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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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they then saw two police officers in the area who tried to pull over the car, lit up their lights and sirens and tried to pull them over but they then fled the scene and raced through the streets of the south bronx up to this location where they had that accident in the middle of the intersection. at that point the three suspects bailed out of the car and ran off on foot. then the cavalry was here to take them down. here's what eyewitnesss saw at the scene. >> yeah, they jumped out of this car and they ran up this block and asked us when the other cops that were on foot ran toward kelly to chase them down. >> for a guy minding his own business, whole day ruined, had to extract him, special unit from the police department showed up and extracted him out of the car with paramedics and that's about it. helicopters and tons of commotion. >> the victim who was driving that honda civic is described as a man in his 70s who was
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seriously injured but his injuries we're told are not life-threatening. he's now recovering in the hospital. he was talking here on the scene. the three suspects as i said were taken in to custody. the original shooting a few blocks away from here, police say they were shooting at someone they knew who was not hit by gunfire. the investigation in to that shooting is continuing at this hour. we're live in the bronx, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we're going to turn now to cc sabathia. the yankees say the star will not be pitching in the postseason. >> in a most personal statement this afternoon, this lifetime athlete explaining his life is more important than his baseball life. quoting now, it hurts me deeply to do this now, he said, but i owe it to myself and my family to get myself right. >> we have two reports tonight. eyewitness news report er jim dolan has reaction from yankees fans but we'll begin our coverage with rob powers and the announcement from the yankees. >> it's not the news anyone
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playoffs, but it's not the news anyone including cc sabathia enjoyed sharing. the pitcher admitted publically he's checked himself in to an alcohol rehabilitation facility. sabathia has 214 career wins, a cy young award, a world series title, a multimillion-dollar contract, and a problem. one for which he's now seeking help. in a statement released by the team, sabathia says being an adult means being accountable. being a baseball player means others look up to you. i want my kids and others who may have become fans of mine to know i'm not too big of a man to ask for help. >> he's carried this franchise on his back in the past and led us to places we wanted to go and i think obviously now he's raised his hand and said i need someone to help and guide me. >> if cc is a guy who can step up in a situation like that, i hope it gives courage to other people to step up. >> the team is not the only group that had immediate
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reaction to this news. the playoffs open at the stadium tomorrow. it's a wildcard game. more from the yankees on today's big news right from site. >> thanks. this is one of those moments when life certainly trumps sports. cc sabathia, one of the nearly 25 million americans living with alcohol or drug addiction. tonight the reaction from fans. with their human side trump their sports fan side. remember the grief a met got when his son was born. jim dolan. >> everybody knows someone who has battled addiction. yankees fans are definitely no different. they know that when a guy finally acknowledges that he needs help, nothing on earth is more important. not baseball. >> reporter: the streets around the stadium today, fans were hoping the best for cc sabathia ahead. about things. you know what i mean? he realized it. he's going to
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the right thing to do. >> reporter: there were folks who wished the timing had been a little better. >> i think he's doing the right for the team? >> the yankees wasn't doing so need him. >> reporter: most seem to here. >> i think he's doing the thing. you got a problem, you well get that help. >> he had a problem so he had to go. >> you've knot -- got to deal with it. >> do you think he should have waited till the end of the playoffs? >> no, he did a good job. >> reporter: some even offered a hand. >> he's involved in a lot of stress and things of that nature. >> sabathia has had moments of remarkable bravery during his career. long games on short rest. always willing to take the ball. how great it is that maybe his bravest moment of all
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is when he put the ball down. reporting live from the stadium, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> true words, jim. thank you. we have a slideshow of cc sabathia's career on our website, also with his full statement, getting interesting response from you on my facebook page. we're learning moret about the circumstances surrounding that deadly explosion at a building in brooklyn as a second body was found in the wreckage this afternoon. city records indicate that gas service was shut off to the second particular apartment where 48-year-old francesca figueroa lived. ms. figueroa was supposed to have been evicted from her apartment two days before the explosion and was in the process of moving out of the building when that blast occurred. the victim found today has not yet been identified but the only person believed to be missing was ms. figueroa. friends of the mother of three say they are heartbroken for her children. >> sadness and pain in my heart. she didn't deserve this. nobody deserves
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this. it's a bad tragedy for the family. >> the other victim, 64-year-old lejia puleo died from severe burns. seven people have been injured when an amtrak train derailed in vermont. it jumped the tracks after hitting some fallen rocks. officials say the rocks fell from the path of the train, calling the incident as a freak of nature. >> we felt something like a bump and next thing we knew, we kind of swerved to the left then went, uh-oh. >> 98 passengers and four crew members were onboard that train. it was scheduled to make stops in connecticut, penn station, and newark, new jersey before heading to dc. another train derailment, this time in new jersey. three
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spills. fortunately no one was hurt. no word on what caused this derailment. new at 6:00, two subway riders who say they were injured in a train derailment last month are blaming the accident on the money battle between the mta and new york city. dozens were after the derailment. they've been in a battle to come up with the money to fix the infrastructure. dave evans is here with more on the story. >> this whole fight revolves around the mta's capital budget plan. that will go to pay for things like finishing the second avenue subway and fixing the subway stations. both the city and the state are fighting for who pays for what. the feds will pay for most of it. the big question is how much will the city pay?
