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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the bahamas and a big high over eastern canada. coastal flood warning for serious flooding on the jersey shore. advisory from long island south, connecticut coast and new york city for mostly minor flooding. it's a high wind watch and advisories on the coast. winds could gust up to 50 miles per hour. minor to moderate property damage is a possibility. rainfall right now, studied this -- steadiest over i-95. this is going to rotate from the ocean and then pivot to our west. the rain gets lighter for tomorrow with the heaviest rain , maybe 2 feet of rain going into the carolinas. a little connection there. you can see the rainfall to the bahamas. joaquin trying to make a way away from the bahamas. moving to the north and this will be a track that will safely take it a few hundred miles offshore on monday. until then, coastal flooding
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complete forecast in just a little bit. >> thanks, lee. some of the worst flooding we've seen has been down in new jersey. toni yates is in seaside park with more on that for us. >> reporter: yes, indeed. i don't know if you can hear the wind but it is so loud out here. i'm in a spot where i'm not getting the effects of the wind. if i just take two steps back, major difference. the wind is kicking up. like i told our friends earlier on social media, we've been sandblasted to come out here and try to look at what the storm is doing to the new jersey coast. dozens of people have been out here to look at the waves. there are a lot of people who are battening down the hatches trying to make sure that the storm does as little damage as possible. many people had to come see the wave action. >> it is incredible. >> reporter: all the same public works built up in
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>> i was here yesterday. the beach surf is higher than it was yesterday. it's concerning already. >> reporter: that's oceanside eastside park. on bayside, the flooding potential has seaside heights making preemptive moves. >> when the bay has high tide, it's not unusual for a flash flood warning. we've already advised our residents and property owners and business people to get their cars to higher ground. >> and they know that they water can get rough. >> tried to get my boat out yesterday. my boat was in the water. i was afraid it was going to sink. the boat next to me some. >> reporter: how strong is the wind? >> blowing away. >> reporter: not many look on these conditions without some hesitation. >> i'm scared for everybody that lives here again. >> reporter: seaside heights has secured extra help on standby just in case. >> we've contacted people over
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the bridge that aren't going to be affected by the storm. electricians. if the severity of this happens, or if there's a problem with our water, we can work for us on a temporary basis and the answer is yes. >> reporter: the best news so far for the short has been those updates from the meteorologist. the hurricane is moving east because this has been enough already. of course officials are asking people to be very, very mindful just like seaside heights to move your cars. they are monitoring the flooding. also monitoring the damage along the shore. so that is the latest from seaside park. i'm toni yates, channel 7. >> thank you. governor christie says it is fortunate it -- new jersey is fortunate it won't take a direct hit. we are seeing now, the governor says he's not expecting joaquin to have any type of major effect on the jersey shore line
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or residents, but they will be prepared. >> we're not getting the amount of rain we thought initially we were going to get, which is good news from a flooding perspective. we're still going to have moderate to major flooding in our four southern counties. >> the governor says he has not ordered evacuations nor have any been recommended. power problems prompted pseg to protect its substations. heavy couldn't was brought into prepare barricades. crews also rolled out plastic sheeting to stop water from seeping into other equipment. power company says it's trying to avoid the trouble that it had during super storm sandy. also repairing, many residents of brooklyn are too familiar with flooding was. michelle charlesworth live in redhook with more. >> reporter: all-too-familiar is right. we are right by the water's edge down here in redhook brooklyn. we've been talking to people who live here, april who run small and big businesses.
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they all know all too well how to prepare. folks who know where the water is supposed to be right next to me tell me the water is up about 2 feet. minor flooding, wind and rain with picture in redhook all day. water was up in low-lying areas. places are open doing business and waiting but the move each year seems to be, just be ready. >> making sure people are informed of having emergency kits, making sure that if they are along the waterways, maybe you should stay at a neighbors house throughout the next couple days. to really be prepared and learn from some of the things that are like hurricane sandy. >> reporter: places that are prone to flooding are seeing a difference first. this was down at the port authority terminal number 8. workers running the warehouses remember too well what happened during tropical storm sandy. >> we had a couple feet of water in here. we've lost four forklifts. and quite a bit of red bull.
