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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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video in our custody. >> reporter: the charcoal toyota yaris, with a missing bumper, was found in new haven. bridgeport police say they're looking for the suspect. >> we've identified the woman who we believe is responsible for this act and we are very hopeful that an arrest is imminent. >> reporter: the teenage student was walking to school early monday morning here when a driver described as in her 40s stopped her. it's not clear how she was able to lure the teenager in to the car. once inside the driver started to assault the teenager. people who have heard the story and seen the video think it was dangerous to get in the car. >> i wouldn't say you've got to be extremely careful but you've got to be careful either way. >> reporter: just why the woman chose this girl and for what reason -- >> hopefully that through our investigation we'll develop a motive. as you know one is not necessarily needed but it would be nice to know. >> reporter: the search goes on
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for the suspect and the case is at the top of the list. >> it's serious and it has to do with the children of bridgeport. that makes it top priority. >> tonight police are also stressing they do not believe the two ever met or even knew each other but tonight they're certainly looking for the female driver. reporting live in bridgeport, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. a new york chef and restaurant owner in federal court this afternoon facing child porn charges. the fbi arrested 54-year-old matthew tivy this morning. this is not his first run-in with the law when it comes to misconduct with minors. >> tivy was first arrested by the nypd in may but authorities did not have what they have on him now. they say it was his cell phone that did him in, sparking a federal investigation.
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restaurant owner who's made appearances on the food network and just this morning matthew tivy was arrested on child pornography charges. the owner of the french bistro caf du soleil is accused of taking advantage of five minors and receiving and distributing explicit videos and photos. text messages were found between him and a bronx high school student who was 14 or 15 at the time about having sex. authorities say the encounter happened at a best buy parking lot in the bronx back in december. afterward tivy allegedly texted this: even though you were very bad not to tell you how old you are but i don't mind. tivy responded i've been with a high school guy before so it's cool. officials say there's a short video of the two having sex. the 54-year-old was arrested by the nypd back in may for sexual abuse of a minor and that's when they discovered of other victims.
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we spoke with tivy's attorney following his arraignment today and here's what he had to say. >> the short answer is i believe him. it's up to the u.s. attorney to prove the case. we believe the presumption of innocence in this country and that's what he's maintaining. >> in court today tivy pleaded not guilty. he has a husband. the judge denied him bail saying he's a threat to the community. that means he'll have to stay in jail till his trial and we'll keep you updated on that. new at 5:00, a teacher's aide who was caught on camera getting rough with a toddler in new jersey will not face charges. a video shot back in may at an outdoor play area near the apple montessori school
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handling a toddler to put a hat on her. the office says the decision not to indict should not be interpreted to mean that gomez' behavior is acceptedable. a shootout involving undercover officers in brooklyn. one suspect was hit in the leg and an unmarked police car was riddled with bullets. amazingly the three officers were not hit. four suspects were found and arrested. a triple homicide recently happened in a neighboring housing development, striking fear in residents. >> to be shooting like this with all these children around here is ridiculous. they need to fix these. it's putting a lot of kids in danger. >> residents say the suspect who was hit in the leg is on parole. charges are pending against him. new at 5:00, investigators officially eliminating natural gas as a cause of the deadly explosion that leveled a building in brooklyn. the fdny says fire marshals have completed their onsite forensic investigation.
