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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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was an issue yesterday in baltimore as they wrapped up the regular season. cc met with manager joe girardi as well as a few others in the yankees organization, told them he had this issue, told them what he wanted to do about it which wasn'ter rehab. that's when they made the phone call to brian cashman and that was the first time. they said whatever cc needed they would give him. his family. they consider themselves members of his family. at this point it's all about making sure he's healthy. baseball is completely secondary. laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. there's the yaec yaec -- the yankee aspect to the whole story. it's about sabathia and his family. the fans figure in to this as well. jim dolan is live at yankee stadium as well. jim found fans just learning about this news. >> they were surprised for sure. but there's not much
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question here. cc sabathia has a problem. he's man enough to address it and baseball right now seems so unimportant. most yankees fans fully understand there's a difference between life and baseball, even in october. >> reporter: other than the 13 worn by alex rodriguez, about the only current yankees jersey that sells these days is cc sabathia's number 52. he remains popular among yankees fans. even though some had a tough time with the timing of today's announcement, the day before a crucial wildcard game. >> at a time like this, we kind the clubhouse. >> not going to help the team any, right? >> what's going to help the team is if they locked out pitching and clutch hitting. >> reporter: the one time the yankees' health is more important than their dismal and dying hopes for a run through the playoffs. >> i think he's doing the right thing. he might as well get their help. >> got to take care of it. >> it's
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in taking care yourself is most important. he can't help the team out if he's not helping himself. >> he had a problem so he had to go. >> with the year he's had, nobody was expecting great things from cc sabathia in october. maybe it turns out we were all wrong. taking care of a problem this big, even at this time of year is a pretty great thing. reporting live from stadium, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> you're right, this has not been the best year on the field for sabathia. the yankees move on to the playoffs with a message for sabathia. it is loud, clear, and singular. get help now. get back next season. sade, much more from yankee stadium still ahead. >> we were the first to send a news alert on social media when sabathia made the announcement. a lot of people showing their support for the pitcher tonight. we've posted their well wishes for you to read on we've got breaking news in brooklyn. crews there have
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site of that deadly explosion, the blast on saturday killed two people and tonight we're hearing from the family of one of the victims. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson from borough park with the breaking details. >> sadness and pain in my heart. she didn't deserve this. nobody deserves this . it's a bad tragedy for the family. >> reporter: sarah diaz is talking about francesca figueroa. she lived in this apartment destroyed saturday by no one had seen or heard from the mother of blast. she was talking on the phone with her sister. relatives had been waiting here on 13th avenue for any news counting the minutes and days. at 3:12 this afternoon, all work stopped here, crews who had been sifting through the rubble, looking for any sign of francesca, they found a body. but the medical examiner will victim.
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is a loving woman. >> that woman is a hard worker. all the years i've known her, she's had several businesses. she's always working, making money for her kids. >> reporter: it's the second victim discovered right after the explosion crews located a woman's body who lived on the second floor with her daughter who happened to be on vacation. panicked, she called the sister-in-law saying she fire. later that night she confirmed lejia was gone. woman. she was a humble person. she was a family woman. her mother is an older woman and she used to go every day to take 7th avenue. she didn't go the day before yesterday because she didn't feel well. she had a bad headache. >> back here live, had lejia gone to her mother's home, she would still be alive. today we also learned the stove that may
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have caused this blast that was in francesca's second floor apartment, it was found and taken away for further analysis. we're also now learning that according to national grid, the gas had been shut off inside francesca's second floor apartment. she was in the process of being evicted. and the gas was not on. that's something investigators will have to look in to. again, the medical examiner will have to positively identify that second victim found out here but we're told francesca's family has been told of this new development. for now we're live in borough park, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. we continue to follow a developing story in vermont where an amtrak train headed to new york derailed after hitting fallen rocks on the tracks. several cars jumped the tracks. several people were injured. >> it was a very frightening
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and tense morning for passengers of train 55. the train derailed in the town of northfield in north central vermont and we also have a map. this was just departed. not sure if we have that map for you but it departed it was stops. here's that map. including new york city at 6:25 this evening, then its ultimate destination was in dc at 10:25 p.m. instead the 13-hour, 45-minute trip was cut short when the train hit a rock slide. you're looking at video right now. several cars ending up on their side as you can see. there were 98 people on the train at the time. seven were taken to the hospital. one of them flown to a trauma center. no word on the extent of that person's injuries but we're told no one else was hurt seriously. as a result, trains also heading to vermont were impacted. we spoke to one woman from westchester who was affected.
