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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  October 6, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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unfolded here. we're told two auto body workers here, who work in this building right here, saw three guys making their way down the street breaking into cars. including that white mini van you see on the corner. they confronted the guys and tried to stop them. following them around the corner. that's when gunfire erupted. >> i just heard three shots. bomb, bomb, bomb. that's it. >> i came out to the corner. i saw a lot of cops. >> one man trying to do the right thing and stop a crime was killed. his coworker was by his side and also shot. >> one male was shot fatally. several times in the torso. we have another male who's grazed in his hip. he's recovering from his wounds. >> a teenager was walking to also shot. >> we have a 13-year-old female was walking to school, also grazed in her hip. she's recovering from wounds as well. >> police say they're looking for three gunmen caught on a the area.
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>> we're seeking them. we have three males. one in very distinctive clothing we hope to find later today. >> we're told by police, these three carjackers were seen on camera around this area breaking into other cars earlier this morning before this incident here. that was one of the cameras they were caught on. the whole shooting was caught on camera. once again they're looking at several different security cameras in the area to figure out who these guys are. we're going to see those pictures later this afternoon. we're like in brooklyn, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. we're following a developing story in philadelphia where a college has been on lock down and a 17-year-old was just taken into custody. students were told to shelter in place at the community college of philadelphia. all of this after a man claims he was threatened by someone with a handgun in a school building. and that the gunman ran into another building on the campus.
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learned that a 17-year-old was taken into custody. no shots were fired. and again, that teen is in custody. now, new details in the search for survivors of a cargo ship that sunk during hurricane joaquin. two of the crew members are from our area. one reportedly a long island native another attended the u.s. merchant marine academy in kings point. the ntsb announced it's launching an investigation. bazi kanani is live in washington with new information. >> good afternoon david. the ntsb is sending a go team to florida as family members and experts question why the ship was sailing as a hurricane approached. >> not a moment to spare for searchers trying to spot survivors of the el faro across 300 square miles of the atlantic. the ship believed to have sunk in hurricane joaquin. an ntsb team is on the way to try to find out what happened.
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there's a large debris field. >> the focus today is near the cargo ships last known position 35 miles off the bahama's crooked island. not far from where crews found one unidentified body. and one of the ships lifeboats, empty and badly battered. >> we have reports of other life rafts and lifeboats. we need to get out there. if we don't do that right away, it could sink, we might not be able to relocate it. >> search teams are racing against currents pushing debris north. hoping to find survivors possibly kept survived by suits like these. each of the crew members had a suit designed to help them float and stay warm. the company blames engine failure for stalling the ship. its captain believed he could avoid the hurricane. >> his plan was a sound plan that would have enabled him to pass around the storm.
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>> but people are critical of that decision holding vigils as they wait for answers. >> i know he's floating around. they're going to pick him up any time now and bring him over. >> their first priority will be to look at evidence such as physical evidence from the ship that is perishable. in washington, bazi kanani, channel 7 eyewitness news. bazi, thank you. police are investigating two deadly accidents on the same street on statin island hours the first happened near bay street in rose bank around 7:30 last night. police say 61-year-old steven was crossing the street when he was hit and killed. a few hours later, a woman who was six-months pregnant was struck and killed after leaving her job at mike's place in annondale. coworkers say she worked hard to support her 2 children. >> we witnessed everything unfortunately. it was hard to see.
