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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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they needed to get the fire out before they could think about reopening the northbound new jersey turnpike. what we want to show you is what they're trying to do. people are literally out of their cars. everyone stuck behind this is doing k turns, they're trying to get in to this service road entrance that will take them back on the south side. beyond that point, this is your closure at 15w. everyone being forced to 280. left side of the picture, that's your eastern side, that's your alternate. clearly not much better. and all the way in the distance is interchange 14. these delays keep going beyond that. even on the southbound side, just the heat from these flames made it difficult to drive past on the southbound side of the turnpike. those delays take you back to the vince lombardi area. anything would be better tonight. shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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>> if by chance you're headed to that area, you can keep an eye on the traffic with your ipad or tablet and at let's go to another breaking news story right now. an attempted abduction in bridgeport, connecticut. we've just received video of the car and teenager tumbling out. >> sandra bookman is in the news room with late breaking details. >> on monday morning at about 7:15, police in bridgeport responded to a call as you said about an attempted abduction. all of this happened near the corner of boston avenue and palisades avenue. a 17-year-old girl told police she was walking to school when she was approached by someone in a gray toyota. the female driver lured that girl in to the vehicle and the girl says she was assaulted. take a look at the video that police released. at one point that 17-year-old can be seen jumping out of the car as it was traveling along boston avenue. here's what we know about the suspect.
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she is described as a hispanic female in her 40s with black hair and freckles on her face. she was also said to be wearing a black leather jacket at the time. this happened about 7:15 monday morning. that toyota is said to be missing its rear bumper. anyone with information is asked to call bridgeport police. progress tonight surrounding that deadly building explosion in brooklyn. the fire commissioner says they're getting closer to identifying the calls of the blast. >> across the street from the explosion, businesses are finally reopening but residents are still waiting to move back in. kemberly richardson is on the scene with the very latest for us right now. >> for the first time since saturday's blast, this stretch of 13th avenue is somewhat back to normal. this side of the street the businesses have reopened and you can walk on the sidewalk but across the avenue, things are still closed and
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there's a clear sense of uncertainty out here as officials confirm this investigation is going in a new direction. >> the marshals are very good at this. they've taken many samples, samples went to the lab. >> reporter: one step closer to finding out exactly what caused this deadly explosion, a blast that ripped through two buildings here on 13th avenue killing two people. today for the first time since saturday's initial briefing fire commissioner revealed investigators are confident natural gas did not spark this fiery blast. >> there may have been another cause which we're looking at as possible, it could have been some form of liquid, yes. >> reporter: initially officials were looking at gas after being told this stove had been removed from francisca figueroa's second floor apartment. records indicate back in june gas had off to that unit. fire marshals are also looking in to whether
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this was intentionally set. >> that's scary. i don't know know -- i really don't know what happened. so i can't speculate. but i'm hope -- hoping it was just an act of god that was meant to happen but we'll see. >> reporter: steven owns a hat shop next to the now-demolished buildings. he sat in on the first community meeting today where officials mapped out how they were going forward with plans to let folks back in to their businesses and apartments. it's figueroa's home at the center of this investigation. the mother of three feared dead in this explosion was being evicted from her apartment which sits right across the street from izzy's shop. today was her first day back in the area. >> devastating. two major businesses across the street, and it's just gone. >> this is where those two buildings were, where those businesses were. the fire commissioner says in terms of
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this site, marshals hope to wrap up the investigative side of things today. they were out here looking for anymore possible evidence. and again, they hope to soon have some answers. when we get them we'll bring them to you. kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. the search is on for a sexual predator stalking young boys near schools in the bronx. the suspect using one of the many tactics of an offender, enticing the kids with cash. tim fleischer is there tonight. >> police have a video of this suspect that they want you to take a look at. i'm going to show you that in just a moment. late this afternoon police were handing out this sketch to school officials in the area. this is of the suspect believed to be involved in the third area. >> reporter: here he is, the suspected sexual predator, police believe is preying on young students. his image is captured on two different security cameras. nypd investigators distributing this video. >> horrible, honestly. >> reporter: here in seton
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falls park on three different days starting back in august he's lured young male students, 12 to 15 years old, by offering them money to help carry his bags. they end up in the park where police say he then forcibly touches them. >> it scares me. even last night when i was walking home late i kept looking behind like i was frightened. >> reporter: two incidents have occurred since school started and there are three schools in the immediate area. anna hall is a teacher and a parent. >> it's the scariest thing in the world. i know so many of the children being here so long. hopefully they'll catch him. >> reporter: the suspect is a male in his 30s, approximately 5'3" tall, slim build, shaved head and foreign accent. the suspect was seen wearing brown sandals, a blue t-shirt and black shorts during at least one of the incidents. police later handed this sketch out to school officials of the suspect as described in the third incident involving a 12-year-old boy. as students left school, parents and teachers were on alert.
