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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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six others were injured. there were a lot of people out on the street who witnessed this and saw it as it happened. >> people standing at the bus stop. she didn't have time to run. all you see is the truck looming. >> she's very sweet and caring. you know what i'm saying? she'd feed anybody . always worried about her kids. her kids come first. >> the woman who died is the mother of five children. the oldest one, relative told us a few minutes ago, is 18 years old. some of them do not know yet that their mother is dead. we're not going to report her name until all the family members have been notified. but one woman is dead. half a dozen other people injured when this out of control truck came from bruckner avenue. we're told it
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car that veered in to its lane. it swerved and went out of control. jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> just incredibly sad. we're going to turn now to tonight's game 3 and the drama unfolding on and off the field. a start of the mets versus the dodgers game is just two and a half hours away at citifield. chase utley is not in the dodgers' starting lineup even after he appealed his two-game suspension today. all this drama only adding more emotion for mets fans about to see their team's first playoff game on home field in nine years. we have two reports. cefaan kim is with the fans but we'll begin with rob powers outside citifield tonight. >> this is the first postseason game of any kind here in citifield. it's the first time the mets have been to the playoffs in a long time. all that plays second fiddle to what happened at 2nd base in los angeles and all of the sudden this national league division series is anything but your normal division series.
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by now you have seen the video. mets shortstop ruben tejada went up, he went down, he went out with a broken leg, a result of chase utley's barrel roll in game 2. utley suspended. that appeal will not be heard before the game tonight. what will be heard are met fans if utley steps on that field. game 3 tonight. thoughts never far away from what happened in game 2. >> as frustrated as we are, as upset as we are, we feel so bad for ruben. but the one thing we can't do is cost ourselves a game and this particular game because we're angry. we can play angry but we've got to play under control. >> kind of excited about the atmosphere tonight to be honest with you. i think it's going to be electric and kind of looking forward to it actually. >> this afternoon a statement from chase utley: i have nothing more to say other than to reiterate i feel terrible about ruben's injury. now my teammates are focused on doing
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everything we can to win this series. the shame in all this besides of course ruben tejada's broken leg is the series is tied 1-1. matt harvey is pitching tonight. we should be talking about a great baseball game. and what about the fans in all this? for that part of the story we bring in cefaan kim with the fans this afternoon. >> as you know, this will be the first ever postseason game played at citifield. in fact it's been almost a decade since they were last in the postseason. it's not like they needed anything more to be amped up for tonight's game, but then chase utley happened. >> reporter: they're the first guys in line for the tailgate party. at citifield, eight hours before first pitch. >> we really want to get a good spot. we want to get in there as soon as the gates open. we want to get a good spot of harvey. >> we've been waiting 25 years for this. >> reporter: fans say ticket now cost $300 for standing room
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only, $1500 for seats behind the dugout and $7,000 behind home plate. it's been a long wait for fans of the amazings. their last postseason game was in 2006 but that was at shea stadium. >> so crazy. i just go home at night and i think, what's this team going to do for me? i've been cheering so long. i just feel so great to be here now. >> reporter: then there's the controversial slide by chase utley, or tackle, depending who you ask. long time philly and mets killer broke ruben tejada's leg on this game 2, suspended for two games in this series but eligible to play tonight as he appeals. >> i think every mets fan hates utley anyway. listen, he's got s right to appeal the gets to play. >> that's pretty reasonable. >> i think it was a dirty play but suspending him and taking i don't think you can do that to a team
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even though they're the l.a. dodgers, i don't think you could do it. >> reporter: mayor de blasio says he too will be in attendance tonight but he's not as forgiving. >> he can appeal all he wants but he's guilty as sin. >> i can tell you we searched high and low for chase utley fans. i can confirm we did not find any here. at citifield, cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> tejada is expected here at the ballpark tonight. coming up in sports, laura behnke will join us from inside the ballpark. live at citifield, rob powers, channel 7 eyewitness news. here. >> i can only imagine. thank you very we're going to turn to the other news of the night and the search for a gunman who murdered a hip hop music producer in brooklyn. 31-year-old eric mckinney was shot last night. he tried to drive himself to the
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the fort greene section. sandra bookman is at the scene. >> the victim was sitting in his car alone, no one else around, when the shooter walked up to him and opened fire at close range. was it an attempted robbery or carjacking, or something else? >> reporter: at rock well place in dekalb avenue, shattered glass and police tape were the only markers of collision that ended a violent chain of events here last night along with a young 31-year-old hip hop music producer eric carl mckinney was shot multiple times as he sat at a traffic light around 10:30. >> i got the phone call that he got shot. then when i came to the hospital, he was gone. >> reporter: a badly wounded mckinney apparently attempted the two-block drive to nearby
