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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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what was the cab of this tanker truck. it has completely disintegrated in these flames. every now and then you'll see a thick explosion of flames coming up from this, and you can see that the meadowlands in this area have caught fire as well. so far they have tried to put water on it to no avail. they have called in a phone truck from the port authority. it is on loan from newark airport. we can bring this shot back a little bit. he literally just pulled up on the scene. that is the foam truck that is going to try to get some foam on this fire. all of this happened at about 3:20 this afternoon. we are about 40 minutes into this. you can see that they haven't even come close to getting this fire out. clearly whatever that tanker was carrying was flammable materials, but what you need to know for your afternoon commute, this is going to be an extended operation. the northbound side of the new jersey turnpike's western spur completely shut down. they have that closure in place at 15w. however, if you are on route 280 for some reason they are
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letting you get on to the new jersey turnpike. you are just going to come to a dead stop there. they have flipped the signs encouraging you over to the eastern spur. that is on the left side of your screen. you can see not really very much better, so if you can avoid the turnpike at all costs that would be your best bet. even the southbound side eastern and western spur. as you said you can see the smoke for miles. it is jam packed beyond belief, and unfortunately it's only going to get worse. we will keep you updated as we get more information on this. back to you guys. >> what about injuries? front is. >> you know, we have not heard anything about injuries yet, but i can't imagine this was a very good accident. clearly this tanker truck caught fire. we do want to show you one other thing here short of as a side note, if you look a little further up the new jersey turnpike, we've got two civilian vehicles that are off to the shoulder as well. we believe that they were somehow involved in the accident as well. police are questioning the folks inside those vehicles. no word, though as to the driver of is that tanker truck. >> all right.
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shannon, lee is telling us that there is a northwest wind right now gusting up to 20 miles an hour. that also may be hampering any efforts to try to get those flames under control while we wait for that foam truck to arrive and get those flames finally under control. we're going to check in with you in a little bit. thanks. >> we've got eyewitness news reporter anthony johnson on the way to the scene of that tanker fire. we'll check in with him as soon as he arrives. now we're going to turn to the search for a predator. >> police want to find the man who they say has been luring teenage boys into a park in the bronx and groping them. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer is in the edenwald section with much more. tim. >> reporter: and late this afternoon, when the school students were getting out of classes today, police were handing this new sketch out to school officials. i'll tell you more about that in just a moment. this is the park where that sexual predator has been luring these teenage students. he has a pattern and then he forcibly touches them. >> school is out for the day, and that's when parents and
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teachers are on alert making sure students are not approached by a sexual predator police say has been preying on students. >> i was very, very, very scared. >> monet hill like other parents are cautious bringing their kids to school around seton falls park. he has lured young male students 12 to 15 years old by offering them money to help carry his bags. they end up in the park where police say he forcibly touches them. they all escaped without injury. two incidents have occurred since school started and there are three schools in the immediate area. >> it scares me as a teacher and the community, especially because of all the kids. we see them every day. we just want them to be safe. >> the suspect is a male in his 30s, approximately 5 feet 3 inches, slim build, shaved head and foreign accent. the suspect was seen wearing brown sandals, a blue t-shirt and black shorts during at least one of the incidents. police later handed this sketch
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out to school officials of the suspect as described in the third incident involving a 12- year-old boy. >> my wife and i always being saying the same thing, that it's kind of like bad and, you know, disturbing how these people are. >> take another look at the suspect. perhaps you'll recognize him. investigators are hoping someone does so they can stop this dangerous predator of young students. until he's caught, monet hill is even more cautious. >> i was going to let me son walk home by himself but not now. huh-uh. >> monet, the other parents, even the teachers and now the police are also getting out a lot of information on this suspect. reporting live in edenwald tim fleischer channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you tim. new at 4, a fedex truck jumped a curb and slammed into a building in new jersey. the truck crashed into a storefront on church street in montclair. crews got on the scene and towed the truck away. as you can see the driver hit the breaks to that are -- brakes to narrowly avoid driving into the store. no one was hurt. we've got an update on the
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brooklyn. reopened as investigators still blast. officials say there is no indication that natural gas triggered that explosion. debris is now being tested for chemicals that may have been used a as an accelerant. 47-year-old francisca figueroa one of the two women presumed dead in the blast was being evicted from the apartment where that explosion originated. >> there may have been another cause which we're looking at. is it possible it could have been some form of liquid, yes. this is what the fire marshals are looking at now. >> investigators are waiting for test results to determine if the blast was not an accident. coming up on eyewitness news at 5, we're going to hear from residents and business owners impacted by that explosion. to long island now, growing concerns today after cooling towers at several schools tested positive for legionella. several districts, seven are
