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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 5, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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bomb shell announcement from cici sabathia before the playoffs the yankees star releasing a statement saying today i'm checking myself into an alcohol rehabilitation center to receive the professional care and assistance needed to treat my disease. >> sports anchor rob powers is here with the lead story. >> to use a baseball analogy. this really did come out of left field. the yankees playoff run is tomorrow. but cici sabathia won't be available. today he took a very personal step and checked himself into an channel rehabilitation center. just six wins, battling pain in that surgically repaired knee, a 15 year big league veteran. won 214 career games. he's led the yankees pitching staff for years. a statement released through the team today, it hurts me deeply to do this now but i owe it to myself and my family to get myself right. i want to take control of my disease. i want to be a better man, father, and player. we have reaction from the yankees.
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>> will we miss him? of course we're going to miss him. could we have used him? none of that stuff matters given where we're at and given the circumstance he's dealing with. >> i'm more proud of the inner strength that he showed yesterday than any day that i've had him as a manager and he did the right thing. >> again yanky pitcher cici sabathia checks himself into an alcohol rehabilitation facility a day before the playoffs game. the yankees say what he's going through now is bigger than stadium. >> it must have been serious for him to take this action. i hear so many good things about him off the field. what can you us? >> i don't pro fess to know anything about cici sabathia. what i do know is at spring training, the first to come say hello is cici. when you walk in the clubhouse, the guy with the biggest smile is cici.
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his kids and my kids they play in tournaments, baseball, basketball against one another. he's been nothing but nice to us. he's involved in so many charitable events. he's at a mainstay at the marathon. it's shocking news. we just hope everything gets figured out right. >> so many people are pulling for him. we're going to turn to breaking news. a second body has just been recovered at the site of saturday's building explosion in brooklyn. police dogs were brought in to help sift through all of the rubble. eyewitness news reporter kimberly richardson is here this afternoon with all the new details. kim? >> well, liz, at about 3:12 this afternoon, all work stopped here on 13th avenue and crews from the medical examiner's office entered this area. we can now say again, a second body has been found. let me show you what was happening. firefighters have been sifting through all debris here on 13th avenue. what was left of this building
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they were looking for any sign of francessca figaroa. the mother of three was moving out of her second floor apartment. worried. she was actually on the phone talking with another sister. in terms of the investigation, we now know the stove that may have caused this gas explosion, apartment. he was located and removed for further analysis. no word on what condition it was in. today some of her friends who were also concerned came to lend their support. she has a son and two daughters. one of the girl's god mothers spoke with us. >> a very caring person. very good to her kids. tragedy. a bad thing for the family. especially, you know, we just
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daughter. and i love her very much. she's going through a lot of i don't know. only god knows. >> now killed in the explosion, a woman who lived on the third floor. something you'll only see on eyewitness news, her sister-in- law tells me about the 64-year- old, the urgent call she got from her daughter and what happened next. again, back here live, news cometter copter 7 up above. the work that the firefighters were doing out here all day yesterday. it's very tedious and methodical going through that debris. the dogs were brought in. they were here saturday, they were here yesterday. the search dogs brought in again this afternoon. of course the medical examiner will have to positively identify that person. we'll have much more coming up
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at 5:00. for now, live in borough park. kimberly richardson. seven people were injured when an amtrak train derailed in vermont. the train which was headed to washington dc jumped the tracks after hitting some falling rocks. officials say the rocks fell from a ledge into the path of the train. and they're calling this incident a freak of nature. we're told one of the injuries is considered serious. passengers describe what it felt like when the train went off the tracks. >> we felt something, it just was like a bump. and next thing we new we kind of swerved to the left and swerved to the right and we were all going uh-oh. >> one locomotive and one passenger car flew over an embankment in the derailment. three other cars also left the track but they remained up right. the train was scheduled to make stops in connecticut, pen station, and newark new jersey before heading to washington.
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tanker truck crashed and spilled diesel fuel in yonkers. parking brake. the truck went rolling and over turned as it hit a building. remarkably, no one was seriously hurt and the building wasn't structurally damaged. to the latest in the case of a long island doctor found dead after what police said was par partying in manhattan. police say kirsten, a dermatologist from manhattan went out saturday night with friends. she reportedly met a man she knew from facebook. the two got into a cab and head to an apartment in chelsea. she was seen a few hours later being carried down the stairs. police were called and they found her unresponsive. she was take on the the hospital where she died. newark university student held captive in north korea has been freed. juan was handed to south korean officials to day.
