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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 11, 2015 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> i'm rob nelson. >> we'll have another hour of eyewitness news. >> until then thanks, again for watching. happy sunday. good morning, america. new overnight. death toll rising. nearly 100 people killed in the peace rally bombings. [ explosion ] twin blasts throwing turkey, a key u.s. ally, into chaos. so who's behind it? the breaking headline in an emotionally charged shooting investigation. the white cleveland officer opening fire on 12-year-old tamir rice. the new reports now in. was it justified? reaction from the boy's family this morning. what will it be? joe biden's big decision on whether to run for the white
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>> who wants to split a pretzel with me? >> me. >> will time with his family this weekend help make up his mind? the latest on the polls ahead of this week's debate. and dirty play? the shocker in the infield. mets short stop ruben tejada taken out. >> wow, did chase utley go in hard at second. >> breaking his leg at the division series game. could the dodgers player face disciplinary action? and good morning, america. on a sunday. where so many people are waking up still talking about that baseball play. was it dirty? yeah, ouch. we know the mets player. ruben tejada. ouch. he's out for the season with a broken leg. major league baseball is investigating whether to come down on chase utley.
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on the story. a little later on the show. >> at the very lest, utley is off the christmas card list for tejada for sure. >> forever. >> forever, probably. we start on a different note. the urgent investigation into who is behind this attack at a peace rally. the moment, as you can see, captured on video. terrorists killing nearly 100 people right in the heart of ankara, in the country of turkey. a country that is a nato member and a u.s. ally. abc's alex marquardt is there at the scene of the blasts this morning. alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this scene has been cordoned off. this country is reeling this morning. trying to come to terms with this tragedy. with turkey on the offensive against isis and kurdish militants, an attack like this has been expected. and may be a sign of more violence to come. the young demonstrators were holding hands, singing for peace, when the first of two blasts struck. [ explosion ] chaos in the aftermath as
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flee. others helping those hurt. ambulances pouring in. clashes with riot police. by day's end, almost 100 dead. hundreds more wounded. the worst terrorist attack in modern history in turkey. officials believe this is the work of two suicide bombers. accusing yis ys or kurdish militants. so far, no claim of responsibility. at the site of the attack, we met a couple that had been in the crowd. the husband told us he was knocked over by the second blast, shielded by those who died. i don't know how i survived, he said. as investigators comb the scene, relatives have been grieving at a local hospital. their loved ones had been calling for peace between turkey and the kurdish military group, the pkk. after a brief peace was shattered and turkey started targeting them again. for many, the government is to blame. last night, in istanbul, thousands turning out to protest. some reading signs reading
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the government says this could be a ploy to destabilize turkey ahead of elections in just a few weeks. in response, the turkish government has tried to ban social media as well as local news coverage of the attack. they've declared three days of national mourning. >> the turkish people showing their resilience. alex, thanks to you. now to election 2016. it's "your voice, your vote." with the democratic debate on tuesday just around the corner, joe biden is reportedly closing in on whether or not to throw his name into the ring. could a weekend with his family at his delaware home help him make his decision? cecilia vega has more this morning. hello, cecilia. >> reporter: hi, paula. will he? won't he? so much political tea-reading going on right now. here's what we know. as you said, joe biden is right here behind me inside his house. this decision could be just days away. this morning, joe biden dodging questions about 2016 and dodging
