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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 11, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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a woman found dead in a local park. her body slashed multiple timesment now an investigation is underway to figure out who she is, and what happened to her. but first -- >> my baby sister is in such critical condition, please. >> a family inconsolable after a young woman is found critically injured on the side of the road. now they're trying to unravel the mystery of what happened, and begging for answers. good evening, everyone. i'm sandra bookman.
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torres. the victim of a hit-and-run. >> she is in critical condition after being found on the side of the road in cliffton. >> eyewitness news reporter, stacey sager outside the hospital in paterson with the story. >> reporter: you know, dave, they say someone must have answers. 22-year-old anna semioli was the victim of a hit-and-run in clifton. her family is begging for help. >> my baby sister is in such critical condition. please come forward and say something. >> reporter: a desperate, and exasperated family, keeping vigil here at st. joseph's
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paterson, praying that anna semioli will pull through. >> there was 11 911 calls reporting they had seen a body on the side of the road. >> no one saying a description of a car. >> nothing like that. nothing. we're so desperate to find out who, why, what, what happened. >> reporter: police told the family anna's injuries are consistent with a hit and run, but all her sister knows is what anna said in her last phone call thursday night. that she was going to visit friends at her school, montclair state university. but no one has heard a word sense. >> all of those people that were in there. not a single one was one of the people she was visiting that night. >> no one from montclair. >> does that strike you as something? >> that strikes me as something is wrong. >> reporter: her family has yet to hear from fayette county
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prosecutors and that they say, is unaccountable. >> you guys are supposed to be doing the work. do the work! why are we having to contact them? why do i have to find your phone number! >> reporter: obviously, the family very frustrated at this point. we did reach out to the passa county prosecutor's office and they did call us back moments ago, insisting they spoke with other members of this family. they insist, they are diligently working on this case, but they urge anyone, anyone with information to call the clifton police dispatch center. the phone number for the clifton police dispatch center is 973-470-5911. 973-470-5911. the dispatch center, they answer 24 hours a day. that is the best number to call. meanwhile, anna semioli's family keeps vigilant here at the hospital.
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they say there's a $10,000 reward in this case. live in paterson, i'm stacey sager. major league baseball handing down its decision on the hard slide into second that left the mets reuben day hay -- tejada with a broken leg. chase utley suspended for two games. >> reporter: mets fans said they wanted justice, hear not quite sure they have it yet. but major league baseball ruled today. the dodgers chase utley, suspended for games 3 and 4 of this playoff series. met fans united in saying, utley got off easy. here's the play. utley taking out tay hay da. a play that left tejada sprawled out in pain. ultimately, major league baseball disagreed with executive joe torre saying tonight, determining where to draw the line between an illegal slide and a legitimate hard play is an extremely difficult call for our umpires.
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reviewing the play from all conceivable angles, i have concluded that mr. utley's action warrants discipline. there is word from utley's agent, they will appeal that decision. in sports, what the mets had it to say before and after that suspension was announced. >> thank you, rob. new at 11:00, an investigation underway tonight in queens after a woman's body was found in a park. police say she had multiple slash wounds. her body found in kissena park in flushing. mallory huff is there with details. >> reporter: sandra, police arrived here just before 3:00 this afternoon. investigators working pretty far back from where we are right now. pretty deep into this park, about 200 feet back from here. tonight, it is still very unclear how this woman ended up here.
