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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 5, 2015 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. our top stories right now we're following this morning on "world news now." historic deluge. a drenching storm still hovering over south carolina as millions struggle to cope with the worst flooding in decades. rescuers are on the move as those raging waters trap hundreds of people this their cars. a full report coming up. >> survivors of last week's oregon college shooting are sharing details of the ordeal. one young woman pretended that she was dead. another spared by the gunman but forced to watch as the others died. today the campus reopens but there won't be any classes. >> doctors without borders is leaving the afghan city where an air strike killed at least 22 people at the group's hospital. the strike is believed to have
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been carried out by a u.s. aircraft. >> a new report says the fees we pay to use an out of network atm are new record highs. nationwide. the average $4.52. also at record highs are overdraft fees. they now average $33.07. those are some of our top stories on this monday, october 5th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> hey, good morning. we begin this half hour with the stubborn storm still lashing the carolina coastline after a weekend of historic flooding, even more rain still on the way. >> can you believe it? hundreds of stranded drivers and families had to be plucked from their cars in south carolina. in fact, so many. officials say they lost count. at least seven people have died and more door-to-door search operations are planned for today. abc's rob marciano is there. >> reporter: a stubborn system battering the east coast for nearly four days. and it won't give up.
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>> reporter: historic rain. for charleston. over the weekend, their wettest day on record. >> this is a very serious situation. >> reporter: parts of the state getting more than two feet of rain since thursday. many neighborhoods submerged. >> it's getting deeper. i'd say at least three or four feet in here. >> reporter: outside charleston, our first look at the damage left behind. heather's parents house got two feet of water wrecking furniture, soaking drywall and floors. >> you can see the water line. right here. how high up it came in this room. >> reporter: the path of too. >> in the water. >> reporter: this house in middletown ship, new jersey, swept away. nearly 75-mile stretch shut >> significant flooding already occurring again in south charleston. >> reporter: and just a week ago in south carolina, they were bracing for hurricane joaquin which pulled out to sea.
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residents say this storm's flooding worse than hurricane hugo of 1989. >> they're talking about at least three more inches coming in. so i'm a little bit concerned. >> reporter: the creek that runs behind their house in this neighborhood is normally about six feet wide. now over 1,000 yards wide and it is a huge river at a level that these residents have never seen. rob marciano, abc news, somerville, south carolina. >> incredible water levels. and apparently it isn't over. dozens much counties in the carolinas have severe weather advisories at this hour. >> as rain continues to fall on the flood zone, paul williams updates the miserable conditions for us. paul, good morning. >> thanks, kendis, reena. we have record-setting numbers being recorded in columbia as well as chartston and in boone hill plantation. they already recorded 24 inches why? we have a trough that's actually that brings a little rain. a low pressure on this side of the equator typically brings in some rain. when you add tropical moisture,
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we're talking about three different rainmakers carolina. it will continue to be the case as we go into today. rescue efforts are still on kendis, reena. >> thank you so much. hurricane joaquin spared the east coast but now bearing down sea. it's no longer a category 5 storm but packing damaging winds of more than 70 miles an hour. the main harbors getting battered as tourists and residents brace for nearly a half a foot of rain and a dangerous storm surge. >> the search continues this morning for a u.s. cargo ship that vanished in the height of hurricane joaquin with more than 30 people on board. now a major clue. a huge field of debris has been spotted. we get more now from abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: a break in the search for the missing cargo ship, the el faro. carrying 33 crew and 28 americans. a 225-square-mile area of debris. with what appears to be
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items found. yeshl, we were with the coast guard as crews discovered a container and oil sheen floating in the ocean. >> i'd say it looks like a 55-gallon drum. >> it's common for ships transiting through a storm to lose things off their deck, off their topside decks. >> reporter: and late saturday, the coast guard pulling this life ring out of choppy waters. it's been days since the el faro went missing right in the path of hurricane joaquin. the 790-foot vessel was travel ing injacksonville florida, destined for puerto rico. the captain making a distress call from crooked island saying the ship had lost power. listing 15 degrees. in an area known as the bermuda triangle. florida. maine. >> i'm very hopeful. until they find a reason for me not to be, i'm going to remain hopeful.
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now searched 70,000 square naught call miles and will be back at it the monday morning at first light. linzie janis, abc news, miami. >> college student being held north korea is expected to be released today. he was caught in april crossing from china, north korean officials released this video last month in which he told his parents that he was healthy. pope francis has given a marriage. a union between a man and a woman. but he also asked for acceptance and mercy. >> reporter: pope francis strongly reaffirmed traditional catholic teaching on marriage. an indoes soluble bond between man and woman but typically pope francis didn't stop there, mercy for all, even those experiencing divorce. and after a week of stunning revelations about his american
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to do damage control. early in the week, the bottom shell news that kentucky county clerk kim davis met with the pope and claimed he endorsed her actions. >> he said, stay strong. >> reporter: and another stunner, the vatican backtracks, says the meeting with davis wasn't the pope's idea. saying she was invited by vatican officials in washington. and that francis offered nothing more than common courtesy. >> his kindness and warmth and hospitality, he shook people's hands and gave them rosaries. >> reporter: pope francis last week in washington embracing a former student, a gay man who brought his longtime partner. >> i do hope it means exactly what it is. that he's not afraid to have a gay friend. that me being gay is no different than me having blue eyes. >> reporter: a pope who reaffirms the teaching of his church but who also seeks solidarity and inclusiveness far beyond them.
