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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  October 13, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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attacks. >> debate night in las vegas, the democratic candidates for president are taking the stage together for the first time with one extra podium on standby. >> and the rally towels were on overdrive last night in queens along with the fireworks the mets one game away from punching their ticket to the championship series. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm michelle charlesworth in for ken rosato. it's tuesday, october 13th. >> and you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with your exclusive accuweather forecast. >> here's what's going on. we have clear to partly cloudy skies. rain in parts o'. area to start your day -- in parts of the area to start your day. 62 degrees, cloudy skies, a calm wind. 63 around laguardia, 61jfk, white plains to rocklin county 56. 61 bridgeport, 40s and low 50s to the north and west. you see there's a few showers right around the city north
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throughout the hudson river valley, a big old batch of rain out towards the eastern end. there's going to be a few showers today, and we're going to hit 70 by noontime and 73 this afternoon. so grab an umbrella. we'll talk about baseball weather for tonight, some cooler fall weather returning tomorrow. heather is looking at your commute. weather then heather every 7 minutes. how's it going. >> we had that earlier accident on the grand central parkway. i can tell you it was on the westbound side near exit 19. that accident has been cleared away. the ramp to the brooklyn bridge, that ramp is in the process of reopening, and then the brooklyn bridge reopening as you head over into manhattan. we have the manhattan bridge, the williamsburg bridges this time. the ed koch 59th street bridge is moving very well, no major problems to report there. the connecticut turnpike on to the southbound side, connecticut state line down into exit 22, we have that construction clearing. we have alternate side of the
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michelle and lori, over to you. thank you. mets fans can all but taste it. after tonight they could be one step closer to the world series. >> the mets put up 13 runs on the dodgers last night in game 3 of the division series. it started in the 2nd inning, and there was no stopping them after that. now just one more win will cement their place in the nlcs for the first time in almost a decade. >> mm-hmm. first pitch is a little over 12 hours away. eyewitness news reporter kala rama has all the highlights and the drama for last night's game. she's live at citi field, good morning to you, kala. >> good morning to you, lori. it's now a little bit more quiet. last night it was roaring. mets fans had a strong voice last night regarding chase utley, and mets players used that as their motivation even setting a new club record. so utley was in uniform last night since he didn't have a hearing on a suspension in the tejada incident, but fans let
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him have it all game long. he was booed during player introductions and the crowd chanted we want utley message of the night. the -- most of the night. the cheering became really loud when the mets fought back from an early deficit. they finished the night by setting a team playoff record as they beat the dodgers 13-7. the players say the fans gave them a big boost from start to finish. >> the boos at the introductions were kind of a big statement leading into the game, and, you know, we knew the biggest thing going in was coming on top and scoring as many runs as we did and, you know, that kind of did all the talking. >> one other thing that got the team going, ruben tejada received a huge ovation as he walked on to the field with the help of a cane before the game. the good news for him is he
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will not need surgery on his broken right leg. meantime, the mets moved one win away from the national league championship series. game 4 starts tonight here at 8:07. one more win and they'll send the dodgers packing for the winter. we're live outside citi field, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. all right, kala, thank you so much. we're going to be there for the crucial game 4 of the mets and dodgers. watch for live team coverage from rob powers and laura behnke later on eyewitness news. it's 6:04, and breaking overnight, palestinians are delivering on their call for a day of rage in israel. new video still coming in from two bus attacks jerusalem. killed. 20 others injured, and there near tel aviv. the onslaught has pushed prime minister benjamin netanyahu to call an emergency meeting of his security cabinet. all this follows four stabbing five people. we have a developing story
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coming out of the netherlands where dutch investigators will release a final report on what caused malaysia airlines flight mh17 to crash. the jet liner broke up over ukraine in 2014 killing all 298 people on board. preliminary findings said it was hit by "high energy objects from outside the aircraft" the west and ukraine say russian backed rebels shot down the jet with a surface to air missile. the russian missile maker announced this morning that its own crash investigation contradicts that dutch report. new video from china this morning of another tremendous explosion in a warehouse in the city of tian gin. a bigger blast a month ago created a massive crater. there is no word yet on casualties from this morning's explosion. the warehouse contained alcohol and an acid used to make plastics and pharmaceuticals.