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flashing lights illuminated the park where investigators say a body was discovered in the daylight of the afternoon. >> it's kind of surprising. i mean, i feel bad for the family. >> reporter: police say they responded to a call about an unresponsive woman in flushing park, queens. when they arrived they found a woman with stab wounds on her neck and stomach. ems pronounced her dead. >> i'm just surprised this is like a first reaction. i didn't expect something like this in this neighborhood. >> reporter: people who walk in the park say the situation has them on edge. >> i'll be more careful. maybe i won't go into that trail. >> reporter: tonight, investigators telling us they will likely continue their work all night long. they also tell us there are no surveillance video cameras in this park. live in flushing queens, mallory huff, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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police say this razor edged tool was found in a correction officer's backpack as he arrived for his shift yesterday. investigators say it is the seventh arrest of a correction employee in the past five weeks. and more arrests are expected. some are accused of contributing to violence among inmates. an arrest tonight in the attempted abduction of a teenager in connecticut who jumped from a moving car. police say tawanna randall offered the girl a ride. stefen kim will have more on what happened inside the car coming up in our next half hour. now to turkey, where thousands of mourners marched in rememberrence of the 95 people killed in a rally. mourners accused turkey's president of encouraging violence to gain votes for the ruling party. the government says kurdish
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responsible. five people were killed, and five others hurt when a helicopter crashed into a nato base in afghanistan. nato is describing the crash as a nonhostile incident. the identities of those killed and hurt have not been released yet. a travel mess for much of the day at airports nationwide. southwest airlines is blaming technical issues for hundreds of delays and long lines. the problem caused headaches at airports from los angeles to nashville. southwest says it has forced to process customers manually. that means issuing handwritten tickets. many customers say the wait has been so long they've missed their flights. southwest is asking travelers to arrive at the airport at least two hours before their scheduled departures. gay, lesbian, and transgender members of the fdny speaking out in a ground breaking new video they hope
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will save lives. >> definitely gets better. >> it will absolutely get better. >> i will promise you, it gets better. >> that is the name of the video. it gets better. it's meant to show support to lgbt teens contemplating suicide. in it, dozens of members of the new york city fire department shared their stories of coming out. still to come on eyewitness news, more questions than answers for the grieving family of a staten island teen who fell to his death in a vacant building. the latest at the site where the boy lost his life. >> a dispute between classmates in a high school cafeteria turns into a controversial use of force by school resource officer all caught on camera as the student's been grabbed by the throat. >> he may be buying time, but time is running out for the vice president to enter the presidential race. the mounting pressure, as we look ahead to tuesday's first democratic debate.
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>> a beautiful night out there. i'm meteorologist amy freeze. we've got clear skies overhead. you might be able to see some stars. 62 right now. temperatures climbing quickly overnight tonight we do fall into the 40s here in the city,
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even mid-70 the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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a school resource officer
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old student to the floor of a cafeteria now under investigation. jesse yus got into a fight with an officer at round rock high school. when he it touches one of them, he grabs him by the throat and takes him down. the resource officer says officers had to use force because yus would not calm down. he was suspended for fighting. vice president joe biden may reveal this week if he'll make another run for the presidency. sources close to the vice president tell abc news that decision may come days after tuesday's democratic debate. biden needs to make up his mind before it's too late for him to get a spot on several state ballots. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and other democratic challengers are holding campaign rallies to prepare for their first prime time faceoff. hillary clinton took some time off from the campaign trail today to celebrate her 40th wedding anniversary. the department presidential candidate tweeted this throw
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ago, i married the cute guy from the library. happy anniversary, bill clinton, you've still got it. president clinton himself tweeted, seems like only yesterday. meanwhile, donald trump told to dream on by aerosmith front main steven tyler. he sent a second cease and desist letter asking him to stop using the power ballad at campaign events. saying trump's use of the song gives the false impression that tyler is connected with, or endorses mr. trump's presidential bid. coming up on eyewitness news at 11:00, terrifying moments on a florida bridge when a waterspout puts its stamp on a big rig belonging to the u.s. postal service. and friday night fights. a high school football team out of bounds before the game even started. if you're ready for some football, this may not be the kind you want. stay with us. taking a live look outside.
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a waterspout in tampa, florida came aground and caused problems on a sky way bridge. it overtook a truck carrying mail. it was tipped around and then the waterspout came back for more. this time, it placed the truck upright. the driver was able to escape unharmed. >> truck's in the mail. exact opposite of the weather we had this weekend. absolutely perfect.
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>> this is picture perfect. >> the bonuses, we goat another day tomorrow. it's the long holiday weekend and columbus day parade will be happening tomorrow. above average, by a handful of degrees this afternoon. i think we can beat that even tomorrow. looking at the numbers. 69degrees, shy of that 70 we were shooting for. 62degrees right now. southwest winds at 5 miles per hour. southwest winds pick up a little overnight. that's what warms us even more. check the temperatures, still 63 for rossland. hampton bay at 59. look at all the yellow and orange on the map. that's indicating we're warmer by 5 to 10 degrees in all of these places comparative to last night. it's a lot more mild out there. we had freezing temperatures in some of these counties, but they're just dropping into the low 40s tonight.
