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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  October 2, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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all of that together is going to make for an ugly friday getting into this weekend. as you were saying this has nothing to do with joaquin. >> 51 degrees. it is windy and chilly, feels like the 40s. coastal flood watch in effect for the jersey shore. flood advisory for fairfield county at the coast and long island five boroughs and westchester county on western long island sound. rain is coming up across the area. as that comes up, we're going to be looking at moderate to light rain that continues to keep things wet and soaked. we also get a lot of northeast wind coming in here also. look how far down the coast the rain extends. this means it will be lasting through the evening hours and into tonight. most of the rain has been light and so have been the accumulations, just over a tenth in the park, half inch around toms river. this is in addition to the rains we had the other day. the wind could knock down some trees or limbs and things, knock out the power. now, joaquin is still sitting
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here right over the bahamas and will actually produce some 25 inches of rain over these islands before it starts to head to the north. it's still a category 4 storm. it's kind of begun to move a little bit to the north about 3 miles per hour, but it should eventually take a path that's going to start to go northeastward out into the atlantic in between the u.s. mainland and bermuda. as we go to monday, tuesday next week, you see the cone now is way out here into the atlantic. however, for our afternoon, it's still going to be windy and rainy, and it's going to be very raw. it's going to feel like the 40s. we'll have this rain into tonight, and we could have maybe even another inch of rain across the tri-state before, you know, we wind up seeing some of this kind of slowing down tomorrow. the wind could be a problem, and as we go into saturday, we'll still have this northeast wind flowing in here giving us problems at the time of high tide at the coast. we'll talk more about the rest of the weekend and some 70- degree temperatures. next weekend sunshine. we'll talk about that in just a moment. back to you. >> we are looking forward to
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that. thank you bill. as you just mentioned the jersey shore is expected to feel the brunt of this storm. communities aren't taking any chances. as you can see in this photo that eyewitness news reporter kala rama tweeted out, she has been at sea bright all morning long, and let's send it on over to ka, a right now. she is live there. the conditions aren't getting any better. in fact, they're getting worse. >> reporter: shirleen, good afternoon. the conditions are getting a lot worse, especially from this morning. it's basically been me, my photographer, a bulldozer and some emergency management crews here. i'm on top of the sand dunes that bulldozer has been building all morning long. i want to show you the waves. they've grown since then. the surf has picked up quite a bit. the waves are strong. in just two hours it's going to be high tide according to the emergency management official, and the sand dunes i'm standing on is the first line of defense. he says they're already seeing
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>> the sounds of storm preparations can be heard across the jersey shore. in sea bright, bulldozers continue down the line of dunes piling sand high because the top concern along the shore is flooding with the rivers already reaching high levels. >> but this nor'easter, you know, i'm pretty worried about it. you've got very high seas, and you got a strong wind, and you're going to have tides that are going to stay in probably through tomorrow afternoon. we're going to see a decent amount of flooding down here. >> emergency management crews are cutting down palm trees as massive waves crash on to the shore. long-time residents think this is nothing. >> not half as bad. the waves that were coming over were just incredible and don't forget we have the view,s to it was coming right in. we had almost -- i mean, it looked like it was taking over the whole >> mitchell levinsohn says even though ocean city is seeing tidal flooding these preparations may be excessive. >> you always want to be cautious, but i don't think at
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to what that was, nowhere near the devastation. >> nothing could be as scary as what sandy was. we've been through nor'easters. we've been through other hurricanes. we've been down here 15 years. nothing could be as bad as that. we're hoping that they've juiced up and beefed up the electrical systems. maybe we'll be lucky and don't have a power outage. >> yeah, here's hoping. this is basically what it looks like across the jersey shore with the rain coming down, the wind whipping in sand dunes as far as the eye can see. in the next few hours, governor christie will be out touring the area assessing the area and then he'll make a decision this afternoon on whether coastal areas should be evacuated. we're live in sea bright, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you kala. speaking of governor christie he is much farther south in sea isle in between atlantic city and cape may. as you can see by those gathered they're waiting to hear the governor's comments to talk about preparations.
