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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 9, 2015 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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her theory, whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger. >> you know you can definitely survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. >> reporter: never mind that homicidal rabbit. you're a survivor, right? shows like "the walking dead," "american horror story" show fear ryans, horror is hip. why else would lady gaga take a lead role? what are the things that we're most afraid of? a new survey found many of the things you'd expect. ghosts, clowns, zombies. at the very top of the list there's bugs, heights and public speaking. to ratchet up the fright, a&e is turning to eli roth. >> face it, we're all tuning in to see what happens when someone gets buried alive. i want to see the look on their face. i want to see them screaming. >> reporter: get ready to dig in. i'm david wright for "nightline" in new york. >> wow.
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"fear: buried alive" airs monday, october 26th, on a&e. a network jointly owned by our parent company, disney. aristotle said, he who overcomes his fears will truly be free. thank you for watching abc news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow. as always we're online 24/7 on
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talk about a wild ride. a prisoner on the
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run from the law. for her getaway car, she swipes an ambulance. good evening at 11:00. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. the woman tonight slipping away from the cops who were watching her. what a night for cops. on the ground and in the air. >> gym -- jim dolan is there with the new story. >> you said wild, it was a wild story out here in smithtown tonight with this woman who was in police custody, bolted from them and then jumped in to an ambulance that was running outside the hospital and she took off. her freedom as it turns out was fleeting. she slammed the ambulance in to another car on the sunken meadow state parkway at route 25 and colmack. she and the other car she slammed in to are both injured. neither injury is
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haven't yet said why the woman was in custody but fair to say she's in a lot more trouble now than she was earlier in the evening. the ambulance was owned by a private ambulance company. we don't know why the ambulance was left running though. ambulances are often left running outside hospitals. nobody certainly expects them to be stolen. again, a woman jumps in to an ambulance that was left running outside the hospital here at st. catherine of siena hospital. no word yet on why she was in custody or why she and the police were here at st. catherine of siena. jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what a story. thank you. from long island to the bronx and a developing story. five new york firefighters hurt tonight while battling a blaze at an apartment building. that fire starting earlier tonight on a building on 163rd street in the long wood section. officials say the three-alarm blaze started between the top
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floor and the roof and quickly spread. took firefighters about 45 minutes to put out the fire. >> the fire right now is under investigation. it may have been electrical. we'll have the fire marshals check it out. we're still in the process of wetting down the hotspots. about 10 apartments were affected. we have 15 to 20 people, maybe need relocation. >> residents made it out safely. the injured firefighters were not seriously hurt. a family's desperate search tonight for a missing man from long island who has just vanished. 29-year-old gursen from the nassau county of lawrence was last seen monday morning. he was heading to queens to meet a friend in woodhaven. his family says he was struggling recently after school. >> i'm begging you to please come home, to call, just come home. we love you and if anyone has
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>> if you have any information about his whereabouts, you're asked to call the nassau county police immediately. we have new details tonight in the horrific fireball crash that killed a fuel truck driver and clogged the new jersey turnpike for hours. we now know the identity of the driver who swerved to avoid hitting a car and flipped over. he's an immigrant from india driving here to support his family over there. eyewitness news reporter aj ross in linden with more on the driver. >> it was actually within the last couple hours we learned the identity of this driver. he lived in newark and had only been working here at the linden truck and company for a few short months. still long enough he left an indelible impression on his coworkers who were still mourning his loss tonight. >> reporter: hardworking and reliable is how co-workers described kumar who spent the last five months driving trucks on the open road to help support his wife and two children in india.
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kumar was operating this fuel truck wednesday afternoon traveling northbound on the jersey turnpike when he suddenly swerved to avoid several fallen mattresses and flipped over a nearby guard rail. within mere seconds the tanker was fully engulfed in flames. >> i've been driving -- i think it's going on 14 years now. seen quite a bit. i don't think i've ever seen quite as tragic right up that close though. right in front of me like that. >> reporter: we spoke by phone with kevin who witnessed this crash firsthand. you can see him running to help but the flames were too intense. >> i kind of walked along the concrete wall. i wanted to get a look. i wanted to make sure there wasn't somebody in there trying to get out, couldn't. and i got a good look at what was left in the cab and there was definitely nobody coming out of there.
