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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  October 13, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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resident, the 61-year-old wife of the man who owns the house. the victim identified this morning as jarnell cower. she was found dead inside a bedroom on the first floor which is where the fire appears to have started. the call came in around 7:45 this morning. although firefighters were on the scene in minutes, that room was fully engulfed in smoke and flames on arrival. the chief of the central nyack volunteer fire department tells me the woman never had a chance. as for the others who lived here, he says they were all extremely lucky. >> do you have a handle on how many people were living in the house? >> at this time we don't have an absolute handle or number. it may be as many as nine or even higher. >> including children. >> including children, i believe, yes. >> reporter: and the red cross now working to get those people relocated and the chief to me
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he has no working smoke detectors in the house. all the others survived. the victim's husband was taken to a nearby hospital suffering from smoke inhalation. he is expected to recover fully. the cause of the fire still not clear. police have been on the scene for the last several hours working to determine the cause, and we will have much more on this developing story on eyewitness news at 5:00 this afternoon. we're live in nyack new york, n. j. burkett channel 7 eyewitness news. another developing story in new jersey where a 3-year-old boy who was reported missing has been found dead in the woods near his home. police say the boy's body was discovered in a wooded area off south park drive in hadden township in camden county. the boy's body was found about 9:00 this morning. he had been reported missing just three hours earlier. right now the circumstances unclear. an autopsy will be performed. overseas, there has been another round of deadly attacks in israel.
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more than a dozen injured. police say palestinian attackers stabbed and shot israelis on a bus in jerusalem. near at almost the same time, other attackers rammed a car bystanders. three israelis and two of the attackers were killed. two more people were stabbed in another attack in the central israeli city. israel's prime minister says his government is working on a series of aggressive steps in response to the attacks. a man from long island is arrested after police say they found child pornography on his home computer. 46-year-old james romanelli was taken into custody at his home in ocean side, nassau county. five students were hurt when their school bus collided with at least one car. it happened near baldwin road and willow avenue.
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five students suffered minor injuries. no word on what caused the crash. now on to the mets and citi field will be rocking again tonight after an emotional victory in game 3. new york can advance to the next round in the playoffs with a victory. eyewitness news reporter anthony johnson is live at citi field. anthony. >> reporter: guess what, they're still cleaning up out here in the parking lot from last night, and the fans will be arriving here in just a short period of time they'll start tailgating. they'll start their pregame warmups to what they hope will be a big celebration tonight if the mets can go ahead and pull off another victory. everybody coming to the game hoping for a little bit more of that mets magic that you saw last night. now the buzz following last night's game has the mets on the brink of going to the national league championship. the crowd so electric con ed could have cut off the grid and this place still would have been beaming, but it was also
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his pregame introduction was filled with boos and, yes, bad words. he stood stoically on the field as mets fans showered and showed their displeasure over that slide that took out ruben tejada in the game 2 of the series. the game changed when tejada hobbled out on to the field when the mets were being introduceed cheers did not stop. the big baseball highlight came when the mets mvp for the season blasted a second deck home run giving the mets a commanding lead, yoenis cespedes putting an explanation mark on the night, they won 13- 7 and set up for a big celebration. fans walking last night's game in person talked about the emotions inside of citi field last night. >> i think when they had tejada come out and they gave him a standing ovation, put himself out there, you know, his legs wrapped up, and the place just
