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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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they were apparently arguing we're told over a seat. one of the men stabbed the other multiple times in the hand and in the torso. there was a witness standing on the corner here when that bus pulled up and suddenly stopped. here's what he told us he heard and saw. >> i heard a lot of yelling. i'd seen people getting on the bus and moving away. i see the bus and individuals moving away from the crowd. it the aggressive spot. then that's when i seen this guy was stabbing this guy on the bus. >> he pleevz that was taking place as that bus pulled up. it stopped. he saw what was happening on the bus. he said he saw the man run off the bus, did not get a good look at him because he was too distracted by all the other commotion going on. the witness is said to be 24 years old, at richmond university medical center in serious condition. the man
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police are looking for they simply say it is a black male in his 20s. we're live tonight in the stapleton section of staten island, sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, sandra. tonight is a big night for the mets. we're just hours away from the first pitch and tonight the team could take a big step forward on the road to the world series. so far we are three games in to this round. the mets have won two, the dodgers one. mets fans hoping tonight they could wrap things up with a big win at citifield. anthony johnson has been talking to the fans. first we've got sports anchor rob powers at the stadium. >> tonight's game 4 would have been big even if the mets had lost last night's game but now it's big because the mets won big and one more victory in this series vaults the mets in to the national league championship series. last night the pregame introductions, they were something.
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snapped tejada's leg was booed. cheers went up when up. a 13-7 win to take a two games to one lead in the series. one win away from advancing. rookie pitcher steven matz against reigning mvp and cy young award winner clayton kershaw. manager it terry collins spoke this afternoon. >> we're hoping he goes throughout and pitches like he knows how. here's a local kid going out there pitching for the team you grew up watching, it's going to be a real cool scenario, especially if he pitches great, it's going to be really a fun night. >> so another big night for mets tonight with the chance to advance to the next round. last night the mets' fans sure brought their a-game. now we see what they bring for tonight. we go back outside, anthony johnson standing by with the fans. >> just want to show you this
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is what citifield looks like outside. certainly starting to buzz. the people already gathering. we see a lot of tailgaters already gathered out here. we want to show you this place over here. the parking lot. this is a very special place. this is the footprint of the old shea stadium. the last time the mets really won anything, that parking lot was their home. the fans out here tonight, they want the mets to go and they want them to do something really special and win. >> let's go mets! let's go mets! >> reporter: mets fans know this is the night to bring the noise. and don't forget the characters. >> the mets win! >> reporter: some fans are hoping to pick up tickets for what could be the clinching game.
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mets' number one villain, chase utley. they also saw the fans cheer for ruben tejada. they want to be here tonight to boo utley and see their team win. >> it's not to fight on the playground after school. right now we've got to stay focused. and your goal is to win tonight. >> reporter: for those who already possess a cherished ticket for game 4, tonight could be special. >> how important is it to get it at home? >> really important. the fans want it here. we want to see it here. we miss them clinching the nl east so we want to see it here and be apart of it. >> we told you the tailgaters are already out here. what do you guys have on the grill over there? burgers and steak. it's time to eat. and hey, who's going to win tonight? who's going to win? the mets. all right. absolutely. fans are gathering here and they're excited. game time around 8:00 this evening. that's the latest from outside the stadium. let's
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rob, take it away. >> hey, save me a burger before you head back in here. thank you very much, anthony. the mets need to win tonight. their best chance to win the series. they'll have other chances to win the series but their best chance might be tonight at home. the fans want them to get this done now. we've got more throughout the day, until then, rob powers, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> i'm feeling it. it's going to happen. we've got meteorologist lee goldberg. he's tracking some of the showers which could move through around game time. is that part of your forecast, lee? [ laughter ] we've got his forecast coming up in just a few minutes as we continue on the road to the world series. a mets fan is recovering after a fight broke out after the dodgers-mets game friday night in los angeles. the man is now in critical condition. police now think a mother and son may be to blame. eyewitnesss say some fans from both teams started yelling in the parking lot. it turned
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physical, injuring that mets fan. the unidentified victim is being treated at the hospital in los angeles. right now police are questioning a man in connection with that deadly shooting. a young mother killed, two others injured. police don't believe they were the intended targets. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is live from gramercy park. >> the man inside this precinct moments ago, two of his friends who are here tell me he insists he had nothing to do with the shooting. he learned police were looking for him, so when they pulled over his car with these guys inside in brooklyn this morning, they were actually heading to a precinct here in manhattan to talk with police. the young men tell me they were all good friends with walikque faussett. today i spoke with her dad about these new developments. >> we hope he's the right guy and everything goes through and he's convicted.