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under investigation by state police. they say the driver of the white van carrying the fallen mattresses did remain on scene and so far no charges have been filed. >> my heart really goes out to the family. i don't really have any details on that. but everybody's got family somewhere and it's just a sad story. >> it's a very sad story. a short time ago the trucking company released the following statement saying, quote, all of us are deeply saddened by the loss of our friend and employee kumar. our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this difficult time. he was hardworking, reliable, and you could always count on him. aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. the heroic actions of an off duty nypd cop saves the lives of two people trapped on a burning school bus. an eyewitness news viewer shot these dramatic pictures after the bus hit the back of the truck on the long island expressway. the driver was
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trapped behind the wheel as the bus burst in to flames. the officer, christopher canale, pulled the driver out and rescued an adult passenger. no one was seriously hurt. a bold abduction and a desperate escape. tonight investigators in connecticut are hot on the trail of a woman accused of kidnapping a 17-year-old girl. the car used in the abduction was found today in new haven leading identify a suspect. they're hopeful they will be able to make an arrest. video captured the teen making the daring escape tumbling from the moving vehicle monday after the woman allegedly lured her and then assaulted her. the search for survivors is over, but the search for the cargo ship that went down during a hurricane near the bahamas now begins. the u.s. navy says it will try to find the el faro and raise it from the sea. two of the 33 people onboard were from new york. tonight a vigil for one of them, howard schoenly from east rockaway in nassau county.
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vigil for us tonight. >> as you know, people on the south shore consider boating to be a way of life. for howie schoenly it would be his entire career. tonight friends and family gather to pay tribute to sea. >> reporter: he grew up around the water and devoted his life to the sea. friends and family gathered at this canal side gazebo to pay tribute to a man they'll never forget. >> i don't think it's really hit us so much yet. it's been a really tough week. >> the only thing i feel in my heart, he was in the sea where he enjoyed it most. >> reporter: he was the second engineer aboard the el faro, the shipping vessel that lost its engines near the bahamas as hurricane joaquin churned by. officials believe all 33 mariners aboard went down with the ship. >> i want to again extend our
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sincere condolences to all of those who have been affected by this tragic accident. >> reporter: after more than a week, the coast guard has now called off the search for the wreckage. tonight the ntsb requested help from the navy to take over the how about. the goals not just to find and raise the ship and remains of the crew, but also to locate the vessel's data recorder. the so-called black box could help explain why the engines quit. >> our only goal is to find out what happened and to figure out ways to prevent this from happening again. >> reporter: back in east rockaway tonight they lit candles and remembered the good times, remembered howie schoenly's smile, his laugh. a husband, family, a friend who would have been 51 today. >> he was a great guy. and i miss him and my heart goes out to his family.
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>> howie had spent the better part of two decades working down south. he had a wife and a son. hoping they can find the remains of their loved ones so they can lay them to rest. live tonight in east rockaway, long island, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. new details on the overnight stabbing of that american hero in the french train attack. cops now releasing a picture of two people they want to talk to. right now california cops want to identify these two men believed to be involved in the stabbing of spencer stone who's in serious condition. surveillance video also showing stone in his hometown of sacramento fighting with several people outside a bar. >> he underwent surgery and subsequently was admitted to our intensive care unit. while he has sustained injury, airman stone's care team anticipates he'll make a full recovery. >> as you may recall, stone was
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stopped an attack on a train in france two months ago. new at 11:00, a $6.5 million settlement. that's how much the city of north charleston, south carolina has agreed to pay the family of water scott. that unarmed black man shot in the back and killed this year by a white police officer. mr. scott shot in april while he tried to move away from officer slag er. the officer now charged with murder. the stunning withdrawal of kevin mccarthy deepened the divide within the republican party. he said his party is clearly divided and needs to pick someone who can unite them. mccarthy had been heavily favored but failed to win over a group of hard line conservatives. >> if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> no idea it was coming. >> current
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speaker john boehner is postponing the election and will remain in the post for now. representative paul ryan of wisconsin who's been pressed to run for speaker saying tonight he's not interested in the job. if you don't know where your umbrella s meteorologist lee goldberg says wait to find it. >> i'll let you know if you'll need the umbrella by the morning commute. meanwhile, it's mild out there for an october night. 63 degrees. clear to partly cloudy skies. your forecast is coming up. >> also straight ahead, a shocking and saddening discovery. police open up this big rig and find that. men, women, and children. all of them crammed inside. where were they headed and who was responsible for this? >> you might not recognize him but this is a famous actor and he's in b baby! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it.