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went crazy. the disdain for utley was also very admirable. that was a very, very touching moment for me as a met fan. [ laughter ] >> yes, yes, yeah. >> so i can't repeat what they said obviously but we know that they were not exactly -- >> not fans. >> and mayor de blasio took to twitter after last night's win saying talking to the mayor of los angeles saying hey, eric garcetti, this is what happens when the dodgers don't play dirty. obviously very happy about last night's win, and he also said we're going -- you're going to look real good in that mike pee piazza 31 mets jersey. let's hope the mayor of new york is not counting his chickens before they hatch. we'll see tonight. that's the latest live from outside citi field, anthony johnson channel 7 eyewitness news. anthony thank you. we are following breaking news
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in custody after a shooting at a nightclub in the flatiron district. one person was killed and two others were injured in the shooting. police say the shooter was targeting a bouncer who had thrown him out of the club. the man came back and opened fire. a 24-year-old mother of a 3- year-old son died from her injuries. again, a person is in custody and being questioned in this case. we'll keep you posted. an arrest warrant has been issued for a man accused of killing his estranged girlfriend and her young son in new jersey. police say 26-year-old jose ronald santos-alvarez strangled monika potoczniak and suffocated their 4-year-old son. both are found dead in an apartment in jersey city last wednesday. police released video of the man who they say threw a molotov cocktail in front of two yeshiva university students. the students weren't hurt. it happened near 9th avenue and west 37th. the man shouted that he would come back with a knife and kill
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those students. 15 months after the crash of malaysia airlines flight 17, dutch investigators have released a report confirming that the plane was brought down by a surface to air missile. all 298 people were killed when the plane crashed in eastern ukraine. the report did not say who fired the missile, but the area was in the hands of russian backed rebels. the dutch prime minister is calling on russia to fully cooperate with the criminal investigation. among the questions being raised, why the air space above eastern ukraine was not closed to passenger planes. now to the race for president. democrats will be in the spotlight tonight in las vegas for the first time the candidates will face off in a prime time debate. it's a live look now at the debate stage in las vegas. abc's stephanie ramos is in washington with a preview. lori, we are just hours away now from the democratic
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prepping and suiting up for their first faceoff. >> it's democratic fight night in vegas. the five presidential contenders, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley, lincoln cheney and jim webb. their podiums are set for tonight's cnn debate. >> i don't and if an idea is from the left or the right or whether it's democratic or republican. i ask whether >> martin o'malley and jim webb will likely try their hardest to get noticed taking aim at front runner hillary clinton. on debate eve, clinton stepped away from debate preps and stopped at this union rally right in front of donald trump's las vegas property. >> you know some people think mr. trump is entertaining, but i don't think it's when somebody insults immigrants, insults, women, that is just unacceptable behavior. >> and what will trump himself be doing on the democrat's debate night? >> i'll be watching. i don't know how long. it's going to be hard to watch.
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i think it's going to be -- i think it's not going to be a very exciting debate. >> because of her lead in the polls, clinton will be front and center on stage. now the democrat socialist from vermont is catching up and taking the helm in new hampshire. unlike the republican debate so far we shouldn't expect to see a slug fest between the candidates. >> let's treat each other civilly. >> all the candidates hoping what happens in vegas tonight does not just stay in vegas. >> vice president joe biden has had many people wondering whether or not he'll run for president. just in case he makes a last minute decision today, organizers have set aside a podium at the debate just for him. in washington, stephanie ramos for channel 7 eyewitness news. a new poll is out about how new jerseyans feel about their governor. according to a recent rutgers poll, more than half of the people in the garden state who were asked have a negative
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opinion of christie. 35% see him favorably and 10% have no opinion at all. percentage of people who have a positive view of mr. christie is up a few points from a similar survey conducted in august. what happened to a woman inside a whole foods that has the store firing a security company. >> plus new video of a man charged with killing his girlfriend's 19-month-old son as he heads to court. we're live with new information. plus a pastor in connecticut attacked on the street after responding to a post on craigslist. >> i'm meteorologist bill evans here in the weather center. despite clouds and a few showers, the temperatures is 71 degrees. there's a couple of showers on radar heading to western jersey, and some of those will be moving up the hudson river valley. there you see the temperatures in the 70s for the afternoon. we're going to talk about that,