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he was arrested in april for crossing the border into korea. south korea is looking into whether they violated its law prohibiting unawe unapproved travel to the north. a man from queens is facing drug charges this afternoon. investigators say 24-year-old shavan parchman refused to pull over after a traffic is stop and slammed his car into an mta bus in jamaica. the bus hit two parked cars and a home. police found 64 bags of crack cocaine in his car. twelve people on the bus were checked out for minor injuries. rescue crews are hoping to find survivors of a cargo ship that sank in the bahamas last week. coast guard officials confirm this morning that the u.s. based elle farrow went down near its last known location. the vessel sent out a distress call on thursday when it was
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joaquin. recovered. been found. they say some of the ships 33 crew members may be a drift in the other lifeboat or in survival suits. the rain is beginning to lighten up. but the danger is far from over in south carolina. one day after the state capital's wettest day on record, governor nikki haley warned residents to stay inside their homes. nine people in that state have been killed. today rescue teams are going door to door looking for survivors. elizabeth is in charleston with the latest on this story. >> reporter: with the rain finally out of the area, we've seen quite a few folks venturing out to check on the after math and also as you can see some people are jogging. others are walking their dogs but officials are still reminding residents it's still too soon to let your guard down. rescuers are navigating areas on boats. it's the only way they can get around neighborhoods still
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under water in south carolina. parts of the state drenched with more than two feet of rain in just two days. >> this is not over. just because the rain stops does not mean that we are out of the woods. >> a warning from the governor adding scenes like these. swollen waters submerging cars and homes leaving some street signs barely above the water line and a bed frame wrapped in a tree are just some snapshots of a dire and dangerous situation. >> everything that i own has opinion been destroyed. >> my cats are down with my house down there. >> hundreds are in shelters. 40,000 residents left without water. some 25,000 without power. and more than 500 roads closed. officials say more evacuations maybe necessary. noting 1300 members of the national guard have been activated and 7,000 more are on stand-by with rivers reaching their highest levels in decades.
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we face is following the wave of the water from the midlands down to the coast. road closures, trying to monitor those and make sure that we're watching those properly. >> reporter: and right now we're standing by one of those road closures. but just to give you some perspective. take a look here. the flood water where we're standing, it's about ankle deep now. we're told just yesterday this was waist high. so the conditions here appear to be improving but again the governor is asking residents to stay vigilant. we're live in charleston south carolina, elizabeth her for channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you elizabeth. the plane was mid flight when its pilot suddenly went unconscious and we're learning more about what happened and hearing the emergency calls to air traffic control. just days after a shooting spree at the college campus in oregon, a threat to universities in the philadelphia area. we'll tell you how college campuses there are now responding. and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg, temperatures still trying to make a come back.
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the sun's trying to help a little bit. still a gusty breeze. we'll tell you about a nice warm up in the accuweather forecast. here's the signal, no weather worries. maybe refreshing for a run tonight. and autumn attire. we'll tell you about the warm up and maybe rain down the i'm bobby flay and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at
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it's 4:13. time for a check on the commute this monday afternoon. this is the bqe at congress street. you can see the steady traffic on the eastbound lanes. that's on the right side. at the hudson river crossing it's 30 minutes outbound at the holland tunnel. 10 minutes outbound at the lincoln. no delays at the george
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washington bridge right now. new at 4:00, an american airlines flight had to be diverted after the pilot died mid flight. the plane which was headed from phoenix to boston had to make an emergency landing in syracuse. >> american flight 50. a medical emergency. captain is incapacitated. request handling for run way 10 landing. >> well, the first officer safely landed the plane with 154 people on board. there's no word exactly yet on what happened to the pilot. there's extra security right now on college campuses near philadelphia following an media threat. federal officials say a posting on social media threatened violence at a philadelphia area college or university around 2:00 p.m. so far we have not heard of any issues. no specific school was named. but some colleges, including
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students they should expect extra security on campus. meanwhile, in oregon, umpqua community college reopened for the first time since last week's deadly shooting. classes won't resume until next week. but today, students and staff could go on campus to gather their belongings. five victims remain in the hospital, including 18-year-old anastasiya boylin who spoke to abc news about the 9 terrifying minutes she spent when a fellow student opened fire. >> he sounded deranged. because he said he had been long time. and he laughed. teacher. >> boylin was shot in the back during all of it and played own life. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton laid out her plans for gun control at a rally in new hampshire she called on the country to revisit universal background checks.
