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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  October 7, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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now eyewitness news this morning. >> good morning, we're following a developing story at 6:00. a dog owner is heartbroken after taking his beloved pet for a walk in central park, and the dog is killed. >> new clues in a deadly triple shooting in brooklyn. new images of the suspects police want you to see this morning. >> it was win or go home, and the yankees are home this morning after getting shut out in the bronx. the reaction from fans ahead. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. it is halfway point, wednesday october 7th and you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist bill evans in the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> in 58 minutes, well, 57 minutes, 30 seconds, we're going to have a gorgeous sunrise, a cool, crisp 59 degrees to start the day. going to be a beautiful day as we're looking outside towards midtown. teterboro 57. we're looking at 56 long
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today a lot of sunshine, 60 by 7:00, 70 by noontime. 74 this afternoon, a perfect day. we've got some cooler weather tomorrow and still sunny. rain by friday. we'll talk about that next in your accuweather seven-day forecast. debbie duhaime is up in the traffic center looking at the ride, the roads, the rails and all that for you this morning. how's it going out there. >> a lot of action. we're going to start with john del giorno. he's high above the problem. what are you checking out for us? >> good morning, debbie. we are just rolling in on this problem, and we've got a lot of traffic on the inbound gowanus expressway coming off the verrazano bridge. what we've got is late running emergency construction. that's what they're calling this is emergency construction inbound on the gowanus just off the verrazano as you get into brooklyn. the big deal here is that right now the hov lane is completely shut down. that's the lane at the far left there, that would normally be open at this time of the morning. that lane is closed. that forces all the buses into the main traffic so we've got a lot of extra volume. i'll pull the shot out here.
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up on to the verrazano bridge. two mornings in a row now, problems on the verrazano getting into brooklyn. we'll stay overhead. >> thanks a lot john. we're also going to go to the webcam right now and show you the delays on the staten island expressway eastbound heading out towards the verrazano trying to get out towards the gowanus. really busy on the staten island east. let's go over to our mass transit update chart, tell you what's happening. passaic branch about a 30 minute delay because of earlier problems. alternate side parking rules in effect. back to you. 6:02. we're following developments this morning in the mysterious death of a dog while it was out for a walk with its owner in central park. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live now in the upper west side with details for us. >> lori, late last night a guy was walking his dog off the leash. the dog ran down the hill, and by the time the dog owner caught up with his pet, the dog
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something went horribly wrong. now police are trying to figure out how this dog died here. police say the call came in as shots fired, and reports of a dog suffering head trauma around 11:00 last night. the dog, possibly a black lab, was off his leash and had run down the hill. the dog owner told police he thought he saw something come out of the bushes, and the next thing you knew by the time he caught up with the dog, the dog was dead. took this very seriously. officers flooded this area of the park and looked for ballistic evidence. here's the thing, they didn't find any. they didn't find anything in the bushes and the owner told gunshots. at this point police can't say for sure if the dog was actually shot in the head until a vet can go over the dog's head injuries. this morning people are already wondering what happened. once we tell them the story, people out here are skeptical. >> oh, my gosh. he's like my child, i would hate to think that somebody
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they would have to harm me first. >> reporter: a necropsy will be done later today to find out the exact cause of the dog's death and also we've learned that surveillance video was collected from the area. we've seen a few cameras lining this area of the park around 110th and central park west. police will go over that to see if that will give them any leads on what killed this dog. we're live outside central park on the upper west side, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. 6:04. there is new video and pictures this morning of two of the suspects police say used deadly force when they were caught breaking into cars in east williamsburg. investigators are looking for these men picked out from neighborhood surveillance videos. a bang of thieves had been operating when the men in a metal shop spotted them and chased them off. that's when one thief opened fire wounding two people including a 13-year-old girl. he also killed one of the metal shop workers, 53-year-old
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you didn't have to kill him. you injured him. you didn't have to kill him. that was my man. you didn't have to take away my man. >> police say that somebody, they're hoping that somebody will recognize the men in the new video and the photo as well. if you do know who they are, please give police a call. 6:05, and we learned overnight that police have arrested a long island man for stirring up home burglaries in floral park and bell rose village. 26-year-old stanley vasquez is being charged with five burglaries all on hudson road over the past three weeks. police tracked vasquez down to his home early yesterday. it's going to be an early thanksgiving for thousands of federal inmates. they're getting an early release from prison. close to 6,000 federal prisoners convicted of drug crimes will go free next month.
