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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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$55 million.
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developing right now, a dangerous rescue in rough waters. five people in a boat that capsized in jamaica bay. rain is coming down hard, flooding across the tri-state. now getting ready for what could be a weekend of problems. good evening at 11:00. >> on bill ritter. september seems like a long time ago. it is raw out there tonight. whipping winds, heavy rains as high tide rolls in. people on the shore could be real -- in for a real mess. >> the water department tweeting out this video. crews clearing out catch basin for what's to come. lee goldberg is at the weather wall. >> a lot of beach is week will be lost this week. as we enter high tide over the next couple hours, a few hours on the sound right now. we expect moderate to major coastal flooding especially
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across southern ocean county toward atlantic city, coastal flood warnings for new jersey. the sound, long island, south shore, new jersey, we have high wind watches along the coast. winds gusting over 80 miles an hour hour. it's a chile, raw night. it is damp, we've had an inch at new york city, 2.5 inches over the last four days. over an inch and a half along the coast. the rain continues to be lighter inland. wind gusts going to 40 along the coast. pc the heavy rainfall over monmouth and ocean. but we're losing the lows going more blues, indication the rain is starting to get lighter. what's happening is all energy going down to this firehose goes into the carolinas. 10 to 14 inches. it's connected down to walking. joaquin encouraging news on this. we have a storm still very powerful with 125-mile-per-hour
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track. a sigh of relief for the east coast as this is going to be 450 miles offshore. so the rain gets lighter overnight. minor street flooding. looking for coastal flooding, major concern over the next four to five high tide cycles. get used to the gusty winds. the breeze will back off later in the weekend. seven-day accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. >> thanks, lee. developing story in brooklyn. a dramatic rescue. five people who for some reason in the middle of the storm were on a boat. it capsized tonight. five of those on board taken to the hospital. two critically hurt. we are at the scene with the latest latest. >> reporter: bill, we are a quarter to a half mile from floyd bennett bay. as you can see extremely dark out here. undoubtedly what made this rescue extremely challenging. the pay is 50 yards behind us. take a look at this video we shot moments after those five men were pulled out from the
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you can see an nypd rescue boat shining a spotlight on the overturned boat. looks like a blue and white vessel and it appears to be a small boat. it was hard to tell from where we were standing. you can see the water is extremely choppy and rough. nypd vessel rocking back and forth. this happened around 7:45 p.m. all of those men were pulled out on the shore by 8:15. the biggest question of all is what were they doing out there? nypd says they are investigating that angle. fdny and coast guard and nypd had to send divers into the water. two of the men swam to shore. unclear how far out they were. they made it through very rough conditions. one of those men was clinging to the boat. we're told two others were pulled out from the water. we do not know their ages. two of them were taken to beth israel hospital in critical condition. three of them were taken to coney island with minor injuries but none of them were
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life-threatening and obviously they are lucky to be alive. out here on what possibly could have been the worst conditions to be out here. this could amend and much more tragic outcome. at jamaica bay in brooklyn, cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> divers risking their lives as well. from rescuing in the storm to cleaning up the storm, talk about multitasking. folks cleaning up from one storm, preparing for more flooding as well well. monmouth beach police department posting photos of flooded streets. drivers in manasquan trying to navigate standing water. now the jersey shore is bracing for more. lucy yang with that part of our story. she's in seaside heights where it is windy. >> reporter: well, bill, it is high tide right now. it's hard to see kind me because the ocean is pitch black right now. but i can tell you this, they built temporary dunes and those waves right now are coming way
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boardwalk. this backyard sits right on bargain bay. he made sure his boat was well anchored and all his lawn chairs brought inside. >> flooding. i believe there's going to be a storm surge, at least a few feet. this is the low spot in the township. we are really worried we're going to get flooding here. >> reporter: residents know painfully well the potential havoc of a coastal storm. in preparation, officials cleaned out drains in the streets. they asked residents to move all cars from flood prone areas and they have on standby a convoy of army vehicles and humvees that can drive through 4 feet of water. >> we have a communication vehicle that has radio set with the county and state in case we lose power. >> reporter: after sandy devastated this beach town, they learned it's best to be over prepared. >> there's a temporary doing on the north side. >> reporter: you could see the
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rays -- the waves pounding a short and the wet winds whipping through. joe lost everything in sandy. three long years later he has finally rebuild. this time making his house stand 10 feet higher. he is not taking any chances. >> sandy, we were down here and we cleared everything out. i put my refrigerator up 3 feet. and we flooded 5 feet. the place was wiped. >> reporter: they are not anticipating the need for evacuation this weekend, but they do have shelters in toms river on standby just in case. live at seaside heights, new jersey, lucy yang. home and business owners are bracing for hurricane joaquin while battling the tonight storm. >> people are filling sandbags on the peninsula. several residents concerned about the one-two punch about
