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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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atlantic avenue, it is shut down at 111th street. 10th street shut down at atlantic avenue as well. reporting live, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. now to that triple shooting. another round of violence in brooklyn. this time three men chasing down some car burglars >> yeah, at least one of the suspects started shooting. a 53-year-old man was hit e and killed. two others were wounded including a 13-year-old girl. >> the gun violence this time in east williamsburg. the two survivors taken to elmer's hospital in queens. >> eyewitness news reporter kimberly richardson has the story. >> reporter: that girl is here in the emergency room with her parents. a bullet grazed her. a 57-year-old man is also here. he was shot this morning, but mike tried to do the right thing but didn't walk away from this. >> i'm not surprised at all that he intervened. he was just that kind of guy. >> reporter: anthony is talking about michael metuziak.
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his nickname was mush. the 53-year-old was like a second father to him. >> he's just a nice guy. wrong place, wrong time. >> reporter: this was michael's first weeken the job at this metal shop in east williamsburg. just before 8:00 this morning police say several workers from the business, mike was one of them, confronted three men who authorities say had broken into this white van and were in the process of stealing things. heated words were exchanged. there was a chase. that's when the suspects turned and opened fire. >> heard three shots. that's it. >> reporter: michael was hit several times in the chest, killed. he was the unofficial super of this building in green point. you'd always find him outside working on his car. still stunned by the news, anthony had this to say to the hospitals. >> you turn around and shoot a couple bullets then you turn back around and just go on living your life. how are you walking around today. >> reporter: police spent hours
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possibly for a gun that was tossed. many here along this quiet stretch of kingsland avenue will miss mike. >> it was kind of disturbing when i heard that this morning. it was really unexpected. >> reporter: alexandra grew up just a few doors down from him. >> we were like 13, 12 years old and we used to hang out on the stoop. he was a great guy. >> reporter: and anthony tells me mike did have children, grandchildren. he was the heart and soul of their community. just moments ago his fiance spoke with my colleague sandra bookman. >> you didn't have to kill him. you injured him, you didn't have to kill him. that was my man. you didn't have to take away my man. >> reporter: she is heart broken. that is what she wanted to say to the men that are still out there. the good thing in all of this, if there is a good thing, is that there were many security
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cameras in that neighborhood. detectives say they have a really clear image of these suspects. we hope to soon get that footage. >> just horrible. thank you. a big development in that brooklyn. investigators say the blast may have been intentionally set. police and fire officials at the site say there is no indication now that natural gas triggered that explosion on debris being tested for chemicals that might have been accelerant. one of the two bodies recovered from the rubble believed to be francesca figuroa. a priest in new jersey pleading not guilty today to charges that he pointed a gun at an 8-year-old boy. apparently over a sports rivalry. the priest is a giants fan. the kid is a dallas fan. disturbing charges to be sure. today two dozen parishioners were in court supporting the
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priest. eyewitness news reporter michelle charlesworth is at the courthouse with the story. >> reporter: the complaint is that a priest allegedly pointed a gun at a little boy and that it happened back on september 13th between masses. now neither the boy nor his family was in court or here today. neither was the unname the this complaint. about two dozen parishioners and friends were here to lend support to the priest. there was no sign of the 8-year- old or his parents. the central complaint is one of assault that the priest, father kevin carter allegedly pointed a civil war era musket at an 8- year-old inside of the church rectory. i asked the attorney, did that happen? >> i don't believe he pointed the gun at the boy and at no time, if you understand the charges that were made. >> father carter is right there. did you do that? >> he's not going to answer questions today.
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>> i think you have to respect the fact that his lawyer is answer questions. >> father darter had this to say after he pleaded not guilty at his arraignment. >> my concern at this moment is for the young boy and his family. not for myself. >> again, the boy's family did not file the complaint. >> i'm concerned -- i'm going to be okay. i believe that i will be vindicated. >> the attorney says eight people were present in the rectory between masses at the church in new jersey. and insists it was all in good fun regarding the rivalry between the cowboys and giants. the boy and the priest pull for opposing teams. >> the family brought the young boy to the rectory specifically and for the sole purpose of engaging in good natured banter about a football game that was going to take place later that day.
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>> the eight people in the rectory who actually witnessed what happened. this is a printed statement that was given to me by the attorney -- this is a statement written -- submitted by richard frit is, ki. i neither saw father kevin raise the rifle nor threaten anyone. close quotes. we are live in new jersey tonight, michelle charlesworth. >> thank you. we're going to switch gears now. it is the most storied team in the history of sports. tonight a first for the new york yankees. they are in a one do or die wild card playoff game. an unusual position to be sure. in the playoffs anything can happen. it ain't over till it's over. jim dolan is outside with the fans. we begin with rob powers. he's at the stadium. >> reporter: they don't come in on a roll. they don't even come in as the favorite. yankees are in the playoffs it starts tonight in this american league wild card game.
