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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  October 11, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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for the mets and it couldn't be a better forecast for baseball. looks pretty fantastic. temperatures have been in the low 50s this morning but the trend starts today and goes right into the ballgame on monday night so expect beautiful skies which is what we have got this morning. 55 in central park. colder temperatures north and west overnight. the frost advisory has lifted. we're looking at those lows that were in the low 30s finally climbing a few degrees and 44 for white plains and 46 in newark. belmar has 43 degrees with 38 right now in wrights town. temperatures will can fin knew to be warming up through the afternoon to near normal or above by 4 or 5 degrees. expect temperatures to end around 70 degrees with the normal high being 66 so we're above the average. >> by 1: >> coming up, we'll talk even
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warmer temperatures and our next chance for rain in the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you amy. that community in westchester county is mourning the death of a teenager murdered in a park. today even though it is a sun day, grief counselors will be on hand at sleepy hollow high school where the teen was once a student. charges. kristin thorne has more details on the story this morning. kristin. >> reporter: good morning michelle. police identified the victim as 17-year-old taj robinson. robinson was a former student of sleepy hollow high school. robinson we're told really a well loved student, a student a lot of people knew. it appears it was a fight with another teen which led to his death friday night. police say the 16-year-old berinzon moronta stabbed robinson multiple times and was
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i spoke with a reverend at a church. she told me she has no choice but to address the tragedy in her sermon later this morning. >> i was going to preach about something in terms of what is important in life and all of a sudden you're put right in front of you what matters in life and we have to be there for our young people. what happens so people -- what has happened. the school's homecoming game was postponed yesterday. again as yeah mentioned michelle, grief counseling will be at sleepy hollow high school today and tomorrow. we're live in sleepy hollow high school. i'm kristin thorne, channel 7, eyewitness news. the tragic news does not end there. parents on staton island are trying to make sense of the apparently accidental death of their 16-year-old son.
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marcus fell seven stories. sandra bookman has the story. >> it is hard. >> reporter: clinging to each other and fighting through tears, these heart broken parents are mourning the loss of their son. >> he was only 16 years old and he was beautiful. >> reporter: police say the 16- year-old died of severe head trauma after falling seven stories down an elevator shaft in what used to be staton island hospital in new brighton. the property has been abandoned and fenced off since 1992 but apparently still a hangout for some teens. construction workers were busy putting up a new fence around it, little comfort for this grieving family. >> they have to do something because i don't want this to happen to some other kids. new this morning, police
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drunk when he caused a crash that killed his wife. the 26-year-old michael proctor was intoxicated when he lost control on the sunrise highway. his wife megan proctor died in that crash. the driver was arrested after he was treated for minor injuries. we are seeing some video of ha frightening attack on a woman in the bronx. the three suspects put the 60- year-old in a choke hold. they were after her purse. the woman broke free and ran but was chased down and kicked by one of the suspects and suffered a broken wrist. the three men ran off empty handed. if you want to get a closer look, we have their faces on our facebook and twitter pages. police have identified one of the su specifics as brian uponte. police say he and two other men were breaking into cars in east
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williams berg when local workers chased them down and he pulled out a gun and opened fire killing one of those workers named michael matusz yack. another man and 13-year-old girl were also shot and they are now recovering. president barack obama is reassure, turkish leaders that the u.s. will stand with turkey and its people in the fight against terrorism and other challenges in the region. here called turkey's president to offer sympathy for the people killed and injured in yesterday's explosions at a peace rally ironic cly enough in the capital. the prime minister said kurdish rebels or islamic terrorists be blamed. bergdahl was captured by the taliban after he left his
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he was held until last year when he was exchanged for five taliban come mapders. a march for safety in queens and all inspired by a somber anniversary. the disappearance and death of avonte. march ers gathered around the city where he was last seen alive. the teen who was autistic wandered away from a school in 2013 and found dead in a river just a few months later. a bill in congress would help pay for the gps tracking devices for autistic children. >> a we are here to march for safety and awareness for special needs children and regular children. >> it is ten million dollars. in a federal budget that is trillions of dollars. ten million dollars to saves. it is nothing. and in a show bipartisanship announced a
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carolina is now a co sponsor of what is now known at avante's law. on the road to the world series. the mets are headed back home after a controversial play that took out their star shortstop and we mean his right leg is broken. mets were leading in the 7th when chase utley slid into tejada at second base. in the collision. the dodgers went on to win the game 5-2. game three is at city field tomorrow need it. laura behnke will have more on the game and reaction on the controversial play that cost tejada his postseason and some might say the mets the game. >> mets' fans are fired up. rightfully so. he never touched the bag, just tejada and in our next have hour, this isn't the first time that utley has been involved in this kind of incident.
