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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 8, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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bridgeport police. announcing the new details, the new evidence in this unusual attempted abduction. a good many of you have no doubt seen this video, very alarming video. we have shown it to you on eyewitness news a number of times. 17-year-old girl tumbling from the passenger side of the moving car. police say a woman in her 40s attempted to abduct the girl while she was on her way to school, early monday morning. a short distance down the road after the girl got inside the car, police say the woman assaulted her. that's when she made her daring escape. at that point, police were looking for a dark colored toyota yaris with a noticeable clue, a missing bumper. they received a good many tips from the public. they had many officers working around the clock on this case. they revealed this new evidence now. >> we have the car in that video in our custody. we've identified the woman who we believe is responsible for this act. and we are very hopeful that an
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arrest is imminent in this matter. >> reporter: again, police say they have a number of officers working around the clock on this case. so they are hoping to make an arrest as soon as possible. they do say that they do not believe that the girl even knew this woman or that the woman knew the girl. it was sort of a happenstance sort of meeting, but certainly a very dangerous one for her to take. many people can't believe she got in the car but nevertheless she is safe, she suffered minor injuries in that tumble. are in the midst of an intense manhunt for this woman. reporting live in bridgeport, tim fleischer. >> thanks a lot. now, accident on the garden state parkway. dez carter -- causing delays for miles. shannon, i can see the car right there. >> reporter: horrible accident, you can see the damage to the
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and the right side of the car, the passenger side. you can see where the frame is completely bent out after this thing was on its side. not quite sure how this happened but two people were ejected and both of them are alert and conscious. the police are telling us they did have two medevac one of the two out to a local hospital but again, both are alert and conscious which is amazing after an active -- act isn't of this magnitude. it's happening on the southbound side of the garden state parkway. so just before exit 132, look at this volume. only the right shoulder gets through. accident happened at 2:30. this has been here for quite some time. this is a bumper-to-bumper, 10- mile jan deck to with only the right shoulder getting through, this is not going to get better anytime soon. driscoll bridge. yesterday we were telling you the turnpike. that.
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parkway, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a celebrity chef who owns a restaurant is facing child pornography charges today. matthew tivy is which -- accused of distorting explicit photos and videos of teenagers. the fbi says it found videos of tivy having sex with a high school student from the bronx who was 14 or 15 years old. he allegedly had oral sex with another boy who was just 14. tivy is the chef owner of a restaurant at broadway and 100 fourth. investigators looking for answers into what killed a mother and her young son. the pair found unconscious in a jersey city apartment last night. reporter cefaan kim at the apartment with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: david, what happened in that apartment in this multifamily home on lincoln street, that is what investigators are trying to figure out. so far seems like there are more questions than answers. what happened yesterday has left many in this neighborhood puzzled.
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yesterday when police were called and they found inside a mother in her 20s and a 5-year-old son unconscious. rushed to christ -- they were pronounced dead a short time later. these deaths are suspicious but not saying much more beyond that. police say it was a brother-in- law and that mother and child unconscious but they are not saying is that mother and child lived here alone. meanwhile the fire department has conducted air-quality tests , those have come back negative for carbon monoxide. neighbors described a chaotic scene yesterday. right away they knew something was terribly wrong. they say they've never heard or saw something unusual coming out of that home so these deaths remain a mystery to them. >> you never know with somebody. you don't know what's happening inside the house. >> had a stretcher out here. me and my wife just left. we didn't want to see something like that. >> reporter: police have not yet identified that mother and child. hudson county prosecutor's office has taken
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a spokesperson for the jersey city police department says that happens anytime's there's a possibility of foul play. coming up on eyewitness news at five we will bring you audio of emergency responders here on the scene yesterday describing a frantic scene. in jersey city, cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. arrest of a man wanted for stealing a cell phone is now the subject of an nypd internal investigation. they are looking into whether excessive force was used. the emt was robbed of a cell phone last month. police found the man wanted wanted for stealing the iphone and then started to literally beat him. at some point the robbery victim, the paramedic joins in, the complaint review board will likely decide how to handle the situation now. >> it is a matter that is the subject of an internal affairs investigation. cc ip will be coming in too because it is in their domain.
