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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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canal street in the stapleton section. eyewitness news report ersaner sandra bookman is at the scene. >> reporter: we are at the intersection of broad and canal street in the stapleton section. you can see that bus that was involved behind me. police still here on the scene. they are also searching for the suspect. this happened at about 1:45 this afternoon on the s74 bus. as you said, it was apparently a dispute over a seat between two passengers. we are hearing from some people that one of those passengers, perhaps the person standing, may have had some sort of disability, wanted the seat, the other person wouldn't give it to him. that is when the stabbing occurred. man stabbed in the hand several times, in the torso. that person taken to richmond university medical center in serious condition at this hour. i can tell you that people who
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live in this neighborhood and ride that bus regularly are understandably concerned. >> i live in the neighborhood. i take public transportation. i have children, so even just being on the bus, it is a scary thing to know that things like this can happen on a bus. >> reporter: back live now. you are looking again, at that s74 bus where the stabbing occurred, 1:45 this afternoon. the driver still here on the scene talking to police, telling him what he saw. tonight, we are being told that the suspect in this case fled on foot. we are only being told a man in his 20s, police are still looking for him. that's the situation. we're live in the staple section of staten island. i'm sandra bookman, channel 7 >> thank you. we're going to turn now to the latest on the deadly shooting outside of a nightclub in the palo alto iron area of manhattan. a person of interest has now been taken into custody. a shooting killed a young mother and injured two other people.
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eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson with new details in the case. >> reporter: liz, a big break in this came just a few hours ago. police here at the 13th precinct have been following solid leads and at about 11:00 this morning, detectives ended up in the carol gardens section of brooklyn. there they arrested a man who at this hour they are talking to about the fatal shooting outside of that nightclub on east 21st street. police say yesterday morning at about 4:00 a man got into an argument with a person inside club motivo. a bouncer told that suspect to leave. the suspect did but promised to come back with a gun. he did return. he opened fire. two women were hit with bullets and a third walikque faussett was also struck and killed. she was a single mom with a 3- year-old little boy named alex. i spoke with her father today about the news of an arrest ask
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>> it was at that club that night, it was a lot of -- she had a lot of friends there, a lot of friends from her school, came out. i guess she probably knew him. he was probably one of the guys that was, you know, something like that, he got us in trouble and then -- i don't know. >> he is clearly having a tough time digesting all of this. police say the man under arrest here is from the bronx. he is a suspected gang member. officials say none of these victims, none of the ladies were intended targets. they believe the suspect was actually going after the bouncer. at this hour no charges have been filed. coming up at 5, what friends of the man under arrest here at the precinct told me about what went down this morning.
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richardson channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. 61-year-old woman killed when fire tore through a home in rocklin county. fire officials received a call about the fire on waldron avenue in nyack at around 7:45 this morning. firefighters arrived within minutes and found a bedroom on the first floor fully engulfed in flames. inside it they found the body of the homeowners wife. fire officials say there was a maze of bedrooms in this house. it is believed as many as 12 people including children lived there. some frightening moments when a run away truck crashed into a dry cleaners on long island leaving a worker hurt. a truck crashed into the dry cleaners this afternoon on lincoln avenue. drivers said he forgot to put the emergency brake on when the he left the truck parked on the street. a worker inside the shop was injured by flying glass. the shop owner says there was no time to react. >> i saw the truck, you know,
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down to here, you know. that's all. i didn't see anybody in the car. >> coming up on eyewitness news at 5, you're going to hear from a young man who worked next door to the shop and ran to the dry cleaners to help the injured woman. >> turning now to the mets and their road to the world series could take a major step forward tonight. a victory means new york advances to the national league championship series for the first time in nine years. >> yeah. citi field was electric last night as rob powers said, it had its own pulse with the chance to advance, you know that mets fans are going to be loud and excited and raucous again tonight. we have several reports of citi field, we're going to begin with laura behnke who has much laura. >> liz and david, the mets were already a confident group, but after last night's lopsided win, they're liking their more. tonight it's the first opportunity to knock out the dodgers and advance to the national league championship
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best revenge. >> after that controversial slide in game 2, emotions were running high for the mets in monday's game 3 of the national league division series, but despite that, the amazens kept it all about baseball. >> for us it was stay focused go out and let our play do all the talking and, you know, all later. >> there's no need for any, you know, i guess retaliation, so to speak, but their greatest retaliation is winning the game. >> that they did, a 13-7 triumph that wasn't as close as the final score indicated and the home crowd loved every second of the first playoff game in citi field history. >> they were electric. there's no doubt about that. i think hats you know, you expect coming in what you think it's going to be like, a packed house, first post season game and citi field. history and then they start announcing guys.