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>> if he had gone for the base, he wouldn't have hit tejada's leg and he would have been safe. >> hopefully the good that will come out is the mets are so fired up that tomorrow night it is on at city field. >> it is on and it is over. we'll see. coming up on this sunday morning, a time for rebuilding. cleanup under way in south carolina. after devastating storms, although the rain is easing up flooding, it is still a huge problem there. also, ahead, there is no reason to not enjoy a tailgating party and still eat healthy.
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d well, welcome back everybody. the downpours in south carolina
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today, but the news is not all good, because flooding remains just a monstrous problem still there. high along the coast where the national guard is using the large trucks to get through those waterlogged streets. pittsburgh steelers player was among those helped by the soldiers who helped save items from their flooded hopes. >> all those people to go back to their homes when they can get back and then your home is under five, ten, fifteen feet of water and nothing is salvageable. that is the heartbreaking part because some things are just irr replaceable. >> they are still thinking oh goodness, the flooding, the loss. >> the flood insurance, the people didn't have flood insurance. >> the shady contractors. >> all of it. >> compounded by the ripple tragedy. it is tough but -- downright devastating.
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that is the only way to describe it and three of the rivers are still not at flood stage so even though the rain ends doesn't mean the flooding is over. >> we had our heavy rain here, but it has been a beautiful weekend. >> that was a couple inches in some spots and ushrd in a new air mass that we felt yesterday. cleared the skies out, but temperatures were just at 65 in central park yesterday. today we warm things up. beautiful conditions. a live picture hereof one world trade center. a southwest wind and that will get us a little warmer. what a start it has been. first we have sandra in far rockaway. what a spectacular sunrise. ritchie in mon tock, look father skies, pink as they brighten up and bill in belmar, see him a couple times a year
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as we go to belmar and beautiful sunrise there. looking down to lower manhattan, skies are cooperating and the skies are nice. the temperatures will start to rise as well southwest winds currently at 5 miles an hour. we'll beat the high temperature today. 66 is the normal for this time of year. the record is 91 set back in 1939. sunset at 6:22. we have got low 50s there. down the shores temperatures cooler than this same time yesterday. we started out 15 to 20 degrees colder this morning than we were yesterday and we're starting to moderate things right now. a little frost on the pumpkins and a frost advisory was able to play out, but at least an improvement with the numbers
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point coming up to 41 degrees. trenton at 48 currently. a few clouds around. if you're doing leave peeking, patchy areas of great color to see. we're near peek in these orange areas and it should be the next couple of weekends where we see the colors changing a little closer into the city. we'll start to brighten up. 70 degrees today. going up to 74 under this high pressure system tomorrow so the parade should be perfect. gorgeous conditions there. the future cast keeps us rain free for the next several days. showers will stay offshore. by tuesday the cold front coming in, pretty weak. maybe a sprinkle or shower there. columbus day for the holiday, a high of 74 degrees. now the accu-weather forecast does get us back to the normals. by wednesday 66. thursday 65 with a cool breeze. friday a little rain early and 60. saturday a high of 59.