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told me the news of arrest is a bittersweet moment. she had a 3-year-old little boy named alex. walikque was fatally shot while standing outside of a nightclub on east 21st street. now the father, the rest of her family is wrestling with how to tell alex his mom is gone. >> she asked if she was dead? >> yes from what he's seen on tv. >> what did you guys tell him? >> nobble [ inaudible ] didn't say that. >> reporter: detectives have been trying to find solid leads. two other women were also hit one was walikque's best friend. late this morning detectives end ed up in the carroll gardens section of brooklyn and arrested a man still inside the 13th precinct talking with detectives. >> he's not a brooklyn guy, he's a bronx guy. on the street. got him in. >> reporter: police say the man
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suspected gang member, a lot for wally to handle. >> what i understand, at that club that night, she had a lot of friends there. a lot of friends from her school, stuff like that, basically came out and i guess she probably knew him. he was probably one of the guys that was apart of their group or something like that. he got in to trouble and i don't know. >> her family is still trying to figure this one out. again, that man inside the precinct right now. his two friends spoke with me. they're also here. they tell me he admits he did get in to an argument with a couple of guys inside that club but he insists he was never tossed out. police have still not found the gun involved this shooting and at this hour no charges have been filed. for now we're live, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness
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news. harsh condemnation from the obama administration tonight over a string of brutal and deadly palestinian assaults. three israelis were killed in jerusalem today by a pair of palestinian men who boarded a bus and began shooting and stabbing passengers. another attacker caught on camera ramming a car in to a bus stop then getting out and stabbing bystanders. the simultaneous attacks is the latest in a month-long wave of violence. you know this is a big night not just for sports fans but tonight is also the first televised debate for the all the candidates take the stage in just a few hours from now in las vegas. >> the countdown is on here in question, of course will joe biden run? this is where the candidates are going to come in
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who won in their direction. as preparations continue right now for their first big debate in the national spotlight. >> reporter: for the first time voters will see hillary clinton and bernie sanders finally face off. >> let's transform america. >> reporter: clinton appeared at a union protest rally outside donald trump's hotel monday, the head of the high stakes national debate that will include jim webb, martin o'malley, and lincoln chafee. also nearby, an extra podium. this photo posted by c nn just in case joe biden decides to get in the race. his official website has him at the white house all day. >> it's highly possible for an important contender not to be in the first national debate. >> reporter: a new abc washington post poll shows his favorability rating increasing two points to 47%, biden at 35%.
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it's a much smaller debate field than their republican counterparts. it will likely have a more civil atmosphere. >> it will be very different. >> reporter: that's because attacks between the democrats have been minimal, more on policy, less personal. president obama did weigh in on the clinton e-mail controversy on cbs' 60 minutes. >> she could have handled the original decision better and the disclosures more quickly. >> that e-mail scandal will likely come up again during tonight's debate along with issues like gun control and immigration reform. and really this is a key moment for those lesser known candidates to try and stand out. reporting live, channel 7 eyewitness news. republican presidential candidate jeb bush unveiled his plan to end obama care, campaigning in manchester, new hampshire, bush laid out a system he said would cutback on regulation and lower healthcare costs.
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he doesn't favor doing away with everything from the affordable care act. he requiring state health exchanges. >> states, rather than washington, d.c. are much better equipped to set the standards here's what i proposal. we'll open upstate insurance markets to choice. >> bush wants a system with tax credits while keeping a coverage guaranteed for people with pre-existing health conditions. all new at 5:00, a jury reaches a verdict after a woman sues her nephew for giving her a hug that injured her. >> also coming up, an out of control truck rolls down a hill and in to a store. hear what eyewitnesss say caused the crash. >> a woman forgets to pay for cheese at a whole foods. why she wasn't trouble. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. one minute it's cloudy, one minute the sun comes out. beautiful look over new york harbor right now. we're still at 70 degrees. rob powers
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told me it's a little cloudier. sun will come back then the showers are right there. caring about the things that make each of our clients unique...