11:20 pm
we should slip into the 50s for the boroughs. accutrack shows only a few showers off the coast of north carolina. so they got a break from the rain. for us, it's been wall to wall sunshine. high pressure is in control. the southwest wind is bringing in the mild temperatures, also, high pressure keeping the storms away. we hold that pattern until late tomorrow night. we'll go with 74, and parade perfection. really, it's going to be so fantastic tomorrow. looks fairly weak, but stays on the line just as it approaches us through southeastern pennsylvania. maybe a few showers, light rain and low 70s is with what we end up here. we watch it it it on the future cast, taking a wider look as the storm comes in. you'll notice this particular model does hold it together through about noon on tuesday, giving us a chance for a sprinkle, or a light rain. then it completely clears the area. the high resolution future cast.
11:21 pm
this one gives us the most detail. even tomorrow, a few clouds staying offshore. the game weather looks good for the mets at citi field tomorrow. then tuesday, the showers brush through pretty rapidly. early afternoon, they clear the area. we go with niece numbers. 56 overnight. you can see the stars, it's so clear out there. the columbus day forecast for tomorrow, mid-morning, we're still in the mid-60s. we hit the 70s early in the afternoon. we go for 74. parade will be right here on wabc television. we'll be there along the parade route. by wednesday, that front comes in, and takes the temperatures now to near normal. we're cool for the second half of the week. 63 on friday. rain late at night on friday, into early saturday. then we're stuck struggling below 60 degrees for saturday and sunday of next week. next weekend looks kind of cool. we'll live it up while we can tomorrow. >> absolutely. >> looks good for the game. >> yeah, can't wait. laura is off.
11:22 pm
i love the playoffs powers with us. >> this i could do without. it's been a wild day. the mets and dodgers get back on the field tomorrow. it will be about baseball sooner or later. much later if it's up to mets
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we'll hear more about the non-profits ghi and hip, now called emblemhealth, have been connecting my family with a world class network of doctors for over 50 years. who's caring for you?
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well it didn't take major league baseball too long to come down with a decision on this case. >> we'll see what happens tomorrow, because it's not over. that barrel role will cost utley two games for giving tejada a broken leg. he will appeal, but the appeal's process should be complete by game time tomorrow night. game 2, tejada playing shortstop. utley charging hard for the base. neither guy actually touches second base. the result though, devastating
11:25 pm
for the mets. tejada suffers that broken leg. the mets lose the game. the mets fans are mad. one thing we won't see. tejada, and the mets aren't happy. here are the managers before. >> i lost a pretty good player. i lost a pretty big piece to the puzzle. i'm not very happy about it. i was pretty shaken up by it, because i thought it was something that didn't need to happen. >> i look at it as a baseball play. it was a hard, aggressive, legal slide to me. our organization is proud of the chase plays. we love the way he plays. >> all right. the mets response late tonight. the new york mets completely support the decision to suspend chase utley for two games and feel this was the appropriate course of action. stay tuned. lauren and i will have you covered tomorrow at citi field. the cardinals and cubs pick things up tomorrow.
11:26 pm
the first time in seven years. >> it's playoff baseball. it's fabulous stuff. but again, it's a unique situation here with the cubs and at wrigley field. it's kind of like this almost every night. >> we wait for what should be a hum dinger of a night at citi field. we had playoff games today. we start in houston. kansas city has been one of the teams to beat for a long time now. the royals jumped ahead, 1-0. lorenzo cain smacks a solo home run. 5th inning, jason castro drives in a couple of runs. the stros took the lead, and never took their foot off the gas pedal. the astros can advance with another win tomorrow. in texas now, the rangers with a chance to knock off the blue jays. troy tulowitzki had another idea. now it's 2 games to 1, texas
11:27 pm
still on top. let's take a quick time-out right here. we've got plenty more coming up in just a bit. straight ahead on eyewitness news, we will see if practice makes perfect for the giants. maybe not think the fans would settle for a win. plus the rest of the day in the nfl.
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hi and welcome back, thanks for staying with us. the niners and giants have been building with wins. they are battling late right now in the 4th quarter. we can update this score right now. it is 29-27, giants with the lead. they just scored. there's like 20 seconds to go in the game. they just took the lead. >> wow. unbelievable. >> they can make the prognosticator look good for once. giant fans want to know how the cowboys did. jet fans want to know how the patriots did. tom brady was tom brady. the cowboys sacked him five times in the 1st half. 30-6. new england goes to 4-0. speaking of peyton manning, the raiders hosted the broncos.
