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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  October 7, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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organized today's event has had similar marches and rallies. bronxboro president is getting involved more so with this push for more charter schools and also jennifer hudson is here today. [ music ] organizers hope for about 15,000 students and parents to join them. after the rally they marched over the brooklyn bridge for another rally and a news conference that is about go begin here at city hall. they are disappointed with mayor de blasio who has never been a big supporter of charter's schools. one of the biggest backers is eva moskowitz. she has long been a critic of the mayor and she may run against him in 2017. parents did not talk so much about politics, just about the benefit of charter schools for their children, and they say that is the best way to improve
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>> the charter schools, the education is great, great education, and i'm so proud of the charter school today. i'm very proud. >> it's important to be here today. we're fighting for equal education for all kids across new york city. >> the mayor issued a statement. part of it said he is improving new york schools with this new emphasis on algebra and computer science classes and this new program that is going to be special teachers for reading. he said in his statement that is the best way to improve new york city schools not just for some in charter schools but for all 1.1 million students in new york city schools. for now reporting live, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to the search for a sexual predator who is stalking children near schools in the bronx. the man in this surveillance
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video preyed on at least three eyewitness news reporter tim parents. he joins us live with the details on what's being done to keep these children safe tim. >> reporter: this is the park here in he has a pattern when he tries to lure these teenagers, then he forcibly touches them. >> here he is, the suspect police believe is preying on young students. his image is captured on two nypd investigators distributing this video. >> i think we should know straight away. >> here in seaton falls park on three different days starting in august, he has lured young male students 12 to 15 years old by offering money to help carry his bags. they end up in the park where police say he forcibly touches them. two incidents have occurred since school started. >> it scares me as a teacher in
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them every day. we want them to be safe. >> there's children here all the time. it's not just in the summer, good. they're out here all the time. >> the suspect is a male in his 30s approximately 5 feet 3 inches tall, slim build, shaved head and foreign accent. he was seen wearing a blue t- shirt and black shorts during at least one of the incidents. >> the hope the city in general is taking extra precautions to resolve this issue. >> take another look at the suspect. perhaps you recognize. investigators are hoping someone does so they can stop this dangerous predator of young students. >> reporter: a lot of the students are avoiding the park and certainly worried about the incident or starting to spread not only through the community but the three schools in the area. thank you tim. new details in the mysterious death of a dog in central park. a necropsy is being performed today to determine the dog's cause of death.
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it was off the leash and ran from its owner near 110th street and central park west late last night. the owner caught up to the dog, it was dead and appeared to have some sort of head trauma. dog owners in the area are nervous. >> st it shocking. i'm surprised. when i walked the street and saw it happened right here, it makes me wonder, you know, is it safe taking him down here. >> police originally responded to calls of gunfire but did not find bullets or evidence of any gunshots. a woman is dead and a mother and her 2-year-old daughter are critically hurt after a crash in queens. investigators say an suv ran a red light and was hit by a sedan crossing atlantic avenue last night in richmond hill. the impact sent the suv right into the family waiting for a bus. the child's aunt, mina mahabier was killed. police have arrested a long
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burglaries in floral park and bella rose village. stanley vasquez is being charged today with five burglaries, all on hudson road over the past three weeks. police tracked vasquez down to his home early yesterday. now to a terror takedown overseas, the fbi helping smuggle a plot avoiding isis. agents -- busted bazi kanani joins us live from washington with details on how investigators cracked this case. >> reporter: good afternoon david. investigators say their most recent arrest was in february, and they say their work is far from over. >> the dramatic video released today, they're undercover sting operations they say with help from the fbi leading to the arrest of several men accused of trying to sell radioactive materials on the black market.