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yesterday he declared a state of emergency in advance of any potential problems and obviously as we've been covering this, there's been a lot of work on that behalf. we'll continue to monitor that and bring you the very latest when we have new information on it. shirleen. all right david. in new york governor cuomo says the state is prepared for today's storm and took all appropriate steps in case hurricane joaquin changes course. >> we're continuing our preparations, large facilities first, the airports, the trains, the buses, and then upstate where we have a different problem, it's more of stream clearing. >> when it comes to hurricane joaquin, we have just learned that the u.s. coast guard is searching for a ship with 33 people aboard. it is missing in the atlantic ocean where joaquin has been churning. we will of course keep you posted on this. and remember you can track severe weather anytime with our radar and the latest
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it is free to download for iphone or android. turning now to the massacre at a college in oregon. we are learning new information about the gunman. at least ten people were killed yesterday in that incident, and seven people still fighting to survive their wounds. the killer now identified as chris mercer, and one witness says mercer demanded to know the religion of the students before he shot them. the violence e resulting at umpqua community college just about three hours south of portland. abc oh ,'s lauren lyster joins us live from the campus. >> reporter: ten are dead. seven were injured, three critically according to the county sheriff. the victims' names may be released today at the earliest as we learn more about the gunman and the survivors. >> last night family and friends of victims mourned the tragedy in roseburg. the town woke up still shaken. >> the range of emotions from
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kiss belief to anger to sadness to resolution and still very raw for people. >> overnight police and fbi searched for clues about the suspected shooter swarming this nearby apartment complex where he lived with his mother. >> just thought he was an odd guy. >> the 26-year-old identified as chris harper mercer is seen here in his my space photo. he allegedly opened fire on campus at umpqua community college late thursday morning. >> we have multiple gunshot wounds. >> police officers facing off with the gunman. >> he's in a classroom. >> the shooter declared dead. his father last night spoke to reporters asking for privacy. >> obviously it's been a devastating day, shocked. shocked is all i can say. >> but this morning tales of heroism. charged straight at the gunman trying to save who he could. >> he actually ran back towards the building where the shooting was and he ran back into the
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building and i don't know what happened to him. >> he's out of surgery now recovering from seven gunshot wounds seen here in this photo from a social posting. >> reporter: as for the gunman, abc news has learned he was armed with three pistol and an assault style rifle. authorities are still looking for the motive as this college remains closed until monday, lauren lyster channel 7 eyewitness news roseburg oregon. >> thank you lauren. you can stay on top of the latest developments involving the college massacrer. go to our website abc7ny. coming up in our next half hour, we'll take you live to washington for the debate now raging over gun control. new at noon, a man is dead after an elevator accident in brooklyn. it happened inside a building on hope street in the williamsburg section. we're told the man became trapped between the elevator and the floor.
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mallory hoff is there with the details. >> reporter: shirleen, we're now learning that the department of building says this building here has had four elevator violations since 2013. all of them have since been resolved, but as you can see right now crews working inside trying to figure out what went wrong here. >> investigators say a 37-year- old man got trapped between an elevator and the floor in the williamsburg section of brooklyn. the gruesome accident happened at the luxury apartment complex. >> i woke up, my neighbor texted me and said did you hear? and i said, oh, yeah, there was somebody screaming last night, and that's all i knew, but it just totally got incorporated into a dream. >> police say it happened during an elevator malfunction. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. an elevator technician called out after the accident explains what he believes may have gone wrong. >> from what i heard, like 15 people were in the elevator, and if it was 15 people, i don't -- it might be the
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100% sure, but i think it's a 2100 capacity elevator. so if they overloaded it something could have happened. >> police say the victim was not a resident of the rental building. now the new york city buildings commissioner is looking into the situation. >> this is a fairly new building as you can see. it's got a certificate of occupancy. there are no outstanding permits. there's no construction work ongoing. the elevator has undergone its mandatory inspections as all elevators in the city do. and just in the last few minutes i spoke with a woman who said she's a very good friend of the victim. she said that she went out with a group of friends last night, had a good time and they all came back here and this happened. this group of friends trying to figure out what could have gone wrong. mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. new clue in a cold case. police hope this video will help investigators solve a
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governor christie and cl city cape may county speaking about the state's storm response. let's listen in. joaquin having any type of major effect on the jersey shoreline and our citizens, and so so far so good. that's very good news for us. we're prepared if it comes, but we're very happy to hear that they'll be visiting someplace else. we've already done our bit for hurricane tourism here in new jersey. we expect about 1 to 3 feet of flooding in the cape may and atlantic county region. you need to be ready and prepared for that. we're prepared for everything from working on the beaches with the d. e. p. to make sure