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. new at noon, and former new england patriot's player aaron hernandez is back in court for a hearing in his double murder trial. hernandez is accused of killing two men he met at a boston nightclub in 2012. prosecutors claim that he followed the men, then opened fire on their car when they stopped at a light. hernandez was convicted of murdering another man, odin lloyd earlier this year. a decision today could prove crucial in the trial over the death of freddie gray, the baltimore man who died in police custody. the six officers are appearing before a judge today. they're saying statements they made were not properly obtained and are asking for them to be thrown out at trial. the officers face assault and reckless endangerment charges for gray's death. he suffered fatal injuries
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during a police transport after being arrested. next month. two kansas city firefighters were killed as fire overnight. investigators say the firefighters died when a part of the large building collapsed. the fire chief says that they rescued two people from the flames, but then they were outside the building when a collapsing wall fell on them. two other firefighters who were trapped survived. in connecticut, a pastor was beaten in public right on the street after simply responding to a craigslist posting. hartford police say 54-year-old lewis gorgeous was knocked unconscious after meeting two men in front of the church where he is a pastor. he was answering an ad offering to sell an iphone even though his adult daughter and teenage son were with him, one man punched him. they both ran off with the $400 he had out to buy. >> he doesn't remember much. he's just in a lot of pain. >> police hope someone
12:15 pm
recognizes the suspects from this picture. they say to make craigslist transactions safer, people can use the hartford police headquarters as a place to meet up. meanwhile gorgeous is out of the hospital recovering at home. flavor flave heads back to court on long island. >> plus the nfl shuts down a popular sports website twitter feed. >> and taking a live look outside on this cloudy tuesday.
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have you seen delsa. abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. hello there, bill. >> hello. >> hi shirleen. >> lori's joining us. >> hi, bill evans. >> lori stokes. [ laughter ] >> so it's cloudy and kind of -- >> yeah, it is, a little gray. >> despite that, the temperature is in the 70s. >> which is -- i love that. >> despite all that, there's clouds. there's a couple of showers around. there's wind that's coming in off the atlantic and despite all of that we're going to have temperatures in the low 70s, maybe even mid-70s west of the city and some pretty good looking weather from this morning. here's some rainbows this morning. that's from brian reel in manorville. that's a double rainbow. you see that, and the colors are inverted on the second rainbow. we've got a few cumulus clouds out there.
12:18 pm
and then around there were some showers around and some other weather pictures. send those to us, and we will put these on. be happy to do that. we love looking at those. a sign of some rain in the morning around. now what we have is some altocumulus clouds right there. that's how it looks, and this is how it will look for the afternoon and into the evening and into tonight and with that at times there might even be a little bit of a sprinkle or a spritz or a shower as we see the ferry boats working their way up and down the east river here at noontime. the current temperature 71 degrees. the humidity in the moderate range for afternoon hours. we're looking at 63%. the winds are calm, and the pressure 29.57. that's unstable as a low pressure system's out in the atlantic and a cold front is to our west, so the two are driving that barometric pressure crazy. normal high is 65, and as you can see we're already above that, and normal peak heating is about 3:00. we're still in the 70s. we'll hit 73, 74 this
12:19 pm
clouds and a few showers are around. it's still warming up. first pitch temperature at 8:00. it will be cloudy, great baseball weather. fine fall weather coming up for midweek, and then we get a shot of some november weather that's coming up for the weekend. it's 71 murray hill to whitestone. 73 ridgewood, cambria heights is at 72. 58 poughkeepsie. nice numbers at noontime. we should be at 63 and about 53 to about 45 here north and west. we've got a west wind and it's mostly out ahead of this front. here the wind profile is coming up, and a warm wind is coming up, and along this little boundary is some showers, and the front is kind of back here with the cooler air. here's the low spinning up through lake superior, and this will keep sliding eastward. as this keeps going eastward, we get this cooler air. most of these showers are drying out, and they're kind of losing their moisture. they don't have a whole lot of upper level stuff to work with.
