other cars on the site. thankfully no one was hurt. we got lee goldberg back talking more about the weather. just seems the focus of so much of our attention.
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with, the nor'easter tomorrow or the possible hurricane we might see this week? >> i like that you're distinguishing between the two. this is a one-two punch but one might miss. our first focus is rain coming in, getting heavier tomorrow and the wind and the coastal flooding and impact of that. tidal flooding is enough to cause concerns especially in the jersey shore. outside we go this afternoon where we have a lot of clouds and more and more rain trying to over spread the area right now. you're going to need the umbrella and coat tonight. light for the most part but a couple moderate pockets we might see. you can already see the wind. that's going to help make the rain look a little heavier. temperatures at 64. easterly wind at 8 to 16. high today only 63 degrees. warmest september on record. one day be low average and we start off october with 6 or 7 degrees below average. go figure. focusing on coastal sections a lot in this forecast. only in the upper 50s off to the north and west. the 24-hour temperature change, 19 degrees colder in wrightstown than it
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was at this time yesterday. the winds are gusting out of the north. these are sustained 8 to 16. then you have gusts close to 26 at laguardia. check your carrier if you're traveling. airlines can handle these winds. we're going to have light to occasionally moderate rain that will go from tonight to midday tomorrow. then the rain and intensity should start to ramp up for the afternoon. first along the coast then later in the day along the evening hours. it's in question whether it gets north and west of i-287. see how the rain has become more widespread. mostly light blues, lighter rain. heavy rain over pennsylvania. a little bit of that is going to swing in. our short-term futurecast suggesting that, as we go through the later evening, steadier rain along the coast and rain inland may lessen a little bit. there's our storm for tomorrow. basically this long trail of rain that went through yesterday that backs in on the area. so we have a big concern here because even if joaquin just stays in the bahamas, the difference between
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that storm and the big high over canada has these winds coming in on shore. so coastal flooding is a big concern no matter what joaquin does and that starts becoming a concern as we go through the day tomorrow. minor coastal flooding. amy freeze is here with more on that. >> looks like the biggest squeeze that you're talking about there is going to be through south jersey, really atlantic city getting the most of it. the water comes through but we've got to take a look at what the potential is during high tide cycles. it will be that persistent onshore flow along with the high waves, the flooding along the coastal locations, along the ocean front. high tide tonight is a concern. that's going to be happening around 11:00 at a lot of locations. the exact time you want to check, but more concern is really 11:30 time period tomorrow morning. that's when the winds can be the strongest. it's also when the tides are at the highest. rockway, seaside heights, these are places where you want to be on alert. check your high tides along the jersey shore.
4:19 pm
those could coincide with the strongest winds. waves 6 to 10 feet breaking against coastline. high tides just the beginning of this. we could get gusts along the south jersey shore. notice the reds extending down to atlantic city. the reds starting to show up. that indicates the gusts could not only be 30 to 40-mile-per-hour range but we get isolated 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts that's really going to kick up the waves. this will be a good test for other locations, even places like newark that have their brand new drainage projects going and jfk with their new tide gates. all of those will be interesting to watch because they will have the rain then that strong wind all at the same time. >> that will take us right through the weekend. now we turn to joaquin, a clearly defined eye right there. big storm that has rain going to cuba and back to the dominican republic. a powerful category 3 storm. here's the track that will be updated in about 40 minutes or so.
4:20 pm
instead of taking a turn toward the u.s. tonight it waits until tomorrow. that's key. if it hangs out in the bahamas long enough, it misses an opportunity to be captured and pulled in to the midatlantic. right now that storm track is taking it east of us but we're still here and hopefully that will we shifted east. at that point it will be tropical storm status as it comes north. still concerned about winds, maybe some bands of rainfall and coastal flooding. you can see how some of these computer tracks which were consolidated here yesterday are starting to shift offshore. we hope that continues. windy and chilly tonight. light rain. steadier along the coast later on. then for tomorrow, have your umbrella. the rains steadier in the afternoon. soggier along the coast. a period of heavy rain tomorrow evening to cause minor local flooding issues. we're still concerned about the coastal flooding through the weekend hours. make sure you go to the weather wrap to pick that up. it will be important over the next few days. we've been pounding social media with the hurricane updates and all of our forecast thinking as we go in to this.