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she's six months pregnant. and this happened. it's just a terrible tragedy. >> both drivers stopped at the accident scene. so far neither of them has been charged with a crime. apartment building in brooklyn may have been tampering with gas lines. the medical examiner working to confirm that a second body found in the rubble is 48-year- old francisca figaroa. the remains were discovered two days after the blast leveled the building in borough park. the gas to the apartment was shut off. police are investigating whether the lines were tampered with. a 64-year-old woman was also killed in the explosion. the trial of nba player tabo has begun in lower manhattan. he's accused of resisting arrest and interfering with a police investigation. the atlanta hawks forward suffered a season-ending leg fracture during a confrontation with police outside a chelsea
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the case went to trial after he turned down a plea deal claiming he was unfairly targeted by police. turning to baseball right now, can you feel it? playoff baseball back in the bronx. i love saying that. you saw some news copter 7 view over yankees stadium. as they prepare to square off against the houston astros in the american league wild card game. >> the yankees are going to do it without cc sebathia who checked himself into rehab but the real fans aren't worried. >> do or die, one or done. michelle charles outside yankees stadium where fans have had to wait three long years to make it back into the playoffs. i don't know how the dodgers and all the other teams do it. three is a long time. >> it's been a long wait. yankees fans are pumped. but they admit they're a bit shaken about the news that cc
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optimistic about the game tonight. but disappointed to lose sebathia. they say they're glad he's getting help. >> at this time and age you still have to go through alcohol rehab. and at the end of the -- the game's supposed to start. you know. it's giving the wrong message to the people that love baseball. >> i don't want to say anything bad about cc but we support the yankees. >> we all make mistakes in life. he has to do what he has to do. >> a lot of people commenting on this on facebook. one person saying it's sad that
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big yankees fans who are children. and others saying they want to know more about the back story as all yankees fans look forward to the game against the astros that starts at 8:00 tonight. live at yankees stadium. michelle charlesworth. channel 7 eyewitness news. pope francis reveals he's returning to north america. we'll show you where he'll stop next time. an innocent man seriously hurt during a crash in a police chase in the bronx. the winner of last week's huge powerball drawing has been revealed. she talks about her first move after hitting the jackpot. we've hit the jackpot in the weather. it's sunny, it's beautiful, great fall-weather. temperatures in the 60s. it's really nice outside. 66 around the five boroughs. 60 around newark. northerly wind. it feels great outside.
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the pope is headed back to north america, he's traveling to mexico next year. the word from a mexican television network says it has confirmation from the vatican. the visit is expected in the first half of 2016. pope francis will reportedly go to mexico city when he goes to the country. he said he was considering putting mexico on his last itinerary but chose to go to cuba instead. six people including the former united nations general assembly president john ash have been charged in a bribery scheme. prosecutors say ash took more than a half million dollar from a chinese realestate mogul and other business people in exchange for helping secure lucrative investments and
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ash is accused of using his position to introduce a document supporting projects developed by chinese billionaire. republican presidential candidate marco rubio is in new york talking about the economy. he revealed details of his economic policies in the flat iron district in manhattan. rubio emphasized the importance of business innovation in the u.s. he pointed to what he calls an on demand economy. businesses like uber that allow consumers and businesses to quickly connect. rubio says the government is in their way instead of promoting these businesses. >> you have inknow rated companies running up against an antiquated tax code, burr. >> i think you should drop out of the race. >> that was a heckler telling rubio to drop out of the race because of low poling numbers. democratic front runner hillary clinton has unveiled
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her first national tv ad as she gears up for the first democratic debate next week. the ad points to republican attacks against her. including the benghazi -- the ad says that clinton is under scrutiny because she stands for everything that the republicans are against. the ads started airing today. we're learning more about what might have been in the mind of the gunman in last week's shooting at a community college in oregon. investigators are giving details about written rants harper mercer. girlfriend. and that he believed that everyone else is crazy. investigators say it is clear that he was suffering from mental health issues. last week's attack, he killed nine people and sent nine others to the hospital. meanwhile, there was a special tribute to the shooting victims night. the tribute was from alex carlatos.
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attacks. he was a student at umpqua college. and said if he hadn't been selected for the show he likely would have been on campus during the shooting and it was difficult for him to talk about it. general mills is apologizing for a mix up that triggered the recall of 1.1 million boxes of cheerios that free. the company says wheat flour was accidentally introduced in classic and honey making people with celiac disease sick. a former factory worker is still in a state of disbelief after her new title multimillionaire, 50-year-old julie leach won a 310 million- dollar powerball jackpot. this morning she told reporters she bought the ticket in three rivers michigan. when she saw she had the winning numbers she asked her coworkers on the over night shift to verify that this was
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really happening. >> i didn't believe it. i had to go bark to work and get verified from a couple other coworkers. i just couldn't believe it. >> are you leaving your job? what are your plans now? >> oh i quit automatically. [ laughter ] i was done. [ laughter ] >> she's just being real. leach says her partner of 30 years also quit his factory job. they plan to buy some land and share the money with their three children and 11 grandchildren. >> wow. >> living on easy street now. good for them. >> absolutely. >> we have shocking video to show you. a mom punched by police. find out why she thinks she was targeted and what she wants the department to do now. and what made an air france executive scramble to climb over a fence? the wild moments caught on camera. >> and let's take a live look outside and hope you can enjoy that sunshine.