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gary oden was waiting near the school for his children. >> got a daughter who goes to school here. honestly hearing about that, i'm reluctant to come to the park now. >> reporter: take another look at the suspect. perhaps you'll recognize him. investigators are hoping someone does so they can stop this dangerous predator of young students. >> tonight parents, teachers, and police are all on the lookout. reporting live in edenwald, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a drone crashes on long island right in to seg harbor's main street. the drone fell in to the sidewalk yesterday, causing a small fire that was quickly put out by an extinguisher. it had apparently malfunctioned while a photographer was using it to take pictures of a building. the drone slightly damaged two buildings on its way down. a boy was struck by the propeller but was not injured. a fedex truck making an unexpected stop today in to a building in new jersey. the truck jumped a curb and crashed
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in to a storefront on church street in monclar. investigators say the driver hit the brakes. fortunately no one was hurt. a rutgers football player back on the team. the assault charges against him have been dropped after his alleged victim refused to testify. today rutgers reinstated wide receiver leonte karroo, accused of attacking a woman he used to date and slamming her on to concrete. her and the woman signed a consent order vowing to have no contact with one another. out in forced to, and this time they brought in star power. jennifer hudson. they want mayor de blasio to support the growth of charters, something he hasn't been willing to do. dave evans is at city hall with more. >> this could be one of the big issues in the race for mayor in 2017. on one side, those who want to see more charter
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schools, and on the other side the mayor, who has never been a big backer of charter schools. >> reporter: this morning's rally began with oscar and grammy winner jennifer hudson. in all about 15,000 parents, students, and teachers urging the mayor to back charter schools, to give them more money, more space within public schools. >> when i say equal, you say schools. equal schools! >> reporter: organizers and parents say it would be more equal, more fair if the mayor would only see it their way. >> the schools are producing productive children and the it's awesome. >> the education is great. great education. and i'm so proud of the charter school today. >> reporter: protesters then marched over the brooklyn bridge to city hall to deliver the message in person. but the mayor told us a couple weeks ago in an exclusive video that he
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sees the path to improving schools as pre-k for all 4-year-olds. mandatory algebra classes, and new reading teachers for all second graders. that's the path in raising achievement, the mayor said today, not just for some students but for all students. >> charter schools are apart of that system. and all we want from you, mr. mayor, is to treat them equitably. >> reporter: the president, who could possibly run against the mayor in two years, today side would advocates, claiming the schools need more help, more support from city hall. >> a lot of people want to make this us versus them. this needs to stop. we're talking about our babies. they're all our babies. [ applause ] >> one of the main organizers of today's big rally that went from brooklyn to here was moskowitz. she could possibly run for mayor in 2017.
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we were told late this afternoon she's scheduled a news conference for tomorrow morning here at city hall at 10:15. future political plans. reporting live at city hall, news. in manhattan the mysterious dog death in central park. investigators hope a necropsy happened to the dog. it was off the leash and ran from its owner when the owner caught up with the dog it was dead and appeared to have some sort of head trauma. still ahead, a former new york ranger arrested, now taking on the village of southampton. >> they went in for flu shots. some people have to receive treatment to prevent different ailments. >> cooling towers and at least seven long island school districts have tested positive for the legionella bacteria. what's being done about it coming up on eyewitness news. >> also ahead, tears in the courtroom.