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>> the suspect is identified as daniel chernenko. the ill-fated voyage of the cargo ship named el faro, one of the 33 missing crewmembers live right here in brooklyn. 26-year-old mitchell cufflek. news comes after the coast guard suspended its search for possible survivors last night. nearly a week after the ship sank near the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. one of his neighbors remembers him as a nice guy who was very polite. >> i think it's sad because there was a lot of them on the boat. and i didn't know that he was one of them. >> the neighbor tells eyewitness news he moved into the building about a year ago with his girlfriend. turning to politics right now, after making controversial remarks about the present -- benghazi investigation kevin mccarthy now shocking many of his fellow republicans by pulling his name out of the race for the third most powerful position in the country.
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replace john boehner as speaker of the house. very few saw it coming. the support of hardline conservatives in the party. he says the decision over house speaker should be unanimous in the party. >> i don't want to go to the floor and win with 220 votes. i think the best thing for our party right now is to have 247 volts on the floor. if we are going to be strong we've got to be 100% united. >> mccarthy says he will hold on to his position as majority leader. he was criticized last week when he tied the benghazi investigation to hillary clinton's poll numbers. boehner says he will remain in place until the republicans are ready to vote on a new speaker. speaking of politics chuck schumer is taking a gun control and, unveiling new legislation and calling on americans to speaker mines. >> we've had tragedy after tragedy. seems almost routine. month after month, after month,
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so if the president said it change unless people raise their voices and let washington hear how strongly they feel. >> schumer's push for new gun safety legislation focuses on making back on checks more effective and putting a stop to gun trafficking. he says 95% of guns used in of-state. a thomas quits making it clear to anyone who has questions about her political ambitions, she's not running for mayor. >> the speculation continues. and i am not running for mayor in 2017. >> moscow with is the founder -- moskowitz has been at odds over the de blasio expansion. she is also a former city councilmember. quick look at wall street right now, stocks extend a lucrative crowd -- pushing the
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investigators -- investors watch the fed's every move, expected rate hike may be in jeopardy because of the slowdown and wavering u.s. jobs market. live look right now at the big board. the dow climbed a little bit more than 138 to end the day at 17,050. a wild shootout on the streets of brooklyn. a closer look at the takedown of the men who investigators say opened fire on police. plus the hero who helped thwart a terror attack on a train in science is now recovering from being stabbed several times. new clues that investigators are looking into, and about what prompted that attack. what a story that is. lee goldberg, it is fantastic out again. remember last week we were gearing up for raw, rainy conditions? still talking about some type thunderstorm. more on that in moment. if you're traveling out and about, the weather is staying
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out of your way. play until it start. that's the only thing that will stop you tonight. your seven-day accuweather forecast coming up next. another live look at the garden state parkway back up. look at how far it stretches.
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check on the roads at 4:12. accident close to queens boulevard. you can see traffic right there, westbound lanes we had a slow pace. back to news copter seven over the garden state parkway, where
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there is back up for miles. because an accident there, let's check back in with shannon sohn who is right over the car at the center of that accident. >> reporter: it was a one car accident. rolled over doing damage to the front, back and side. the investigation, two people were ejected from the vehicle. all of this happening at 2:30 p.m. and in that time, the garden state parkway has either been closed or as you see it now, with only the right shoulder getting through. all of this happening just north of exit 132 and look at this volume. when i say 10 miles of volume, i mean 10 miles of packed in bumper-to-bumper delays back beyond route 78. avoid it if you can. reporting live over the garden state parkway, shannon sohn, channel 7. >> thank you. new developments today in that fiery tanker crash on the new jersey turnpike. authorities say they believe the truck driver is a man from newark who worked for jsc
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transport this video taken appears to show it swerving. there it is. to avoid a mattress and box spring in the road. then it flips over and burst into flames. police have identified the driver of the van, that the items fell from. there are no charges against him at this time. the tanker was carrying 8500 gallons of gasoline. >> didn't even get very close before the heat was overpowering. >> a lot of smoke. people were getting outside of their cars. >> the fire from the wreck was so hot that it melts of the guard rail and the pavement. the driver of the suv is recovering in the the identity of the truck driver who was killed in the crash has not been released. impassioned apology from the ceo of volkswagen america for the company's emissions cheating scandal. michael horn told congressional leaders it will take up to two years to fix the feature installed in more than half a