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now disinfecting their towers after the findings. long island reporter kristin thorne is outside sequoia middle school, the site of one of the most recent discoveries. >> sequoia middle school is one of three schools here in the school district that has cooling towers that have tested positive for the legionella bacteria, but they certainly are not alone. seven school districts across long island have cooling towers which have tested positive for the bacteria. they include the mount sinai school district, middle country, smith town, hauppauge, connect watt and port washington school districts. school districts say they brought those cooling towers offline immediately and most of the towers have been disinfected. cooling towers have no effect on drinking water or water in the bathrooms. it really is just an airborne concern. all this is being done after the state department of health initiated emergency regulations requiring any building with a cooling tower to test for
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legionella after that deadly outbreak in the bronx. no students, teachers, or staff on long island have been sickened in any of these school districts. many parents say they're not too concerned. >> what have they told you so far? >> we got a phone call today that they found traces in three of the schools, this being one of them. >> are you overly concerned? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: so how exactly do they test for legionella? well, i can tell you it involves these two things, coming up on eyewitness news at 5:30, we spoke with the president of an environmental consulting company here on long island that's been working with a lot of these school districts. he showed us how it all works and has some comforting words for any anxious parents out there. we're live in holtsville i'm kristin thorne channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 4, a new clue in a murder investigation in newark. investigators at the essex county prosecutor's office are looking for the two men in this video for questioning. the victim, 68-year-old arthur demarsico was attacked on
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sherman avenue where he lives on september 25th. he died the next day of blunt force trauma injuries. investigators hope medical tests will help determine what happened to a dog that was found dead in central park. the dog was off the leash and ran from its owner near 110th street and central park west late last night. when the owner caught up to the dog, it was dead and appeared to have some sort of head trauma. thousands of people marched across the brooklyn bridge this morning to demand an end to what they call education inequality in new york city. first demonstrators were treated to a free concert by brooklyn. then they walked to city hall where a second rally led by bronx borough president ruben charter schools. prosecutors say -- protestors say they're disappointed with the lack of support the schools received from mayor de blasio. >> the charter schools, the education is great. great education, and i'm so
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>> it's important to be here today because we're fighting for equal education for all kids across new york city. >> this morning the mayor's office issued a statement saying the way to improve schools is with pre-k for everyone, 2nd grade reading teachers and a new emphasis on algebra and computer science classes. new alarming images released by investigators in the tiny eastern european nation of mall diva where they say they're battling a thriving black market for radioactive materials. police report they prevented at least four plots to sell cecium and uranium to extremist groups who would potentially use the materials to make dirty bombs and target the united states. investigators say some of the smugglers were specifically looking for buyers from isis. >> setting a dirty bomb off in a very dense area, the level of contamination could really be a big deal if nothing else from an economic standpoint.
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radioactive material came from russian hospitals. we're learning new details about the final moments of last week's deadly shooting at a community college in oregon. nine people were killed and nine others were wounded when christopher mercer opened fire. the prosecutor says two detectives arrived on campus minutes after the first 9-1-1 call was made. the detectives fired three rounds, one of which hit mercer. investigators say mercer then went into a classroom and shot himself. >> i want everyone to know of the selfless acts of these officers that they made in responding to the scene. they had little regard for their own personal safety, and they saved many, many lives that day with their heroic acts. >> president obama will travel to oregon friday to visit privately with the victims' families. he was enentrusted with the
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care of elementary students. a teacher now face child porn charges. >> new information on the search for a cargo ship that went missing in hurricane joaquin. >> and for decades, the government has said that skim milk is the healthiest option. lawmakers might that stance. dr. bester joins us with a look at what that means for parents. >> bring the hole back. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. it is so nice outside. the breeze has picked up. here's your signal f you're traveling out and about, open the windows, great for the after school practice and out and about it's going to be our mildest evening of the week. we're using our new wind streamline. that smoke from that fire is probably headed or at least visible from jersey city and liberty state park. you see how those streamlines are packed in around newark. it's one of the only areas reporting gusts over 20 miles an hour. guys. and lee, speaking of that fire, we're looking at live pictures from news copter 7 as it still continues to burn out
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this is in the kearney area. firefighters say that they are waiting for a foam truck to arrive to get that chemical fire under control. as you can see news i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state. plan your trip at
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we are continuing to follow breaking news of that fiery jersey turnpike. major traffic delays. northbound western spur of the new jersey turnpike remains closed because of it. shannon sohn live over kearny and news copter 7 with more. >> reporter: david that closure is in place at interchange 15w for route 280. north of that.