12:20 pm
some of these showers dry out as you cross the mountains. we do see a few sprinkles popping up, a little shower around 7, 8:00 at the start of the game. cloudy and mild, a couple showers this afternoon, 73. tonight it's partly cloudy and breezy as cooler air works its way to us by day break. tomorrow breezy, cooler, sun and clouds, a real nice fall day. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. thursday is a fall beauty. it is gorgeous and 64 degrees. another cold front comes on friday with some showers and look what it brings. notice everybody stopped on the street to look. brisk and chilly on saturday, 58 and 54 on sunday and 56 monday. >> a woman walked off and she was smiling. she knew you were talking about her. >> are you talking to me. >> right when you said a shot of november comes, they all stopped and started looking. >> oh, yeah. >> be ready.
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. a smartphone app leads to a drunk driving arrest. a man stranded on the water for days and a dog rescued from flames are some of the stories that were caught on camera and caught our attention. we begin with a drunk driver nabbed by police in florida after someone watching her live feed on periscope called 9-1-1. viewers watched in horror as whitney beal slurred her speech while she repeatedly said she's drunk and was unsure where she was. several people sent her messages asking her to stop driving before she killed herself or someone else, and one person called 9-1-1. police used the landmarks in the video to pinpoint her location. beal later failed field sobriety tests and was charged with dui. the coast guard rescued a man who was adrift in the water near hawaii for five days. officials say the mass on the man's catamaran was damaged in storm. the man didn't have a satellite beacon on the boat and couldn't get a signal on his radio until he got closer to shore. the coast guard picked up the
12:25 pm
signal on saturday and saved him before he ran out of food and water. and here is a true hero, a volunteer firefighter in tennessee was off the clock when he saw smoke. when he got to this house, he found out that a dog was trapped inside. he sprang into action and pulled out the 80-pound pet, and then he just drove away. the family who was incredibly grateful figured out who this hero was and reunited him with the pooch. the house was a loss, but no one with two or four legs was hurt thanks to him. >> all right, and there's much more ahead in our next half hour. a toddler dies on long island.
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get a flu shot today! you're watching new york's number 1 news channel 7 eyewitness news at noon with david novarro, shirleen allicot and meteorologist bill evans. now eyewitness news continues. >> and we continue to follow breaking news. a person is in custody and being questioned in connection with the deadly shooting outside a nightclub in the flatiron district. 24-year-old mother died and two other women were hurt. investigators believe the shooter was targeting a bouncer who had thrown them out of the club. >> a woman was found dead after a house fire overnight in central nyack. we are told the husband was home and came out of the shower to find the bedroom on fire. fire officials are investigating. game 4 of the mets playoff series with the dodgers is
12:29 pm
night the stadium was rocking during the mets 13-7 victory. >> and the debate stage is set this afternoon for democratic presidential hopefuls, the five contenders will face off in las vegas tonight. hello again, i'm shirleen allicot. >> and i'm lori stokes in for david novarro. new details about a 19-month- old boy who died in nassau county. >> the coroner in the case calling if a homicide, and the mother's boyfriend, lord pardo who was also arrested appeared in court a little while ago. police also just wrapped up a news conference. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is live in minneola with the very latest for us. >> reporter: police just got finished talking to reporters, and this man has now paroled before a judge who set his bail at $10 million because the details of this case are extremely disturbing. police have now charged 26-year-
12:30 pm
degree murder after the death of his girlfriend's toddler. the toddler was actually 17 months old. it happened sunday in uniondale. pardo was watching the baby while his mom was at work. he had done this nearly ten times over the past few months. he calls the baby's mother telling her the baby fell off the bed but then went down for a nap and was no longer breathing. mason robinson died a short time later. pardo's defense attorney calls this negligence at the worst, but the autopsy results show a fractured rib and lacerated liver and diaphragm and fractured skull and massive internal bleeding. >> it's clear that the defendant has no soul. he is truly a monster. >> we allege, and we will ultimately prove that this was no accident, that this baby was severely beaten, and those injuries caused his death. >> i don't believe that there was any harm, and i believe that if you look at the circumstances and you look at
12:31 pm
been arrested ever and has never harmed any baby or any individual, there clearly is an indication that there's no motive for him and there's no >> pardo's defense attorney no prior record. there was no criminal intent here. he plans to dispute that autopsy report and insists that prosecutors are overcharging his client. about six years ago. now his bail as we said is $10 cash. clearly the judge heard that autopsy report and that's how she set bail. we're live outside police headquarters in minneola, i'm stacey sager channel 7 thank you. new information about the woman found dead in a queens park. she is identified as 28-year- old qing qing kiemde.