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the search is on for a known gang member who opened fire outside a manhattan nightclub killing a young mother and injuring two others. that shooting the club motivo in the flatiron district. police say the shooter was targeting a bouncer who had thrown him out of the club. instead he hit innocent bystanders including walikque faussett. the 24-year-old mother of a 3- year-old son who died from her injuries. no charges this morning in a crash that left a mother of 5 dead after she was hit by an out of control coca-cola truck. shaniqua silva was killed as she stood at a bus stop on 138th street in the bronx. police believe the driver lost control as he tried to avoid an suv making a right-hand turn from the incorrect lane. silva's husband was on the phone with her when it happened. >> we were on the phone. she said oh, [ bleep ]. that was the last thing i heard from
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phone away or something, but no it was that she got hit. >> six other people were hurt. they are expected to be okay. well, it is now the democrat's turn. tonight five candidates vying to become the next president will face off in their first debate. front runner hillary clinton will take center stage in las vegas along side senator bernie sanders, former governor martin o'malley, jim webb and lincoln chafee. the two-hour live debate from the wynn casino and hotel begins at 9:00. hillary clinton arrived early at sin city. former president bill clinton is also in las vegas, although he is not expected to attend tonight's debate. speculation still surrounds vice president joe biden and whether or not he will decide to jump into the race. news crews have set up camp outside biden's home in delaware anticipating an announcement sometime today.
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sources have said biden will not attend tonight's debate, even if he does decide to run. organizers are prepared with an extra podium in the wings. we will have complete coverage on the race for the white house throughout the day and tonight on eyewitness news at 11. of course you can get the latest headlines anytime at abc7ny/politics. 6:08. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with your accuweather forecast. >> let's take a look outside from our camera on the roof up the hudson river to the george washington bridge, looking out at great visibility. we just have cloudy skies, it's very comfortable. 62 degrees and a light this morning that is mostly out of the south and southeast. the current temperature in central park is 62 with these cloudy skies. very comfortable to start the day. there's rain on the eastern end of long island. there's a few showers around the five boroughs that have been pushing northward here. you see a couple across manhattan, bergen and passaic county.
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these light showers with this first batch of rain across the eastern end of lined. then we get a break in between. the front's going to come through dry. we're look ago at 73 this afternoon with cloudy skies, temperatures in the 70s, normal high is 65. we've got a shot at a spritz or a sprinkle this afternoon. not much, we're talk about a tenth. just a light rain jacket, kiddos, that's all you need. nothing's going to rain out after school sports. 73 at the bus stop after school. i give it a d, heather for 70s. >> all right. should be in the 60s. >> but you know what i would give that an a. >> i know that you would. >> 70s instead of 60s. >> that's right up your alley. let's go over to a camera and show you the george washington bridge. bill was showing you a long distance shot. here's a closer up look the traffic moving left to right,
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the lincoln and holland are doing fine. 5 minutes across the board there. on 84 there was a tractor- trailer accident that occurred last night. you have 84 east from exits 13 to 15 only one lane is open at this time. alternate side of the street parking rules are back in effect for today, and we have news copter 7 over queens, and we have john del giorno up above showing us the grand central parkway. >> we have live pictures from news copter 7 looking over grand central. heather was reporting that accident earlier on the westbound side of the grand central. that accident is just cleared up. stop-and-go traffic westbound on the grand central inbound to queens out of nassau county. it's a slow roll in through 188 and almost all the way into kew gardens. traffic is heavy but is moving. it's easing up just a bit, if you want to save a few minutes you can think about the l.i.e., actually a better alternate at this hour headed into the city. we're live over the grand
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central parkway, john del giorno channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you john. and new information on a gruesome discovery in queens. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, what we've learned about the woman found murdered in a park coming up at 6:30. >> flames race through an apartment building in missouri and in the end two firefighters lost their lives trying to save others.
