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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> with a whole fresh start in the postseason, wild card style. >> after 162 regular season games, the yankees earned the right to play just one more, a wild card playoff game, where he go from here is up to hem. >> we have one shot at it, innings other or however long it takes we have other to get a win. >> we will put it on the line and rye to get a win -- rye to get a win. >> it is the first time for me. i am lugging forward to it. >> it is not a situation the pinstripes are used to. the world champions have never
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played a one-game playoff series. >> comeing into spring training, nobody expected too much out of us but in the clubhouse we came together as a family and stuck together. >> it is kind of fun. there's you afire time since i have been here in new york that we are major underdogs. we have surprised a lot of people. that's hard to do when you wear pinstripes. >> there will also be a cc is entering an alcohol rehab facile isty. every player said mow they're playing for cc. we are at the stadium, channel 7 eye within news. they didn't tuck about the cross-town rivals, the mets start their playoff push on friday, but drama toed today in queens with hat harvey. what do we know about that? >> reporter: it was a very odd situation today as the mets took the field for the first work out before the first playoff a appearance since 2006. it is a pretty big deal and yet
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that would be matt harvey. sandy alderson said he had no idea where harvey was he got stuck in traffic. had this was pretty big ting he immediated to get too. he called terry and collins told him to just go home but harvey did show up, apologized and said was the all his fault and decided to meet with the media to try to diffuse the situation. >> it is not going happen again. it has never happened before. unfortunately it happened, you know, at a bad time, aat a manditory time. >> now, harvey is still slated to pitch third game of the nlds against the dodgers. last set for monday as the sere shifts to citi field. that's still where he is going be though we might advise him to use a few extra hours earlier than normal. david and liz.
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a lot of us can relate the to get stuck in this traffic around here. live from the stadium, i just hope for a subway series. still, it is out there. >> you know, matt harvey is kicking himself this afternoon, rying to shake it off. >> it was a shooting that that turned into a dangerous crash, you have seen the wild chase. now we are seeing what were thatted when the shots were fired. we have new surveillance video coming up. >> a nursing mom embarrassed and angry after she was exposed on the airplane, we will show you the confrontation. >> i kept rying to focus on the numbers and dates. i was just shakennen in disbelief. >> a whole lot of disbelief. the latest winnershy talkingen about hitting the jackpot, and reveals how she told her boss that she was done. >> i can't wait to hear that. we are done with the chill and rain.
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we have made it all the way back now. we are in low to mid 70s. deep blue sky, feels beautiful utah other here. baseball, yankee stadium, no problem, no weatheror re, it is as quiet as can be. it is beautiful tonight. put on the layers a little
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time to check the ride home on this tuesday. after an accident. you can see right now, the
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lanes are closed. exiting 54 here. traffic is being diverted at exit 56. stacy is on her way to the scene. we will check in with her when she arrives. as for the hudson river crossings, there is a 30 minute the bullet -- delay inbound and 10 minute delay outbound. also a 10 minute delay in the area. new details about a teenage gunman who triggered a lockdown at the community college of philadelphia. new video shows the 17-year-old suspect shortly after police took him into custody inside a classroom. he is accused of pulling a gun on a student outside. officials initially put the campus on lockdown as police searched for the gunman. investigators say it is not connected to an online post yesterday. navy and coast guard crews are searching for a fifth day, for survivors of a sunken cargo ship.
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this is the wrong video. meanwhile, back to the cargo ship, crews are there. two members have ties to the area. stephen schultz graduated from the kings point marine academy and the other as well. both men are missing since this cargo ship went down during hurricane joaquin. officials have not -- have now launched an investigation as to how the ship wind down in that weather. >> we apologize for the wrong video. we have the latest on the weather for us. what a beautiful day. >> it is delightful. it is spectacular. we have a new tool helping us with forecasting. i think you will like it as we look at storms and try to highlight them. let me get to that and -- in a moment. it is fantastic it -- out.