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>> reporter: that is the director of operations at a business called the beverage works. their proximity water is always great until major storms hit. and they have to make changes. is this one of the lowest point in brooklyn? >> it's a lower point but we are still slightly elevated. typically what we do is as a precaution, we will double stacked the pallets on some empty pallets to get them elevated slightly. the forklifts, we will try to get them to a little bit of a higher ground. and keep our fingers crossed. >> reporter: people here are absolutely prepared and they are mindful but also hopeful that just a constant drizzle and rain is all we're going to see for a few days. then we'll be talking about something else. life in redhook, michelle charlesworth. >> thank you, michelle. be sure to stay with us anytime and anywhere on the weekend. we'll be tracking the wind and rain and flooding. missing right now in the wrath of joaquin, a giant container ship headed from
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the coast guard is searching near the bahamas. the coast guard has not heard from the vessel since yesterday morning. 33 people are on board. the ship was taking on water but the crew said the flooding had been contained. earlier today, 12 people were rescued from another ship that started to sink near haiti. the coast guard pulled them to safety. we are learning more hour by hour about the victims in yesterday's shooting rampage in oregon and about the shooter himself. gunman, chris harper mercer, failed to survive in the military, flunking out of basic training. investigators found he had more than a dozen weapons with him on the campus and in his apartment. jim dolan in the newsroom now with the latest. >> reporter: the 26-year-old gunman was walking through the hallways of a rural community college shooting anyone he saw. one survivor says the gunmen would ask what faith his victims were. but he fired before they could answer. it was madness, carnage on a
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sleepy little town of roseburg, oregon. for the survivors, for the families families, there is no comfort. they gathered together in roseburg last night and sang hymns and they prayed a day of unimaginable violence, at last behind them. the images though, haunting memories of that awful day, will last a lifetime. >> she opened the door and fortunately she got shot twice -- >> reporter: cassandra weldon was in a classroom. >> we were terrified to even get up at this point. because we heard continuously, gunshots. i heard maybe 35 to 45 rounds that were shot. >> he's in a classroom. >> reporter: 10 people died in the college. local hospitals were overwhelmed with injuries. 26-year-old gunman who was killed in a shootout with
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a loner who's writing online was filled with racial and societal hate. in one blog post, he rights of another shooter, people like him are all alone. yet when they spill a little blood, the whole world knows who they are. his face splashed across every screen, his name across the lips of every person on the planet. >> so far we've recovered 13 weapons. >> reporter: police also recovered a flak jacket with five loaded magazines in the pockets. the shooter owned 13 guns and rifles. >> they were all purchased legally. >> reporter: he didn't even make it through basic training. after five weeks, he was discharged for failing to meet the minimum standards to serve in the u.s. army. outside her home, police spoke to the shooter's mother. his father says, he had no idea. >> it's been a devastating day. devastating for me and my family. >> reporter: president obama said late this afternoon that he was looking for ways to do a better job enforcing gun laws already on the books. but as you heard, all the
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weapons used in this massacre were purchased legally. and in an area where guns are a crucial component of sport, owning 13 of them didn't even raise an eyebrow. sade? changes in the department of education will lead to a native new yorker joining president obama's cabinet. secretary of education arnie duncan is leaving. stepping down in december. president obama announced that john king, jr. the current deputy education secretary will replace duncan. king said, as new york state education commissioner, he said his teachers in brooklyn were a source of inspiration and strength. >> teachers, new york city public school teachers, are the reason that i'm alive. they are the reason that i became a teacher. they are the reason i'm standing here today. those teachers creating -- created amazing educational experiences. but also gave me hope about what is possible.
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>> king will not have to undergo the congressional confirmation process because he is serving as acting secretary. no word on what caused a u.s. military transport plane crash in afghanistan killing at least 11 people. this happened as the plane was approaching the jalalabad airport just after midnight. military officials say the six airmen and five civilians on board were all killed. unknown number of people on the killed -- on the ground were hurt or killed. the u.s. denies taliban shut down that plane. russia is facing scrutiny over its airstrikes in syria. at a summit, the french president said only one of the attacks this week actually had crisis. russia claims the group is a target of all the airstrikes. other nations including the u.s. are accusing russia instead of targeting groups that are fighting the government of syrian leader shar aside. russia conducted 18
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street. stocks closed on a high note. only 142,000 jobs were added in september. employment numbers for july and august were adjusted. but the jobless rate is still 5.1%. the dow closed up 200 points at 16,472. nasdaq ended up 80 points. s&p up more than 27. extra security added at a broadway performance tonight. what happened when keira knightley was on the stage that had one fan escorted out of the theater. a deadly accident in an
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we're hearing from a friend so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna.