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>> i was going to go out tomorrow but it's sold out. so going to drive. >> to vermont? >> yeah . >> an amtrak spokesperson says they dispatched several buses and all of the passengers in need of transportation were bused to their destinations. officials continue to investigate how this happened. at this point they don't believe there was any negligence, simply a freak of nature. another train derailment, three cars of a csx train came off the tracks this afternoon near englewood. the cars carrying rapeseed oil were up right. a crew responded to get the cars back on the track. umpqua community college reopened today for the first time since last week's deadly shooting. classes aren't going to resume until next week but students and staff were able to go back on campus to gather their belongings. right now
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there's a petition on the white house website calling for president obama to give the presidential medal of freedom to christopher mintz, the student who took seven bullets while charging at the shooter. democrat hillary clinton unveiling her gun control plan in light of that shooting. the presidential candidate addressed a crowd at a community college in new hampshire. clinton says the key to reducing gun deaths in america is to pass and revive background checks. >> we need to go back and with all of our hearts working not just in washington but from the grassroots up, demand that we have universal background checks. >> clinton also wants to close loopholes for gun shows and online sales and she wants better recordkeeping to keep guns out of the hands of people who are suffering from mental illness and those with criminal records. new details on a u.s. cargo ship that went down in the bahamas. coast guard officials
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ship el faro planned to bypass hurricane joaquin but a meck annual failure left the vessel stranded in the storm's path. it sank near its last known location thursday. debris and one body has been found in the area. crews are hoping some of the 33 crew members have survived. rescue workers and volunteers are working to help victims of the record storms that slammed south carolina. >> the storm has turned deadly. officials say there have been at least 12 weather-related deaths in two states. national guard members have rescued dozens of people stranded by the high waters over the last two days. floods have submerged cars and homes, leaving some street signs barely above the water line. hundreds are now in shelters with 40,000 left without water. close to 25,000 without power. president obama is demanding answers about a u.s. air strike that killed 22 people at a medical clinic in today the white house called the incident a
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profound tragedy and said there are three investigations in to how this facility was targeted. the pentagon said there would be a full accounting of how the facility staffed by doctors without borders was bombed on saturday. isis is being blamed for destroying a 2,000-year-old iconic arch in the syrian city. in a statement posted on facebook, the president of syria says the islamic militant group carried out an act of revenge against a civilization that disrupts their darkness. since seizing pollmiraw, they've seized relics. the dow rose 304 points closing at 16,776. the nasdaq added 73 points. the s&p 500 climbed 35 points. still ahead, a wild accident, a big cleanup. an oil tanker rolls down a hill and crashes in to a car. we've got new details on how it happened.
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>> new information in the death of a local doctor found in a chelsea apartment building. what we learned late today about the investigation. >> and dogs pulled out of homes and rehabilitated. see what's being done to make them safer and able to go back in to homes. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. trying to get on track with the weather situation. not bad today. mid and up per 60s. a little on the cool side. we get warmer as we say good riddance to joaquin. we'll tell you how warm we get. -are you happy with your bathroom? i wasn't. until i learned about bath fitter. bath fitter puts a new bathtub right over your old one.
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it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. a big cleanup is underway in yonkers where an oil truck crashed.