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new this morning, two firefighters have been killed and two injured battling a fire in kansas city. fire crews are working to get that fire under control when part of the building suddenly collapsed. the building contained apartments and officials say the firefighters who died had just rescued. >> they did not die in vain. they saved two civilians, carried them out of the second wall collapsed. >> one of the injured firefighters was released from the hospital during the night. the second man will go home later today. 6:14 right now, a delta airlines plane in jamaica aborted takeoff after a fire was reported in its cargo area. all 160 passengers and 6 crew members were forced off the plane. the whole ordeal turned out to
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be a false alarm. a delta spokesperson says the flight deck warning was inaccurate and so there was no fire. not only did the passengers have to use emergency chutes to get off the plane the inaccuracy shut down the airport. meteorologist bill evans is outside the studios on the upper west side. hi bill. >> hey good morning you guys. a couple of sprinkles this morning. be sure and get the umbrella. the temperatures are very mild. if you want to grab the light rain jacket, grab that, nothing too heavy today. the temperatures are going to be in the 70s. here's a look outside this morning. we have cloudy skies, got a couple of sprinkles around the five boroughs, across the eastern end of long island. the winds are calm and the pressure is falling. so the atmosphere is unstable. temperatures are in the 50s to the north. this is way warm for this hour of the day. we're at 62 already. our normal average afternoon high is about 65. we're in the mid-50s to the north. it is way warm this morning, a
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a calm wind, a southerly wind pumping up the moisture. heavy rain on the eastern end of long island. a couple showers, the five boroughs and up towards connecticut. to eastern suffolk county a batch of heavy rain from a system out of the atlantic. that's throwing back a few showers to connecticut and across the five boroughs and year round nassau county and around the l.i.e. and van wyck and also around the grand central. there's a few of those. there's nothing until you see that front. when the front comes through, that's going to come through almost dry. our futurecast computer guidance has been showing that coming through pretty dry. after school temperatures are in the 70s. might be a sprinkle, and tonight at game time at 8:00 about 66 degrees. look at that west wind. that west wind kind of blows in from left field toward home plate, kind of swirls around in tonight. tonight. there might be a sprinkle at the start of the game, and a few showers during the game today. great weather.
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breezy, right around 68 a gorgeous day. this weekend we've got a cold shot coming with some snow upstate. that's right: maybe some water spouts in the great lakes. 73 today. we're looking at cooler weather overnight tonight. baseball weather fine tonight, cloudy, a couple little spritzes and sprinkles before the game and cooler tomorrow with a high of 68. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. gorgeous fall weather on thursday, a cold front on friday with a passing shower could give us a very cold weekend coming up and if the mets beat the dodgers they'll be playing at citi field this weekend. you'll need yourself a flame thrower to keep yourself warm. speaking of flame thrower, i got my guest chase utley is going to come in and slide into me this morning. hey, i have a guess this morning. chase utley. >> that was a takeout slide right there, wasn't it? >> he missed his first cue. >> good morning buddy. how are you? this is my friend maximus. you think the mets will win
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will the mets win in show me some love. the mets win tonight. >> you guys have a great day. >> thank you bill. >> bye max. >> buy maximus. >> hey heather. >> so we still have news copter 7 wandering around queens, and john del giorno has found a new problem to tell us about. ooh, that looks like an accident involving a tractor- trailer and a car right john? >> that's what we have here heather. we wander but we wander with a purpose. as we were cruising back from that accident on the grand central parkway, we spotted this, first live pictures northbound on the van wyck expressway north of jamaica avenue. you see that dump truck ask the car blocking the right lane. police aren't here yet. we've been here for about 5 minutes. this will be out in the roadway for quite a while. let me pull the shot back, bumper-to-bumper volume, this roadway always bumper-to-bumper anyway. this morning it's worse. look for standstill delays from kennedy airport. >> nice find john. let's go right over to our maps and tell you what we have in
6:19 am
east fish gill. we have an accident that occurred overnight involving a tractor-trailer. that accident is still being cleared away. as you head east on 84 near exit 15, the left lane remains closed down. you can see that backup as you head east on 84 getting into the accident scene. metro north, new haven line you have some track work. it's not causing may job problems. long island railroad, new jersey transit doing okay. subways at this point running on or close to schedule. we just found something out on the b trains. it looks like some police activity at 155th street. i will keep you posted. street cleaning rules are in effect. thank you. and texting may have become an addiction for some teenagers with serious consequences. >> and a new way to shop for good deals right on facebook. abc's reena ninan and ryan smith report. >> facebook wants to enhance your mobile shopping experience. >> it's begun testing new ads which allow users to buy items right from their news feed, and
6:20 am
facebook also working on a new favorite's tab devoted to shopping. >> it's not just grownups who can't seem to put the cell phone down. >> new research suggests a growing number of teens are compulsive texters. many over texting teens exhibit the same signs as compulsive gamblers. >> check out the new proposed emojis. >> they include facial expressions like sneezing and lying to food items like bacon and sports including martial arts. the final vote takes place next year. >> our world was not complete without emojis. >> you always need more. >> i'll take your word on that. those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. >> new this morning, a major
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>> and the mega merg nothing like a good, quick meal to bring two people together. campbell's skillet sauces. ready in under 20 minutes. campbell's.