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the room temperature, 72. humidity at 37%. the wind has backed off. the pressure on the fall. behind that, it is comfortable. morning, it was chilly. a little more mild tonight. extra cloud cover overnight. right now, comfortable. and 66 coming in at manhasset. a little bit of a wind on the south shore of long island. here is the new tool. do you see those little wind factors. it shows you the wind direction. coming off of the water at jfk. , at central park. very important to know about the wind locally to tell you whether the wind is converging. maybe an area of precipitation being heavier on a stormy day. it will help the forecast. it gives you a good look at where the stronger storm systems are. i will tell you when we look at
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mainly clear skies to partly cloudy skies. patchy clouds with us even when you wake up. then mostly sunny along with temperatures in the low to mid-70s. it should feel great. mainly clear skies. a couple clouds to the west. and hurricane joaquin is 800 miles or more away from us. now i will put a little wind arrows on. you can clearly see the circulation. how cool is that? around joaquin and around the low-pressure off the carolinas coast. when you come into our area, lighter winds. when the arrows are not moving as fast, it means lighter wind. and cloud cover to the west. a little bit of a blanket for us. still cool north and west. a cold front over the great lakes. that is coming in here tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. it will not drop any rainfall. there are cooler temperatures behind the front. ahead of that, look at that. seventys and 80s through the tennessee valley. tomorrow will be the warmest day. until we cool off by maybe --
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about four or 5 degrees thursday. some dry air and cooler thursday. maybe even higher than that. afternoon. there comes the cool air backing in. coming in dry. just a cloud or two. plenty of sunshine thursday. about 5 degrees cooler. with the humidity even lower on thursday, it will probably feel cooler. partly cloudy and nice tonight. closer to 50 in many suburbs. and 59 at new york city. tomorrow, partly cloudy, and some sunshine. tomorrow night, cool and clear as the front comes through. mid-40s returns to many suburbs. coming up, we're looking at the late week of rain. the forecast is coming up in a little bit on that. do you like the new tools on the weather computer? what do you think? >> it was him that -- hypnotic. >> and i think this was a good
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option. >> i like the wind vectors. >> very cool. good choice. wait until you hear this story. fifteen minutes of fame for a local woman who ended up splashed all over social media. how tom hanks made the student a twitter star. why have all of these people gathered to form a giant
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breaking news on long island where part of a highway was shut down for an accident investigation. we have the latest on the situation. >> reporter: we want to let you know, we're standing on in overpass right over this disaster on sunrise highway. here is what is left of the mass. it is a sedan. it and -- you can see how badly it was damage. was flying down the highway westbound when suddenly there was an accident. we understand there was a police car not far behind it. we're trying to confirm if this was some sort of chase. what we do know is that the man in this car was transported to brookhaven hospital which is only feet away from where we are standing. over to the left, you can see debris.
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eastbound -- that is open at this point. if we take a look across the street, you can see where sunrise highway eastbound is blocked off. it is making it a nightmare for people trying to go west on sunrise highway. at this point, the overpass is open. people are stopping and staring at this debris. we can tell you that this happened around 2:20 p.m. again, the person down in the car is now at brookhaven hospital. we understand his arm was nearly severed in this accident. we're trying to confirm the details of exactly what led up to this. there is an ongoing police investigation. channel 7, eyewitness news. >> we will check in with you later. one incredible symbol in central park. hundreds of people came together on the east meadow to form a human peace sign. all part of a tribute to john lennon. yoko ono was there.
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we have the story. >> they gathered to remember him in a way that john london would have appreciated. forming a giant peace sign in central park's east meadow. and his widow yoko ono told me her late husband would have been very proud. >> he really worked hard trying to make things better for people. and so this is a very positive thing that is happening. >> yoko ono is helping to fund a local studio called, the lennon bus. the bus, named after the former beatle, has been touring schools and all five areas to help student musicians and songwriters develop their gifts. professional engineers are on board to inspire the next generation of artists. had he lived, lennon would have turned 75 years old on friday. and the 35th anniversary of his death will be observed in december.
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fans of all ages here. time has not lessened their interest were diminished their enthusiasm. >> i am a serious beatles fan. when i heard about this, i was like, i am coming. >> john lennon in body peace. >> it helps this generation use their imagination. >> we want the world to be a better pace. >> the tribute was only temporary. but for his widow, very meaningful. >> we really have to be activists. and not just say things. but do it. >> in central park, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> how great is that. a couple in michigan had more than 300 million reasons to leave their fast -- factory jobs. won a $310 million powerball jackpot.
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a partner of 30 years, who also works at the very same factory was a little less sure. >> i quit automatically. i was done. >> we sat and talked for quite a while. i said, i really need to go back to bed. i have to go to work. she said, you don't have to work in the morning. >> i love that. she actually e-mailed her boss who was on vacation in spain to officially resign. the couple says they plan to buy some land and share the money with their three children and their 11 grandchildren. i love that. >> she did not really hesitate too long, did she? >> i love him, i have to get up in the morning. >> no, you don't. life just suddenly changed. new green space and playgrounds. the big boost for new york city parks. new information on what set off a wild chain of events.
