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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 6, 2015 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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the curse started back in july. taylor swift lit up the washington national stadium. >> that's not good. we have lights out here. >> but the next time the nats took the field the lights went off three times. pitcher tweeting about swift, i tonight. we now have bad blood. and the first place nationals tanking and missing the play offs. the astros didn't do much better after they hosted her. they lost seven of their next eight games. the padres had 12 wins and 21 losses. now it's toronto's turn to be on edge. blue jays fans previously turned taylor taylor's blank space into a parody song called first place. >> but they may not want to
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associate with the star now. t swift had two sold out shows over the weekend at roger senter and the jays dropped both of their following games. with the post season series against the rangers looming. shake it off shake it off >> we will soon find out if the blue jays can shake it off. >> that's it. just shake it off. thanks for watching abc news. tune into ""good morning america" tomorrow. we are live 24/7 on our facebook page and on abc
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shooting suspects crash into cops. new video of the daring and dangerous pursuit. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm bill ritter. that innocent man seriously hurt in that crash. surveillance cameras capturing the seconds before impact this afternoon. it happened in the bronx and now we know why these guys were running. >> eyewitness news reporter josh einiger at the precinct in the bronx with the new video and new details. >> we actually have more brand new video you'll see only on eyewitness news as the alleged triggerman was led out of the precinct station house just about a half hour ago. police say this is the man who right in front of two plain clothes detectives opened fire on a rival in front of a senior citizens home. despite firing two shots at point blank range, he missed, meaning police say not only is he is a bad shot, also isn't all that great at getting away.
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>> reporter: security cameras at 167th and innerveil captured the violent end. a school bus barely cleared the intersection downhill. police cars on its tail. >> we heard like vroom, and that's when the crash happened. >> reporter: he sailed through the red light and plowed in to a honda civic driving by. >> sounded like a shotgun blast. >> reporter: the impact spun the car around and sent the driver to the hospital with injuries to his neck. >> you heard the guy in this car here yelling help, help. >> guy driving along, minding his own business. >> this may have been the least dangerous move the three men in the car had made. police say the trio, two shooters in a getaway car, opened fire at a man in front of a senior citizens home but missed. two police officers tried to pull the car over, only to have it flee at speeds up to 70 miles per hour, hitting one car before narrowly missing the school bus
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and then slamming in to the serveic. >> -- the civic. >> they asked us where it the men ran to chase them down. >> they were swarming. police cars were showing up left and right. >> reporter: cops caught up to all three men and recovered their gun, allegedly dumped as they tried to flee but they didn't get far. >> don't get in to nothing if you ain't ready for the consequences. that's all i can say about that. everything so you know what you was doing. man up and own that. >> the alleged triggerman and his accomplices are in custody, facing a laundry list of felony charges. as for the drivers of those two cars, they hit during their flight for freedom. both were hospitalized, one with quite serious injuries. josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have new details to tell you about the doctor from long island. a wife and mother of
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two found dead in manhattan after a night of partying. sources tell eyewitness news it appears dr. kiersten cerveny died of a drug overdose. she went out with a friend saturday night. her body found hours later in the doorway of an apartment building in chelsea. medical examiner testing for the exact cause of death. tomorrow the yankees kick off their postseason play fresh off the news pitcher cc sabathia is going in to rehab for alcohol abuse. a-rod tweeting, we all support you, big man. eplayforcc. fans reacting to the news. rob powers here with more. >> news came quickly and from out of the blue. cc sabathia has a problem with alcohol and he sought immediate attention, already in a rehabilitation facility, the yankees lose a pitcher on the eve of the playoffs and nobody really saw it coming. >> i know players have drinks. that happens in the game. adults have drinks
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aware that it was at that level and that he felt that he needed help. >> it's not what they want to deal with the night before the playoffs start but it's what they've got. a starting pitcher starting a rehab program dealing with an alcohol problem. the team says it's not upset with the timing, realizing the time to support their teammate is now. >> i know me personally and a lot of us in here, we wouldn't have a ring if it wasn't for cc. now we're here for him. >> we're going to miss him here tomorrow night and throughout the playoffs but i'm glad to see he stepped up and is working to become better for all of us. >> cc said it hurts me deeply to do this now but i owe it to myself and my family to get i want to take control of my disease and i want player. >> what cc is dealing with is a life issue. it's bigger than the game we have tomorrow night. >> as i said to our players, deal with them now.