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all new, extra security on hand tonight when keira knightley takes the stage on broadway. last night, a man in the audience interrupted the performance and had to be escorted out. darla miles is in midtown and she spoke to someone who actually saw the whole thing last night. >> reporter: that's right. the woman i spoke to was very close to this man. only two or three rows behind him. she said he had at least a three or four dozen red roses with him and almost everyone we spoke to today said they thought his interruption was part of the show. >> at first i thought it belongs to the peace. he was one of the actors. >> reporter: it was opening night night. who knew that the screams from the audience were not part of the new keira knightley play? >> the play started. everything was normal. and then i recognized a guy
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and he was talking really loudly and i thought, i would like to see the play. be quiet. then he screamed. had, keira, do you want to marry me? >> reporter: both the performance and the sideshow were visible. >> we were in the upper level. he wasn't that close to the stage. but as he through the roses, they landed on the stage. >> reporter: costar gabriel ebert kicks the roses off the stage. the play was stopped for 15 minutes while the man was removed from studio 54 by security. and then the show went on. nothing happened. really good professional actor. >> reporter: a written statement read in part, roundabout takes the safety of safely. extra security will be added beginning tonight. hearing about what happened last night, does that make you
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>> absolutely not. i think he he should have waited till the end of the performance. >> i think is not necessary. but it's keira knightley. that's okay. >> reporter: the nypd says this man was taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation. he was not arrested or charged. live in midtown, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. police are looking for two missing children from the bronx who may have been taken by their mother mother. a 9-year-old and 10-year-old were last seen in front of their apartment building at st. mary's park house. they were there with their mother who does not have full custody. new details about pope francis' meeting with kim davis. vatican officials are saying there is a sense of regret that the pope meant with the kentucky clerk jailed for her issue to -- refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. the meeting was by no means an
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endorsement of her cause. legionella tests positive, the fact is the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease. no cases reported at the military academy. the towers were tested following the recent outbreak in new york city. the cleaning will take four days. we got lee back inside the studio. are you dry yet? >> walk out there, it's soaking into the work attire. >> it really is. >> coast is a big concern over the weekend. i'd say right through the first part of tonight is when we have our heaviest rain. it's a very slow movement through the weekend. let's check out what is ugly over the george washington bridge. clogged out there, raindrops on the camera lens, two hands on the wheel especially suvs because we have gusty winds that can take you to lane -- from lane to lane. northeast wind nine to 21. high, only 57, that's the
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coolest day since early june. we spent it in the 50s on june june 2nd. we've had an inch and a half of rainfall along the coastline. we continue to pile up the totals here. a half inch in central park. north and west, lighter amounts. probably half inch. as we go through poughkeepsie and sussex. 47 in yonkers right now, 40s. have not seen a 4 in quite a while. on the island, around 50. 50 in belmar right now. these are sustained winds from eight to 21 miles per hour. these are gusts. obviously some delays at the area airports. picking up loved ones are trying to get out of town, call ahead. steadiest rain first part of the night. then light rain, winds gusting through tomorrow but the rain is lighter and more intermittent during the day. it's still a damp, cool day. heaviest rains right along i- 95. also central new jersey.
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oie. glencoe, roswell as well. back and flushing as well and upper manhattan. so this is going to put it through tonight. and then stick to our west and then the rain gets lighter. it will continue heavily down in the carolinas. worried about historic flooding with one to 2 feet of flooding. winds along the coast inland, you will notice gusty winds. i don't think they will be damaging. tree limbs may come down after the good soaking and the fact trees haven't had much rain over the past couple months. i'm concerned about trees coming down easier. maybe power outages. this is the next high tide cycle. it will begin just before midnight, it will go all the way through the overnight into about 3:00 in the morning in long island. that's where we get some minor to moderate coastal flooding on the jersey shore. maybe some major through southern ocean county. can't see the eye as much. it has probably peaked in intensity. it is not a cat three.