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which guarantees a watertight fit. plus, they do it all in just one day. i know because i did it. quite a scare in long island today when a truck came rolling down a hill. one woman was inside the store and injured on long island. all this happening in roslyn heights. long island reporter kristin thorne is there with what caused the accident. >> first i want to show everyone the store is now boarded up. this whole part of the building may have to be demolished because it's structurally unsafe. yes, it
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pulled over his truck, went to get some lunch but forgot to put the emergency brake on so the truck came down the hill and right in to the store. >> whole building shook. i was really confused and the awning came down with a bunch of bricks on it. >> reporter: that's when christopher cuartas and their coworker ran out next door and saw a woman lying inside the store all cut up from the glass. >> we went to pick her up. she was in a lot of shock. she wasn't move ing too much. we pulled -- moving too much. we pulled her to the back in to my store. >> it happened in lincoln heights. >> i heard a bang and the building actually shook. i didn't know what happened. >> you ran outside? >> i ran outside and i saw the truck sitting there and there was no driver in it. >> the driver evidently was up the block getting lunch. he left the truck unattended and what we initially heard he
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didn't set the parking brake. >> reporter: store owner chung said he saw the truck come barreling down the hill. >> no one was in the car driving. >> no one. >> are you okay? >> i'm okay. >> reporter: chung says the female worker went to the emergency room but will be all right. witnesses say when the driver arrived at the scene he didn't say much. >> did he say anything? >> he asked if everybody was okay. >> what we're showing you here is roslyn high school. why that's important is because when this all happened, 12:00 noon, a lot of kids are on the street because there's a really popular pizza place they all go to. authorities are happy none of them were standing right here in this spot. no word on whether the driver will face any charge. kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. police want to speak with the husband of a woman who was found stabbed to death in a park
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police identified the victim today as 28-year qing qing kiemde. she had stab wounds to her throat, stomach, and chest. police say she does not live nearby and may be estranged from her husband. stocks on wall street losing ground after a strong start in october. investors are anxious as they wait for third quarter earnings reports. the dow fell 49 points, closing at 1781. nasdaq dropped 42 points. s&p 500 lost 13 points. we've got lee back with us. i have to say you're quite creative. >> i'm crafty. we don't have a lot of art supplies in the weather office. i hope i didn't
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there will be a couple showers. in a worst case scenario there's a little interruption because of showers leaving the scene. a lot of sunshine, over new york harbor. a few showers off to the west. west weekend at 7 and high today at 72. average high, 65. it will be a little bit above that tomorrow. rainfall has been light. there are your sunrise and sunset times. last year in the state we had light rainfall and 65 degrees. average high. 70s are wild from teterboro. flushing, comfortable 70 degrees. light met jacket tonight. feels a little cooler than last night. 71, monticello. belmar coming in at 72. pretty good breeze coming out in advance of a cold front. 12-mile-per-hour breeze in flushing right now. the wind is coming more out of the west through eastern pennsylvania. the shower threat will go through the early evening hours. then we'll see partial clearing.
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a lot of sunshine early tomorrow. look for clouds that build in the midday and afternoon. there's a secondary through. in the mid right now the radar is fairly quiet though a light shower just county. if you look at these patchy showers they are pitch time. then that will leave the scene probably by 9:00 or 10:00. there's a close-up futurecast right on citifield. it happens to put the heaviest shower near flushing. the odds of that happening probably about 1 in 5. then it will leave the scene. there will be scattered showers around. forecasting a 15% to 20% chance of early one front coming through this evening. there's a second front that wants to come that's why it's not perfectly sunny in the it's breezy, beautiful tomorrow at 68. nicer on thursday. even though
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we lose a couple degrees there's more sunshine. several fronts coming in as we head toward had weekend. we'll continue to knock down our high temperatures. breezy at times. 56. tomorrow 68. sun mixes with clouds. a brief shower to the north and west. then we clear up tomorrow night. 50. 40s in the suburbs. here's what we're working on for 5:30, will it mainly be dry across the area but we'll have to include showers on saturday. the coldest air of the season could arrive by the weekend. more on that in our next half hour. coming up, starbucks making deliveries. we'll it tell you the one catch about this trial program. >> why passengers booed flight attendants. sxr -- >> what to look for and how some companies are trying to trick you. >> it's called spare. a brand new app that seeks your spare
5:22 pm
new at 5:00, a mother in the bronx is asking new yorkers for their spare change in the fight against hunger. >> she's doing it in a way that millennials can appreciate through an app. lauren glassberg is here with the story.