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sentenced a domestic violence victim to jail. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. we're keeping track of these wind stream lines on our weather pure to see where the gusts are. the gusts are backed off a little bit. they were gusting over 20 earlier and now they're more like 10 miles per hour. had a beautiful day today in the low and mid 70s and a nice night coming up. some clouds moving in but not before we might see a really special
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gh we're back with new information on the tanker truck fire on the new jersey turnpike. >> the fire near exit 15 in carney is now out but we're learning more about the cause. anthony johnson has been on the scene, live there with the latest. anthony, what do you have for us? >> the new jersey state police now investigating the possibility of a mattress and a box spring being on the roadway, being on the north brown new jersey turnpike and having something to do with the serious accident taking place on the northbound turnpike about 3:15 this afternoon. we just want to show you some shots from newscopter7 a little bit earlier today. that's when the flames were really raging from that tanker truck and it burned for nearly an hour and a half. i'm talking about raging inferno right along the highway. the northbound western spur of the
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turnpike was shut down completely while firefighters were trying to deal with putting out that fire. the flames were black smoke billowing in to the air. as a matter of fact we can still see that smoke in the air. now we're going to show you shots from ground shots. we actually drove by the scene, the you can still see all of the thick smoke but you can see the flames shooting out and as we got closer and closer to the truck, you could feel the heat from those flames. it was extremely hot as we were passing by. motorists were still allowed to go southbound on the turnpike at that time. of course they were slowing down a tremendous amount of traffic but also a tremendous amount of heat. and for those very serious situation. what we can tell you, a crv was involved in the accident. we did see a couple motorists had stopped. they were talking to police. the driver of the truck we understand is still missing at
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this point in time but we can tell you it was a very, very serious accident. finally they were able to knock down the flames right after 5:00. the situation out here on the very difficult. a whole lot of afternoon. best advice is to stay away from the western spur of the new jersey turnpike. that's the latest live from anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. form er new york ranger seanavey took sean -- sean avery taking to twitter, tweeted a picture of his prescription for the drugs with the caption, pretty disgusting i even have to do this, but story. have fun with this one. he also tweet ed a picture of a car getting a summons. its caption read ticket, parking in the middle of the street, hmm,
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fantasy sports websites draft kings and fan duel now banning all employees from playing daily fantasy sports for money. both websites are under investigation for fraud. the attorney general is asking for internal data and details on how they prevent fraud after claims employees won lucrative payouts based on inside information. >> i've always been surprides -- surprised they allow employees to play the game. we're not allowed to play the lottery. weather. >> we were both looking at the haze and smoke behind the fire. you can see behind anthony how some of the smoke made it to lower manhattan. got a northwest wind, might want to close your windows if you're headed over to manhattan or brooklyn where some of the smoke is starting to go from jersey city. if you look behind the empire state building you can see some of the smoke. it looks like a lot of the smoke has thinned out. 72.
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low and northwest wind at 5. pressure on the high. update at 73 degrees. we're running 6 degrees above average. the normals this time go down so quickly. we're only a month removed from normal highs in the upper 70s to near 80. there are your sunrise and sunset times. sunshine gave way to clouds. stan hope, new jersey at 69. hudson valley really nice, 71 degrees. poughkeepsie, 69. 63. brentwood coming in around 70 and 72 in belmar. here's a planner through the evening hours. 7:00 tonight, keep your eye on the southern horizon. there's a rocket launching from virginia and they're emitting a vapor to study the winds from the atmosphere and it's likely to turn blue-ish green clouds to our south. you might get a view after 7:00 tonight. clouds mixing with the sun tomorrow. at times could be mostly cloudy during the first part of the day
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some of the clouds off to the north. you've got a cold front sitting right here. you can see how the wind is going from more westerly here to more of a north wind tomorrow. it will be cooler. pretty chilly air behind the front. a lot of this bypassing this to the north. we'll lose about 5 degrees from today. next front arrives friday. that will bring a rain threat especially in the afternoon hours. cooler clouds tomorrow, breaking for sunshine. might come up just short of the 70-degree mark. i don't think the little bit. you'll notice the here comes that front on friday. might even have a shower in the morning hours north and west. most of us will see dampness in the afternoon hours during the evening drive. partly to mostly cloudy skies tonight. evening is nice and clear. 58 degrees. then for tomorrow , clouds mixing with sunshine, a little cooler, about 69. not much of a breeze. here's what we're working on for 5:30. on friday, umbrellas
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could be a thunderstorm friday afternoon because it's warming up. after that, how about a dry weekend and maybe 70 degrees returns by sunday. improving weekend, accuweather forecast in the 7-day in our next half hour. back to you for now. we've got breaking news in queens. it's a busy afternoon. a woman there has been injured by a fallen headstone at mt. lebanon cemetery in glendale just before 5:00. the woman was trapped under the headstone for a short time where she was freed and taken to the hospital. we do have a crew on the way and of course we'll bring you any updates as soon as we get them. coming up, the workers will no longer be told they're on call. >> plus, giants talk about the team effort to fight off mrsa after a player contracted the dangerous infection. >> jeopardy host alex trebek donates a million dollars for a scholarship at fordham. we'll tell you about his connection to the school. >> a woman shows up for a
5:22 pm
the house she paid for had been
5:23 pm
for the first time we're hearing from giants players. tight end fells got sick from the dangerous bacteria mercer.