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startling new video to show you tonight of the harsh reality at the border, dealing with a crush of immigrants.
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cameras capturing the moment when sheriff's officers in texas find immigrants in the back of a trailer. many too weak to stand or walk after countless hours traveling from central america. >> as soon as the first 10 came out, i could see more and more coming out and i'm thinking, this is way more than 10. everybody that came out, they were scared and they thought they were going to die. >> just a human tragedy. the rest of the -- they arrested the driver. if convicted he could face up to 10 years in federal prison. the fbi tonight looking for anymore possible victims of a celebrity chef who allegedly had sex with minors. 54-year-old matthew tivy arrested today for child porn charges. tivy is the chef owner of caf du soleil. the fbi said he had sex with 14
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legendary chef paul prul --paul prul prudhomme has died. he created his own line of spices and owned louisiana kitchen. he taught millions to learn to love food like gumbo and jumbalaya. he died in new orleans at the age of 75. the cause not released at this time. the talented but troubled american actor randy quaid tonight facing deportation in canada, looking noticeably different with long hair and a beard, he appeared at a detention hearing in montreal. the actor arrested on suspicion he would not leave canada next week as ordered. quaid is being sent back to the u.s. to face pending criminal charges for trespassing. he and his wife fled to canada in 2010 claiming they were victims of persecution. sci fi, fantasy, and superhero fans are converging on the javits center for new york comic con. fans competed to get
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a first look at the coming attractions. many of those attending are also in costume themselves. >> what do you get out of coming to comic con? >> the ability to dress like this and no one looks at me different. >> it's hard to find an area where you can walk through, feel norm al. >> there's always somebody here who loves the same thing you do and you feel welcome. i love this place. >> comic con runs through sunday and tickets are sold out. more than 160,000 fans are expected to attend. our colleague and friend joe torres was not at comic con. instead he was getting a very prestigious award. an excellence in broadcast journalism award at the national hispanic media coalition's inaugural impact awards in chelsea. we all say congratulations and mazel tov to joe. he would have liked to have been at the comic con. >> he's one in a million. this weather has just been stellar. just the last few days.
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>> now it's got a little bit of a late summer feel. it's mild out there tonight. tomorrow is a warm day and not a washout even though we have to forecast a little rain in there. we have a wonderful time lapse, lower manhattan and harbor. slow moving sunset ask the ferry flying across the harbor. really, really pretty and when the sun starts to meet some of the high clouds in the horizon really pretty pink sun that gets smaller right there then sets at 6:27. really beautiful and we'll have another nice day tomorrow. sunset tomorrow may be accompanied by thundershowers. empire state building in blue and orange for the islanders home opener, actually tomorrow. 63 degrees right now. wind is still. mild. high today in the low 70s. 5 degrees above average. tomorrow could be almost 10 degrees above average. there are your sunrise and sunset times. tomorrow is not a washout. want to make that clear. there are a few lines of showers mainly in the afternoon. a few may be north and west in the morning. a late summer feel
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tomorrow in the late 70s and crisp fall feel as we get through the day saturday. our numbers today in the low 70s, add about 4 to these highs tomorrow. 62 in manhasset. we have up per 40s to the north. some clouds moving in tonight. these temperatures will stop falling overnight. mostly cloudy to start tomorrow morning. if there's a shower, it's primarily northwest new jersey through parts of the hudson valley. warm front coming through. thin spots in the clouds could be really nice in the middle of the day and mid 70s. even with limited sun. then a shower or thunderstorm starts to come through around 3:00 in the afternoon, earlier north and west. that threat will depart for the rest of the weekend. we're clear to partly cloudy. winds right now are coming off the water. but over the west they're coming out of the south. that's because there's a warm front that cuts through tonight. this area of showers right here may just get in to the northern suburbs by morning. this is the main front. that doesn't come through till afternoon. couple showers could sneak in to the northeast suburbs early.