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million diesel cars that loud -- that allowed the because to pass emission test even though they emitted 10 to 40 law. they are considering offering loaner cars in compensation. important recall to tell you about for parents involving highchairs. roughly 35,000 safety first highchairs are being recalled after reports that children were able to remove the tray. that caused at least 11 children to fall out and injure themselves. the recall is for three types of safety first highchairs. the model numbers can be found on our website, abc7ny. a warning from south carolina's governor. thousands of people may have been evacuated as the state braces for more flooding. flooding that experts say could put four more counties underwater and last for more than a week. elizabeth hur's in columbia with the very latest. >> reporter: at this time, we're not talking about mandatory evacuations but officials say they are asking
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residents and the coastal areas to strongly consider evacuating. a new warning for residents living in communities near swollen rivers. evacuate and seek higher ground. >> the sun is out but the water is coming. we need to get out. >> reporter: several bidders -- rivers at record levels are expected to continue rising. disheartening news for residents , hundreds still in shelters and many more finally returning home trying to recover. >> i'm going to get my kids to school, my cars are underwater. >> i'm diabetic. i want to do that in the house if i can. >> reporter: thousands of homes were without drinking water after the columbia canal, the main source of water, was breached on monday. the work of repairing and reinforcing the canal temporarily suspended but officials maintain the
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and take a look at these dramatic images showing the before and after of teams breaking. you can see why authorities remain on high alert. so far at least 14 times have failed in the area. dozens more threatening to burst. governor haley because it is so sunny out, those in the danger zone may not take the warning seriously. so this afternoon she's traveling to those towns where flooding is expected to try to convince people to get out of their homes. in south carolina, elizabeth hur, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> heart goes out to those folks. the sun is out, looks beautiful but of course obviously there's a severe threat of flooding. >> a lot of dams washed out. runoff and everything coming together. we experienced it in the wake of a -- irene. i can remember news copter 7 flying over the mall in new jersey. every day kept flooding. takes a while to go down. you are right.
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right now. it's all because of joaquin. or at least the connection with that fire follows -- with that fire hose. we bounced back really nicely after the raw weather late last week. it's been gorgeous again today. many of you may have seen an hour or two where it looked cloudy but now the sun is back out. 68, the wind has changed out of the southeast right now. the high managed to climb above the 70 degrees mark. feels gorgeous outside. more sun over the hudson valley. kingston and poughkeepsie at 70. norwalk 66. then we go to new jersey, 68, 72 in trenton. partly cloudy during the first part of the night. mostly cloudy toward dawn. i can see a shower during the morning commute in our northern and western suburbs. both of us will be dry, better chance for a few showers or a rumble of thunder in the afternoon. i want to make it clear,
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breezy and warm at times. we just have a couple of patchy clouds. you can see how it's been mainly clear over places like hopewell junction to be can, and to burke and kent cliffs. hudson valley has been mostly sunny. but patchy clouds at times and locations that have given a cloudy look for a little while. overall beautiful day. high-pressure over northern new england has a cool easterly flow right now. you see the one front and low to the west, warm and humid there, more humid air that's going to try to come into tomorrow. breezy and mild, that low is replacing that height in northern new england. a lot of the rain is bypassing us to the north. but i think we'll have a few lines of showers that go through tomorrow. especially in the afternoon hours. you can see initially we'll get a shot of some of this warm air. if we can get the clouds to thin out during the midday, mid- 70s easily within reach, then cooler air will start collapsing in tomorrow night. there is a threat of a rumble of thunder. not talking severe weather but a few spots that can get
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appreciable rainfall most of us. maybe a 10th or two if you get downpour. you can pick up a third of an inch or half inch. that is going to be gone after the evening hours tomorrow and it's going to clear out nicely. overall, it's going to be beautiful october we can. partly cloudy and comfortable tonight, 60. 50s in the suburbs. breezy and warm, clouds, thin spots from time to time and also a couple lines of showers and thunderstorms but also a washer by far, 76. tomorrow night, evening, evening shower. rumble of thunder, partial clearing and the breezes start to pick up. at 4:30, we'll get the details on the weekend accuweather forecast. it has to include a foliage report this time of year. we'll tell you where. back to you for now. >> the drive home has just been spectacularly beautiful. oh, my gosh. >> it's popping. >> all right. some terrifying moments, high up on a bridge in houston. watch as a stranded worker