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went over the guardrail and erupted into flames. you can still see balls of fire flying up out of this fire and as lee mentioned. we've got a pretty hefty wind that is pulling the smoke directly over the eastern spur of the new jersey turnpike. what has changed in the last few minutes, we do now have that foam truck on the scene. in fact, you can see just from the surrounding area around the fire they tried to put foam on it already to no avail. obviously they have not gotten this fire under control. fire department also closing it down at the meadowlands itself because that is catching fire as well. they are just starting to put more foam on it. it's going to take a while before they get this out. the good news is that this is off the main line of the roadway. so when it is over, hopefully they will be able to reopen lanes of traffic. you can bet that that is not going to happen before the evening commute is over and what you need to know traveling through this area. northbound side of the new jersey turnpike, everyone being forced over to the eastern spur, but your delays are almost back into newark airport
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and on the southbound side you have got rubbernecking back to area. same thing on the southbound spur because you can see the smoke going over the eastern spur. this is a nightmare taking 1 and 9, even the garden state parkway, reporting live in kearny, shannon sohn channel 7 eyewitness news. >> such a stubborn fire. thank you. from the air now we want to take you down to the ground. this is video that we just got. this is what people saw from the southbound lanes of the turnpike. anthony johnson is making his way to the area. you can see firefighters are still working on this fire that is burning out of control. we're going to check in with anthony johnson in just a few minutes. meanwhile, there are new details in the apparent sinking of the el faro cargo ship. the coast guard just told family members that it will end its search for the 33 missing crew members tonight. devastating news comes as the
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caused the ship to go down last week near the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. right now it is a race against the clock to find the ship's voyage data recorder. the we did vice an enormous amount of pressure but will stop pinging after 30 days when its battery dies. >> if the vessel is located then there are equipment that can be used in order to go to those steps to retrieve a vdr. >> investigators believe the ship to be the 15,000 feet under water. let's turn back to the weather right now. we've guilty meteorologist lee goldberg outside with the exclusive accuweather forecast. -- we've got meteorologist lee exclusive accuweather forecast. you were talking about gusts over in kearny where that tanker accident is. here it seems so nice. >> the wind hat not been a factor much of the day at all. this pleasant invigorating breeze. if you're walking up the avenue, it feels fantastic. it's pesky and problematic if you're fighting a fire. it's blowing out of the northwest, which means in kearny that's blowing towards jersey city right now.