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reporters literally. >> get out of my way, will ya? >> reporter: the vice president spending the weekend in delaware with his family, weighing the political decision of a lifetime. >> who wants to split a pretzel with me? >> me! >> reporter: with deadlines fast approaching to make it on to state ballots, every day counts. sources close to biden tell abc news he believes he has about one week left to make up his mind. >> hello. >> reporter: a decision that will come after tuesday's democratic debate. while biden will not be on that las vegas stage, hillary clinton will. the democratic front-runner taking a break from the campaign trail over the weekend and holding mock debates to prepare. aides are playing the roles of martin o'malley and bernie sanders. >> the american people. >> reporter: sanders, climbing the the polls, raking in nearly as much cash as clinton, and packing in the crowds in boulder on saturday. and while the democrats prepare for the first primetime
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face-off, the republicans are on the sidelines. donald trump left to publicly ponder the secret to his political success. >> what's the secret of my popularity? honestly, it's my looks. [ laughter ] it's true. i'm very handsome. that's the only thing i can think of right now. >> reporter: ah, the ever humble donald trump. as for biden, polls show if he decides to jump in, he could make a serious dent in hillary clinton's lead. but time is of the essence right now. she has a massive campaign army built up already. 64,000 volunteers all around the country. if he wants to do it, he has to do it soon to compete with the infrastructure and start raising the cash. >> for more, let's bring in martha raddatz who will be hosting "this week" later this morning. right here on abc. hi, martha. >> hi, dan. >> what is the conventional wisdom in d.c. on this biden thing? will he or won't he? >> i don't know about
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conventional wisdom. it's hard to tell. to people that know joe biden, it seems obvious that he wants to be president of the united states. he's done work to prepare a campaign. including the meeting this week between his aides and dnc officials to discuss campaign rules. to many, that was another step towards entering the race. as biden says himself, he still has to weigh the toll a campaign would take on him and his family. still grieving the loss of beau biden. >> a tough decision. on many levels for him. meanwhile t minus two days before the first big democratic debate. what do we expect from hillary clinton, vis a vis bernie sanders? does she attack him in the debate? >> she has a delicate balance here. she can't hit sanders too hard because he's popular among the democratic base. already overtaking her in new hampshire. so look for her to actually embrace some of his ideas, as we have already seen. but dismiss his solution. she has to show voters why she's
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the practical answer to the problem they both address. her bigger opponent tuesday night will be herself. the private server. the drip drip of e-mails. the image of an untrustworthy insider. she has to combat all of that first, dan. >> a complicated evening for her. a big morning for you. we want to remind everybody. martha has a big show this morning, she'll go one on one with congressman jason chaffetz. one of two republicans who have formally raised their hands for the position of speaker of the house. that's coming up this morning right here on "this week." thank you, martha. we want to move to flood-ravaged south carolina. a massive recovery effort is under way as more rain moved across the state this weekend. the governor says there have been 100 water rescues since friday. phillip mena joins us from hard-hit georgetown county this morning. hello, phillip. >> reporter: paula, good morning. after another punch of rain, this streak is now part of the
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that rail road crossing is now a river crossing. this river is eight feet above normal. it's 1 of 3 rivers at major flood stage. but, residents here are looking forward to a sunny sunday. and some much-needed relief from all of this rain. so hopefully, this water will start to recede. officials say it will be about another month before the streets can dry out. dan? >> a dramatic scene there. the question, any more rain in store for south carolina? rob is here with the forecast. rob, what's coming up? >> the trend is looking a little bit brighter. as we head towards this week, it will be much, much dryer. a couple of showers. a dire situation. this picture taken in the low country. still showers around. generally speaking, the last 12 hours, the radar is starting to dry out. these showers are moving offshore. all the rivers cresting or now receding. still in flood stage. where the flood warnings remain posted. this is the low that brought the rain yesterday. three inches of rainfall in richmond county, near columbia. this pulls off the shore tomorrow.