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in to whether the october 3rd blast was accidental or intentional. francisca figueroa reportedly was in serious debt and was being evicted. meanwhile, we have new information on the ill fated voyage of the cargo ship named el faro. one of the 33 missing crew members lived in brooklyn. that crew member, 26-year-old mitchell cufflick. the coast guard suspended its search for possible survivors last night, nearly a week after the ship sank in the bahamas near hurricane joaquin. one of his neighbors remembers him as a nice guy and being very polite. >> i think it's sad because there was a lot of them on the boat. i didn't know he was one of them. >> the neighbor tells eyewitness news he moved in to the building about a year ago with his girlfriend. new developments in the deadly turnpike accident in new jersey. in the last hour, police have identified the
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driver who dropped a mattress and box spring on the highway, suspected of causing a tanker driver to veer off the road and explode in a ball of fire. that driver was killed. the question now, will charges be filed? new jersey reporter anthony johnson is live in east rutherford with the latest. >> here's the latest. an autopsy took place on the truck driver today. so far that truck driver that died in yesterday's accident has not been identified but we do know he is from newark, new jersey. >> reporter: authorities have now said the truck that burst in to flames was carrying 8500 gallons of fuel. after leaving a linden refinery. the blazing inferno on the turnpike was so destructive, it was challenging for investigators to determine which company owns the fuel truck which burst in to flames. but this afternoon it was announced that the truck company was jsk transport of warren, new jersey. this dash cam video
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shows the horrible chain of events leading to the crash and the stunning aftermath but it could have been far worse. the fuel truck driver apparently took quick action to avoid motorists and a mattress and box spring on the roadway. the trucker swerving off the northbound turnpike, hitting a guard rail, which split the shell of the fuel container like a straight razor. the truck flipping on to its side and goes up in a ball of flames. the mattresses were still on the road as the truck was burning out of control. traffic on the northbound western spur was blocked off for some 13 hours. police were able to interview the van driver who lost the two mattresses on the scene. so far he has not been charged with any motorcycle vehicle violations. >> aaa new jersey also says there are more trucks on the road these days between the to midnight. that's because new rules went in
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to place a couple years ago that mandates that truckers get sleep after midnight. that is the latest live from east rutherford, new jersey. anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. two people are in police custody tonight in connection with a hit-and-run on the upper east side. a livery driver was hit as he stepped out of his car near madison and 80th street this morning. the man suspected of running in to him was pulled over minutes later on the upper west side. he and another no time. the victim is expected to survive. new information and a bit of a political shocker. the vote for house speaker was postponed minutes before it was supposed to happen because house majority leader kevin mccarthy unexpected pulled his name out of the running. mccarthy has been unable to gain the support of conservatives in the party. he made controversial remarks about the benghazi investigation. john boehner says he will remain in place until the republicans are ready
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stocks on wall street extending a lucrative rally today, pushing the dow back above the 17,000 mark. investors continue to watch the feds' every move, looking for signs it will raise key interest rates. a rate hike may be in jeopardy because of the slowdown in china and a wavering u.s. jobs market. the dow closed at 17,050. the nasdaq added many points. the s&p 500 rose 17 points. we're staying on top of a mystery in new jersey. coming up, the search to figure out what killed a mother and her child as police try to figure out how they died. we now know who found the bodies. >> after a massive fire that destroyed luxury apartments in new jersey, the eyewitness news investigators ask what's the holdup on changing the law that could make it safer for tenants? >> plus the multimillion-dollar plan to fix potholes before winter gets here. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. we added a few clouds today. we lost a few degrees t. --
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a few degrees. it's still clouds there's
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lee's accuweather forecast is coming up in just 3 minutes. pothole season is fast approaching. while we're still enjoying fall, we're getting closer to winter. there's a push tonight to fix potholes still around from last winter.
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start of a nearly $14 million repaving project. here's n.j. burkett. >> reporter: it may be the worst stretch of highway anywhere on long island. route 106 in jericho. not so much a road, but a quarter mile long speed bump. >> the pothole condition here on long island is horrendous. >> reporter: nick veccio is visiting long island from south florida. >> i hit more potholes just going from the tunnel to long island than i have in three years living in florida. >> reporter: the weather in new york is a major factor, but it hasn't snowed in months and some roads like this stretch of the wantagh parkway still look like wash boards. this week governor cuomo promised $14 million to repair and repave several long island roads over the months. >> this is an investment in the long island road network that is sorely needed.