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all of our hearts, working not just in washington, but from the grass roots up, demand that checks. >> an emotional clinton today. she also wants to close loopholes for gun shows and online sales and she wants better recordkeeping to keep guns out of the hands of people suffering from mental ill ness and criminal records. a community came together over the weekend to make sure that storm didn't shut down a wedding when massive flooding cut off most of charleston. they were trapped without wedding. news. within hours a city councilman answered the call, and a professional photographer, a make-up artist, a chef. all they needed were the grooms town. >> they got so far military hum v picked them up half.
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>> i'm not amazed at how charleston reached out. i'm amazed how it came together as quickly as it did. >> isn't that amazing. the couple says they'll be forever grateful to the strangers who made their wedding day a sunny one despite the storm. >> what a wonderful way to start their life together. what a great story they're always going to have too. >> a military hum v. first born will not be named joaquin i can tell you that. >> probably not. lee, i can't help but look at you and want a humv theme to raider of the lost ark. >> when i'm not forecasting for you i'm searching for the ark of the covenant. i was close this weekend. i didn't have to build an ark. we get dry skies out there now. deep blue. it was spectacular yesterday when the sun came out across part of the area with a nice deep blue sky and everything was cleaned out a bit and we got fresh rainfall. let's look at central park.
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but some clouds working offshore now. we're at 64 degrees. a northeast wind at 12. it's been a little gusty today. that will back off tonight. 66 degrees the high today. running a few degrees below average. it's 64 in sairville. the northern suburbs in the low 60s. a good 5 degrees below average. the wind coming out of the northeast will finally relax as the weather pattern changes. we'll have mainly clear skies developing over night. a chill in the morning. we have to have the jacket. but low 70s in the afternoon. should feel beautiful and there's some cloud cover. and we're seeing it east of the hudson to connecticut, northeast new jersey, new york city, and long island, not that it's totally over cast but more clouds gearing toward the coast and the reason is because joaquin is making the closest pass to us. 600 miles offshore. some clouds trying to fan in toward the coast a bit. and because of the hurricane offshore, and a high building over southern canada into northern new england, the wind flow is coming in out of the
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northeast. as the hurricane moves away, the high builds in and the wind backs off. we get calmer tonight. middle of the week, there's a weak front that's going to come through. not a big deal wednesday. cools us off on thursday. a more significant feature on the west coast. we're learning more about it. but it looks like a run of the mill cold front coming through. if it's more robust, maybe it's week. but should get out of here by the weekend. 85 miles per hour winds moving to the north/northeast. around 13 miles per hour. basically gets north of our latitude tonight and hits way out in the atlantic. and in fact, it becomes just a normal post tropical storm and heads toward europe by next weekend. so it could start to influence the uk or into france and spain as well with some rainfall. so for us, it's calmer and warmer tomorrow. about 71 degrees should do it. mostly sunny skies, a light wind, should be nice and dry. wednesday's probably the best
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bet in terms of warmth. mid 70s. that cold front will come through late in the day or evening hours. 60s on thursday. but it stays dry. patchy fog northwest. 54. 40s in the suburbs. tomorrow sunny and nice. 71. fall jacket in the morning. tomorrow night, partly cloudy skies, 59. at 4:30, a closer look at the late week pattern and the timing on that potential rain and will it leak into the upcoming weekend? i hope not. seven-day forecast in the next few hours. guys i'm off. i have another venture to run. >> this comes with a whip. >> i was afraid you were going to tell me that. we'll see you very soon. >> thanks lee. still to come, a high school textbook generating thousands of angry responses online. coming up, the text misrepresented slavery in this country and the shocking word choice that made it a viral target. and are you one of the folks out there thinking about
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or yankees playoff games right now?