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maybe north carolina getting a little bit. here's the dryer weather rolling in in the next couple of days. maybe a shower on tuesday. nothing significant. a significant storm across the pacific northwest. paula, we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. >> all right, rob. we'll check in with you in a little bit. there has been yet another stunning twist in a high-profile cop killing in texas. first, a key witness to the ambush murder of a deputy at a gas station admitted having an affair with him. now it's been revealed she was also involved with an investigator working this case. abc's marci gonzalez has the details. hi, marci. >> reporter: hi, paula. not just any investigator. the sheriff's department officer in charge of looking into his colleague's murder. this morning, the scandal is raising serious concerns about two key players in what prosecutors once thought was a slam dunk case. the top cop in one of the highest profile murder investigations in the country thrown off the case. craig clompton, the lead
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investigator in the murder of deputy darren goforth suspended. according to this court document, admitting he engaged in sexual misconduct with a witness. a woman at the scene when goforth was shot 15 times execution-style while fueling his squad car. at this gas station near houston. >> six to eight shots. an officer is down. >> reporter: the august 28th murder prompting an outpouring of police support and strong words from the harris county sheriff. >> we have heard black lives matter. all lives matter. well, cops' lives matter, too. >> reporter: now, for the second time, sexual allegations rocking this case. sourcing telling abc-owned station ktrk, the woman allegedly having an affair with clopton is the same eyewitness prosecutors say claimed to be in a romantic relationship with goforth for more than a year before the shooting. >> she was laying on top of him. she said that was her best friend. >> reporter: her presence at the scene raising questions about whether goforth was working when he was killed.
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this proceeds as a capital punishment case. >> she has a connection to the deceased and the lead investigator. and that compromises this investigation. >> reporter: the attorney representing the suspect, shannon miles, saying all of this will affect the case,ex explaining it will go to the credibility of the investigator and the witness herself. and some experts say that could be enough for some jurors to find reasonable doubt when this case goes to trial. there's an investigation now into sergeant clopton. the sheriff calling his actions unethical and inexcusable. >> over to ron. you have clarity in the case of the shooting in cleveland. that's right. new reports, paula, out of cleveland. about the cleveland police shooting. the fatal shooting in the death of tamir rice, a 12-year-old african-american boy killed while wielding a pellet gun.
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use of force hired to investigate the kate have concluded that the shooting was justified. officer timothy loman had reason to believe he was a threat. the prosecutor's office is preparing to present evidence to a grand jury which will determine whether that officer will be charged in that case. to the escalating violence in the middle east and a failed suicide bombing. in israel today. a palestinian woman set off a car bomb after being pulled over by police. an israeli officer was hurt in the incident. the woman was critically injured in the explosion of that bomb. also overnight, an israeli air strike killed a palestinian woman and her toddler daughter. secretary of state john kerry calling leaders on both sides, expressing concern. and bill cosby was on the hot seat for more than seven hours getting grilled over charges of sexual misconduct during a deposition. that news according to gloria allred. is the lawyer for judy huff, who
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is suing cosby, saying he molested her at the playboy mansion 40 years ago when she was 15 years old. huff is scheduled to give her deposition to cosby's lawyers later this week. details from cosby's deposition will not be made public until at least december of this year. thousands of people packing the national mall on saturday in washington, d.c., for the 20th anniversary of the million man march. demonstrators calling for changes in policing in black communities. among those speaking, nation of islam leader louis farrakhan. an estimated 800,000 african-american men took place in the original event. we're now getting our first one of the heroes who foiled a train who was stabbed outside of a bar in california last thursday. the snapshot, taken by alek s skarlatos, who was also on the french train with him. scott is in fair condition. so far no arrests in that case. finally, president obama is
