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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> i'm david novarro in for joe torres. it's the play everyone's talking about, coming during last night's national league division series game in los angeles. the dodgers' chase utley making a hard slide in to 2nd and colliding with ruben tejada, breaking his right leg. >> it's a bad break, no pun intended, on the road to the world series. rob powers joins us now with the latest. >> joe torre is major league baseball's chief baseball officer. he's got a heck of a job in front of him. torre says he's reviewing the mets-dodgers game, more specifically the play that leaves the mets without their player. he broke up something already. he broke tejada's right leg. utley was called out. so he never touched the base. the problem is neither did tejada so utley is called safe adding insult to
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would score what would prove to be the winning run. series tied 1-1 and headed to queens tomorrow. terry collins spoke at citifield. >> i lost a pretty big player. i lost a pretty big piece of the puzzle. i'm not very happy about it. i'm not going to get in to it. this is not the place. i was pretty shaken up by it because i thought it was something that didn't need to happen. >> wait a few minutes, we'll hear more from the mets and get a little more information as well. we'll also talk about what else is going on in sports but the big story will be the mets-dodgers series, what happened last night, and how this affects the rest of the series. what won't change ask the fact that a 25-year-old now has a broken leg and won't be playing any time soon. >> fans obviously have a lot to say about what happened, a lot we can't put on tv. >> take a look at these photos from yesterday at bedford falls
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what the bar looked like while the game was going on. we're told there were quite a few gasps after this play took place. many of the fans here are long time fans. they're uncomfortable with what they saw yesterday. we reviewed the play with fans. we asked them what they thought about this situation. >> bottom line, was this intentional? >> yes. absolutely. because he doesn't slide in to the bag. he slides in to ruben tejada. >> what should happen now? >> well, you'd like to see some action from major league baseball but it's up to them at this juncture. >> i think his worth to baseball, this is the only value he has. taking out the opposition, it's practically assault. >> channel 7 eyewitness news. >> stay with eyewitness news for the latest developments on the mets' road to the world series and at you can find pictures of mets fans with their blue and orange pride.
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new at 5:00, an arrest in the attempted abduction and sexual assault of a teenager in connecticut who was forced to jump from a moving car to get away. eyewitness news reporter live. [ inaudible ] >> sandra, it was almost a week ago here at this intersection at boston and palisades avenues when police say a 17-year-old girl got in to a car and was nearly abducted. cops say they've arrested that driver. police say towanna randall of new haven has an extensive criminal record including robbery, larceny, and selling hallucinogenic drugs. it appears to have been the case of a good samaritan offering a ride to a student because it was cold out that morning but things turned violent. cops say randall assaulted the teen, and the 17-year-old fearing for her life tumbled out of the moving
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car, suffering only minor injury. it was caught on surveillance camera, helping cops make the arrest. residents say they feel much better now that randall is behind bars. >> it's very nerve-wracking because you don't know. you have kids and you send them to the store, you expect them to go and come back. >> i don't want them out there on the streets especially if they live near where i go to school at. >> bond was set for $100,000 for randall. she's due back in court on tuesday. in bridgeport, channel 7 eyewitness news. tonight a grieving family returning to the scene of a teenager's tragic fall. 16-year-old marcus castillo fell down an elevator shaft at an abandoned hospital. there are questions why helicopter didn't arrive sooner. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson in new brighton with new information. >> they want answers. marcus' family is still trying to figure out why the 16-year-old was here
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inside this building. they still do not know who he was with friday afternoon and are really having a hard time piecing this one together. they tell me the story just doesn't make sense. at this hour police are still investigating. this morning marcus' mother and father, his cousins and other family members came to the scene, escorted by detectives, they left holy water and a cross covered with flowers right outside of the front door of this abandoned hospital. the memorial sits a few feet from where he was foundy alive. police say he and four other teens were playing inside and for some reason marcos fell seven stories down an elevator shaft. investigators say the kids left, went home, and came back to the 17-acre property with an adult who called 911. but family members tell me that entire process took three hours. roughly three hours. and now