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it is 4:30 p.m. a wild chase and crash in the bronx. innocent people are hurt. we have obtained exclusive video of what happened moments before the chain of events. plus, improving parks in neighborhoods that need it the most. new york city is shelling out $155 million. will your neighborhood benefit? and a mother outraged and demanding action today after a confrontation midflight. >> the flight attendant knocks on the door and is like, are you okay? i was like, yes. i breast -- i am breast-feeding so i'm pumping. >> wait until you hear with a flight attendant made the monday. learning new details about a shooting and chase in the bronx. >> we have asked -- obtained exclusive video showing what happened moments before the
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three people arrested and innocent bystanders injured. we have exclusive video. >> i will show you that video in just a moment. this is where the attempted shooting took place just outside this social day care center. vicky am very lucky. not being hit by the gunfire. all this happened very quickly. >> in this video obtained exclusively by eyewitness news, there are a few people walking on the sidewalk outside the forever young social day care and the man in the hoodie pulled a gun and fires two shots, missing his intended victim. also here on 3 avenue, two police officers witnessed the shooting. and follow the shooter and two other men in a dodge magnum in what becomes a high-speed chase. >> that is when the crash happened. >> michael smith saw the crash. security cameras captured the violence end of that chase. a school bus barely clears this
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magnum comes past with police cars chasing him. blast. >> the violent impact of the around. and injured the driver. yelling, help. >> at one point, during the chase, the car hit a cab injuring the driver and his 15-year-old female passenger. not far away, as seen on this video, the magnum crashes into the second car. >> he jumped out of the car. and ran over here. chasing them down. >> police arrested this man and two others and charged him 3 avenue. >> the three men were arraigned on charges. police were also able to confiscate the gun. eyewitness news. new york city police say
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they want to question a man in the shooting death of governor yoko ono's eight. video shows a man with a beard and glasses wearing a hat backwards. a man died after being hit by crossfire last month. the nypd has video of two men. there have been no arrests yet. a suspected serial burglar is caught in the act and is jailed this afternoon. police say the 49-year-old broke into 16 restaurants, nail salons and other businesses since august. officers noticed a pattern on the break-ins and said they caught him as he tried to burglarized a chinese food restaurant at miller place. detectives are trying to see if he is involved in other burglaries in the area. and a football star appearing in court. a restraining order against him was dropped after the alleged victim said it was unnecessary. it appears the woman will no
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september 12 brawl. he was suspended from the team earlier this year. opening statements begin today in the trial of an nba player facing criminal charges after a confrontation with the nypd. atlanta hawks player suffered a season-ending leg fracture while outside a nightclub in chelsea. police say he was interfered with, in an investigation and then resisted arrest. his attorney says that race had to do with the arrest. the case went to trial after he turned out -- down a plea deal saying he was unfairly targeted by police. new places to play and hang out. new york city parks are getting a big boost. millions of dollars will be used to improve and create parks and neighborhoods. dave evans has the story. >> the -- bill de blasio campaigned on a tale of two cities. the rich and the poor and vowed
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lafayette playground, the changes coming. >> this playground is small. only about 1 acre in size. and all concrete. the mayor says there are way too many parks like this all over the city. especially in low income neighborhoods. >> the equity will reach southwest brooklyn. equity will reach the outer this is only the beginning. >> today, city officials announced an extra $135 million added and -- and 12 more parks. lafayette is earmarked to get $5 million now. in three years, it should look more different. >> more green. more active. multigenerational. a place for families. there will be grass here. >> a lot of grass, yes. >> the parks commissioner is following the mayor's mandate. to concentrate not only on glitzy central parks with smaller parks that need help. neighbors say it is about time. >> the city of new york if
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everything it needs. -- the city of new york will get everything it needs. and we get neglected. >> in all, 67 small parks will eventually get a facelift. and far from the concrete playgrounds of yesterday. >> these were low maintenance, hyphens areas where kids can play and be safe from the environment. but things have changed. more and more people turning to connecticut to own a home. sales there are up more than 20% in august. probably because the price is right. the median price fell 5.5%. the median price today was $255,000, compared with $269,000 in august of last year. the fifth consecutive month of year-over-year decreases. still coming up, it is a popular traffic app.