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cutting measure intended to reduce the prison population. the november release could clear the way for tens of thousands of inmates to be set free. there's no joy in yankee land this morning. the yanks lost to houston, n last night's american league wild card game sends them home for the winter. the astros picked up the only run they would need on colby rasmuss's 2nd inning homer. the yankees managed just three hits off forehents pitchers as they were shut out 3 nothing. >> what offense. i mean seriously. i don't know what girardi was thinking. it's like the last game, you've got to play like -- obviously it is their last game. >> they didn't show up. fans showed up, they didn't. >> the stadium crowd actually night. the yankees have lost five
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straight playoff games. speaking of booing, one light northerly wind.
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it's a perfect day today, just a few clouds, but back to our west and to our north, a couple things going on. you can see a little shower activity around lake superior. that's just a little bit of a front that will drive down tonight making it cooler calgary and edmonton. we're looking at a beautiful day today, a perfect day with a lot of sunshine, 74 this afternoon, beautiful weather. kiddos just grab a jacket. these are not role models at the bus stop by the way. 60 degrees, breezy and nice and cool this morning. beautiful later on. heather is not here today but debbie duhaime is in doing a great job in the traffic center. what's the latest? >> we still have a lot of action. we're going to show you pictures from news copter 7 and john del giorno. here's a look at the verrazano bridge. moving really slowly heading into brooklyn. the problem is that emergency road work on the gowanus. it's bumper-to-bumper traffic heading into brooklyn, and let's go over to the webcam.
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volume here on the inbound gowanus moving slowly up towards 92nd street. emergency construction continues in the hov lane. that's the reason for the delay, and let's also tell you what's happening with the harlem line. harlem line of metro north, a 30 minute delay with ongoing operational activity. alternate side in effect. back to you. thank you. we have new information this morning on the effort to sell radioactive material to isis. new video released this morning. >> also on the search for survivors almost a week after a cargo ship sank near the bahamas in the middle of hurricane joaquin. >> also ahead, video from the not too bright criminal file, the strange and soggy get away
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there's new video released this morning of raids on gangs and smugglers trying to sell radioactive materials to isis and other middle eastern groups. the smugglers have been linked to russian gangs, and some of the nuclear material may have
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the smugglers tried to sell for an attack on the u.s. there have been four such schemes broken up in the past five years. 6:12. there are new images from the search for a missing cargo ship but still no sign of the vessel. the coast guard yesterday released pictures from the spot where the el faro is believed to have sunk near the bahamas. 38 people including two with ties to the area were on board the container ship when it left florida eight days ago. it disappeared during hurricane joaquin. an ntsb team is determining why the ship's captain and crew sailed into the stormy conditions. a suspect attempting to drive away from police made a quick get away in a bit of an interesting location. let's say it didn't work as he had hoped. the driver in australia tried to dodge the police on the beach in two hours. he ran out of clever ideas so he took a car for a dip in the ocean. things don't tend to work for
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waves crash into the white suv. the driver then climbed out. officers quickly dove in and made the arrest. it is 6:13. time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans live outside our studios. >> you mean the suv does not double as a submarine? >> no. >> i saw james bond do that. >> take a look outside, we have a beautiful morning, it's cool, crisp, it's jacket weather. all you need is a jacket or a wetter. particularly the suburbs when the temperature drops into the 40s in some spots. here's a look outside. it's absolutely pretty. in just a few minutes, we'll have sunrise. 72% humidity, dry, a north wind. what a beautiful day. yesterday's high was 73. our normal overheight low is 53. we're starting out a little warmer. sun's up at 6:58. temperatures will peak today at 74. we're still 70 tomorrow, rain friday afternoon, and then the skies will brighten on saturday. we're looking at a nice fall