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that we replenish and we provide protection there but also to the extreme of sheltering if we need to shelter as well, working with the county officials and we have statewide assets available too if we need to. the worst this is going to come today, we've got high tide happening as we speak around 12:30 through about 3:00 this afternoon. we're going to see 6 to 10-foot waves, maybe as high as 16 feet over the course of the weekend, which will really damage the beaches and lead to more beach erosion and less protection obviously for the shoreline. right now we don't have any major outages, figure about 147 outages in cape may county right now from a power perspective. of course those are extraordinarily major if you're one of those 147. we're glad we don't have anything more than that. we have the bpu engaged with atlantic city electric and jc realtime information on that. we have hundreds of out of
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state crews heading to new jersey to deal with anything that might happen as a result of the storm to make sure that power restoration happens as quickly as possible. what i want folks to be ready for in this area of the state is to be ready, be prepared to respond to the flooding and to respond to any loss of power. go to places where you can be safe and warm. it's going to get colder tonight. it's going to get down into the 40s tonight, and so i don't want people if you've lost power, staying at home can't be warm. if you have a generator at home, please go on to our website and remind yourself of the safe option of those generators. unfortunately during sandy we lost lives to carbon monoxide poisoning because people didn't know how to appropriately use their generators. if it's been a while since you've used it go on to our ready.nj website. we have instructions on how to safely use those generators if you're going to use them if there is a loss of power.
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those are the things we're most concerned about at the moment, reaction by residents in the lower lying areas to flooding and to potential loss of power. have a preparation plan. we've been talking about this for a long time. if you lose power, if there's some flooding, where are you going to go. where are you going to go to be safe and warm. do you have friends or family. if you don't contact your local officials. we'll have sheltering available for people if you absolutely need it, but your first area of resort should be to friends or family that are in the area if you lose power or if there's flooding that forces you to leave your home. we don't expect there should be widens of that type -- widespread incidents of widespread flooding. we have every asset ready and available to be able to help folks in those circumstances, but you need to be able to have a plan to execute on, so we need you to do that and to be ready. we're very fortunate, at least at the moment that the
12:16 pm
and not heading towards the coast, but this is another indication of why the preparedness measures and the resiliency measures that we've been taking are continuing to take post sandy are so important. you know, we were just having a conversation with the elected officials in the room behind me. i continue to be frustrated. i speak only for myself, but i continue to be frustrated by the opposition of some folks in this state to us completing the dune system, and we're wasting time and taxpayer money in court in cases that we ultimately will win on eminent domain to build these dunes to protect the people and the property of the people of the state of new jersey, and so i'll say again quite candidly to towns like mar gate, you know, you are amongst the most selfish people in the state of new jersey, and if this
12:17 pm
damage that would have been done to lives and property in mar gate, i hope it's worth the vanity act that you're all engaging in because we're going to win eventually, but you're just costing the state taxpayers money and you're costing your fellow citizens potentially if we have another bad storm their property and their lives. >> you're listening to governor christie, strong words angry at some shore communities for not investing enough in protecting the shore. in sea isle providing an update on the state's preparation for storms. big message, for the individuals be prepared. for those at most risk for
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today is not the day you gear. >> is it me or was that background? noticeable. music though. down. i felt the same way. >> hey, lets put some music on and try to make the best of this shall we? as we go into the afternoon, take a look outside and we've got rain and clouds and there's been a lot of boat traffic on the east river. i've been watching this, barges, the water taxis are going. it's like business as usual on the east river, even in this weather. 51 degrees. it's chilly. a northeast wind at 9 gusting to 20. normal high would be 69. we're probably going to be at 55 for the afternoon. we're going to be looking at
12:21 pm
heavy rain continuing to moderate rain to light rain. we still will have this minor to moderate coastal flooding, high tide through the weekend, shore. it's a good thing that they're doing the best they can to build that up and hold that water back a bit. it won't be sandy but the pounding will continue all day tonight and tomorrow from this northeast wind that is coming in at 17, 18 miles per hour. right here at the jersey shore, this is where we'll come in and create this erosion that kind of stays on it for the next 48 hours, and some of the wind gusts have been around 35 miles an hour to 28 miles per hour down the jersey shore. it's windy, rainy and raw for the rest of this afternoon. coastal flooding is going to be a problem, 55 degrees. it's windy and chilly tonight, if you're out and about, make sure you've got the warm rain here. 51 is going to feel like 40, and tomorrow there's a bit of rain. there'll still be the issue of that flooding and the northeast wind even tomorrow. there will be a couple of showers around. i don't think it rains out outdoor plans but dress warmly.