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the track, it became the latest in an ongoing battle between the governor and mayor over upkeep of our subways and who pays for what. nicole was on the train with her new baby then just three-days old. >> that really made me upset that our lives are so meaningless that they didn't care enough to manage the trains properly. >> reporter: this ad is running in the daily news, depicting the mayor jumping an mta turnstile. it accuses him of hurting new yorkers. >> the mayor and new york city need to contribute more money. >> reporter: the transit union that paid for the ad said the government is right, the cities should do more. the governor wants some from the city. he said maybe $1.6 is all. nothing close to what the governor is demanding. >> he's been blase about the
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situation. the system is in a clearly state of disrepair. trains are packed. buses are packed. we need the money. >> reporter: the mayor has argued the mta is the state's responsibility and if city hall is going to kick in more, the mayor wants more control. >> we've known for decades the city and people of the city put more in to the mta than we put back. i've seen plenty of political games and posturing. if we really want to talk about the truth, let's look at how much the city is doing already. >> reporter: while the fight over mta money continues, the ride is getting worse and lawsuits are just beginning. >> people are getting hurt because the maintenance is not being done to our subway system that's unacceptable. >> that plaintiff is now suing for about $2 million. there were a lot of other people on the train that night. they may have also been injured and may also sue the mta, the state, and for now reporting live in downtown eyewitness news. as we continue with
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eyewitness news at 6:00, an off duty cop and good samaritan coming to the rescue of a man who suddenly stops breathing on the rink. hero cop next. >> a truck goes out of control the one important thing the driver forgot to do. >> and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. there. sun, clouds, pretty good breeze and temperatures in the upper 60s. a lot of warmth. feels like sum
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an out of control tanker truck crashes spilling diesel fuel on to the road. it seems the driver forgot to set the parking brake. it overturned as it hit a building. no one was seriously hurt. the building was not structurally damaged. all new at 6:00, a remarkable story on long island. an off duty new york cop lucky to be alive. >> he was playing ice hockey and suddenly went in to cardiac arrest. fortunately the guy he was playing with was also a cop and he knew cpr. >> the officer now in critical condition. here's n.j. burkett. >> reporter: his family is sitting vigil in the intensive care unit tonight for 49-year-old ray hawkins. an nypd sergeant who suffered a massive heart attack last night. if it weren't for suffolk county police officer steven turner, he might never have made it to the hospital.
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midnight in the sports arena in st. james, long island. officer turner and sergeant hawkins were on opposing teams playing a game called deck hockey. >> we finished up the game. we were shaking hands and a couple guys walked off the deck and started screaming and yelling. i didn't know what was going on. there was a gentleman in cardiac arrest. there was two people over him trying to assist him. >> reporter: officer turner grabbed the defibrillator from the wall and after two jolts, ray hawkins was breathing again. after 18 hours, he remained in a coma at stony brook university hospital. >> he had actually left the game early halfway through the 2nd period which i didn't know, i found out later on, because he wasn't feeling well. he was down for a couple minutes before anybody had noticed him because there was nobody in the stands. >> reporter: when it comes to cardiac arrest, experts say the difference between life and death is measured in minutes and seconds. >> time is critical.