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offshore track, that trend continues. >> the beginning of the one-two punch, we'll get hit tomorrow. and the second one a miss. >> we like that. coming up, we're going to show you the wedding favors that prompted a bomb scare and an evacuation at an airport. >> somebody wasn't thinking. >> plus the deadline is here. we're going to tell you what's changing with your credit car it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. lease an mkz hybrid for $299 a month
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new a liability rules for credit cards equipped with smart chips. every store or bank that has not upgraded to new protective technology will be responsible for any fraud on customer accounts. according to the american bankers association, 70% of credit cards will be chip enabled by the end of 2015. the embedded chips hold payment data and assign each transaction an individual code. perhaps no city in the world is photographed more often by more people than our city. but a galley has found a new way to look at new york. it's called up in the air, dawn to dusk. we caught up with the french photographer behind it all. >> reporter: it takes a lot of guts to capture the glory of our city from his unique perspective. >> so i'm scared when you are looking down from 6,000 feet, 5,000 feet. it can be quite scary. if you have lots of
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wind, it can be very windy and cold up there. >> reporter: especially cold when photographer antoine rose took this shot. >> i didn't feel my finger anymore. so i went to the hospital afterward and i had frostbite actually. >> reporter: his dedication has paid off and the results can be seen this month at chelsea's emanuel gallery where even the most jaded new yorkers will be surprised by what the frenchman has found. >> you see times square. this is the ball and drop at new year's eve. >> reporter: each photo bears the signature of one man but it's really a joint effort, a collaboration between the photographer and his pilot. >> the red circle is a no-fly zone. >> reporter: his best work requires near-perfect weather and equipment that costs as much as a new luxury car.
4:26 pm
sharp images from a moving platform. >> it's a lot of trial and errors. >> reporter: but the specifics are quickly forgotten when you're faced with such beautiful abstractions. the city sculpted in light. >> when you see the picture, you find the vibrancy everywhere. >> it must be quite an adrenaline rush dangling out of a helicopter like that. >> great shots too. i just can't imagine trying to get insurance for that kind of a job. a wedding favor leads to a scare at an airport. find out what caused an evacuation. >> plus, a live look right now
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we continue to follow two big stories. the oregon attorney general now says that 13 people are dead after a shooting at a community college. the shooting happened a few hours ago at an umpqua community college in roseburg which is in the southwest corner of the state. in addition to the 13 who are dead, at least 20 others are injured. the local sheriff said there is no longer a threat on the campus but did not elaborate whether the suspect is dead or in custody. we continue to track two different and major weather systems including hurricane joaquin that could bring heavy rain to our area and big gusts of wind. as a precaution, new jersey governor chris christie has declared a state of emergency while mayor de blasio says new york city is in high alert. we're expecting to hear from him in just a few hours
4:30 pm
>> we have two reports in this. rob powers is in hoboken but we begin with lee goldberg in the weather center. >> hurricane walk became a category 4 hurricane. just a nightmare scenario for the bahamas. that is really a question in terms of the track of that storm and will it ever impact us. what we know right now is we've got a storm situation tomorrow. all that rain is going to start to come northward. for this evening make sure you have the umbrella because we have lighter rain. an area that has been prone to flooding as of late and will get more rain is hoboken, new jersey. that's where rob nelson will check our storms. >> leaders here in hoboken are getting ready for the possible one-two punch from mother nature over the next few days. you can see behind me the waters are calm at least right now but leaders say their goal is to be
4:31 pm
conditions here change for the worst. >> reporter: city vehicles are being moved to higher ground. signs across hoboken today that officials are not taking any chances with potentially dangerous weather on the way. >> at this point no one can be certain. i have an obligation to make sure the city is ready. >> reporter: with the memories of sandy still fresh and with as much as 6 to 8 inches of rain over the next week officials say they are heightened alert in this flood prone city. hoboken leaders are planning on opening a shelter and distribution center if necessary. >> we're going to get a lot of rain saturday and sunday preceding joaquin. over the past couple years what we've tried to teach our residents is either have a plan to shelter in place or have a plan to go to relatives west from here. >> reporter: meanwhile some residents who survived sandy spent today stocking up on the basics, still unsure of what's to come.