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>> reporter: alex slatky of the aaa says repairs have been delayed for a lack of funding. >> that's where the rubber meets the road because you need money from the federal level. you need money at the local level. and all of those levels of government are strapped for cash. >> we've had two really bad winters. the roads have been destroyed. help. you have to >> reporter: some motorists we but not nick veccio. >> thank god i got heavy duty suspension because i've been banging my head on the ceilings of the truck. you need more of a humvee they use in afghanistan. probably could handle the potholes a lot better. >> a major project to repair route 106 is about to get underway. 2014 was the worst year ever on long island roads. roughly 50,000 people reported flat tires. that's an average of one every 11 minutes for the
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entire year. long island, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. the man wanted for stealing a cell phone is now under commissioner bratton confirmed they're looking to whether excessive the emt was brooklyn. police surrounded the man wanted for stealing the iphone and started beating him. at some point the robbery victim, the paramedic joins in. the complaint review board will likely decide how to handle the situation. >> it is a matter that is the subject of an internal affairs situation which the ccrb will be coming in to because it is probably more appropriately in force. >> the suspect, daniel daniel shevchanko pleaded guilty and will be sentenced later this month.
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the deadly stampede in saudi arabia may be double the original count. the disaster killed more than 1300 people. last month saudi officials put the death toll at 769. this all happened when two large waves of pilgrims converged on a narrow road in the holy city of mecca during the annual hajj pilgrimage. hundreds of counterfeit emissions stickers. officers seized 935 stickers from a man's luggage. the man, a citizen of the dominican republic, was taken in to custody. i was saying earlier i didn't realize you could get these on the black market. i guess you can get anything on the black market. [ laughter ] not a good weather forecast. >> can't get enough of this. >> can we have another day? >> tomorrow
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to be more warm and humid. almost a summery feel for tomorrow before we cool back and get more of the refreshing fall weather over the weekend. it's such a transition time of year. i've seen a couple fall jackets and scarfs, then some shorts and t-shirts. meanwhile we've got a nice little breeze out there. feels great in the early evening hours. for an hour or two given any one spot we had some clouds. we approach sunset around 6:30. high today was 72 degrees. average was 67. we'll be a good maybe nine degrees above that tomorrow. no rainfall today. we're having some tomorrow. i don't think we're talking about big amounts. most of the area will probably average a 10th or two. there are your sunrise and sunset times. 71 degrees. sun and afternoon showers.
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montgomery right now. it's 66 in stanford. 66 in newark. belmar coming in at 64 degrees. 63 at 7 :00. just a few patchy clouds around first part of the night. mostly cloudy by morning. but notice the numbers tonight don't fall below 60 in new york city. most suburbs are in the comfortable 50s. if you felt won't need it tomorrow. low 70s by noon. may be a shower well north and west for the morning commute. most of the area is dry till later in the mid to late afternoon hours where a couple lines of showers come through and a few embedded thunderstorms. you see a couple patchy clouds right now. you can see through them but a little bit more cloudiness if you're near ridge water, hackensack. here's the cold front through the great lakes. right now we're on the cooler side of the front with an east wind. as we go through later tonight this front is going to come through. that's why we could see a shower north and
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get in to this warmer air mass briefly with temperatures spiking in to the mid 70s, especially if the clouds thin out a little bit which i think they will at times. then these showers will come in. a lot of these showers are going to our north. kind of ripped off with any steady rains. a couple lines come through. initially a surge of warmth in the mid 70s then the cool down as we head through the upcoming weekend. thunder threat tomorrow especially from the city southward during the afternoon and early evening hours, a couple rounds of showers. most likely in the early afternoon and evening. don't be surprised if you're in sullivan, see a shower in the morning. partly cloudy and comfortable tonight. 60 degrees. tomorrow's high is 76. breezy, warm despite a fair amount of clouds. a little bit of sun and then a shower, thunderstorm especially afternoon and evening. the evening thundershowers will leave us then partial clearing. coming up at 5:30, will the best chance for a gusty thunder shower be over central and southern new jersey? we'll look at that on the latest futurecast.
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is it just a plain old sunny weekend, and maybe a 7-day accuweather forecast a few minutes away at 5:30. mets fans are ready for the team's first playoff game in nine years. the mets are in los angeles right now and they're preparing for game 1 of the national league division series tomorrow night against the dodgers. new york practices later tonight. l.a. already got in their practice today. the mets will send their ace to the mound for game 1. go mets. we've got sports anchor laura behnke in los angeles for game 1. you can see her reports beginning tonight at 11:00. >> got a good feeling about the mets? >> i'm very happy for the mets. coming up, what facebook has come up with needs of a dislike button. >> also new fallout for the new jersey nurse accused of reusing syringes when handing out flu shots.