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right away, would marcos be alive? they also are not sure exactly what went down here and hope police get to the bottom of things. >> they were supposed to be playing hide-and-seek and then they were looking for him about 20 minutes, and then after that they went down, they saw a shoe, one of his shoes, then they just left. they thought he was home. and i think the kids are making these things up. >> trying to figure out what went on inside this site. it's been abandoned since the late 70s and is now a hangout for teens. you can see broken windows, graffiti everywhere. one neighbor tells me police have been called here many, many times. he and other neighbors have called 911 because kids are on the roof of this property throwing rocks down at people walking, in cars driving in the area. yesterday crews were out here. they put up a fence to try to keep people out. also a
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he's stationed there now. pablo, marcus' cousin says that's too little too late. we'll have much more on the story tonight at 6:00. kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we'll see you then. now to a developing story. a travel mess at airports nationwide. southwest airline is blaming technical issues for hundreds of delays and long lines. the problem is causing headaches at airports from los angeles to nashville. southwest says it's been forced to process customers manually, issuing handwritten tickets. southwest is asking travelers to arrive at the airport at least two hours before their scheduled departures. grief counselors on hand today at sleepy hollow high school to help students mourning the death of a former classmate. a memorial growing where 17-year-old tahj robinson was stabbed to death friday night.
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another teen led to his death. 16-year-old morana was charged. a man was drunk when he caused a crash that killed his wife. 26-year-old michael proctor lost control at about 12:30 this morning. his wife megan proctor was a passenger on the motorcycle. she was pronounced dead at a local hospital. he was treated for nonlife-threatening injuries and charged with dwi. a day of mourning in turkey where thousands marched in remembrance of the 95 people killed in yesterday's bombings. the nearly simultaneous blast came ironically at a rally promoting peace. abc's alex marquat reports from turkey. >> reporter: they came out by the thousands today in turkey's capitol, both to remember the dead and to vent their anger.
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will be brought to a count, directed at the turkish government for allowing saturday's deadly attack to happen. as hundreds assembled for a peace rally, two blasts just seconds apart killing nearly 100 people and injuring hundreds more. today many of the dead laid to rest. family members heart broken over the explosions that tore apart a rally calling for more democracy and a stop to the fighting. i really cried while watching the news, this man said, no humanity, no emotion, just brutality. we're no different from iraq and syria anymore. it is the deadliest terror attack in turkey's modern history and the latest chapter in growing violence here as the government vows to take on kurdish militants and isis. in the past few months, turkey has become more involved in the war in
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jets to use its basis to carry out strikes against isis. turkish authorities believe it was suicide bombers that carried out the attack, saying it was either kurds or isis behind it. so far no one has claimed responsibility. >> also in the middle east, a new wave of violence between israelis and palestinians. four israelis were wounded in a stabbing attack this evening. a palestinian woman detonated a gas canister in her car, injuring herself and causing minor injuries to a police officer. three palestinians including two children were killed today. iran is now a step closer to implementing that historic and controversial nuclear deal. iran's parliament has approved an outline of a bill that would allow the government to enact the agreement. final approval
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the deal curb's iran's nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of national economic sanctions but the bill allows tehran to withdraw if sanctions are not lifted. a new long range surface to surface missile, according to its official news agency. it's the first such test carried out since the nuclear deal was reached in july. iran says this is its first long range missile that can be precision guided until reaching its target. iran already claims to have missiles that can hit israel and nearby u.s. military bases. this is what fall in new york city is supposed to look like. >> pretty close to perfect today. here is amy freeze with the check on the accuweather forecast. >> it was picture-perfect around here. the other thing is we started to see a little bit of gold in central park, the leaves beginning to change ever so slightly here in the city.