4:20 pm
was finally rescued. avengers, assemble! thousands of people heading to maintain -- manhattan's west
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the mets are in los angeles getting ready for game one of the national league division series tomorrow night. they are going to send jacob degrom to the mound. the dodgers -- counter with
4:23 pm
has already taken the field for practice. the mets first playoff game in nine years. sports anchor laura behnke is in los angeles for game one. you can see her reports to ginny tonight. >> i can't wait. it's that time of year again when costumed characters take over the center from captain american spiderman to star wars, more than 150,000 people expected to weekend's new york comic con. it's always a wild scene. that's why we sent reporter sandy cay in for a kickoff on what to expect. >> don't tell anybody, but this is the most fun you can have at work. particular. >> reporter: we've been here for several hours. there's been a steady stream of and i do mean characters. description. and all ages. but what they have in common is
4:24 pm
they are kindred spirits. this is a story best told not with words but with pictures and sounds. what does that mean? it means get the heck out of the way. so many characters, so much the world loves are here at comic- con. but the event at the javits center also has an only in new york feel to it. >> we are used to things out of the norm on a regular basis. so this is nothing new. even if you're just coming for the first time, nothing here will surprise you. >> fans compete with the doctor to get a first look at coming attractions but there is one in particular that has everyone talking here. >> star wars, the force awakens. >> the gap between fan and performer is indeed very narrow. >> my people are here. >> reporter: before comic-con comes to a close here on sunday, 160,000 fans are expected to stroll these isles. and though some may call them
4:25 pm
honor. >> it's expressing whatever you want to express, being able to be outrageous. everyone else is totally okay with it. >> it's never too early to get it, says will baskets from the bronx who brought his daughter lilith. >> do you like comic-con? >> reporter: she may not know it yet but many here started small. >> you are never too old. there's always somebody here who loves the same thing you do. and you just feel welcome. >> reporter: welcome in so many ways with so many worlds without even leaving the confines of the center. so, welcome. because of so are still coming here. now, coming up, at 5:30 we'll have a look at how these characters are customers in the eyes of hollywood. we'll begin with star wars at 5:30. for now, live from the javits
4:26 pm
this is nik navarro nation. >> i expected you to pull off another s, superman underneath. you look like clark kent right now. >> reporter: i have to keep some sense of decorum. >> understandable. >> [laughter] >> remember you can check out for a live look at one of the booths at comic-con. this is a hard to to get. this may be your alternative. we are going to be streaming live from the marvel booth through sunday. it brings out the kid in anybody. >> completely. still to come, heart stopping scene captured on camera. a worker dangling from a bridge, suspended high in the air. we're going to tell you how firefighters staged a dramatic and risky rescue. excuse me, is that a snake? how the king cobra gave everyone the slip, finally got cornered.
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and even one for yourself.
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4:30. all new, they wild shootout in brooklyn. gunman opened fire on police and now the suspects are in custody. knicks coach there is -- derek fisher in a fist fight with a former teammate after spending time with the players' estranged wife. the air force medic who helped stop a terrorist attack in france is stabbed and is now in the hospital. new at 4:30 a clear picture of what happens when bullets tore through an unmarked police car as police found themselves in a gunfight. >> it happened last night where stacey sager is right now with the rest of the story. stacy? >> reporter: here's what we know about the suspects in this case. one of them, 22-year-old kaye sean smith was on parole for a gun violation. the other two were picked up
4:30 pm
this morning right here in the neighborhood. the real question is why did they start shooting and did they know they were shooting at cops? what we now know is that three officers were in this unmarked vehicle for a reason last night. >> two weeks ago, there was a triple homicide in that development. we're still actively investigating that case. >> reporter: it wasn't long before the bullets were flying here on park and north portland in fort greene. police say the lieutenant and two officers in plain clothes came around this block when suddenly one suspect, kayshon smith, carrying this handgun, fired at least seven times. >> returned fire at mr. smith, striking him in the leg. additionally, when that was happening we had another and arrested. we believe four rounds from a 10-millimeter gun, but we do not have it in custody right now. >> police have been searching the area ever since.