12:32 pm
puncture wounds on her body. she was found over the weekend. police are looking for her estranged husband. rapper flavor flav pleaded guilty on long island to aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle. the 55-year-old was sentenced to time served by a judge in minneola this morning. flav spent just one day in state police custody. he was also ordered to pay $3500 for court fees. flavor flav was arrested on the way to his mother's funeral in january of 2014. now to the new details about what caused that malaysia airliner that crashed in ukraine last year. investigators now believe a russian made mist sill brought down malaysia airlines flight 17 killing nearly 300 people on board. elizabeth hur has the story. >> reporter: lori and shirleen good afternoon to you.
12:33 pm
stated last year this plane was likely hit by multiple high energy objects. new today in their final report officials now say they have evidence to prove this plane was shot down by a missile. >> this new video animation showing a blow by blow of what the dutch safety board believes caused the crash of malaysian ukraine. >> flight mh17 crashed as a result of the detonation of a war aeroplane the left-hand side of the cockpit. >> investigators announcing mh17 was shot down by a russian causing the nose to break apart midair. >> the destination was simulated to calculate a point of destination as well as the damage that could be expected. >> the final report comes 15 months after the amsterdam to
12:34 pm
rebel held territory killing all 298 people on board. the victims' families finding some relief in learning it was unlikely anyone was conscious upon impact but many are still angry wondering how this could have happened. >> so they came across, above the war zone, and it shouldn't have happened. >> it took ten years for the government to wake up the right thing 103, the families of mh17 hope it will not take russians ten years to do the right thing for their families. >> officials say a criminal investigation is now underway to determine who is responsible. the missiles russian maker in the meantime also released its own report today denying any russian involvement. i'm elizabeth hur for channel 7 eyewitness news. one man is now in custody this afternoon, and five police officers have been treated for smoke inhalation after a fire
12:35 pm
a work crew was busy overnight boarding up the house. cell phone video shows flames the fire's considered suspicious. the injured officer rushed to carry a wheelchair bound man out of the burning building. >> he was laying on the ground and the fire department started to work on him, cpr with his chest and i think they revived him obviously, and he went back. he got into a wheelchair about 20 minutes later and they took him to a hospital. >> i think he had paralysis or he had a stroke at some time, and i'm glad nobody got hurt. >> there's no word yet on the exact cause or charges against the man in custody. it's 71 degrees out there right now. it's a bit cloudy. let's see what meteorologist bill evans has to say about it. >> as we look across the park, it's not a bad day. the temperatures are comfortable. there are a few sprinkles to our west and northwest. for the archwire going to see breaks of sun. at 3:00 it's about 72 degrees to 73.
12:36 pm
then we're into the 60s this evening. we're looking at about 67 degrees tonight, first pitch temperature as we go watch a little baseball tonight at citi field, but after school kids, 72, and there might be a sprinkle but nothing that would cancel any outdoor practices or athletics or any games or anything like that. we're looking at 67, tonight, 8:00, dodgers at citi field. make sure you got your mets gear. it will be cool toward the end of the game. we'll talk more about the rest of the week. it's going to feel like fall in a couple of days. it's going to be a very cold weekend i want to tell you about too. back to you, shirleen and lori. >> thank you bill. >> a messy situation for whole foods. what happened to a woman in one of its new jersey stores that has the grocery chain firing a security company. >> plus a paramedic in her
12:37 pm
on hold so she can caring about the things that make each of our clients unique...