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weighing in on the presidential race with some advice. during a democratic fund-raiser, for kanye west about his possible 2020 run. >> first of all, you've got to spend a lot of time dealing with behave like they're on a reality tv show. so you've got to be cool with that. >> you decide who he's actually alluding to there. i'm not quite sure. >> kardashians. kardashians. >> he may have experience with some professional reality stars. the president is getting better with kanye. he referred to him a couple of years ago as a jackass. i just did. >> you got bleeped. >> the president said. i'm quoting him. >> he said he liked his music. >> he did say he likes his music. >> disagreed with some of his behavior. >> mad dog can say whatever he wants, right? >> me? >> you're the mad dog. remember? >> yeah, i remember. >> by the way, i wanted to let you know, michigan won
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yesterday. and so did the cubs. we're going to talk about the play everyone is talking about. >> i don't get to respond? >> nope, i cut you off, mad dog. the dodgers chase utley making this hard slide into second. colliding with shortstop ruben tejada. fans have a whole lot to say about what happened. t.j. holmes is here with more. hi, t.j. >> help me. i'm hazy on such things. today is sunday. nfl sunday. they play football on sunday. why is it that one of the most vicious tackles you'll see all weekend happened on saturday in a baseball game? yes, it was a hard play. it was a baseball play. but it had to be a dirty play, right, if you break another man's leg. seventh inning. game two of the national league division series. mets up, 2-1. dodgers howie kendrick hits a line drive up the middle. >> gloved by murphy. wow, did chase utley go in hard at second. tejada is down. >> reporter: the runner, chase
8:17 am
plate. mets short stop ruben tejada making a play to prevent the go-ahead scorer from being on second. watch how utley comes into the base. utley's helmet comes off. he hits his head on tejada's knee and then the dirt. the mets shortstop not getting up after the play. his right fibula broken. did he hurt him intentionally? >> the intent is to go out there and break up the slide. the mechanics specifically regarding this play, maybe could have hit the dirt a little earlier. the take-home message is he was doing what he was taught to do. >> it wasn't a slide. it was a tackle. >> reporter: fans in an uproar. there's a difference between a clean takeout slide and tackling somebody. others maintain, it's just playoff ball. tweeting -- was hard, not dirty. #gamechanger. this is not the first time utley has made a hard play like this. in 2010, near the end of the regular season, utley then
8:18 am
out tejada in a similar play. joe torre, now a major league baseball executive, says the play is under review. to determine if the slide was excessive. >> i'm still watching replays of it. >> tejada looked like a receiver coming over the middle. having his feet knocked out from under him by a defensive back. >> reporter: that was awful. look, come on, folks. he didn't start sliding until he got to the bag. >> isn't he supposed to break up the play, though? >> you're supposed to do everything you can to break up the play. yes. there is such a thing as a reckless play as well. >> these two have a history. you have to wonder if there is a personal animus there. >> if there wasn't a broken leg involved. that takes it to another level. he took a guy out. he might have changed the whole playoffs, frankly, with that play. >> he did. >> if he didn't break a leg, he would have been fine. playoff baseball. >> is it when he started sliding that gives it away? >> well, it looks like it's out
8:19 am
and he looks like he's taking him out of with a tackle. >> and they ruled him safe. they ruled him safe. >> you slide to a base. why do you start sliding after you get to the base? that is only -- >> but they do that a lot. they don't always get injured. >> i love this discussion. >> i'm sorry to come here and start all this. >> you're welcome anytime. >> worked up. >> you know one thing he may have changed the playoffs. he didn't change the weather. right? >> oh, very nice. >> good, paula. >> segue. segue.
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a tackle on the diamond, i >> amy freeze here live in the weather center. accu-weather calling for 70 degrees. warmer than yesterday. tonight a starry night with 54 degrees. here is the accu-weather forecast. even warmer tomorrow. perfect for the parade with high of 74 for columbus day. we're back to near normal ed w. cooler air for the second half of the week and rain early on friday. saturday a high of 59. >> yea. >> it's very close to where we sit. >> you want snow? >> skiing. eventually. a little early for it, though. >> all right. no more snow talk, okay. not until january. >> disagree. yes. coming up on "gma," from behind bars, just convicted of murdering her husband, a mother speaks out in a jailhouse interview. we'll tell you the message she has to her kids. sunday is a huge day for fantasy football fans. you have seen the ads on tv. they say anybody can win.