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here we're told the video shows a smuggler caught with a catch of potentially deadly sezium. he specifically sought a buyer from the islamic state terrorist group who would target the united states. >> setting a dirty bomb off in a very dense area, the level of contamination could be a big economic standpoint. >> investigators say they stopped these frightening plots to sell sezium and uranium four times in the last five years. the men arrest were mainly middle men. the nuclear black market still thriving. >> the amount of radioactive material, primarily from medical and industrial use is widespread. it's all over the world. >> reporter: investigators believe the radioactive material came from russian hospitals but experts say there's no indication that the smugglers actually had anywhere
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deadly weapon. in washington, bazi kanani channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. ntsb investigators are now near the bahamas trying to figure out what caused the el faro cargo ship to sink. the first order of business locating the voyage data life of 30 days. investigators will try to determine if mechanical project or damage caused by hurricane joaquin caused el faro to lose power. whatever happened happened quickly. >> based on the evidence, the lack of recovered survivors or anything, i don't believe that he really had all that much time to consider the factors. >> the coast guard discovered more debris in his increasingly desperate search for survivors. you can tell a yankees fan
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he's the one shaking his head. the yankees lost in houston in last night's american league game, and it still hurts today for many of us. the astros picked up the only run they would need on colby rasmus' second inning homer. the yankees managed just three hits off four houston pitchers as they were shut out 3-0. alex rodriguez had a shot at all. the yankees have lost five straight playoff games. meanwhile, the giants football team scrubbing down their locker room to prevent the spread of mrsa after tight end daniel fells was diagnosed with the infection. he's being treated for chronic ankle problems when doctors discovered the staph infection. mrsa is very contagious. fells is out for the rest of the season. >> a local elementary school banned teacher busted. he is facing child pornography charges. we'll tell you how he was caught and what the school is now telling >> and what happens when a pregnant woman goes into labor in the middle of a flood.
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meet the mom with one incredible story to tell. >> i'm meteorologist bill evans here in the weather center. wow is it nice outside. what a beautiful fall day, light breezes. temperatures are in the 60s. 66 to 67 degrees, a little light breeze out of the north and the northwest, dry humidities and some beautiful weather around the harbor. we're going to talk about warming into the 70s, rain on friday, beautiful weekend i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto . hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem.
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there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto ... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . new information about the deadly u.s. air strike on a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan. doctors without borders is now demanding a war crimes investigation. the organization is taking an unusual approach. it's asking the international
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humanitarian fact finding commission to conduct the probe saying it does not trust internal u.s. military inquiries. this would be the first investigation of its kind for the commission. the attack that killed 22 people was a mistake. a handwritten note found in a classroom at southern oregon university has caused that school to close its maybe campus in ashland at least until friday. there's no word on what the note said but this is the second threat the school has received in two days. students were not evacuated from the dorms, but police presence has been increased. this threat comes less than a week after a student opened fire at a community college killing nine people and turning the q1 on themselves. comedian bill cosby is facing a new lawsuit from a model who claims he drugged and sexually assaulted her at the playboy mansion in 2008. chloe goins filed the suit in federal court in los angeles.
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she's asking for punitive other problems. at least 40 people have accused cosby of sexual misconduct. american scientist becomes one of three winners. a professor at duke university shares scientist and turkey chemist. they won the award for mapping how cells repair their damaged dna and protect their genetic information. the rising flood waters in south carolina almost forced an expectant mother to give birth to her baby in a canoe. tyshanequ amc queen was unable to get out of because of high water. her mother said she was scared they'd have to deliver her grand baby at home. firefighters came to the rescue. they showed up in a canoe. >> i can honestly say in 15
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patient i ever had that came via canoe. >> i was happy and scared at the same time. i won't have another kid for about 40 years. >> wow. >> she was in labor for nine hours. her baby boy was perfectly healthy weighing in at get this, 9 pounds 2-ounces,. >> the timing wasn't perfect, but best for the family he made it all right. a uconn's student's arrest over lunch goes viral and it's uncomfortable to see as this guy goes toe to toe with a cafeteria worker. >> let's take a live look outside and wow, it just looks nice out there.
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to go the distance with you. go long. seen elijah? abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. just talking to bill noticing some people with t- shirts, some people with there. >> a little breeze, a mix of sun and clouds. it's a nice afternoon. it's a great fall day. let's take a look from our lower east side. there was some coast guard ships roaming around out there under the brooklyn bridge. here at noontime, we've got forth. there's the water taxis working their way up and down. mixture of sun and clouds, nice fair weather cumulus clouds. we'll have that for the afternoon as we've got nice
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a perfect day. we've been calling this the best bet of the week. 66 degrees right now, dry humidity, wind is north at 3. it's really a pretty day. the pressure is right at 30, which is our mark of fair 30.04 is nice. yesterday's high is 73. normal is 67. today we'll be about 74. it will be just a perfect day. sun sits right at 6:30. temperatures peak today at 74. tomorrow it is a little cooler but still 70 and above normal. rain returns friday afternoon and friday evening. travel plans. the rain exits early saturday. it looks like it might exit earlier than saturday. for the afternoon we still have ragweed. 66 even at kingston, poughkeepsie, 63 white plains, rocklin county. 68 bridgeport. a light wind.
