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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 2, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, another community raising candles, mourning the victims of another campus tragedy. their pain so fresh and tragically so familiar. >> we need love and compassion and healing and it's going to take a long time. >> overnight new details about the gunman, his father speaking out. we're live in oregon. plus, the president's anger apparent saying this has become routine. his emotional words in the wake of the 45th school shooting in the united states this year. also, tracking hurricane joaquin. the storm slamming the bahamas right now. a new forecast overnight now appearing to move away from the millions on the east coast. who's getting ready for it.
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well, good friday morning. we begin with the new details on that tragedy in oregon. another school massacre leaving a tight-knit community shocked and racked by grief. >> as hundreds of mourners gathered for a candlelight vigil overnight sources identified the gunman as chris harper mercer. >> one witness said the shooter specifically targeted christians. ordering them to state their religion before opening fire. abc's brandi hitt joins us live from the campus in roseburg, oregon. good morning to you, brandi. >> reporter: good morning. this community is devastated this morning. we now know at least ten are dead from that shooting spree just beyond this police barricade, the campus three-quarters of a mile from here and so hard to imagine what the students and faculty went through, not knowing if they would make it out alive. >> we've got multiple gunshot wounds. >> reporter: terror and chaos at umpqua community college.
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first gunshot then i looked out and saw the people running. >> reporter: students describe running for cover and hiding as a gunman opened fire in roseburg, oregon late wednesday morning. >> we were hiding in the small space, a bunch of us were hiding in a small hallway. >> reporter: police have confirmed at least ten fatalities, the injured rushed to the hospital as the suspect continued his shooting rampage. >> somebody is outside one of the doors. >> reporter: officers say they exchanged gunmire with 26-year-old chris harper mercer in one of the buildings. he is now dead. the students and officers shaken. >> let me be very clear. i will not name the shooter. i will not give him the credit he probably sought. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell abc news four firearms were recovered at the scene, three pistols and assault-type rifle and hinted he may have left messages behind.
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>> obviously it's been a devastating day, devastating for me and my family. shocked, shocked is all i can say, okay. >> what was the motive? what led him to this school? who was the target, et cetera. all of those things they'll want to pull together. >> reporter: and as the victims' families and friends gathered overnight in a vigil, a frustrated president obama addressed the nation for the 15th time following a mass shooting. >> the united states of america is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient commonsense gun safety laws even in the face of repeated mass killings. >> reporter: and the president now calling crime scenes like this one routine. you have agents with the fbi and atf here and this campus is going to remain closed until at least monday. unfortunately, many of the students say they don't know if they'll ever be able to return to campus. live in roseburg, oregon, brandi
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hitt, reena and kendis, back over to you. >> i want to ask, do we know if the suspect was a student? >> reporter: yeah, that is the big question right now. investigators are combing through his past, interviewing his parents and you wonder was he a student here, did he have a grudge against a teacher, maybe he was dating somebody on campus. we spoke to the students and they say the timing is also just so odd. the school year just started. they've only had a couple of classes here on campus so to come here and be angry and lash out in this way just doesn't make sense. >> all right, we'll get more sad details later on today. brandi hitt on the ground for us in roseburg, oregon. brandi, thank you. some of the president's frustration that brandi referred to there directly aimed at the gun lobby. >> he spoke just after this photo was taken showing him watching the coverage from oregon, alluding to the nra he appealed to american gun owners to think about whether their views are being properly represented.
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is somehow different, that our freedom and our constitution prohibits any modest regulation of how we use a deadly weapon when there are law-abideing gun owners who can hunt and protect their families and do everything under such regulation ss doesn't make sense. >> in a string of recent polls most americans support some forms of tougher gun control. the most are skeptical in that those laws will reduce gun deaths. the tragedy has taken center stage among the presidential hopefuls. hillary clinton attacking the nra calling for a national gun control move many.
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bernie sanders went a step further calling for an improvement on mental health services. >> ben carson criticized it also and focused on mental health and donald trump said it sounds like another mental health problem. alek skarlatos said he wishes he could have been there to help. he was one of the three americans who took down a gunman on a paris-pound train in august. he studied law enforcement at ucc before competing on "dancing with the stars." he tweeted his condolences and said, he was heading home to show support for his school. >> do stay with abc news for the latest on the campus tragedy in oregonment we'll hear from more of the school students on "good morning america." we move on now to the major hurricane that is working its way north on the atlantic ocean of the latest forecast is good news for millions of americans that joaquin will likely stay out to sea, not making landfall in the u.s. after all.