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you be good. letting go... don't say a word. it's a little easier when you've saved for college, with state farm. a jailhouse interview with the mother convicted of killing her husband. what she's saying to her kids. and on this nfl sunday, the fantasy football players who have made millions. keep it right here on "gma." the fantasy football play whors have
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keep it right here on "gma." %fo this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. good morning. the is 8:27 on this sunday,
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i'm michelle charlesworth with a community in shock mourning the murder of a boy in a park. they made a makeshift memorial. to death by 16-year-old night. charged with murdernt investigators have not released a motive for that attack. we're seeing video of a frightening attack of a woman in the bronx. they put the 60-year-old in a choke hold. they were apparently after her purse. she got free and she suffered a broken wrist but the three ran off empty handed.
8:29 am
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you know what you're looking at? >> no. >> okay. i'm going to tell you. it's an amazing picture that astronaut scott kelly shared with the world. from the international space station. he tweeted out storm at the heel of the boot. it would be, of course, italy. he's been tweeting a number of cool pictures lately. including one of the northern lights. how about that? >> he's a great follow on twitter. >> we just nerded out. a little bit, didn't we? by the way, totally reminds me, i just saw "martian." about mars, a great movie. >> the reviews were amazing. >> we're all about space today. >> we are. marciano, which means martian in italian, i believe.
8:31 am
>> si. >> was that italian or spanish? >> martian in spanish. actually. >> i don't know what to say to that. >> or something like that. coming up on the show, we'll speak english. and we'll talk about fantasy football under increased scrutiny. can anybody really win? or are the odds stacked in favor of the pros? we'll meet guys who have become millionaires. playing on some of the most popular sites. but first, the woman convicted just days ago of killing her husband. she's speaking out in a jailhouse interview. >> julie harper is saying it was self-defense. taking aim at prosecutors and sending message to her children. abc's kayna whitworth joins us with more. hi, kayna. >> reporter: hi, dan and paula. she had a little girl born just before the trial. the girl is under the care of harper's father. while some family members are saying they believe the d.a. lied during the trial. the prosecutor telling abc news
8:32 am
overnight that harper's claims simply didn't stand up under the scrutiny of truth. >> it's been very difficult. >> reporter: 42-year-old mother of four and convicted murderer julie harper. speaking out to kgtv following the verdict in the trial of the 2012 shooting death of her husband, jason harper. >> we, the jury, find the defendant guilty of the crime of murder. >> obviously, we were disappointed with the results. i know my family was very heartbroken just to see what happened. >> reporter: harper never denying she killed her husband. claiming it was self-defense. her lawyers saying the popular high school teacher was abusive. >> you're putting our kid in the day care and making me pay for it. and you're the one claiming you're taking care of them? [ bleep ] you. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: her first trial ending in a jury deadlock. now questions surrounding harper's decision to get
8:33 am
a second trial. >> a big part of it has to do with what happened with my ore children and what went on there. >> reporter: the children she had with jason distancing themselves from her. even testifying against her in court. >> i don't like her. >> why not? >> because she killed my father. >> reporter: authorities say the children were in the home at the time of the murder and were quickly separated from harper. >> i want to tell all my children that i love them so much. that mommy loves you. >> reporter: harper saying it's for them. she plans to appeal. >> i plan to fight and try to appeal as much as possible to be free for her. >> reporter: harper is facing 40 years to life in prison, with her sentence scheduled for early november. dan and paula? >> a deeply layered case. kayna, thank you. >> really feel for those kids. let's get an update of the morning's top stories. and head it back to ron. >> hi, again, dan, paula. sara, robert. good morning, everyone. we begin with the death toll rising in turkey. that country in mourning after nearly 100 people were killed. hundreds of others wounded in the twin bombings in a peace
8:34 am