5:24 pm
later they scrubbed their locker rooms and training areas in response. fells out for the rest of the season. our sports anchor rob powers here now with the very latest. >> yesterday the giants placed daniel fells on the injured reserve list as the staph infection in his ankle diagnosed as mrsa. they were finding protocols to deal with the infection and the facility. today the nfl and its players association wanted the team to address the issue with the rest of the players. doctors, people in charge at the whole facility. players were able to ask questions. the building has been cleaned thoroughly top to bottom. the team says it's staying ahead of everything. the main concern right now is for fells who will miss the rest of the season. >> we still do not know the reason for the infection, where it came from, but players were all obviously very supportive of daniel. >> i feel for danny fells and what he's going through. unfortunate but i'm not worried about it being here.
5:25 pm
rams, and browns have dealt with these problems as well in the last few years, so it's an issue the nfl is familiar with. the concern is for fells who's caught six passes for the giants this season but will not play again this year. the league plans to battle potential outbreaks by keeping players informed and keeping facilities clean. it's really an unending battle. the giants say they're serious about fighting. actor ethan hawke will be hitting the pavement in city to bring awareness to a cause close to his heart. the actor is running the new york city marathon next month. this will be his first marathon. he's doing it to support the do fund which aims to help homelessness and addiction. channel 7 is your home for the tcs new york city marathon. we'll have live coverage on the race day, sunday, november 1st. growing concerns about a potentially deadly disease on long island. coming up, we've got disturbing discoveries made near several schools. more
5:26 pm
traces of legionella. how the school districts are racing to take action right now. >> also ahead, exposure anxiety. the nurse giving flu shots reuses the same syringe on dozens of patients.
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5:28 pm
we continue updating breaking news. firefighters have extinguished the massive fire on the turnpike but traffic remains backed up for miles. >> milepost 110 in carney. state police say all lanes are closed, and they are investigating. this is a new piece of information, whether a mattress and box spring on the road played a role in the accident. an alarming trend on long
5:29 pm
island. more traces of legionella discovered in several school districts. >> the school district says cooling towers at three of its schools have tested positive for the bacteria that causes the potentially deadly legionnaires' disease. >> seven school districts on long island have cooling towers that have been affected. kristin thorne is live in holtsville in suffolk county with more. >> we're talking about seven school districts, 10 school buildings in total which have tested positive for the airborne bacteria. all this testing is being done after the state department of health put in emergency regulations after that deadly outbreak of legionnaires' disease in the bronx. >> we trust the school and they're good to our kids so i'd say they'll keep them safe. >> reporter: that was the reaction from most parents we spoke with today. the legionella bacteria has been
5:30 pm
found in at least seven districts including the mount sinai district, hauppauge, port washington school districts. most of the cooling towers have since been disinfected. there are no reports of students, staff, or teachers falling ill due to the bacteria. parents are just learning about it today. >> what have they told you so far >> we got a phone call today that they found traces in three schools. this being one of them. >> are you overly concerned? >> no, not at all. >> you're nost not takinge -- you're not taking her out of school? >> no. >> reporter: his company has been task would checking for legionella in the cooling towers of many of the local school districts. >> this samples the water. the swabs is what we use to test surfaces.