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but this category 4 storm could still bring heavy rain, strong winds and high surf to the east coast. >> this is the strongest atlantic hurricane in five years, a state of emergency has already been declared in several southern coastal states and rest dents are filling sandbags to prevent flooding. well, new jersey isn't taking any chances, the governor there declaring a state of emergency. the memories of destruction from hurricane sandy still so fresh. even if joaquin stays out to sea flooding and beach erosion are likely particularly along the jersey shore. officials are also expecting high winds to damage trees and knock out power. but much of the southeast is already seeing heavy rain and flooding and it's not from hurricane joaquin but another storm. >> yeah, some areas could see a foot or more of rain before these storms are all done. at least two people have died. one caught in flooding. another when a tree fell onto a car. let's get more on these from accuweather's justin povick.
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>> reena and kendis, thanks and good morning to you. joaquin powerful beginning to churn its way off toward the north, slowly but will accelerate over time. the track scenario now playing its way further and further out to sea, which is great news. the bad news is regardless of the track, we are going to have some very heavy if not historic flooding rains throughout the southeast right through monday. reena and kendis, back to you. >> all right, justin, thank you. this morning the taliban claiming responsibility for the crash of a transport plane in afghanistan. that killed six u.s. service members. it was a c130 that went down in jalalabad's airfield. five civilian passengers also died in that crash. now, despite the taliban claim, a u.s. official says there's no evidence of hostile fire. well, this morning russia's insisting it sees, quote, eye to eye with america and its allies about its campaign of air strikes in syria but the u.s. is
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choice of it wills accusing them of going after opposition forces backed by the u.s. they're expected to address the crisis at the united nations today. at the u.n. yesterday benjamin netanyahu blasting the nuclear deal with iran. to make his point he stared at the delegates without speaking for 45 seconds. netanyahu said threats by iran against israel have been met by deafening silence. coming up, the retailer bucking the trend when it comes to being open on thanksgiving. >> plus, the tough times at volkswagen, executives get ready to tell what they know about the emission scandal. in the wake of another school shooting the new focus on safety.
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a show of compassion and resilience in roseburg, oregon, hundreds turned out to pay tribute to the victims of the shooting rampage at a rural community college vowing to focus on love and healing. and there is other news including major business headlines. september was a strong month for auto sales here in the u.s. overall sales rose 16% compared to the same time last year. subaru posted the biggest increase up 28%. there was one notable exception, you might know it, volkswagen, sales only rose 1% following that cheating scandal. and we're going to hear more about those fake emission tests when a top volkswagen executive testifies before congress neck week. michael horn has vowed that the company will work hard to prevent something like this from ever happening again. and staples is bucking a holiday shopping trend. its stores will be closed on thanksgiving this year.
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getting an early start on black friday with sales the day before. >> staples gave it a try the past two years but now employees say customers should be able to enjoy the thanksgiving holidays as well as their employees. the office chain supply will hope at 6:00 a.m. the next morning. you can wait on that stapler and scotch tape for an extra day. >> who is going shopping for office supplies on thanksgiving? >> you can wait. when we come back, the nation came to know her during the o.j. simpson murder trial, kim goldman speaking out 20 years after simpson's acquittal. a rough ride on the flight to the u.s.
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make every week a tanzeum week. live radar here, hurricane joaquin hanging around the bahamas. wind gusts as high as 150 miles per hour. floodwaters have reached the windows of some homes and there are fears of a storm surge as high as 12 feet. however, so far no reports of casualties. forecasters say joaquin may not move out of the bahamas until this afternoon. here at home, we have a few flooding problems of our own. driving could be a problem from the northeast stretching south to northern florida. also expect some wet conditions from idaho to the dakotas stretching south to the mex mexican border. airport delays possible in charlotte, d.c., philly, new york city and boston. >> that deadly chaos on yet another american campus.
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>> the gunman who opened fire at a community college in roseburg, oregon has been identified. sources say as 26-year-old chris harper mercer. witnesses say he singled out christians in a classroom then gunned them down one by one. mercer is among the ten people killed. seven others were wounded. well, schools all across the country hold drills for exactly these kinds of events. we recently saw one in colorado, the teacher locks the door, the students huddle. they all know the routine. there have been at least ten fatal shootings on u.s. campuses just this year alone and many more close calls. well, 20 years ago tomorrow los angeles jury stunned many court watchers finding o.j. simpson not guilty for the murders of his ex-wife nicole and her friend ron goldman. >> that still hunts ron's sister who says she remembers thinking that her pounding heart would pop right out of her chest and when she finally heard the words not guilty, goldman says she was distraught.
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i felt shock and despair and betrayal and judge ito told everybody to quiet down and tried to get control of the courtroom and we just walked out. >> since the verdict she has worked as a victims' advocate and plans to mark the day in a happy place at a wedding of a friend. five taken to the hospital after turbulence over the bahamas. the aircraft flying from grenada to miami when things got rough at 36,000 feet. passengers said some people were thrown out of their seats. the airline says the seat belt sign was lit at the time. last night's highlights. >> he's stan. i'm neil. this is the "sportscenter" desk. we're headed into friday. >> and we're talking football. ravens and steelers, thursday night football from pittsburgh. baltimore came in 0-3. you go 0-4 you can pretty much forget about the playoffs.