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weekend coming up. hauppauge is at 55 and massapequa is at 56, and it's 60 out toward the earn end of long island. beautiful weather here, low 50s up toker 40s to our north and across to northern new jersey. a light northerly wind today. it's going to feel great. that cuts down the humidity. we also see the northwest wind kind of cuts out that ragweed too. we've got high pressure back to the great lakes. we have a high pressure to the north that will drop in cooler air for tomorrow. after school kids, great weather for sports. we're looking at 74 degrees. it's sunny. it's warm for this time of the year. 74 is 7 degrees above normal. tomorrow this front comes down from the north. makes it 70. still a lot of sunshine. the front comes through dry. the cold front coming through on friday gives us rain. it's nice today, 74 degrees. tonight 40s in the suburbs, the distant suburbs to the north and west. 56 around the five boroughs. long island, coastal connecticut, jersey shore, a little cooler tomorrow with sunshine ask a high of 70. your accuweather seven-day forecast, we're looking at sunshine as we go into
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tomorrow, but rain friday afternoon and friday night, and then we're looking at a mixture of sun and clouds for saturday, and a lot of sunshine on sunday. temperatures in the mid-60s and lows tonight in the low 50s. it's a beautiful morning out here. everybody's getting going. folks popping up off the subway getting the day going. have a great day. it's going to be beautiful. >> he's got a delivery right next to him now. >> yeah, the cow is here. >> let's check the traffic right now. how are things looking there deb? >> good morning ken, lori, bill, good morning everybody. we're going to go up to john del giorno high above the staten island expressway, and good morning john. tell us what's happening now. >> good morning debbie. we've been talking about this delay since early this morning, and it all relates to a problem on the gowanus expressway. a little bit of good news. the hov lane that was closed for emergency construction, that has just been reopened on the gowanus. we now have all lanes open ant gowanus as you come off the verrazano bridge. what you're looking at, the ribbon of headlights, that's the staten island expressway,
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that's all related to the closure on the gowanus. the volume is bumper-to-bumper from bradley avenue to the verrazano bridge and across the bridge into brooklyn. all lanes have been reopened. a problem with metro north on the harlem line. still a 30 minute delay with ongoing operational activity. lirr, new on or close to schedule. a problem on 95 southbound getting into exit 14 in norwalk. an accident there as well. 18 southbound and neptune as you head into wall township a collision. the webcam, southbound thruway moving slowly by the tappan zee bridge with an accident reported right at the tap. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back over to you. it's 6:17. heads-up for linked in users. the company may open you a lot of money. >> in today's tech bytes, linkedin will pay up. >> the site will pay $13 million to settle a class action lawsuit over spam.
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the ad connections feature sent messages to everyone on users e- mail contact list and then two follow ups. >> affected users could receive up to $1500. microsoft has unveiled its new laptop. it's called the surface book. >> it features a 13.5-inch screen and detachable screen as well. >> microsoft unveiled a new fitness tracker. it's called band 2. it goes on sale at the end of this month. >> what do you get when you combine a smartphone with a mini robot. >> at first glance it looks like a child toy. it can do anything from make calls to send e-mails, play music. i'm still waiting for the one that cooks dinner and does the laundry. husband for. >> those are your tech bytes. there are new questions this morning about the prevailing wisdom that whole milk is bad for you and low fat is the way to go. federal officials began pushing
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craze led to a boom in eating carbs and that eliminated most of the health benefits. the federal dietary guidelines are under review and congress will hear testimony from the secretary of agriculture and the secretary of health. 6:19. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, the looming strike by 40,000 workers in the united auto workers union. what they are demanding. >> and a sure sign of the holiday season ahead. we're combing through the pages of neiman marcus' new christmas catalog. how about a trip to outer space. >> are they out there now. i'm going down to the land of wonder apple trees to sit under yoplait plenti, with oats, flax, and pumpkin seeds. packed full of goodness. (door bell rings) trick or treat! (door bell rings again) (announcer) this halloween, whether you want a little fun or full-on festive,
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on the money this morning, dow jones starts the day off 13 points at 16790, the nasdaq composite ask s&p 500 slightly lower. nation's stocks are on the rise. japan's nikkei average closed up a fraction. hong kong's hang seng rose by more than 3%.