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most likely early afternoon north. parts of central new jersey, connecticut, coast and long island after that. one more line coming through during the evening hours. could be with a shower or thunderstorm especially south and east. that will move offshore. we'll cry cry -- we'll dry out. deep blue skies. should be great. saturday night could be a little frosty. rainfall amounts aren't going to be that big. i can see a half inch in some areas that have a thunder shower. here's your accuweather forecast. 61 to start the day. a high launching pad. 50s in many suburbs. mostly cloudy. variable clouds, thin spots at times, not a bad day. 76. but in the afternoon we have the umbrella especially in to the evening hours. tomorrow night, an evening shower, rumble of thunder. we clear things out. it's great for the food allergy walk in new rochelle in westchester. sunday, 68. back in the 70s early next week. bill evans will update that timing on thundershowers tomorrow. coming up next, two of your
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monthly bills could be about to go up. i'll tell you which ones. and the disease elephants
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a price hike in the works tonight for netflix members. the internet video company is raising its price by $1 for new customers in the u.s., canada, and some latin america countries. the price of $10 per month is the second time in 17 months netflix has raised its rate for standard service. meanwhile verizon trying to coax its customers off unlimited data plans, raising the price by $20 a month. next month the company plans to raise the price of unlimited data plans from $30 to $50 a month. verizon did away with unlimited plans in 2011 but many customers were able to keep it on a month to month basis. in tonight's health alert, scientists say they now know why
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elephants rarely get cancer and that information could lead to better treatments for humans. researchers at the university of utah found elephants have 20 times as many copies of a key cancer fighting gene as humans do. that gene called tp53 scans cells for genetic mistakes and destroys cells that can't be fixed. rob powers up next with sports. >> smart people. every day we see all these smart people coming up with new stuff. let's talk baseball. mets playoff run opens tomorrow night. long way away from home. state -- straight ahead, exactly what they say they wanted. the playoffs. we'll talk about the series against the dodgers.
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coach being asked questions baby! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to do something? i am doing something. leave slow downloads behind. it's good to be back. the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest internet available for all your devices. get out of the past. get fios. mets playing at dodgers stadium tomorrow night. doesn't look like the third oldest >> it's beautiful. we're going looks playoff series with the dodgers, the last one to start. the mets hope it's worth the wait. they've waited nine years. baseball. game 1 out west tomorrow. laura behnke is there with a look ahead. >> reporter: the mets have arrived.
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the team landed in los angeles last night, worked out at dodger stadium today and now the playoffs get real. >> this is who you work for the whole season and we're ready to go and i can't wait for tomorrow. >> you work hard during the offseason. you work hard during spring training. you grind to get to this point right now. that gets you excited. >> reporter: being here is just part of their process. >> we all had our goal set early in february and we achieved our goal and now we're setting new goals and trying to keep moving on. >> reporter: all that's left, playing the biggest game of the year. >> it's a different deal but it's not really a different deal. when the game starts it's still baseball. the pitchers and the players on the other team don't all of the sudden have capes on. >> reporter: the mets certainly aren't lacking in confidence. while the dodgers begin with clayton kershaw on the mound and mets feature a four-man rotation of playoff rookies, yoenis cespedes still declared today the mets have the superior pitching. laura behnke, channel
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7 eyewitness news. as for the dodgers, they worked out today as well. clayton kershaw faced the mets earlier this season. dodgers run that game. kershaw, complete game shutout. 11 strikeouts. but that was a long time ago. >> definitely a completely different team and obviously a lot better than what we face in july. we've got more from laura in l.a. tomorrow with the nets. let's get to the american league. game 1. rangers-blue jays. last playoff game in toronto, 22 years ago. a favorite to go to the series. texas had other areas at least for game 1 against david price, robinson chirinos. they win game 1. price now 1-6, e.r.a. of almost 4.8. game 1 between the astros and royals in kansas city, a game that waited through a rain delay. 5-2 houston right now 9th inning. royals can ask the yankees how tough the astros are. springer and rasmus with homers tonight. all three local hockey
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teams on the ice tomorrow. nba


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