5:20 pm
making a northerly move. it will start to accelerate and head into the atlantic. after all the worry about east coast, the closest pass is a little over 450 miles. minimal impact other than wave action. coastal concern is the theme of the upcoming weekend. after the steady rain tonight. chile, wind driven rain, coastal flooding at a time of high tide, 49 degrees. tomorrow, 56, windy and chilly. lighter rain, more intermittent. tomorrow night, cloudy and damp and showers workers tomorrow night. 5:30, sunday will be drive. maybe some breaks in sun in the afternoon. coastal flooding, could that last through sunday night? will the 70s come back into the forecast? that's all on the seven-day accuweather forecast which will be looking up after saturday. >> hoping for the 70-degree temperatures. coming up, the search for the suspect who kicked and yelled at a man at a midtown subway stop.
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what he said that has cops looking for him. a special tribute from bon jovi for the new jersey football player who died after a hard hit on the field.
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fans of yankee great yogi berra will have a chance to honor the hall of famer this weekend. the museum is holding a memorial tribute. the new jersey museum will be open to the public from noon until 5:00 p.m. sunday. yogi berra died last week at the age of 90. that was the 69th anniversary of his big-league debut. with the rain, it doesn't feel like baseball but october baseball is starting off well for both new york teams. the mets and the yankees are in the playoffs but both teams have a lot of work ahead before the real celebrations can begin. rob is here with a look. >> the yankees are in, the mets are in. postseason baseball starting next week. with these remaining regular- season games, both the yankees and mets fighting for the same thing. home-field advantage. we start with the mets. no game tonight, too much rain at citi field. they will try a doubleheader tomorrow. mets open the playoffs against
5:25 pm
doctors one week from tonight. we just don't know where. that's what's going to happen in the next three games. the yankees have been rained out in baltimore. they play two tomorrow. american league wild-card game last night, that was the scene right here in the clubhouse after beating the red sox. the yankees qualify as a wild- card. we are waiting to see who and where they play. one win for the yankees mean they play a wild-card game at home. their first playoff appearance in three years. layoff baseball for the yankees and mets, first time both been in the playoffs since 2006. whatever happens now, is what they've played so hard for. sade, we will know all the details by sunday night. >> looking forward to it. programming reminder for this weekend, tomorrow night, we will air a special called breast cancer promising research and options. we look at the progress to made -- made to fight breast cancer and the technology to treat it without surgery.
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i hope you join us tomorrow night at 7:30 right here on channel 7. >> always a good special. still ahead on eyewitness news, a freak accident kills a man in an elevator in brooklyn. what went wrong and hear from his friend. new information about the teacher who crashed a drone at the u.s. open. and what is -- what he has now agreed to do. see what happens when seven on your side gets
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accutrack radar showing rain moving through our area and a flood advisory is in effect. outside, the umbrellas are getting a good workout. lee goldberg is tracking the storm.
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beach erosion and flooding big problems all along the jersey shore right now. >> a live look at asbury park where the wind has been whipping up. as you can see, the search is really strong. in north wildwood, sandbags are not doing all that much to hold back the rising waters. is a program from our sister station has more on the storm's impact there. >> reporter: it's hard to tell where the back brace starts and island begins. >> usually when you go fishing over there, even on a high tide, you can see the grassy sound. you can see all of the grass that's there. it's all covered with water right now. this is the worst we've seen for a while. >> reporter: after a rush this morning, a major low. the flooding has closed down spruce avenue. people are doing what they can. some put out sandbags hoping to slow down the water moving their way. >> the water is already up to my second step. >> reporter: street signs dance in the wind as the rain
5:30 pm
for now all those who live here can do is watch and hope for the best. >> just hoping that it doesn't get as bad as sandy. wait and see. >> reporter: it actually looks better than it even did an hour ago. it is starting to recede. we are here almost at low tide. you can see where the water was pushed up earlier today. now, people are waiting to see what will happen with this water in the next high tide, which will occur about midnight. north wildwood, he's a program, channel 7 eyewitness news. don't forget you can keep an eye on the accutrack radar by downloading our accutrack weather alert app, search abc7 in itunes and the google play store. now to a deadly freak accident. a 37-year-old man became trapped between an elevator and the floor. a friend tried in vain to help. watching as he took his last breath. tonight we're learning more about past problems with the elevator at 156 hope street.