5:23 pm
>> she saw food lines in her native country. when she moved here to new york, she found there are too many people going hungry as well. she's putting her economics degree to good use. >> farmers in the field used to make it and wrap it up in a ball and eat it throughout the day. >> reporter: now she's making it for her 3-year-old son quinn. >> when i first got pregnant i was just out of college and immediately my first thought was how am i going to survive? >> reporter: it's something so many new yorkers have to contend with. where is their next meal coming from and it's what inspired andra to create an app called spare. >> there's currently 33 million missing meals in the fiveboros. -- five boroughs. >> reporter: it's linked to your bank card and when you eat
5:24 pm
rounds up your bill to the next dollar. >> it only takes 25 cents to feed a new yorker. you can make a huge impact. >> reporter: you can see your impact. there's a social component allowing you to compete with friends and a rewards incentive, frequent round-ups at partner restaurants translate to free drinks or food for you. >> if we can engage 10porous of new yorkers to round up for -- 10% of new yorkers to round up for $10 a month, we can close the gap in one single year. >> reporter: she hopes spare gives other new the same opportunity. >> there's something to rally around and mobilize around. i think once we hit that halfway mark, we as a city are going to want to get there. >> so 80% of the money raised through the spare app will be given each year to a new york city nonprofit at the forefront of fighting hunger. the remaining money gets reinvested in to the app's technology.
5:25 pm
she hopes this is a community-based mission and people just want the app. we're talking about a matter of cents for each purchase. >> great idea. i like the challenge to other cities as well. >> smart woman. it's the case everyone is talking about and it's lighting up our facebook page. >> tonight a verdict in the case of a woman who sued her nephew over a hug at his 8th birthday party. >> plus, the policy change from planned parenthood tonight after secret videos were released. >> protecting those who play fantasy football. the big push it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks
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right now all new at 5:00,
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an aunt who sued her nephew over a hug will not get a dime. >> a jury just came back a couple hours ago against the aunt. she claims the boy was so excited he knocked her down and injured her arm. >> on facebook a whole lot of people said they were surprised that this case went to trial. it did in bridgeport, connecticut. that's where shirleen allicot is now with the latest. >> it's pretty wild. he can't drink, he can't drive, but he can be sued, and it happened here at bridgeport superior court, jennifer connell suing her now 12-year-old nephew for a hug that resulted in an injury. the jury agreeing with his attorney that this is just a kid. >> reporter: connell, driving off after the verdict, the 54-year-old claiming the 2011 incident put her life in a tailspin, causing her permanent damage to her wrist. it happened at her nephew sean's birthday party in westport, connecticut. she said the then
5:29 pm
8-year-old leaped for her when she arrived, causing her to fall and break her wrist. the human resources manager who lives at this apartment building was seeking $127,000 for the injury and her losses. the complaint saying a reasonable 8-year-old under those circumstances would know or should have known that a forceful greeting could cause the harms and losses suffered by the plaintiff. >> again, as we've learned, the jury did not agree with connell, siding with the 12-year-old saying he was not negligent in this case. shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. in new jersey an investigation is underway tonight in to the death of a 3-year-old boy. brendon was reported missing at 3:00 this morning. just six hours later a police dog found his body in a wooded area in cooper river park. an autopsy will be performed to determine his cause of death.