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on the money this morning, u.s. stocks increased their gains ahead of a busy week of corporate earnings reports.
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dow jones added 47 points on monday to open at 17131. nasdaq and s&p 500 begin higher as well. right now. a slide in imports overseas sent stocks in asia down. japan's nikkei lost 1%. hong kong's hang seng dropped half a personality. the folks who make budweiser say it's miller time. the price is $106 billion and when the foam falls, the world will have a new brewing giant. the newly created company would make about 30% of the world's beer. halloween celebrations will go on as scheduled for some students in connecticut after parents rallied against a plan to call off the annual costume parade. the milford school district canceled the parades at the city's elementary schools, so some students wouldn't feel excluded because of religious or cultural beliefs. outraged parents petitioned
6:24 am
forcing the district to reverse its decision. 6:24. comedian tracy morgan says he's picking up the pieces announcing on twitter a major step in his recovery following that serious car crash he was in. the comedian posted this picture of himself doing standup at the comedy seller last night, his first time on stage in 16 months. he didn't just perform at the seller, he also appeared at the stand. this triumphant moment for morgan when he hosts saturday night live. we're closing in on 6:30. as we continue this morning, breaking news in israel, the death toll is rising in a series of attacks that's killed at least three people. we're gathering the latest information in our next half hour. >> a man hunt is underway in jersey city after her young son were found murdered. >> and news copter 7 is showing us this accident on the van wyck expressway in queens. another check on the commute
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today one man heads to court to answer murder charges. >> and today we could also learn much more about the motivation behind an attempted kidnapping caught on camera in connecticut. >> a lot of tension on the baseball diamond at citi field after chase utley's illegal slide. tonight the mets look to leave it all in the past and finish off their series with l. a. >> good morning, everyone, i'm michelle charlesworth in for ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. thanks for being with us this morning. it's tuesday october 13th, and you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill. >> this morning we have temperatures that are starting out in the real mild zone. 62 degrees, it is really comfy outside and we do have cloudy skies, a couple of showers that are around this morning, too. we are looking at what's going to be a day where we have temperatures that are almost at our average afternoon high temperature. 58 around carmel, up the hudson river valley around 58, we're going to be looking at cloudy skies, some breaks of sun, and
6:29 am
73 this afternoon, grab the umbrella. we'll talk more about that coming up, and weather for baseball, fall weather returning tomorrow, and then there's the weekend, which is going to get quite cold. heather's talking about the van wyck this morning. what's going on out there? >> we do have news copter 7 up above this accident on the van wyck expressway. john del giorno showing it. it looks as though they're towing away this tractor- trailer. this car hit the tractor- trailer, and they have to get this cleared off of the van wyck expressway. it's causing some major delays for those who are commuting along the van wyck. let's head right over to our maps, we'll just pinpoint where it is. it's northbound near atlantic avenue. in addition to that, as you head on to the deegan going southbound, right near yankee's stadium. it looks like we have a disabled vehicle being cleared away. 15 minutes inbound george washington bridge, 20 minutes at the lincoln tunnel, a 15 minute delay at the holland tunnel. let's take a look at the webcam, the ed koch 59th street bridge we have a disabled vehicle being cleared away. check out that delay as you go across the upper level.