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hour wind. even a northeast wind in parts of the area. we've got nice weather. we put the wind barbs on here too. you'll see the northwest wind here is very light, a couple of clouds, pretty day. we've got a couple of things there's a front here. you can't really tell except for a couple of showers at toronto. that's cooler air that will come in and filter in tonight and tomorrow and then back to our northwest there is this this low. edmonton, that's a cold front that comes here friday afternoon. on our futurecast, you'll see just that. this cloudy sky starts to build ahead of that, and then by friday, noontime shower west of the city. then you see this line kind of building into the evening commute and pushing on through pretty quick. it starts around 1:00 west of the city, and then it's through the area by 8, 9:00. seven hours of that. it goes through pretty quick. notice that it goes right on through and the high pressure builds in. the sun's out saturday morning,
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which is going to be fantastic. 70 for today, tomorrow we're going to be around 70. there's that front dropping that drier cooler air in here. then the front is off to our west that comes to us as we go into friday. sunny and nice for the afternoon. we're at 74. 7 degrees above normal. tonight 56, 46 in the suburbs, the distant suburbs north and west, and then sunny skies, a bit cooler temperature around 70 tomorrow. rain friday afternoon. keep that in mind. it's not a lot of rain. it's not flooding rain. sometimes it just doesn't take a whole lot to slow things down on a friday. friday's pretty busy as it is. great weather coming up for the weekend. that's great. >> good stuff. thank you bill. >> caught on camera, a tv reporter's interview with a politician takes a bizarre turn. >> and ouch.
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a city official attacks a reporter, a battle against a sandwich shop bandit, and a rescue. just some of the stories that were caught on camera and caught our attention. we begin with that reporter
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attacked and talk about reality tv. the reporter in alabama confronts a city commissioner who has been facing fraud allegations. the city official then takes a swat at him as the reporter continues to follow and question him, the commissioner hits the reporter. when the reporter appears again on camera, he appears to have a cut on his face. the commissioner was charged with third degree assault. and check out this surveillance video from inside a sandwich shop in portland oregon. you see a man walk in to another man and throw a punch. the man he targeted had been in the middle of ordering the clerk to empty the register. the fight tumbled over to the doorway where the suspect managed to escape. the good samaritan did recover $40 from that robbery. and finally a go pro camera captures the daring rescue of a hiker showing us the harrowing
12:24 pm
this happened on monday in minnesota after a woman fell in rough terrain injuring her hip. she couldn't move so a helicopter flew in to pick her up taking her to a nearby parking lot where an ambulance then took her to the hospital become able to see -- being able to see it from this perspective gives you so much more respect for people who put their lives on the line. >> you might think it takes strong legs to be a star at emmanuel hilton is proving otherwise. he is making a name for himself on the field. a year ago he was in an orphanage in the african nation of congo. now he's a junior at blackhawk pennsylvania. >> my mom she didn't take care away. she didn't like me because i was a handicap, and then she thrown me in the middle of the night in the road, and then on the middle of the road like
12:25 pm
when the car pass so they can -- somebody can hit me and i can die. >> just a heartbreaking to hear. emmanuel was rescued by a woman who took him to an orphanage. that led to an adoption and his new life in pennsylvania. he's learned english and you can imagine his teammates say he is an inspiration to them and everyone now. much more news ahead in our next half hour. several cooling towers and schools along long island test positive for legionella. also ahead an elementary school band teacher arrested for child porn and a uconn student's and cheese. why it ended with his arrest. eyewitness news is coming right back, but first the live midday
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you're watching new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news at noon with david novarro, shirleen allicot, and meteorologist bill evans. now eyewitness news continues. our top stories this afternoon, a huge rally in support of charter schools across new york city. the rally in brooklyn began with a concert from big starrings like jennifer hudson. the group marched over the brooklyn bridge to city hall. >> police say a man is targeting boys in the bronx. surveillance video shows the suspect walking down streets in the eden wald section. the man is targeting young boys and forcing them into sexual encounters.
12:28 pm
the latest incident happened saturday inside seaton falls park. hello i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm david novarro. all new this half hour, a westchester county band teacher arrests, jeffrey whalen an instructor had child porn at his home. parents are starting to get letters from the school district, and now the superintendent is responding. >> eyewitness news reporter joe torres live with the story. >> reporter: these are allegations that have absolutely stunned the parents and the teachers here at crompon elementary school as well as the york town central school district. it was just yesterday when investigators with the westchester county district attorney's office arrested 45- yorktown heights. he was a band teacher here at the elementary school in this northern westchester county district, a school that serves 4th and 5th graders.