12:22 pm
it will feel like the 40s tomorrow. we've guilty 64 on sunday -- we've got 64 on sunday with cloudy skies and a sprinkle or passing shower, but the orange globe thing that's in outer space will return to our skies on monday and tuesday with a high of about 70. >> allegedly. >> allegedly right. >> hopefully. >> yeah, hopefully. >> that sounds great. thank you bill. >> thanks bill. coming up, a dog falls more
12:23 pm
why doctors say caught on camera, twists and turns as a woman steals from a wal-mart. an employee pulse out a cell phone and gets video of her. he then taunts the woman and grabs her bag. she then leaves the store, another woman starts to attack her. employees step in to break them up. the employee who's holding the camera then seems to brag about how he let this happen while he was on the clock. there's a lot of layers to this story. he even posted the video on his personal facebook page. finally a couple had tried repeatedly to have a family but after miscarriages and other problems they thought it would never happen.
12:24 pm
then the guy's wife tells him go in the kitchen and check on the bun in the oven. what he finds is a surprise note and it's a good one. >> you're pregnant. >> and it's a boy. >> it's just so sweet. the guy -- the wife, you know, wanted to share it. he's crying. he's happy. it's a boy? you're pregnant? the baby is due in february. wishing the couple the very best. shirleen. >> love his reaction. great idea on her part, too. coming up, we will head back to the jersey shore as the area is dealing with heavy rain and flooding. plus new details in the case of
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to go the distance with you. go long. you're watching new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news at noon with david novarro, shirleen allicot and meteorologist bill evans. now eyewitness news continues. our top story this afternoon, the storm that is battering the area, parts of the jersey shore experiencing the worst of the wind and flooding. moments ago governor christie spoke about the storm and the fact that the garden state will likely miss the brunt of hurricane joaquin after. >> the track continues the way it is now, we're not going to have to worry about joaquin having any type of major effect on the jersey shoreline and our good. that's very good news for us. and as of now the governor says there will be no mandatory evacuations.
12:28 pm
hello i'm david novarro. >> and i'm shirleen allicot. we want to get right to that accuweather alert. we have a team of meteorologists with us. jeff smith is live in belmar. but first let's go to bill evans at the weather wall. >> poor jeff. it looks like he's getting hammered pretty good by that northeast wind. we have cloudy skies, showers and 51 degrees but it's chilly. when you factor in the wind it feels more like 41. and down the jersey shore where jeff's located at belmar we have a coastal flood watch until 6:00 tonight, coastal flood advisory, fairfield county, connecticut at the shore, that's where this northeast wind coming in and then of course we've got the rain coming up and so jeff is just getting pelted there. let's go there and talk to jeff about what's happening right now. the dunes are kind of built up but that wind and waves are probably going to beat them down a bit. >> it is unbelievable out here. we have the high tide at about 11:20 this morning as we head
12:29 pm
ocean right now, we have surf coming in about 6 to 10 feet, and we have these on shore winds which are gusting up to 45 miles per hour at times, and the rain just stings your face down the jersey shore. here's video that we shot earlier, and you can see more close up how angry the ocean has been this morning. the high tide came around 11:20 this morning, starting to go back out now. the problem is with that continued onshore flow that water continues to pile towards the shoreline and will continue to do so for the next 48 hours. the wind direction is not expected to change. also there's a lake just inland from here just literally a few feet inland across the road, lake cuomo, and that tends to flood quite a bit. there are pump systems that are put in place here in belmar, and they've been on draining the lake during the past couple of days to get it ready for this storm. if there's too much rain, here's the problem, if there's too much rain, the lake floods and you try to pump water from the lake back into the ocean, but then the tide is coming in
12:30 pm
at the same time and kind of back washing ocean water into the lake, and that can cause a lot of problems in belmar. i talked to the mayor earlier. he told me if they can get through the 12:17 p.m. high tide tomorrow around midday tomorrow, they're pretty much in the clear. that's expected to be the highest tide here in belmar. if they get through that high tide without much significant coastal flooding they might end up all right in this situation. they've really built up a lot of the dunes to combat that beach erosion and coastal flooding. we're going to be reporting throughout the afternoon, updating you on the situation here down the jersey shore, but in a rainy windy belmar i'm meteorologist jeff smith. >> take a break, stay dry be careful there. that wind gusting, and you hear the word nor'easter a lot. it is because of a northeasterly flow of wind. it's not a classic nor'easter. what you have is the jet stream running from south to north. you have upper level trough here. very strong high pressure to the north. all these elements are making