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>> the mets need one more win and they need nothing more than clinching the mlds. >> we want to win for our fans. we want to win so we, you know, don't have that -- you know, that game 5 back out there, you know. when you have the opportunity, you need to take advantage of it. >> as for chase utley who was suspended two games by major league baseball for that controversial slide into ruben tejada in game 2, he will once again be in uniform tonight. according to reports his appeal will not be heard until monday. that's after the nlds ends. if the dodgers should lose this series and that suspension is upheld, utley would serve that two-game suspension to start next season. we're live inside citi field, laura behnke channel 7 eyewitness news. >> after that game 3 win, mayor bill de blasio took to twitter for a little trash talking directing it toward l. a. mayor. he wrote hey, eric garcetti, this is what happens when the dodgers don't play dirty. eyewitness news reporter
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anthony johnson at citi field with more. not messing around. >> reporter: the mayor is out there talking really tough. a few minutes ago they opened the gates to the parking lot. a lot of the tailgaters taking their position, a pregame party already underway outside citi field. earlier today, i ran into an old time mets favorite, and he's hoping to bring some of that old time mets magic tonight. >> gearing up for the big game, new york mets 1969 world champion ron sibota sitting down for lunch preparing to thrown out the ceremonial first pitch at tonight's game. he believes the mets have momentum. >> it's home for the mets, and they play so good at home. now you got all this other emotion going up in the air. >> that extra emotion was sparked by chase utley's slide which ended ruben tejada's season. the former mets right fielder says the team has turned into a negative into motivation. >> everything else looks like a plus.
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omen, they seem like they've rallied behind that. >> sibota watched as tejada limped out in pregame introductions and the crowd went into a frenzy, and the team focused on winning. >> i don't know if that's a willis reed moment from back in '69 and the new york knicks but tejada limps out there, the crowd is yelling deprecations to utley. the place is juiced. they are wired. >> if chase utley hits the field he can expect the same tsunami of boos and blistering comments he heard from the fans last night. >> number 26, chase utley. >> he hopes the mets bottle up the fan's energy and close out this series. >> if the clinching game in the best 3 out of 5 at home doesn't get your attention, you need some help. and i think it's gotten the mets' attention. >> and it certainly has everybody else's attention. now, if you want to try to get into tonight's game, believe it
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we went on one of those third- party providers. check the tickets, $150 for standing room only. that's the only thing that is left. that is the latest live from outside from citi field, anthony johnson channel 7 eyewitness news. >> not so bad there. all right anthony. thank you. as we mentioned yesterday, there may be some rain in the area around game time. we'll go ahead and check in with meteorologist lee goldberg. you think the tarps are going to come out tonight? >> i think it's about a 15, 20% chance of it liz. there's no way it's going to be canceled, no doubt about that. it just could be a passing shower early on in the game. news copter 7 is high above citi field right now. it's a beautiful setting in queens tonight where we have a lot of sunshine out there right now, but clouds are starting to roll in and there's a great looking shot with the shadows. wow, the san francisco going right over center field right there. that's pretty cool. our temperatures are around lower 70s. if you notice looking at lower manhattan off to the west, even though there's sunshine,
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there's some threatening clouds over the western horizons. 71 in flushing. a little cooler than yesterday just because the wind is a little gusty out of the south right now. you need your mets just about tonight. as you look to the west, we a shower that went over flushing until 2:00. it's been quiet since then. if you look over eastern pennsylvania there are widely scattered showers there with cold front that's going to come through this evening. here's the latest futurecast, and notice there are scattered showers around first pitch time. let's take a closer look. i've zoomed in right on flushing here, right on queens. look at this how it times out right at 8:00. there was a heavy brief downpour, and then it cleared out by about 8:30. for the game tonight we'll put about a 20% shot of a shower in or in the early part of the game and then just clearing out at 66. there is a cool breeze out there. no cancellation and a 1 in 5 shot of seeing that tarp come out. when you look at that futurecast, it's good at highlighting there are showers around.