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>> i'm lauren glassberg in the midst of 7 acres of green space on the roof. >> from rooftop to newscopter7 just arriving over a bus accident in morningside heights. my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i had of her in the nicu. my tip to you is
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we want to get you to that breaking news we just talked about before the break. shannon sohn is live in newscopter7 over a bus accident in morningside heights. looks like that bus went right in to some scaffolding, shannon. >> it certainly did. they were traveling south on broadway trying to make the westbound turn on to west 120th street when it clipped the scaffolding. you can see the problem the fire department is having now, trying to figure out how to get the bus from wedged underneath that scaffolding and keeping the scaffolding from collapsing at the same time. this will be a prolonged operation. if you're on 120th street, you're being forced to turn north on broadway. shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. apology today from volkswagon's top executive here in the u.s. michael horn went before a congressional committee today to answer questions about the emissions rigging scandal.
5:24 pm
he said he had no idea and he blamed rogue software engineers overseas. >> reporter: in the hot seat for his company's deception. >> i'd like to offer a sincere apology. >> reporter: volkswagon's u.s. chief apologizes repeatedly as lawmakers vent their anger over the automaker's admitted cheating on pollution tests in nearly a half million diesel vehicles in the u.s., inserting software that would only turn on the emissions controls when the vehicle was being tested. >> vw has betrayed a nation. it's time to clean it up or get off the road. >> i did not think something like this was possible at the volkswagon group. >> reporter: michael horn told congress he was just as shocked as they were and as disappointed as the millions of vw owners around the world who now say their car's value dropped. it will be a costly mistake for volkswagon, facing lawsuits and lost business on top of recalls.
5:25 pm
headquarters in germany as prosecutors seek documents for their own investigation. >> americans have been defrauded by volkswagon. the company's word isn't worth a dime. >> reporter: volkswagon has still not said how or when it will fixed the recalled vehicles in the u.s. but promises to take full responsibility. >> we will find remedies for our customers and we will work to ensure this will never happen again. >> reporter: michael horn said management at the company was not awareed of the so-called defeat devices installed on the cars and said he believes it was something done independently by a couple software engineers. new at 5:00, jetblue revealing its newest addition to terminal 5 at kennedy airport. a farm. the t5 farm will grow herbs and produce for use in the terminal's restaurants. that includes blue potatoes. items
5:26 pm
will also be donate today local food pantrys. >> jetblue is new york's hometown airline. we know we can source this from new york. we know we can support new york farmers. we can celebrate new york agriculture. we can show the millions and millions of tourists coming to this building that there's more to new york than nyc. >> jetblue says it will attract attract -- will plant birds that don't attract birds. they will eventually allow animals on the farm. >> that will be something to see. mystery tonight surrounds the death of a young mother and her 5-year-old son in a jersey city home. we now know who found the bodies. >> plus, in the nine months since this fire destroyed a luxury apartment complex, there have been a lot of calls to change building codes in new jersey. the eyewitness news investigators look at why nothing has changed. >> a hearing taking place for
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why he we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools.