5:31 pm
mallory? >> reporter: we're looking into past issues with this elevator and what we found tonight is that there have certainly been a lot of them. we're also learning that this elevator was in fact up to code investigators say this is the elevator at the center of a deadly accident in the williamsburg section of brooklyn. a 37-year-old israeli national found himself trapped. he was stuck between the elevator and the floor at 10 luxury rentals permit building on hope street. >> maybe was just too late. >> reporter: mona, who covered her face while speaking with us, says she watched her friend take his last breath. >> kept saying he's fighting it. but his spine was crushed. >> reporter: a series of elevator issues were reported in 2012. complaints listed on the include shakes, wobbles and
5:32 pm
elevator doors that only opened halfway. the department of building says the address has had four elevator violations since 2013. in a june of 2014 inspection, the elevator was deemed unsatisfactory. the violations have since been resolved. a recent inspection on september 17 concluded in a satisfactory rating. the new york city buildings commissioner is looking into the situation. >> we see no outstanding problems with the elevator. do you think the elevator was adjusting or leveling? we're speculating right now. it's under investigation. it's possible it may have been overloaded. >> reporter: as you can see here tonight, that elevator is still roped off with caution tape right now. stairs for the time being. we're also learning from elevator actually has a people. what we've learned is that it is in fact possible that there
5:33 pm
their at the time of this accident. all of this now part of an ongoing investigation. live from williamsburg, eyewitness news. >> thank you, mallory. a man kicked and punched, police need your help in finding a suspect. they have released this sketch. surveillance video shows the suspect walking near 50th and broadway last week. that's when investigators say he attacked a 37-year-old while shouting anti-gay slurs. a high school teacher whose drone crashed at the u.s. open has been sentenced to five days of community service. daniel pearl he was trying to photograph a sculpture when he's grown lost its signal and fell into the stadium during the tennis tournament. no one was hurt. the charges will be dismissed if he completes his community service and stays out of trouble for six months. the prosecutor urged people to use common sense and not operate drones near crowded areas.
5:34 pm
massapequa is accused of having sexual contact with two teenagers. police are looking for more possible victims. kevin kelly met the 14-year-old and 15-year-old while working as a stage manager at broad hollow theater company. the incidents allegedly happened in 2007 and 2008. the cause of death for a 3- month-old died at a daycare has been ruled undetermined. the medical examiner has closed the investigation into the death of carl town row. he died last july. air series of tests were performed on the evidence but investigators say they just don't have enough to reach a conclusion. he is a contestant on dancing with the stars but this american hero was nearly on campus for the shootings in oregon. we got that story coming up next. how jon bon jovi paid tribute to that high school football player in new jersey who died. why people are lining up in
5:35 pm
new chick-fil-a in manhattan. what we have just learned about the government in the deadly school shootings. also breaking, the search for a missing ship trapped in hurricane waters. many americans on board.
5:36 pm
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tonight, an emotional tribute to a high school football player who dined -- who died, from john bon jovi. >> i heard about evan. as a father, as a father of football players, my heart, my prayers and thoughts go out to the murray family. >> he also put an 18 sticker on his guitar as a tribute to the number on evan murray's jersey. evan died after taking a field on the hit -- on the field last week. his message also wished his team luck this season, telling them to win one for evan.
5:38 pm
en murraynational guardsman and "dancing with the stars" contestant alek skarlatos is feeling the impact of the deadly attack in oregon. he gained international praise when he stopped a gunman on a train in france over the summer. the 22-year-old lives in roseburg and he was a student at umpqua community college. he delayed plans to return to class this fall in order to take part on the show. >> i was enrolled in the reserve academy on saturday, tuesday, thursday classes. if i didn't get called for the dancing show, i would have been on campus. >> skarlatos says he booked a flight home as soon as he learned about the devastating attack. in order to focus on supporting his community and fellow students. the group of mostly african- american women thrown off the napa valley wine train have filed a lawsuit. they want $11 million claiming racial discrimination, defamation and libel.