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what you need to know in for helping protect our children. >> a movie director and notorious knicks fan, the brooklyn native spike lee will participate in race week festivities. including the opening ceremony and he'll ride in the grand marshal vehicle along the marathon route.
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i love new york city. i'm always pulling for fork city. promoting new york city. and this is one of the biggest events in the world. with the greatest runners and everyday people come together to run this marathon. >> lee described the marathon as the world's biggest block party. remember channel 7 is your home for the tcs new york city marathon. we'll have everything you need to know ahead of time. and live coverage on race day, sunday november 1st. well it earned a standing ovation at its premier last night. at the new york film festival. this morning hollywood is talking about whether bridge of spies could bring director steven spielburg another best picture nomination. amy sat down with the director and star tom hanks. he's here now with more on that. >> i have seen the movie and i can see why the oscar buzz for the movie has all ready begun.
4:23 pm
any film directed by steven spiel during deserves special attention folks in our area will be interested in this one. so much of the sorry takes place here in the city. it was one of the biggest news stories of 1962. a russian spy who had been nabbed in brooklyn was exchanged for an american pilot shot down over the soviet union. but the lawyer who arranged the swap was pretty much forgotten by history. until steven spielburg cast tom hanks to play him in bridge of spies. another decent character. >> i hope so. >> his character was born in the bronx and lived with his family in brooklyn heights. >> everybody deserves a defense. every person matters. >> he practiced law in manhattan. which made the new york film festival a good place to premier his story. >> i shot half the movie in new york. i'm on the home team now and i'm showing this movie for the
4:24 pm
first time at the huge home team stadium of the new york film festival. and that's an honor. >> bridge of spies marks the fourth time spielburg directed his close friend tom hanks. >> i never want to be working on my last steven spielburg movie. >> we know each other very well. tom brings out the best in me. he knows how to do that. and he's such a confidence instiller. >> so confident was hanks as donovan his director and pal was intimidated. >> when tom was going full donovan, i was intimidated. he was strong. bridge of spies will be in friday. look for more from my interviews with spielburg and hanks before then along with my 16th. the film is from disney's touch stone division owned by the same parent company as abc 7. >> that's a power house team up there.
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for more information on the new york film festival, you can head to the special page we set up on our website. abc 7 we have an important consumer alert to tell you about. we'll tell you why boxes of cheerios are being recalled. how not to get ripped off buying baseball tickets to see the mets or the yankees during the playoffs. a woman from new jersey killed by a falling tree. we have new details on this
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get installed for free as early as today.
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e now, new york's number one news. it's 4:30, and all new this half hour, a freak accident. a new jersey woman killed after a tree falls on her. textbook trouble, a publisher apologizes for the way it describes slavery. >> it had african and african americans as the atlantic slave trade as workers. willingly.
4:29 pm
>> how a parent got the publisher to rectify the problem. >> playoff fever will hit an all time high. fans excited about the mets and yang yankees in the playoffs but buyer beware, what you need to know before purchasing tickets. we'll begin this half hour with breaking news. there's been a shooting and a car crash. this happened in the bronx. shannon stone is over the scene. what do we know? >> reporter: as you can imagine, they're still trying to work out the details of what happened here. the accident took place at about 3:15 this afternoon. you can see this car in the center of your picture that was t-boned in this accident. as we bring the shot up toward the top part of your screen. you can see the bumper of another vehicle. 3:15. your screen. top to bottom is 167th street. we know shots were fired in this area as well. and police obviously on the scene investigating. what you need the know as you head through this area is that
4:30 pm
three people are in custody following this accident and shooting. east 167th street. shut down between hall place and kelly street. and again left to right across your street is intervail. there's an investigation going on here. it's shut down behall hall and east 165th. reporting live over the morisania section of the bronx. a woman killed we a fallen tree in a freak accident in new jersey. >> 46-year-old stacy weathers was killed during the storm when a tree fell on her car. she helped raise millions of dollars for cancer research and is being remembered. toni yates with more on this story. >> reporter: such an unfortunate loss. that tree that fell, it was rotten, it was dead. infestation. that on top of the winds we had on saturday could have easily caused this accident.