rally. earlier sunday, mourners scuffled with police who say the site is offlimits. because of its investigation. a texas police officer under internal investigation after being caught on camera allegedly roughing up a high school student. the vid know shows the -- apparently shows the officer grabbing the 14-year-old by the throat. officials in the city of round rock, texas, say the officers had to use force while responding to a report of a fight in the school cafeteria. and a stunning defeat for the men's u.s. soccer team against their archrival. they beat the americans, 3-2. it happened at the rose bowl yesterday. the u.s. will miss the 2017 confederations cup. a dry run for the 2018 world cup in russia. finally this may appear to be a spa day for america's favorite giant baby panda. bebe. but it's not. it's a checkup. the vet is massaging bebe's
8:35 am
during his routine exam. bebe, bonn in august is doing just fine and weighs 4 1/2 pounds. he's going to get a lot bigger. he sleeps so much that the caregivers say it's too early to determine his personality. >> you can determine the personality right now. the baby is lazy. >> no. >> dan. >> no, no. >> he was saying, please scratch my belly. enough with the back. >> he was in a state of zen. that's totally different. >> that's what happens when we rub behind your ears, right, sara? >> that's the look. >> i missed that. when did that happen? >> we do it preshow every weekend. >> okay. right before the show. um, martian, you want to save us? >> sure. it's so chilly out there,
8:36 am
because it's chilly out there. short stack. maybe scrambled eggs and bacon? a good way to start your sunday. >> my husband always orders ihop on saturday morning when i'm working for the kids and picks it up. >> good dad. dad of the year. coming up on "gma," a sunday tradition. making millions on fantasy football. what some players do to win big. and why some of the most popular sites are now coming in for increased scrutiny. meantime, sara haines, what is popping on periscope? >> if you enjoy the behind the scenes. we all know. you can click on our periscope. we had a accident preshow involving a lot of agua in my lap.
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it's football sunday. a big day for fantasy football fans. you may have seen this ads for companies like draftkings and fanduel. the idea is that anybody can win big money. >> but is that true? who is really winning? espn sports business reporter darren rovell is here with more. we have so many questions for you. >> yeah, good morning, paula. can you just be an average sports fan to win the big checks these companies are offering? does it take algorithms to win? are the contests fair? all these questions fresh in the minds of many. after the industry has come under scrutiny. fans winning big. in some cases, really big. like the gomez brothers, who won $1 million in a single contest last year. >> when we won, i was nauseous. i didn't feel good. everyone thinks that, like, oh, you feel amazing. no, i thought i was going to have a hart attack. >> reporter: it's part of the daily fantasy craze.
8:42 am
>> i love fantasy football. i try to play as much as possible. >> reporter: what happens in nfl games later today will result in tens of millions of dollars going to fans whose rosters have the best players. but who are you really competing with? sometimes it's average joes. but sometimes, it's self-described pros. >> i've had days where i have won over $40,000 in one day. >> reporter: pros like mark guindi might make up less than 1% of the fantasy playing population. but it could be a very lukecrative 1%. >> some people are better than others. they've put more time and effort into it. they've learned and grown to that point. i don't think anything is unfair, honestly. >> reporter: but as winners big and small are celebrating, some fans and investigators are asking questions about whether the deck has been stacked against you. daily fantasy operators coming under fire this week after it was learned that ethan haskell, a draftkings employee came in second place and won $350,000 on an nfl fanduel contest.
8:43 am
information? how many people within the company have access to it? >> reporter: calling into question whether proprietary insider information could have been used by an employee to win at its competitor. draftkings said its internal investigation found no wrong doing on haskell's part. now employees from draftkings and fanduel have been banned you talk about a class-action new york attorney general getting into an inquiry. this could change. but right now, there's no wrongdoing on anyone's parts. still, there's a lot of eyeballs because there's so many ads. >> absolutely. so many ads. and this is just such a popular activity for so many people. >> absolutely. great to have you on. >> i'll stick to watching the game with a brew in my hand. instead of fantasy football. >> a brew or a broom? >> thank you for that.
8:44 am
it's not halloween yet. >> oh, oh. >> he said it. >> i thought she said broom. >> i am a good witch everyone. >> this is going to be a very difficult commercial break. >> let's go to break. >> love you, paula. emma stone puts on her dancing shoes. the impressive results straight ahead in "pop news." i love you, mwah. i love you, mwah. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it.