5:30 pm
yet whether foul play is suspected. a long island man accused of child porn is now behind bars. police say they found images on james romanelli's computer. detectives say information uncovered in a prior investigation led officers to romanelli. he was arraigned today on child porn charges. new video of a man accused of throwing a molotov cocktail at two jewish students that police are investigating as a possible hate crime. it happened friday afternoon in midtown. detectives say the man appeared to be drunk when he tossed the cocktail then threatened to come back with a knife and kill the students. they were not hurt. so far no arrests. planned parenthood has a policy change. it will no longer accept any kind of payment when it makes fetal tissue available for research. the organization has faced criticism since an anti-abortion
5:31 pm
leader of the anti-abortion group says today's announcement amounts to an admission of guilt. two firefighters were killed trying to protect a inferno. the chief of the firefighters in kansas city says the men were clearing a building next to it last night when the second floor caved in. it pushed a wall out about 30 feet then sent that wall on top of the firefighters. today the chief fought back tears as he read the names of the victims. >> 17-year veteran, fire apparatus operator, larry of truck 2. 13-year veteran firefighter john v mesh. >> two other firefighters were injured. the cause of the fire is still unclear. tonight russia taking issue on the final report of the malaysia flight. it says a missile brought down the flight last year killing nearly 300 people onboard.
5:32 pm
a russian official said investigators set out to make a bias conclusion for political purposes. abc's elizabeth hurr has more. >> reporter: this animation showing a blow by blow of what the dutch safety board believes caused the crash of malaysian airlines flight 17. >> flight mh17 crushed as a result [ inaudible ] left-hand side of the cockpit. >> reporter: investigators announcing mh17 was shot down by a surface to air missile, explaining shrapnel caused the nose to break apart from the rest of the plane in midair. >> the detonation was simulated to calculate a point of detonation as well as the damage that could be expected. >> reporter: the final report comes 15 months after the amsterdam to kuala lumpur flight
5:33 pm
all 298 people onboard. the victims' families finding some relief finding it was unlikely anyone was conscious among impact but angry wondering how this could have happened. >> they came above the war zone and it shouldn't have happened. >> officials say a criminal investigation is now underway to determine who is responsible. the missile's maker released its own report today denying any russian involvement. a safety alert for airline passengers. travelers are now urged not to pack lithium batteries in checked luggage. the batteries can ignite and start fires. the faa is urging airlines to ask passengers to remove batteries at check-in. lithium batteries are used to power electronics including cell phones and laptops. in new jersey whole foods dropped a security company that detained a 70-year-old woman at
5:34 pm
one of its store. the store says the woman accidentally forgot to pay for cheese that was underneath her bag in her cart. the security company held the woman and banned the woman. whole foods confirms it has replaced the security company. still ahead, what will happen to flava flav after pleading guilty? >> how much would you pay for starbucks delivery? where it exists here in manhattan and those who can now get it. >> those boos, they were for
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we're back with breaking news. this is in ma waw new jersey, shannon sohn live in newscopter7. >> [ inaudible ]
5:38 pm
trouble with the audio there from shannon but hopefully we'll get that from her in just a second. a guilty plea on long island today from rapper flavor flav. the 55-year-old whose real name is william jonathan drayton admitted to charges of aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle. the judge sentenced him to time served and ordered him to pay $3500 in court fees. the drummer for the rock band journey has pleaded guilty to domestic violence. the 15-year-old dean castronovo was sentenced to four years probation with drug abuse and domestic abuse counseling. he's been with journey since 1998 when he replaced steve smith. was a woman fairly kicked off a flight? many of her fellow passengers seem to think so. >> are you serious? i didn't even know he was talking to me.