4:31 pm
and you never know which trees are on the side of the road, whether it's rotten trees or not rotten trees. >> we went back to the scene of the accident where 47-year-old stacy weathers lost her life in an accident that it seems the odds of it happening have to be un imaginable. she was driving a mustang down this stretch of route 34 saturday passing a stretch of tree line street at the exact same time that this tree snapped in half. >> at that tree came down across the roadway. a top portion of the tree gave way and when that top portion of the tree gave way, it fell directly on the top of the car. >> weathers most likely died instantly. for the past 11 years she was the executive director of the leukemia and lymphoma's society. and she lived where today friends and family left boxes of food on the doorstep.
4:32 pm
>> i was surprised. i wasn't sure who it was until the police report said it was down in your neighborhood. and we had to announce a death. as i told many of our guys here. when god says it's your time, it's your time. and there's nothing that we're going to be able to do about that. it's just a tragic accident that occurred. now, the police investigation is complete. a hold on that car right now. who owns that property? is it department of transportation land? or is it owned by a private homeowner. at the end of the day, a tragic loss. toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. police are searching for an armed robber who pulled off a brazen heist at the plaza hotel in manhattan this morning the gunman held up the currency exchange and got away with about 3,000 uros.
4:33 pm
foreign money for u.s. cash is located in the famed hotel's lower level. thankfully, no one was hurt. playoff fever is back in new york city with both the mets and yankees in the post season. the last time this happened, george w. bush was in the white house. the year was 2006. fans waited for nearly a decade for this. with all the excitement, new york's attorney general is telling baseball fans to be alert for ticket scammers. eyewitness news reporter, sandra bookman is live with more. >> the attorney general says he doesn't want to put a damper on all the post season excitement. he does however want consumers to be in a position to protect themselves and he believes they can do that if they simply follow some fairly straight forward guidelines. amidst the power washing and other prep as yankees stadium gets ready for the american league wild card game here, a warning to fans still in search of playoff tickets. >> whenever there's a big
4:34 pm
sporting event, scammers come out of the wood work. >> new york attorney general eric schneider man today issuing a consumer alert advising baseball fans, how not to get ripped off in the rush party. especially with both the mets and the yankees making playoff appearances this year. among the exon sense suggestion, go to team or venue websites for tickets first. then to only regulated ticket dealers. make the seller verify the tickets are legitimate like asking for proof of purchase. and use a credit card to buy not cash. it may be easier to get your money back if there's a problem. >> a lifelong yankees fan sense. she says she never buys tickets from people she doesn't know. >> because sometimes they're fake. yeah.
4:35 pm
>> new yorkers we're savvy, we're smart. we have great baseball teams. let's be savvy and smart about buying tickets too. >> reporter: back here live outside yankees stadium. one more thing people should look out for is tickets that have been photocopied over and over and over. even if it has a bar code on it, once that bar code is swiped, it may be absolutely useless. make sure you look out for that. if you think you've been victim of a scam, file a complaint with the ag's office. live in bronx outside yankees stadium, sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. nyu got a huge gift today. in return for the donation, the nyu poly tech nick school of engineering changing its name engineering. she's a member of the board of over seers at nyu's business schools. they challenged to school to
4:36 pm
raise a separate million dollars for scholarships. caught on camera, a homeowner turns the table on a would be robber. we'll show you how he manages to get the gun away from the suspect. and can new york schools vaccinated. complained. plus an important consumer alert to tell you about.
4:37 pm
4:38 pm
a caught on camera homeowner viciously attacked at gunpoint in his garage. but the victim refused to surrender. and ended up getting a hold of the suspect's gun. this all happened in san francisco. video shows the suspect running out. happened next. the homeowner fought back even though the gun was pointed at him. and he was able to wrestle that handgun away from the guy. >> i'm reaching for the gun, immediately, the first thing i wanted is control of the weapon. i wanted to get a safe distance. and i drew down on him and the weapon was jammed unfortunately. >> seconds later that suspect ran off. police are now searching for the man. the vaccine requirement for new york schools will stay in place.