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enjoy the next couple of days above average because the cool weather is coming back next weekend. >> fantastic. >> it makes me think about chili and chicken wings and things to keep you warm. >> hot apple cider. that is my drink of choice. >> that is another good one. straight ahead, pizza and chicken wings may be the go-to choice ought your tailgating party but we're going to keep it healthy and fun with crowd pleasing dishes that we can
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>> and actually you know what? let me do a little bit of myth busting because i love this picture. confident health. that is me. tradition for better health and wellness. i love the idea there are chips and fruit and hot dogs. let's think about how all foods fit and rather than demonizing and saying don't eat this, don't eat that, let's make some trade offs and let's be smart and let's be confident about it. >> all right. >> i want to come back to this. i will start here, because everybody wants chips at tailgating and that is just the way it is and i say, let them have chips. >> yes. >> so what can we do? as a registered dietitian, i ask people to read food labels. >> amen. >> so here we have these cute
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little scoop toe sti ta scoop chips that are great for dips. >> want me to put this in? >> the chips have got corn oil and salt. if you pick up any food that has 12 independent wents and half of them you can't pronounce, i would say look for an alternative. >> fair enough. >> read labels. now, let's get a great dip going. >> a healthy dip. >> i was supposed to turn this upside down. >> let's make a trade off. this is nonfat greek yogurt, it is a perfect trade off for sour cream. or in the sour cream, you might normally use to make a dip non- fat. now, you have protein, calcium, cilantro. this is a zip py zoo keen ney dip and garlic. mix it up. >> let me help you out.
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flavoring after that. it can be anything. my go to is hot sauce. language. >> that one is beware. seriously beware of it. i love it. >> pour the whole thing in. >> yes. >> the other is a korean hot sauce that i get in queens [ laughter ] >> some like it hot. >> she is a southerner. >> you may not speak after this. you take some of these scoops. it is a nice little vehicle to get that calcium and protein. you can put in tomatoes, onions, spinach, anything. >> it is so good. >> isn't it wonderful? >> it really is. >> you lost a lot of fat and sodium by making it yourself. everybody wants chocolate. let them have chocolate.
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either buy or make these mini brownies. we don't need a brownie that is a five inch square. >> portion control. >> portion control. bring a little bit of sauce, caramel sauce, for your fruit, you get a good trade off once again. you get the sweet taste that ever roybody likes and you get your potassium and fiber and minerals and last, but not least, come back with me. >> we have to wrap. >> food safety. everywhere, not just for this. hot foods hot, cold food cold. have your ice packs and hand sanitizer. it will be a great game. >> thank you pat. for more look on our website abc7ny. >> make this monday night when the mets destroy the dodgers back here in new york.
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>> it is big dog sunday you guys. we'll start halloween parade. you can barely recognize olli right? because of the shark costume. all the dogs are dressed up for halloween this year. rumble and lola, superheroes and cupcake, a sailor. a two-in-one costume, a hot dog and a cone. we have crabby in his costume and brew tus. i don't know if he is happy about that.
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9:24. >> broken leg. time for sports with laura
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>> reporter: the mets had a chance to push the dodgers to the brink of elimination in game two of this national league division series and it started well, but controversy struck. the mets lost their starting shortstop for the rest of the postseason. saturday night noah syndergaard be coming the third rookie to start a playoff game in history. newyork wasted little time. the opposite field solo home run 1-0 mets. newyork continuing to attack in the second. in his first postseason at-bat gets his first postseason home run. 2-0 mets. but then big trouble in the 7th. bartolo colon on in relief, a weird ard controversial play here. howie up the middle. dan murphy flips to tejada who takes the hard slide from chase utley.
9:26 am
tejada goes down in serious pain. he is carted off with a broken fibula and done for the year. then on replay, utley ruled safe even though he never touched the bag the right after that adrian gonzalez, the double. two runs scored. they to the four in the frame. 5-2 your final. tied at 1-1. the mets believe it was dirty. >> yes, they are angry. you know, in the playoff series you lose a guy to that serious of an injury, yes, they are not very happy about it. >> my experience, that is not a slide. that is a tackle. we know he plays hard. i play hard. i have done my fair share of takeout slides but never did anything like that. >> we knew it was going to be a tough series but would have been nice to take anytime you can take one-one against them in their house, you know i guess we'll take it. >> as for chase utley after the
9:27 am
and was simply trying to break up the double play. while the league's chief baseball officer said he will review the slide to determine if any discipline is warranted. >> they will see if there is anything that needs to be ton. there is administrative justice and things that happen on the field. a lot of mets' fans on twitter calling for an accident. >> violence is never the anker s. >> no. >> much more ahead on this sunday morning. >> taking a look at today's top stories. people are mourning the death of a 17-year-old boy allegedly at the hands of a fellow teen. that story coming up. also, ahead, the law that helps 9-11 attack victims and first respond ters with related
9:28 am
expired a few days ago. what does that mean for those who fee pend on those federal funds? the main advocate will join us to talk about what exactly comes next. take a look at that picture of lower manhattan, the east river, brooklyn bridge to the patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america.