11:30 pm
manning and charles woodson were both in the 1998 draft case. woodson intercepted manning twice today. but the biggest play was a bronco interception. chris harris jr. picked off derek carr. the broncos beat the raiders 16- 10. denver rolls to 5-0. >> i cannot believe the giants won. >> they didn't win yet. >> it's not over? >> not quite. if you ruin this. >> hope i didn't jinx them. >> we're going to stay positive. thank you. thanks rob. still ahead on eyewitness news at 11, a connecticut woman behind bars accused of driving a 17-year-old girl to jump out of a moving car, and escape an attempted abduction. new details on the suspect coming up. >> plus the stars of the show walking dead have just what the doctor ordered for an 8-year- old brooklyn boy battling leukemia. >> and from soldier to expected
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the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. here's a look at tonight's top stories. police discovered a woman's body, slash wounds this afternoon. the victim has not been identified. >> police in clifton, new jersey, are asking for witnesses of a hit and run to come forward.
11:33 pm
side of route 46 thursday night. shy remains in critical condition. >> major league baseball suspending the dodgers chase utley for games 3 and 4 of the playoff series. the league says utley made an illegal slide last night in los angeles that left mets shortstop ruben tejada with a broken leg. topping our news this half hour. a woman arrested for attempting to kidnap a teenager in connecticut. >> police say she attempted to give the teenager tonight, the town relieved the suspect is in custody. >> i don't want them out there on the street, especially if they live near where i go to school at. >> reporter: residents in new haven, and bridgeport, breathing a little easier, after police arrested it this woman. towanna randall from new haven. cops say monday, randall tried to abduct a 17-year-old girl in bridgeport. the incident caught on surveillance video.
11:34 pm
rolling out of a moving car to escape her would be captor. investigators say randall has an extensive criminal record, that includes robbery, larceny and selling narcotics. brad rainy of bridgeport resident with four kids, still uneasy about what happened. >> it was very nerve-racking, because you don't know. you walk around, and you have kids, then you send them to the store, you expect them to go and come back. not to hear nothing like that. >> reporter: police say appears to be the case of a good samaritan arriving to that student, because it was cold outside. that 17-year-old got into that car. things turned suddenly violent. cops say randall assaulted the teen be and the 17-year-old, fearing for her life tumbled out of the car. police do not believe randall and her victim knew each other because of the incident. >> of course i'm surprised.
11:35 pm
you would think it's a male, or men in a van or something. but it's a woman. that's why she trusted her to get in that car. >> you know, i teach my kid to be aware any suspect cars and stuff like that, you know. it's a messed up world we live in. >> reporter: bond was set at $100,000 for randall. she is due back in court on tuesday. in bridgton, eyewitness news. police say a motorcyclist on long island was drunk when he caused a crash that killed his wife. he lost control of had his motorcycle on the sunrise highway in west islip. his wife megan proctor was a passenger on the motorcycle. she was pronounced dead at a local hospital. he was charged with nonlife- threatening injuries and dui. a droving team returns to the -- grieving he teen returns to the scene of a deadly fall.
11:36 pm
there are still questions why help didn't arrive sooner. eyewitnesses news reporter kimberly richardson has the story. >> it's really heartbreaking. >> reporter: found unable to move her car for help. his parents, jorge, and angela wanted to visit the spot where their son was killed. they prayed, left holy water, and a cross covered with flowers. all of this, such a stark contrast to the dismal abandoned property. >> he was a good kid. why he was in there. that's the story we're trying to figure out why, what happened. why he was there. >> reporter: pablo and other relatives are now haunted by the thought that if someone had called for help right away, maybe just possibly marcos would be here playing with his family. police say the 16-year-old and 4 our teens were playing inside the building. after the fatal plunge, police
11:37 pm
and came back with an adult who called 911. but pablo tells me that entire process took about three hours, he wasted. >> they were supposed to be playing hide and seek. him. after that, they went down, they saw a shoe. one of his shoes, and then they just left. they thought he was home. >> reporter: by then it was around 5:00 in the afternoon angela and jorge were worried. they tried calling marcos on his cell but got no answer. saturday police put up a fence. a security guard is now posted out front. pablo tells me too little too late. >> they should have done it a long time ago. >> reporter: this property has been abandoned since the late '70s. kids living in this neighborhood tell me they've been inside. people living here tell me they've called police many times.