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that's why i say it's not a sure thing we're going to see that shower over citi field. we'll be watching it through the evening hours. >> thanks a lot. a lot of people out there showing their mets pride as we head into game 4. you've been sending us those pictures. keep sending them in. use the hashtag abc7ny. >> and still to come on eyewitness news first at 4, chaos in israel. a new wave of deadly attacks. find out what prime minister benjamin netanyahu is now calling for. >> plus they were lost and afraid, two little boys stranded in the woods. fortunately rescuers got to
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let's check the roads on this tuesday evening, and here's a look at the bqe near atlantic avenue in brooklyn. an accident was just cleared in the westbound lanes. looks like traffic is getting back up there and moving, and we have been talking about the big mets game tonight. we've got news copter 7 over the grand central parkway. no traffic right now, but that's bound to change, no question about that. let's check the hudson river crossings. no issues to report right now in either of the tunnels or the george washington bridge. >> we're going to head overseas. israeli's prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying that he would take a series of "aggressive steps after two attacks in jerusalem left three israelis dead. new video shows just how brutal one of those attacks was, a car crashed into pedestrians and then the attacker gets out of his car with a machete-like weapon. molly hunter is in jerusalem with much more on this day of
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violence. >> in just 90 minutes tuesday morning, chaos. at least five people killed today and 21 wounded. the palestinians called for a day of rage, but clashes were small in the west bank, and the violence concentrated here in jerusalem. in this dramatic video near the city center, a car ramming turned stabbing. the attacker was shot, injured, but not killed. then something new, israeli police say two palestinian gunmen boarded a bus, opened fire killing two, injuring more than a dozen. the most casualties we've seen in just one attack. back in washington the obama administration condemned the violence. >> both sides need to take actions that -- affirmative actions that reduce tensions in the region. >> two more stabbings in a northern town and down south the israelis closed the gaza borders due to riots. in the west bank a young man was shot during demonstrations. israeli prime minister benjamin
4:16 pm
netanyahu vowed to use every weapon in his arsenal to stop the violence. other israeli officials called for a greater crackdown beefing up security and shutting down neighborhoods. following this morning's chaos, it's quiet now. these streets heading into the old city are normally bustling, and tonight it's mostly security because no one wants to be on the streets. molly hunter channel 7 eyewitness news. turning now to the race for president and the democratic candidates are getting ready for their first debate tonight. front runner hillary clinton will take the stage with bernie sanders, martin o'malley, lincoln chafee and jim webb. this will be a chance for clinton and sanders to build momentum. >> i think it's going to be a little more substantive debate. it's going to be a debate on the issues, and i think it's going to be an interesting time for the american people to see mrs. clinton and many of those candidates for the first time. >> the candidates are pledging
4:17 pm
to keep things civil and say they will defend themselves if attacked. there was one extra podium in the debate stage in las vegas. it was reserved for vice president joe biden should he make a surprise appearance, but many expect him to announce whether he will run sometime later this week. we'll keep you posted of course. >> the podium is there, though. >> just when you think the sun's out to stay for the rest of the day, it disappears and gets dark and cloudy again. >> you know, it's pretty changeable. it's very much like the season. we had big swings this time of the year, and it's tough to main danger these 70s. no showers on radar just yet. lots of excitement, a lot of mets fans walking by. i assure you this is not dodger blue, eyewitness news blue or mets blue. i have to incorporate a little orange as the afternoon wears on. the skyline lower manhattan, some clouds moving in. it was a deep blue sky a moment ago. now we're at 70. humidity increasing a bit. the wind kicks up from time to time. the high today 72 so far.