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it ended up on the side of a hill and hit a car with someone inside. joe torres is on the scene with the cleanup underway. this could have been so much worse. >> it could have been. 11:40 this morning , this started out as a typical oil delivery. the truck was here on high street, pulled up right along the road here. the driver put the vehicle in park, hit the parking brake, and then pulled out the line to start off loading some of that oil in to this apartment building. he suddenly heard a pop. that was the brake releasing and all of the sudden the truck started rolling down the hill on high street right across this busy intersection here at north broadway through that fence and ultimately came to a rest when it slammed in to the balcony of that first floor apartment building. that's the truck here. more on that in just a second. take a look at the video we shot. the truck
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authorities tell us about 100 gallons of fuel poured out of the truck. firefighters used foam absorbent to pig that -- pick that up. the driver of the truck was not hurt. the truck hit a moving car. the driver of that vehicle was shaken up but we're told is okay. the building that ultimately stopped the runaway fuel truck, no need for evacuations. it. this could have been so much worse. in the end, no serious injuries. >> our big concern here is oil. we need to off load that on to another truck without spilling much of it. only a few gallons spilled. hasn't ruptured. >> that was joe torres reporting. pope francis is calling on
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clergy other set aside prejudices and work with humility as they begin a three-week meeting at the vatican. they're gathering to discuss issues facing roman catholic families including divorce and contraception. most analysts do not expect the meeting to lead to any modifications or change in church teaching. u.s. supreme court refusing to appeal. in 2010 the house voted to centure rangel for misconduct. the said house disciplinary proceedings fall without jurisdiction of the court. the 85-year-old democrat plans to retire at the end of the term. we've got lee back with us. it's so nice we finally have sunshine after all the rain we've been having. >> you go maybe 40, 50 miles north of the city, all of the sudden after a couple chilly
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you're getting some oranges in there. we're going to see that accelerate. we were in beautiful kent, connecticut over the weekend. itlooking beautiful. -- it's looking beautiful. the park a few clouds over the had park but more that will be pushing to the east. going to be a fairly comfortable evening. 67 degrees your high number on the day. only running one below average. we go above average tomorrow for the next several days. we'll be around 70. there are your sunrise and sunset times. last year, 61 degrees. there are your records. temperatures in the hudson valley, 61 in monticello. probably headed to about 40 tonight. 63 in hopewell junction. long island with a few more clouds, lower 60s. same thing down the shore at 63. the winds are still coming out of the northeast. occasionally a gust of 20 miles per hour. we'll see more of
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those gusts. winds get lighter. chilly night. open the windows. nice and comfortable at the suburbs. the sun gets going and we get toward 70 degrees during the afternoon hours. we had clouds that built during the afternoon. first high clouds coming in from the ocean. then fair weather clouds. looks like it's perfectly sunny over western new jersey and over the cas skills. that clear sky is going to start to move toward the coast. this is the closest pass of joaquin and a few of the clouds trying to fan back toward the coast. you can still see some of the rains down in the quairs. over 20 -- in the over 20 inches. you still have a wind flow that's out of the northeast. that wind will back off as the high builds calmer tonight in to tomorrow. our next front is evening. really taking a route that's going in to canada. we may lose a degree or two of the highs. not a big deal there. then we look to the west coast. there's
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a storm coming in over the next day or two. that's our rain chance for friday. that looks like a stronger front and give us rain friday afternoon. looking at joaquin you see winds of 85 miles per hour. still a category 1 hurricane but headed way out in the open waters of the atlantic and actually may affect europe later in to the week. it's calmer and warmer foruts. 71 degrees. mostly sunny skies . here comes that front on wednesday. not a big deal. sunshine, couple patchy clouds. that's our warmest day ahead of the front. upper 60s to around 70. beautiful until the rain comes in on friday. partly cloudy skies. little patchy fog north and west. 40s in the suburbs. high of 71. still a cool start. you'll need a jacket. partly cloudy skies and 59 tomorrow night. at 5:30, here's what we're working on. could we get the next four days to be in the 70s? rain is a little slower to depart saturday. we'll tell you all about that in the 7-day forecast
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in the next hour. a medical emergency in the cockpit. coming up, the search to figure out what killed a pilot. >> a holdup at the plaza hotel. >> extra security on college campuses near philadelphia because of a threat of violence. tonight see how schools and students are dealing with the scare. >> at the cathedral church of st. john the divine you'll absolutely notice the beautiful stained glass windows. look a little closer and you might notice these jars of food.
5:21 pm
part of an exhibition on the get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time.
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i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid.