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as he has famously said, who am i to judge? terry moran, abc news, london. >> disney's reportedly considering congestion pricing for theme parks and resorts. this morning "wall street journal" reports that disney our parent company would charge lower ticket prices for slower days and higher prices on the more popular days. theme parks are experiencing record attendance. even before the creation of "star wars" land. >> okay. sort of like uber pricing almost. so october of course is breast cancer awareness month. maybe you can tell by all the pink that we've seen at the nfl games that the teams are wearing these days. well, there was also plenty you have pink being worn by hundreds of runners at an event in minnesota. >> most of the runners taking part in the man capital toes first ever tootoo run. they were indeed wearing pink. look at those tootoos. to fit the tootoo into this mankato race, it was actually, that's the theme, the race was 2.2 miles long.
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>> i get it. i see. 2.2. >> money raised from the event went to an organization formed by breast cancer survivors that helps those currently suffering from the disease. >> totally cute. i love that idea. >> i like the outfits, as well. coming up, speak of football from sunday night football to be an unforgettable halftime performance, it is sports with reena. >> thank you for the reminder. also ahead, hillary clinton tackles a serious issue today after looking for laughs on "saturday night live." it's your voice, your vote. >> and later baby toys that look like fun but they're actually educational. don't tell your kids. our toy insider mom's favorites for a growing mind. but first, today's forecast map. you're watching "world news now." take a look. >> "world news now" weather. brought to you by mucinex fast max. how ya doing? enough pressure in here for ya? ugh. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast.
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flooding over the weekend. they dramatic scenes from france's mediterranean coast. at least 16 diegos are blamed on the flooding. some people remain missing. the flooding knocked out power to tens of thousands of homes in the french riviera and forced the closure of rail lines and roads. president obama paid tribute to america's fallen firefighters. he spoke at the annual national memorial service honoring those killed in the line of duty. calling them heros. tribute was paid to the 87 firings who died on the job and that's just over the last two years. well, today, hillary clinton is set to propose a series of gun control measures that she would impose if she's elected president. >> she'll make the announcement in new hampshire after a high profile appearance on "saturday night live." it's your voice, your vote with abc's mary bruce. >> i wish you could be president. >> me, too. >> reporter: with her poll numbers shaky, hillary clinton is offering an alternative.
2:43 am
her lighter side. >> all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that's like, uh, you're all losers? >> reporter: clinton is hoping facing a potential game-changing challenge from vice president joe biden. the latest polling shows biden who has yet to make a decision would bring clinton's iowa leaded from 11 points down to five and she's still losing to bernie sanders in new hampshire. on the republican side, donald trump still in the lead. >> i'm having a lot of fun. >> reporter: but his support is slipping in the key states of iowa and new hampshire. >> do you get out before you get beat? >> it's not a question. i'm not a mass kist. i'm not somebody that needs to do for other reasons. >> reporter: trump has five-point leads in those states. but ben carson and carly fiorina are nipping at his heels. fiorina like the other outsiders not afraid to say what she thinks. >> the reason morale is down in the military is not because they don't want to serve. it's because they don't think their president cares about their service.
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>> reporter: as for clinton, the new likability strategy comes at a critical time. as the first democratic debate is now just eight days away. mary bruce, abc news, washington. >> eight days away. >> it is wildly expected that the vice president will make his decision fairly soon and, of course, cnn is saying even if he makes his decision on the 13th, he can still get into that that night. >> i guess he doesn't need a lot of debate prep, huh? he goes with the flow. >> he's been at it for a few >> that's part of the benefit. >> coming up, toys that teach. >> the toy insider mom is here with her latest finds. that is next on "world news
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out of the womb. >> no, most of our kids are back at school but we have all those preschoolers at home. you know, they're learning from the world around them and, of course, from their play things. one of the things i love most when we're buying something for little ones is something they'll grow with. this is a grow with me toy called our vitek alphabet train, the ultimate train. when kids are little they're sitting in front of it and playing. as they get older it's a walker. finally sitting on it and with storage. look at all the cool things they're going to learn. colors. numbers. and, of course, letters. >> very nice. >> so it doesn't stop teaching. they have tons of fun. but kids learn all kinds of things. one of the things we want to teach our kids about are things like nurturing and loving. we have peppa pig. she's adorable. >> hug me.
2:48 am
>> so this is our oink and hug pea. meet beepo. a fun friend. he's got three different modes of play. the first one is a dance mode. i'm going to push the buttons for you. so the second one, we're going to dance though. that we're going to do together. second o teaches us about abcs, 123s and colors. watch this. >> let's count. one, two, three. >> come on, dance with me. >> i can't get into that. >> so he's a lot of fun. but watch this. >> it needs a calvin harris remix. >> say something. sing it back. get ready. >> let's play. >> kids will have a great time. saying things to beepo and letting him do his own thing. when i took this out, you love him. he's been hanging out with preschoolers for 25 years now.