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yonkers 68 and 72 on staten island. 67, poughkeepsie's only 61 in monticello, 73 down on the shore in belmar. i have included a shower during the 7:00 hour, but after let's say 8 or 9 that threat will end, and then we'll have partly cloudy to mainly clear skies the rest of the night, about 56 tomorrow morning, bright sunny skies, and then clouds will tend to gather during the midday and afternoon hours and it will also be a bit of a breeze, but still a very pleasant day. here's the radar and satellite. we had a couple of showers that move through through the midday. a couple of sprinkles over dutchess county. the clouds thickening over new york city and hoboken and edgewater and queens and brooklyn, they're not carrying much with it. that means a little shower near mahwah and headed over into rocklin county near ramsey. then you see the cold front back to the west. you can see that cold front with the streamlines and the wind, how the wind shifts over to the west. that cold front has to come through during the evening hours. with it there will be a few more showers. there's actually a second front, and if that's sitting over the great lakes. that has to come through tomorrow afternoon.
4:19 pm
that's why it won't stay totally sunny all day long. there will be some clouds that build during the midday and afternoon. the worst case is there's a stray shower north and west. you see the mild numbers and they're along the i-95 corridor. they're going to be shoved offshore. we're not going to get the coldest air yet. that's going to bypass us to the north this time. it will be over us as it gets to the upcoming weekend. this is a high resolution futurecast t gives you an idea there will be scattered showers during the evening hours. it's not all just light showers. a couple of them could be a brief moderate shower and then it would leave the scene. it's just an early ending threat at citi field and after that it should be dry, breezy and a little on the cool side. it's a breezy beauty, 678, plenty of sun early on. clouds will tend to build during the midday and afternoon hours. thursday is a gorgeous day. that's a mostly sunny day. the winds are fairly light, 66. if you look off to the north and west, i mean there's a couple of more fronts that are coming in.
4:20 pm
temperatures a little bit and gives us that brief shower threat, although no significant rains. you have the brief shower early. it's partly cloudy, it's breezy at times, 56. a cooler feel than last night. as we go through the day tomorrow, high temperatures about 68. sun will mix with clouds. it will be breezy and a bit cooler. there's just a stray shower threat off to the north and west. tomorrow night partly cloudy and clear. 50 degrees, 40s in many of our suburbs. coming up at 4:30, accuweather has released the highlights of their winter outlook. we'll have a little discussion in our next half hour. i don't think you'll be too upset when i show you the way the map is distributed. >> winter is coming. >> that's the only good thing in that phrase right there. >> i miss thrones. i don't miss winter. >> right? >> you said highlights, so we're hopeful? >> yes, i am hopeful. >> okay. >> see you in a half hour. >> we'll see you in a bit. >> thanks a lot. >> sometimes a wedding crasher is not a bad thing.
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for one bride this crash helped make the day extra special. why she was crying tears of joy when a very famous person showed up. >> and a hit on the big screen now heading to broadway. sir andrew lloyd weber tells us okay. so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? why fios? well fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. whatever speed you need, fios has it.
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abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. stocks on wall street snapping a winning streak after posting a strong start for october.
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thirty quarter earnings reports trying to assess the impact of slowing growth and what that is having on american companies. the dow fell 49 points today closing at 17081. it was a hit movie that is now moving to the great -- school of rock was a 2003 smash you might remember starring jack black as a struggling rock singer and guitarist. >> at the time it was the highest grossing musical comedy of all time, but how will it translate on stage. entertainment reporter sandy kenyon is here with the details. >> the little i've heard so far says to me school of rock is going to translate just fine and i love that movie with jack black. this morning we met sir andrew lloyd weber who gave us the longest running musical in broadway history to hear why he decided to make the movie a musical. >> school of rock is based on a hit movie but has the added attraction of new songs by sir andrew lloyd weber.