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the pavlovian response. >> it's been an interesting morning thus far. and sara haines will probably make it more so. what you got? >> take it to a whole new level. >> oh, no. there's lots of pressure to look like the perfect catch on dating site profile pics. some smart fellows, or maybe wise guys have come up with the
8:48 am
or should i say ikea ever. they headed to ikea to use their picture-perfect displays as homey layouts to call their own. >> false advertising. >> who wouldn't want to date a guy with a kitchen like that. or a tidy home office. >> will -- with little plapts on the wall. >> he's so neat and organized. >> if you to go back to this picture, you can see the book he's reading is upside down. >> let me see. oh, yeah. >> and what i say to that is it's the perfect guy for me. the guy that's reading the whole book upside down. >> says the woman with the funny papers on the desk to read. >> i wanted reading material too, dan. and trending everywhere this morning. george clooney is bringing the old razzle-dazzle back to the silver screen with the brand-new movie, "hail, caesar!" he reunites with the coen brothers, the oscar-winning directors. for the old hollywood plot about a kidnapped movie star.
8:49 am
>> the director can't find baird. >> somebody slipped it under my door. >> we have your movie star. gather $100,000 and await instructions. who are we? the future. >> loads of big names in the cast. it lands in theaters february 5th. >> the coen brothers are geniuses. the movie with clooney, "o brother, where art thou" was phenomenal. phenomenal movie. >> they never let us down. it's been a couple of years. we know emma stone has singing skills. wait until you see her dance. the "birdman" actress stars in a brnd-new music video. check out her dance moves. choreographed by ryan heffington who created sia's famous "chandelier" video. hey, little anna, you're the one >> pretty impressive. i also did a little bit of sia's choreography with will ganz.
8:50 am
i think we have that video. >> what's going on there? >> i wanted to experience the chandelier. so will and i did our own take. see, just like emma stone, people. >> you have done several videos like that. and they're hysterical. i have to say. >> we have fun. it's the way we get out our angst at the end of the day. >> it looks like maybe you're having a seizure. >> that was mean, dan. that was mean. >> yes, it was. and i don't take it back. >> are we okay for one more? get ready to cry over gum. that's what's happening in a commercial that is sweeping, or shall we say weeping over the internet. two high school students meeting over some extra gum. it follows their love over the years. it's crazy that we're crying at a gum commercial, but i cried, too. >> did you? >> maybe not crazy. >> you cry about everything right now. >> you have to be pregnant to cry. >> it's not the hormones, people. >> right back with more "gma."
8:51 am
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have a great sunday, everyone. >> yeah, thanks for watching. good luck with the fantasy football. good luck staying as unemotional as possible throughout the day. don't watch any gum commercials. >> or kodak commercials, which are amazing as well.
8:56 am
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starting at $79.99 a month, guaranteed for two years. plus get $350 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. and now, eyewitness news this morning. good morning. as we close in 9:00 a.m., a well known teen was found stabbed to death inside of a park. this morning another teen faces murder charges. >> >> also, two teens attack a 60- year-old woman on the street in the bronx and even put her in a choke hold. we have the video police want you to see. my experience is that is
8:58 am
not a slide, that is a tackle. i have never done anything like that. >> that this is the hard hitting slide that is making a lot of noise in the world of baseball this morning. ruben tejada is out for the rest of the year with a broken right leg. >> good morning. a good looking shot of midtown, one world trade. a pretty sunday morning on october 11th, 2015. thanks for tuning back in. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. >> and i'm rob nelson. like i said pretty day ahead which is nice. >> nice. >> not a pretty day if you're a mets' fan. an angry day. >> i said on twitter and facebook, how do you feel about this. people are saying i'm a nice person and i'm not going to weigh in. >> we get that you feel strongly. with that here is amy freeze with a look at the weather. >> good morning to the both of you. yes, we're looking towards the
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