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deadline day for volkswagen to show how it intends to ensure its diesel cars meet national emission standards. volkswagen has done that by relying on software that cheats when the car's hooked testing. the executive is due to testify tomorrow before a panel investigate the the e medications scandal. auto workers are ready to walk off the job if the company does not come through with a better contract offer. the united auto workers union has notified the company that 40,000 workers are ready to strike tonight at 11:59 p.m. it would be the first strike for the auto industry since 2007 since before the great recession. 6:23, high end retailer neiman marcus writing a new christmas story as it releases its holiday catalog. the dallas based department store is highlighting fantasy gifts. pay attention to what you got me for christmas. among the items you can put on
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ride with actor keanu reeves. he designed this. >> really? >> also you could buy a trip to outer space where lori wants to send me someday and we have 400,000. >> wow. >> keep it to 100,000. i'm not too picky. your never more than 7 traffic and bill. >> yes. >> that gift from neiman marcus that you want to get ken, the trip to outer space. >> yes? >> is that a one-way trip to outer space. >> i hope so. did i say that? >> thank you both. >> did she say that out loud? >> no. >> here we go. let's take a look across the hudson river this morning, my show big show, your show little show. 59 degrees right now. we're looking at 56 across long island, coastal connecticut. northeast wind, a gorgeous morning out here this morning. we're looking at warm jackets
6:24 am
by afternoon it's 74. debbie duhaime it looks like you have trouble on i-95. >> we have a problem as you head southbound on 95 getting into norwalk by exit 14. it's an accident being cleared. watch for extra heavy traffic on 95 southbound, merritt parkway a better over on the southbound thruway that's busy at the tappan zee bridge with an accident reported as well. watch for delays on the northern state westbound with a collision being cleared. let's go out to the webcam and will show you the l.i.e. westbound. that's moving really slowly getting right out towards the queens border. watch for delays up to 30 minutes. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back over to you. lori, ken. thank you. 6:25, happening today, thousands of expected to take part in a pro charter school rally. parents, students and educators are gathering at brooklyn's plaza at 9 a.m. they're calling on mayor de blasio to honor his end inequality in the city
6:25 am
school system. after the rally the crowd will head across the brooklyn bridge to city hall. >> still ahead one eye this morning, we have new video this morning of a predator on the run tricking teenage boys and into helping him only to abuse them. >> and the mysterious death o'after dog killed in central park while on a walk with its owner.
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we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools.
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now new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news this morning. new at 6:30. police are trying to track down a sexual predator stalking boys near two schools. we are live with new video of the man who they are looking for. >> and developing this morning, a dog killed in central park while it was out for a walk with its owner. we're live on the investigation that's underway. >> and police are taking a closer look at a traffic light after a deadly crash in queens. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. it's wednesday october 7th. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. >> good morning everybody.
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it's going to be a great day. you maybe want to know what a real perfect day is like, walk outside today and you'll get a real taste of it. lots of sunshine. temperature around 59 degrees to start the day. a light northerly wind, a beautiful sunrise in progress right now. 48 up the hudson river valley from carmel, newburgh, 56 degrees west orange in the urban areas of new jersey, white plains, rocklin county 52. at noontime we're around 67 to 70 degrees, and this afternoon we hit 74, a perfect weather day. it's cool and sunny tomorrow, but rain comes friday and we've got the weekend to talk about in your accuweather seven-day forecast. hang tight. debbie duhaime problems on i- in norwalk connecticut. the nutmeggers are having a big problem with the commute. >> problems on 95 south in norwalk and we're also going to john del giorno. he's going to tell us about a problem in queens. >> good morning, we just stumbled across this problem in queens. you see fire department and ems on the scene.