4:25 pm
>> the first thing you have to remember when you're doing anything is not to destroy what people's memory of the movie was. clearly you have to be very loyal and true to it. >> and if -- [ music ] >> two songs from the original have been preserved as we found out in june when the composer previewed his new show at a small theater in chelsea. 22,000 kids auditioned for the class run by substitute teacher dewey finn with only a handful selected. and each of the young virtuosos really plays. >> it's about how music sets you free. >> a message not lost in moving to the larger winter garden
4:26 pm
theater once home to his big hit musical cats. the opening is still a few months off, but the -- >> everywhere you look, you see what's going on. >> a new way of promoting a new show. >> that new show opens on broadway in december, and come next year there may be many more performances all across the country in schools. you see sir andrew has come up with a plan to make scripts and scores available just after the show opens, so young people everywhere can enroll in his school of rock. dave, liz. >> fun. >> yeah, and that one young lady that just showed up there singing has got an incredible voice. i can't wait. >> absolutely. >> thanks an did i. >> now we have an incredible story of strength and love, a baby not expected to survive gets a second chance at life. we're going to show you how she beat the odds. >> plus there are new
4:27 pm
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now new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> it's 4:30, and happening right now cameras catch a teen tumbling out of a moving car. now new details about the person believed to be behind the wheel. >> plus, the wedding crasher. >> once we saw him coming up, i just -- i plastered myself against the window. >> the surprise a-list guest that had the bride crying tears of joy. and her parents were told she wouldn't live, but a tiny little survivor is defying the odds. >> she is our little miracle. >> and much more in just a minute. we're going to begin with breaking news. this is happening in the bronx, and there are some big delays in the southbound hutchinson river parkway. you're looking at live pictures right now from news copter 7. shannon sohn is on the scene with the latest. >> you can see that right now the southbound side of the hutchinson river parkway has all lanes shut down.
4:30 pm
are trying to reopen at least a few lanes here. we had a major accident with a car that went off the roadway on the southbound side of the hutch approaching bruckner boulevard. these are the first cars that were seen moving through in the last 10 minutes or so. they initially thought it went off into westchester creek. it's actually in the trees there. police and ambulances on the scene. you can see on the left side of your picture, that is the northbound side of the hutch. those delays are going to take you back to the cross bronx expressway, and unfortunately the damage done here delays back to westchester avenue and creeping back to coe op city. shannon sohn channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. now to that suspect accused in that abduction attempt appearing in court in connecticut. >> that incident ended with a teenager jumping out of a moving car. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer is in bridgeport this afternoon with the details. >> reporter: and liz that suspect tonight is sitting in a
4:31 pm
jail cell facing bail of $125,000. that doled out during her arraignment. towanna randall has now been charged with unlawful restraint, sexual assault, and reckless endangerment, stemming from what police describe as an attempted abduction of a 17- year-old bridgeport student. her daring escape from the suspect's car caught on security cameras as she tumbled to the ground. >> i think the victim was surprised that it happened. it's a tough lesson to learn, but i know that she has learned a lesson here. >> police say towanna randall and the victim did not know each other, and that randall told detectives that she stopped and told the girl to get in the car because "she looked cold. within moments police say the victim was sexually assaulted and then made her escape. court documents reveal randall tells a detective she thinks the victim has stolen money from a cup holder. she says i noticed that the money that i had in the change thing, whatever was missing, so i grabbed her hair. she freaks out, and then she jumps out of the car. that's it.
4:32 pm
talking to them before her arrest. >> she was not cooperative with the investigation, but she did not resist arrest. >> while police say randall has an extensive criminal record, there is no indication of this being a pattern crime. as for the 17-year-old victim police say. >> continue to work with her and get her the help she needs to put this behind her and certainly i'm thrilled that this perpetrator's off the street. >> it was also revealed in court today that towanna randall has 15 convictions, four of them for felonies. reporting live in bridgeport, tim fleischer channel 7 eyewitness news. >> tim, thank you. police in new jersey are searching for a man charged with killing his estranged girlfriend is her young son. police say 26-year-old jose ronald santos-alvarez strangled his girlfriend and were suffocated their 4-year-old son. both were found dead in an apartment in jersey city last wednesday. and on long island, bail has been set at $10 million for
4:33 pm
the man accused of killing his girlfriend's baby. lord pardo was arraigned today in hempstead. prosecutors say that while he was trusted to care for the child, pardo severely beat a 17- month-old boy who was pronounced dead over the weekend. a dutch investigator is confirming what has long been suspected. a surface to air missile brought down malaysia airlines flight 17. the dutch safety board concluded a russian made missile exploded less than a yard from the cockpit causing the front of the plane to break off. the board's final report says shrapnel from the missile was found in victims' bodies. all 298 people on board died when the plane came down over eastern ukraine in july of 2014. a baby from florida is beating the odds after being born with a massive brain tumor. steven and erica jones were warned before their daughter was born that her tumor was inoperable and would be fatal. so they made most of their time with abigail getting family pictures and spending all of
4:34 pm
instead of getting worse, abigail started to get better, and the joneses decided to get a second opinion about the tumor from doctors in boston. >> she ate and she gained weight, and she looked great. she was thriving. she was certainly not in any way, shape, or form dying. >> there are sometimes tumors that are not malignant that can look malignant, and we thought there wasn't enough evidence to give her a death sentence. >> the tumor was not cancerous, and doctors were able to remove all of it. doctors say abigail has an incredibly bright future ahead. >> imagine how relieved the parents are. >> just remarkable. >> flavor flav back in court on long island. i want to tell you what he told
4:35 pm
4:36 pm
planned parenthood announcing it will no longer accept any sort of payment when it comes to fetal tissue that might be available for research. the organization has been under fire since antiabortion groups released undercover video. it also said any payments only covered costs.