4:32 pm
food shopping to make sure we have food in the house and water. >> just catching up on some laundry, make sure everybody's got something dry. >> reporter: leaders here are urging residents to get their emergency plans in order and to sign up for the city's reverse 911 system for important alerts. >> this is now an opportunity to get prepared and that's why message. >> one of the big issues during sandy of course was gas stations not having power either and making drivers unable to fill up their tanks. coming up at 6:00, we'll take a look at what's changed since sandy three years ago. reporting live in hoboken, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> to stay up to date, download the accu track alert app. it is free for android and iphone. times square could be getting a major overhaul. >> the popular tourist destination could be divided in to different zones for different
4:33 pm
this is an effort to control the costumed and painted women that have been causing controversy. >> possible changes yet to come, and these costumed characters telling us right now they're not happy about these ideas. you can see a few of them making their way around times square. they say this is what they've been doing for years. some of them say this is how they make their living and they don't want to make a change. other people making their way through the area say change needs to happen and needs to happen soon. >> reporter: times square, a quintessential selfie-worthy situation. painted women and costumes are part of the allure, or are they? the task force unveiled the final recommendations. they
4:34 pm
include special zones designated for constitutionally protected dez-- segmentation. >> some activity allowed in some areas, others allowed in other areas. >> reporter: it would impact the controversial painted women. many feel the task force is moving things in the right direction. >> for me to see that, for my daughter, the young half naked girls, i'm not very happy with that because here, this place is for a lot of children. >> reporter: as you can see, others are perfectly fine with the ever so out in the open photo op. the recommendation would mean an altered menu for superman and this cast of characters as well. another recommendation suggests costume characters should be taxed as a business. >> i don't mind. i can get a job. i think people should be paying taxes anyway. it's not a bad thing. >> reporter: the city council would still need to vote on a number of these recommendations to go in to effect. you can see the statue of liberty doing her thing.
4:35 pm
minutes ago who said he's actually the pr guy for those painted women. he said they're not feeling so good about these recommendations. they're not out here right now. we're told they will make their way out here later tonight even if it does continue to rain. coming up tonight at 5:30, we'll hear from a man who's been standing out here for 20 years. he has a lot to say about these potential recommendations. in connecticut a shocking new report out says uconn had 84 sexual assaults in 2014. 46 of those alleged assaults were committed by members of the uconn community. 24 of the victims took part in the university's disciplinary process. seven students were expelled. at least 43 of the victims claimed they were raped on campus. a report by state lawmakers detailed both on and off campuses that were reported in 2014. some of them occurred
4:36 pm
a last contract was hailed as a breakthrough but doesn't mean it will be easy for the state-run school district to reach a new deal with the teachers union. 2012 donation from facebook founder mark zuckerberg helped pay for the deal that included retroactive raises as well as merit pay for teachers. however, the contract has expired and the head of the newark teachers union says the provision was more of a failure than a success. new york city first ladydy new york city first ladydy sherlean mccray is starting a program for domestic violence. screens will display a message seeking help. it will show phone numbers to groups that can provide that help. mccray says the public private partnership will elevate the difficult conversation about domestic abuse. we have an important consumer alert to bring you. ikea announcing a big change to
4:37 pm
>> an airport evacuation over a wedding favor. we're going to show you what caused such a big scare. >> we're expecting an update, a live news conference to happen out of oregon on that school shooting that confirmed 13 people are dead. oregon's governor kate brown is expected
4:38 pm
we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers.