2:49 am
so he's really fun. he teaches the kid about the world around them and he asks for things. this way our kids get to nurture him, too. he'll ask for things like his teddy bear. >> pass me my teddy please. >> he'll say he's cold and he might ask. >> had me put on my jacket. >> he might ask for something too. >> may i have some milk please. >> give him some milk. see what he does. >> he's really cute. it's all about nurturing and he's fun. i don't know about you but i grew up with mr. rogers neighborhood. now it's danielle tiger's neighborhood. a lot of same friends that i knew growing up like prince wednesday and queen sarah and a lot of new friends too. the thing about danielle tiger's neighborhood it's all about feelings kids knowing who to talk to when they're sad or how to be appreciative and thank ifful. one of my favorites is the trolley. that's how you get around the neighborhood.
2:50 am
remember the bells? there he goes. >> we're talking like is it going to go completely off? >> no. one of the big about hits on disney junior now is miles from "tomorrowland." this is the stella sphere that he travels in. it gets kid excited about space and solving problems. you can take this apart. take out the big ship. yeah. if you pick this up a little bit, yeah. wait, we forgot one. here it comes. miles and his small ship right here. okay? >> don't want to forget miles. >> then if you would just open up the back. spread this out. put it down. there's who your headquarters. look how cool this is. lights and action. >> real quickly, like what does that teach us? >> it gets kids excited about space. >> very cool. >> right. >> all right. future nasa scientist there. thank you so much, laurie. appreciate it and look for more details about these products on our facebook page
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>> the got your game face on. >> i've got my game face on. >> this is that great time of day again. we start with the nfl. >> last night in new orleans, the saints hosted the cowboys. late in the fourth quarter, dallas quarterback brandon weeden hit terrence williams with a 17-yard touch down pass. the extra point tied the game at 20. new orleans had a chance to win but the kicker, what is this, missed from 30 yards out. in o.t., saints quarterback drew brees connected with c.j. spiller and took it to the house. >> see you later. >> this is what they call kind of like a walk off home run. saints win 26-20. you like that? >> like a penalty shoot-out in soccer. >> sure. that was good? >> something like -- that was great. walkoff.
2:55 am
>> thank you guys. i like it when i can freelance. next, how about some championship basketball. game one of the wnba finals. the indiana fever and minnesota take on the licks. 11,000 in attendance. why? because you know, anything you guys can do, we can do better. cheering loudly as the links trimmed the deficit. the fever ended up taking the lead. the links came within three. >> how does it end. >> three less than 20 seconds left but a mishandled pass did them in. final score 75-69. game two is tomorrow night on our sister network, espn2. >> got it dvr. >> got it dvr. >> we have to do an update of sports with reena. i love my women's sports. i keep telling you 2015 is the year. >> too bad the mystics aren't there. wnba team. >> very good. next an awkward situation for some college football flairs
2:56 am
suddenly too close for comfort. the orlando bucks stuck in an elevator before saturday's game. many without uniforms on. if you think their opponent was behind the incident, nope. it didn't work because the ducks, they waddled and beat the colorado buffaloes, 41-24. look at an them. >> a high school team could have beat the buffalos. >> high school teams that could have beat them jack says. finally show some love for the marching band. check out the mountain high school pride from phoenix, arizona. all of a sudden one of the drummers goes upside down and lands on a band mate's shoulder and keeps playing. they hold his drum upside down for him. >> isn't that incredible? so incredible mountain point ended up beating desert vista 28-14 and the band played on and on and on.
2:57 am
2:58 am
this morning on "world news now," historic and deadly floods in the carolinas. >> the remarkable rescues and stories of heroism in the middle of a disaster. the conditions now and the predictions from accuweather. >> campus tragedy, stories of survival after last week's college shooting in oregon. including one student who played dead what teachers and students are doing today to recover. >> your voice, your vote. who is gaining and who's slipping in the presidential race? did hillary gain support while looking for laughs on "saturday night live"? >> and later, pumpkins with faces. the invention putting lasting impressions on your favorite halloween crop. the pumpkin stein trend is growing on this monday, october 5th.
2:59 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we do say good morning to you on this back to work monday. >> i like that, back to work monday. >> are you feeling it, the monday vibe? >> i'm feeling the weather right now. in fact, i had a cup of tea here. my third tea and there's so much going on weatherwise. i'm glad people are safe but there were a couple of fatality fatalities to report. we're going to begin with the rain leading to flooding and hundreds of water rescues across south carolina. >> look at these images. the drenching storm blamed for at least seven deaths has dumped more than two feet of rain in some areas and it is not over yet. roads and buildings are buckling. thousands are in the dark. president obama has declared a state of emergency. we turn now to abc's alex perez in columbia, south carolina >> reporter: grasping for life. crews using a rope to rescue a person trapped on therein flooded south carolina road. take a look at this mom's face. grief and relief as firefighters get her 4-year-old son out of a stranded car and back flow her
3:00 am
a marathon of rescues in columbia, south carolina, the situation dangerous for even trained rescuers. >> we've had a west columbia firefighter swept away. and they've lost visual contact. >> reporter: two firefighters rescued. there's so much water here, it's easy to forget this is a roadway, not a river. you look in the distance and you see scenes like this. three cars completely submerged. the water up to the rooftops of some homes. these residents trapped on the this storefront collapsed. roads giving way. dams bursting. jeff graden says the water was rising by the second. he escaped with his wife. their home now somewhere underneath all this water. >> it's tough because everything i own that i know of has been destroyed. all my memories. everything i've worked for. >> reporter: countless neighbors like scott webber volunteering all day and night to get people to safety. >> so, when i saw what was going on, i just felt the need to help.