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dealers thank you for helping protect our children. meteorologist bill evans joining us now. a beautiful day out there. >> you can just call me bill. >> mr. evans is good. >> okay i'll just call you bill. >> don't you like it when i'm formal? >> i like the sound of that. >> we have a beautiful day outside. no matter what you want to call it or what your name is.
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today would have been john lenon's 75th birthday. give peace a chance this organized by yoko ono. there's the giant peace sign. >> i think this is a guiness world record. that's what they're going for. >> for the biggest peace sign in the world. the perfect spot for it. it. admitted. they had so many that wanted to do this. >> it represents john lenon. >> that is awesome. well, genre john, resided in the dakota. you can go to 72nd street and go over to strawberry fields that's a good place to stop by today as well as the east meadow and check out the guiness world record for the largest peace sign. we have a lot of sunshine. it's beautiful across the lower manhattan and the ferry boats are working back and forth. the water taxi. running up and down here this
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time of day. 66 degrees. a dry humidity. east wind at 5. the pressure has been falling. it's at 30 on 7 so we have fair high pressure right over us. yesterday's high was 67 normal. we're at 66 now. by time we get to peak heating in the afternoon, about 3:00, we should get into the low 70s. sunsets at 6:31. it's going to be pretty too. sunshine and 70s through thursday. a spotty shower friday morning. steady rain in the afternoon. rain tapers off early saturday. the sky's bright late in the day. some sunshine in the afternoon, the evening time. and particularly for sunday. we'll talk about the weekend coming up. riverdale at 67. so is white stone queens and ridgewood. 61 in monticello. a great fall day with this light northerly wind. very light. single digit wind speeds at this hour. now back to the west, we're seeing clear to partly cloudy skies and our future cast will show just sunshine and clouds
12:20 pm
today, tomorrow, and thursday. here comes friday with that front. so you see by the time we get to the morning commute on friday, there's some sprinkles in advance of the front. the front comes through in the afternoon and the evening on friday. so really tomorrow is the best day. because it's 74. here comes a reinforcing shot your accuweather forecast, sunny, a few more clouds off to the north and west. 73. tonight's a great night, clear around 50 in the outlying suburbs. north and west. and then tomorrow, what a great day. a perfect day. i always say it's sunny and 76, a perfect day in new york city. we're going to count sunny and 74. >> you can. there are the showers on friday. and a couple showers saturday morning. and then the sun breaks out late in the day. and we have sunshine on sunday. 66 degrees. >> nice. >> but over all not bad. not bad at all.
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>> i like that, mr. evans. >> you have to know when to throw it in there. >> thank you bill. >> a professional you are. dramatic video, a coach accused of punching a ref in the face in the middle offing of mid -- middle of a kid's football game. you remember the statue of lucille ball that some fans called frightening.
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>> a man held up in his own garage. a football ref attacked and a wild protest in france just some of the stories that were caught on camera and caught our attention. we're going to begin with a man's life and death struggle with an armed home invader in california. bill was coming in after taking out his trash at his home in san francisco. a man with a gun suddenly popped up behind him in his garage. he ran at that suspect and the two men wrestled over the weapon for about two minutes. believe it or not, the homeowner was finally able to get control of the gun and he pointed it at the intruder and pulled the trigger and realized it was empty. the suspect ran away. unbelievable. next a youth football coach charged with battery after he was caught on camera attacking a referee on the field in florida. 36-year-old leo davis accused of punching the ref because he was upset about a call during a
12:25 pm
game. davis told police he was trying to separate the official from a group of angry parents when he accidentally shoved him. you can tell what you want when you look at it. a france protest goes wild in paris. it's described as a mostly peaceful eventment but one group of workers just went off rogue and physically went after executives. pulling at their clothes. ripping their shirts off. security had to move the execs to safety. the workers are upset about plans to cut thousands of jobs the assault complaints will be filed against the attackers. much more news ahead in the next hour, a wild chase and crash in the bronx. innocent people hurt. now the suspects are facing
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you're watching new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news at noon. with david navarro, charlene alcott, and meteorologist bill evans. now eyewitness news continues. our top stories this afternoon, a deadly shooting in brooklyn. one man died and two others wounded. including a 13-year-old girl. she was grazed in the hip. police say three people were breaking into cars in east williamsburg when they were confronted by workers at an auto body shop and gunfire broke out. two crew members on a cargo ship that sank from hurricane joaquin are from our area.