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a lot more colorful upstate. 67 degrees right now. temperatures went the highest midafternoon, 68 is what we had for central park. that's been the top temperature. roslyn checking in at 69. 65 for merick out to hampton bays. temperatures 5 to 10 degrees warmer than they were at the same time yesterday. this is all the beginning of a trend. as warm as it was today, we'll see temperatures going even warmer with nothing much to slow us down. heading in to this evening, expect temperatures to fall in to the mid 50s. much more coming up in accuweather 7-day forecast. see you then. a race to find an abducted toddler. new at 5:00, an argument between the child's mother and grandmother leads to the child being taken. >> a lot of speculation and anticipation in the race for the white house. will vice president joe biden jump in to it? we have the latest clues.
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thousands of athletes filled the streets of staten island today for the borough's half marathon. it started end anded in st. george at the ballpark, the home of the staten
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channel 7 eyewitness news is your home for the tcs new york city marathon. we'll of course have live coverage on race day. that is sunday, november 1st. >> it's a date that our amy freeze knows very well. >> 21 days. >> how's the training going? you're going to race again this year, right? >> absolutely. i'll be in the race. my training is a lot better than it was last year. but hearing the stories of all the runners, many of which were in staten island doing the half today because 13.1-mile run which is perfect. just start to taper and dive toward the countdown. 3 weeks away. >> would this today be perfect running weather? >> oh, we can only hope. it was so beautiful. absolutely fantastic. can we do better though? because this is a long weekend. we get one bonus day tomorrow. so for a lot of folks who have columbus day off, maybe you're going to the parade, you have plans, settle in to a long weekend, the weather gets even warmer. i know, it's hard to believe. so chilly after that
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cold front early in the weekend. nice to see that we've got changing for above average temperatures before the weekend is out. looking in to lower manhattan, here are the numbers from central park. 67 degrees right now. humidity, 44%. 68 the high so far. southwest winds that were able to do the trick and boost our temperatures up. that southwest influence actually steps up tomorrow. a little more. so that's going to crank the temperatures to well above average for this time of year. record is 85 back in 1949. we won't get that warm but we'll try to get above 70 tomorrow. sunrise time for tomorrow morning is 7 :04, sunset at about 6:22 for the next couple days. lows this morning, freezing part for monticello. mid 30s for sussex and poughkeepsie. closer in suburbs, started in the 40s and the boroughs, 50s. nice afternoon. all that sunshine, we were able to peak at 70
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poughkeepsie and upper 60s for belmar and wrightstown. in that area, the rivers continue to rise, three major rivers have continued with flooding. for us around here, dry. high pressure is in control. hard to find a cloud in this sort of pattern and it holds for tonight so really beautiful conditions for this evening if you're out and about. another beautiful day tomorrow if you want to get out and look at the fall foliage, apple picking, leaf peeping, whatever you got onboard. patchy colors through central and southern new jersey. long island, we're starting to get near peak once you get to parse of southeastern new york. 74 tomorrow. we'll call that parade perfection. we'll be airing the parade here on wabc and looks like it will be a fantastic day with temperatures about 10 degrees above the average line. let the futurecast roll, and the risk of rain, very minimal. by tuesday morning we track this front coming in. that could give us a
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sprinkle at best. i think for most parts of the area it's not hardly a shower at all. we wait for soaking rains. here's the columbus day forecast. for tomorrow we break it down by day parts. 74 is the forecast high. we'll slide our temperatures back in to the 60s just after sunset. really nice starry night tonight with 56. here's your accuweather 7-day forecast. 67 on wednesday. that takes us to near normal. then we get that chance for temperatures to come back to the low 60s as we head to next weekend. friday looks interesting. it could be wet friday afternoon to early saturday. certainly the temperatures are going to be cooler than they will be for the start of the week. so march on i think it's going to be fantastic tomorrow. almost short sleerfbz -- sleeves really. >> keep it coming. let's turn to the race for president. will he or won't he? democrats are going to hear vice president joe biden's decision