5:39 pm
the group says it was because nearly everyone was black. they also said the company falsely posted on facebook that they were being verbally and physically abusive toward other passengers. at least one woman says the incident was a factor in losing her job. the first chick-fil-a restaurant in manhattan opens tomorrow. some people just can't wait that long. the new restaurant is located at 37th and 6th avenue. 's is what it looks like today. you see all those people lined up for chick-fil-a. people lined up in the rain looking to be one of the first few customers. the first 100 people in line will score free meals for a year. >> wow. >> staples is taking a stand. staples stores will be closed thanksgiving day. the retailer has been open on the holiday the past few years. this year the company wants workers to spend times with loved ones. stores will be open early on
5:40 pm
still ahead, nina pineda with a potential danger in brooklyn. >> this old tugboat mysteriously appeared overnight in brooklyn. residents complained no one is doing anything about what the call a stinking hazard. they sent an s.o.s. to 7 on your side. there are 35 kinds of cheese to choose from, but there are plenty of other food options. coming up in neighborhood eats. last friday it was 76 degrees. sunny out there. now it's 50 degrees. ready to get our first 40- degree temperatures since may. look at the wave heights too. 30 footers. near the jersey shore, 15 footers closing in on seaside heights also. very chilly and windy.
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the design is based on drawings from a special design day event in july. this is just one of more than a dozen -- playgrounds built thanks to disney's magic of healthy living initiative. disney is the parent company of wac -- a few abc-tv. -- double you abc-tv. -- wabc-tv. >> doesn't somebody have a very special birthday this weekend? >> i never make a big deal about that. >> yeah, right. >> thanks a lot. >> i know you won't be having too much fun because you be focused on the weather. >> i'm not going to spend it with walking. that's for sure. a lot of rains, pretty nasty outside. empire state building, you can barely make lower manhattan in the distance. 50 degrees, rain and northeast wind is howling at over 30 miles per hour in many spots.
5:45 pm
windy and rainy through much of the night. the rain intensities going to drop after midnight. the first 40-degree temperatures since may. can see the planner here, during the day tomorrow, lighter rain in the morning and then patching vocational because it will be windblown and look heavier than it is. still a damp, ronde and we will spend it in the low and middle 50s. back to the wave heights map. just north watching right here, up and down the eastern seaboard, 10 footers offshore, then there's this secondary maximum right in the sweet spot where our highs to the north and walking way down there, we're getting gusty winds funneled in here. 17-foot waves here, down toward delmar, right towards seaside heights there, 13 footers, 10 footers. beach erosion a concern because this is going to continue for the next 42 to's -- 48 to 72 hours i should say. upper 40s, lower 50s.
5:46 pm
of yellow from bridgeport to norwalk. nassau county, into central new jersey, steady rain to the north. just not as heavy. this all has to pivot off to the west. it's going to take much of the night to get through. then the rain will get lighter. joaquin is finally making a move. just meandered around the bahamas for so long. crooked island, long island and bahamas. now moving northward. nassau and grand bahama only got fringe effects. so there's the track. what's great is that now we been consistent for a day with looking at a track that is well offshore. minimal impact, still some wave winds won't be a big factor after sunday. looks like we'll have the high surf and coastal flooding through late sunday night. additional rainfall on the light side of 0.5 to 0.75 especially city and coast, but not the amount of rain we're
5:47 pm
which could approach 20 inches locally and some devastating flooding. heaviest rain first part of the night, spreading out and getting later. still rather raw and damp tomorrow but the rain will be light and intermittent. by the time we get to sunday, we might actually get some breaks during the afternoon. lower 60s, breezy, rather cool day. best chance of a shower would be off to the south. winds -- coastal flooding to the weekend. clouds may break a little bit. brighter skies in the afternoon, 62 to 64. walking is 400 miles or sure -- 400 miles or more offshore. 70s on wednesday, let's back -- let's get back to some nice october weather. this time of year it's usually beautiful unless you get a tropical system involved. that's what we have. tea and biscuits, cheese and wine, coffee and donuts. >> i love them. neighborhood eats, it's the cheese and wine.