6:30 am
street parking rules in effect for today. thank you. it's 6:30, and we are going to start with breaking news from israel where dozens of people have been killed or wounded in a palestinian proclaimed day of rage. prime minister benjamin netanyahu holds an emergency meeting with his security cabinet just over an hour from now. at least three people were killed and 20 wounded in two simultaneous bus attacks in jerusalem. there were also five people injured in two stabbing attacks near tel aviv. this is a live picture right now of protests and crashes in llama la in the west bank. hamas leaders in gaza call the attackers heroes. today a long island man goes before a judge accused offend a heinous crime. police say he's responsible for the murder of his girlfriend's son. the child just a few months shy of his second birthday. the boyfriend was arrested in uniondale.
6:31 am
miles is live now in minneola. darla. >> reporter: good morning lori. police say, rather the medical examiner says that 19-month-old mason robinson was either beaten or he may have even been dropped. his death has been ruled a homicide. lord pardo has been charged with second degree murder in the child's death. sources close to the investigation tell you eye that the 26-year-old was baby- sitting for the child's mother on sunday in uniondale. again, that is his girlfriend. now sources say pardo her to tell her that her son was having difficulty breathing and they say that pardo told -- that she told pardo to bring the child to her. however, by the time they arrived, the child was much worse off, possibly already deceased, and later pronounced dead at syosset hospital. an autopsy conducted on monday led to pardo's arrest after it ruled the death a homicide. now pardo is being held here at
6:32 am
the nassau county detention center. he will be arraigned in hempstead later this morning. reporting live in minneola, darla miles channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you darla. in new jersey an arrest warrant has been issued for the man accused of killing his estranged girlfriend and her young 26-year-old jose ronald santos- alvarez is charged with two counts of first degree murder. prosecutors say he strangled his girlfriend and smothered her 4-year-old son christopher. their bodies were discovered in their jersey city apartment last wednesday. authorities say santos-alvarez is dangerous and should not be approached. new details this morning on the gruesome discovery of a woman's body in a queens park. police just identified the victim as 28-year-old qing qing kiemde. she had been stabbed multiple times in the neck and stomach.
6:33 am
with trying to kidnap a teenager connecticut will be in court. 39-year-old towanna randall will be arraigned in bridgeport on a string of charges including unlawful restraint and sexual assault. video from last week shows a 17- year-old girl jumping from the car's passenger door and then rolling to the ground. police say randall offered her a ride and tried to abduct her. new video out of a man wanted for an attempted rape in brooklyn. the 36-year-old woman was attacked by a man who followed her into her apartment in bushwick earlier this month. after trying to force himself on the woman, the suspect then took off. 6:34. the new york city marathon is still a few weeks away. the mets are already proving they can go the distance this post season after game 2 of the division series ended in such controversy, the mets are just one win away now from sending the dodgers back home to l. a. major bill de blasio is stepping up smack talk when he tweeted to the mayor of los
6:34 am
dirty. hashtag let's go mets. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live with the anticipation ahead of game 4 tonight. kala. >> reporter: yeah, well that tweet says it all, a little bit of the focus in the beginning of last night's game was on chase utley. he was in his full uniform but on the bench because he hasn't had his hearing on his two-game suspension. the mets fans let him have it. they let him know that he would not be forgotten. >> number 26, infielder chase utley [ boos ] >> reporter: yeah, those are those are booses. that's how citi field reacted to utley during the pregame introductions. mets shortstop ruben tejada using a cane limped on to the field with a huge ovation. there were many more ovations once the game started.