5:39 pm
the woman from the flight to portland, oregon supposedly for being disruptive after she failed to follow his directions but people on the plane thought she hadn't heard him and they expressed their disapproval. >> boo. >> spokesperson for american airlines says the airline is aware of the video and it is investigating what happened. >> a lot of boos there. big announcement from play boy magazine today. the iconic publication known for naked pictures of play mates will no longer feature photos of fully nude women. they'll be partially covered up in pg13 poses. the magazine says competition from online magazines has prompted the change. starbucks has delivery service to the empire state building. 12,000 people who work in the empire state
5:40 pm
on a designated website and have it delivered within an hour. customers must pay a flat $2 delivery fee whether they order one drink or five. by the end of the year starbucks plans to roll out delivery in seattle as well. still ahead, what could change for fantasy football to make it more fair. >> we showed you the holiday display that didn't go over well with neighbors. we'll tell you why a man in new jersey has decided to take it down. >> you're paying the same, but consumer reports looks at how sh rinking products are hitting you in the wallet. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg in the weather center. looks great outside. mainly clear, comfortable. we're at 70 right now. clouds are going to start to roll in. there's a shower over northwest new jersey. a couple moderate showers getting in to western new jersey about a hundred miles away from citifield. a close call with first pitch. >> we've got pictures from newscopter7 as the overturned
5:41 pm
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we told you about that breaking news in mahwah, new jersey. let's check back in with channel 7's shannon sohn in newscopter7. she is over the scene and a lot of backups there. >> there certainly are. this guy over turned on the ramp from northbound 17 and northbound 287 that takes you to the southbound side of 287. you can see a fuel spill. right now that left lane gets through but they're going to have to shut it all down. here's the catch. that's the northbound side of 287. further back from that 17 dumps in here
5:44 pm
northbound 17 and northbound 287 as a result. reporting live over mahwah, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have new information about an isis themed halloween display in new jersey. the homeowner has taken it down. the display outside a home in butler featured figures representing a terrorist and torture victim and a soldier hanging from a tree. the homeowner says he took it down because the display was vandalized. and there were numerous threats made against him. he has filed a police report over the threats. we've got lee back with the forecast. game tonight. a little bit of rain maybe? >> just tweeted out and will put stuff on social media about the timing of these showers. about 100 miles west of citifield. not going to cancel the game or anything like that. for those in the parking lot ready for the game, might need your rain jacket, umbrella for a few minutes as a brief shower goes through. so sunny just a little while ago and now the
5:45 pm
just as we approach sunset, clouds starting to roll in. west wind around 7 miles per hour. you had that shower threat in the early evening hours. then you'll see clouds break and it will be mainly clear by morning, 56 degrees. for dodgers-mets, looking at 66 for first pitch. i raised that from 20% to 30% looking at the showers and trajectory. hopefully it will fall apart. tomorrow, a lot of sun early. clouds will tend to build during the midday and afternoon hours. one front coming through tonight, a second one tomorrow. it's not going to bring any rainfall, maybe a stray shower to our far northwest suburbs. more likely extra clouds. it will be in the upper 60s during the afternoon hours. the coverage is increasing a little bit. after sunset these should weaken a little bit so i expect them to fall apart but maybe they have enough momentum to get in here across the 8:00 hour, earlier across part of new jersey and the hudson valley.
5:46 pm
insistent on flaring up a heavier shower over queens and then that would move away pretty quickly leaving us with dry skies after that. during the day tomorrow, more sunshine early. fair weather clouds mixing in during the day. a stray shower in the catskills. most of us see mid and upper 60s tomorrow. thursday is a beautiful day. less wind and a lot of sunshine. that's a beautiful day. we're still advertising the big cool down. it's a november preview especially as we go in to sunday. there will be gusty winds. accuweather came out with their winter forecast for 2015-16. you notice a lot of signatures of the el nino pattern. the wet weather which hopefully is drought busting in california and southern tier of the united states. for us they're highlighting not as broughtal with details to come. it's -- not as brutal with details to come. the east coast could be active but will it be cold enough for snow or rain? we don't know yet.