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there's a big plume of smoke right there. i'm sure you'll be able to see it on our cameras. hopefully they get a lot of water on that. we did get recent rainfall, but overall the soil is fairly dry. you're looking northward right now, plenty of blue skies, the park looks great. hudson river on the left. we're at 72 degrees. pair of 4*z right now for humidity. it is very dry out. that north wind is only at 3 at the park. on the west side here we're seeing about a 10 miles per hour wind. pressure right now is on the fall and the high today 72, probably 73 or 4 in between hours. it's 73 right now in sayreville. it's just been super comfortable this afternoon after a little bit of morning chill as beautiful as advertised and really the nicest day of the week. it will be mainly clear first part of the evening. one of the reasons the wind has kicked up is it's a cold front that is a along with it a lot of cloudiness. tomorrow morning i think clouds will definitely outnumber the rays of sunshine. it will be about 57 and maybe
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more clouds and sun the first part of the day, at least a partly to mostly cloudy start and more sun breaks through as the day wears on. temperatures struggle. 70 may be out of reach in spots. you notice some of the clouds are trying to work in from the northwest. there's the cold front right there, and the wind streamlines as we zoom into our cold front. you can see the wind shear. the winds go around to more north and northwest tonight and bring in slightly cooler air. it's a lot cooler on the north side of that front. 40s and 50s. a lot of that air, at least the coolest of it bypasses us to the north. i think it definitely feels different than today. the humidity's lower. i think you'll want to have the jacket tomorrow and the sunglasses at times. after that goes through we'll get quiet for a little while tomorrow evening and then we watch a front that's over the dakotas and western canada and that will arrive on friday, and look for some rain to develop on friday. north and west could arrive first thing or at least during
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the mid to late morning and then during the afternoon for most of us. it's cooler, more clouds, still a nice breaks. here comes that front. a couple of showers could sneak in to northern new jersey in the hudson valley first thing. i think most of us wait to see a period of rain in the afternoon which could mean a damp drive home. temperatures get in the low, perhaps middle 70s. partly to mostly cloudy skies tonight. it's basically clear early and then the clouds start to work in 58. 40s only well north and west. clouds mixing with some sunshine tomorrow, a little cooler though. upper 60s. make sure you have a fall jacket and partly cloudy skies tomorrow night. coming up at 4:30, is this front now moving along enough so we could dry out friday night and have a perfectly dry but flawless weekend? we'll look into that in your seven-day forecast accuweather forecast in the next half hour. we'll also be right on top of all the winds as firefighters get on that fire in kearny new jersey. back to you for now. >> thanks lee.
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>> a shocking breach of protocol puts workers at risk. >> what a trained nurse did wrong as she was giving flu shots and what you should know at your next vaccination. >> this is at kearny where that tanker truck fire is burning out of control. you can see foam that is sprayed on the truck. we're going to continue to monitor it's not about hugging trees.
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continue to clean their facilities after a player was diagnosed with mrsa. team practice today one day after tight end daniel fells was diagnosed with the infection, fells was being treated for a chronic ankle problem when doctors noticed a staph infection. mrsa is a contagious drug resistant potentially deadly bacteria. the head coach addressed the situation this morning. >> we still do not know the reason for the infection or where it came from, but the players are all obviously very supportive of daniel and i think that most of the questions got answered this morning. >> fells will be out of the rest of the season. we're going to have reaction from his teammates coming up at 5. he is one of the most famous painters the world has ever known, but right now at the museum of modern art the sculptures of pablo picasso are taking center stage. >> he was born in spain and lived in france but the source
4:24 pm
of his inspiration might surprise you. sandy kenyon went to the moment to check it out. >> it's being called a once in a lifetime event, the chance to see the best collection of picasso's sculpture ever assembled in a single place, and it fills an entire floor at the museum of modern art in midtown. >> if you want to come see a picasso like you've never seen him before, this is the place to do it. >> curators ann umlin and ann temkin spent more than three years borrowing works from around the world. >> we are looking at picasso's bathers. >> the amazing thing about picasso that comes through this show especially is his sense of experiment and his desire to invent. >> >> as the catalog for this exhibition makes clear, picasso loved to use common household
4:25 pm
materials in unusual ways. >> here are two kitchen colanders welded together making the head of a woman. >> this piece and his iconic guitars demonstrate the artist's inspiration came not from europe but from africa. this giant of the 20th century revered african art for its power. >> a power that you can't really explain or identify maybe, but that you feel. >> feel in your heart and soul. >> here is a picasso that we all can relate to. >> in midtown, i'm sandy kenyon channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we live in such a great city. we have access to some of the best stuff out there. >> most people dread them. workplace performance reviews. now relationship experts are recommending regular reviews with your significant other. >> and on the road to recovery, nearly three years after superstorm sandy, one woman shares her hardships with new york city's first lady.