12:31 pm
the entire east coast very wet, and there's a lot of flooding problems in the virginias and carolinas. if you're wondering about joaquin. it's still sitting down here in the bahamas. it eventually is going to start moving out late tonight and tomorrow into the atlantic. it's not really affecting the east coast at all. it will be pushing on out into the canadian maritimes in the atlantic. we'll talk about the rest of your weekend and when we can expect this rain to shut down. i'll have that for you coming accuweather forecast. thanks. the other news we're following, we have new video that may help police in newark solve a murder mystery. police say this surveillance video captures an unidentified man walking near littleton and 12th avenues on the night of july 2nd. that's the same area where 17- year-old usef perez was last seen alive. perez's body was found four days later. police are searching for the man behind what is being described as an anti-gay attack
12:32 pm
this is a sketch of who police want to find. surveillance video shows him walking near 50th and broadway on wednesday afternoon. the man's accused of attacking a 37-year-old man on the street and shouting anti-gay slurs during the attack. we've got some brand new information in the oregon college shooting massacre. moments ago we learned that the gunman was wearing body armor and had three pistol, a rifle, and five additional magazines. the shooting is renewing the debate over gun control and president obama is calling for action in washington. he says laws not prayers are needed to stop violence. abc's lana zak is live in washington with that part of the story. >> reporter: good afternoon. yes, the president really fired up yesterday. he said that we are the only nation on earth that has to endure these types of gun mass shootings every few months. >> this is president obama moments after hearing the news that a mass shooter had killed
12:33 pm
innocent victims on the campus of umpqua community college. the photo capturing his frustration. >> well this is something we should politicize. it is relevant to our common life together to the body politic. >> this is the 15th time in his presidency he's made a statement on a mass shooting. this time with greater urgency and anger, he said it's time for responsible gun owners to step up. >> our thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> others hoping to succeed him weighed in from the campaign trail. hillary clinton would push for background checks and a longer waiting period. >> i know there is a way to have sensible gun control measures that help prevent violence, prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands and save lives. i am committed to doing everything i can to achieve that. >> several on the republican side did not believe the shooting was a reason for gun control. mike huckabee and ben carson
12:34 pm
but rather than a gun problem it was a mental health problem. >> every time we have one of these cases we study it very carefully to see what warning signs exist so we begin to build profiles of the kinds of people who are likely to do things like this. >> cruz and huckabee went further accusing president obama of exploiting the tragedy to promote his gun control agenda. >> reporter: there is one group not weighing in however, the nra. they tell abc news it is their policy not to comment until they have gathered facts. live in washington, lana zak, channel 7 eyewitness news. back to you. >> and that debate continues. this weekend fans of yankee great yogi barra will have at chance to honor the hall of fame catcher. the new jersey museum bearing his name is holding a memorial tribute. the museum and learning center will be open to the public from noon until 5 p.m.
12:35 pm
sunday. barra died at the age of 90 last week. that day was also the 69th anniversary of his big league debut. >> and with the yankees making the playoffs it's going to make this post-season run more special. >> hack attack targeting millions of cell phone customers. is your information at risk. >> plus a new twist in the case of book club members who say they were kicked off a napa valley wine train because of their race. hear why they say they've become victims in more ways than one. >> and would you ever snap a
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call today. . new details about pope francis' meeting with kentucky clerk kim davis. officials say tissue not be considered a form of support of her position. davis is still waging a battle against granting same-sex marriage licenses in kentucky. the vatican says the pope's only private meeting in washington was with a former student. his greetings to davis and dozens of other people were described as brief. the vatican says the pope did not discuss davis' ongoing legal battle. another high profile data breach, this one affecting about 15 million t-mobile wireless customers. hackers got the info from experian which t-mobile uses to check credit. that has t-mobile questioning its relationship with the company.