3:01 am
>> reporter: some who lost everything they owned, just grateful they'll get a chance to start again. >> it's heart-wrenching, but i'm so glad that we're safe. >> reporter: now the big wait receding. knocked down the whole front wall of that restaurant. the cleanup process just beginning. alex perez, columbia, south carolina. >> incredible. >> incredible images from the carolinas. more rain and more misery for the carolinas by the way in the hours ahead. >> the rainstorms continue to drench that region at this hour. our coverage continues with accuweather's paul williams and why this is happening. hey, paul, good morning to you. >> thank you, reena, kendis. major flooding still a concern for monday. possibility of road closures, mud slides in the mountains. and power outages major problems with the amount of water that's already fall. . so why so much rain? low pressure system will typically bring a little rain our way. a dip or trough in the jet
3:02 am
stream can bring a little rain our way and tropical moisture not connected to the hurricane, by the way, all of that triple-teameds on the carolinas. and that's why we have accumulations of 24 inches and still counting in some areas. kendis, reena? >> great. our thanks to paul there. in the meantime, hurricane joaquin has spared the east coast but it's now bearing down on bermuda before veering out to sea. no longer a category 5 storm but still packing damaging winds of more than 70 miles an hour. the main harbors are getting battered as tourists and residents brace for nearly a half foot of rain and dangerous storm surge. the search is continuing in the feen meantime throughout the night for a u.s. cargo ship that vanished in hurricane joaquin with 33 on board. the coast guard found a large amount of debris while scouring more than 70,000 square thought cal miles. so far no confirmation that they're from the missing ship. the el faro was heading to puerto rico from florida. the crew lost contact thursday
3:03 am
water. there are new details in the afghanistan. it appears to have been an american air strike that destroyed the hospital and killed 22 people. doctors without borders which ran the facility is withdrawing from the city of kunduz after calling the attack a war crime. defense secretary ash carter promising a full and transparent investigation into whether a u.s. aircraft was responsible for the attack. keeping our focus overseas and breaking overnight, a u.s. college student being held in north korea is expected to be released today. talking about one moon yu who attends new york university and arrested in april for entering north korea illegally across the chinese border. last month he was seen in this video telling is his parents that he was healthy. >> classes are canceled today at the oregon community college where eight students and a teacher were killed last week. those who survived are beginning to recount details of their ordeal.
3:04 am
one young woman pretended to be dead. another forced to watch as the rest were gunned down. here's abc's neal karlinksky. >> >> reporter: the pastor's prayers were answered even before he stepped into church today. >> she said, i began to pray. and secondly, i knew i was going to die today. >> reporter: his 18-year-old daughter lacy, one of the closest witnesses to survive the gunman's rampage unscathed saved by trevorance pack after he was shot, later dying. >> i believe in the last moments he had any conscious whatsoever, he said, i am going to roll on to lacey. >> reporter: she laid under him, playing dead. amazingly, sitting next to lacy in church today, this man. the student they say was chosen directly by the gunman to live. >> he said, you're the lucky one. you're not going to die today. >> scroggins says his daughter told him that the gunman asked students their religion, asked them to beg for their lives but rounded them up and shot them
3:05 am
together in just a moment. >> he came in to execute. >> reporter: meanwhile, chris mintz, hailed a hero and shot seven times released this video. >> hello, everyone. i'm doing well and i'm overwhelmed by support that i've gotten from everybody. >> reporter: the nine victims, ranging from 18 to 67. alleged gunman chris mercer's last words -- final words overheard by lacy. you got me. i've had enough. i'm done. >> reporter: the official cause of the gunman's death has been ruled a suicide but the sheriff believes he was hit by officers first. there is still no known motive. roseburg, oregon. >> the supreme court is starting its new term today toing a three-month break after hick ruling on same mex marriage in june the justices facing a new string of issues including abortion, birth control and race. among the most controversial cases a texas law that restricts
3:06 am
a challenge to a university's affirmative action policy. >> new polls show the presidential front-runners have challengers nipping at their heels. hillary clinton holds an 11-point lead in iowa. in vice president joe biden were to jump in, that falls to five points. in new hampshire, bernie sanders from vermont is actually beat booing clinton by nine points. that's one reason for the skit on saturday night live." >> all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that's like uh, you're all losers? >> speaking of the donald, he has a five-point lead in both of the early voting states. but ben carson trails by just five points in new hampshire and carly fiorina by five in iowa. >> so the retail strategy for selling the apple watches taking a step forward with the watch going on sale at target stores. it will be available at some locations this week. and in all-stars over the next three weeks.
3:07 am
prices for the apple watch at target will be between $350 and $600. and these are depictions of what tech bloggers think an apple smart ring might look like. you heard me right. a smart ring. the company filed a patent for a ring that would include a touch screen and a microphone. the patent says the ring would be worn on the index finger and would be controlled by the wearer's thumb. no word on whether the ring would actually be made. something new. >> yeah. >> patent filed for on april 1st as a joke but who knows. >> all right. next i wait for the earring. >> exactly. a small dog from california is getting plenty of attention for punching well above his din min utive weight. check out jules. >> a french bulldog that rushed to the scene while some bears were looking around her home for something to eat. look at this. jewels chased both of them away.