4:39 pm
court decided not to hear the case. an appeals court ruled the policy does not violate student's constitutional right of religious freedom because the high court decided not to take the case. the appeals court ruling stands. three parents challenged the requirement after their children were barred from attending school due to the policy. and the ceo of alaska airlines which guarantees all bags will arrive on time has now made an embarrassing admission, brad tilldin says his airline lost his luggage. it happened as he traveled to an industry summit in washington dc last week. luckily the bags were found and delivered to him the next day. alaska airlines is the first u.s. carrier to guarantee it will not lose your luggage. a clothing store, american apparel is bankrupt. the board approved a chapter eleven plan that will wipe out $200 million in bonds. the retailer which sells clothing made in america says
4:40 pm
that stores in the u.s. will continue to operate. international locations are not effected either. the bankruptcy comes two years after the company ousted its founder who is now suing for defamation. a mother turns her outrage into action. we'll tell you what was printed inside a history book about slavery that has the publisher apologizing.
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
a trouble brewing at a dunken donuts in connecticut it has people upset after a worker told a police officer there we don't serve cops here. the officer walked out after hearing the remark. the store manager and employee followed said sorry and explained that it was a joke. dunken donuts released a statement saying the crew member exhibited poor judgment and the franchise owner reached out to apologize to the police. some boxes of cheerios are being recalled this afternoon. general mills announced it's recalling 1.8 million boxes of original and honey nut cheerios because they're labeled gluten free. but they may contain wheat. in a statement, cheerios says wheat flour got into the gluten free oat based system. there's a list of specific box
4:43 pm
it's a reminder the fair walk is at 1:00 on saturday. it's for a wonderful cause. >> because we were, and you were especially so busy last week with the nor'easter-like weather and hurricane joaquin, we did not get a chance to wish you a happy birthday. happy belated birthday. >> i really appreciate that. we here at wheeze like at eyewitness news like to celebrate the month of lee's birthday. >> you're open to this,. >> it's been a whole festival. >> a festival of lee. >> it's been a lot of fun. why not? outside we go. we have what is a partly sunny sky. it was a wonderful weekend. i have my lovely wife to thank for that. she humors me. the star wars theme. you can see it on facebook. made a great star wars breakfast. the force is with us this week. we have partly sunny skies,
4:44 pm
aeneas wind at 12 to 21. more clouds off to the south and east offshore. they'll push away. mainly clear tonight, mid 50s. a little chill in the air at the bus stop. mostly sunny skies after the 50s and 40s early on. upper 60s by lunch time. into the low 70s in the afternoon. mostly sunny skies and low humidity. beautiful afternoon. in general we picked up about three inches of rainfall from our stretch that started late week into the moisture that came on shore again. not joaquin. since september 1st we're a shade above average for the rainfall. but for the year, six inches below average. not drought busting but we stop the bleeding for a while. new york city reservoirs we talk about the catskills and the hud stockton valley, pretty good. 5% above normal. but the northern news room reservoirs are still -- the northern new jersey reservoirs are still below. the rain by doppler estimates in the carolinas, 10 to 20
4:45 pm
fire hose that was connected to the tropical moisture of joaquin. there's still rain on the outer banks but the storm is 600 miles offshore. skies clear for us. we don't have more coastal flood issues and we'll have a diminishing wind over night. we'll have lower numbers in the suburbs. upper 30s in the coldest spots in the catskills. patchy fog north and west as well. that will be a great looking day tomorrow. afternoon highs in the upper 60s and 70s. for the big playoff game tomorrow night, first pitch, beautiful. yankees sweatshirt should do it. and you're in good shape. air quality is good tomorrow. uv index. here's the seven-day accuweather forecast. that's a much quieter week. 71 tomorrow. the warmest day is wednesday. upper 60s. showers on friday. that could be 1/4 of an inch of rainfall. i don't think it sticks around for the weekend. fair weather for the fair walk
4:46 pm
on saturday and on sunday, 66 degrees. and we're kind of in this more typical october at it's best with 60s and 70s by day and 50s by night. foilage picking up too. >> that's a gift to us, lee. it's a funny thing, here's what's trending. lee's birthday is trending. >> yesterday. >> but still. happy birthday again, lee. also president obama's marriage is getting lots of social media love. the president shared a cute picture of him and his wife on his twitter account to celebrate the 23rd wedding anniversary. he wrote still going strong and here's to many more. facebook is getting credited strangers together. benson posted a story online. a facebook glitch caused him to appear as a stranger. every time he'd log on he was like who is this celeste. they reached out to each other
4:47 pm
like what is going on? they soon discovered they have a lot in common. and got married. chris pratt and his wife anna ferris were asked to name a baby penguin for a zoo so they turned to their son. >> eagle the penguin. it's e-a-g-l-e the penguin. state. we love bald eagles. >> yes, eagle the penguin, i don't know why. he just goes along with it. i love it. pet dogs are trended for finding ways to make us smile. the first was hiking with his owner when he stopped in a thorn bush, to protect him from future problems the owner got him hiking boots. as you can see, they take a little getting used to. it's like okay, i'm not sure. >> he's a high stepper. protection guy.