4:37 pm
group says the policy change amounts to an admission of guilt. new york city officials are introducing a new initiative to reform the bail system called the bail lab. the city will partner with courts to test alternatives to money bail. 50,000 people are sent to jail each year because they cannot afford bail money. among the changes streamlining the current credit card bail authorization form and better coordinating the bus schedule from courthouses to rikers island to give defendants more time to post their bail. rapper flavor flav pleaded guilty today on long island from criminal charges from a 2014 traffic stop. the 55-year-old whose real name is william jonathan drayton admitted to charges of aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle. he was arrested in hempstead while rushing to his mother's funeral in january 2014. the judge sentenced flavor flav to time served and ordered him to pay $3500 in court fees. well, if you've ever known
4:38 pm
someone who said that they read playboy for only the articles, maybe you're one of those people yourself, you can quit rolling your eyes now because it actually may be true. the magazine that made naked models close to mainstream, says it will no longer feature naked women in the magazines. abc's chris conley has the details. >> starting in 2016, playboy says the women it features will be naked no longer. wait. what? after 62 years of sexy center folds and unclothed celebrities starting in the 1950s, the iconic hef fired the first shot in the sexual revolution, for hetero men ground breaking magazine showing women unclothed and unashamed, some unknown, some famous, some looking to become famous once more. he surrounded those news with news making interviews, high end journalism and the pleasure principles of the playboy philosophy. >> i believe that embracing
4:39 pm
sexuality is part of what it means to be. there was the playboy mansion, playboy clubs, playboy bunnies. the first to feature the likes of jenny mccarthy, pamela anderson and anna nicole smith, hef changed the world, but the world changed too. with anything goes sexual content all over the internet, the magazine's readership plummeted from a one-time high of 5.640 million years ago to 800,000. hef now 89 and his team hoping that putting some clothes on those models will make playboy content safe for work and internet sexy. as corey jones told the new york times, 12-year-old me is very disappointed in current me. chris conley, abc news new york. >> i still like the way you introduced that piece, well, if you get the magazine to read them -- >> come on, that's one of the most famous lines, i only read it for the articles.
4:40 pm
that's why i enjoyed it. >> special delivery in midair. see what happened when a pregnant woman went into labor on a flight over the pacific
4:41 pm
i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world.
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and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. a surprise for passengers on an airplane headed to los angeles as a woman went into labor.
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the china air jet took off from bali and was over the pacific ocean when that woman gave birth. wow. according to passengers on board, the woman gave birth to a baby girl in the bathroom. the plane made an emergency landing in alaska and border patrol even showed up because foreign mother's sometimes tried to give birth in this country so their babies can become u.s. citizens. she was flying to l. a. on her own. >> i'm still in shock over that. i still got more work to do here. two little boys from indiana who got lost in the woods are now back home safe. 7-year-old adrian and his 5- year-old cousin michael disappeared in camping grounds on thursday during a family hiking trip. the boys were playing hide and seek but they couldn't find their way back. after an exhaustive search for more than 20 hours, rescuers found the boys unharmed. >> i slipped on leaves.