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we've got her emotional story. >> and a local elementary school teacher accused of having child pornography. we have details of his arrest coming up. >> and we continue to follow breaking news. right now you're looking at live pictures from news copter
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this is breaking news from channel 7 eyewitness news. >> update that breaking news on the new jersey turnpike by exit 15w. you can see it, massive tanker truck fire. let's check back in with shannon sohn live in news copter 7. shannon. >> and here we are an hour plus since this tanker erupted into flames on the northbound side of the western spur of the turnpike just past 15w, and you can see that they have not made any progress in getting this fire out. foam trucks are now on the scene. they did put some foam on it but clearly to no avail. you can see some foam coming at this again. this is going to be an extended operation, unknown how the driver of that tanker truck fared. what you need to know is the northbound side of the new jersey turnpike on this western spur is going to be shut down right at route 280 for 15w. now they've even shut down route 280.
4:30 pm
you cannot get on to the northbound turnpike. if you're traveling along 280 they're going to force you on to the southbound side of the turnpike. you know it is bad when you see a line of cars that are struck bind this and people out of the cars they have been here for over an hour now and unfortunately it doesn't look like it's going to reopen anytime soon. southbound side of the turnpike remains open and they are flipping signs to encourage people over to the eastern spur. going to go right through the skid so we can show you these delays. they are enormous. there is your closure there and the delays go back past newark airport and it doesn't look like this is going to get better anytime soon. reporting live in kearny, shannon sohn channel 7 eyewitness news. >> one quick question before we let you go, do we have any sort of idea at this point what kind of chemical is burning in that tanker truck? >> they don't know. obviously it is extremely flammable. they don't know what it is
4:31 pm
much caution as think approach this. they're keeping their distance from this as they try to fight this fire. you can see just now they're starting to get foam on it again. they are certainly keeping their distance from it. until they identify exactly what was on board, i think that's how this operation is going to proceed. >> we certainly don't want to have any more injuries here. it's really just thick black smoke, and it doesn't seem like they have made any headway at all at this point in this fire that has been burning for more than an hour. we're going to check in with you in a little while. thanks a lot. also our top story this half hour. it has been nearly three years since superstorm sandy ravaged the tri-state area. >> one of the hardest hit areas was far rockaway. one woman finally got the chance to share her emotional deal with new york city's first lady. eyewitness news reporter stacy was posting updates on twitter and joins us from far rockaway right now. >> reporter: we are approaching the three-year anniversary of superstorm sandy, and blocks
4:32 pm
like this one in far rockaway, you can certainly see signs of recovery but also some areas like this one where there is much work that still needs to be done. but today one resident was both hopeful and grateful. meet mattie eddie, she has lived here for 40 years now. she thought help would never come after superstorm sandy. like many, her home and gutted. she had a hole in her living room wall. there were bees. there were even looters. mattie did not qualify for the build it back program, but she did get her home fully renovated with private money facilitated by the city. today she gave the city's first lady a first walk through her newly renovated home. >> we have a lot of happy people. this is a good story. >> if you go through the storm, there is light at the end of the tunnel. >> amen. >> and i feel the light.
4:33 pm
thank you. >> reporter: now mattie and 500 other homeowners were helped through this program. private money once again from jpmorgan chase, the robin head foundation, the american red cross and the mayor's fund. but that money has now run out, and there are questions about the future. we're going to have a lot more on this remaining work that needs to be done coming up at 6:00. for now we're live in far rockaway. i'm stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. in westchester county, a band teacher in north town heights is now facing child sex charges. police arrested 45-year-old jeffrey whalen after investigators found child porn on his home computer. whalen who teaches band to 4th and 5th graders at crompond elementary had no comment when eyewitness news knocked on his door. however his neighbors have plenty to say after hearing the shocking news. >> he's a neighbor, a very, you know, quiet to themselves and,
4:34 pm
you know, it's as you say a quiet community here. >> and this is the last thing you suspected? >> last thing. >> the school's district superintendent says whalen is now on administrative leave. new information in the fight to annex more land into an enclave in hudson valley new york. the issue will be put to a vote. the board has scheduled a referendum for november 9th. for voters in a 164-acre section of town. despite protests of residents of monroe, the boards of two municipalities approved the annexation last month. two lawsuits are trying to overturn the decision. the enclave says it needs more land to accommodate its fast growing population. mgm resorts international is once again pushing for the right to build a casino in connecticut. mgm filed legal papers challenging a state law that requires a multistep process for a new tribal casino.