6:30 am
this accident is on the service road, the westbound service road, astoria boulevard just past laguardia airport. you can see a lot of local traffic as a result. you'll see all the local streets clogged up. you'll also see some exiting delays on the grand central itself as a result of that accident. if you're traveling around laguardia, always a very busy spot at this time of the morning. keep in mind you have these delays over on the marine air terminal side. you might want to allow extra time on the westbound grand central itself. >> thanks a lot. we're going to tell you about that problem on 95 in norwalk, 95 southbound moving into norwalk by exit 14 with an accident blocking at least one lane, and also the southbound new york state thruway busy at the tappan zee bridge with an accident being clear getting into westchester. metro north 30 minute delays. new jersey transit 20 minute delays on the north jersey coastline with a disabled train. watch for some delays on the northern state westbound into
6:31 am
blocking a lane there as well. traffic is still moving slowly. new jersey turnpike western at 15e with a collision still being cleared from that stretch as well. holland a 10 minute delay in town. i'll show you a look at the staten island expressway. it's still very busy on the expressway. this is at clove road. still really busy getting all the way out towards the verrazano bridge because of the earlier construction on the gowanus. alternate side in effect. back over to you. lori, ken. thank you very much debbie. it's 6:32. we're following a developing story this morning in manhattan. police are investigating the death of a dog during an evening walk in central park. >> it happened last night near 110th street in central park west. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live on the scene with the latest on this developing story. >> this one is really bizarre. it has a lot of people wondering what really happened this morning. so late last night a guy was
6:32 am
walking his dog off the leash when something went horribly wrong. by the time he caught up with his dog, his dog had been killed. police here responded -- the call came in as shots fired and reports of a dog suffering head trauma around 11:00 last night. thing to, possibly a black lab was off the leash. the dog owner told police he thought something came out of the bushes, and the next thing he knew, by the time he caught up with it the dog was dead. based on this response, police took this very seriously. officers flooded the area of the park. here's the thing, they didn't that's what's so bizarre. the bushes. the owner said he never actually heard any gunshots. at this point police can't say for sure if the dog was shot in the head until a vet can actually go over the dog's head injuries. people this morning are starting to walk the dogs. they're skeptical of this whole thing. >> it's shocking. i'm surprised. the young lady asked me if i
6:33 am
was happy about coming out this morning. when i walked across the street and saw it happened right here, it makes me wonder, you know, now is it safe taking him down here. >> a necropsy will be done later today to figure out the exact cause of the dog's death. also police have canvassed the area and collected surveillance video. there are a few cameras located in this area of the park on the upper west side. they're going to go over that video surveillance to see if that could give them any leads to what happened to this dog. news. thank you. 6:34, new information this morning raising some questions about whether a misdirected traffic light could have contributed to the deadly family in queens. it happened around 6:00 in the evening in richmond hill. an suv ran a red light and was hit by a sedan crossing atlantic avenue. what happened then was that impact sent the suv right into a family that was waiting for a bus. a mother is now in stable condition.
6:34 am
her 2-year-old in critical condition, and the child's aunt is dead. witnesses say she died trying to push the child to safety. investigators looking into the deadly explosion in brooklyn now believe it was not an accident. officials are focusing on one of the two victims, francisca figueroa. she reportedly had a significant amount of dead and was being evicted from the apartment. officials confirmed that there was no natural gas in her apartment. it had been turned off back in june. debris is now being tested for chemicals that may have been used as an accelerant. a driver slams into cars over and over again. it's all caught on camera. dashboard cameras recorded the whole thing a mile long hit and run on saturday night, at least a dozen cars are hit. the driver finally stopped at a dead end street where some people stepped up and tried to intervene.