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deal with them now. >> and that's just what sabathia did. he won't pitch again this season. the yankees telling the former cy young award winner get right, get back next season. we've got more reaction to today's developments coming up in sports. >> see you in a few minutes, rob. a massive drug bust in queens. six people under arrest of marijuana. cops say they spotted the suspects this morning transferring cardboard moving boxes from a tractor-trailer that was parked in the elmhurst section. police say the pot has a street value of up to $300,000. we have new video of seven young men wanted for a vicious beating onboard a bus in brooklyn. cops say they attacked a 17-year-old boy on a b43 bus in bed-stuy. the victim was repeatedly punched and kicked. police are hoping someone will come forward and identify the suspects in this video. so far no arrests. a mystery tonight surrounding that deadly gas
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explosion in brooklyn. what sparked the explosion that the gas was shut off? meanwhile today another person was pulled from the debris. jim dolan on investigation. >> francisca figueroa was going the gas to her apartment had been cut off for nonpayment. she was being evicted from that apartment as and now investigators are trying to figure out if gas lines leading to that second floor apartment had been tampered with before that building blew to bits. >> reporter: through the night they worked to carefully sift through the mountain of blasted concrete and mangled steel that used to be a building here in borough park. some pieces identified and set aside for the investigation just as friends start today mourn. >> she was a beautiful person. we all love her. very caring person. very good with her kids. >> reporter: 48-year-old francisca figueroa, mother of
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three, shoontd have been in the building on saturday. she was she was the leaked gas exploded. >> that woman is a hard worker. always working, make her kids. she was a hardworking woman who enjoyed life. >> 64-year-old legia puello was found dead after the blast. the investigation is centered on figueroa who shouldn't have been in the building when it exploded. >> she didn't deserve this. nobody deserves it . it's a bad tragedy. >> the body found today has not been positively identified as ms. figueroa but investigators are certain she was in the building before the blast and has not been heard from since. reporting live from borough park, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to the scare for passengers onboard that amtrak
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train that derailed in vermont the 98 passengers more than shaken when it slid down a brook. several people were injured including an amtrak worker. most have been released from the hospital this evening. passengers describe the frightening moments when the train went off the rails. >> i was so confused as to what happened and it just felt like really bad airplane turbulence flew around. >> officials say there weren't more injuries because the train car stayed intact. that train was scheduled to stop at penn station before heading to washington. mechanical failure tonight getting the blame for a u.s. cargo ship that got stuck and sank near the bahamas. police say the captain of el faro intended to bypass the hurricane but mechanical failure left the ship stranded. the search focused on any surviving crew members. one body was found.
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cluding 28 americans were onboard that ship. a possible motive at the oregon. police say christopher harper mercer ranted in a manifesto about not having a girlfriend. he thought everyone else was crazy and he was the sane one. his quotes. harper mercer killed nine people last week before killing himself. the white house confirming the president will meet on friday in oregon with the victims' families. new tonight, while floodwaters are beginning to recede in hard hit south carolina, president obama declares the state a major disaster which will provide federal money and much needed aid. at least 12 people have been killed in the carolinas. most died while driving in the storm. hundreds of roads and bridges have been flooded or washed away. the national guard now rescuing people from their homes. >> everything that i own has been destroyed. >> we need people to stay in. there's a good chance if you go out and start looking you may become a victim because we've got roads that are continuing to crumble down.
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with more than two feet of rain. a thousand people have been forced out of their homes and 40,000 are without drinking water. also new at 11:00 and still to come, a man missing for five days. his body found in of all places a hospital in new york city. tonight his grief-stricken family has a whole lot of questions. >> a cross country flight suddenly making an emergency landing when the pilot collapses and dies in the cockpit. tonight reaction from stunned passengers. >> and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. a much nicer week on tap. spectacular sunset captured by an eyewitness viewer. degrees.