5:48 pm
that had all of us drooling. >> i love cheese. is owned by a man who got into the cheese business 25 years ago as a cheese monger. then he is -- he became a sommelier. 140 atlantic avenue in cobble hill, brooklyn. anything. >> love the cheese. -- >> our most popular is caveman blue blue. >> our ideal customer would be the customer that says i'm in your hands. it's just so much fun to do like them when they are actually surprised. >> he has found remote cheeses i never would have tasted before. which is wonderful. >> reporter: he started working as a cheese monger 25 years ago. he also knows his wine. his restaurant is named pair wine and cheese because he
5:49 pm
loves to pair the two. he also offers plenty of other items from sandwiches to sell its. cheese may make an appearance in some dishes and sometimes it's the focal point. like with a fondue. he uses swiss grier. he first sweats aromatics and then as white wine and stores. once the aromatics have done their job, he strains them and then whisks in the cheese. >> the way that they are made makes the melt so beautifully. >> reporter: which leads to a do we experience. >> the action of dipping the bread or the apples in the fondue is fun. >> reporter: might want it all for yourself. >> it's very cozy, yet elegant. they've done a great job with the decor. very countable. have a business of the block so it's very convenient to stop in for a glass of wine and some cheese. >> they are so amazing with the knowledge that they have of the
5:50 pm
cheeses and the winds. so that's pretty great. and then food is delicious. we're thrilled. >> reporter: the recipe for the fondue is at abc7 eats fondue. a little tricky to bring back to the set because you have to have an open flame. instead, we did a cheese plate which i see you demolished. >> basically turned it into a cake. >> that is so good. >> and this jam is really good. >> quince and apple that you can pair with the cheese. they do sell the cheese and the jams if you wanted to go there and shop. >> a nice merlot would be great. >> people off to the side of -- there eyeballing the cheese. >> back off.
5:51 pm
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brooklyn when an age-old boat washed ashore and became a potential danger. residents tried to get rid of it. >> when they kept running into roadblocks, they got seven on their side. >> i said, where did that come from? >> reporter: she got a load of this out her window two weeks ago. >> that was. and i was really concerned that it would damage the bulkhead. >> reporter: an old boat abandoned. banging into her property. for have a month, they've been trying to get the barnacle covered oil leaking eyesore out of there. >> called the council people, called 911. 311. the city. >> i made so many calls. no one seemed to know what to do. >> reporter: when she caught neighborhood -- neighborhood kates -- neighborhood kids playing on side boat, but she couldn't afford the $10,000 fee. >> worried they would slip or her themselves. because at one point, this boy was inside the boat.
5:55 pm
>> reporter: she called us. we couldn't find any markings to i.d. the craft so we contacted the u.s. coast guard. accrue investigated that day. they couldn't find the owners either. they weren't allowed to tell it. yolanda was told -- >> anybody that decides to desert a boat, it's yours possibility. >> reporter: the uncertainty of hurricane joaquin's path concerned us. and tugboat floating around. we spent the last 48 hours contacting every federal agency we could think of to help. this is the result. the city parks department came through safely schlepping the ship downriver. dragging it onto dry land to drain, decontaminate and dispose of it. >> the boat is gone. thank you, channel 7. so many other people tried to help and they failed. but you came through. >> reporter: the mystery remains, where did this boat come from? some of the guys who helped tow it
5:56 pm
believed it could be a navy boat. maybe an admiral's launch. if you've seen it or maybe know what kind of vessel it is, we would love to know. you can reach out and tell us on our 7 on your side facebook page. nina pineda, channel 7 eyewitness news. 's back kudos to the parks department. >> absolutely. nor'easter like whether and hurricane watching. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. a nation in mourning tonight over another mass shooting. politicians on both sides of the aisle offering some things, but divided on what, if anything, should happen next. we managed to dodge hurricane joaquin, but no way
5:57 pm
the tri-state area stop this coastal storm that is drenching us. some parts getting hit hard right now. strong winds, very heavy rain. good evening to you. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. we're getting walloped by mother nature. here is the scene in wildwood, new jersey. they flash flood watch in effect for much of the state. emergency equipped is in place. bulldozers on stat -- staten island island, the erosion and title flooding, the city is standing on a bit. case in point, mayor de blasio is in washington right now. >> we have several reporters covering the storm hitting us right now. stacey sager online island. we begin with lee goldberg outside our studios. >> missing that september son a week ago, 76 and sunny. now we've got nor'easter like conditions. it is wrong outside right now. let's look at a picture in
5:58 pm
central park.
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