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c we're back. we've got several breaking stories we're following. in morningside heights a bus has crashed in to scaffolding. so far no injuries reported. the car involved in an abduction attempt in bridgeport, connecticut has been found. video shows a teen tumbling out of the car. the search for the driver who has been identified continues. a new york chef and restaurant owner facing charges involving child pornography. 54-year-old matthew tivy owns caf du soleil on the upper west side. he's also accused of having sex with a teenaged boy. new information about the death of a woman and her 5-year-old son. >> their bodies were found in
5:29 pm
eyewitness news reporter at the scene. >> we just got an update from law enforcement officials in this case. they tell us there's no threats to the public and this is being investigated as a possible domestic incident and it's unclear if a crime was even committed. what it clear though, what happened in that second floor apartment has neighbors here puzzled. >> there was more cops than i'd ever seen. >> reporter: residents describing a frantic scene wednesday night. it was around 6 p.m. when police found a mother in her 20s and her 5-year-old son unconscious in their second floor apartment at this multifamily home. they were unconscious and in cardiac arrest at the time. >> reporter: the mother and child were rushed to christ hospital where they were pronounced dead a short time later. investigators are calling the death suspicious but
5:30 pm
are not saying much more. >> the building has been searched by hazmat. at this time police entered the structure and they're investigating the scene. >> reporter: neighbors say whatever happened, it was clear right away something had gone terribly wrong. >> they had a stretcher out here. me and my wife just left because we didn't want to see something like that. >> reporter: police say it was the brother-in-law of the woman who found the mother and son unconscious but they're not saying if that mother and child lived alone in the apartment. meanwhile the fire department conducted air quality tests and those tests came back negative for carbon monoxide. residents suspecting this was no accident. >> it sounds suspicious to me. >> reporter: neighbors say they never heard or saw anything unusual at the home so these deaths remain a mystery. >> you just see them walking by looking happy. >> that mother and child have not yet been identified. the
5:31 pm
this investigation. jersey city police say that happens any time there's any possible foul play involved. this is being investigated at the moment as a possible domestic incident. police in new jersey are investigating a deadly shooting outside of a gentleman's club. investigators believe 28-year-old michael williams of newark was a patron at the wet bar in belleville before he was gunned down near the bar early this morning. so far police have made no arrests and have no suspects. residents say violence at the club is becoming all too common. nine months after a fast moving fire burned down a luxury apartment complex in edgewater, new jersey nothing has changed despite calls for changes in building codes. the eyewitness news investigators found buildings exactly like this one are still going up. investigative reporter jim hoffer is here with what he's learned. >> what we've learned is the promises of quick action on fire
5:32 pm
code safety have given way to politics as usual. any stricter standards for light weight wood construction in new jersey are probably years away. >> reporter: the fire spread so quickly through the wood frame apartment, firefighters had to retreat and battle the flames from a distance. no one was killed last january but within an hour edgewater had 500 homeless residents. >> there is a massive fire and large scale wood construction almost once a month. >> reporter: alexi has been researching the dangers of light weight wood construction ever since the building of this 280-unit apartment complex got underway in her hometown of princeton. although edgewater put the dangers of stick frame structures in the spotlight, asmus says nothing has been done because the builders have big bucks. >> there's a lot of money being made on standardized cookie cutter wood housing.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: after edgewater, new jersey lawmakers promised change. bills calling for concrete or steel fire stops and fire resistant walls in lofts and attics. 10 months later not a single vote has been taken and the building of stick frame, all-wood apartments keep going up all over new jersey. in sayreville, in neptune, in bloomfield, and princeton. >> i don't believe the legislation is going to move any time soon. >> reporter: one of the laws calling for safer wood construction has been sitting in senator rice's community and urban affairs committee for months. >> this just isn't going to happen and maybe not for a while. >> it's going to happen. no doubt in my mind it's going to happen. >> very little has changed since the edgewater fire took place. >> reporter: paul driscoll says his drive can't compete with the moneyed interest who have the
5:34 pm
>> lawmakers are being influenced by very powerful organizations and we as citizens have been trying very hard to be heard. >> reporter: campaign finance data show senator typical of most lawmakers. he's received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from industry groups opposed to tougher fire or building codes. because they say it will increase construction costs. rice insists though that the money has no influence on him. >> buildings just like the one that burned in to the ground in edgewater and left so many as we speak here. >> i think now there's going to have to be some changes we can't get away from because of edgewater. >> senator rice says he supports building code improvements but says with an election coming up in new jersey and with a pro business governor running for president, getting changes made in to law he says
5:35 pm
is a real uphill battle. new information tonight about flu shots given to people with the same syringe in new jersey. coming up, the fallout now facing the nurse who administered the shots. >> plus, it's not a dislike button but we'll show you what facebook has come up with instead. >> the stunning exit in washington. the congress who stood before the cameras today and shocked every one. why did he change his mind? the american hero attacked. honored
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new information on a nurse that reused a syringe while giving flu shots in new jersey has had her license temporarily surrendered. mary roback voluntarily surrendered her license yesterday. she administered the shots last month.