12:38 pm
one city in new jersey is following the lead of other communities with large immigrant populations. perth amboy is looking at issuing identification cards. and perth amboy's mayor will announce the formation of a task force to study the issue. new york city issues id cards regardless of immigration status to anyone 14 years or older. a whole foods dropped a
12:39 pm
a 70-year-old woman at one of its stores. now the store in fox hall says the woman accidentally forgot to pay for some cheese that was underneath a bag in her cart. the security company held her and banned the woman from its stores last week. whole foods confirmed it has replaced the company. right now oscar nominated actor dennis quaid and his wife are in jail. they faced a judge just days after they were arrested at the canadian border in vermont. abc's david wright has the story. >> after five years on the run actor randy quaid appeared in court playing the role of defendant. quaid barely recognizable behind that big santa claus beard as he attempted to explain his lengthy disappearance from the u.s. >> we heard about it through the internet that we missed this court appearance that we didn't know anything about it. >> quaid and his wife have a lot of explaining to do. the couple were arrested friday trying to cross from quebec
12:40 pm
into vermont. they fled to canada in 2010 after allegedly being discovered squatting in the guesthouse of the santa barbara home they used to own. their attorney says the couple is innocent. >> he was never in the house. he was in the pool house. >> as for the couple they say they feared for their lives in the u.s. >> we believe there are to be a whackers in hollywood. >> quaid and his wife say the group hollywood star whackers were responsible for the death of their friends actors david carradine and heath ledger. >> quaid appeared in a number of films in the national lampoon vacation movies. >> that's a honey of a tree clark. is it real. >> his brother is the actor dennis quaid. the couple sat down exclusively with gma in 2010 to discuss the
12:41 pm
strange turn their lives have taken. >> we are refugees. i mean that's essentially what >> basically. >> seeking to be left alone by the criminals in america. wright reporting. quaid is being held on half a million dollars bail in a vermont jail. his new role is to convince a judge that his five-year misunderstanding. well, there's a whole new meaning to the term wedding crasher when it comes to the bride all dressed in white at the scene of a car wreck. >> yeah, and this picture's showing sarah ray in her wedding gown walking away from the crash in the rain has gone viral. ray, a paramedic in tennessee immediately sprang into action when she heard a driver had run a red light hitting her family's car on the way to her reception. the wreck sent ray's 72-year- old grandmother to the hospital. ray's new husband also works as
12:42 pm
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tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. we are following breaking news on long island. a dump truck crashed into a cleaners in roslyn heights. these are live pictures from news copter 7 over the scene. you can see the extent of that damage. it's pretty severe. this is near the intersection of lincoln avenue and locust street. eyewitness news reporter kristin thorne is on her way to the scene. you can see that dump truck is still inside that building. we will keep you updated on this. and shirleen, still more breaking news. a person now in custody in connection with a deadly shooting outside a nightclub in manhattan. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is live now inside the 13th precinct in manhattan. >> reporter: and lori, big news in this disturbing case. police were closing in on this
12:46 pm
suspect late last night and this morning. they brought a man here to the 13 precinct. right now at this hours detectives are questioning that person. sources tell eyewitness news that unidentified man was taken into custody at about 11:30 this morning in the carol gardens section of brooklyn. this investigation is focused on tracking down the man who fatally shot walikque faussett early yesterday morning. the single mom was standing outside of club motivo waiting for a cab to go home. it was just after 4 a.m. that morning. the suspect got into an argument with someone inside the club. a bouncer told him to leave. he did. then he came back and opened fire. walikque was killed, her best friend was hit by bullets but also survived. a third woman was also grazed by bullets she tells me she's very shaken up but is going to be okay. none of these women was the intended targets.