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brooklyn hospital but crashed in to one fence, backed in to another, before finally coming to a stop. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. >> just a loving person. he don't bother nobody. >> reporter: as family members struggle to make sense of the killing, music industry friends sent condolences via social media. eric mckinney is not the first family member to die violently. in 2007 his brother shamel was stabbed to death during a fight inside a nightclub in manhattan's flatiron neighborhood. in this case a man in dark clothing was reportedly spotted running away after the shooting. police found at least eight shell casings at the scene. still not clear is whether this young father of three was specifically targeted. >> tonight those who knew this young father say they have
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want to kill him. police are still investigating. we're live tonight in fort greene, brooklyn, sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. police are searching for the gunman who killed a woman and injured two others outside of a nightclub in manhattan. police say the man was targeting a bouncer who threw him out of club motivo around 4:00 this morning. instead he shot innocent bystanders. the bmw. a midair scare for some passengers onboard a flight from newark forced to make an emergency landing. the alaskan airlines plane was headed to seattle this morning when the pilot reported a fire onboard. the plane made an emergency landing in buffalo. the airline said a credit card reader started smoking apparently from a melting battery. the machine was sprayed with fire extinguisher. was hurt. as we continue with
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eyewitness news at 6:00 on this monday night, a man makes the ultimate sacrifice after rushing in to a burning building to save his mother. family and frechbds frechbds -- and friends remember that hero coming up next. >> we check out the largest columbus day parade in the world right here on 5th avenue. >> just perfect parade weather. look at these numbers running 12 degrees observe average. bright sunny skies. 65, first pitch for mets and dodgers tonight at citifield. super comfortable. not really feel ing like october baseball yet. we've got a
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a man on staten island is being remembered as a hero tonight. 37-year-old caleb wilder ran in to a burning building to save his mother. she survived. he did not. here's eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff. >> reporter: investigators say 37-year-old caleb wilder died after rescuing his mom. investigators say the fire that torched an apartment in the mariner's harbor section started after a woman in her 60s lit a candle then went out to take a shower. they said when she got out the bed was in flames, the fire growic -- growing quickly. >> i smelled the fumes. >> reporter:
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caleb and his brother took the elevator to rescue their mom from the flames. they made their way through heavy smoke, took her down the stairwell where fire crews met up with them. when they got outside, wilder, who friends say suffers from asthma, began to experience shortness of breath and suffered cardiac arrest. >> they tried to rescue him, save his life. >> reporter: he was taken to richmond university medical center where he was pronounced dead. >> he was a family man, good person. >> reporter: five other people were treated for injuries. they're all expected to be okay. in the mariner's harbor section of staten island, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. taking a quick look at wall street where stocks started the week higher. the dow finished up 47 points. the nasdaq picked up 8 and the s&p 500 gained about 2 and a half. it is columbus, and italian-american pride was on
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parade. the parade stepped off this morning and trailed along fifth avenue from 44th to 72nd street. the route was quite a spectacle of celebrities and our friends there ken rosato and michelle charlesworth. dancers, musicians, fancy cars and thousands of marchers. a lineup of dignitaries made it through the march including governor cuomo and mayor de blasio. just ahead, how would you like to decide how much vacation you get every year? a company makes a big change. we'll tell you all about it. >> a gorgeous day and night outside. but could we see a
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okay, check this out. imagine getting as much vacation time as you want and as often as you want. linkedin is starting a discretionary vacation time policy in its u.s. offices.
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employees will work with managers to plan days away from work and there's no limit. linkedin says it's making the move because it wants to focus on its employees' results and performance instead of hours worked. i think that's smart. >> my request for the winter off is still pending. i put in for it. we'll see what happens. >> winter off, summer off. teamwork. [ laughter ] >> you might want to check out our partner bill ritter's post from the magic kingdom. he's really enjoying every moment of it. it's so magical. [ laughter ] beautiful weather out there this evening. we have blue skies and a beautiful sunset on new york harbor right now. really pretty. it's around 6:21. only thing wrong with that, just a little too early. but it is very pretty. we're at 68. nice and comfortable. wind isn't too strong. it's out of the south around 6 miles per hour. we hit 77. that's going to be our warmest day for a wild. 12 degrees above average and of course no rainfall today. can't have any rain today without any clouds. we'll have
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some overnight. there are your sunrise and sunset times. here are the weather headlines. amazing for the mets tonight at citifield. some showers will develop late, primarily for eastern long island. not out of the question a couple of them sneak through the jersey store. we're still in the 70s tomorrow despite more clouds and sun and also a couple rounds of showers especially from midday on. fine fall weather midweek, back to mormal, which is middle 60s but a november preview as we head to the upcoming weekend. long island, pretty good shape. smithtown, 65. oyster bay is 66. across the sound in danbery and norwalk, upper 60s. belmar at 64. eastern fairfield, suffolk county, maybe the jersey shore a couple showers later tonight. for most of us it's later tomorrow that we see a shower. mainly clear overnight. patchy clouds around midnight at 7 a.m. if there's a shower, it's the east end of long island, otherwise clouds. mostly cloudy for a remainder of the day. the