12:28 pm
the other attending the marine academy in kings point. survivors. the company that owns if el faro blames engine failure for stalling the ship. yankees fans gearing up for the game against the astros. they'll be without cc sebathia. the mets play their first game friday against the dodgers. >> new details this half hour about a wild chase and crash in the bronx. >> we've showed you surveillance video of the get away car crashing into another car. the elderly man and another person was hurt in this. now the three suspects are facing felony charges. tim is live with the details. >> reporter: this is where the incident began. it was a violent shooting. the victim very lucky he was not struck by the bullets. today three suspects are facing serious charges.
12:29 pm
>> police are charging this man felony charges. criminal possession of a weapon, wreckless endangerment and criminal mischief in the alleged attempted shooting that led police on a wild chase. >> we just heard a vrooom. and that's when the crash happened. >> michael smith saw the crash and cameras captured the end of the chase. a school bus barely clears this intersection when you can see a dodge magnum roars past with police cars chasing it. blast. >> the violent impact spun the honda civic around and seriously injured the 76-year- old driver. >> you heard the guy in this car here yelling help, help. >> a guy driving along. minding his business. his whole day ruined. >> police arrested this man and two others charging them in what began as an attempted shooting blocks away outside third avenue. police say one of the suspects fired two shots at a man. fleeing.
12:30 pm
the shooting and tried to pull over the trio in the dodge speed chase. at one point, the car hit a delivery cab injuring the 61- year-old driver and his female passenger. not far away the magnum crashed into the second car. >> they jumped out of the car and they ran up this block and that's when the other cops that were on foot ran towards kelly to chase them down. >> police cars were showing up left and right. >> the three suspects are going to be arraigned on serious felony charges. police were also able to recover the weapon believed to be used in the shooting. reporting live, tim fletcher, channel 7 eyewitness news. a judge in manhattan over turned the conviction of a man of a notorious murder. convicted of killing brian watkins of utah. he was killed from defending
12:31 pm
his parents while the family was visiting for the u.s. tennis tournament. the judge stopped short of calling him innocent. an 11-year-old boy who jumped out of a window to escape the flames from a house fire in connecticut died. the mayor of new britain said fire broke out in a three family home just before 1:30 this morning. she says it was dark, hot, and the smoke was so dense the boy decided to leap from a second- story window. homeless. there is push for a big change on long island. the suffolk county republican caucus is going to demand major reforms. the red light camera program. they took notice when one man started redirecting the cameras in protest. and now the legislators agree. they say yellow light durations were shortened right after cameras went up. caucus members say this is a got ya law enforcement at its worst. discounts on the bridge
12:32 pm
the u.s. supreme court disagree with those who objected to island drivers. the judge ruled discounts are there because it's often the only way off the island for residents. police and staff at a bronx hospital trying to figure out why it took five days the find a missing employee who was discovered dead in a bathroom. 44-year-old antoine hadn't been seen since thursday. he was treated for an injured finger. his body was found yesterday in a locked public bathroom on the floor where he worked. his family wants answers. >> no one looked in this days. and then found him five days later. pretty much only because we commotion. >> his cause of death has not been determined yet. now to that historic flooding in south carolina. the death toll this afternoon is now at 13.
12:33 pm
at least nine dams have been breeched. many neighborhoods under water and the danger is not over yet. abc's elizabeth her is live in charleston south carolina with more. elizabeth? >> reporter: we moved up to columbia this morning and here in columbia you can not move a mile without running into one of those road closures and here's why. take a look. roads and sidewalks destroyed. neighborhoods evacuated near a breeched dam in south carolina. >> there's a dam further up that's getting ready to break. it's going to bring more water down. i guess we get out while we can. >> this the scene from one of several broken dams in the columbia area where officials are warning residents things will get worse before they get better. >> start praying. that's all i did. i just start praying. and i said lord just take care of us. >> roads turned into rivers. several businesses nearly washed away.
12:34 pm
bridges across the state damaged. 100 of them in columbia. most still shut down with huge chunks of roadway missing. and despite the fact that south carolina starting to dry out, the danger from more flooding remains as many rivers continue to rise, threatening to breech more levies. the work of rebuilding is now under way. from columbia to charleston. 1300 members of the national guard on the ground helping to repair the devastated region. >> you have people who are displaced from their homes. people whose businesses are wrecked. and you know, i don't know how long it will take for all of us to overcome this. >> we're told it could be weeks if not months before the repairs. the damage seen here can be repaired. but again, for now, all eyes remain on those rising rivers with more flooding still a major concern here.