11:38 pm
me, they still don't know who he was with inside had building. in staten island, kimberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. grew counselors will be on hand to help students mourning the death of a former classmate. a memorial is growing where 17- year-old taj robinson was stabbed to death. police believe a fight with another teen led to his death. a 16-year-old was charged with the murder. demonstrators want the city council to move on the right to know act. it requires officers to identify themselves when stopping someone and inform them they have the right to refuse searches. >> we're looking for more change. we are definitely looking at the bigger picture which
11:39 pm
consists over repairing relationships with police. and that involves passing the right to know act. >> activists will march to the sight where garner died last year, after being placed in a police choke-hold. nearly a dozen reptiles in suffolk county, nearly a dozen rep tills illegally kept as pets will get a new life. three alligators were dropped off. the alligators were all healthy. one snapping turtle was sick. those animals will be kept at the holtsville ecology center and placed in the right environment. the stars of the tv show walking dead took a break from fighting zombies to brooklyn. they dropped by the home of 8- year-old aiden seeiver last week. he stays exposure to germs.
11:40 pm
the stars of his favorite show came to him. they even got matching temporary tatoos together. up next, a woman proves her home really is her castle when she wards off an intruder with her medieval fighting skills, and a samurai sword. >> and schools and daycares in one nevada community going the extra mile disinfecting thousands of lego pieces to keep children safe. the reason for this deep cleaning effort, coming up. >> and a look outside now. meteorologist i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best friend. i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best friend. why are you giving me a gallon of... because you're my best friend. i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best... get gas rewards for three friends and even one for yourself.
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[ music ] a fight on a high school football field erupted into a brawl before the game even started. players from central valley and new castle faced off at the 50- yard line in western pennsylvania. things escalated after the visiting central valley warriors did not come out onto the field for the national anthem. one member says team members spit and stomped on new castle's lawyer. several players and a coach were ejected. from the chalk boards to
11:43 pm
everything they can after a suspected case of the norovirus. a the school district has seen nearly 500 cases this year. teachers say they're seeing fewer incidents, the more they disinfect and as infected students stay home. many people would be filled with fear if they found an intruder in their home. but one woman proved bravery comes in all shapes and sizes. it doesn't hurt when you have a samurai sword at your disposal. >> reporter: she woke up and found an intruder standing in the hallway of her indianapolis home. she knew she would have to do whatever it would take to protect herself. >> if i feel threatened, i'm going to attack. >> reporter: she says it evenly took a few seconds for the suspect to force open her door and get inside. what he didn't know was what was waiting there.
11:44 pm
the 43-year-old dally was trained in medieval combat. she jumped out of bed, flicked on the lights, and punched the man in the face at least ten times. >> he was deflecting a lot, like this. >> reporter: then she grabbed her large japanese combat sword. >> it's got an edge, it will cut. >> reporter: and with it, held the blade on the intruder until police arrived. >> just held it down like this, while he was on the floor, and i'm calling 911 other hand. >> reporter: officers arrested jacob wesle of greenwood. police say he was high on an in. repeatedly telling officers, he was hiding from someone. he had no idea his hiding place would have a woman with a japanese sword who knows how to use it. fortunately, wesle did not put up a fight and apologized on the way out. >> if he would have behaved in a slightly different manner, he
11:45 pm
now to a different type of bravery, a world war ii veteran dives head first into his 92nd birthday. jack stefens. friends were skeptical when he said he would be jumping out of an airplane. take a look. he says he's happy to be the old man setting a new record. >> people should try that more often. live life with gusto. >> really. yeah, give me something to look forward to. do things. makes life interesting. all you young guys. try things. makes you feel younger. >> i love his attitude. >> jack says in fact he looks forward to jumping again on his 95th birthday. good for him. happy birthday. >> two brave souls. i love that woman with that samurai sword. still to come on eyewitness news at 11, a pregnant woman
11:46 pm
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caught on camera. a football stadium in washington, looking more like a swimming pool, or a rainforest after a deluge of rain. the problem here is the fallen leaves covered up the storm drains, and that caused the water to rise quickly. it's not the first time either. neighbors are now demanding more drains to help prevent future flooding. >> can't say that i blame them. we don't have to worry about that scene, or anything similar around here. at least through what, tomorrow, it's going to be perfection again. >> i like the sound of that. sounds pretty good. temperatures above average. skies looking good. pretty much worry free weather and a lot of people have the day off, because it's columbus day. if you're headed to the parade, weather does cooperate. i think you can get away with short sleeves on this one. we will slip temporarily into the 50s overnight. then back into the 70s this afternoon. we're just shy of that 70- degree mark by one degree today.