3:08 am
a third bear that was nearby also took off. >> i love that. you know, when you're young, are you so foolish sometimes. you don't know any better. i love this. sometimes the youngsters win. >> come on, you're attacking three bears. >> the bears were thought to be about 100 bears each. they didn't stand a chance against jewels but jules, youth was clearly on his side. >> bear did not care. good job. >> coming up "in the mix" a sneezing monkey and walking fish. hundreds of new species that have never been seen before. we'll explain. >> also ahead, a growing trend in the pumpkin patch. pumpkins that look like frankenstein. >> and the sex scandal involving a madame, her claims in a new book and a well-known basketball team. >> find us on facebook and twitter @abcwnn.
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no scrubbing. turbo power destroys it. for lime, calcium and rust, lime-a-way is a must! take a look at there. an extraordinary sight hot air balloons over albuquerque new mexico. all part of the international balloon fiesta kicked off this weekend. more than 500 balloons lifted all at once with pilots from 17
3:13 am
countries, smoky the bear balloon. that's jedi, master yoda. even after dark they were a lightning bugs. it runs through next sunday. >> put that on my bucket list. beautiful scene there. consumer news now. the fees we pay to use an out of network atm at record highs. a new report from bank $4.52. the city with the highest atm fees atlanta at $5.15. and also at record highs are overdraft fees. nationwide they average right now $33 for those fees and 7 cents i should say. milwaukee has the highest for overdraft fees at nearly 35 bucks. >> got to watch those statements. now to the shocking allegations about the way in which some college basketball players were allegedly recruited to the prestigious program at the university of louisville. >> all of this coming from a new book that claims escorts had sexual encounters with recrew
3:14 am
the team won the national championship. abc's mesh with the details. >> reporter: a sex scandal targeting one of college basketball's biggest hour houses. >> it almost got me sick to my stomach. >> the ncaa investigating the university of louisville following allegations by former madame katsina powell in her new book alleging she and other escorts were hired to have sex with team members and recruits, a charge head coach rick pet tino calls unbelievable. >> i questioned everybody. the 15 people said they have no knowledge of anything, never seen anything. >> but in the book, breaking cardinal rules, basketball and the escort queen cowritten by pulitzer prize winning jumplist decadedy, powell shares text messages and ledgers which she says problem andre mcgee paid her and other girls to dance and have sex in the cardinals dorms between 2010 and 2014. >> there are probably 14
3:15 am
different women who were at these parties as dancers. >> reporter: the women allegedly entering through the dorm's side door. then according to the book, players would pick which girls they wanted to have sex with and andre would "work a side deal." >> he never paid her or anyone else to have sex with a player or a recruit. >> mcgee now on administrative leave from his assistant coaching position with the university of missouri, kansas city, denying powell's story. his attorneys saying there's no proof. >> we haven't located a single witness to corroborate the allegations in this book. >> mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. and louisville says as soon as the university became aware of the allegations they notified the ncaa and that they will continue to fully cooperate with any investigation. >> yeah, and we should point out mcgee's attorney has also hired his own investigators to look into the allegations. >> all right. coming up in our next half hour, exploding shower doors.
3:16 am
sliding glass shattering unexpectedly causing injury. what's the cause and what you should do to keep your home safe. but first the hottest new trend for the harvest. taking a pumpkin and growing it to look like a face. no jack-o-lantern. this is an actual face for your pumpkin. pumpkin stein. steen. >> clever. >> next on "world news now."stein. steen. >> clever.
3:17 am
it is that time of year when american families head into the mump kin patch to find a beautiful round orange gourd for the front stoop. >> yeah. i did that today. many of us like to carve faces into them. what if you could actually grow a face onto the pumpkin? here's kabc's leo stallworth. >> the spirit of frankenstein has taken root in this field
3:18 am
for halloween. beastly giant has become the face of pumpkins planted here, a mad creation called pumpkin stein. it's the brainchild of tony, owner of the farms in mill more. >> could have been a witch, anything associated with halloween. i wanted to make a face. some kind of face would be cool. so it was kind of a natural choice. >> he says pumpkinstein is a hit. >> second it hit, plan, it went nuts. immediately they don't think it's real. they think it's a candle or plastic or something. when they realize that you can actually make a piece of fruit do that, they're amazed. >> reporter: just like the mad scientist he says it took a lot of trial and airer to get it to live. >> we spent five years of just almost to the point of giving up because we just couldn't get it done. there's so many things. you're taking this fruit and encasing it in a plastic mold.
3:19 am
>> he says the sun and bugs destroyed crop after crop before he finally got it right. >> i knew i could do it. i did know i could do it. i didn't know if i would have the resources to hang on long enough to make sure it worked. >> it's not only worked. he says it's wildly popular supply cannot meet demand. do you want a pumpkin or do you want a pumpkin stein? he has orders to pump out upwards of 80,000 of these pumpkin steins. most of the major retailers will have these in short supply. super short supply just because the demand is crazy. >> leo stallworth, abc 7, eyewitness news news. >> now you see why we love leo stau worth so much. >> because of the guns on him. >> fak story tell near very creative. is that weird or do we think it's cool looking? >> it's fantastic. people into organic art might disagree about ainge chag the shape of your pumpkin. it will cost you $75.