12:35 pm
live in columbia south carolina. we want to turn to meteorologist bill evans. he has the after school accuweather forecast. >> it's such a pretty day. look how gorgeous it is across the park here. the jackie onassis reservoir. we're looking at partly cloudy skies tonight. great baseball weather. great after school weather too. we're looking at 73 degrees. sunny and very nice. great for sports, practice, all that after school. get outside and enjoy. and it's warmer tomorrow. we'll talk about that in your accuweather forecast coming up. back to you. just ahead on eyewitness news, a tv actor arrested in new york. >> also coming up, another tragedy on a football field.
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12:37 pm
>> we are learning more about an armed robbery inside the plaza hotel. police released these pictures of the suspect late last night. the man held up the currency exchange inside the hotel. police say he snatched about 4600 uros. from an employee. which is about $5,000. no one was hurt. actor nicholas brandon was arrested in upstate new york for allegedly attacking his exgirlfriend. he was taken into custody last week. the actor probably best known for his role on buffy the vampire slayer is accused of choking his girlfriend when she
12:38 pm
he also allegedly broke her cell phone and took her car a high school football player in seattle who was injured on the field died. kenny buoy died yesterday. reports say the 17-year-old injury. he's the fourth player in the u.s. to die as a result of an on field injury this season. another player recently died in jersey. >> a pennsylvania woman hiding in a bathroom from an intruder had to find a creative way to summon for help. beth says she ran into the bathroom and locked the door when she heard someone walking up the stairs in her pittsburgh home. >> in her haste she forgot to take her cell phone. after hiding in the room for hours she wrote a message on the window in lipstick backwards and told her neighbors to call for help. two hours later someone saw it and alerted police. >> this is what i cut the -- i cut the thing with.
12:39 pm
and i was like call police. >> finally a neighbor across diagonal saw me with arms flailing out the window. >> isn't that something? smart woman. police found what they describe as a highly intoxicated man inside her home. officers believe he stumbled into the wrong house believe it >> wow. that is just amazing. i don't know what to say. a kitten trapped in a storm drain was rescued by police in queens over night the officers responded to a tweet from a pedestrian who heard a cat meowing on penelope avenue and spotted the kitten caught in that storm drain. after the rescue the kitten was taken to a vet for observation. the cat appears to be just six or seven weeks old and we're glad the kitty is okay. here's a story that's got a lot of people talking. department. video surfaced of officers hitting her during an arrest. why the mother believes the
12:40 pm
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dealers thank you for helping protect our children. well a dramatic viral video has one city facing a lawsuit. a mother says she was assaulted by police for no reason. >> and not only that, it happened in front of her children on the way home from a birthday party. story. >> what are you doing to her? >> a california woman is speaking out about this brutal confrontation with police. >> help me. help me. >> watch as 40-year-old mother of three cindy hawn is punched in the face by a police officer >> a huge knot on the side of my head where he socked me. >> they're filing a federal
12:44 pm
the suit claims she suffers permanent injury loss and brain trauma. and the police reports filed about the incident were false. >> the only thing correct in the documents they failed with the court is the spelling of her name. >> hawn says it started when she asked a police officer about a car alarm that was going off. >> he says is this your car? and i said no. he told me to mind my own fing business. >> she called the nonemergency police hot line to complain about the officer. immediately that same officer pulled her over for an alleged seat belt violation. hawn says the next thing she new she was pinned to the ground. >> it looked like your hand was out. >> i was reaching for him for help. >> what he did next. i have a lot of issues with memory from the blow. >> hawn originally facing two years in jail charged with resisting arrest and battery. but once the district attorney saw this video, the charges were dropped.
12:45 pm
the police department telling news over night we're prepared to provide a complete and detailed account of the facts in this room is, including what's not shown on the video attorney. reporting. the city says they look forward to bringing the lawsuit before as soon as possible. we're going to shift gears and bring you a much lighter the viral video of the rat dragging a giant slice of pizza into the subway is among the hottest ideas for halloween. here's a look at the video people can't get enough of. this gets charlene crazy. who would have thought this could be the inspiration for this. take a look. yes, a sexy pizza rat costume. of course. what else would it be? what do you think folks ? we want to hear from you. share your comments on our facebook page. when i suggested this for charlene. charlene was like no way.