4:35 pm
it also points out that bridgeport was a casino site back in 1990 and was just recently by two are tribes that proposed jointly building a casino. connecticut claims mgm's massachusetts license prevents it from building within 50 miles of springfield. we know it as kennedy airport, but some would like to see it as kennedy farm. jetblue revealed it's got a green thumb by planting a farm outside jfk's terminal 5. the airline teaming up with the nonprofit group grown nyc to plant produce to serve in the terminal's restaurants. they say they will grow crops that won't attract birds or other wildlife that may pose a danger to aircrafts. not sure how they do that. jetblue also hopes the port authority will eventually allow butterflies there. >> yes. >> i grew up near jfk. that's a lot for me -- i was kind of -- >> it is remarkable. it'd be nice to see bees and butterflies out there.
4:36 pm
>> it would be nice. hope they can do it. >> a big scare in the middle of flu season, a nurse in new jersey is now accused of reusing syringes while giving out the flu shot. how can you protect yourself. >> plus should you switch back to whole milk, the new debate over milk. information about that tanker fire that we have been following for the past hour. we have just learned that this fire started after an accident between the truck and a honda crv. the driver of the crv was taken to the hospital. the driver of the truck right now is unaccounted for. we can see that fire still burning out of control. we've also learned that the tanker was carrying fuel.
4:37 pm
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. we want to go ahead and return to that tanker truck fire. >> anthony johnson just arrived at the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: dave, we passed by this scene, and i can tell you the fire was so hot even though we were going southbound, we could feel the heat from the northbound side of the turnpike, so that fire very, very hot burning along the turnpike. we just want to show you the
4:40 pm
scene from our location right down here on the ground. this is about as close as you can get to the fire scene. of course they got the highway blocked off going northbound on the turnpike. this is the western spur, but on the southbound side you can still drive by. you can see the smoke still billowing and burning, black smoke filling the air. it's been like this since about 3:15 this afternoon. accident happening between that tanker truck and a honda crv. the tanker truck was carrying fuel, and the driver of the tanker truck unaccounted for at this hour. the driver of that crv was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons. like we said, the road is shut down. you can hear the helicopters over ahead. the road is shut down northbound. this is the western spur. all the traffic that hasn't gotten to this area is being diverted to the eastern spur of the turnpike, and of course there's a lot of traffic if you're trying to go south on the turnpike at this location. a tremendous amount of traffic, so we're telling drivers to
4:41 pm
you can see the flames are still burning. the flames were extremely hot at the time we passed by. flames are still burning. firefighters are still struggling to put this truck fire out. that is the latest live from kearny new jersey, anthony johnson channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you anthony. that tanker carrying fuel so it's making it so difficult to put out. let's turn to health news. we've got abc's health and chief medical editor dr. richard besser here. post your question, 7 online, twitter, facebook, using the hashtag tell me the truth. we're going to talk about the syringe scare happening right now. we're just beginning the flu season. more than 76 million doses of the vaccine have gone out, but patients at a clinic in west windsor apparently on alert now because they discovered that the nurse giving out some of the vaccines was reusing the same syringe between patients. how is that even possible?
4:42 pm
what she did was use it in one patient, take off the need and will put a different needle on and use it again. it risks blood from one patient coming in from the syringe. when you do that you can expose someone to blood from someone else. >> they're going to be testing these people. the things you worry about are hepatitis b, c, and hiv. they'll test them now and in a couple of months. when i hear this it worries me. it's flu season. we want people to get vaccinated. here are some things to do. first is go ahead and get vaccinated. it is going to reduce your chances of getting the flu. if you're on the fence don't let this push you in the wrong direction. pay attention to what they're doing. they should always be unwrapping a new syringe, a new needle. they should increase an alcohol swab on the vial and your arm. it's your body and your health. >> let's get into this milk debate. many of us group up, whole milk was great.