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two days before the first big debate. >> reporter: joe biden dodging questions about 2016 and dodging reporters literally. >> get out of my way, will ya? >> reporter: weigh ing the political decision of a lifetime. >> who wants to split a pretzel with me? >> reporter: with deadlines fast approaching to make it on to state ballots, every day counts and sources close to biden tell abc news he believes he has about one week left to make up his mind. a decision that will come after tuesday's democratic debate. while biden will not be on that las vegas stage, hillary clinton will. the democratic frontrunner taking a break from the campaign trail over the weekend and holding mock debates to prepare with aides playing the parts of political rivals like former maryland governor martin orally and vermont senator bernie sanders. sanders climbing in
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much cash as clinton and packing the crowds in boulder saturday. while democrats prepare for their first primetime face-off, the republicans are on the sidelines. donald trump left to publically ponder the secret to his political success. >> what's the secret of my popularity, honestly? it's my looks. [ laughter ] i'm very handsome. that's the only thing i can think of right now. >> the ever humble donald trump. as for biden, polls show if he does jump in, he could make a serious dent in hillary clinton's lead, but time is of the essence. she has a massive campaign infrastructure built up already, 64,000 volunteers all around the country ready to work for her to help her win the white house in 2016. if joe biden wants to run, he's got to jump in soon and start raising serious cash. cecilia vega, abc news. the pressure is building on
5:20 pm
speaker and help unite a bitterly split party. jim jordan tells fox news his group would look favorably on ryan if he runs. the gop establishment has also indicated possible support for ryan. so far ryan says he doesn't want the job but he returned home to wisconsin this weekend to discuss the decision with his family. >> this is a big sports day. rob powers is coming up next with sports. >> so much going on here. we'll get back in to the big story today. ruben tejada and what happens now. the mets lose a game and a player in the playoffs. we're going to head to citifield and hear from the mets now that they are back ality home. plus as the giants prepare for their big game tonight.
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so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna.
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we've got a lot of sports to get to today. baseball at the top of the list. you think this will give the mets real momentum going in to these last games, rob? >> it's something that gives them a boost tomorrow but we shall see. today is about getting healthy. major league baseball reviewing the play that knocked ruben tejada out of the game and out of the playoffs with a broken leg.
5:24 pm
the dodgers beat the mets, their series tied 1-1. a lot happens here. tejada tries to turn a double play. daniel murphy's toss a little off line. tejada never touches the base. chase utley kind of barrel rolls tejada. he never touches the base either. utley awarded the bag. tejada leaves on a cart with a broken leg. mets lose the game and tejada. mets mad. mets fans, mad. manager terry collins at citifield this afternoon. >> yesterday is over. we can't do anything about it right now. we have an injured player. we've got somebody else who's got to step up and play in that spot. i've got my ace going tomorrow. that's all right now i'm concerned about. major league baseball will handle the other situation and i'll certainly support whatever they decide to do. >> so as for the game itself, utley proved to be the eventual game winning run. they beat the mets 5-2. the series tied at one game each.
5:25 pm
citifield for games 3 and 4. the mets are to split on the road and come back home to their ballpark. here's game 3 starter matt harvey today. >> we're all feeling for ruben. we're going to pick him up and we're excited to be back at home. >> for more on the mets in our next half hour. we move on to football now. they go against the 49ers who limp in to town with a 1-3 record. won two straight after the dreadful start. things are finally going their way. a national tv game, good time to shine in the spotlight against this 9er team. >> they're talented. they're big. they run the football. they've established an outstanding runningback and i think that's where it all starts for them, is run the play action pass. scary report from the nfl about giant tight end daniel fells.
5:26 pm
he's battling that mrsa infection in his foot. they're battling to save his foot, the infection that bad. the main concern obviously not football, it is for daniel himself. we keep good thoughts for him. coming up in the next half hour, more from the mets. this controversial series now heading back to the east coast, matt harvey on the mound for the mets. >> rob, thanks a lot. we are following a developing story in the bronx. coming up on eyewitness news, a family argument leads to a toddler being taken. we're at the scene as authorities search for that child. >> calling for change. a big rally to push for police reform after the death of eric garner in police custody.
5:27 pm
way back when, mayor laguardia and non-profits ghi and hip, now called emblemhealth, made sure working new yorkers had quality, affordable healthcare. who's caring for you?