3:20 am
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and on there monday mix, we welcome you back. we have like really, really cool pictures and some fascinating views. let's start first up with the world wildlife. they've discovered and they've come up with some 200 new species they've discovered in the himalayas. a lot of these areas are wildly untapped, of course, in burma and such. this is one of the new guys they've discovered. a snub nosed monkey. that sneezes in the rain. >> i don't see the nose though. it's just a hole up there. >> it is. i'm not sure what it looks like but it sneezes in the rain. here's another cool one. a walking fish. >> uh-huh. >> that. >> it really walks? it gets out of the water and walks? >> goes for a stroll. >> okay. this one is kind of scary.
3:24 am
>> i can be see why. >> once again, this is more than 200 species they found and they've also found 133 plant species that are brand-new in the last -- >> it's not dressing up for halloween. this is a real deal fish? >> this is how it cleans up. this is sunday best. how about this guy, a bleu eyed frog and this little viper an here. they've made cool discoveries all in the last five years in the area of nepal, north myanmar and bhutan. they found these new species. >> that's great. you say because it's not discovered. >> a lot of it is is untapped. that area in particular that's finally now being opened up to the world, and the scientists have discovered these. very fascinating. you know, mamas no matter whether they are humans, aliens or polar bears all look out for their young. they put them number one. we're going to take you to a polar bear area. youngster just not thinking
3:25 am
mama swoopes right in, pushes to swim. pool fence. too expensive. but she's trying to help him we think with the learning process. >> absolutely. doing a great job at it. >> almost a million views on this one on youtube. >> we were talking about the fascinating. these people are absolute geniuses. they have taken the hot dog and disney and brought them together. talking about lucky peach that have made disney characters out of their hot dogs. >> what? >> the princes and turned them into hot dogs? >> from rapunzel to ariel to bella. >> look at that. >> is that mustard or looks like cheese and mustard. >> it is some form of mustard. >> pocahontas looking hot as a hot dog. >> that's pretty good. >> one of the folks called them real weiners.
3:26 am
this morning on "world news now," new details about the deadly oregon campus shooting and how one student played dead. the sense of grief and disbelief at the school today. flood disaster. the historic downpours in the carolinas. the human toll and the heroic rescues. the latest predictions from accuweather. >> and new this half hour, speeding up long waits at the supermarket. >> the new technology at the checkout line. how it works and why it could be coming to your neighborhood store. >> and later in "the skinny," did hillary clinton miss out on a career of singing, dancing and making people laugh? >> the political humor from saturday night going viral. it is monday, october 5th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning on this monday morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson.
3:27 am
we do thank you for joining us here. we're going to get started on a serious note because it has been a rough few days for folks on the west coast in oregon in particular where victims and survivors of the college shooting were remembered during church services on sunday. >> eight students and a teacher are being mourned as some of those who lived and shared their stories. abc's brandi hitt is in roseburg. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning. we are hearing incredible stories of survival. students who were in the classroom with the gunman when he opened fire and what they did to live, as this community continues to lean on each other for support. >> how could something like this happen anywhere? >> reporter: a small town in mourning. families in roseburg, oregon, gathered at church to remember the nine people killed in thursday's shooting rampage. >> i'm not sure if grateful even covers it. >> pastor randy scroggins' prayers were answered.
3:28 am
his 18-year-old daughter lacey was saved when fellow student treven anspach fell on top of her after he was shot. she played dead. >> we believe his blood saved our daughter's life. >> reporter: witnesses say the student gunman chris harper mercer showed no mercy ordering some victims to crawl and beg before taking their lives. >> hello, everyone. >> reporter: army vet chris mintz who was shot seven times trying to save others posted this video to facebook. >> i'm overwhelmed by the support that i've gotten from everybody. i just want to wish all the other families a safe and speedy recovery. >> reporter: sitting next to lacey skrog gins in church, a student they say was specifically chosen by the gunman to live and deliver material to police. >> and the shooter said you're the lucky one. you're the one that's going to live. in this backpack, there's a flash drive. there are things that you're going to need. >> reporter: investigators have been scouring his home for
3:29 am
evidence for a motive. >> we did not want to be part of but we're now members. >> umpqua college will reopen this morning so students can try to collect their belongings and get reaquainted. classes will not be in session, reena and kendis. the morning's other major story, a deadly rainstorm still clinging to the south carolina coast after triggering historic some cities have been swamped by more than two feet of rain. it is still coming down. at least seven people are dead and emergency crews have been working around the clock rescuing hundreds of people from submerged cars and waterlogged homes. officials say conditions are changing by the minute. after responding to countless accidents, everyone is being warned to stay off the roads. >> this is an unprecedented event in our county. we've never seen anything like this here in at least the last 40 plus years. >> president obama has declared a state of emergency, tens of thousands have lost power. and some rivers are at their
3:30 am
highest level in decades. >> dramatic all of those images coming out of the carolinas and with more rainfall drenching the carolinas, flood relief will not >> with the latest on this disastrous storm and hurricane joaquin, we turn to paul williams at accuweather. good morning, paul. reena. well, why there's been so much rain? with a trough with the jet stream and tropical moisture, all three converging on the carolinas specifically hitting south carolina and some areas have accumulated 24 inches of rain and still counting. bear in mind, this is not connected to the hurricane. that's a system unto itself. we have the hurricane that's continued to lose strength in its possible track leaning more so out towards the colder water. this high pressure system just like a steering wheel on a car. however, we are still concerned with yet another problem. coastal impact with the strong winds coming off the atlantic, coastal flooding and significant beach erosion.