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some are wondering if the waze gps app could be to blame for the death of a travel agent. the woman was traveling in brazil with her husband. reportedly, the couple tried to reach a tourist spot near rio de janeiro. but police say the app led them down into a notorious slum area. somebody fired at the car and she died. the neighborhood is in a high crime area. waze, which is owned by google, says they are saddened by the incident. a toddler in australia is saved after his head became a horrific car crash. sixteen -month-old jackson taylor was in the car with his mother and sister last month when it smashed head-on into hour. spine to detach from his little head. his mother says it is a medical marvel that he survived. >> a lot of children would not
4:30 pm
and if they did and they were resuscitated, they may never move or breathe again. >> jackson underwent six hours of surgery. doctors used wire and a piece of the boys ribs to reattach his vertebrae. he will now spend eight weeks in that race right there. he is smiling and happy. doctors hope people be able to lead a normal and healthy life. >> what a great smile he has. proving again how cool he really is, academy award winner tom hanks took to twitter to help a college student that lost her id badge at a florida university. tom hanks tweeted a message with this picture saying, "warren, i found your student id in the park. if you need it, my office will get it to you ". a short time later, somebody tweeted that tom hanks said, this is my friend. no word yet if the badge was returned. how cool is that? >> supercool. this year is the tenth
4:31 pm
anniversary of the twilight series. and stephanie meyers is giving fans a big surprise. she released the first book again but with a twist. instead of bella falling for edward, the story takes a new pathway. the male character is a human boy named bo. and he falls for a human vampire called, edith. it is called "life and death, twilight reimagined". stephanie meyers says it is the same story with just reversed gender roles. >> i'm really missing out. i never saw one of these movies. this whole thing passed me by. >> i think you're too old. it is a common cosmetic item. how lipstick saved a woman when an intruder was inside her home.
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a woman in pennsylvania was saved from an intruder by her lipstick. >> she says she ran into the bathroom and locked the door when she heard somebody walking up the stairs at her home in pittsburgh. she forgot to take her cell phone with her. so she had no way to contact police. then it hit her. she decided to write a message on the bathroom window in lipstick backwards. for help. two hours later, somebody saw it
4:35 pm
>> this is what i cut it with. >> finally a neighbor saw me with my arms out the window. >> police found a highly intoxicated man inside her home. officers believe he stumbled into the wrong house and then passed out and fell asleep. >> did you see how the nine was backwards? i could not have done that. people would be like, what does that say? >> it is a smaller window. it is amazing. >> very smart. hopefully something never happened. but always have an escape plan. >> kerry lipstick. >> -- carry lipstick. >> [ laughter ] to the weather. a really nice afternoon. we want to be in this weather
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pattern forever. it is great. this is what it looks like on the westside. beautiful out there. you do not need a coat today. upper 60s, low 70s. feels great at 72. it is sunshine. it is calm. no wind. a light breeze. you have clouds rolling in during the evening hours. that will help keep temperatures up during the first part of the night. so that is nice. it continues to be comfortable at the stadium tonight. the low is 59. throughout the game, the temperatures will be in the 60s with a light wind and partly cloudy sky. weather tomorrow, partly cloudy skies early. a lot of sunshine during the midday and afternoon hours. i think the temperatures can reach 75 degrees during the afternoon hours. that will be the warmest day. and a nice evening as well. on the weather map, looking at a lot of rainfall just off the carolinas coast. flooding. not because of more rain falling but because of the runoff going to the area rivers of south carolina. devastating flooding continues.
4:37 pm
just out of reach of any clouds and rainfall. we are in good shape. joaquin is about 830 miles offshore. looking to this cold front. you can see how most of the rain is toward hudson bay. very little over the great lakes. that front comes through around this time tomorrow. it won't feature any rainfall. a couple of clouds. it will not the temperatures down a little bit. numbers tonight, not as cool as last night. maybe some upper 40s in the coolest spots to the north. a little bit more mild tonight. still very comfortable. tomorrow, low to middle 70s. a great afternoon. more clouds early. that will give way to mostly sunny skies in the afternoon. the air quality is good. the uv index is good. low to moderate. in terms of the storm system in the late week, new information. friday will start out dry.
4:38 pm
will pick cost -- the thick. to -- low-pressure will form along the front. it could be sought even through saturday. i think the rain will move out. maybe a little rain early saturday. then it moves out. that salvages the rest of the day. the best bet is mostly sunny through thursday. but cooler. humidity down a little as well. friday, rain in the afternoon. clearing out nicely. cool to middle 60s on sunday. saturday is nice too. good. we like to hear that. your is what is trending on this tuesday. we will start with the yankees. they have had to wait three up -- long years to make it into the playoffs.