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a look at tonight's top stories. major league baseball will review the controversial slide by los angeles dodgers 2nd baseman chase utley in to mets shortstop ruben tejada. the questionable play happened last night in game 2 of the nlds in los angeles. utley broke tejada's right leg during the 7th inning of the 5-2 loss. a new haven woman charged with sexually assaulting a teenager who jumped from a moving car. 31-year-old towanna randall is due in court tuesday, facing charges including third degree sexual assault, unlawful restraint, and reckless
5:29 pm
endangerment. the family of a teenager who fell to his death down an elevator shaft in long island went to the scene today. they want to know who was with the 16-year-old before he fell. good evening again. i'm david novarro in for joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. we're following that developing story in the bronx. police looking for a 2-year-old. >> police tell us the toddler's mother and grandmother had an argument of some sort, then the child was taken. eyewitness news reporter stacey with the story. -- eyewitness news reporter stacey sager with the story. >> they've remained out this building for hours because they've yet to locate this 2-year-old girl. they say this all started just before 11:30 this morning here on bronx park east. the number is 2320 bronx park east. the apartment where a 2-year-old was staying with
5:30 pm
her 42-year-old grandmother because her 22-year-old mother does not have custody. police tell me at some point the girl's mother shows up. there's an argument between mother and grandmother. that is when police say the mother grabs her toddler. they say she gets in to a dark colored sedan and leaves. and no one has seen the child since. police are obviously very concerned about this child's well-being. there are some unknowns here. we do not know what they were fighting about. police are asking this mother to come forward with her 2-year-old child. we'll bring you an update as we get it. live in the bronxdale section of the bronx, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. a rally getting underway to call for police reform in the wake of eric garner's death. activists are pressuring the city council to move on the right to know act. it requires
5:31 pm
when stopping someone and inform people that they can say no to searches. >> we're looking for more change. we're definitely looking at the bigger picture which consists with pairing conversations with police. >> activists will march to the site where garner died last year after being placed in a police chokehold. >> a gay, lesbian, and transgender members of the fdny are speaking out in groundbreaking new video they hope will save lives. >> it will absolutely get better. >> i promise you it gets better. >> that is the title of the video. it gets better. and it's most -- it's meant to show support for lgbt teens contemplating suicide. studies show roughly a quarter of transgender teens attempt suicide. nearly a dozen reptiles
5:32 pm
will get a new chance of life. three alligators, eight turtles, and a pig were dropped off at an amnesty event in suffolk county. the alligators are all healthy, but as for the others, one snapping turtle was sick and a box turtle was in pretty bad shape. the animals will be kept at the holtsville ecology center and placed in the right environment. another stunning twist in a high profile cop killing case in texas. first a key witness of the ambush murder of a deputy at a gas station admitted having an affair with him. now it's been revealed she was also involved with an investigator working the case. marci gonzalez has the details. >> reporter: the top cop in one of the highest profile murder investigations in the country thrown off the case. craig clopten, the lead investigator in the murder of deputy darren goforth suspended, admitting he
5:33 pm
witness, who was at the scene when he was shot 15 times execution style while fueling his squad car at this gas station near houston. the august 28th murder prompting an outpouring of police support and strong words from the harris county sheriff. >> we've heard black lives matter, all lives matter. well, cops lives matter too. >> reporter: for the second time sexual allegations rocking this case. sources telling ktrk the woman allegedly having an affair with clopten is the same eyewitness prosecutors claim to be in a romantic conversation with goforth for more than a year before the shooting. him. friend. >> reporter: her presence at the scene raising questions about whether goforth was working when he was killed, potentially impacting whether punishment case. >> she now has a connection to both the deceased and the lead
5:34 pm
investigator. and that compromises this investigation. >> reporter: the attorney representing the suspect, shannon miles, saying all of this will affect the case, explaining it will go to the credibility of the investigator and the witness herself. >> some experts say that could be enough for some jurors to find reasonable doubt when this goes to trial. marci gonzalez, channel 7 eyewitness news. new vision for education. coming up on eyewitness news, the partnership that helped tens of thousands of students see better. there are benefits that extend beyond the classroom. >> a young fan of the show "walking dead" gets the
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but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. stars of the "walking dead" show took a break to make a special visit to a big fan in brooklyn. cast mates dropped by the home of 8-year-old aiden sever last week. aiden has childhood leukemia and stays indoors to avoid exposure to germs. the stars of his
5:38 pm
favorite show came to him, they even got matching temporary tattoos. >> i love that story. too bad they didn't dress as zom bies. tens of thousands of students in new york city are getting help. >> they're the beneficiaries of a new partnership that gives them eye exams and eyeglasses all for free. mish -- michelle charlesworth has the story. >> they're going to struggle with learning. >> reporter: not because they're not smart or not trying, but because they cannot see. chris caruso says this program has taught educators that 1 in 5 kids has been going to school with an undiagnosed vision problem. >> 20% to 25% of our students need glasses and currently don't have them. >> reporter: so a partnership was born between community schools and the eyeglass company warby parker to give free eye exams and glasses to up to 20,000 students. the earlier doctors catch issues, the better.