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one person is dead after a fiery crash in texas involving an suv and a semi that was hauling lumber. the vehicles collided early this morning at a point where two highways meet near dallas. both roadways were shut down as firefighters battled the flames. some of the smoldering lumber fell over the side of the overpass on to the grass below so drivers were warned to avoid the area. a settlement has been finalized in the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. the settlement is worth more than $20 billion and ends a five-year legal battle over the nearly 134 million gallons spilled. among the requirements, bp will pay out nearly $5 billion to five gulf states. alabama, florida,
5:24 pm
louisiana, mississippi, and texas. a man from queens is facing drug charges this afternoon after police say he set off a chain reaction crash involving a bus. investigators say 24-year-old parchman refused to pull over after a traffic stop and slammed his car in to an mta but in jamaica saturday night. the bus then hit two parked cars in a home. after the crash police say they found 64 bags of crack cocaine in his car. 12 people on the bus were checked out for minor injuries. all new at 5:00, a unique art exhibit is opening up and it's focusing on food, hunger, and farmer around the world. the exhibit at st. john the divine looks at how to sustain a green planet and feed the hungry. lori stokes -- lauren glassberg got a look today. >> another reason to learn about the value of food in a new exhibition. >> there are seven themes in the exhibition.
5:25 pm
walk through the cathedral in procession. >> reporter: he's one of the curators who enticed more than 30 artists to participate. some immediately catch your eye. others are not as obvious like these sculptures by tom oternes. he hopes people sit down to this piece called the tables to discuss the inequity of food. >> it's about money in the end. the wealthy have food and the poor don't. that's the essential concern. >> reporter: the artists selected him to be activist as well, hope to provoke change or reaction with their work. last supper made with syrup. sitting right up on the altar for a reason. >> the whole question about food, security, accessible, why
5:26 pm
are basic to life is a question we think of human dignity and justice. lot about that. >> the exhibition continues outside where apple trees had been planted to one day bear fruit ripe for the picking. >> a million people come here every year. to deal with issues and reach an audience who may entry fee. >> lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> interesting exhibit. got to check that out. still ahead, a local doctor found dead in a door step in chelsea. what we've learned about the hours before she died. >> a big honor for spike lee. he's doing what only two people have done before for the new york city marathon. >> what if you could rehab a dog that has been abused, give the dog a second chance and make it perfect to take home? they're doing get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer
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i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day.
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tonight an autopsy has been done on the long island dermatologist who died after a night of partying. we still don't know what killed kiersten cerveny, a mother of three. >> tonight the real mystery, what killed her? >> eyewitness news reporter lucy yang is live at the scene with the very latest. lucy. >> the medical examiner is now waiting for toxicology tests to return to fill in some key blanks in to the troubling death of a long island doctor who was found here ins chelsea. >> reporter: she was a beautiful 38-year-old doctor, wife, and mother, with a seemingly picture-perfect life. a house in man hast, a dermatology practice. tonight
5:29 pm
how and why dr. kiersten cerveny died in chelsea this weekend. >> i'm nervous and sad and scared because we don't know how it happened. >> it's tragic. >> reporter: according to police, dr. cerveny went in to the city with some friends saturday night beginning at a hotel, then a bar. from there detectives report she left with another man to an apartment on west 16th street. authorities believe the night included drugs and alcohol. early sunday morning surveillance video apparently shows two men carrying kiersten cerveny down the stairs to the vestibule and calling 911. manny guaman was making a delivery then and said he saw one of the men flag down help. he describes the doctor as she was put in to the ambulance. >> she was naked from here to up without her shoes. >> arrived, neighbors were upset. at her office workers had no comment. this patient is being treated by another doctor in the practice.
5:30 pm
she's dead, and her family and children. it's awful. >> exactly what happened inside an apartment here is exactly what detectives are now trying to figure out. for an up to date timeline on the events leading up to the doctor's death, you can go to abc7ny. police are searching for the suspect behind a brazen heist at the plaza hotel. it happened on fifth avenue in midtown this morning. police say the gunman held up the currency exchange and got away with about 3,000 euro. the business which exchanges foreign money for u.s. cash is located on the fame level. no one was hurt. california is the fifth state in the u.s. to pass a right to die law that allows terminally ill patients to their lives.