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a do or die game at the stadium. burning of social media. a lot of people wearing the yankee jerseys online. showing their pride. go, yankees. meanwhile, twitter itself is trending on social media for a new feature. it is called, moment. it provides users with a snapshot of what it feels like on the best of what is happening on twitter. such as conversations between world leaders and celebrities. already for you to explore with an icon. something tells me my weekend will not end up on that feet. >> and dancing with the stars. i was team gary ducey. he got the boot last night. he made his exit memorable. >> this has been a beautiful experience. i have learned so much from everyone.
4:40 pm
>> discovering how tough it can get in to get that show to finish on time sometimes. >> they are just rolling the credits. >> he's like, you will not stop me. the first lady appeared on a popular disney show. it is trending. at least an animated version. michelle obama joining the cast of this disney junior show. a popular show about a stuffed animal veterinarian. disney is the parent company. a rescued raccoon has settled in to a new home at the bahamas. from these pictures, it thinks it is one of the pet dogs. the homeowner found her injured in the backyard. when the baby raccoon's mother did not show up, the woman took her and. now "pumpkin", as a she is called, is at home with the rest of the family. we had a raccoon in the attic. it was not good.
4:41 pm
it was not a welcome member of the family. >> was his when you were an adult or a child? >> an adult. but i acted like a child. we gave the raccoon a nice way out. it escaped. >> it was not a pretty sight. it was there for days. making noise out there. that is another story. i got nothing left. >> thank you, david. still to come, a mom scolded for using a breast pump in the middle of a flight. the confrontation with the flight attendant is caught on camera. did the flight attendant go too far?
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well a mother from phoenix is demanding action after she was confronted by a flight attendant while pumping milk mid flight. >> she was using a breast pump inside the bathroom when she was forced to open the door and expose herself to the attendant. the exchange caught on camera. brandi hitt has the story. >> i was in there breast- feeding. >> you needed to tell us. >> an airplane argument over using a breast pump. >> if i don't pump regularly, my breast milk supply goes down. >> reporter: on ab recent american airlines flight heading home to phoenix to see her 4-month-old daughter when she started feeling the need to pump. so she went to the airplane bathroom and says she warned passengers waiting in line she would be pumping.
4:45 pm
>> a flight attendant comes and knocks on the door. she's like, are you okay? i'm like yes, i breast-feed so i'm pumping. >> reporter: the flight attendant then ordered her to open the door while exposed. the other passengers watching. >> i had the pump connected to me. she diminished me. >> you were so rude. i need your name and information. >> go sit down. i'm not giving you my name. >> reporter: it's not the first time a new mother felt shamed while flying. this mom says a delta flight attendant ordered her to cover up while breast-feeding. >> there's a ticket agent standing there saying i'm so sorry but the flight attendant is saying you have to be removed. >> reporter: american airlines has apologized and our policy is that women can breast-feed or express milk at any of our facilities, seats and in lavatories on the plane. american airlines -- [ inaudible ] -- >> and that was brandi hitt. more news ahead. another update on that horrific crash.
4:46 pm
begins right now. a deadly confrontation. gunfire erupts on a brooklyn street when workers in a metal shop confront three men breaking into cars. a man is dead and a 13-year-old girl is wounded. and new developments in the deadly blast at a brooklyn apartment building. the eyewitness news investigators uncover disturbing new details about what may have ignited that explosion. and good evening at 5:00, i'm diana williams. >> we'll have those stories coming up. we continue to follow breaking news. parts of the sunrise highway remains closed because of a big accident investigation. >> news copper 7 has been over the scene. on the ground out exactly what happened. stacy. >> reporter: well, what a mess out here in patchogue on
4:47 pm
sunrise highway. look at this car. this mangled mess. it's not going anywhere fast on the westbound side here of sunrise highway. far different story around 2:20 this afternoon when one witness tells me off camera the driver of this car was flying, flying down sunrise highway westbound with a police car not far behind him and there was obviously a terrible, terrible accident. the engine of this car nowhere to be found. you can see the sunroof is open. initial reports were that the driver either was ejected or jumped out of the sunroof. we can tell you he is now at brook haven hospital which is only feet from where we're standing if you look to the left you can see the mess on the eastbound side of sunrise. this is the eastbound side. a lot of rubber necking in rush hour. all these folks trying to get home. across the street here, we want to take you right across. hospital road takes you to brook haven hospital. the overpass. you can see that is the spot
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