5:31 pm
naturally occurring bacteria. he said it's more of a testament to the diligence of school administrators. >> they're inspecting their towers and being transparent if they're finding it. >> so it could just be one of those things because school districts are so aggressive with their testing and they're so forthcoming with the results, it could be one of those things that it seems like there are a lot of them dealing with the bacteria. kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 5:00, a woman from queens is accused of forcing women to performing sex acts at a massage parlor in long island. lang faces multiple sex trafficking charges. investigators say lang forced the women to sleep at parlors in west hempstead and franklin square and have sex with customers. she's the third person arrested in a cross count sex trafficking investigation. a husband and wife on long island were arrested in the investigation last month.
5:32 pm
in new jersey dozens of employees at a pharmaceutical company are on alert after health officials say a nurse reused a syringe after giving them flu shots. this happened at a clinic in west windsor township. the risk for infection is low, however they still recommend the employees undergo testing for hepatitis b, hepatitis c, and hiv. in connecticut, a toddler is in state custody after stanford police found the malnourished 14-year-old living in deplorable conditions. officers responded to a medical call last week. they say the child's mother was disoriented and intoxicated. the 41-year-old father wasn't home. he had been taken to the hospital earlier that same day when police found him passed out drunk on a sidewalk. mayor de blasio and thousands of new york city firefighters gathered today at the fireman's monument for the
5:33 pm
they paid homtooj the -- homage to the more than 11 firefighters that have fallen. >> the cost of our sworn duty has been immeasurable. but we remember our fallen members, not for how they died, but for how they lived. they dedicated themselves to a higher calling. >> commissioner went on to say firefighters go in to danger when others shy away. he said they also protect life and property, provide medical care, and compassion. meanwhile urban outfitters is ending on call scheduling for its employees at its new york stores following tough questions from the state's attorney general. the philadelphia-based chain used report for shifts on short notice. it now says that practice will stop next month. urban outfitters has also agreed to give its new york employees their schedules at least a week in advance. the number of uber drivers
5:34 pm
in new york city is skyrocketing. there are now more than 30,000 uber drivers working in the city, a 15% increase in the last four months. drivers' salaries are also on the rise because of increasing demand. it appears a mega merger in the beer industry just doesn't have a smooth finish. s.a.b. miller which makes miller lite has turned over an offer from anheuser busch. it's the third time miller has rejected a takeover bid. from farm to tray table. jetblue is giving agriculture a try at jfk airport terminal 5. the airline is teaming up with the nonprofit group grow nyc to plant produce. while the mini farm is mostly for educational purposes the airline hopes to one day serve the crops in terminal restaurants and perhaps even on flights.
5:35 pm
they say they will grow crops that don't attract birds and other wildlife that may pose a danger to planes. you can't really call them a cat burglar but he's not far off. coming up, the search for the thief on long island with a taste for cat food. >> mac and cheese meltdown. a uconn's student drunken rant and rave at the food court goes viral. >> smash and grab. raiders on -are you happy with your bathroom? i wasn't. until i learned about bath fitter. bath fitter puts a new bathtub right over your old one. isn't that amazing? bath fitter will measure, custom-make and install right over your existing tub.
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when police stopped a long island man for a traffic violation in upstate new york, they discovered he had 39 license suspensions. police say 50-year-old winford newson was pulled over near new paulson september 27. an officer ran his new york driver's license and found he had more than three dozen suspensions. he was arrested then released without bail. a judge down in florida is under fire for parading a domestic abuse victim from the bench and then tossing her in
5:39 pm
jail. the judge sentenced the woman to three days in jail for skipping out on a subpoena for her abuser's trial. the woman was choked while holding her baby. even though the attacker had a past conviction, without the witness, the state could only sentence him to 16 days jail. >> you disobeyed a court order knowing this was not going to turn out well for the state. >> judge, i'll do anything, please. >> you should have showed up. >> i have a 1-year-old son and i'm trying to take care of him myself. i'm begging you, please. >> i've already issued my order. >> critics say although the legitimate act would in the law, the sentence was wrong. a video of an argument with a food manager over mac and cheese has gone viral. 19-year-old freshman luke gatti
5:40 pm
