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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 10, 2015 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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and finally tonight, a neighborhood with an unusual problem on the streets. it's not overrun with rodents or kids causing trouble, it's, well, you'll see. >> back up. >> meet peddles. the bipedal bear causing a stir in a new jersey neighborhood. it's not someone schlepping around in a bear suit. he walks like that because his
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front paws are injured. residents have raised over $19,000 to get him off the streets, away from their trash cans and into a wildlife center. >> good for that community. it was gandhi who said the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. thank you for watching abc news. tune in to good morning america. and as always, we're on 24/7 at our facebook page and at abc have a great weekend, america. it's not about hugging trees.
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now new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. terrifying moments caught on camera, a mother and her children helpless as a driver repeatedly slams into their car. >> plus, we have new information on a teenager falling 7 stories to his death. what was he doing inside a run-down, dangerous and abandoned hospital. good evening. it's 11:00. >> a group of kids inside this hospital on staten island closed for decades but tonight one of them made a life-ending mistake. >> jim dolan is in the new brighton section with the details. >> reporter: i never should have happened. the 8 foot wall is supposed to circle the entire building but it doesn't. there's gaps for kids to crawl through, walk through and some places where it doesn't exist at all. so easy for kids to just go into that property and
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according to neighbors they do every day and have for years. nobody here is surprised that a 16-year-old boy is dead tonight. >> the abandoned hospital looks exactly like the kind of place that would attract teenagers with 7 floors of broken windows and such easy access. so many kids go in just through this space between two gates. you can see the path the kids have created to get to the building and it's been like this for years. >> everybody went in there. everybody. i'm 34 years old so when i was a kid i used to come here all the time. >> tonight investigators with flashlights came to check out the scene after a 16-year-old boy on the top floor of the building fell down an elevator shaft. his friends called 911 but he died at richmond university medical center. investigators don't know what the boys were doing inside. >> every single day in the morning we do see kids on the block down there. there's a gate there. they just get free access into the whole building
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and hang out there all day. >> drinking and weed and stuff? god knows what they're doing inside. >> we just learned the name of the 16-year-old is marcus castillo, 16 years old. >> reporter: the building was part of staten island hospital but it's been abandoned for decades. it's now owned by a company called new castle condominiums. we tried to reach them tonight but could not. reporting live, jim dolan, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. take a look at this new video we have tonight of a driving rampage. an alleged drunk driver crashed head on into a car in long island with a mother and her two kids inside. aj ross is here with that family's incredible story. aj. >> reporter: this is surreal dash cam video. the victim and her two small children are struck head on not once but twice by a driver suspected of
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being under the influence. thankfully the young family is okay but things could have been a lot worse. >> take a look at this dashcam video from inside the young family's car as they approached a stop light at ocean and wood side avenue thursday afternoon. out of nowhere a honda suv traveling westbound makes a wild right turn in the middle of this busy intersection and violently strikes them head on. >> i thought we were going to die. >> police identified the driver of that vehicle as 53-year-old linda espina. she ignored good samaritans and did not shut her car off but hit the gas again nearly running over this woman before colliding head on with the young mom and her two daughters again. >> i was really scared when she first hit us. me and my little sister were crying. then when
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were crying so hard that we were screaming as well. >> helplessly on the phone was the girl's father who quickly rushed to the scene to see if his family was okay. >> suddenly i hear screams of my kids, my wife and then silence. i thought that i lost my family. >> espina was transported to brook haven memorial hospital and later arrested and charged with dwi. >> thankful that everyone is safe and sound. >> it's good to have them back alive after what happened. >> reporter: a close call. she was arraigned today in central . i'm aj ross, channel 7, eyewitness news. new video tonight of a pair of suspects wanted in connection with a jewelry heist in midtown. surveillance video shows two men walking into the ken jo jewelry store on west 57th street. they pulled out guns, handed workers bags and demanded they fill them
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with watches. they took off with an unknown amount of merchandise. a pro baseball prospect on life support since he was shot is preparing to have his organs donated. 23-year-old michael yonkers. he was standing in the parking lot of a burger king. there's been no arrests. a toddler hanging out of a tonight we're hearing from the family of the woman who left the child alone in that apartment. neighbors screamed for help today in the mount eden section as a 2-year-old girl hung from a second floor window. the child's family said the baby is doing okay but they are clearly shaken up. >> she's perfectly fine. we just shook up about what's going