4:31 pm
also s.w.a.t. teams entered the housing projects nearby. shortly afterwards eyewitness news was there when this unidentified man was taken into custody. three suspects in total under arrest for the shooting. area residents just want to know why. >> for them to be shooting like this with all these children around here is ridiculous. they need to find out about these gun laws. they need to fix these. it's putting a lot of these kids in danger. there's a lot of schools in this area. >> reporter: the two other men arrested in the shooting work funder -- 24-year-old devon morrison. police were able to catch up with kayshon smith because he checked into an area hospital with a gunshot wound. police made another discovery right here near the crime scene. we're going to have a lot more on that in another live report at 6:00. life at fort greene brooklyn, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. former fdny captain will serve
4:32 pm
guilty see -- to sexually molesting two 11-year-old others. also order to complete at -- at least one year of therapy. he carried out the assault while visiting family in los angeles last year under the terms of his plea deal, he will also have to register as a sex offender for life and be on probation for five years. he resigned from the fdny last month. new details this afternoon. a nurse who reused a syringe while giving flu shots in new jersey has had her license suspended. mary rohrbach voluntarily surrendered her license yesterday. she administered vaccines to workers at at zug a pharmaceutical -- atzuka pharmaceutical. new information in the deadly shooting of two brothers in staten island. 30-year-old wayne thomas is now charged with second-degree
4:33 pm
the victims, 27-year-old terrel fort and 28-year-old justin ford were killed early sunday station. stemmed from an argument at a nearby club. new details come to light knicks coach derek fisher ending up in a fight with a form you -- former teammate. matt barnes of the memphis going to his ex-wife's home to check on his six-year-old twins , not to confront fisher. he says conversation with his son carter maintenance think -- made them think something was wrong. the attacked fisher because the two are now dating. starting next summer nearly all restaurants and stores in new york city could face fines if they are caught using air- conditioning with the doors open. mayor de blasio signed the bill into law to stop businesses from wasting energy by leaving doors open with air
4:34 pm
the new law follows a public campaign, shut the front door. stores caught breaking the rule could could be fined up to $1000. atlantic city taxpayers are on the hook to pay for the security costs for this year's miss america pageant parade. organizers say they could put -- could not pay the $65,000 bill, so now city officials say they are forced to pay it. according to reports, records show the miss america organization ran an $882,000 deficit in 2013 but the organizations say it is on firm financial footing. heart pounding moments caught on camera. from a bridge. the contractor was repairing a bridge in houston yesterday, when he slipped and ended up suspended high in the air for more than an hour. fortunately, he was wearing a harness which kept him from plunging into the channel 16 stories below. firefighters had a tough time reaching him. they tried a ladder truck but
4:35 pm
they were able to host the worker up through a manhole in the bridge. >> we trained for these particular calls our entire career. when we get a chance to put that training into play, it's a success for us. >> the worker was taken to the hospital where he was checked out. he's now resting at home. to the story, a woman doing other side of the pillow as they say when she hears hissing sounds coming from beneath the dryer. take you live right here. animal control removed an eight- foot long king cobra from the woman's home in florida last night. she was putting clothes in her dryer when she heard a hiss. >> i don't freak out with snakes. i started getting antsy. but i just completed my task and went inside and made a phone call. >> that is a tough woman. the snake had gone missing more than a month ago from a home nearby. the reptile returned to its owner.
4:36 pm
still to come a young pop star opens up about a very personal struggle. selena gomez reveals that she is now battling lupus. but what exactly is that disorder? dr. richard besser joins us.
4:37 pm
4:38 pm
te selena gomez is revealing she has lupus. she has received chemotherapy in her struggle. the star opens up about her diagnosis in a recent interview with billboard magazine. she had become the subject of tabloid rumors which alleged she had an alcohol problem. speculation began after she canceled her tour back in 2013. and then checked into rehab the following year. gomez says she was undergoing treatment and now her lupus is in remission. joining us now for more insight on lupus is the chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser. >> the first question everyone has, what is lupus exactly? people have heard the term but may not know what it is. lupus is a disease where our body's own immune system attacks us.