4:43 pm
then there was a point don't drink whole milk. what's the new guy buying? >> this is driving everyone crazy. there probably will be no new milk guideline. every five years the department of agriculture and health and human services comes out with new nutrition guidelines, and back in february when the advisory panel came out they said we no longer care about cholesterol in your diet. now people are saying what about milk. that has saturated fat in there, and the current recommendation is starting at age 2 you move from whole milk to 2% milk and then down to skim milk. and the reason for that is that saturated fats in a number of studies are linked to heart disease. the problem though when people switch from whole milk, a lot of people are switching to juice. they're switching to sugar sweetened beverages so you're not seeing any benefit. so is whole milk really good for you or is the things people are switching to bad for you.
4:44 pm
>> you know, i currently go with the academy pediatric recommendation that you move towards low fat milk or skim milk at age 2. there are more and more studies that are suggesting that saturated fats may have some benefit. they fill you up more so maybe you're going to eat less. there's going to be more to come. there's a big raging debate about so much in nutrition. you can't take 10,000 people and say we're going to feed you this way for 20 years and see what happens. keep us updated on the debate. >> i will. it's not going to be over anytime soon. >> thank you rich. >> still to come, lee we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed.
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before we talk about the forecast can we talk about this rocket launch. >> it's a sounding rocket from the facility down in virginia. we should see a little after 7:00 tonight. look to the southern horizon. it will be a few minutes after 7. you might see colors going up because it's releasing chemicals in the atmosphere. >> neat. >> absolutely. we have great skies for it. we have a beautiful afternoon and evening. this will be our most comfortable of the week as we go outside and have great visibility over lower manhattan. i'm trying to look and see if there's a little bit of haze over lower manhattan. i'm wondering if some of the smoke over kearny new jersey is starting to head towards lower manhattan. we had a wind out of the northwest that's a little gusty near kearny near that fire, and it's taking it across the hudson a little bit. you may want to shut your windows in lower manhattan. 72 degrees. it's sunshine, the wind is out of the north at 3 in the park. just being out in the west side
4:48 pm
the last half hour, it's probably gusting over 10 or 15. clear skies through the night. there's some clouds that are rolling in. won't be any rain. you'll notice more cloudiness tomorrow during the day, especially the first half of the day and south and west of new york city. clouds will be breaking for some sun. i think we can reach the upper 60s, may come up short of that 70-degree mark. watch this futurecast here. here comes the front through overnight. this is trending a little less in terms of cloudiness than it was an hour ago. we'll have clouds mixing with sunshine tomorrow and a little cooler temperature only in the upper 60s through the afternoon hours. we remain dry. here comes a front on friday. there's a couple -- first thing, a couple of showers could sneak into our northwest suburbs. those should diminish leaving us with a quiet late morning in midday. then the actual cold front approaches and could be a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon hours. if you notice, our temperatures spike along this cold front into the mid-70s. a shower or thunderstorm on friday. better chance in the afternoon. in general you're looking at a
4:49 pm
quarter of an inch of rainfall. i can see in a couple thunderstorms where we get close to a half inch. here's your seven-day accuweather forecast. the good news about the shower is a thunder threat on friday. it's leaving the scene friday night. that leaves us with a great weekend. clouds will break for sun on saturday. it will be cool, but a really nice day. that's great for the -- on sunday 68, the warmer half of the weekend, we're going back into the 70s on monday if not mid-70s by monday. so warm weather is not done just yet. it's a lot of ups and downs this time of year. >> we'll still take it. >> thanks lee. >> david. here's what's trending on this wednesday, and here we go again. another group claiming it knows when the world will end. and by the way, it's today. the eve bible fellowship told the guardian news agency that today's it. at some point it all ends in fire and destruction. the fellowship is a little more than an online organization that holds meetings once a month. we'll let you know if next month's meeting is canceled however.
4:50 pm
i don't think this is a sign of the apocalypse but taylor swift is the most popular person on instagram. at least at last check she was approaching 50 million followers. >> wow. >> you need to update your instagram stuff. >> almost there. >> you're almost there. she's closely followed by kim kardashian and beyonce. social media experts say the secret to her instagram success is that beyond being super talented, that's a leg up on everybody, she's genuine and not afraid to share her personal life. you never know how a child will react when they discover their mom's expecting a new baby. a british 5-year-old's reaction >> oh really? you're really going to have a baby? yes. is it in there? no, it's very tiny. it's about that small. look. i'm going to be a new big brother! my goodness. >> how cute is that. the funny part to me is he keeps going to his mom, really?