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>> a con edison work erer climbed a ladder and grabbed the baby. more deadly gun violence at college campuses. two shootings at two different universities. the latest this afternoon at texas southern university in houston. gunfire erupting outside a student housing complex there. a freshman was killed, another person shot. two people have been taken into custody for questioning. a third person is on the loose. >> the other gun violence on campus was at northern arizona university. 18-year-old steven jones charged with murder for a shooting that killed a fellow student and injured three others. jones opened fire during a fight that broke out in a parking lot at a party. a student was killed. jones was pledging a different fraternity and killed another fraternity murder. president obama was on his way to the scene of last week's deadly college shooting in oregon when the college
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he met with family members of the victims of the rampage that killed eight people and one teacher. after wards he spoke to reporters. >> we're going to have to come together as a country to see how we can prevent these issues from taking place. today it's about the families, their grief and the love we feel for them. >> the president's visit was met by a small demonstration. dozens of people gathered near roseburg's airport to protest his call for stricter gun laws. u.s. senator bob menendez trying to get his corruption charges dismissed by appealing a decision by a judge. the judge dismissed four counts of bribery but let 18 others stand. it's alleged he took bribes for political influence. the doctor was a friend of his and he also
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cops concerned the popular interaccelerate billboard is attracting visitors at 43rd street and 7th avenue. as tourists position themselves for a picture sexual predators swoop in. four men have been arrested for groping an molesting women. >> you think something is being photographed would deter them but it encourages them. >> if it's such a distraction maybe they should remove it or have more police in places like this. >> they will turn off the camera after 8:00 p.m. when most of the acts are committed. many are still snorting about losing the dodgers. will the abandoned fans from long island make that trip west to watch professional hockey? lucy yang is at the barclays center.
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family is hard enough. imagine moving a hockey team from nassau county to brooklyn and then bragging the fans with them. the faithful came tonight but we did hear lots of grumbling. >> islander fans poured into the barclay center dressed in their favorite jerseys and readily to roar. >> today marks a new era for the team. no more coliseum, hello barclays center. >> first game is historic. >> we moved to brooklyn and are so excited they are here now. >> i am so excited to be here. >> obviously we're sad being here but we're ready to make new memories. >> let's go! >> many fans complained about the inconvenience of coming into brooklyn on crowd and expensive trains but they came none the less to support their home team.
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>> mixed feelings. i don't like it but it's not as awful as i thought it would be. >> this stadium is cleaner but as a tradition the coliseum is better. >> it's too big and i don't know, it's too much. >> i liked it when it was chiller. >> reporter: chiller. well, obviously it's going to take time to get used to the any digs and the commute to brooklyn. one thing their new home ice will never be able to provide is a place to tailgate. the skies in our area are opening up big time the evening triggering torrential rain that send tourists in time square running for governor. flood waters went down the grand central stairs during the height of rush hour. in the bronx the drivers faced dangerous conditions on the road. this is
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during a downpour. check out this picture from lower manhattan. one world trade struck by lightning earlier tonight. no reports of damage. now a blast of cooler air here for the weekend. meteorologist lee goldberg is in the weather center. >> poorly timed and fast moving. nearly an inch in central park and 1.5 inches in islep. temperatures are dropping down 65 but we have a long way to go. i'll tell you about the 7 day accuweather forecast with a warm up in it coming up. >> plus, she said she was a divorce lawyer and imagine the surprise of some couples when it turned out she wasn't. baby! i love that we're spending the weekend together.
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here at 11:00, some people in new jersey who think they are divorced might not be. in fact,
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after what cops call a divorce lawyer scam. 29-year-old anastasya varvaryuk sold invalid divorce judgements. she's not a licensed attorney but pretended to be one as she operated in the town of clifton. a former emt in his own emergency tonight for allegedly calling in a fake 911 call while on the job. 27-year-old william medina arraigned tonight. back in august he called 911 from a pay phone in queens to report a man wasn't breathing to avoid responding to a call in brooklyn. he resigned during this investigation. tomorrow a march for safety in queens. it's been 2$2 years since the disappearance of avante aquindo. saturday's march is intended to educate the public about school safety and wandering children.
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it starts at 1:00 p.m. a disturbing halloween display outside a home in new jersey tonight sparking controversy. neighbors want it taken down. they say it's like an isis excuse. it includes figures representing a terrorist and torture victim and an american soldier hanging by a noose. someone dismantled that though. display. it's not pretty. >> i think i was much more offended that it went up on september 11th. i think it's a statement supporting terrorism. >> the creator say there's been vandals and they called the cops and said they're installing security cameras. controversial to say the least. what a gross kind of night. it was just raining and just miserable. >> it was rough there for a few hours.