4:44 pm
we both slept by a big pine tree that was hollow. >> i can't -- i can't express how blessed we are. >> oh, my goodness. any parent can understand the pain that mom went through there. volunteers from two states helped search for the boys, and they were a bit dehydrated but otherwise you can hear from that interview, they are all right. >> thank god they have each other during that time. keep each other calm and entertain one another. the tree was hollow. >> use the cub scout skills. >> that was pretty good. >> good for them. >> should we talk about the timing of the potential rain? >> yeah, listen. i think there's going to be some showers that roll through the area. they're leaving the scene. this is nothing that's going to rain out a ball game. the worst-case scenario is rain in the beginning of the ball game. that's probably only a 1 in 5 shot. outside we go this evening where we've actually had pretty dramatic skies. at times it gets a little cloudy. then the sun comes back and i'm seeing a shadow in central park.
4:45 pm
this patch of clouds is going to pass. we're going to get briefly sunny. that's prior to sunset and a cold front's going to approach with a couple of showers this evening. we're at an even 70, although a cooler field than yesterday. we hit 77 yesterday. it's a bit of a breeze out there, you need a light jacket or sweatshirt. accuweather came out with highlights for their winter 2015, 2016 forecast. this is very heavily weighted on the strong el nino that's in play. that's why you see a weather pattern on the west coast and the southern tier of the united states, severe weather down here, milder weather in the middle of the country, and then you hone in on what we're looking at in the northeast, and they label it as not as brutal. that's pretty typical of an el nino winter in that yes you're going to get the cold spells but they're not going to be sustained as we've seen over the last winter, and they certainly are going to be several coast tat storms during the winter months. the question is will it be cold enough to support snowfall.
4:46 pm
opportunityings but in terms of seeing brutal chill that's extended, that looks more and more likely. another thing we were talking about is a slow mild start to winter. it would be worse later february into march. we'll see if that comes into fruition. you see the shower and clouds breaking later on at a low of 56. we call for a 15 to 20% chance of a shower at citi field early, then partly cloudy and 66 degrees. planning forecast, so sunshine tomorrow, although clouds will build during the midday and afternoon as a pretty good breeze too and a stray shower north and west. still a nice fall day. there are the showers to the west, and it hardly looks impressive here. there is a cold front rolling through. you notice. look at the flare of a couple showers around 6:00. that could be right over the five boroughs in new jersey. it has a couple of showers not far from queens around first pitch time and quickly leaving the scene a lingering shower. during the day tomorrow, notice how the clouds build after that sunny start. it won't be perfectly sunny during the afternoon, pretty
4:47 pm
good breeze, and at worst-case scenario is a stray shower that only hits the mid and upper 50s. here's your seven-day forecast. tomorrow is a breezy day, a comfortable day at 68. sun mixing with clouds. you need the fall jacket. thursday is gorgeous. mostly sunny and 66. there's a weak front, i shouldn't say a weak front. it's not a lot of moisture with it. there's a passing shower or two. look what it does to the temperatures. on saturday only 58 and there maybe a stray shower north and west in the afternoon. sunday, man, november chill with a gusty wind, only 52 feeling like 40 and at night the growing season will end in a lot of places. that would be the first time new york city sees 30s since late april. >> that 38 hurts my eyes. >> it screams that doesn't it? >> it does. >> david. she wears the paint on her face. >> speaking of hurting her eyes. >> it's cold. >> here's what's trending on this tuesday. the fact they can move on to the next round of playoffs with a win tonight at citi field will get us all buzzing. hashtag, no broad day is
4:48 pm
trending. they're encouraging people to go braless to help raise awareness for breast cancer. some on social media worry it is sexualizing a serious issue. breast cancer is a disease that will strike nearly a quarter million women this year and that's the most important message in all of this. actress jennifer lawrence trending for an open letter about hollywood's double standards. in the article on lena dun ham's site the actress shared her anger over getting paid less than male costars. i am over trying to find the adorable way to state my opinion and still be likable. she only found out how much less she was being paid when e- mails were hacked last year. on the topic of strong women, esquire out with its sexiest woman alive issue and game of thrones in this year's pick, emelia clark walked away with the honor and it's easy to see why dragons, liz, lee, me all of us agree,. >> mother dragons, the title just says it.