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high tides this weekend. they say the beaches are vulnerable because barrier berms are still not complete. >> it's something that keeps you up at night. you watch the forecast and hope and pray, and you really keep your fingers crossed and be prepared. >> state and federal funding have been used to strengthen shorelines since sandy hit three years ago. some people took advantage of the high surf to hit the weights. dozens of surfers were in the waters of the rockaways today. the rain and wind are making for treacherous driving tonight. we did see minor flooding on the streets of smithtown. sanitation crews are cutting down trees and branches and then carting them away. lawn chairs on staten island helping direct first responders to the most urgent damage. emergency response teams spending the night in emergency operations trailer keeping tracks of accidents and downed lines. trains tonight running again on the franklin avenue shuttle line in brooklyn. is after the storm toppled a
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tonight. crews cleared the bridges from the tracks in crown heights by 8:30. there were residual delays. hurricane joaquin lashing the bahamas, knocking out power and triggering the storm, uprooted trees and toppled power lines today. emergency officials say floodwaters trapped some people in their homes and cell service was knocked out for many. fortunately, there have been no reports of anyone seriously injured from the storm. coast guard crews are desperately searching for an american cargo height of the storm. there has been no sign of the ship called el faro. it was heading from florida to message reporting engines problems. 33 people on board. stay with eyewitness news for continuing coverage of hurricane joaquin. we will be following all the twitter pages. disturbing information
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about the shooter and the latest semester on campus, that organ rampage. authorities investigating whether religion might be a motive. tonight also a story of her was him. an army veteran who tried to stop chris harper mercer. >> by the time chris mercer was finished shooting, the pain for the victims families and those who survived the carnage at umpqua community college will last for -- last a lifetime. >> i look up, and i see people running, that's when i knew we need to get out. >> the victims, a sampling of the quiet town of roseburg, oregon. ages 18 to 67. students, the son of a firefighter, the niece of a paramedic. a teacher. it took police just six minutes to arrive at snyder hall where they killed mercer. in the moments before, there was a hero. 30-year-old chris mintz, a student and army vet who tried to stop the madman. >> he was telling people to run, grabbing people, telling them you have to go.
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>> that's when mintz charged mercer. >> he ran back towards the building where the shooting was. and he ran back into the building. >> mintz was shot seven times and he looked up at mercer and settlement one thing: it's my son's sixth birthday. tonight from his hospital bed, mercer telling abc news, i hope that everyone else is okay. i'm just worried about everyone else. president obama worried tonight as well. once again speaking out about this senseless shootings and calling for tougher gun control. 145 school shootings since sandy hook, 45 this year alone. mercer's 13 weapons, all both legally. tonight, cops look into whether mercer asked victims about their religion. and they confirmed mercer was a student at the school who penned hate filled writings and who's online history showed a fascination with other mass murderers quoting, seems like more people you kill, the more you are in the limelight. the debate over guns perhaps not taking a turn over the
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latest massacre? legal or illegal, does it really matter to the families morning or to the 10 who were wounded? that hero, chris mintz, friends and family starting a gofundme page 12 hours ago. it has raised about a half million dollars since this morning. sade? >> thanks. new trouble for a catholic priest in our area after cops say he pointed a gun at an 8- year-old boy in the church. even more shocking is why he allegedly did it. use seen people tossed cigarettes before but what happened when this man did it has new york cops searching for
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a most disturbing story tonight. a catholic priest charged with pointing a rifle at a young boy in his church indicating he would shoot him. people saw this happen but the archdiocese says it wasn't told about it for nearly two weeks. here is eyewitness news reporter into a cup. >> reporter: what was he thinking? that's the question from so many people in little ferry, new jersey. allegedly pointing a musket at an 8-year-old child minutes before sunday mass. >> it shouldn't be done at all. not acceptable. >> reporter: the allegations came as a shock. the pastor of saint margaret of cortona roman catholic church arrested. kevin carter, fingerprinted, photographed, and charged tonight with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child.
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weeks ago in a back room at the church. after the victim had arrived with his family for sunday mass. once in the room, prosecutors say father carter had the victim stand against a wall. he then retrieved a long gun from nearby, and pointed it at the child with an indication that he would shoot him. although there were several eyewitnesses, the incident was apparently not reported to the archdiocese for two weeks. once they learned of it, church officials called police. investigators later located the weapon in question as well as gun powder, ammunition and associated items for the gun. the weapon was found to be a functioning civil war style musket. episode appears to have been a prank over football. >> loses the ball at the end of the play. >> reporter: the giants were scheduled to play the cowboys later that night. prosecutors say the priest was disappointed. when the boy said he would be rooting for dallas.
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but the charges tonight are serious. and a major embarrassment for father carter who was sworn in earlier this year as the chaplain of the little ferry police department. >> even if it was as a prank, you are scaring the kid, causing emotional damage. >> reporter: church trustees could not be reached for comment. a spokesman refused to discuss the allegations. prosecutors say father clear -- father carter remains in police custody here tonight. little ferry new jersey, channel 7 eyewitness news. new video in a search for a careless smoker who police believe caused a damaging fire on staten island. casually take a cigarette from his mouth and flicks it. the video from last saturday afternoon on bay street with a building that is home to the staten island chamber of commerce went up in flames. no one was injured but the fire caused significant damage. you've been busy today.