5:39 pm
bobby hall is in 7th grade. >> even if we don't wear glasses, we don't want to exactly accept that we have problems because kids get made fun of. if you have vision screening, get test fire department you have eye problems and take care of it. >> with cool and stylish glasses now they're able to wear the glasses and feel confident and boost their self-esteem and be ready to engage in the learning process. >> reporter: these community schools focus on fixing social and in some cases medical problems that affect grades. no question with good vision everything improves. learning, self-esteem and report cards. the free eye exams and glasses which combined could have cost more than $300 per student are on tap for 20,000 kids in 130 new york city schools. amira in 8th grade says the extra care sure makes a difference. >> when i came here i was really quiet and shy and now it's helped me have my own voice, helped me
5:40 pm
and be happy. >> reporter: at the renaissance school of the arts in east harlem, michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> great to see. a flood of trouble captured on camera. coming up on eyewitness news, the incredible video of a high school stadium filled to capacity with water. >> i think we can call this a fall classic. take a live look outside on this sunny autumn day. meteorologist amy freeze has the forecast coming up. >> and channel 7 is your home for the columbus day parade.
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
check out what we've got caught on camera. a football stadium in washington state looked more like a swimming pool
5:43 pm
after it was deluged with rain. water cascadeed down the field on tacoma stadium high school. leaves covering storm drains caused the water to pile quickly. it's not the first time this has happened. the neighbors now providing more drains to prevent future floods. >> what a mess. makes us great-- grateful for the perfect fall weather. >> friday night we had the huge storms come through. that cold front brought in the chilly air. we had our first frost in some locations in the northern counties. it was a quick warmup out of the sunny skies. this pattern actual holds right through tuesday and that will be our next chance to get rain around here. for the rest of this night, if you can get out and about and enjoy the evening, sun is going to come down about 6:20 but it's actually going to be pretty nice through the evening. these are the sun rises
5:44 pm
from sandra, far rockaway. the sun came up, really spectacular. richie in montauk shared this one. belmar, we go down regularly to see him. fantastic sunrise. so we appreciate you sharing the sunset. it's going to be equally nice around here, just beautiful skies. looking in to lower manhattan, we get the numbers 67 degrees after a high of 68. southwest winds do continue. they've been light. they're going to speed up a little bit, 10 to 12 miles per hour. that will pump our temperatures up even more tomorrow. roslyn at 69 degrees. we're actually warm er right now by 5 to 10 degrees than we were yesterday at the same time so this is all part of the pattern, this high pressure system that's sweeping the warm air in here. it will take the sunset to cool the temperatures off but we'll go back in to 50s tonight, not quite as cold as it was last night. what a day. really felt like fall. this pattern going in to the early part of the week. really little chance for
5:45 pm
rain until early on tuesday. warmer conditions, we could be as much as 8 degrees above normal tomorrow. really going to see a swing in temperatures that you'll notice. any showers have been well offshore of the carolinas. the rivers are still on the rise there. for us it's wall to wall sunshine. as far as the eye can see, hard to get a cloud going with the weather pattern like this. by tomorrow, columbus day. a lot of folks have off. 74. parade per fexz. we'll be -- parade perfection. we'll be airing it here. light rain on tuesday may happen because of this cold front coming from the west. computer models continue to show maybe a front in here that could give us rainfall that amounts to something but looks pretty weak, the system coming in by early tuesday morning, falls apart as it goes across the area. that's our next shot at rain. until then we'll have to wait till friday. starry night, 56 the low here in the city. the temperatures do fall fast and