3:31 am
still, big-time problems. reena, kendis? >> all right, our thanks there. hope is fading for the 28 americans on board a u.s. cargo ship lost during hurricane joaquin. coast guard searchers have spotted floating containers in a huge field of debris and an oil slick that may be from that vessel. but so far, there's no confirmation. the el faro was on a routine cargo run from florida to puerto rico when it vanished thursday. its last communication was a distress call saying the ship had lost power and was taking on water and listing. by the way, and the east coast donged the bullet from joaquin. but bermuda is bearing the brunt of the hurricane this morning. joaquin weakened to a category 1 storm but it's still pounding the tiny nation with powerful winds and flooding rain. tourists and residents are bracing for a dangerous storm surge before joaquin heads farther out to sea. doctors without borders is leaving the afghanistan city of kunduz after a deadly air strike on their hospital there. at least 22 people were killed,
3:32 am
the pentagon has promised an investigation into claims a u.s. aircraft hit the hospital. with more here's abc's alex marquardt. >> reporter: smoke and flames filling the remains of the kunduz hospital. in the aftermath of the air strikes, those inside the wreckage lying stunned on the floor. the u.n. calling the tragedy inexcusable, possibly criminal. doctors without borders says that of the 22 dead, most were staff and three were children. so far, the u.s. has only said that an american plane struck near the hospital and that there may have been collateral damage. afghan officials accuse taliban militants of firing from the hospital which doctors without borders denies. >> it was a completely normal evening. there was nothing untoward happening in the hospital at all. >> reporter: one nurse, writing about the aftermath in the intensive care unit, six beds.
3:33 am
how can this happen? president obama offering condolences, but no apology. while his secretary of defense ash carter called the situation confused and complicated. the pentagon has promised a full and transparent examination of the incident but doctors without borders has already rejected that, calling for an independent investigation. alex marquardt, abc news, beirut. >> the supreme court beginning its new term today following a three-month break and after a historic ruling on same-sex marriage in june. the nine justices now facing a new string of divisive issues including abortion, birth control and race. among the most controversial case, a texas law that restricts access to abortion providers and a challenge to a university's affirmative action policy. >> drivers are getting a break at at gas pump as prices fell to a seven-month low. the average price of a gallon of gas nationwide is now $2.29. that's 13 cents less than just a month ago, by the way.
3:34 am
and the lowest price for this time of year since 2004. oil prices are up, and a downturn in china's economy means demand has dropped. >> every time we see that sign they put up there, the graphic, i want to go back to my local gas station and say i know the nash average is $2.29. why is it $2.99? >> this does not reflect the price i'm paying. >> for retailers analysts predict only a moderate increase in spending this holiday season. economists look forward to an increase in holiday spending of 4% this year. that's lower than last year, but total sales could go as high as $965 billion. and 64% of the holiday buying this year will actually be online. >> so this is kind of cool. the future of checking out at the supermarket may very well be in the testing phase right now at some grocery stores in texas. this is it.
3:35 am
it allows customers to place their items downy -- down any way they want. then a 360 degree snapshot is taken of the items and a computer determines how much all of it costs. >> we've had a lot of customers tell me it's the way of the future. it's something different, crazy, new. >> yeah, you tell her girl. the fast scan system is being tested in hbb supermarkets across texas. if feedback is positive the company says the system will be installed in more stores. >> you got to check your receipt. >> those prices don't always add up. >> the $2.99 sale on cereal doesn't always show up. >> this one doesn't make us happy to report but we've got to do it. it is all over in lacrosse, wisconsin. oktoberfest done for the year. >> but part of the celebration was the annual slicing of the golden brat. the golden brat was about six feet long. and it weighed about 90 pounds including all that sauerkraut. >> this is not vegetarian. the golden brat took more than five hours to grill but it was worth the wait.
3:36 am
it fed 300 people. >> yes. >> nice, huh? the whole event was a fund-raiser for the local american legion post. >> i'm sure fun was had by all. coming up in "the skinny," could uptown girl christie brinkley be falling in love with another '80s icon? >> also ahead, the mammoth discovery in a michigan farmfield. the prehistoric find and why it's so significant. >> but first a consumer alert that might have you thinking twice before taking a shower. warnings about glass doors that shatter. but first today's forecast map. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather brought to you by rid-x septic you by rid-x septic cleaner. so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster, and a bill of up to $13,000.
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police in san francisco want the public's help to identify the armed attacker seen in this surveillance video. the victim had opened his garage door to take out the trash when the man in that gray hoodie barges in and tries to overpower him, but in the struggle that follows, the victim eventually wrestles the gun away and points it at the attacker as he runs away. >> dramatic video indeed. in the meantime, this sad news out of minneapolis. a fire there claiming the lives of three children this weekend. all of them under the age of 7. their mother escaped unharmed but could not save her children. the family had just moved into the house on saturday. investigators found the oven door open and suspect it was being used for heat. temperatures there dipped to the 40s overnight. now to a hidden danger inside the home. shower doors spontaneously exploding. >> with more than 1,000 documented instances it's far
3:41 am
details. >> oliver taking a warm shower before bedtime when the glass doors just inches from his body spontaneously shattered. deep lacerations covering the 9-year-old's arms and legs. >> i got cuts on my arm. i couldn't comprehend what happened. >> i heard an explosion that was like a bomb. my 18-year-old was like, mom, there's glass everywhere. >> reporter: oliver who is hearing impaired was traumatized. >> my initial concern was his head because his cochlear ip plants allow him to hear and we need to make sure the skin over his devices wasn't cut. >> reporter: while it may seem like a freak incident, this is not the first time glass from a shower door has broken. >> it exploded. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the consumer products safety commission says in just five years, there have been an estimated 1500 injuries associated with glass shower
3:42 am
doors shattering. that's an annual average of about 300 a year. the source of the problem? the material. tempered glass is a specifically designed product that breaks into very small pieces to reduce lacerations and cuts. >> reporter: amy is thankful her son is okay. but believes incidents like this one shouldn't be so common. >> if you have a glass shower door, try to be as careful as possible. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo abc news, new york. >> good advice. when we come back, one of the hottest new superstar couples and a small town boy, uptown girl. >> who got more laughs over the weekend, hillary clinton or fake donald trump? "the skinny" is next.