12:47 pm
walikque did know the suspect. she had a 3-year-old son. i spoke to her dad by phone. he told me if this is the person who shot and killed her daughter, "it is a bittersweet moment. it is good to have him off the streets, that he should be locked up forever. of course we'll be following this all day and have much more for you starting on eyewitness news first at 4. for now we're live, kemberly richardson channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. let's send it on over to meteorologist bill evans. it is a gray day out there but not that cold. >> no, it's comfy. as we go into the afternoon you might get some break of sunshine wherever you are, and you actually might get a sprinkle wherever you are. take a look outside at noontime from our camera on the roof. we look south here, and we're going to be looking at what will be an afternoon of clouds. you can see kind of a hazy look down towards the harbor and on the right there that's the statute of liberty towards ellis island. here's our camera on the roof
12:48 pm
we're looking at that inladen cloud cover. 71 degrees, the humidity is 63%, kind of dry. winds are calm and the pressure way down. you'd think it'd be a really windy afternoon, which it will be as we get into tomorrow. massapequa and north port at 70. 69 at east hampton. really warm, should be in the low 60s to low 50s north and west. 16 miles an hour wind around teterboro to newark. here's that wind coming up ahead of this cold front off to our west. you can see the wind profiles coming in here. that's going to be kind of by. here's the front back here with the cooler drier air that will sweep in. along that front, there could be a sprinkle or a shower, and you'll see here on our futurecast a shower or two pops up through the area, and about 5:00 when lee goldberg is here first at 4 and at 5 and at 6 there goes a little shower. we get to 7:00, 8:00, and it's just a passing sprinkle and a shower for baseball tonight. 67 degrees, cloudy skies, could
12:49 pm
notice the wind west at 8 to 16. that's a west wind, so the way the stadium sits there on northern boulevard, that will be the wind blowing in from left field and swirling around inside of citi field. a lovely place for a baseball game, one of the best in the country. 73 this afternoon we'll get to and tomorrow sunshine returns. it's cooler and drier. we'll be right around 68 degrees. a few showers and mild. we're at 73. partly cloudy and breezy tonight. a passing little sprinkle or shower, not a big deal. won't rain out the game and won't ruin your evening either. 68 and it won't have an effect on the game. 6 tomorrow and sunshine breezy. 64, a gorgeous fall day on thursday, and then november rears its ugly head for the weekend. a front moves through on friday with a shower and makes it brisk and kind of chilly on saturday and sunday. now is the time to break them out. >> the sweaters. >> the sweaters. >> the coats, the gloves. >> thank you bill.
12:50 pm
>> all right. >> an 8th grader's strong support for our troops resulted in him getting suspended at his middle school. it's all over a shirt he wore to class, standing for those that stood for us. alan homes whose brother is a marine and served in iraq says it shows patriotism. the shirt has a gun on it. the school dress code bars any student barring promoting alcohol, drugs, tobacco or violence. >> we'll be right back. first here's a look at what's coming up next on the chew. >> today we're making meal magic from the epcot international food festival at the walt disney world resort. mario and michael are going
12:51 pm
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and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. now let's get a check of the feed, those stories popping up on facebook, twitter, and instagram feeds. we're going to start with the uconn student who went on a 9 minute tirade when the dining hall didn't have mac and cheese. >> i am ashamed.
12:54 pm
i really am ashamed of myself. >> luke gotti said the staff members at the school cafeteria were just doing their job and no one should be treated this way. he also admits he was drunk during his foul mouthed tirade. the twitter account for sports website dead spin is back online today. i follow dead spin. this comes after the nfl filed a dozen notices of copyright violation against that site. along with one of the twitter accounts that belongs to the sports blog both accounts regularly post pictures and video highlights of sporting events. last night the dead spin account went back online and posted a link to mock nfl commissioner roger goodell with a so-called punishment generator. >> yikes. that does not look too good.
12:55 pm
guys follow chrissy teagueen on instagram, she posts funny pictures of her husband john legend, she took to the social network to announce she and legend are pregnant. this comes weeks after teagueen announced on the show that the two had been having fertility issues for many years. she can't wait to bring their first child into the world and grow their family. >> congratulations. cute couple. >> going to be a beautiful child. >> that will do it for this
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