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mike vick, in for ben roethlisberger, fourth and one in overtime. as you saw the "steals & deals" didn't get it. josh scobee missed a pair of field goals that could have extended their lead before the game went to overtime and justin tucker put it away. they got a win they had to have. yankees win in the playoffs. boston trying to be a buzzkill. that's joe girardi. yankees up 2-1. put a byrd on it. greg byrd, yard of gene machi. robert refsnyder. he goes yard, second of the season. give me a dunkin' donut, yankees, 4-1. they're in the playoffs. >> rangers also in the playoffs but still got business to settle whether or not they'll be a wild card team or the winners of the a.l. west. >> all right, fellas, thank you.
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okay, we'll start "the pulse" with a very special anniversary for one of america's most beloved comic strips. >> 65 years ago today, charles schultz who introduced the world of charlie brown and the whole peanuts gang back in 1950. >> coinciding with the anniversary, the u.s. postal service released ten new christmas stamps marking the 50th anniversary of one of the most popular tv classics of all time. a charlie brown christmas. >> i love that show. next up you can imagine a woman's panic when she realizes she lost her wedding ring on a
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that's what happened to rosa pineta to a beach in california. >> who you going to call, how about the ring finder, larry has been metal detecting for years. he does it as a hobby, not for profit and confident about his ability. >> what caught me is that he said i guarantee you 99.9% that i will find your ring. so i was like, okay, let's go it, you know. >> those are good odds. after 19 days of searching the beach larry found the ring, the ruffinory was just in time for rosa and her husband's 16th wedding anniversary. she could have gotten a new ring. >> kept searching though 19 days. a florida woman calling her dog a miracle pup after he survived a 120-foot fall. >> bonzo is a 12-year-old ball of fluff with arthritis and a bad hip who spends most of his time napping but got a little curious squeezing his head through the railing and plugging to the ground. >> he only suffered a fractured rib and he should make a full
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recovery. okay so get this, a houston high school student earned his bragging rights who got a perfect score on the s.a.t. and a.c.t. college entrance exams. he said he didn't do much to prepare other than look over some notes and some vocabulary. >> smarts must run in the family. his brother also scored perfectly on the s.a.t., not the a.c.t. anthony is looking at computer science or computer engineering. >> good for him. i got, you know, the score that you get for just signing your name correctly. >> i didn't know there is -- you got points for that. >> you get about 450 points. that's about all i get. >> do you really get that much sore the s.a.t. >> yes. for sol of you, more news
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checking our top stories, shock, grief and strength overnight at a vigil in oregon hours after a shooting rampage at a community college left ten dead including the gunman. witnesses say he specifically targeted christians, ordering them to state their religion before opening fire. hurricane joaquin currently in the bahamas not expected to move on till this afternoon. current projections show it's staying out to sea and not making landfall in the u.s. but the east coast still likely to get more rain and strong winds. looking at the rest of today's weather, showers in the pacific northwest and in the sierras and rockies. frost this morning in the upper midwest, but warm and dry for much of the gulf coast. finally we'll try to end the week with putting a smile on our faces. as usual the late night comics can always help with that. >> they're all aring a great time, of course, with the presidential candidates. here now our "friday funnies." >> in a speech marco rubio talked about the danger of
4:26 am
not understand technology. yeah. unfortunately, rubio's speech was interrupted when his beeper went off. hillary clinton went on "meet the press" yesterday and i saw chuck todd showed her of videos of all the times she's flip-flopped on issues. at first hillary said she felt bad about it but now she says she feels okay about it. cnn is promising to bring this election in your face by putting it on your face. >> with the help of a virtual reality headset users can actually watch the debates from the perspective of an audience member. >> the perspective of an audience member. your view could go from this to this this. >> donald trump said in an interview this morning he is a practical person and that he would recognize when his message stopped resonating with the public. trump then went on to say that the public supports had imbecause they believe him.
4:27 am
he says that americans aren't that easily fooled and they know when something isn't what it appears to be. >> donald trump is very good self-esteem. say what you want but most people aren't able to compliment themselves so easily. >> three nice things about yourself. >> i don't know. >> name three things that make you better than everybody else. >> i'm good looking. i have great style and i work out. >> wow! >> if youuyou watch some of his recent ivent views you can see he's not getting enough sleep. >> who are you going to raise taxes on? >> i don't like lies. >> did you see that? >> oh, man, if trump ever leaves this race those guys will be sad. >> we would be sad.
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