6:35 am
the mets wiped out an early 3-0 dodger lead by scoring 10 runs. they won the game 13-7 to take a two games to one lead in the series. fans say the utley incident set the tone for the night. >> i think when they had tejada come out and they gave him a standing ovation, put himself out there, you know, his leg's wrapped up and the place just went crazy. the disdain for utley was also very admirable. that was a very, very touching moment for me as a mets' fan. >> yes, yes. >> so i can't repeat what they said obviously but we know that they were not exactly -- >> not fans. >> reporter: the mets can wrap up the series tonight. i'm already getting a lot of tweets saying that they will so fans still believe here for game 4 tonight. first pitch is at 8:07. we're live just outside citi field, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with bill
6:36 am
evans and the accuweather forecast. >> it's going to be aigrette night for baseball too. -- a great night for baseball too. you do need the umbrella for a time. we've got some showers around this morning. 62 degrees as we look from midtown, and we have cloudy skies. it is quite warm, so you just need the umbrella, not really the raincoat. it's going to be a day where the temperature just goes into the 70s. there's a low out in the atlantic that's creating these showers out here on the eastern and long island. you probably hear some rumbles of thunder this morning. there's thunder and lightning, this is winding down and leaving. you see across nassau county, fairfield county a couple of showers out here across river head out to orient point, shelter island through the hamptons out to montauk, the rain from the low in the atlantic. then there's this break and the front comes later today. it looks like the front dries out too. we're left with a cloudy day, and maybe a spritz or a sprinkle and a tenth of an inch of rain at best, and temperatures in the low 70s as we go into the evening. great weather for baseball.
6:37 am
it's quite mild, 61 degrees and 73 after school. it's weather then heather. she's talking about action on route 78 over in jersey. we have a bit of a fender bender as you travel on 78. i can tell you it's on the eastbound side. it's in the local lanes right near exit 56. 15 minutes inbound george washington bridge, the lincoln is 20. the holland is a 15 minute delay. the ed koch 59th street bridge heading inbound on that lower level, we do have a disabled vehicle that is being cleared away. heading down the deegan southbound right near yankee's stadium, it looks like we have a disabled vehicle as you head through that spot, and then we have this accident, and we've had news copter 7 telling us about that. van wyck northbound side north near jamaica avenue. john can tell us how it's looking now. good morning john. >> reporter: first thing you'll notice a little bit of glare on our lens. you heard bill talking about sprinkles and one of them passed through kew gardens queens.
6:38 am
20 minuting a northbound on the van wyck expressway. this is north of jamaica avenue. the accident doesn't look serious but ems has responded, and i can see the police department still stuck all the way back in the track. this delay is extra heavy. this stretch of the van wyck always congested at this time of the morning right now with the right lane blocked, the delays now, it's even worse than bumper-to-bumper. it is standstill, and it begins all the way down north of john f. kennedy airport. john del giorno channel 7 eyewitness news. okay. john, thank you. it is 6:39, and new this morning, can you guess who's just been named the sexiest woman alive? >> also ahead, video released just hours ago as police investigate a fiery attack on a group of sheva students in manhattan. >> several police officers are hurt trying to rescue residents
6:39 am
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new this morning, police in new jersey arrest a man accused of impersonating an officer. 40-year-old michael vince is now behind bars after police say he pulled along side a lakewood man while driving on cross street ordering him to pull over. after stopping vince wearing a baseball cap marked police on the front of it approached the victim and asked him to step
6:41 am
out of the car. vince then checked the man's pockets and reportedly stole almost $700 from him before taking off. one man is in custody and five police officers have been treated for smoke inhalation after a dramatic fire rescue in astoria queens. cell phone video shows flames jetting out of the building as it was gutted by this fire. the injured officers were the first on scene rushing in to carry a wheelchair bound man out of that burning building. >> he was laying on the ground and the fire department started to work on him. cpr with his chest and i think they revived him obviously and he went back, he got into a wheelchair about 20 minutes later and took him to the hospital. >> i think he's got paralysis, he had a stroke at some time, and i'm glad nobody got hurt. >> there's no word yet on the exact charges against the one man who is in custody. but the fire on 28th street is declared suspicious.
6:42 am
coming up, ask robin roberts is live in times square. hey robin. >> good morning to you. we have breaking news on the plane that broke up over ukraine last year killing all 298 people on board. a final report on what brought down that malaysian airlines flight is out this morning, and our llama hassan has all the details. two firefighters killed while battling a kansas city blaze and apartment fire breaking out overnight. we'll have all the latest on that story. >> and georgia michaels hit the links with romance blooming. wake up happy. >> that's a good thing. >> have a great show. time now is 6:44. >> this morning we had a couple of showers passing by through manhattan and across the five boroughs. it's going to be a nice morning. good morning love, how are you? nice to see you. good morning, let's go, rise and shine. grab an umbrella. it's going to be a mild day.