5:31 pm
it comes after brittany maynard, a california woman with terminal brain cancer who moved to oregon so she could end her life. oregon already has a death with dignity law. a surprising claim tonight for edward snowden. he now says he's willing to go to jail if he can come back to the u.s. he's facing federal charges for leaking information about nsa programs. the former contractor fled to russia two years ago. snowden told the bbc he volunteered to go to prison but has yet to receive a former plea deal offer from the u.s. it was a deadline hanging over the heads of everyone on a college campus in philadelphia today. fortunately it came and went without incident. but even so, the threat of a 2 p.m. attack which came after last week's attack in oregon kept people on edge. reporter david henry from our sister station wpbi has more from philadelphia. >> i was like oh, shoot, what am i going to do tomorrow? i was honestly really scared. >> a lot of students were frightened by the warning from the fbi and atf. many skipped
5:32 pm
classes today. >> i went to my first class and there were barely anybody was there and so my teachers ended up canceling the rest of the day. >> they didn't exactlyl classes which i found surprising but a lot of teachers told us if you're not feeling comfortable, don't go to classes, which a lot of us didn't do. >> reporter: schools throughout the delaware valley amped up security and they got supplemental patrols from police. ratner township added officers to the shift today and patrolled four college campuses. they take all threats seriously but this one stood out. >> what's really amplifying this is that the threat is coming off the same social media website. it happened with the very tragic shootings in oregon last week. >> reporter: the threat was posted on 4chan, the same message board that was used to warn students in the northwest the day before the community college massacre in oregon. the threat was posted the day after that shooting and predicted an attack on a university near philadelphia at 2 p.m. today. the time passed and students
5:33 pm
were relieved and also reassured by the heavy police presence on their campuses today. >> just as more alert and nothing happened. so i guess i was in good hands. >> seeing police and even the everyone's i.d. cards, it helped me feel safe. >> reporter: students obviously feeling a lot safer now that the time is spelled out and the alleged threat has passed. it's been a long day and they say they'll be glad when it's over. in philadelphia for channel 7 eyewitness news, i'm david henry. new york sports fans, spike lee will serve as grand marshal of this year's tcs new york city marathon. the race has only had two grand marshals in its 45-year history. lee becomes the third and the first new york er ever to lead the way. he says he's never considered running in the marathon, he just sticks to the treadmill. >> this is a great honor. i love new york city. i'm always
5:34 pm
and this is one of the biggest events in the world. with the greatest runners and everyday marathon. >> the writer/director described the marathon as the world's biggest block party. channel 7 is your home for the tcs marathon. we're less than a month away and we have everything you need to know ahead of time on live coverage, race day, sunday, november 1st. >> spike lee wearing some cool shoes there. still ahead, a medical emergency in the cockpit. find out what happened when a pilot died on the job.
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we're back with breaking news from the bronx. a man in his 70s has been injured after his car was t-boned by a patrol car. >> josh einiger is on the scene in the south bronx with more.
5:38 pm
been a lot worse for the man who was driving that honda civic right there. you can see pretty serious damage to the right rear side of that car. he was just driving along, police say minding his own business when he was suddenly t-boned by that dodge magnum station wagon. several suspects in that car fleeing police when they came flying down a hill and slammed right in to that man's honda. we'll show you video from newscopter7 as this happened and the investigation was just playing out over the last hour or so. this started not too far away from here at 163rd street and 3rd avenue here in the south bronx when police say the men in that car had fired shots. at least two shots at someone else that they were actually an intended target in that area. missed that person. and as they were leaving that scene, police car happened to by on that scene. two police officers witnessed that shooting, tried
5:39 pm
to pull over the station wagon and that set in motion a chase which wound up here. live picture now. this is the corner of 1 67 and interveil. this was a hill fleeing down, went right through this intersection where that man was driving along in we're told he's in serious condition but his injuries are not life-threatening which is of course very all three suspects have been taken in to custody and police did recover the gun they say was ditched along the route of this apparent car chase through the streets of the south bronx. we'll of course have more information and hear from eyewitnesss when i see you in eyewitness news at 6:00. for now we're live in the bronx, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a major crackdown today against synthetic marijuana and so called designer drug sales in new york.