4:49 pm
>> right, it does. you know, the magazine writes she manages to bring together a number of opposites to make them natural. sweetness and toughness. congratulations. okay? >> oh, my gosh. >> a bulldog is trending because, look, it just hates its life vest. are you going to put this thing on me? they only wanted to give the dog something to cool off in the pool with. >> get this thing off me. >> it's a doggie tantrum. i refuse to go in the pool. >> finally, a guy that is easily and i mean easily scared by his name for some reason. >> william, william. william. william. william. william. >> you get the picture? >> sounds like hannibal lektor calling him.
4:50 pm
>> beans and a nice keon tee. >> send us your trend ideas using the hashtag the trend. william. >> i love the doggie tantrum. >> it's pretty funny. that's cute. >> all right. while we have been focused on the mets here in new york, there's a lot of baseball in chicago right now because the cubs are making a playoff run as well. one diehard cubs fan loretta dolan, look at her, when loretta turned 90, the cubs invited her to throw out the first pitch to celebrate her 100th birthday, she donned her cubby blue. now at 101 she's back at wrigley field enjoying the playoffs, even posing for photos with fellow diehard fans. >> sometimes if they lose at night i can't even sleep at night when they lose, so then i get up and make myself a couple of coffee so i can fall back to sleep. >> got to love it. she's drinking coffee to fall back asleep. loretta we get it, not being
4:51 pm
able to fall asleep because we're so excited. she was at last night's game against the cardinals and she went home with a huge smile on their face because the cubs won 8-6. >> i worked in chicago for a couple of years and every year the season would start and you do an interview with her. she is like the face, she's the loyal fan, and you just -- no matter where you are in baseball, you kind of want to have her somewhere along the way. >> who would welcome a wedding crasher. that's the question. you're going to meet the bride and groom who said i do and see the surprise guest they'll never forget. >> news copter 7 is over the george washington bridge right now.
4:52 pm
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on a bride's wedding day, no one should up stage the breakout. an unexpected guest got a pass on that. >> the bride was getting ready when she saw president obama shaking hands with her guests. she did what anyone else might do. she ran down to say hello, gown and all. >> reporter: this could be the ultimate wedding crash that the bride and groom nearly missed. as president obama played golf on torrey pines golf course sunday in la jolla, california, stephanie and brian toby were about to get married at the adjacent lodge. >> he actually took his last cut and came over to the wedding crowd. >> reporter: the bride and groom and their wedding party were sequestered to their second story suite. >> saw him coming up, i plastered myself against the window because we had been forced inside because they weren't allowing us out on the balcony. and i was hoping they'd notice my wedding dress. >> reporter: the president was busy greeting the wedding guests on the lawn. >> when it was so clear he was
4:55 pm
going to be shaking people's hands, that's when stephanie there. >> reporter: she >> all out sprint in heels and wedding dress. >> i actually started crying as i was running up there. just overwhelmed with emotion. >> reporter: their wedding photographers captured this once-in-a-lifetime moment. >> he said congrats and good luck. >> he saw my foot on the train of the wedding dress. he said, wedding dress. >> reporter: the president may have not stayed for the wedding, but the memory will last generations to come. >> i love the t-shirts they're wearing during the interview. >> congratulations. still more news ahead including a woman who sued her nephew over a hug. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now.
4:56 pm
crashes in to a store injuring a woman. we're hearing from the stranger who ran to help the victim. >> one win away before the mets can move on to the next round. the mets manager talked about tonight's big game against the dodgers. good evening, i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm diana williams. we'll have more on those stories in just a minute. first we've got breaking news we've been following on staten island. a man stabbed on a city bus and still a very active search for the suspect. >> two men were arguing over a seat when one man pulled out a knife. it happened on broad and canal streets. eyewitness news reporter sandra bookman is there with the search. >> the canal and broad, this intersection still blocked off as police try to piece together exactly what led up to this violent confrontation on that city bus. it happened around 1:45 this afternoon on s74 bus here on staten island. we're
4:57 pm
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