4:48 pm
you're punishing me like this. >> he's like i can't get a good grip. >> he's like a baby deer. >> finally a pet dog is tired of waiting for his owners to take him out. he gets behind the wheel and drives off with his best pal. they're like let's go for a while. dad put them a remote controlled car and he's driving it off camera there. >> she's quite a chauffeur there. >> the dog is like i'm doing this. i'm so doing it. >> the dog is totally like yeah. hang on babe. we're going fora ride. meanwhile the kid's like, you smell good. you smell really good. >> yeah. that looks like a lot of fun. >> we're so easily entertained. >> you sang twice today during the trend. let's try to limit that to one. >> you're right. i like getting reviews on the air.
4:49 pm
go to #thetrend. if you have reviews you don't like, feel free, like lee, the birthday boy there, jump right in. >> we don't hold back. we say it with love. >> all right. and still to come, some textbook trouble, what was written inside a history book about slavery that has the publisher now apologizing. and here's a quick check on the delays at river crossing, 30 minutes outbound at the toll land.
4:50 pm
how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control. a mother's outrage over her son's textbooks has gone viral on social media after what it had to say about slavery. >> her actions have gotten the textbook rewritten and an apology from the publisher.
4:51 pm
lauren glassberg has the story. >> reporter: it's a new world geography textbook and last week colby was about to read chapter 5 in his 9th grade geography class when he came across this reference to early immigration to the u.s. >> it had africans and african americans as workers, implying pay, as if we came here willingly and paid to do a job. a sarcastic comment saying we were real hard workers, weren't we? >> reporter: message received. she did some messaging of her own on facebook, post ing a video, flipping through the book, detailing what it did and didn't include. >> there is no mention of africans being slaved. >> reporter: it got the attention of mcgraw-hill which
4:52 pm
announced friday it would revamp textbooks to state african slaves arrived as a forced migration and worked as slave labor. a step but not adequate for them. >> we know this textbook is going to sit in school for 10 years. >> reporter: she's a former teacher and now a ph.d. candidate specializing in curriculum. she would relish the chance to vet school textbooks. >> all these stories, i'm outside of geography. this is the had first step in high school history. now what's the u.s. history book look like? >> lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> makes you wonder if this is happening and if it's more widespread in other books. eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now.
4:53 pm
>> late developments coming in as investigators find a second body in the rubble of a brooklyn explosion. one of the victim's families is talking to us about their loss. >> we're getting new reaction from the locker room and fans about cc sabathia's decision to enter call rehab. good evening, i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm diana williams. we begin with cc sabathia and the big question right now is why now, decision, the timing couldn't be worse as the yankees head in to the playoffs. >> we have several reports including fan reaction and reaction from the yankees. rob powers joins us in the studio. >> he's got a multimillion-dollar contract and a million dollar smile. he's got a career most anyone would desire and he's also got a problem. today cc sabathia took the first step to solve that problem. he's checked himself in to an alcohol rehabilitation facility. the yankees open the playoffs tomorrow but the yankees say today so what? this
4:54 pm
is a personal issue sabathia is dealing with and apparently going about the right way to deal with it. the yanks say they didn't see it coming but support their one-time ace 100%. a statement from sabathia today: as difficult as this decision is to share publically, i don't want to run and hide but please respect my family's need for privacy as we work through this challenge together. sabathia has been a leader on this team for years and the yankees say they have his back. laura. >> today is supposed to be a day about tomorrow's win or take all wildcard game between the yankees and astros here at the stadium. but quickly it became about the health and welfare of cc sabathia. this was a decision that pretty much no one we talked to saw coming but it is something that everyone wants to support. as soon as they knew cc had an issue, they wanted to be there to support him. the team first knew this
4:55 pm
was an issue yesterday in
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