12:39 pm
worth of records. experian said its consumer credit bureau was not affected. customers should check their credit reports and sign up for credit monitoring. the group of mostly african- american women who were thrown off a napa valley wine train have filed a lawsuit. they want $11 million claiming racial discrimination libel and defamation. the company says the group was kicked off the train for being too loud. the group however says it was because nearly everyone was black. they also say the company falsely posted on facebook that they were being verbally and physically abusive toward other passengers. the women say they were personally and professionally shamed, even losing their jobs as a result of the highly publicized incident. in a statement, napa valley wine train said it takes allegations of discrimination very seriously. a dog in florida one lucky pooch after surviving an 11- story fall. 12-year-old bonzo squeezed through the railings of a balcony in west palm beach,
12:40 pm
fell about 120 feet and landed in the grass. >> a veterinarian said because the fall was so high, bonzo was limber and did not brace for impact which would have killed him. bonzo only suffered a fractured rib. >> limber. >> limber. >> and lucky like a cat. let me tell you about a real life doctor, and now he's playing one on tv. sandy kenyon with the scoop on the new abc comedy dr. ken. >> and a programming reminder for this weekend. tomorrow night we will air a special breast cancer promising research and options, we'll look at the progress being made to fight it and the technology being used to treat it without
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. it's time now for the scoop. art imitates life for actor ken jong who is a trained doctor and now gets to play one as an actor. >> in entertainment news we begin with the story about a
12:43 pm
man behind the new series dr. ken. it premiers tonight on channel 7. it's amazing a physician playing a physician. sandy kenyon here with the scoop. >> and dave, shirleen, not the first time it's happened. you could say dr. ken jong left medicine behind when he switched careers and became an actor but that's not quite right. >> ken jong is a doctor, and he plays one on tv. >> did i mention the doctors are very, very sexy. >> as incredible as it may seem, the star of dr. ken is still licensed to practice medicine in california. his wife is a physician and so are many of his friends. >> a lot of times even for scripts like i'll consult my wife all the time, somewhere u.s. and her, does this story read right. it is great to have a resource of friends and family who are physicians that you can kind of bounce off some, you know, to keep things as grounded as possible. >> ken was a doctor in new orleans when he won a comedy contest there in 1995.
12:44 pm
>> i was just working as a physician and just doing comedy as a hobby, doing standup as a hobby. to be honest i was perfectly happy doing that. >> dr. ken was already in his late 30s when his breakthrough role came in the hit comedy knocked up. >> boys and girls, what seems to be the problem. >> he was playing the part of a doctor while on vacation from his job at a real l. a. hospital. when jong's wife encouraged him to hang up his stethoscope for good. >> she was like if you don't do this now, this is what you want to do, this is a passion, you'll never do it, and if it wasn't for her, you know, i wouldn't be here talking to you. >> a supporting role in the hangover films made him a star, and now he's looking to his own series to help him build momentum further just as his bit with alex rodriguez on the espy awards did earlier this year. >> let the man repent. >> very funny bit. it went on and on. his new show a half hour comedy debuts right here on abc7. it all starts tonight at 8 with
12:45 pm
last man standing followed by dr. ken and one of my favorites, shark tank at 9. 20/20 at 10 and of course eyewitness news at 11. now coming up at 4 p.m., i'll be reviewing matt damon's movie the martian. shirleen and her husband jesse join me for that screening so i'll have your comment shirleen as well. >> are you into science fiction? >> actually, this is real life now. you know. >> love it. >> you know i love science fiction, fantasy, all that kind of stuff. >> you'll have to wait until your show at 4:00 with liz cho to find out exactly what we think. >> going to keep us on the edge. there we go. >> i'm glad matt damon found the water on mars. >> there you go. >> i can't wait until that review at 4:00. [ laughter ] >> we've got plenty of water here, no doubt about that. let's take a look outside. we are showing you our picture here -- actually, that's some
12:46 pm
our crew's been working hard. this is from brielle road. this is the scene down the jersey shore at n many places at the time of high tide. averaging right around noontime, so you take two hours either side of noontime, and that's when it's going to come down and go down. then you're going to have the tide cycle again tonight at midnight that. is no fun to have flood waters coming up at midnight. at midnight tonight it could be worse. this is from north wildwood. you see the flooding there. this will be a scene that's carried on even into tomorrow is because of the wind piling in the water out of the northeast. the next tide cycle could be worse tonight at midnight, and you know, the water just kind of piles up and will continue to do so. aas we look across the park, it's raining, 51 degrees. i call the nuisance kind of rain where the rain comes down