didn't like what the manager had to say so he start ed shoving him. another employee tackled him to the ground. it appears gatti spits at an officer. he's charged with breach of peace and criminal trespass. a brazen daylight jewelry heist. six men smashed their way in to a jewelry store in august stealing $45,000 worth of luxury watches. the thieves then led police on a dangerous chase before they were caught. the six defendants were sentenced today to a combined total of 37 years in prison. and police in texas went on a chase that was straight out of the wild wild west. officers were called to a fight at a rodeo when two men tried to get away on horseback. one man eventually surrendered while the high gear. police were able to track down the man and his horse a few blocks away. a new yorker will host this year's american music awards. jennifer lopez will also perform
5:41 pm
at the show next month. it's her first time hosting the awards. nominees will be announced next week. they're based on album sales, radio play, and social media. you can catch the 2015 american music awards live on sunday, november 22nd, at 8 p.m. here on channel 7. coming up, the answer is the quiz show host who donated a million dollars to fordham university. the question, there he is. who is alex trebek? find out why the jeopardy host feels the need to give away so much money. >> the medical mystery. the girl who sneezes 12,000 times a day and can't stop. >> how would you like to show up for your weekend rental to see the house you paid for has been condemned. that's what happened to a group of graduates
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busy news day. more break breaking news. the civil review complaint board just substantiated the use of extensive force for the officer who took james blake to the ground. it recommends charges that could lead to the officer's suspension or dismissal. the final say will be up to police commissioner bratton following an internal departmental trial. alex trebek is from canada but now he's offering a scholarship fund that is connected to new york. his son graduated from fordham today trebek awarded the first scholarship in his name to estefania cruz of harlem. he wanted his money to go to students in harlem because that's where his son lives and works.
5:46 pm
community and it's a way of helping that community and from my point of view also becoming part of it. >> mr. trebek and i share a lot of the same values and the same mission so i'm very glad i was chosen and it's an honor for me. >> the scholarship is funded by $1 million gift from the trebek foundation and of course you can watch alex week nights on jeopardy here on channel 7. >> what is a cool story? [ laughter ] >> this is a cool one. a lot going on in space. >> i know you're always looking if there are geomagnetic storms. >> she was talking about it during the break. [ laughter ] >> that causes the northern lights, obviously, and a lot of that happens in northern new england, northern great lakes, southeastern canada but tonight it's a pretty good storm. maybe in the catskills we get a shot. colors are popping in the poconos. beautiful foliage there. i just tweeted out the
5:47 pm
foliage weather cast for the weekend if you're spending the holiday weekend trying to see great color. really going to be nice color in the hudson valley. as we look downtown, deep blue sky, clear sky. keep your eyes to the north tonight after 7:00, a rocket launch from nasa in virginia. it's letting out vapor that's let the clouds turn blue and green. as we have clear sky early, we'll have more clouds coming in later on. partly to mostly cloudy by dawn. still sunshine mixing in. probably come up short of 70-degree mark. winds won't be bad. you'll notice it's about 5 degrees cooler than it was today. notice the clouds trying to come in tonight. 50s tomorrow morning, upper 40s in the cooler spots. patchy clouds throughout the day mixing with sunshine. more sun north and east, probably a little bit more cloudiness to the west. 68 or 69. here's the next front on friday. there might be a shower first thing north and west of
5:48 pm
a line of showers that may form out ahead of a cold front which comes through in the afternoon. these will dissipate. probably get thin spots in the clouds middle of the day but as a cold front comes in, a shower or thundershower coming in in the afternoon. could be a little rumble of thunder. a shower, thunderstorm in to friday evening and then those showers should move offshore. most of us will get lighter rainfall amounts. maybe a quarter of an inch. maybe we could push a half inch in some spots. here's your 7-day accuweather forecast. cooler clouds mixing with sunshine tomorrow. very nice day. only 69. on friday a shower early north and west. a few breaks of sun. shower, thunderstorm possibility in the afternoon hours. warm, breezy, 76. the clouds will be levering quickly on saturday. now that rain is not going to be hung up on the weekend. 68 on sunday. we're right back in the 70s early next week. great weather pattern. convenient rain unless you have some friday plans
5:49 pm
outdoors but you could dodge shower. not going to be raining all day. >> never heard rain called convenient rain. [ laughter ] i like that line. now to a medical mystery, a 12-year-old girl who can't stop sneezing. >> she sneezes about 12,000 times every day. abc's marci gonzalez has the story. >> reporter: sneezing nearly nonstop 12,000 times a day. caitlin thornly said it started suddenly three weeks ago. >> it's really painful. >> reporter: and has since taken over her life. >> she can't go to school and can't really do anything normal. it's affected everything. >> reporter: the 12-year-old isn't the first to suffer like this. lauren's sneezing five years ago was finally diagnosed as a symptom of a disorder called panda's and treated.