11:48 pm
now, they'll pick up speed and a little strength tomorrow. pushing numbers above the average tomorrow. 66degrees. we could maybe push this, i think about 4 to 8 degrees tomorrow, making it into the mid-70s. not the record of 85. but certainly above average this time of year. sunset was at 6:22. fantastic sunrise again, tomorrow just after 7:00 should be fantastic as well. mid-40s for monticello and andover. we were all the way down to 32, the freezing point last night in monticello, a little more mild for you. showers offshore. the rain stops for them for now. but they still have rivers that have not crested. for us, it's wall to wall sunshine. high pressure is in control. it's hard for clouds to form. we also get the southwesterly breeze. that will crank our temperatures, down to 54. a real head start on
11:49 pm
could have 20 degrees and perfect weather for the parade. that high pressure slides offshore. we track the next cold front coming in on tuesday. it appears it's going to break up, and only give us a little light rain on tuesday. especially for the early part of the day. the hue resolution future cast, we time this out. clouds start to creep in by late tomorrow night. looks just fine for the mets game though. the showers break apart, then they're gone by 7:00 in the evening. they're not going to last that long, and they actually will leave behind cooler temperatures that come in gradually over the week. so a starry night. 56 the overnight low. for columbus day, we break down mid-60s through the 11:00 a.m. hour. by 3:00, we're at 74. that's our high temperature. after sunset, temperatures settle back into the 60s. here is your accu-weather seven- day forecast. we're back to near wednesday. watch the gradual lowering of temperatures. it looks like we could be stuck below 60 degrees heading into next weekend. so it depends on what that
11:50 pm
front does on friday. just how strong it it is. that gives us a soaking rainfall late friday night into early saturday. our temperatures will be seriously limited. so we need to watch that pretty carefully. 59, 58, as we head into next weekend. very crisp, fall like weather. the parade will be great here on wabc. a pregnant woman in florida being hailed a hero for saving a bicyclist of a he was hit by a car. >> the accident happened right in front of her. while no one else rushed to help the man, as he lay dying in the road. the army reservist knew she had to step in. >> reporter: this busy stretch in pinellas county, florida. a much needed stretch of road. on the night of september 15, the two crossed paths here in a moment that changed their lives. >> the car went swerving, so i immediately thought that it was a drunk driver, or you know, teenagers or whatever. the next thing i seen was
11:51 pm
something get thrown in the air. >> that something was jason. thrown from his bicycle of a being hit by a car. the driver took off. >> i didn't know that until i woke up on the side of the highway. >> reporter: six months pregnant, army reservist, javelle as other witnesses stopped to take pictures but did nothing to help. that's when she stepped in. >> i would have felt bad. i'm a soldier, i'm trained for this, and i sat there and watched. >> reporter: she held jason's hand until help arrived, but she still wasn't sure he would survive. >> they was trying to do cpr, and he wasn't responding. >> reporter: despite having cuts and bruises all over his body, jason made a quick recovery, and insisted on finding that stranger who came to his rescue. >> i knew that whoever it was saved my life. >> reporter: after getting his name from police, jason turned to facebook, and tracked her down.
11:52 pm
>> i wish there were more people in the world like javell. >> we all human. you shouldn't treat anybody like that. >> he says he plans to recommend her for a special military honor because of efforts to save his life. in fact, he is a veteran as well. >> the tie in right there. >> pretty amazing story. she definitely does. definitely does. that's going to do it for us this evening. thanks for staying up late. i'm sandra bookman. >> i'm david navarro. eyewitness news returns
11:53 pm
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