5:46 pm
40s for areas north and west. here's your accuweather 7-day forecast. we're back to around normal but temperatures do go lower as we head toward the weekend. by saturday and sunday next weekend we get a look at upper 50s, back below the average line. overnight lows hold steady in the 40s and 50s down the stretch but once you get in to that low 40 range which we could see early next weekend as far as overnight lows, getting closer and closer to the potential for a very chilly night, perhaps the first month. three weeks to the new york city marathon. we talked about this beautiful weather like the last four or five marathons we've had decent skies but the not only the rain. >> you don't those winds. a cabaret singer overcomes the medical condition that could have
5:47 pm
voice and how he made a remarkable journey back to the stage. >> plus, a teenage choir boy wowed pope francis with his last minute aria. how the singing sensation are you getting the internet speed you need? [excited yelling] ah, yes! you cannot stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mom? we all use it differently. so why should we get it all the same way? now you don't have to. with time warner cable, you get speeds from 3 megs, all the way up to ultra-fast 300 megs. with no data cap. no long term contract. even wifi you can use at home and on the go. call us today. prices start at $14.99 per month. if you're not happy, we'll switch you back. no risk. no contract. no catch .
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a special honor for my regular coanchor here on eyewitness news. joe torres recently received excellence in broadcaster at the national hispanic media coalition new york annual impact award in chelsea. it was presented by abc news reporter. congratulations to joe on the well deserved recognition. >> absolutely. one of the best in the biz. we love you, joe. way to go . a teenager who stole the show during pope francis's visit last month is on his way to broadway. >> his show stopping singing performance caught the ear of one legendary composer. he was asked to fill in last minute. andrew lloyd weber, who composed the song, has invited him to the
5:50 pm
opening night performance of his latest broadway musical "school of rock." when cabaret singers in new york city talk about the best of them, richard holbrook's name always comes up. >> his career was almost cut short after he faced the toughest challenge of his life. sandy kenyon has his story. >> reporter: his home is the stage where richard is the go-to guy for a smooth and sophisticated sound that meant manhattan for those who came of age a couple generations ago. >> when we're dancing, keep on glancing in my eyes >> reporter: his breezy presentation so easy on the ears seems all the more remarkable given holbrook's recent battle with cancer. >> i had been through hell and back if you'll pardon the expression. >> reporter: his ordeal began
5:51 pm
two and a half years ago. >> i'm experiencing this discomfort in my mouth and i thought it was a canker sore. just probably would go away. >> reporter: but it didn't. in the summer of 2013 he got some very bad news. a cancerous growth had spread to his jawbone. >> so they said the doctor said the jaw has got to go. >> reporter: richard told me he was in a state of shock. >> did you ever fear that you wouldn't sing again? >> yes. yes. but i was determined to fight it. >> reporter: the singer was silenced until his jaw could be rebuilt, using bone from elsewhere in his body. >> i had to learn how to swallow, how to chew, how to move my tongue, i had to learn how to speak. >> reporter: and finally, to sing. >> i think he's better. even better. because he's got more heart. >> reporter: and his music has
5:52 pm
>> if you have a passion in your life, if you have a love, keep doing what you're doing and that's going to get you through the rough times. it's gotten me through the rough times. >> that was sandy kenyon reporting. coming up on eyewitness news, fans cry foul after a dodger does anything but dodge. mets star player ruben tejada in a hard slide in to 2nd base. >> a woman now behind bars accused of driving a bridgeport teen to jump from a moving car in order to escape an attempted abduction. >> students forced to learn a lesson in grieving when an
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