12:29 pm
possessing and distributing child pornography. according to investigators the video was on and sent out from his home computer, mr. whalen's home computer in late august, so we went to mr. whalen's house today. he was there, the only comment that he had for us was no commenting however was the district superintendent not on camera but through a statement that he sent to us and to parents as well that says in part mr. whalen was not working in the district on tuesday and will be on administrative leave pending the deposition of further proceedings. we want to emphasize, and this is important that the authorities have said at this point they are not aware of any involvement of district students. mr. whalen was arraigned. he was released. he was home today. he is scheduled for another court appearance later this month. we've already talked to some of his neighbors. we hope to catch up with parents at dismissal time later
12:30 pm
we'll have their thoughts, concerns, comments at our next live report at 5:00. that's the latest from york town heights, i'm joe torres channel 7 eyewitness news. new at noon, dozens of employees at a new jersey pharmaceutical company on alert after health officials say a nurse reused a syringe while giving them flu shots in west it happened september 30th when a nurse with total vaccines to 67 workers. they tell us. however, officials still recommend the employees undergo testing for hepatitis b, hepatitis c, and hiv. also new at noon, the cooling towers in at least seven long island school districts have tested positive for the presence of the legionnaire's disease. it was found in the mount sinai middle school, smith town, hauppauge, and port washington school districts. school officials say the
12:31 pm
offline immediately, and most of them have been disinfected. no teachers, staff or students have fallen ill. in brooklyn, new video shows a driver on a demolition derby in section, a dashboard camera recorded the whole thing a mile long hit and run on saturday night. at least a dozen cars were damaged. the driver finally stops at a dead end street where some people stepped up and tried to intervene. that driver faces a dwi charge. an nyu student is now out of north korea, but not out of the woods. investigating won-moon joo. they say he may have violated a citizens from traveling to the rogue nation without permission. he was held by the north koreans for six months after he came into the country across
12:32 pm
the fdny is starting diversity training for all 10,800 of its firefighters. the new training is an effort to make it more welcoming to women and minorities. the wall street journal reports the program is part of the $98 million legal settlement last year with a group of black firefighters. now to the latest on the south carolina. people are returning to their assessing the damage. many are not in the clear yet and rivers are still rising. abc's elizabeth hur in the thick of it all. she's joining us from columbia south carolina with more. elizabeth. >> reporter: here in south carolina today it is all about recovering and repairing. where we are what's happening right now, crews are literally building a rock dam where the work is continuing to fix a canal that was breached on monday. >> this morning more evacuations near another compromised dam in columbia
12:33 pm
south carolina. so far we're told at least 11 dams have failed in the state and flooding remains a major concern with several rivers at or near flood stage and expected to continue rising through the weekend. >> it was coming in through the kitchen wall, through the bathroom walls, through the bedroom walls, through the living room walls because it was up over the sandbags we put on the door, and it just kept rising. >> and with the area's source of water, the columbia canal also reached. the national guard is using helicopters transporting heavy equipment, dropping sandbags weighing thousands of pounds trying to stabilize the water levels on the canal. >> i have three children at home. we don't have anything to flush toilets or take showers. >> as of wednesday morning 40,000 homes were without drinking water leading to long lines at water distribution centers. for many residents finally able to return home what they found was utter devastation. >> at least some of my stuff is going to be saved.
12:34 pm
other people are going to be able to salvage anything. >> reporter: authorities say they are watching this minute by minute, and crews here are essentially working around the clock to make the repairs and prevent any further damages. live in columbia south carolina, i'm elizabeth hur channel 7 eyewitness news. david and shirleen, back to you. >> you can hear a lot of activity going on right now. we want to turn to meteorologist bill evans. he has the after school accuweather forecast. >> we've got sunshine. we've got some clouds. we're looking at temperatures about 70 to 75 maybe west of the city, 74 in the park, dropping on into the 60s tonight, great weather. after school just beautiful. looking at sunshine, 74 degrees, going to be nice and warm for this time of the year. 70 degrees above normal for this time of the year. it's going to be even above 70 in places tomorrow. we'll talk about that and rain for friday in your accuweather seven-day forecast. dave and shirleen, back to you. >> thanks a lot. a republican candidate
12:35 pm
stirring up controversy, this time it is not donald trump. what ben carson said about gun control that has the gop star under fire. >> a fordham university student loses her i. d. in central park and tom hanks finds it.