5:40 pm
general eric schneiderman announced lawsuits against two companies for selling the drugs. officials claim liquid shop in rocklin and surrealistic sensations sold dangerous products with names like green giant and psycho to customers in the bronx, nyack, and elsewhere. >> none of us, and certainly not the people who are consuming them, know what's in them. that is a severe problem and it shows up in our emergency rooms every day. >> schneiderman said the state saw a tenfold increase in e.r. visits this summer. many of the designs to appeal to children. a plane's pilot suddenly died. the plane had to make an emergency landing in syracuse. the captain got sick mid-air and then died. the first officer
5:41 pm
>> american 550, a medical emergency, captain is incapacitated. request handling for runway, 1-0 landing. >> the first officer got them on the ground safely. no word exactly what happened to the pilot. we now know which trump hotels were hit by hackers. hackers accessed credit card data at seven locations including the trump international. there were also breaches at hotels in las vegas, chicago, miami, hawaii and toronto. it's unclear how many customers were hit. trump hotels is offering identity fraud protection for anyone affected. coming up, inside the retraining to help dogs who were rescued from bad situations. plus the recall from cheerios tonight because an ingredient could make some people sick. >> a woman getting in to her car finds this wedding band in a brooklyn parking lot four years ago. it's inscribed with
5:42 pm
initials and a wedding date. she comes to 7 on your side for help.
5:43 pm
mas. we've got a consumer alert. some boxes of cheerios are being recalled. 1.8 million boxes of original and honey nut cheerios because they are labeled gluten-free but they may actually contain wheat. cheerios says in july some wheat flour got in to its gluten-free oat base system. the company released specific box numbers and you can find that information on our homepage at lee, i know this is right up your alley. >> you've got your allergy walk coming up. >> a fair walk for food allergies.
5:44 pm
western end of long island. >> you always have a lot of people show up. >> we want more this year. outside we go this afternoon. a beautiful afternoon. it's really been nice as the clouds begin to move offshore, really pretty looking sunset developing around the area which is right around 6:30 now. 64 degrees. partial sunshine. northeast wind. still a bit of a busy wind but that will back off during the evening hours. skies continue to clear from west to east. the low tonight, 54. lots of 40s in weather wheel shows a lot of sunshine. need during the afternoon, super comfortable. have your sunglasses tomorrow. light wind, lower 70s, really feels perfect. we've got about 3 inches of rainfall last week in to the weekend. now over 4 inches since september 1st which actually puts us a shade above normal at least for that time period but for the year still running about 6 inches below. not a drought busting rain but certainly stopping the bleeding reservoirs in
5:45 pm
above normal in terms of capacity but not in northern new jersey. 10 to 20 inches, 22 inches estimated by doppler radar in parts of south carolina. incredible pictures from down there. still seeing some rainfall come in to the outer banks. joaquin is some 600 miles offshore and headed toward europe in the next five to seven days. we still have swells coming in. the last of our cloudiness coming away. now the wind is going to start to die down. we'll have patchy fog. even the coldest spots in the catskills could dip in to the upper 30s tonight. mid 50s for new york city. for tomorrow after that cool start, really comfortable in the afternoon. mostly sunny. upper 60s and lower 70s. beautiful for the playoff game at yankees stadium tomorrow night. 67, first pitch. westerly wind. wear a yankees sweatshirt and you'll be fine. uv index is at a 5 but i think could be a 7 later in the day. here's your 7-day
5:46 pm
mostly sunny. very nice around 70. that starts a string of four 70-degree days. a touch cooler thursday. clouds will thicken on friday. i think the rain waits till the afternoon. i added a rain drop for saturday morning. our nice sunday and monday coming up. tonight a wedding ring found in brooklyn and we're trying to find its owner. >> when a woman discovered the ring, she called 7 on your side's nina pineda. >> when the finder first found it, she checked with the police about the ring. we went to clerk office. with only a wedding date and not full names on the ring they couldn't help with us the search. we're hoping you can watch these clues and help. >> i just happened to glance. something was >> reporter: it superstorm sandy. circle.