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and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools. i'm michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of teachers. cmon! join us! we've just learned the male shooter is dead in the umpqua community college shooting. this is the sheriff speaking. let's go ahead and listen in. >> i personally know of a number of people that i work with that had very strong concerns about the welfare of loved ones that are going to school there. >> there was a posting on the facebook page warning this might happen, to stay away from the school? >> i haven't heard that, can't comment on that. >> is this contained to one classroom? >> at this point i can't tell you that. it's under
4:40 pm
>> can you tell us where the shootings were, what part of the campus? >> where he was? i don't know at this point. i know officers engaged him somewhere near a classroom but i can't tell you if it was inside the classroom or outside of the classroom. >> do you know if he fired on police officers? >> my understanding is yes, he did. >> is it 13 dead with the shooter or not confirmed? >> i didn't say how many fatalities there were at this point. i don't know. the shooter is deceased. again, i have the district attorney here and we have activated the major crimes team so along with the major crimes team and the other agencies that i mentioned, we will be conducting a thorough and i'm sure it will be a rather lengthy investigation in to why and how many and all the answers
4:41 pm
that we can possible determine. >> sheriff, can you tell us, are those helicopters taking people to the hospital? >> no, i believe they're press helicopters. i don't know. >> one more time with the type of weapon, are you saying it's a rifle or handgun? >> i don't know. >> was it in the science building, the majority of it? >> sheriff, there's a national spotlight suddenly on roseburg. for people who may not be familiar with the community, can you talk a little bit about roseburg so people nationwide can understand what kind of place this is? >> sure, douglas county is a timber community. we have roughly 107,000 people that live in the county here. umpqua community college is the only higher education facility that we have in douglas county. there are other community colleges in surrounding counties
4:42 pm
oregon would be the closest university to this community. there's a lot of students that attend the college that are either in the first couple years of higher education or a lot of misplaced employees that have gone back to school to learn new trades and get an education. >> you're listening to a press conference of law enforcement officials updating the press on the shooting. it happened at a community college in oregon. the headline here, they say officers engaged a sole shooter in this incident and that shooter is dead. earlier the officials were telling us at least 13 people killed in this incident and 20 injured. >> we're still another news conference to happen. that news conference will happen in portland with governor kate brown. as soon as she steps to the podium we'll bring it right to you. in the meantime we'll take a quick brea okay. so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? why fios?
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we're still waiting for that news conference to happen in portland, oregon, on the shooting that happened in umpqua community college. oregon's attorney general confirming 13 people have died. the sheriff's office in a news conference moments ago said the gunman is dead, killed in a gunfire exchange with officers. none of the officers were injured. as soon as the governor gets to the podium we'll bring it to you. in colorado a quirky wedding favor was no joke to tsa agents at the denver airport.
4:45 pm
take a look. they spotted wax and fuses connected to bottles labeled tnt inside a checked back. the denver airport was evacuated for 20 minutes while bomb specialists checked the bag. it turns out the bottles were harmless. they were just filled with bath salts. the bride and groom's names both start with t so they thought tnt would be a clever label for their wedding souvenirs. no one on the other side of that was laughing. >> cute in theory. sweet in theory. on this very busy day we do wanted to get right to you because we have a lot of weather going on. we're just about to get the new update. >> it came out. same intensity and as we expected, they're adjusting the track to the east. maybe not as far east as the most offshore track but suggesting we're looking offshore track. >> maybe miss us? >> we like this. thursday for still sunday and monday. still a little early but we like this trend. outside we go where we have lower visibilities over
4:46 pm
midtown. that means some rain starting to fall. we'll change it to street level, see if everybody has their umbrellas. it's turned in to the upper wet side. a little bit of rain, not terribly heavy but looks like it's going to be with us in to the morning commute. temperatures dropping in to the low 60s, in to the 50s. yankee game got to be tight. they'll have to play through some light rain. i know they'll probably give it a shot. shouldn't be too heavy but will be damp and cool. rain is likely to get steadier during the afternoon hours tomorrow but you have to have your umbrella all day. wind gusts at 35 miles per hour. later in the day in to tomorrow night, we're concerned about more moderate coastal flooding. for the most part should be minor through much of the day. we'll get back to the 7-day accuweather forecast with breaking news right now. governor kate brown is briefing reporters on the shooting. >> the medical treatment for victims and the security of the campus. we have confirmation that the shooter is deceased.