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welcome back. a great shot outside. shaping up to be a nice sunday, a little warmer than yesterday, but enjoy these 70 degrees or what have you because they won't be around, too much longer. good morning. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. welcome. the last time we had 70-degree weather was today. and tomorrow. >> meteorologist amy freeze taking a look at the numbers today. >> we'll take it.
9:31 am
we'll take it while we can get it. today is not the only day. we are getting warmer tomorrow so it is a pattern taking us into the long weekend, columbus day. number jumped another degree. normal high is 66. then the record 91 we can get real warm this time of year. although we'll be above the average, we're not quite into record territory. >> sunset at 6:22 tonight. thank you for all your pictures this morning. we're off into the mid-40s there. knees spots into the frost advisory overnight. monticello went to 32. most places seeing lots of sunshine today enjoying the afternoon. temperatures take a little time to warm up, low 60s by 11:00 a.m. we felt to 70 and that will be
9:32 am
tomorrow what to expect for the columbus day parade which will be here on wabc and we'll have the seven-day forecast. >> to the news now, a memorial now stands at the site of a deadly stabbing at a park in westchester county. now family members are mourning the loss of a 17-year-old boy. meanwhile, another teenager is in custody accused of murder. kristin thorne has more from sleepy hollow high school with more. hi kristin. >> reporter: hi rob. good morning to everyone. we have seen people coming by the memorial here to drop off flowers and organized the flowers here, as well. we expect this memorial to taj robinson to grow throughout the day. the 17-year-old was a former stu tent at sleepy hollow high school. it appears it was a fight with another teen which cost him his life friday night.
9:33 am
berinzon moronta stabbed rob robinson several times in barnhart park. she has no choice but to address the tragedy in her sermon later on this morning. >> what i don't want is to have a community that responds in fear and starts you know but how do we pull together and love our kids, draw everybody close. >> reporter: school administrators postponed the school's homecoming game yesterday. grief counselors will be available today and tomorrow at the high school. i'm kristin thorne, channel 7, eyewitness news. and new information in the search for a missing long island man. eyewitness news received word that the 29-year-old has been found. the man disappeared tuesday prompting a desperate search by his family. he simply returned home and he was not hurt.
9:34 am
well, the law that provides health monitoring and financial aid to 9-11 workers and their families expired a few days ago at the start of this month. >> the 9-11 act is named after an nypd officer who died of a respiratory disease attributed to september 11th. now the program has enough money just to keep going through the end of the year, but funding could start shutting down by the summer. joining us now is john, the main advocate for the this act. thank you for talking about this. >> thank you for having me. >> howdies appointed or surprised were you? >> i wasn't surprised at all. new this was going to happen. frustrated. there is a burning anger sensation inside me. i'm not going to show it knew this was going to happen.
9:35 am
work in dc that we call congress. we're not surprised but we're confident it gets done by the end of the year. >> we have had five years of this and it did have an expiration date. >> yes. when we talk about never forget, this is what we talk about. >> most elected officials took to twitter and their websites and said never forget 9-11 last month and yet it seem the like they forgot about those sick and dying. 433 out of 435 districts were represented at ground zero and the country came together. i think members of congress and the senate failed to wrap their arms around the devastation of this. >> is this typical gridlock or is this wrapped up in other issues that they can't get pasted? >> i'm a common sense thinking
9:36 am
it is id yol gies and people putting their political differences before human life. it seems the disconnect with dc and those around the country is more evident than ever. listen, we're going to get to it by the end of the year. if we don't then i'm willing to do whatever it takes to get it done. i almost got arrested in 2010 and i'm willing to almost get arrested again. they were heroes. i'm won of them. i lost half of my foot there and spent 11 weeks in hospital. but yesterday, he passed away from his 9-11 cancer. the hero died of his. when does this sink into members of congress and the senate and when do they to what
9:37 am
is morally right? >> worst case, when does this money run out? >> we make it to the beginning of next year, some say the spring, some say the summer, but why keep this cloud of anxiety over the 9-11 community. these men and women are suffering. they have cancers. whether they are going to get healthcare, you have them taking $30,000 a day in pills and medication. you tell me if this program stops and run out of money, how are they going to afford that? you can't get insurance if this bill doesn't get renewed because you can't get insurance with a preexisting condition. >> you think you'll get the vote by the end of the year? >> i'll bet my one kidney on it. >> if people want to stay in touch with you, your website?