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majority of the time it's actually dry but there can be a passing shower especially from late morning through early evening. it's because of this batch of tropical moisture that's moving off to the new -- to the north. it's backing in that tropical moisture which is on the western flank of the storm. once those pull away, tomorrow midmorning, we await this front. a classic comma shaped front. but a lot of its energy is going to our north. it swings the front through with a broken line of showers. maybe tomorrow evening as the final front comes through there could be a couple final showers there. the whole pattern is confined by a conveyer belt. with each front our temperatures drop a few degrees for our daytime highs and by the cool shot from northern canada. 70s right now. look at all the 30s up here. a piece of this air mass will arrive for the upcoming weekend. a few showers tomorrow, 74 degrees. there are also a couple breaks of sunshine. it's by no means a
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washout. that moves away. breezy and beautiful on wednesday. about 68 degrees and knock it down by another 4 by thursday. 64 degrees. here's your actual -- accuweather forecast. increasing clouds and a couple showers later on tonight. that's mainly across eastern sections and coastal sections. then for tomorrow your morning commute is going to be dry unless you're on the east end of long island. then a shower or two can pass from midday on in to early evening. tomorrow night, an early evening shower and partly cloudy. we'll be fine for the mets game. at worst there's a shower leaving the scene around first pitch. breezy beautiful thursday. friday, another round of showers. then the coolest air of the season comes in on saturday. 58. 54 on sunday. frosty suburbs saturday night. staying cool in to early next week. 20 degrees cooler than today. >> time to get the coats out. rob is up next with sports. he's at city ifield -- at citifield tonight. >> we have a few stories at citifield tonight. the mets,
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man that mets fans love to hate has entered the building. chase utley is on the field. straight ahead we'll get in to the controversy and to the game itself. -are you happy with your bathroom? i wasn't. until i learned about bath fitter. bath fitter puts a new bathtub right over your old one. isn't that amazing?
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just about two hours away from the start of game 3 and talk about the controversy, job. >> it is controversial. major league baseball made a stand when ruben tejada wasn't able to. the mets shortstop had his legs snapped by a chase utley slide. utley has been suspended for games three and four of the series but he's appealing that suspension. he's not in the starting lineup but eligible to play. the hearing won't be held
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today. game 2 is still on everybody's mind. utley crashes in to tejada to break up the double play. he broke tejada's right leg. no surgery needed. he'll heal up for six to eight weeks, be ready for spring training but tejada is out of this series and beyond. it was an ugly scene. everybody is riled up here at citifield. the manager spoke late this afternoon. >> this is a big game under a tough situation so i think the atmosphere tonight is going to be loud to say the least. >> with backdrop, let us not forget there's a baseball game here tonight and it's a big one. let's get inside the stadium. >> just being in the postseason is enough, but given everything that's happened in the last 48 hours, mets will have plenty of motivation tonight. >> reporter: many of the mets have already made their playoff debuts in this nlds but tonight another.
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in citifield history. >> the organization since i've been here has been through a lot. it's nice to see the fruits of the labor. >> i'm not really looking at it as a fan. we've got a job to do. >> reporter: tonight the harvey. >> i'm extremely happy with the way i threw the ball the last two outings and moving forward, the way everything feels, everything is right where we need it to be. >> reporter: but composure be there as well in light of the controversial slide by chase utley that knocked out ruben tejada. >> i don't think it inflames it at all but we're not going to forget what happened. it's just a shame. i think major league baseball is in the process >> rube n tejada is here at the he's getting x-rays on the broken leg that
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behnke rr, channel 7 eyewitness news. let's get to houston. in houston today the astros looking to close out the royals, facing elimination but the ball literally bounced their way. a freak double deflects a 5-run 7th inning. force a game 5. now. late game heroics gave the giants a win. it took a historic effort from eli manning. 54 attempts. 17-yard touchdown to odell beckham, jr. gave the giants a 20-13 lead but beckham tweaked a hamstring on that play. with under two minutes to go, 9ers jump on top. it was 27-23 9ers but manning finishes things off. 12-yard strike to larry donell who makes a great catch. 21 seconds to go. the giants pull off the win. 30-27, a thriller to move
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>> the guys were confident we could do it but sometimes you need that reinforcement. you need that success and get that attitude and that's feeling. big for this team. big win today. it was a special win. >> so the big game here tonight at citifield, it's the mets, the dodgers, all that controversy. two other notes, the islanders were winners today in the nhl. they beat the jets 4-2. the 7 train is running right on time. we're live at citifield, rob powers, channel 7 eyewitness news. see you tonight at 11:00. >> that's the good news in all of that. here's what's coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. dash cam video captures a car going end over end. police know exactly what caused this crash. >> plus, have a seat. turns out sitting down might not be so bad for you at all. we'll have all that at 11:00. that's our news for now. thanks for joining us on eyewitness news at
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