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>> busy watching joaquin make his move out to see. so that's the good news there. now, we'll be talking about rain the rest of the night. coastal flooding for the rest of the weekend. sunday is not a total loss if you want to have outdoor plans. it will be wet and damp but the rain is going to stop falling. lookaside, the west side, folks have umbrellas, the rain has gotten a lot lighter. some of the area just plain old cloudy. northeast wind still cranking 16 to 26. pressure holding steady, the high 57. 12 degrees below average. so used to being 10 degrees above in september. amazing flip of the calendar and of the pattern. sunrise and sunset times, not going to be so pleasant. the rain is not as heavy as consistent. 48 in tribeca. numbers are going to hold steady the rest of the night. mid-40s off to the north and west.
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wind gusts at laguardia, 36. 40 mile-per-hour gusts along the coast. right through tomorrow, still a busy wind to at least part of sunday. 50 mile-per-hour gusts at the coast and six to 10-foot waves. we've seen 15 footers close to see how -- seaside heights. maybe major coastal flooding, especially along the jersey shore and maybe minor to moderate property damage on the jersey shore. long island is a little less intense. in terms of our weather tomorrow, patchy light rain around and then off and on rain is little bit of drizzle during the day. gusty winds, damp day but not talking about flooding rains. heavy rains from overage over to glendale, queens, over to freeport and head into parts of suffolk county. like rain off to the north. i can see this losing its strength right now as it tries to put on shore. all the energy is coming down into the carolinas where they are getting historic rainfall. can see the pipeline right down to joaquin. great look on the
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north but the northeast. making that critical move out central and southeastern winds of 125, it will accelerate over the coming days and also show weakening but it will -- well offshore. 11 a craft advisory has about 500 miles offshore. just some weight action headed back to the east coast. you can see the futurecast, like the rain, scattered showers tomorrow, on sunday, maybe some breaks in the overcast there as temperatures get into the 60s. that may not be a bad day. if you are looking for a day trip, all of a sudden the fall colors kicking into the adirondacks and parts of northern new england. check that out. here is your seven-day accuweather forecast. windy and chilly, like rain and drizzle, still need the umbrella tomorrow. very damp, coastal flooding becomes the main concern as the rain begins to taper. sunday, there might not be rain at all. a couple breaks in the clouds,
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offshore. beautiful october whether early to mid-week next week. serious flooding situation with the rains going away. >> thank you, lee. the household to that might
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need to release some stress?
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maybe you should ditch your dishwasher. people who wash dishes mindfully , completely engrossed in the chart, had lower stress. also increased inspiration and decreased nervousness. we have a good news story. a young couple walking down the aisle for the second time. the first time, 17 years ago. adrian franklin, a shy 5-year- old, he was told to accompany young brooke in north carolina. they were the ring bearer and flower girl. years later, they reconnected. love blossomed. now they are married. they walked down the same i'll for their own wedding -- aisle. >> rob powers is up next in sports. a lot of baseball to be played in the next 48 hours. just not tonight. mets and yankees both looking for home-field advantage in the playoffs. mother nature not cooperating
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explain to me why you're not in london. >> [laughter] weekend baseball. >> that's the reason? >> nfl season reaches the quarter pole, we four already? the jets in england for a game against the dolphins, it starts at 9:30 a.m. the 12th nfl game in london will be the first to feature division rivals. miami 1-2, the jets 2-1. road game for both teams playing in front of british fans. >> hopefully they like us and we play good football. and give them a chance to root for us.
11:29 pm
>> both teams are having to deal with the adjustment. so we're on an even playing field there. >> giants on the road in buffalo. both teams dealing with injuries this week. big blue gets ready for prime time after this one, sunday night, then monday night, giants want to get on a roll here. >> we playing at their house. crowd to be a factor but we ready for the challenge. >> got a couple days left, just fine-tuning some stuff. get a lot of mental reps and just going to sunday looking to have some fun. >> tonight's big baseball games, washed out by the rain. mets in a race with the dodgers to see which team ends up with the better record. we know they are going to play each other in the playoffs but home-field advantage has yet to be determined. rained out today. mets and nationals will play a split doubleheader tomorrow. tough to win two in one day but that's what the mets will try to do do. after that, get ready for the
11:30 pm
>> at the same time, whether we start the postseason at home or on the road, you've got to find ways to win ball games. i've been on it on both sides where you win games on the road and you when gays at home -- and you win games at home. the scheduled picture, that might change if the astros lose tonight. yankees would host the a.l. wild-card game on today anyway. everybody's interested in arizona. houston at 4-0 with a moonshot. astros lead 7-2. the yankees would like them to lose but regardless, a yankee win tomorrow, none of this matters. final nhl preseason game tonight. they beat the flyers 3-2 in a shoot out. big mls matchup, dc united, frank lampard scored in the game's first minute. dc united would rally after that.
11:31 pm
the 92nd minute. nycfc loses 2-1. dc united gets a playoff spot. finally, we already had that -- let's talk about football now from the fx fl season opener. former nfl quarterback josh freeman is the qb right now. they did score late, 29-6, they
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wish lee goldberg a happy birthday. that's it for us for now. thanks for watching.


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