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and the head and the other vital organs, very sensitive to the effects of no circulation, particularly the head. >> it does feel good to do that. got to get him home. that would be better. >> reporter: the prognosis for sergeant hawkins is still not clear. but cpr gave him the fighting chance to pull through. at university hospital in stony brook, long island, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. just ahead, craving some fast food breakfast? why you won't have to get out of bed as early anymore. >> lee, kind of making up for last week's rainy weather. it's
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as if you love your mcdonald's breakfast now you don't need to rush over there in the morning. starting tomorrow the chain is long. mcdonald's says it's
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their number one request from companies, receiving 120,000 tweets about it in the last year. there's a catch. the menu will be limited to biscuit and mcmuffin items. i can cook. >> she can probably make one. >> i can toast you an english muffin. >> lucky husband of yours. [ laughter ] >> i have something special for you this evening. >> aww. >> isn't >> bet muffin. >> mc donald's breakfast all day long. thank you, andy, for getting this shot of us. beautiful shot as sunset approaches just after 6:30. that is spectacular. our temperatures, 64. humidity is nice and low and northeast wind at 6:00, starting to back off. the pressure is on the fall. high today, 67. just a shade below average. sunset, there it weather headlines
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look like this. wednesday is the warmest in the mid 70s. showers are going to come by friday. later in the day there will be rain coming in. a little concerned that doesn't clear up till saturday afternoon. still a few days away to figure that out. 55 in monticello. to 40. won't be surprised to even some patchy fog. 64 degrees in norwalk. 62 at islip and 61 in belmar. 64 in west orange. the winds that are a little weekend tomorrow. mostly sunny skies 7:00 in the morning. probably need the jacket at the bus stop then in the afternoon it feels super comfortable. we've had more clouds on the island. because we had some of the high clouds it makes for a pretty sunset. that's created by the ice crystals and sunlight there's
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northeast. hurricane. this storm is going to weaken in to post tropical storm, big storm in the atlantic next weekend. as this high building in tonight and joaquin building away the wind will start to back off and skies will this weak from for wednesday is not going to do much. it comes through dry. then this area right here even though i talked initially about timing friday, once that gets on shore we'll be able to finalize the timing of the rain. it's 71 degrees, a lot of sunshine out there. feels great. here's a front on wednesday. a few clouds in the afternoon. partly cloudy, 54 for tomorrow. high of 71. mostly sunny and nice. 59 and partly cloudy tomorrow night. your 7-day forecast, it's nice. 74 on wednesday. mostly sunny, just a shade cooler but comfortable on thursday. showers show up friday afternoon. may linger in
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to early saturday morning. it's fine for the fair walk for food allergy on saturday in new rochelle. hope you join us there. 60s on sunday. rob is up next. >> we'll get back to our big story from today, cc sabathia entering a rehab program, a
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bath fitter will measure, custom-make and install right over your existing tub. and only bath fitter has seamless walls, which guarantees a watertight fit. plus, they do it all in just one day. i know because i did it. so many interesting fascinating aspects to this cc case. not the least of which is the general manager's statement that he was not aware of this problem. >> didn't know till the phone call came yesterday from baltimore. this is going to be all time postseason trip number 52 for the yankee franchise but number 52 on the yankee roster won't be on the playoff roster at all. cc sabathia has checked
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himself in to a rehab facility dealing with an alcohol problem. upset this happens the day before the game. the yankees say they're more impress would the courage it took considering the timing. sabathia has been a workhorse on the mound for years, saying in a statement today, it hurts me deeply to do this now but i owe it to myself and my family to get myself right. i want to take control of my disease and be a better man, father, and player. as for more yankee reaction, laura behnke live with that part of the stadium. >> the yankees first knew this was an issue yesterday when cc sabathia met with joe girardi and a few members of the organization to say he has a problem and he needs help. >> reporter: a baseball clubhouse is a close knit environment but the yankees' didn't see cc sabathia's decision to enter rehab coming. >> i basically was summoned to my office. i was shocked with what happened. >> proud of him for stepping up
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something that's a whole lot more important than what we've got going on around here. >> reporter: it may be october but the yankees fully support sabathia and never considered asking him to wait till the postseason. >> when someone comes to you with the issue he came with and said he needs help immediately, that's what he needs. >> i'll give him the time he needs to take care of his family. >> as if the yankees didn't need any extra motivation for tomorrow night's wildcard game against the astros, now they have it. a-rod said, we play for cc now. laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. let's get to the mets now. four days off before beginning their national league division series friday in los angeles. granderson on hand as the mets' power paid off for charity. the city home run program paying $2,000 for every met home run this year. now the team turns
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its attention to dealing with clayton kershaw and company. >> you look for some tough guys you're going to face. they're going to be intense. they're going to be aggressive. you have to match that intensity. they're not going to give in and you have to do the same thing. matt williams no longer the washington nationals' manager. he was fired today. it was a big football day for the localles. shutting down that offense and playing well when it mattered both. the offense preserves the win. the biggest play here. rashad jennings took a 2-yard pass and rumbles 49 yards, powering his way to the end zone. boom. 24-10. the tied for the division lead. >> it's a collective win, offense, defense, special teams. we finished this quarter 2-2. we've got a lot to clean up and we're excited to get back to new york, get the work. >> as for the jets, their win
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caused miami its head coach chris ivory running over and through for a career-high 166 yards. 14 jet penalties kept the dolphins within striking distance but a couple late picks seal the win. 27-14 victory. now the bye week at 3-1. >> championship football right there. special teams playing well. offense is playing well, moving the ball. defense is playing well. that's a great formula for success. >> i love that you have the prognosis scoreboard right here. >> i have to put it on. got to be right. 5-3 by the way. let's check with sade to see what's coming up at 11:00. >> a beat-down on the bus. a whole group barrels onboard. cops say they were on a mission. we'll tell you what happened next. imagine coming home to find this happening in your driveway. how did this moose fight end? we'll have those stories and much more tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. >> wow. >> i hate it when moose fight. really. it's the worst thing. >> they
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