4:51 pm
he refuses to accept the possibility. >> is it really in there. >> no way really? yeah, it's cute. finally the mighty mites from milford massachusetts are the latest sensations after they broke out into the whip nae nae in the middle of the game. [ music ] >> and then they play the game. >> no, they call the play, they're still going, just dancing. half the team was like i'd rather dance, i don't want to play football. >> a whip nae nae. >> pretty good. i scored a touchdown. check out the trend online abc7ny. trend ideas using the hashtag the trend. >> i love the kid whose jersey goes down to his knees. just awesome right? >> did you play football growing up dave?
4:52 pm
yes, i did. yes i did. i loved it. high school football. now all this controversy around it i'm glad my son didn't want to do it. i had a great time. loved it. >> jewish mom wouldn't let me play. >> took a real interesting turn there. >> we'll sit opt couch. >> i obviously have the size for it. >> we'll sit on the couch and work all this stuff out. >> are you guys done? >> almost. >> and still to come, a good idea or not, a review, a regular review of your spouse. the surprising new recommendations for couples is coming up. >> and we've got another look at the western spur of the new jersey turnpike where it looks like firefighters have finally, finally succeeded in putting out those flames of that tanker truck fire that we have been watching now for more than an hour. the tanker truck was in an accident with the honda crv. that driver is okay. the driver of the truck is still considered unaccounted for. this is happening in kearny new jersey. traffic is still backed up in that area.
4:53 pm
we're going to have another
4:54 pm
it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either.
4:55 pm
where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. lease an mkz hybrid for $299 a month only at your lincoln dealer. we all know it's not uncommon to get a performance review at work. but what about a review for your marriage? >> it's really interesting, some relationship experts are now recommending regular reviews such as that for couples. >> performance reviews are a growing trend in many marriages today. and i think couples are realizing how important it is to be proactive and check in. >> reporter: these regular check-ins are something jocelyn and her husband michael have years. >> when i was pregnant with our third child, it became clear we by children. it was on the
4:56 pm
tipping point of having a little too much on our plate. so i wanted to come up with a method for us to stay on top of what was happening. >> reporter: together they decided to have weekly conversations about their relationship. >> we have a lot of moving parts and those moving parts will get away from you unless you communicate about them. >> reporter: while there's no need for an exact schedule, it's helpful to check in on a regular basis to avoid misunderstandings. just like at work, experts say, don't be too critical. >> you want to talk about what's working, not just what's not working. you want to be mindful how you phrase things. you don't want to attack someone's character and say you're so lazy, the home is always a mess, because that's going to shut down communication. >> reporter: they admit these conversations aren't always easy. >> i needed a little guidance. i basically took jocelyn's lead. i have a great life. that's the result. >> every year our marriage gets
4:57 pm
communicate this way. >> this is a talker. what do you think of this relationship performance review? would you participate? would you grade your partner? join the conversation on our eyewitness news facebook page. i don't remember grading. >> but communication is always good. >> always good. more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. good evening. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm diana williams. we've been keeping a very close eye on the massive tanker fire and the traffic on the new jersey turnpike for more than an hour. an eyewitness news viewer sent in this video of what the scene look like as she drove around exit 15. you can see this video showing the flames shooting up in to the air. smoke could be seen for miles in that area. >> here's what it looks like right now. the fire is out. firefighters had to use a lot of
4:58 pm
shannon is in newscopter7 with the latest. >> you can see that the emergency crews are here around what was once the cab of this tanker truck that is now disintegrated from the fire. the driver of this tanker truck is still unaccounted for but we'll bring the shot out a little bit for you to give you an idea of just how big this tanker truck was and how much caught fire. it looks like snow on the ground from all the foam they needed to use to put this fire out. i believe we've got some tape we can show you from when these flames were raging out of control. it took them an hour and a half to put this out. all of this happening northbound western spur of the turnpike, just past interchange 15w. it happened when this tanker truck collide would a honda crv that suffered barely any damage. they were taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons. it's just the driver of the tanker truck that remains unaccounted for. state police say this is not going to reopen any time soon.
4:59 pm
they needed to get the


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