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new at 11:00, a deadly mystery. a man found dead in the bathroom of a medical center
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44-year-old anthony luco. how did no one look in to the locked bathroom until five days later? aj ross at the hospital with this mystery. >> that's right, missing for days then mysteriously found dead here at the same hospital where he worked. tonight the family of anthony, they're understandably upset and demanding answers. first and foremost they did he go unaccounted for for five days? a question staff and nypd are now looking in to. >> he was a great guy, really nice, really kind, very big heart. >> reporter: a loving father and brother, 44-year-old anthony luco spent several years of his life saving others as an emt before transferring here to work in the o. r. >> he'd go to the end of the world for anybody. it's a shame. >> reporter: loved ones last spoke with anthony last thursday, same day he was treated for a finger injury in the e.r. then according to
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hospital staff he disappeared until a gruesome discovery was made inside a public restroom on the same floor where he worked five days later. >> no one looked in this particular bathroom for five days. they found him five days later, pretty much only because we actually went there and made a commotion. >> reporter: just how he or anyone could go unaccounted for for so long is one of many questions now plaguing anthony's family as both the nypd and hospital staff investigate his passing, one thing is certain. anthony deserved better. >> no one has answers. we just need thing straightened out. >> just a short time ago the hospital released the following statement, saying the staff are extremely saddened to learn that one of our employees has passed away. our hearts go out to the family, friends, and coworkers. live tonight in the bronx, aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. another mystery tonight. it's unclear tonight what caused
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a pilot to die at the controls of a passenger plane bound for boston. american airlines flight made an emergency landing in syracuse yesterday after the co-pilot reported a medical emergency. a flight attendant who was also a nurse tried to revive the unresponsive pilot as the co-pilot landed the plane. paramedics were waiting to help the pilot but it was too late. passengers were only told the pilot was sick. >> we thought that he wasn't feeling well. we had had no idea he had passed. it was extremely shocking. >> a pilot dying during a flight is rare. the faa says it's only happened eight times in the past 20 years. for all of those of you who have to eat gluten-free, better check the breakfast cereal in your cupboard. original and honey nut cheerios, general mills recalling the boxes because they're labeled gluten-free but may indeed contain wheat.
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you can find the information on our homepage at >> can be a dangerous mistake. >> and you're all too particular with issues like this. you've got a walk coming up. >> yeah, my son has food allergies, definitely near and dear to us. we have the food walk for allergies on saturday. >> which year is this? >> i think now we're in our fifth year i believe. biggest one in the nation. really excited about it. i'm just hoping the rain on friday night in to early saturday morning clears out. i like our chances. outside we go where we have a beautiful afternoon, evening. you've been sending me great pictures. i feel like it's been sun dog season. we've had high wispy clouds. the sun comes through the ice crystals. you get those fantastic sun dials. the empire state building in blue for stomp out the bullying and also it's blue shirt day. beautiful blue. our temperature at 58. 62% humidity. northeast wind at 5 and the pressure holding steady.
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the high today, 67. just one degree below our average. there are your sunrise and sunset times. going to be a beautiful day tomorrow with temperatures trending above our normal which is in the upper 60s. wednesday is the warmest day. mid 70s and showers likely to show up friday, probably in the afternoon. they may just have a slow departure on saturday morning but i do think they're out of here by the middle of the day. if they linger, it's likely south and east of new york city. mid 60s to upper 60s. highs today, add a few on to those. it will be cool tomorrow morning. have the jacket early. 46 in hempstead coming in at 57. may see a couple upper 30s well north and west and 52 in belmar. mostly sunny skies. a little patchy fog early tomorrow morning. 67 you're probably carrying that jacket during the afternoon with light winds and mostly sunny skies and low 70s. the clouds that were around earlier are now being allowed to that's because joaquin is finally getting out of the way.