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the storms were fast moving, wind gusts over 45 miles per hour. things are calming down now. you're going to love the weekend. earlier in the week we were concerned this might stick around into saturday. not the case. it is leaving the scene. always look at this camera when the wind starts to kick up. you can look at the east river and see a beautiful new york city skyline. we haven't cleared out fully yet. we will later on. we're at 65. the humidity is still a little high. the cold front has come through. the northwest wind 17 to 23 at la guardia and the pressure is on the rise. the high today near 80 degrees. you had that, the humid late summer feel and then a sharp fall cold front coming through and that's why we got the big storms. average high 66. we'll struggle to that tomorrow. sun sunrise and sunset times on a sunny saturday but you wake up and it will have that fall feel by dawn. 40s in many suburbs. there's a stiff morning breeze that back s off during the afternoon hours. it's a beautiful october afternoon. might have a little frost far north and west tomorrow night
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and then a nice warm up into sunday and especially into columbus day. it hit 81 in newark, 81 tom's river. now 63 in stanford right now. gusty storms through islip at 46 miles per hour wind gusts. most of the wind gusts were in the 35 miles per hour range. these are the current winds sustained at 17 at la guardia. you can see the wind shift offshore there. still gusty tomorrow morning, 54 to start. closing in on 60 by noontime. a more comfortable feel as the wind backs off during the afternoon, plenty of sunshine and 65. there's the line between 3:00 far north and west. now the clouds are
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breaking up. the front is getting hung up to the south. more rain for the carolinas this weekend. there's high pressure that moves in for the weekend. behind that high it's warming up into the 70s out in the northern plains so we'll get there by sunday and monday. here's the future cast. a chilly saturday morning and then a nice afternoon. upper 50s to low to mid 60s in the afternoon. much be a touch of frost but near 70 again by the afternoon. cool blue skies tomorrow at 65. when you wake up make sure you have the fall jacket early. we're mainly clear and 54 and then up to 65. tomorrow night chilly at 49 degrees, 30s well north and west. on the 7 day not only near 70 on sunday but the mid if not upper 70s on monday. just a slight chance of a shower on tuesday and then near normal.
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>> thank you, lee. coming up next, a recall that could have you rummaging through your fridge. >> plus, a pregnant woman
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caught on camera, a pregnant woman hanging on for dear life to the hood of a moving suv. cell phone video is showing it play out on the side of a freeway in texas. that's the woman's car. her boyfriend was driving. he stole it and she road on the hood for 200 yards before she was thrown out. the woman and her baby were unharmed and her ex is facing charges of assault. whole foods market is re calling some cheeses because of a listeria scare. the patillion cheese was cut and placed in a plastic wrap.
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at this time there's not reports of anyone becoming sick. rob powers has sports next. >> it could be a big weekend in the history of the mets. they get their playoff run started. we'll preview tomorrow game's 2 live from los angeles. >> a huge night for hockey. the rangers on the road, the devils first opener and the islanders in brooklyn. >> plus, another tune up game mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise? what? i'm on set. what movie?
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i'm shooting a movie about laundry. leave slow internet behind. a movie about laundry? yeah the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest wi-fi available when you need it the most. get out of the past. get fios. become more of a pitcher, not a thrower and i feel like that's going to huge a role tomorrow night. >> i have a clubhouse full of pretty good leadership and i don't think the grandersons kalog next eric garner kalone's are going to get the guys get carried away. >> reporter: first pitch tomorrow a little bit earlier just after 9:00 east coast time. we will be staying late tonight and will wrap it up after football evening. for now live, channel 7, eyewitness news. rob.
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the other playoff winners texas over toronto and the cardinals top the cubs. the islanders have a new home, leaving long island and landing if brooklyn. a new era. they bring all that pre-game tribute back . the season opener against the defending cup champions the black hawks. first goal scored by the captain john tavaris. tied at 2 in over time, chicago power play and patrick cane scores. islanders lose 3-2 in over time. the rangers on the road at columbus. they won their season opener wednesday in chicago. jt miller forces a turn over. what a play. oscar lindberg scores the equalizer. rangers win
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opener tomorrow. to cap off this hockey day, the devils opening home at winnipeg. there's the new coach john hynes. blake wheeler made it 2-0. the devils get one back on the powerball. winnipeg takes this one though 3-1 over the devils. pre-season for the knicks at washington. this is a tune up against the wizards continuing to chart the progress of the rockies. carmelo anthony was 10-15 from the floor and 21 points. knicks cruise 115-104. the knicks and sixers in al ba baa -- in albany tomorrow. still 1-0 and the mets have
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