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it's a one game playoff winner take all against the astros. the winner american league division series. the loser is done. so the whole season comes down to this. the yankees played 162 games to qualify for 163rd. win this one or it's over. >> we immediate to fight really ard to get to this spot. so yeah, i am pleased. this club accomplished a lot more than people thought we would. a lot of people didn't think we would be here. but we're here and we got to try to win a game. >> reporter: we'll join laura in inside the stadium in a bit. for now we stay outside with us, jim dolan was with us and the fans. >> reporter: yankees have lost five of their last six games but so what. the 2000 yankees lost their last seven games and went on to win the world series. it's the yankees. it's october. let's get it done. as workers got the stadium
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fans were already feeling the good luck. >> i want some tickets. >> reporter: among them, some excellent parents. >> bring my boys to the game. we been following the yankees for years. >> yeah, really. >> i brought them up yankee fans. >> you raised them right. >> sure did. >> boys are all grown up and ready for a run despite the yankees recent slump. >> they're the yankees. never count them out. never count them down. they always seep to come through in the clutch. >> 5-8 on the road i heard this morningen on the radio. i felt good after i heard that stat. >> number two derek jeter. >> reporter: both gone now. but the fans are still here and keeping a good thought. >> great. >> but not as good on the road. >> no, no, so got to keep your fingers crossed. got to hope. >> if tanaka is on his game, we can win the game.
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either way it is a beautiful night for baseball until the bronx. they win this one and we'll see how the forecast is for the rest of the web. reporting live from the bronx, jim tom, channel 7 eyewitness news. we'll talk about the mets. the mets had ab mandatory workout today. a manhattan tour workout matt harvey missed. the mets say he did show up late. terry collins says harvey will be fine. live in the bronx, rob powers, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> don't want to miss practice. >> darn traffic. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00. so just how hot is brooklyn? >> oh, it's hot. now it's so hot it has its own fodor's side. i think jim wanted to know more about the forecast for the week.
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how about 65 tonight. great at yankee stadium. high temperatures in the low to and mid70s. warmer tomorrow. cooler temperatures. seven day forecast is next on eyewitness news at 6:00. back in queens, we continue to follow breaking news. you can see a car accident.
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$135 million facelift is on the way for dozens of new york city parks. over the next few years smaller playgrounds and parks that are in bad shape will start to look gripier. brand new parks will be created. funding comes after mayor de blasio focused on -- tonight another sign that it might be true. >> fodor's, the world's largest tourist guide is selling the guide to brooklyn. >> those days feeling like they take a backseat to manhattan, forget about it. >> reporter: you'll find art gushing about a lot of brooklyn spots. >> you can see from one place. it's ma r have louse at sunset.
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brand new if, odor's guide to brooklyn. >> we have a new york city guide. this is the first book just for a borough of new york city. >> not even manhattan has its own book. >> the power of brooklyn extends well beyond new york city. so that's part of what made us think about doing a goodbook to it. >> reporter: the guide paves the way, featuring some more well known spots like bam. located in fort green. less obvious, the morbid anatomy museum. >> i would say this is initially cute but then kind of weird. >> as are many things in here. >> reporter: for the more timid, shuffle board club is not too far away. >> it's really kind of classic brooklyn. a little rock and roll. people love to go for the creative margaritas. they have food trucks that stop by. >> reporter: for shopping there's buy brooklyn.
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everything sold here is made in the bo rob powers e borough. talk about farm to cup. >> with amazing power overs. it's really about sitting down, enjoying life and the taste of coffee. >> giving you a jolt to keep on touring. >> you could still not have seen every corner of it. >> in brooklyn lauren glassberg. >> so is it stirring up some stuff in the pot here among the boroughs? maybe. >> we'll tell you why you immediate to act fast to save money. >> how long is this great fall
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well the best thanksgiving air fares could fly away if you don't book by tonight. that workersrd for some travel experts. they say that the fares are at
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their lowest point today. christmas fares are expected to be best on the ninth. after this week airlines are expected to make procrastinators pay more for the holidays >> well. >> that's kind of tough. >> i know our bosses are looking at that. they're doing holiday schedules. >> we're missing the best air fares. >> i get a ticket to my couch. >> good. good. it is just -- today was just delightful. beautiful. lovely. >> we've bounced all the way back now after that cold spell and the rainfall. five straight days of rain. now we go above normal for a little while. we have been spoiled with october sunsets here. this one over new york harbor. when you get high clouds. the way they disperse the light is fantastic. it's a gorgeous autumn sunset. 70 degrees. air is dry and the wind is like. it's going to be a pleasant evening. light jacket at moats. 67 your average high. we're above that the next few