5:39 pm
an important recall tonight involving a popular line of roughly 35,000 safetyfirst high chairs are being recalled after reports that children were able to remover the tray. that's caused at least 11 children to fall out and injury themselves. the model numbers can be found on our website, troubled actor randy quaid ordered a short time ago, released from detention by immigration officers in canada, looking noticeably different with long hair and a beard. quaid appeared at a detention the actor was arrested on suspicion he would not leave canada last week as ordered. he's being sent back to the u.s. to face impending criminal charges. they fled the u.s. claiming they were victims of persecution. facebook is answering the demand for a delike button by testing out a new reactions feature. starting today users in ireland and spain will have
5:40 pm
react from a post. a series of emojis will pop up allowing you to better express your emotions. chances are your teen is staying up late at night, texting away. coming up, there's a new study conducted right here in our area, reveals the impact it's having in the classroom. >> plus, he has big dreams of joining the nypd and tonight the 7-year-old gets a message from new york city's top cop. >> all kinds of kids and all kinds of characters here at comic con but one movie they want to see in particular. >> so jealous. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. miss liberty probably squinting in the sun. got a couple clouds around, otherwise 66 degrees. we're awaiting a cold front that's going to arrive tomorrow.
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does this $20 family fill up meal have eight pieces of original recipe chicken? [ding] two large mashed potatoes and gravy? yes. [ding] and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing]
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we've got lee's forecast coming up in just a sec, but we've got an update on the brooklyn boy who dreams of one day becoming a member of the nypd. >> tonight commissioner bratton is extending an invitation to meet him at one police plaza. zachary is on a mission to visit every police precinct and he's already hand delivered about 2,000 thank you cards to officers. >> i felt kind of jealous that he's visited 15 precincts already. i'll look forward to having him to my office next week and greeting him. >> we want him in the class of 2032 i think it is, 2033. >> '31. >> tell him we're holding a space for him. >> [ laughter ] that's great.
5:44 pm
that he's meeting with them. zachary is meeting with the police commissioner and it's expected to take place sometime next week. you know this kid is just thrilled beyond belief. >> you knew the commissioner would come through. >> the future of the finest is bright. >> what a great example. already 2,000 thank yous. it's going to be a very pretty evening. the fall weekend looks great, just a little on the cooler side. outside tonight, checking on that brewing beautiful sunset over new york harbor. a couple clouds out there. very pretty again. southeasterly wind at 5. mostly sunny. patchy clouds, turning mostly cloudy toward dawn. a little sunshine. there's also a shower during the morning commute in the far north and west suburbs. most of us will sneak in the morning
5:45 pm
commute dry. forecast down to 60. humidity is climbing tonight with the cloud cover. it's a mild overnight for most. 50s in the suburbs and it feels warmer, more humid tomorrow. a bis more of a late summer feel tomorrow as temperatures strive for the mid 70s. clouds may thin out during the middle of the day. as the cold front approaches there will be several lines of showers and embedded thunderstorms. most likely after 3:00 in the afternoon. there might be one line that comes through the evening commute. most of us will just get away with a couple rounds of showers but there will be a few shots that get a heavy downpour and isolated thunderstorm. our numbers are comfortable headed in to the evening hours. there's the cold front right there. it's separating 70s here from 50s in the lakes. it's a cool day as we go through the day saturday. looks like it will be bright and sunny. overnight, patchy clouds. there's the first line of showers. most of it knowing north of us across i-90 but a few showers may survive the trip.
5:46 pm
i think the bulk of us have a dry morning commute and it's fairly mild. then after lunchtime the clouds try to thin out a little bit. it may spark more showers. at first it may be broken showers around. 15 minutes and a shower is gone. there might be a more organized line that flares up to evening. monmouth, middle sex, hudson valley. that will go through 8:00, 9:00 at night. then the threat will end. back to sunshine on saturday. it is a lot cooler though. a few degrees below average. expect rainfall to be light unless you get in to a couple downpours. fall forecast for the weekend, north of i-80, northwest. it's the catskills and poconos that are peaking now or nearing peak. tomorrow not a washout by far. a few showers, maybe a rumble of thunder. evening commute can be hampered a little bit but warm and breezy.