12:47 pm
hard for a time and it's light, and the wind blows it around. you need that long raincoat and the warm one too. it's chilly. it's 50 degrees at north port and massapequa and 52 down the shore and 49 to the north. you can knock off a few degrees. you have this wind that is tough. this is the sustained winds from 9 miles per hour at monticello, and it's always higher at the coast. it's 18 to a 20 miles an hour wind down the shore. you saw jeff smith a moment ago, the wind gusts have been around 30, 35. this hour belmar has reported a 28 miles an hour wind gust. that's going to continue. that's why there's the flood watch through tonight. it will be renewed and there will be a flood watch tomorrow and a flood advisory as well. windy, rainy raw weather and coastal flooding potential this evening into tonight. high tide cycle again tonight at midnight and then tomorrow right around the noon hour down the jersey shore. you still have that flooding possibility. and then we start to see the winds relaxing from the northeast somewhat by sunday when it's 64 degrees with a
12:48 pm
shot at a shower, and then we've got 70s monday and tuesday. we get back to work and back to school. >> all right. >> so if you're in a flood zone, be very careful. a lot of folks know what the sea level is and all that. >> flooding power outages, yeah. >> thank you bill. >> thank you. more than 200 volunteers from disney, kaboom and the sea gate association braved the rain for a good cause. >> they're rolling up their sleeves to build a much needed playground in brooklyn. the final phase of construction is expected to be completed in lindy park in sea gate this afternoon. when it's done, more than 1500 children will be able to enjoy it. look, they came out there in the rain. they're trying to get this thing ready. disney is the parent company of wabc tv. >> they're like what storm. we've got a schedule to keep. >> exactly. >> we'll be right back. first here's mario batali with a look at what's coming up on the chew. >> we're saving you time and money with an hour of super shortcuts.
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sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools. i'm michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of teachers. cmon! join us! hi everybody. i'm diana williams in the newsroom, here's what's coming
12:52 pm
up later on eyewitness news. a very unusual sight, a tug boat appeared out of nowhere. we assigned 7 on your side this mystery, and they are trying to figure out where it came from. >> plus with this cooler weather it's a good time for something warm. neighborhood eats is featuring a restaurant where their specialty is fondue. we've got those stories and more on eyewitness news. you guys know fondue. it's food on a stick you dip into something decadent. >> we give it a fancy name. >> what's not to like. >> looking forward to it. >> these are the stories popping up on social media pages. call this the 21st century version of please don't feed the animals. let me explain why. hikers in rocklin counties are being asked to stop taking selfies with bears. >> oh, boy. >> one woman has created stickers asking hikers not to pose with the bears. here's the thing, the danger for people i think it's obvious, but the danger for the bears is that they become too comfortable around people. that's why these people are
12:53 pm
last month a park in colorado closed because visitors were taking too many bear selfies. >> instead of bear self-fees this is the kind of picture people should be taking. this is the photo of a tennessee teacher going viral for going above and beyond, walking his students home from school. carl schneider a teacher at an elementary school saw it was too dangerous for the kids to walk home alone. he takes it upon himself to make sure they get there safe every day. other teachers have joined him, and now 40 kids are getting walked home. i love it. i just can't get over it. >> you're walking home today, walking anywhere today, make sure you got your rain gear. >> uh-huh. >> big raincoat, umbrella, all that kind of stuff. boots. heavy rain will be off and on in varying amounts through the afternoon into this evening. you've got to be on the lookout for that. it's going to be chilly. if you're going to be out and about tonight, dress warmly.
12:54 pm
also those areas that flood already seeing water accumulating. >> they sure are. >> jersey shore, tide cycle midnight tonight, noon again tomorrow. >> good stuff. >> we'll keep track of any officials that are going to update us. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. make sure you are back this afternoon for eyewitness news first at 4. have a great weekend and most of all, stay dry. look how beautiful it is...
12:55 pm
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