9:38 am
let's hope dc wakes up. >> thank you, sir. a long island man is under arrest after he got behind the wheel while drunk with a child in the car. he was arrested for dwi last night in east meadow. there ber three passengers it car at the time including ramon's three-year-old daughter. also, new this morning, police say a man was drunk when he caused a crash that killed his wife. the 26-year-old michael proctor was intoxicated when he lost control of his motorcycle on the sunrise highway about 12:30 this morning. his wife, meg gan proctor died in this crash. the driver, her husband was arrested after being treated for minor injuries. soldiers have been called in to restore order in thailand after they attacked a police
9:39 am
station and torched cars. the riot erupted. they were being chased by police. officials say people threw fire bombs and set at least 11 cars on fire. the men on the motorcycle were drug suspects. the taliban claimed responsibility for an attack in afghanistan. a convoy of coalition sources. three afghan civilians were killed in the crash. coming up next on eyewitness news sunday morning, thousands of runners are making their way around staton island this morning.
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wow. powerful message yesterday. hundreds of firefighters around the country were in queens for the inaugural stair climb. city field hosted the event. ney climbed more than 2200 steps in bollizing the stories they climbed in the world trade center during the attacks. it rushes into take care of families when they lose a firefighter. right now thousands of athletes are filling the streets. take a look at that. the race started just over an hour ago in saint george. good luck to all of those
9:43 am
>> right. >> very cool. they have great weather. >> i covered that race before. it is a fantastic course. it is quite fun, but a great race especially for people preparing for the marathon in 21 days. >> yes. three weeks away. this is one of their last long runs. might mix a few more in there, but the time has come to taper. >> taper? >> because you can go to the apex and then you start to -- you make it up to 20, 22-mile and then go down. >> so they are on the way back down. >> right. >> wow! it has been a fantastic sunrise for them. temperatures are on the cool side in some spots but looking to lower manhattan, central park, some numbers that are
9:44 am
fairly easy to take. 55degrees. we're going to add maybe 15. we should hit 70 degrees. it was a chilly start north and wes of the city. first what is happen on the island? low 50s. 60 degrees already there. starting off with mild temperatures there. we're a handful of degrees colder than this time yesterday. we started at morning lows. frost advisory there. a little frost on the pumpkins is what they woke up to. temperatures climbing there to the 40s right now. a few high, thin clouds. gorgeous for doing leave peeking. that is mainly north. we're starting to see near peak colors and the next ten days to two weeks the colors will pop closer to the city. sunny and warmer today. high pressure in control. southwest wind influence will give us this opportunity to get temperatures even warmer tomorrow. parade perfection is what we'll
9:45 am
go with columbus day. it is along weekend. what a bonus the weather is holding up. it is very nice. >> no storms, no rain. monday, clear skies as well. in fact, any showers that show up are well offshore. then we track this little weak cold front coming across pennsylvania on tuesday. early we could get a shower, sprinkle, light rain out of that but it doesn't last long, not a real soaker of a storm. just a chance for rain. the big parade will be right here on wabc at noon. it will make it to the mid-70s for the afternoon and post sunset temperatures settling back into the 60s. starry night tonight with 54 the overnight low. here is your accu-weather forecast. tuesday we hit 72. then the possibility of showers looks to be isolated to a few spots right now. where that front can hold fog and not everybody will see rain, but we still have to nail
9:46 am
down exactly what portion of the area could get that light rain. >> near normal on wednesday. we start to go downhill thursday, 65. temperatures below average with 60 and cool and saturday 59. an up and down pattern here, but the next couple of days look nyse and it is quite delightful that the timing is right for along weekend. >> yes. hopefully, you have off tomorrow. >> yes. >> i can't wait. >> are you off as well? >> i'm working but not the parade. >> you're working double so it is all good. >> she said 20 minutes to sleep since april. which is crazy. a special community calendar. i just had some inspiration. this addition of the channel 7 community calendar is dedicated to chase utley and the los angeles
9:47 am
michael jackson classic dirty diana. >> look for migrating hawks soaring. and fashion your own. fall scavenger hunt and see nature signs of the season. a fun filled day in queens at the harvest festival. colonial candle making part of the festivities. if you love garlic, you're in for a treat. come sample this at the tasting festival. in brooklyn, celebrate fall with some dutch traditions. the lights will shine a little brighter during ill lum nim nate stapelton. this unveils the work of seven
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...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . it is the play that has ever everyone talking. he made a hard slide into second colliding with the leg of the ruben tejada. now tejada is out for the rest of the season and fans have a lot to say about what happened. here is abc's t.j. holmes. >> reporter: the 7th inning, game two of the national league division series, mets up 2-1. howie hits a line drive up the middle. chase utley going hard at second. tejada is down. >> the runner chase utley who was on first ran hard at second while the tieing run crossed home plate.