4:39 pm
our immune system is designed to ward off infections, fight cancer. with lupus it is turned against ourselves. it can go after just about any organ in the body. the skin, lungs, kidneys, brain, heart. it can present in many different ways. it is more common in women. it can typically appear in young adults. the way it shows up, fever, rash, joint pain are the most typical but it can be hard to diagnose. it can affect so many different parts of the body. to treat it. that is frightening. chemotherapy. what that is. you tend to think of patients with cancer where it is a very high dose of chemotherapy to knock out a tumor. with lupus, the approach is to try to calm down the immune anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, and drugs that are used in treating cancer can be system.
4:40 pm
what you will often see is periods of flavors where the disease is quiet, you want to make sure you are getting managed by a center that specializes in lupus. >> there's another story, more research indicating that if you use cell phones or electronic devices, particularly kids, right before they go to bed, it's going to affect the way they sleep. is there anything new here? what can we take away from this? >> it's a big problem. more data saying that teens in particular have problems at school, sleeping, using devices right before bed. it's not just the distraction from using the phone. in order to get sleepy at night, our body has melatonin that goes way up. if you've got this light from these devices, it's going to suppress your melatonin level and that can make it hard to go to sleep. >> just so you know, my wife tells me all the time, put that cell phone down. and i ignore her. >> can i just say, i still fall asleep fine. it's not affecting my sleep.
4:41 pm
>> you are the exception. >> teens need these. the academy of be tracked fixed just came out with suggestions for parents. these are important in terms of developing identity, social connection, it's how kids are connecting now. you have to be a parent and set limits and help them especially understand what the proper behavior is. >> and interact. it's also being a role model. >> and it is tough. >> we're the worst. it's really hard. over there? >> thanks. eyes wide shut. we have a version of that that we're calling isa stuck shut. coming up on eyewitness news, you see this poor woman? problem. the mix of that led to one i getting tightly sealed.
4:42 pm
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a simple mistake left a woman in florida with her eyes glued shut. a friend was using a leaf blower and debris blew into her eye. she asked the friend to grab some eyedrops. instead, the friend accidentally grabbed superglue. take a listen. >> i felt it burn. closed my eye and screamed.
4:45 pm
>> oh, my goodness. >> the woman says her doctor apparently turned her away. how does that happen? because she didn't have payment. how does that happen? she says her next step is going to the er for help and possible surgery to save her eye. >> seems like something's missing in that story. >> i don't know how any doctor would turn someone away with the possibility of losing vision. >> is super glued to the eyedrops? >> that's just crazy all- around. >> definitely. looks nice out there. lovely. >> it is. i thought we would have some clouds being stubborn but we got a little bonus. tomorrow, a little bit of rain. i want to get the point across that even though there's rain in the forecast and we haven't had much, it's not a washout by any means. outdoor plans are okay. >> homecoming game tomorrow night. >> okay.
4:46 pm
there's going to be a couple showers that go through. no doubt about that. hopefully you are not in two or three showers that are downpours. everything is out of seen by about eight -- 8:00 or 9:00. >> the cheerleaders should prepared to get wet? >> yeah. >> put it under the umbrella for about 15, 20 minutes and then it's gone. look a central park right now, up to the reservoir, great night to take a jog around the reservoir. clear to partly cloudy skies, southeast winds at 6:00. 60 degrees right now. planning here, patchy clouds becoming mostly cloudy overnight. for tomorrow morning, maybe the northern suburbs, a couple showers that sneak in, especially north of i-84. start out with a fair amount of clouds. not a lot going on around lunch time. if we can get the clouds to break up a little bit, low and middle 70s in reach. anytime after 3:00 in the afternoon, showers and thunderstorms around, a couple of lines that come through. one that may be comes through toward the beginning of the evening commute.
4:47 pm
another one in the early evening and then they will move away. so just a couple of times there where you have to dodge the line of showers and maybe an isolated thunderstorm around. temperatures in the upper 60s to around 70. a really comfortable night. showers that we're looking at here, tracking for tomorrow. if you look at the different, 75 in chicago, upper 50s, in the twin cities. we'll see a cooldown into saturday. patchy clouds around during the evening hours. there's that's the -- first threat of a line of showers that could sneak in during the morning commute. north and west of new york city, it's a different feel tomorrow. temperatures it really feels really warm. warmer in the afternoon, there's the first line of showers. not even a solid line. broken showers, one or two isolated downpours. then we will probably flareup into the evening hours. the best chance of a thunderstorm that has a gusty downpour would be just south of new york city. and then one more line that tries to sneak through during the evening hours.