6:35 am
that driver charge. a yankee's do or die playoff performance turned out to be a dud. the houston astros celebrated a 3-0 win in the bronx to take the american league wild card game and end the yanks season. after it was over, a quiet yankee clubhouse reflected on the very short playoff run. >> it's baseball. i mean, you know, team fought hard all year, and sometimes it comes down to one game, and today wasn't our day. >> this was a club that fought all yearlong. and there's a lot of character in that room, and this hurts. >> houston meets kansas city in one al division series. toronto place texas in the others. two of the biggest fantasy sports websites are under investigation for fraud. the new york attorney general asked draft kings and fan dual for internal data and details
6:36 am
on how they prevent fraud and whether employees won lucrative payouts based on inside information. both companies say they are temporarily workers from playing the games. it's 6:37 right now. some issues on new jersey transit this morning. before we do that, though we head over to meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> got a beautiful morning outside. it is absolutely gorgeous as we look from the roof camera across flushing bay in the distance there, you can see whitestone, throgs neck bridge, some alto cirrus clouds, altocumulus clouds, a pretty morning. temperature is 59 degrees. we're going to see temperatures today rising into the mid-70s well above normal. a couple of things going on. there's a front to our north in canada. that's going to drop drier cooler air for tomorrow. there's a front here in canada the cold weather sweeps down and comes through the area as we go into friday. today by noontime we're looking at 70 degrees. this afternoon 74, lots of sunshine, low humidities and a beautiful day with a light northwest wind. at the bus stop, grab a jacket, breezy and cool, 60 degrees.
6:37 am
things traffic on the commute this morning. she's in for heather. how's it going out there? >> good morning bill, good morning everybody. problems with new jersey transit on the north jersey coastline seeing delays of at least 20 minutes with a disabled train in middletown. the harlem line of metro north back on or close. lirr on time. george washington bridge 10, lincoln 30, holland 10 minutes in. traffic is really tough on 95 southbound getting into exit 14 in norwalk. two lanes blocked. a pretty serious accident here in connecticut. and over on the southbound thruway heading into the tappan zee bridge, an accident being cleared to the shoulder. watch for stop-and-go traffic on the northern state westbound right at lakeville road with an accident as you head out toward queens. the new jersey turnpike, the western spur north at 15e a collision there as well. downtown it looks like on the a train earlier problems cleared out of the way: and let's go outside and i'll show you a look at the staten island expressway eastbound. still bumper-to-bumper traffic into the verrazano.
6:38 am
an accident now at the verrazano. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back to you. thank you. 6:39, and still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a video the police want you to see as they search for a child predator on the run in the bronx. >> and cheers all around for a big decision by a judge overturning a conviction of a man who was behind bars for 25 years. >> also ahead, the surprise for
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:42. welcome back, new this morning, a predator on the run after targeting two teens and a 12- year-old in the bronx. police say he's stalking children near two schools. dray clark live in eden with a video police want you to see. >> reporter: good morning ken, that suspect, a plan believed to be in his 30s is still on the prowl this morning, and that has police very concerned because the alleged touching incidents happened right here inside this park behind me. seaton falls park and it's a park that has two neighboring schools. there are a lot of children who live in this neighborhood. take a good look at your television screen. looking for. that bald headed man appears to be in his 30s, and we're told
6:41 am
the touching incidents began in august when he first approached a 13-year-old here in the park and offered the teenager money to help him carry his bags. the teenager agreed, and that's when police say the man tried to touch the teen's back side. a month later he made the same offer to a 15-year-old, and after the 15-year-old said yes, police say the man exposed himself and tried to touch the teenager, and then last saturday police say the man grabbed a 12-year-old by the arm and pulled him to a wooded area here at a remote section of the park, and luckily that 12-year-old was able to get away. back here live now, and again, all of the incidents happening here inside this park, seaton falls park near the corner of crawford and bay chester avenue. and police say the man does the same thing, he walks up to an unsuspecting teenager, offers money to help him bags. when the teenager says yes he tries to pull them away, he tries to touch them, or he exposes himself.