9:51 am
prevent the go ahead score from being on second. watch how utley comes into the base sending tejada flying into the air. utley's helmet flies off and hits his head on tejada knee and his right fibula broken but did utley injury him intentionally? >> the mechanics regarding this play may be could have hit the dirt earlier, but he is doing what he was taught to do. >> one tweeting there is a difference between a takeout slide and tackling someone. others say what is hard is not dirty. game changer. >> this isn't the first time utley made a hard play like this. in 2010 utley then playing for the phillies took out tejada in a similar play. joe torre now a baseball league executive said the play is
9:52 am
under review to see if the slide was excessive. >> i'm still watching replays of it. >> tejada looked like a receiver coming over the middle having his feet knocked out from under him. >> that was t.j. holmes reporting on that. we'll be right back with a look at the top stories.
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it is now 9:54. a community in shock because of the brutal killing of a teenager. the murder was committed by another teen. here is kristin thorne with more. >> reporter: i wanted to show you the memorial that friends of the 17-year-old taj robinson set up here in the park. people still filled with tears. he was a former student at sleepy hollow high school. robinson was a well liked, well known student and it appears it was a fight with another teen that cost him his life friday night. bartolo colon of tarrytown stabbed him multiple times inside the park in sleepy . school administrators postponed the school's homecoming game yesterday.
9:56 am
sleepy hollow high school today and tomorrow. we're live in sleepy hollow. i'm kristin thorne, channel 7, eyewitness news. along island man under arrest after a motorcycle accident that killed his own wife. police say the 26-year-old michael proctor was intoxicated when he lost control of the bike. on sunrise highway about 12:30 this morning. his wife megan proctor did not survive the crash. the driver was arrested after being treated for minor injuries. on the road to the world series, a bad night in more ways than one for the mets in l.a. the team now heading home with the series tied at 1 game a piece after losing the game last night and losing their starting shortstop as well. the mets were leading 2-1 in the 7th when chase utley hit into tejada at second base. tejada suffered a broken leg in that rough collision.
9:57 am
the game went downhill after the injury. game three, hopefully some redemption in store set for city field tomorrow night. you have to imagine and the team will be fired upcoming out of what happened last night. that call is still under review by the league. >> the league could change the decision. >> at least for that, but that will stand. you ready my mind. the weather is a final decision. safe. it really is going to be quite delightful the next couple of days. this is a pattern that you want to see. mild temperatures sunday. perfect for the parade. 74 on monday. maybe a shower 72 on tuesday. the reason you would like to see this on a weekend is
9:58 am
have had our first frost in the upper hudson valley and northwestern new jersey so cooler temperatures. we might get one or two warm ones, but can't beat it. >> great for the game monday night. >> and for the run today. >> staton islandway to go for those finishing the half- marathon. >> thank you amy. >> that will do it for us on this sunday morning. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> and i'm rob nelson. thanks for being with us. >> news back tonight 6:00. have a great day.
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