5:47 pm
cooler an saturday. sun and high clouds on sunday and next week back in to the 70s again. we're not done with the warmth. halloween is more than three people in costumes in new york city starting today. >> it's for comic con and it attracts more than 150,000 people, making it new york city's second largest event. it's made for the superhero in all of us. sandy kenyon is at the center. he's our superhero. >> thanks , dianne rr -- diane and sade. some are hold ing bags here with the name of one title in particular. star wars, the force awakens, is still more than two months away
5:48 pm
but fans of the franchise are so excited, you'd think it was opening tomorrow. >> woo! [ laughter ] >> if you're a big nerd you've got to watch star wars. >> reporter: call them nerds or geeks if you want, but it's a captive audience of customers, tens of thousands of them. and no expenses spared to sell these true believers. so many new projects to hear about, so little time. but what is even more important is the chance to commune with kindred spirits. >> what do you get out of coming to comic con? >> the ability to dress like this and nobody looks at me any different. >> it's hard to find an area where you can come in, look normal. i tend to stand out. >> there's always somebody here who loves the same thing you do and you feel welcome. i love this place. >> reporter: comic con isn't confined to the city. the biggest of these gatherings is
5:49 pm
but this one has a flare in a field that is unique to new york. >> we have all types of people coming to new york. you have people all over the world. you get a different twist. you get a different new york flavor. >> reporter: many here have been coming for years and one couple from the bronx says -- >> i'm all for starting them early. >> reporter: lillith vazquez was only a few months old when she came here last year and -- delighted to be back. >> she was not alone among the toddlers., our website, has streaming live video from inside comic con. i can tell you frankly it is very busy here. aisles. but you don't have to come, you log on to and you can get a nice view from our friends at marvel and the
5:50 pm
marvel universe. sandy kenyon, channel 7 eyewitness news . >> that is cool. >> a lot of people having a good time out there. a big study on texting with teens from our area taking part in it. >> coming up, what it revealed and parents, you're going to want to see this. >> coming up at 6:00, new information about one of the victims in that deadly brooklyn explosion. >> plus, a close call for three nypd officer when's a gunman starts shooting at their car. >> birds and even bats have found a home on the rooftop of
5:51 pm
blame them? i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground...
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if you've told your kids to switch off the phones at night, now you have science to back you up. a new study says teenage
5:54 pm
cell phone use at bedtime is school performance. >> toni yates spoke with those behind the new research. >> reporter: cell phones have definitely changed how we live, keeping us connected 24/7 if we that's a concern to this man. >> we have a problem in society and how much of a demand we're making on ourselves and our children to function more in to the night than they ever really should. >> reporter: dr. pullus surveyed 3,000 high school and middle school students in a new jersey school district. he found we've got some sleepy kids. >> we're having a generation of children who we think are sleep deprived for reasons sometimes beyond their control, societal, but also within their control with the use of electronic media. >> reporter: wouldn't it be great to hear more like this? is >> i do basketball, i work out in the mornings and i get enough sleep. >> eight hours?
5:55 pm
>> yeah sort of. i go to bed at like 10:00. >> reporter: 66% of the kids said they used their smart phones after bedtime. 57% said they text and tweet messages while in bed. 21% said they wake up if a text comes in. the study concludes 61% saw their schoolwork impacted. nearly 66% said it affected their sleep. >> the habits these kids are getting now probably aren't going to change when they become adults because we adults are guilty of the same thing. >> the doctor says parents need to stress the importance of getting a good night sleep to their teenagers and school districts may need to reconsider the amount of homework, maybe lighten up the load if that's what's keeping them up at night in the first place. toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. still ahead, one democrat who won't challenge mayor de blasio for office and it's one of his toughest critics.
5:56 pm
starts right now. new developments in the kidnapping of a teenaged girl walking to school in bridgeport. police have found the car but they haven't yet found the woman who was driving it and allegedly assaulted the girl. but first, four men under arrest tonight, accused of shooting a car with three officers inside. police returned fire, hitting one of the suspects. >> good evening at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> and i'm bill ritter. fortunately cops inside the car were not hit, but they did shoot whack. -- shoot back. >> near the scene police recover a .45-caliber gun. >>
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