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days. sunrise and sunset times. just 12 minutes away. headlines. wednesday is the warmest. tomorrow is the warmest day of the week. we're still near 70 late week. a spotty shower by friday morning. bulk of friday morning should be okay. steadier rains coming in in the afternoon. looks like a wet evening commute on friday. now earlier in the day, little concerned about rain holding ono saturday morning. but now it looks like it's going to get out of the way. probably gone by dawn on saturday. and then some brightening during the midday afternoon hours. it was chilly this morning. north and west of the 40s. it will not be as cool tonight. we have cloud cover out there right now starting to roll in. 72 ran doll. of, new jersey. 64 in stanhope. then the hudson valley, pair of 60s in white plains. you're looking at some winds coming. a little light wind. sea breeze coming in at jfk. calming the city. more of a westerly wind away from the coast. then our winds are going to be
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will be in the upper 60s with some partial cloudiness patchy clouds early tomorrow and then more sun as the day wears on. average out mostly sunny after mid-morning, after a few clouds leave the scene. new feature we have in our weather computer just showing the there are the winds around joaquin. carolinas. area. spread out near us. lighter wind close to home. that's what we'll have tomorrow. patchy cloudiness coming in that'll help keep temperatures up. cold front is here. tomorrow evening. not a big deal. a lot of warm air surging out. mid70s tomorrow. cooler behind the front. we may struggle to reach that 70-degree mark on thursday. tomorrow is the best bet at 75. look for 68 to 70 on thursday. still fair amount of sunshine. partly cloudy and nice tonight. 59. closer to 50 in the coolest spots north and west. 75 or better tomorrow. partly cloudy to sunny skies a warm afternoon.
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cooler. on the seven day, 70 on thursday. plenty of sun. rain arrives friday. leaves the scene saturday morning. leaving the rest of the weekend to be cool but pleasant. nice fall weekend coming up we're no the done with the 70s. >> like to hear that. thanks. powers at yankee stadium. >> this place is made for october baseball. after a couple years out of the playoffs, the yankees are back in starting tonight. straight ahead, we are live in the bronx with everything you need to know about tonight's big yankee playoff game. also today, mandatory meants
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they either win or they go home for a long winter. rob is at yankee stadium. >> the yankees have missed out on the playoff the last couple years.
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it is a wild card game, so this whole thing could be over tonight as well. let's get back inside. tonight. it's gardner in left -- in young in left. chris young gets a start. ellsbury is on the bench. the winner moves on. the loser moves over. let's get inside of the stadium. laura standing by with more on the game. laura. >> reporter: hey, rob. for the first time in three years we have a playoff game here in the bronx. but it's an entirely new way. nothing is guaranteed for the yankees after tonight. so this is a whole new kind of october pressure. in the baseball playoffs there are elimination game fives and game sevens but nothing is quite like this, a one-game series winner takes all. >> for the most part we have a veteran team. been in situations like this before with our backs against the wall. battle. one game playoff. first one of my career. should be very exciting.
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>> when the season started not many people gave the yankees much of a shot of making the playoffs at all. >> we stuck together as a unit. come together and make something great happen. put ourselves in a great position. this is just the beginning of the fun. it starts here. >> reporter: in the playoffs how you get here means nothing. the season is reset. now anything can happen. >> i'm anxious to get going. question have a great bunch of guys in here. a lot of talent. guys that have been there and done that. >> reporter: it's the astros batting practice. the yankees are in their clubhouse. after 8:00. live inside yankee stadium. >> thanks. let's focus in on this pitching matchup a little more now. dallas keuchel. could be the best pitcher in the american league. shoulder. we'll carry that.
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guy before. them. once here, once in houston. 16 innings, zero runs the approach facing him today. >> hopefully a different one. you know 9:00 one thing about -- anything can happen. >> i don't think it's just been against us. it's been against the whole league. he's a good pitcher. >> yep. he is 20-8. a candidate for the cy young award. >> i'm blessed to be in this position. got. we'll see whether it's good or not. >> i'm sure they're as excited as we are. the best team is going to win. it's one game. it all comes down to this. >> okay. the mets held a workout today in anticipation of their nlds series against the dodgers. mattes threw a bullpen session. matt harvey missed today's workout. harvey eventually showed up. said no excuses he just blew it, he missed the team workout. he will be fined. after everything that's gone
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on, just doesn't look good, especially this close to the playoffs. >> it's not going to happen again. it's never happened before. unfortunately it happened, you know, kind of at a bad time and mandatory time and truly i just screwed up. >> concerned about the guys that are here and the guys that are here we had a great workout. >> okay we have news are the giants this afternoon. daniel fells is out for the rest of the season? a staph infection. the giants are scrubbing their facility right now. we have a statement. they say they're doing everything right. we're live in the bronx, rob powers. >> thank you. let's see what's coming up at 11:00. >> an airline passenger comes to newark with all the makings of a gourmet picnic. meats, cheeses, quite the spread. this could land the man in jail for a long time. what you don't see in this picture. above and beyond the call of duty.
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