6:43 am
looking at skies here that are cloudy. this is johnny d. up in news copter 7 over the van wyck or mayor van wike. cloudy skies, a couple of sprinkles, a cold front coming to the west, two systems affecting our weather this morning, in between really mild weather. thank you johnny d. in news copter 7 in high definition. as we look from our camera in astoria queens, 62 degrees, normal is 65. yesterday we were at 77. and the sun's up just after 7:00 sets at 6:19. we are look at clouds and looking at a couple of showers this morning. still 70s today despite that. fall weather returns tomorrow, and some november weather comes in this weekend if the mets win it's going to be chilly at citi field saturday and sunday. we'll talk about that. pollen count's high for ragweed.
6:44 am
59 to 60 out toward the eastern end of long island. these numbers are way warm. that's our normal high temperature this time of the year. calm winds with a southerly wind that has been coming in. we just have this brief wind. out in the atlantic there's a low, all the way eastward through the hamptons. then you see that rain is heaviest out towards montauk. there's been thunder and lightning out there with that. that's a low pressure system. from that there's been showers back to the west across nassau county to citi field. that gets out of the way. here comes the cool front. one thing you'll notice behind that front is going to get a lot cooler. our computer guidance shows the front coming through with a couple of showers. at game time there might be a sprinkle between 7 and 8. that's gone. and we clear out tonight. wear your nice warm mets gear this evening. a lot of wind this evening. game time temperature tonight 66. look at that west wind, that kind of blows in from in left
6:45 am
field, comes out of the west across northern boulevard right into citi field and right into home plate. it will be windy. they'll be able to hear the chase utley boos out to the we're looking at 73 today, we're looking at this front pushing through and making it much cooler tomorrow, we're going to be around 68 and looking at some much even colder weather coming for the weekend. we are looking at a breezy beauty tomorrow, looking at this cold air coming out of canada with some snow upstate this weekend. that's going to be tough. 73 today, we're looking at 56 tonight as we get today break it's much cooler. tomorrow you'll need the jackets and sweaters. then we're looking at 64 on thursday. a gorgeous fall day. front comes through on friday. makes it brisk and chillier for the weekend coming up. let's go mets. win tonight you can play in the ski jackets this weekend. >> right? >> all right. thank you bill. >> all right. heather o'rourke another check on the commute. >> with the help of my friend john del giorno who's up in
6:46 am
queens, john, what are you looking at at this moment? it looks like he's still looking at the van wyck expressway -- >> first spotted about a half hour ago northbound on the van wyck north of jamaica avenue. a tow truck came and left. ems came and left. police are still not here yet, and the accident vehicles are still here in the right lane. we're looking at big delays. we've been saying it, normally very heavy on this stretch coming up through jamaica avenue at this time of the morning. there you can see police have just arrived on the scene. looks like they came in from jamaica avenue. that's a little bit of good news. these delays begin at kennedy airport. >> what a mess that is. we are going to head to our maps and tell you if you are choosing to use mass transit this morning, it looks like metro north, that ongoing track work not causing major problems as you travel through new haven, something to think about. long island railroad, new jersey transit doing fine. subways are running without incident. everything is running on or close to schedule. we heard john talking about
6:47 am
this north of jamaica on the van wyck. that accident is really causing delays, not only on the van wyck but also on the belt parkway. as you head to the ed koch 59th street bridge, inbound lower level, we have that disabled vehicle. our street cleaning rules are in effect. michelle, over to you. thank you so much heather. new video from police this morning of the suspect wanted for throwing a molotov cocktail in front of two university students. the students were not hurt in friday's incident, but now police are looking at this as a possible hate crime. it happened in midtown near 9th avenue and west 37th. the man fled after the attack, but he shouted that he would come back with a knife and kill those students. esquire magazine has named this year's sexiest woman alive. >> it is emelia clark, the 28- year-old londoner who plays the menacing white haired kaice, mother of dragons on game of throwns. the magazine just made the announcement.