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my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i had of her in the nicu.
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into fantasy sports big sites. the probe into the unregulated multibillion dollar industry demands the daily fantasy sports site draft king and fan dual share internal information and policies from combating fraud. this move comes after an employee of draft kings won $350,000 possibly thanks to inside information. the companies deny any wrongdoing. vote 2016. republican presidential candidate ben carson is defending his commenting about guns. carson appeared on morning tv yesterday saying that if he found himself in a situation like the college shooting in oregon, that he would encourage everyone to rush the shooter. he also suggested that some properly trained kindergarten teachers should be armed in the classroom. when asked about the interviews, carson said he wants to plant seeds in people's minds for future shootings so they don't get killed. democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton is sending a strong message to gop candidates in the form of her
12:39 pm
book. she sent each of them a personalized copy and a suggestion that they form a book club. clinton made the move in response to comments that they don't know what she accomplished as secretary of state. it's going to be an early thanksgiving for thousands of federal inmates who are getting an early release from prison. close to 6,000 federal prisoners convicted of drug crimes, non-violent crimes will go free next month. it's being done to cut costs and reduce the nation's prison population. the november release could clear the way for tens of thousands of inmates to be set free. after so many videos of isis flexing its muscle counterterrorism experts have a question. where do all the toyotas from. toyotas pickups and land vehicle of choice. toyota says it is not aware of any of its dealerships violating the company policy groups. the questions about the car company are part of a broad effort by the treasury department to keep isis from being able to equip and resupply its fighters.
12:40 pm
a preservation group is suing the city of los angeles for demolishing a home where marilyn monroe lived for one year. the lawsuit says the l. a. city council violated state and city laws when it allowed the demolition to go forward to clear the way for condominiums. the home was torn down just days before a hearing on whether to make it an historic landmark. fordham university college i. d. was found by actor tom hanks. that student says she still can't believe that oscar winner was trying to track her down. unbelievable. >> and he's like the best person to do it. hanks found the i. d. on the ground in central park and posted a picture of it on twitter. his tweet said lauren, i found your student i. d. in the park. if you still need it, my office will get it to you. hanks. today lauren stopped by good morning america and said she learned about the tweet from one of her professors. >> i was sitting in the library trying to get homework done
12:41 pm
with a little link to twitter. i'm like what? >> and then your phone blew up. >> blew up. didn't get my homework done. thanks so much to my professor who totally was cool about it. >> so awesome. lauren says she hasn't gotten her id back yet. she made an on air plea for it. she joked it will cost her $20 to replace it if tom hanks doesn't return it to her. >> she may be the only college student who is not on twitter, which is why she didn't know about it immediately. >> exactly. her college professor, teacher was the who you know let her know. >> another reason to like tom hanks. >> he's the best. a uconn student's arrest is going viral on social media. video shows the student yelling and even pushing an employee at the student union on campus. but instead of getting food he ended up in handcuffs.
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
protect our children. now to a medical mystery, a young woman's condition just has doctors stumped. >> the 12-year-old from texas can't stop sneezing. a day. can you imagine? abc's gio by knee at the scene has her story. >> for 12-year-old kaitlyn thornily this sound has become painfully familiar. three weeks ago, kaitlyn began sneezing, and she hasn't stopped. >> i was walking out of a clarinet lesson. all of a sudden it just kind of started in just like little spurts, you know. and there. night. >> kaitlyn now averaging about 20 sneezes per minute. >> i can control it sometimes, but it's really painful. >> and so far doctors at texas children's hospital in houston
12:45 pm
exactly what is causing the uncontrollable sneezing. referring to the condition as a tick. >> she had kind of a funny feeling that she describes in her nose, and that piece of her history is very common for ticks. >> it's not the first time doctors have seen bizarre cases like this. in fact, some believe ticks may be triggered in the brain by something stressing the child out. 10% of all kids are affected by tics. >> she can't go to school and can't really do anything normal, can't eat well. she can't drink. it's -- i mean it's affected everything. >> i mean, she has an episode yesterday where it was 45 straight minutes. she was screaming in pain a couple of times so -- and all i can do is just, you know, hold her tight and wait for her to go to sleep.