3:43 am
3:44 am
tt2w`tif`nd( bt@q82\ tt2w`tif`nd( "a@q(>8 tt2w`tif`nd( bm@q#54 tt4w`tif`nd(" dztq tt\ tt4w`tif`nd(" entq $p< tt4w`tif`nd(" gzt& =wd tt4w`tif`nd(" hnt& -y( tt4w`tif`nd(" iztq g0p tt4w`tif`nd(" jntq u@0 tt4w`tif`nd(" lzt& m-l skinny, so skinny well, first up in "the skinny," "snl" is back. >> yes, it is. this weekend's season premiere on "saturday night live" coming at just the right time as the race for the white house heats up and for the show's first big political cameo, democratic front-runner hillary clinton. >> she popped in playing a bartender with cast member kate mckinnen playing clinton.
3:45 am
out in song . sometimes in our lives, we all have pain we all have sorrow but if we are wise we know that there's always tomorrow lean on me when you're not strong and i'll be your friend >> take the show on the road, don't you think? >> clearly hillary is a triple threat. watching that, you can see she can sing, dance and act. >> oh. >> as you might have guessed, the show dove right into the trump candidacy with taran killam playing the current gop front-runner along with cecily strong playing melania. they opened the show and addressed his narrowing lead in the polls. >> i don't say outrageous things just for poll numbers. i speak from my heart. >> really? because i hear your numbers go down a little this week. >> mexicans are stealing our children. >> you see?
3:46 am
>> here's the bottom line. i'm just like you. a regular joe but better. >> oh, the real donald trump took to twitter saying that taran killam plays a way better fake trump than a real hillary clinton plays herself. oh, donald. >> he couldn't be nice even about that. >> all right. we turn now to tupac shakur, the late hip-hop star and actor whose handwritten letter from jail is going up for sale. >> it could be yours for $225,000. he wrote a letter to a staffer at his label death row records while locked up on rape charges after surviving a shoot-out. in it, he denounces thug life, a phrase he had tattooed across his torso. >> despite an apparent effort to change his ways, he was shot and killed less than a year after writing that letter. and next christie brinkley the original uptown girl, i capital believe that she's 61 years old looking better than
3:47 am
new squeeze herself. heartland rocker john mellencamp. >> by all accounts they're very much enjoying their time together. why are we playing billy joel? mellencamp is 63 years old. he was married three times. brinkley was married four times. >> he was most recently in a relationship with actress meg ryan. brinkley has three kids from a previous marriage and mellencamp has five. clearly christie loves her rockers, right? obviously they're going to have quite a little brady bunch if they do end up getting married. if you're a fan of transformers you're in luck if you liked the first four movies, well, you're getting another four. >> an executive has confirmed the toy turned movie franchise will see numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8 over the next ten years. the first four films grossed over $1.3 billion. you can see why they want more
3:48 am
coming up, an incredible discovery. we'll be back. an incredible discovery.
3:49 am
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"the martian" looking good. opening big. so finally this half hour, a farmer who just would not give up digging in his soil field in michigan when he thought he hit a fence post. >> he didn't actually hit a fence post but a window so to speak, a window back to the ice age. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: when the crane
3:52 am
now you see it, how about now. of course, it helps to imagine what it used to look like which would have been something like there. so this wooly mammoth minus the wool turned up in a field where some drains were being placed to grow soybeans by farmer james brisley. laying down some drains he hit the bones and called the university of michigan. letting them come out and pull it all out of there. >> it's been overwhelming to me to have this many people out here. >> the rules say he gets to keep it if he wants. >> we're hoping it will end up in a museum. >> while the university of michigan scientist has already got some theories. >> it was an adult male, probably in its 40s at the time of its death. probably lived between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago. >> and that puts humans here in prehistoric michigan those same 10,000 to 15,000 years ago because the theory is also that the dead mammoth was hunted by humans and that they stored it
3:53 am
these three rocks as an anchor to keep it refrigerated basically. soon enough it's all going to be soybeans again here but it's going to be hard not to wonder what else is under that soybean surface. john donvan, abc news. >> john donvan, one of the best story tellers we have i think. >> absolutely. he's great and what a wonderful story, as well. just imagine to be back in that era 10,000 years ago. >> i don't imagine. i'm there almost every day. >> just riding your mammoth there. >> this is on my day off. >> what is it with the circus hat in the nice top hat. >> that was when i visit abraham lincoln don't miss our updates on facebook at >> coming up, more news from abc. this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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