4:47 pm
he's a 20-year-old male. our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. we are holding the community of douglas county in our hearts today. the work that first responders have done is harrowing. to our first responders, thank you for your work as this community reels from grief. i'm leaving now to head to roseburg to be with the community there. oregon state superintendent rich evans is here to make additional remarks. please take care. >> the first 911 calls came in in the roseburg area at 10:38 this morning. all law enforcement in the area responded immediately to the campus. the active shooter was engaged by law enforcement and later confirmed to be deceased. our number one priority right
4:48 pm
now is to make sure that the scene is secure and the victims are treated and making sure that we have a complete crime scene and that we continue to make sure that there are no additional threats. the oregon state police is combining with all the local law enforcement including the douglas county sheriff's office in making sure we're doing all the things the community needs us to do. we've set up a command center. we've set up an additional area for media relations, our pio is there. lieutenant bill fugate to assist you in the future. we're working through a family unification center. as we know the families in these type of events become very frazzled and they continue to make sure we're communicating what we need to with them as we move forward. i'd like to remind the media that these scenes are very dynamic and they change. our number 1 priority is making sure all victims are safe. so
4:49 pm
additional information may take some time for us to make sure that we can get that information accurately to you. but our number 1 priority right now is making sure we take care of the victims, the families, and the community of roseburg. i'd like to thank the first responders that responded today in a timely manner. thank you. >> i'm sorry , we're not going to be able to take any more questions today. there's a command center in roseburg. hopefully we'll be able to talk with you there. thanks. >> the governor holding just a very short news conference updating us just a little bit of information from the situation that happened at umpqua community college earlier today. they said the primary information that we learned, the gunman was a 20-year-old male but we don't know much more about him right now. the first 911 call came in >> no officers were injured
4:50 pm
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it was a bit of a shock to get in the mail after a couple missed a wedding when their babysitter suddenly became unavailable. >> bride and groom sent them the bill, an invoice, telling them they needed to pay for the meals they didn't eat. it's sparking a whole lot of debate around the country about wedding etiquette. >> well, i had thought about maybe we should bring the kids with, but the invitation had said no children, please. >> reporter: jessica and justin baker didn't give it another shot until jessica checked the mail on monday. >> i went out to my mailbox and opened up the mailbox and noticed a handwritten envelope from the bride.
4:53 pm
for $75.90 for two servings of service fee. >> my reaction was just shock and i had to laugh. because i thought it was absurd. >> reporter: jessica took a picture of the invoice and posted it on facebook. the photo going viral. thousands of one writing, i think it's rude of the bride and groom to do this. that's the risk you take when having a wedding. another saying i think she should pay for it. weddings are expensive. >> it's an absolutely faux pas to send a guest a bill for their meal if they didn't show up to your wedding. >> reporter: party etiquette faux pas? perhaps. >> if i could go back i would >> reporter: she said 12 years ago there were no-shows at her wedding as well but never intended to bill anyone. she doesn't plan to send them a check but her friends have other
4:54 pm
suggestions. >> a gentleman suggested that we write a check in that amount to a charity and then send the bride and groom the receipt. >> the groom is now saying it was never about the money but his bride being hurt. when relatives didn't show up and then didn't follow up with an explanation. he said they actually sent invoices to three relatives but they now realize it was tacky and they don't expect to be reimbursed. >> like an episode in a reality show we just got introduced to right there. still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. we're staying on top of two big stories. new details coming in right now in that deadly shooting in oregon. at least 13 people are dead and many more injured. >> hurricane joaquin gains strength. the latest storm path
4:55 pm
coming out moments ago as people in our area prepare for several days of windy and wet weather. good evening. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm diana williams. meteorologist lee goldberg is looking at the newest models and information on hurricane joaquin which came in moments ago. we want to begin with the breaking news, a deadly shooting in a small community college in oregon. >> a short time ago we got an update from officials. the oregon attorney general confirming 13 people are dead, at least 20 people are injured. as for the shooter, we know it was a man and he was killed. what we don't know at this time was his motive for this killing rampage. >> all of this happened at umpqua college, a community college in roseburg, about 180 miles south of portland. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan is following the breaking developments. >> umpqua community college is a quiet place where the children of farmers and winemakers try to start a life for themselves. it has just one security officer and he is unarmed. but the school in roseburg, oregon is
4:56 pm
blanketed by law enforcement
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