12:46 pm
to get back to 7th grade. >> this has taken a huge toll on my life. i want nothing more than for this to end. good. >> for channel 7 eyewitness news, gio benitez abc news. >> wow, thank horrible. >> really have to find a solution and fast. >> let's switch gears. >> you kind of hope when you put a story like that out in the universe somebody in the world has an idea you know what you should try. >> hypnotism. you don't know what. >> i thought of that. >> did you? >> like for her possibly. >> i hope so. i hope they find something for her. here's what's going on. we have beautiful weather outside. we have a lot of sunshine, we have clouds, it's really pretty as we look up columbus avenue, across central park, through the ghost busters building and over towards flushing. it is really pretty. a nice afternoon, really pretty fall weather.
12:47 pm
we're at 66 degrees, and we have a dry humidity. we've got a nice wind out of the north, and we're looking at 63 around north port and 66 around up toward poughkeepsie. just a little bit of a light north wind around and a few clouds and we've got great weather all the way back to the great lakes. the next system to affect us will be this cold front that's canada. front comes through this evening with drier, cooler air, and then tomorrow we have sunshine but friday clouds will increase and out ahead of that the temperatures will warm to about 76 degrees, and then this front moves through with rain friday evening, friday night, and then we've got beautiful weekend. for the afternoon that temperature is going to drop down through the 60s into tonight's really pretty weather. 74 degrees ahead of this front. dry air. the only way you'll notice it is you'll feel the cooler air and the wind comets out of the northwest. sunny and nice for the rest of this afternoon. 40s in the distant suburbs
12:48 pm
56 around the five boroughs and tomorrow sunny skies. really pretty day. a high of 70. we're looking at 76 on friday. that's also got the rain in the afternoon and at night. for your travel plans for the weekend coming in the city, traveling whatever you're doing, might slow you down a little bit. the weekend looks good. sunshine on saturday and sunday and lee goldberg will have more on that coming up first at 4 this afternoon. looking at 70s even next week. >> like it. >> good stuff indeed. thank you bill. >> we'll be right back. but first here's a look at what's coming up next on the chew. >> hey guys, today we're showing you how to entertain without breaking the bank. i've got a party snack for pennys, michael's cooking up a storm without getting out of his seat, and clinton's crafting with leftovers.
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you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right hi everybody. i'm diana williams in the newsroom. here's what's coming up later on eyewitness news from awarding money to giving it away. jeopardy host alex trebek is donating a million dollars to a scholarship at fordham. we'll meet the first recipient and look at trebek's connection today school.
12:51 pm
weekend rental only to find out the house she paid for was condemned. when she couldn't get her money back she got 7 on her side. of course nina was there to help. those stories and more beginning on eyewitness news first at 4. aren't we lucky we have nina. >> we really are. it's hard to imagine that goes on with all the warnings that are out there. >> it's unbelievable. >> but nina to the rescue. >> keeps her busy. >> thanks a lot diana. >> let's take a look at the stories popping up on facebook, twitter and instagram that people are sharing and they're talking about. if you ever have the urge to act poorly in a public place i want to remind all of us here is there's always a camera watching. >> why are you looking at us? >> hey. >> uconn student luke goty learned that the hard way. he threw what is described as a drunken tantrum over mac and cheese. workers say-refused service because he was openly carrying
12:52 pm
turned to a shove that turned to him throwing to the ground. police arrested the 19-year- old. adding insult to injury, the youtube video of the incident viewed more than a million and a half times. this probably happens every day but when it's on camera and ends up on youtube it turns into this. >> over mac and cheese, really? >> i hear it's really good. >> i mean it's okay. it's just not worth that. let's move on. a deputy caught in a tender moment comforting the baby he plucked from a 5 car pileup in alabama. look at that. >> beautiful. >> this is so precious. the jefferson county sheriff's office posted this photo on its facebook page and it garnered several thousands likes and shares. rick linley arrived on the scene and was checking the vehicle for victims when he noticed baby girl. he pulled her from that wreckage and cradled her amid all of that chaos. amazingly no serious injuries
12:53 pm
were reported in that pileup. >> that made it good because earlier we had the councilman from alabama, reporter. >> you like the balance? >> there you go. >> okay. good. both from alabama by the way where our producer tyler's from. you get a last look at weather before we go. >> gorgeous outside, sunny, 74. weather we can all appreciate. tomorrow we're at 70. rain on friday but the weekend looks great. >> that will do it. i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot.
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