12:46 pm
>> i asked for suggestions for a costume and this is what he comes up with. >> who doesn't love pizza? >> you're on his side with this. you want to see me be pizza rat? >> i can't wear that. >> that would make for a very funny costume. >> a very, very bad pizza rat. take a look outside. here we go. we should do a contest of what we should dress up for halloween. >> we should. you know. put it out there. i'm sure. social media. >> we take a look outside. right across the park we go. look at this. it's beautiful here at noontime. look how green the park is. and you know it only will be i would say three weeks as we get toward the time of the new york city marathon. then everything changes colors. we'll look at sunshine, 66 for the afternoon, dry humidity. east wind. pressure falling a little bit.
12:47 pm
is our mark of fair weather. north port and mass piqua, 616789 these numbers are running a few degrees warmer than normal. normal is 67. we usually hit that at 3:00. we're warmer than normal. we have a wind out of the north. at times northeast. at times northwest. and a lot of sunshine back to the great lakes. i was showing you the future cast earlier where we have warm air surging up. by friday, jet stream drops back to the south. cool air is poised up north. this will run systems across that could give us rain with the front by friday. that's what's showing up. here comes the front thursday night into early friday. a couple sprinkles around for the commute. then the front moves through friday evening and friday night. it will slow down. it may leave a shower for saturday. the afternoon is great. we're in the low 70s. upper 60s. beautiful weather.
12:48 pm
it's 50. wear your nice warm yankees gear, it will be a crisp fall classic evening. the high tomorrow is 74. thursday is a nice day too. 70. and then we've got those showers on friday and then it's friday afternoon and friday night into saturday morning then that goes away. we have all kinds of college football around here on saturday. rutgers is playing. i think fordham has a home game. a lot of good stuff coming up this weekend. the weather should be good. good stuff, thank you bill. >> be right back. let's take a look at what's coming up next on the chew first. today. pause because we're joined by one of the greatest names in food. emril will show you how to make his famous fritters with a delicious dipping sauce. plus i'm teaching one aspiring
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i'm liz cho in the news room. here's what's coming up later on eyewitness news. first at 4:00, a young boy on a mission, his special message to police precincts around new
12:52 pm
officers who were killed last year. also, 7 on your side reveals easy ways to bring down your car payment. we'll show you the keys to getting the best car loan out there. we'll have those stories and much more beginning on eyewitness news first at 4:00. and i know, david, you'll be joining me. >> i'm there. i can't wait. we'll see you then. let's check out what's on the feed. these are stories on facebook, twitter, and instagram feeds. the investigation into what killed a young rising star on hour. 13-year-old caleb logan from the popular you tube family baltimore. the family announced the news in an instagram post. the young man was rushed from his home to the hospital where he died after he suffered from an unknown medical emergency. his parents say doctors ruled out that it was caused by an accident or injury. but as you can imagine social media followers, are so sad. >> more than a million fans. lots of people love that family and this young man.
12:53 pm
it is fair to say that it's always tough to know what's going on in a teenager's sad you can vouch for that. cnn asked teens to self report what's happening on instagram, twitter, facebook, the study found teens are addicted to following each other. so mostly they're on social media because they're bored. a majority also say they want to connect with their friends. over the six month period guess how much they posted? get this, more than 87,000 times on instagram, 26,000 times on twitter. and 12,000 times on facebook. >> not surprised. >> did i mention snap chat? >> my twins were too busy on snap chat and instagram to do the study. a bronze statue of lucille ball gave worldwide scorn after a facebook campaign wanted to
12:54 pm
the park in her home is in the western part of the state. it's a beautiful place on the lake. many felt it was an unsettling depiction of the comedy legend. now it's dubbed scary lucy and they're taking it to the mall in the town. it's going to be part of the town's annual haunted house event. i bet lucille ball would love this. >> not all is lost with the statue. statue. >> that's attention medicare beneficiaries living in these... new york city and new jersey area counties. now is the time to review your current medicare coverage. whatever your health coverage needs, call now and let unitedhealthcare help find a plan that could give you the benefits and stability you're looking for... like an aarp medicarecomplete plan, insured through unitedhealthcare. it can combine medicare parts a and b...
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