5:50 pm
for sure behind caitlin's case, referring to the condition as movements known as a tick. >> she describes a funny feeling before having to make these movements and sounds that then got better afterwards, and that piece of history is very suggestive of ticks. >> reporter: doctors say whether that turns out to be the cause or not, they're confident they'll find a way to help her to finally stop sneezing. >> this has taken a huge toll on my life. i want nothing more than for this to end. i just want it to be gone for good. >> and doctors say they've ruled out allergies and viruses, and as they continue searching for answers, they say for now they've prescribed the 7th grader a medication to treat ticks. marci gonzalez, abc news new york. a budding designer is using her talents to help cancer patients get a dose of fashion therapy.
5:51 pm
whitney host adgroup of breast cancer patients and survivors. they created one of a kind accessories to add to their wardrobe. >> what i like about it is you're not focusing on the illness. you're actually getting your mind off of all your troubles. >> i think because they have a shared experience that just having a lot of fun creating something together and working together and helping each other. >> the class is part of a series sponsored by the fashion fights cancer organization. a rental in new jersey ended up being a real nightmare. >> coming up on eyewitness news, a battle over a shuttered house stretched on for months until the family got 7 on their side. >> i'm bill ritter. new at 6:00, we're following breaking news. a woman hit by a headstone in a cemetery in queens. a bizarre accident. >> parents in a school district in westchester county stunned after a music teacher in an
5:52 pm
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it was meant to be a group graduation celebration. after the prom at a jersey shore
5:55 pm
rental house. >> when the kids showed up, the rental was shuttered, touching off a big battle to give back the money. >> that's when the family turned to nina pineda and got 7 on their side. >> a seaside heights slapped a vacate order on this property nine days before the rental was scheduled. when the kids got down there after prom, the police said they couldn't step foot inside. >> never in a million years did i think that was going to happen. >> reporter: she says her daughter jess and 17 other seniors showed up for prom weekend and found this place. >> ordered to vacate. >> reporter: shuttered by the town, the vacation rental was deemed unsafe. >> orange signs saying you can't go in. so she's crying, then i'm crying. >> reporter: the group of graduates had pooled their money for months to afford the $4500 price tag to stay in the house three nights last may. the mom says the rental agent said they had an emergency. >> there was a flood in the house and that the kids couldn't
5:56 pm
get in there. out the water. >> reporter: with no place to say, sue wound up footing the hotel. >> i said what are you guys going to do? >> reporter: she said the rental agent promised a refund right away, but -- >> i tried calling her and texting her, nothing. >> reporter: so sue submitted documentation and disputed the charge on her credit card, but only got a partial refund. >> i couldn't believe it. i was shocked . >> reporter: the reason they say the rental agent told them all services provided were satisfactory. we went looking for the owner and got the rental agent on the phone. >> what are we doing about her refund for the kids who couldn't stay in the property you're representing? >> as far as we know everything was charged. >> reporter: within $3300.
5:57 pm
and we got 3300 dollars back. i'm overjoyed i can put this to bed now. >> the rental agent said she had authorized that charge back in june. i don't know why it took us getting involved to get it back on her credit card. if sue had paid cash she wouldn't have had any recourse to get the money back. you generally have 60 days after charges appear on your bill to dispute it. in this came charges were a lot older but amex made an exception for this cardholder. still ahead, information on the nypd arrest of tennis star james blake. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. a music teacher in
5:58 pm
having and distributing child pornography. one community and many families now in shock over these allegations. breaking news. a fuel tanker goes up in flames on the turnpike. the flames scene for miles and causing a rush hour snarl that could last for hours. good evening at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. we'll begin with another breaking news story. this one involving the violent police takedown of former tennis star blake. >> the new york cop found to use excessive force. >> now that cop could face suspension or even get fired. sandra bookman with the lead story tonight. >> the ccrb not only determined that officer james frescatori used excessive force, it also
5:59 pm


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