6:42 am
that man still out here somewhere this morning. if you have any idea, if you recognize that man who was just on your television screen, give police a call. they're very concerned that he'll keep trying the same thing on other teenagers who live here in the community. live in the bronx, dray clark channel 7 you eyewitness news. a man who spent a quarter century behind bars in a notorious new york city tourist killing is waking up a free man. [ cheers and applause ] >> cheers and a hug from his mother greeted johnny hincapie as he walked out of court last night free on bail just hours before a judge threw out hincapie's conviction and granted bail. prosecutors decide if they're going to retry him. hincapie was one of seven young men convicted for the murder of a tourist in 1990. >> the first thing they do is whatever comes in front of then, they want to prosecute,
6:43 am
that's not doing justice. and, you know, if you'ring are going to ascertain information from the beginning to the end, you want to do it correctly and thoroughly. >> a retrial was granted based on new evidence including testimony from a codefendant who says hincapie is innocent. 6:45. a student from fordham university is sending a big thanks to tom hanks after the oscar winning actor went out of his way to return her lost id badge. hanks found a student id badge on the ground in central park with the name lauren on it. yesterday he tweeted out a message saying hey lauren, i found your student id in the park. if you still need it, my office will get it to you. hanks. a short time later a girl tweeted hanks saying lol this is my friend. when lauren found out, she says that she was shocked and a little skeptical. >> i guess i was a little apprehensive. i didn't know. okay, is this really him. i wanted to make sure there was a check next to his name. i don't have twitter, i think
6:44 am
that's what it is, this little blue check, so i was hoping for that, and then seeing how many re-tweets there were, i was like okay, wait, this is probably really tom hanks. >> boy, you can catch the full interview with lauren coming up speaking of which, robin roberts is live in time square coming up on gma. twitter? >> what is that about. >> i love her. i can't wait -- now i really can't wait to meet her. >> it's going to be awesome. >> thanks ken. breaking overnight, russian smugglers stop trying to sell nuclear material leading to a dramatic takedown overseas. they thought they were meeting with isis radicals. also ahead, the race for president gop hopeful ben commentsabout last week's the classroom. our team is tracking the campaign in >> and judge judy will be
6:45 am
presiding here on gma this morning. >> oh, wow. oh, should be interesting. >> always has something >> always. titles. >> yeah. >> thank you. it's 6:46. time to get a check on the >> meteorologist bill evans live outside our studios on the upper west side. >> we love live pictures when we can get them. let's take you to news copter 7 where johnny d. shot this morning. as you look at that beautiful sunrise across the area, as we're looking at what's going to be sun and clouds, and a temperature right around 59 degrees. look at that cirrus, that means we're going to have a nice fair weather day today. johnny d. thank you for that shot which of course is always in high definition. this morning we're looking at a beautiful sunrise, sun is officially up in 10 minutes from right now. 10 1/2 minutes at 6:58. here we go from the george washington bridge, temperature 59 degrees. the humidity is dry at 72%. dry for morning hours, light northerly wind, a rising barometer.
6:46 am
yesterday's high was 73. normal is 67. and the sunsets around 6:30. so today temperatures are going to be around 74, 75 degrees, even 70 tomorrow. rain friday, and that will set us up for a pretty good weekend. that gets out of the way friday night just in time for saturday and sunday. pollen counts still up there for the ragweed from low to moderate. if you're a ragweed sufferer you'll notice that today. keep that medication going today, and ragweed season starts to end as we get into november. light wind tonight, sunshine, just some high thin clouds, beautiful day, we're looking at what's going to be this northwest to a northerly wind flow. we've got sunshine all the way back to the northern plains. there's a cold front up in canada that slides in here on friday. two more great days of weather today. our futurecast does show that front coming at noon on friday, but watch friday night. new guidance is showing that front is through the area after midnight friday. so kiddos after school today, sunshine, 74 degrees, great for after school sports, always drink a lot of water and hydrate.