5:47 pm
i leaned over to pick it up and it's a gold ring. >> reporter: angela spotted the parking lot. the ring is a wedding band bearing four initials, from mf to the we've blurred those letters out because only the true letter we hopes claim the ring will know what they are. >> i read the inscription, it was so heartwarming. the year was 10-29-55. god. >> reporter: she thinks the wedding band fell off the finger of the person who proudly wore the symbol of love for more than 55 years. >> maybe he took off his glove and he dropped it. >> reporter: angela put up the parking lot. >> i left my phone number. no one ever called me. >> reporter: next shewent to the police. >> they said you have to leave it here. i said i'm sorry, if i
5:48 pm
leave it here it's going to be in the abyss. >> reporter: she put the ring in her wallet and held on to it all these years. >> this is gold. it says 14 karat gold. >> reporter: angela said it never crossed her mind to pawn it. >> it meant something to this couple when they were actually getting married on that day. it's coming on their 60th wedding anniversary in a month and this person doesn't have a ring. >> if you think you know the owner of this ring, let us know. go to and click on the 7 on your side section. you'll have to tell us the complete inscription. but it's the couple's 60th wedding anniversary october 29th of this year. wouldn't it be nice to reunite the ring with the family? >> my husband lost his wedding ring, our wedding ring like within 10 days of the wedding. but it's not ours. but if anybody ever finds it. [ laughter ]
5:49 pm
>> we'll help you too, diana. [ laughter ] >> it's been a long time though. >> 30 years. still ahead, rehabbing dogs who have been abused. >> we'll take you inside the 5,000 square foot facility dedicated to helping them get a second chance. >> i'm bill ritter, new at 6:00 we'll have the latest on the wild shootout and chase in the bronx, and who should pay for
5:50 pm
infrastructure. way back when, in the neighborhoods of new york... the working people, the people who really make this city work--
5:51 pm
teachers, and engineers had affordable health care thanks to an upstart mayor, and a couple of non-profits called ghi and hip-- now called emblemhealth. because emblemhealth believes that working new yorkers deserve quality care, so new moms and dads can breathe a little easier, and the young at heart can live healthy and strong. and today, emblemhealth is still doing what it did when it was ghi and hip, setting a national standard with neighborhood care-- not because of some new law, but because looking after your neighbors is just right.
5:52 pm
all new at 5:00, we were the first to get a look inside a rehab center for animals. >> many of the dogs seized by the nypd and victims of animal
5:53 pm
eyewitness news reporter michelle charlesworth posting video of the dogs on her facebook page. she has the story. >> reporter: this whacky costume is all part of rehab. >> it's essentially a person who is scared to go outside every time they take a step outside, you hand them $100. he's scared of a person who might be dressed in a big hat walking with a cane. every time he sees that person, i give him a treat. >> reporter: victoria wells is part of the k-9 annex for recovery and enrichment. training, love, natural light, and positive reinforcement are all used in therapy. >> we see these animals come in to our facility skin and bones, maybe bloodied due to abuse, maybe shocked. then we see them happy, robust animals in to a loving home. >> the biggest thing is teaching these animals that people are good. good dog. good baby girl
5:54 pm
>> these dogs have maybe never experienced a gentle touch, a rub of a belly, scratching the neck or throwing a ball. so a lot of what we do here is teaching these dogs to trust, teaching these dogs to be dogs again or maybe dogs for the very first time. >> reporter: matt explains there are a lot of tests these dogs must go through before adoption. exposure to the unusual and unfamiliar, and all of them happen inside and outside but their food and reward schedule stay consistent. >> food, toys, any positive experience is part of us helping them get to where they need to be to associate with people to get in to their forever home. >> reporter: that's the goal. training these dogs in weeks or in some cases months to love and be loved. the program has a 95% success rate. michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that tail wagging. happy dog. there's still much more ahead including an off duty
5:55 pm
police officer reviving another officer who collapsed while playing hockey. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. new at 6:00, a subway derailment last month and tonight it's sparking a new battle over trying to fix new york city's underground trains. should new york be kicking in more money to get the repairs done faster? >> a shocker for the yankees on the eve of their do or die game. cc sabathia checking himself in to rehab for alcohol. good evening at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. >> we'll begin with breaking news out of the bronx. >> gunfire. a pursuit. then a car crash. right now three people under arrest and an
5:56 pm
>> josh einiger with the lead story tonight. >> it's a sprawling scene over several blocks in the south bronx but started with police being at the right place at the right time. the alleged gunmen were not about to go down without a fight. they fled police several blocks, coming down this hill here. they flew down this hill and 167th street and inner veil right in to that intersection. that station wagon is the car the suspects were driving. on the flatbed to your right, that's the car that the victim was driving. a man in his 70s who was minding his own business driving along when that suspect vehicle just t-boned him out of the blue. we'll show you video from newscopter7 as police were establishing a crime scene in the last couple hours. in this case started at 3rd avenue in the south bronx where police say the suspects fired at least two shots at a known -- at someone they intended to hit but did not.
5:57 pm
they then saw two police
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