6:48 am
clark woman of the year in september. clark was sarah connor in the summer movie hit terminator, genesis. >> mm-hmm. playboy is turning a page. the magazine will no longer publish photos of nude women as part of a redesign. executives for the magazine company say that the change will take place in march next year. the print edition of playboy will city feature women in provocative poses but they will no longer be fully nude. still ahead this morning, volkswagen's emission scandal getting the hollywood treatment, the a-list actor
6:49 am
6:50 am
if you look closely, you can see the exact second, when curiosity becomes wonder, when winter becomes christmas, and joy becomes a tradition. a moment that can only happen... the radio city christmas spectacular presented by chase. you bring the family, we bring the joy. visit
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protect our children. have you seen jocelle, abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. the smog has not cleared from the volkswagen diesel cheating scandal but hollywood already has the pedal to the metal, paramount pictures has -- early this morning, volkswagen announced it is slashing 1 billion dollars in annual investment spending. it also will switch its vehicles to a new diesel emissions technology. this morning an apology
6:52 am
connecticut student who went on an obscenity laced tirade against food service workers when they refused to sell him jalapeno bacon macaroni and cheese. in a video posted online luke gaddy acknowledged his insobriety and was ashamed of his behavior. a 19-year-old freshman is due in court today on charges stemming from his viral macaroni meltdown. >> i'd also like to apologize to my friends and family who've always supported me for years, and i just -- i completely disappointed them, completely let them down. >> he was arrested twice last year on disorderly conduct charges when he was a student at the university of massachusetts. he says what happened at the student union was a wake-up call. coming up, closing in on victory. >> the mets are ready to clinch
6:53 am
the nlcs. we're going to take you back layover. 24 hours. hello, reykjavik. oh, so that's how you spell it. what are you looking at? oh, cool. hungry. fish, anyone? hello, seventh waterfall of the day. hello, duck boat.
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hello, sheep? oh right! itchy icelandic sweaters and no foreign transaction fees. sweet. one last look. ahh. triple points. and we're off. what's next? wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card.
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mets fans are very sleepy but happy bunch. >> one more win. >> kala rama is live outside citi field where the playoff series could end tonight. kala. >> reporter: yes, game 4 of the national league division series starts tonight, just after
6:56 am
last night's atmosphere here at citi field. it started off with long and loud boos for chase utley. he's allowed to suit up while awaiting a hearing on his suspension for that illegal slide into ruben tejada saturday. then tejada got the fans more revved up as he limped on to the field before the game. then the crowd got loud as the mets put up 13 runs to win gail 3. that leaves -- game 3. that leaves them on the brink of winning their first playoff series in nine years. tonight's game starts at 8:07. we're live at citi field, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. heather. >> all right so we have this accident on the van wyck expressway, john del giorno is still up above. they're still trying to get this cleared away. it's northbound approaching jamaica avenue. you can see we have a ton of traffic getting into that spot, and just taking a quick look at our maps to tell you that we have an accident. it's on the staten island expressway.
6:57 am
at least two lanes are closed down, so you are bumper-to- bumper as you head into that spot and the l.i.e. west, an accident, traffic is bumper-to-bumper as you make your way to ever spot. lots of accidents this morning. >> lots to look out for. >> grab an umbrella, there's a couple sprinkles and showers in the city eastward. temperatures are really comfortable. 61 degrees, that will be your 7:00 temperature. there's a system out in the atlantic throwing this rain back towards the hudson river. then you see that front to our west. that goes by today but not really a big deal. we're going to be looking at 72, 73 degrees later on this afternoon. first pitch temperature this evening 66 degrees, and then much cooler weather comes in for tomorrow. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. that's the news for now. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> and i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us.
6:58 am
have a good day. good morning, america. high stakes showdown. the democratic presidential hopefuls set for their first debate facing off in las vegas. hillary clinton takes center stage warming up at a protest one of donald trump's hotels. >> i don't think it's entertaining when somebody insults immigrants, insults women. >> the republican front-runner fires back. >> breaking this morning, the final report on that catastrophic explosion that brought down malaysian air flight 17. the report to be released in just moments. the families being briefed about what really happened to that plane with nearly 300 people on board. was a russian missile responsible for the tragedy. deadly collapse. a massive blaze breaks out in an apartment complex. >> major collapse on the west side. major collapse. >> two firefighters killed after pulling families to safety. the walls collapsing on them in
6:59 am


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