6:47 am
we're looking at 74 today, 70 tomorrow, some beautiful weather with a lot of sunshine. and then we're going to be looking at that rain coming in for friday. your accuweather seven-day forecast going to show that friday afternoon, friday night. you'll need your rain gear then. then we've got sunshine and cooler temperatures coming for the weekend. back to you guys. >> thank you bill. it is 6:49. we check in with debbie and traffic. >> okay. good morning ken, already wee bill. good morning everybody. we'll start off by telling you what's happening with new jersey transit. still seeing some issues, a 20 minute delay on the north jersey coastline of new jersey transit all due to a disabled train over in middle town. watch for delays in both directions. metro north back on or close on the harlem line. lirr on or close. george 20, lincoln 30, holland 10 and going outside over to 18 northbound very busy here getting up towards the new jersey turnpike right through the construction zone. alternate side parking rules are in effect.
6:48 am
still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a rutger's football star wants to get back on the field after assault charges against him are dropped. >> and parishioners stand by a priest accused of pointing a
6:49 am
6:50 am
ri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. 6:52. welcome back, assault charges have been dropped against a
6:51 am
now he wants to play ball again. rutgers suspended leonte carroo after he was charged in a brawl. the woman he was accused of slamming on to concrete told the judge she did not want to testify. earlier in family court a restraining order against carroo was lifted because the woman said it was not needed. rutgers has not announced if carroo will be allowed to play saturday night. a priest accused of pointing a gun at an 8-year-old boy. dozens of parishioners joined father kevin carter during his arraignment in hackensack. carter pointed a civil war era musket at the boy in the rectory of st. margaret of certona church in little ferry. apparently it was over a sports rivalry. the priest is a giant's fan. the boy is a cowboy's fan. >> the family brought the young boy to the rectory specifically and for the sole purpose of
6:52 am
engaging in good natured banter. >> my concern at this moment is for the young boy and his family. >> carter's attorney says eight people were in the rectory at the time. one witness says that he did not see the priest point a gun. it is 6:54. we continue to follow a developing story from the overnight. >> a dog mysteriously killed during a late night walk in central park, and now police are trying to figure out we are the largest and most diverse school district in america!
6:53 am
yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools.
6:54 am
6:56, and we go back now to central park for a story we've been following all morning. >> a man's dog was killed during a late night walk, and nobody knows how it happened. eyewitness news reporter kala kala. >> yes, there were a lot of pet owners out this morning who were very concerned now trying to figure out what happened. this guy was walking his dog horribly wrong. by the time he caught up with been killed. police responded to the scene saying that the call came in for shots fired, but when they got here and scoured the area, searched for evidence they found no evidence of any ballistics in the area. they just know that the dog suffered some severe head trauma. it turns out that the dog owner never actually heard any shots fired. he was walking his dog, led him off the leash. the dog ran down the hill, and by the time the dog owner caught up with his pet, the dog
6:55 am
now they're trying to figure out how. a necropsy will be done later today to figure out the exact cause of the dog's death. there are cameras outside of this area of central park. police are now collecting that surveillance video to see if that can give them any leads. live outside central park on the upper west side, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. and police release new video early this morning of a suspected predator targeting boys near two schools in the bronx. investigators say that he tuned three boys in the past two months. in each case young male victims were lead into seaton falls park and police say the suspect is in his 30s about 5 feet 3- inches with a shaved head and a foreign accent. 6:58, we have some troubles in nj transit. we go over to debbie duhaime. >> it's on the north jersey coastline, ken, and let's also show you some pictures from john in news copter 7. here's a look at the inbound bqe right
6:56 am
busy trying to get into the battery tunnel getting into town, and it's all disabled vehicle. let's also go to the map and show you another problem on the inbound bqe by the manhattan bridge. an accident being cleared as well. watch for delays on the northern state parkway with a collision and 95 north very busy at exit 14 and norwalk an accident still blocking two lanes. alternate side in effect. back to you. lori ken bill. thank you debbie. a beautiful day today, a perfect weather day. get outside, get a look and feel of this weather. beautiful morning, 59 degrees. we're looking at a temperature of 70 by noontime. 74 sunshine this afternoon, a light northwest wind and gorgeous weather tomorrow, a little cooler but 70. rain friday afternoon, friday night gets out of the way for what's going to be a very nice fall weekend. >> nice. >> thank you bill. >> that is the news for now. i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. we appreciate it. we're back in about 25 minutes with another update.
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