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miles to our east southeast and heading out in to the north atlantic, it's still considered a hurricane with 85-mile-per-hour winds. it will lose its tropical meteorologists in the uk will be tracking it high pressure winds. then there's a weak cool front that comes through later wednesday. clouds. it's going to come through dry. look at the warmth out ahead of it. 70s and 80s ohio and tennessee valley. mid 70s within reach for us on wednesday. tonight is a chill in the air. 40s in the suburbs. mid 50s in town and then tomorrow, upper 60s and lower 70s. for the yankee game tomorrow night, the wildcard game, 8:00, great at the 67. yankees sweatshirt will do. the winds warmer tomorrow. 71 and warm ing up to mid 70s on skies. here comes the weak front and knocks our numbers down a little bit for wednesday. your accuweather forecast, 54 degrees. mostly clear and cool. patchy fog in the suburbs. nice.
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tomorrow night down to 59. there's your 7-day, four straight days in the 70s. friday mostly cloudy and i think it food allergy. sunshine by the rest of the weekend looks just fine. >> did i hear you say use a yankees sweatshirt and that would be just fine? >> yes, if you're going to the doing. >> good for you. [ laughter ] up next, meet a little girl who can't stop sneezing. and imagine coming home to see this
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in tonight's health alert, a new study, the best way to lower the risk of depression in elderly people is face to face contact. researchers found while a phone call or text from family or friends can help, it
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effect as an actual human visit. another health story. this time a 12-year-old girl who cannot stop sneezing. her name is caitlin thorn. she lives in texas. she sneezes 20 times a minute. that's 19,000 sneezes a day. doctors don't know what's causing it or how to stop it. she says the nonstop sneezing has forced her out of school and made life obviously challenging. >> you have no idea. i'm constantly in pain with my abdomen and my legs are hurting because i've been weak and i can barely eat. >> we have good doctors in new york. come up with an answer for this. caitlin says the only time she doesn't sneeze is when she's sleeping after she's taken benadryl. this next video proving you don't mess with a moose on a mission to mate. a homeowner in alaska shot video of the two moose bulls clashing on a residential street. there they go. bulls are competing for
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breeding rights. that's leading to violent encounters. look at these guys go at it. the bulls kept at it for several minutes fighting from one site of the finally gave up. guys, it's not worth it. [ laughter ] >> it's rob is up next with sports. >> tremendous stuff. we've got more on the story we've been following all day long. cc sabathia checking in to a
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life can trump sports and we're all pulling for cc sabathia. >> we see that big smile all the way through the playoffs till next spring. cc sabathia started yesterday's conversation with three words. i need help. that help came immediately. the big pitch er checking himself in to alcohol rehab. tomorrow his team opens the playoffs without him. laura behnke with more on what happened today.
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>> this is not the way the yankees expected to head in to their first postseason since 2012, but today the team's focus is on getting cc sabathia the help he needs. >> what cc is dealing with is a life issue. it's bigger than the game we have tomorrow night. so because of that it's vitally important that that gets put in to proper perspective. >> sabathia's decision came as a shock to most in the yankees organization. that shock turned quickly to support. showed yesterday. he did the right thing. it's a very we play for cc now. >> reporter: sabathia has always been a clubhouse favorite, something that won't change now. the charts. and he makes people we're praying for him. >> with the yankees, laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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who get themselves to los angeles friday night opening their playoff run against dodgers. we talked with curtis granderson this morning. he was helping pay out $190,000 to charity. paid out $2,000 for every met home run during the regular season and now it's on to the playoffs. >> the big thing is going to be have fun. enjoy the moment. 162 games, you've done things to get us to this point. do those same things. don't need to change. don't need to do anything more. just enjoy the moment. week off for the jets who hit their bye week with a 3-1 record. defense with a league high 13 turnovers and there's more defensive help on the way. sheldon richardson's four-game drug suspension now over. a hearing for his summer arrest in missouri for what police say among other things was richardson driving at speeds reaching 143 miles per hour has been pushed to november. >> gives us an extra depth down there. he's a pro bowl player, heck of a player. get him back in football shape and get him in to rotation, keep moving forward. the giants host the 9ers
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next sunday night.


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