4:48 pm
clearing situation on saturday. wake up, partly to mostly sunny. sunshine, cool during the remainder of the daylight hours. expecting rainfall amounts for most spots are going to be a 10th of an inch, 0.2, if you spots that will get a downpour. 0.40.5. rumble of thunder, want to stress again not a washout. mid-70s, clouds, a little bit of sun. saturday, mostly sunny but a little on the cool side. have your coat along when we are walking in the rochelle for the fair walk. sunday, back in the 70s into early next week. storm showers will be >> can't complain about that. >> okay. thank you. david? was stranded on this thursday, rupert murdoch apologizes on twitter president obama getting lots of attention right now. here's the tweet, he wrote apologies, no offense, meant personally, find both men charming. the media mogul found himself in the middle of a racial
4:49 pm
tweeted, ben and candy carson, terrific. what about a real black president who can properly address the racial divide? the twittersphere shuck from all the responses. actor harry shearer sarcastically tweeted, can you please regularly advise black americans on which of them is doubt? tweet. nominees for the 2016 rock it's a diverse group. first times on the list include janet jackson who joined steve miller, chaka khan, cheap once. i love chaka khan. i can say it as many times as i want. the class of 2016 will be inducted in a ceremony in new york city. facebook trending for not giving users a dislike button but actually a way to post just
4:50 pm
-- other than clicking the like it's caught reactions. didn't have to stretch far for this concept. it's a series of the mozzy's. -- emoji's. facebook first testing it out in ireland and spain today. >> what's wrong with words? >> it's so old-fashioned. get with it. a toddler having trouble opening a locked door. who did she call? she calls charlie of course. charlie? >> aww. beagle. not more worried that the toddler or the dog can open the >> partners in crime.
4:51 pm
trend online, >> pretty cute. >> i love the little expression of, do you want to go? no, you go. no, you go. so cute. >> all right. thanks. still to come, a close call for a hero from our country. one of the men who sat -- helped stop a terrorist attack that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus.
4:52 pm
only at your lincoln dealer. take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app.
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we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools. i'm michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of teachers. cmon! join us! spencer stone, one of the three americans who helped subdue a terrorist on french train is in the hospital after a frightening violent attack. this time trouble found him in
4:54 pm
>> reporter: hailed an international hero two months ago, airman spencer stone is now back in the hospital, after being repeatedly stabbed in what appears to be a street fight captured on this surveillance video in his hometown of sacramento. the assault happened in a popular bar area just after midnight thursday. and police say the parties involved had been drinking at a nightclub. >> there was conversations and then it continued down the block to where the stabbing occurred. >> reporter: this altercation comes after stone and his two friends helped thwart a terrorist attack on a train. >> i put him in a choke-hold. >> reporter: they received france's highest medal and also met president obama. in france, stone's finger was caught off with a box cutter and had to be reattached.
4:55 pm
stabbing his recovering from significant but nonlife-threatening injuries. his friend alek skarlato tweeting everybody send prayers today. this attack is not related to terrorism or what happened in france. detectives are now searching for two suspects who fled the scene in a car. >> can only wish him the best. still more news ahead including a new push to fix potholes that are still around from last winter. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. developing right now, a new york chef and restaurant owner makes his first court appearance on child porn charges. we've got new details coming out about what authorities say happened. >> but first we're staying on top of breaking developments in the search for a woman behind a frightening abduction that had a teenager jumping out of a moving
4:56 pm
car. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana >> and i'm sade baderinwa. police in bridgeport say they're one step closer to making an arrest in that attempted kidnapping. >> the 17-year-old was forced in order to get away and video shows her daring escape. tonight police have found that car and identified the driver. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer has been following the story all day and he joins us now from bridgeport. >> those new developments coming here at police headquarters late this afternoon. those new details that police are revealing and they now say they have targeted a suspect. >> reporter: the video, nothing short of alarming. a young 17-year-old girl dangerously tumbling from the passenger side of a moving car, trying, police say, to escape an attempted abduction. the car caught on security cameras in this video released by bridgeport police sparked many tips from the public. >> we have the car in that
4:57 pm
video in our custody.
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