5:47 pm
typically in an el nino pattern you don't get the brutal cold. beautiful tomorrow. sunshine mixing with clouds. thursday is a gorgeous day at 66. few showers on friday. not a lot of rainfall. i might even add a little sun to that looking at the latest information. on saturday, only 58. sunday is the day. gusty breeze. 52. mainly dry but a little chilly. the heavier fleece for making strides on sunday and then a widespread frost, first 30s in new york city since april sunday night. ever open up a bag of chips and the bag seems half empty? it could be the case of shrinking products. >> consumer reports looks at some of the worst offenders. eyewitness news reporter david novarro has details. >> reporter: shopping for food has a lot of people feeling like they're coming up short these days. used to be a pint of ice cream got you 16 ounces. these
5:48 pm
ice cream sandwiches used to be packed 12 in a box. now you get 10 for the same price. >> it's called downsizing. people feel duped by the practice. >> reporter: as a reporter for consumer reports, todd marks is a shopping expert who fights for the little guy. >> companies often blame downsizing on rising labor and ingredient cost but it's a way for them to raise prices too without being noticed. >> reporter: take juice, for example. expecting to find a half gallon? some store brands still contain the traditional 64 ounces but many of the big brands are only 59. these three jars of peanut butter appear to be the same size but they range from 18 ounces down to 16, a difference of roughly two servings. even laundry detergents have shrunk. this all liquid is 50 ounces. while this lookalike bottle of all free clear is 46.5 ounces which means two fewer loads. how about two extra large hershey bars?
5:49 pm
would you expect one to be slightly smaller? buy ivory soap as a 10-pack and you get 4-ounce bars. pick up a three-pack and they weigh 3.1 ounces. >> the best you can do is read the fine print on the packaging and pay attention to those unit price labels on most store shelves. >> david novarro, channel 7 eyewitness news. could changes be coming to fantasy football? coming up, we'll tell you what some are calling for to make sure you have a fair chance at winning. >> liz cho. new at 6:00 a judge sets bail for $10 million cash for a man accused of beating to death an 18-month-old boy. the heartbreaking details that led the judge to set that bail so high. >> also at 6:00, a deadly fire in what investigators say was an
5:50 pm
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new at 5:00, efforts to make sure fantasy sports are on the up and up. lawmakers in new
5:53 pm
football and other sports are regulated so fans don't get ripped off. >> new jersey reporter toni yates is at metlife stadium. >> all this happening because right now millions of dollars are being won and lost in an industry that has absolutely no government oversight to make sure that the betting is fair. >> reporter: nfl players take the field, tens of thousands of fans are logging on to fantasy sports online gaming sites laying down millions of dollars in bets and two new jersey lawmakers call it basically an unregulated cash cow for the fantasy sports companies. >> the operators openly admitted in public statements that their employees have pocketed millions in warnings playing each other's games. >> reporter: that put fantasy sports on the radar. they say it's time for the federal government to step in to protect betters. >> it's unregulated. it's the wild west. you don't really
5:54 pm
last week that you're making a fair bet. >> reporter: they want the federal trade commission to take a look at fantasy sports betting which had humble beginnings, forming fantasy teams to see who wins. now major betting sites like fan duel and draft kings are making millions. >> this is big business now. we've also seen it can be manipulated. >> reporter: we asked sports fans' opinions. >> some sort of regulation, i'm always for that. >> not getting enough money in their pockets. >> east rutherford's mayor is upset saying the nfl blocks regular sports betting in new jersey which would profit the state. >> they're fighting against legalized gambling and wagering on games here in new jersey and they're fighting hard to stop that but yet they allow this to go on. in my opinion it's not that different from betting, making a sports bet on the mets
5:55 pm
>> congressman palone is calling for hearings. toni news. there's still much more ahead. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. the defendant has no soul. he is >> brute -- brutal words about 26-year-old lord pardo, the man accused of beating to death a young boy. >> investigators say up to a single family home. but first, mets fever reaching a fever pitch.
5:56 pm
a win tonight against the dodgers and they'll clinch a spot in the national league series. good evening at 6:00, i'm liz cho. bill is off this evening. the mets will take on the dodgers in two hours for game 4, what has been a riveting and rollicking series. the mets scored 13 runs last night, tying a playoff record for the team and fans are hoping they'll be as on fire again tonight. citifield will again be rocking with the home team in the playoffs for the first time in nine years. we have two reports, aj ross with the fans. but we begin with sports anchor rob powers on the field tonight. >> met fans come to the ballpark tonight knowing their team is one step away from taking that next step in the national league playoffs and moving on to the national league championship series. they pitched steven matz tonight, rookie kid from long island and the dodgers counter with clayton kershaw, one of the best there is.
5:57 pm
mets took a two games to
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